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Scientist Driven Mad by Flat Earth Theory Calls Carl Froch “Stupid”

John Kirzsenberger, who has trademarked “Flat Earth Lunacy”, is now taking out his fanatical commitment to Scientism on Carl Froch. This is typical of the cyber-bully and libelous hate-monger, who spends his time victimizing innocent people who dare question the supposed rotundity of the Earth.

Is it wise to call a boxer with 33 wins “stupid”? No. Clearly, John is off his rocker. Why else would he foolishly stalk, harass, dox, and libel hundreds of strangers he considers to be dangerous?

But would Carl Froch would care about the thoughts of a retired telescope polisher with an angry blog? I doubt it. John is safe staying just the way he is: an unaccountable Internet asshole.

Btw, he is a public figure and this criticism is simply an exercise of my own free speech.


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