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WW3 Continues: 5.31.2020

People are preparing themselves for the possibility of riots going into residential areas. This is the third and final war. The Elite have declared war on the Individual. Communism is their weapon of choice.

More BRICKS. Convenient.

Husband and wife store owners brutalized in front of their business by Communist Revolutionaries:

Follow up:

The store owner that defended his shop with a sword only the be mobbed 99% to death is purported to be alive. We’ll find out soon.

Rochester is no stranger to civil unrest. In July of 1964, the city had a race riot over police brutality, which prompted the National Guard to be deployed and at least 1,000 people arrested during the two-day ordeal.


This rioter took an AR-15 from the police. Note the Rolling Stones shirt. How apropos.

This is such a huge problem for society that society will accept any Solution. The only way to ensure total accountability is to chip us all.

Boston is rioting at the moment:



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