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WordPress is Hot Garbage

I hate to quit this website but the Forum cancelled out the blog. I sacrificed the Business account, which I didn’t really need, for the free version. Nothing changes. The blog is back but it likely deleted the previous year. No big deal; 2020 isn’t something I plan to drag around with me.

I realize I’m not an easy person to follow. The best I can suggest is joining for $2. That’s really the only way to keep up. We do have a new forum home thank to being part of the Dark Matter Digital Network.

Thank you for support as I work to improve rather than merely maintain the networks.



Host of Infinite Plane Radio and Dark Matter After Midnight. Author of THE METASCRIPT DECODED : The Great Reset, World Revolution, And The Age Of Mars. Tim Ozman has been at the cutting edge of conspiracy analysis and mainstream media deconstruction since 2017. As president of the Infinite Plane Society, he has been the project manager for a growing think tank comprised of like-minded individuals.

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