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derek means Hangman–named for one who hanged 3000, a number reminiscent of 9/11/01.

Chauvin = Western Chauvinism killing blacks in America.

8:46 seconds on George Floyd on a day the sunset at 8:46, in the Twin Cities, over a fake $20 bill with Twin Towers on them on a day that killed 3000 19 years prior to 9/11/20, the day Chauvin’s last hearing before his release later, which was at 11:23 am. (Think JFK 11/22/63, shot by Oswald, JFK was 46, George Floyd was 46). The first of the Twin Towers were hit at 8:46, as was “Jay” Aaron Danielson, shot in Portland by an Antifa assassin at 8:46.


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