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I get the feeling that COVAIDS is dead.
The masks/ new regulations , etc will stick.

Now, I want to get back to calling into question the authority of the Scientist today. I’m going to return to a daily Flat Earth Report podcast, because the Flat Earth Question does just that. Exoplanets are being faked by the same authorities that fake viruses. And with Tom Cruise about to go the moon or whatever, I think it’s about time.

Everyone else will be focused on Covaids for the next few months and while they are looking at that, I suspect the Space Farce will make a move. Maybe full blown Space War/ Space Junk Armageddon, with the Direct-TV Satellite falling on Seattle as an instigation.

I’ll post the podcasts here at InfinitePlane.Media as usual. The Flat Earth Report’s 3rd anniversary is coming up…

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