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I just got done reporting George News to the FBI. George news is an extension of George Magazine, formerly owned by JFK Jr.

Qanoers believe that he will use this magazine to announce his return from the dead.

George News has 288 thousand followers on telegram and is the most influential pro-Qanon Telegram channel. It is run by Marcus Goldfinch, a close Confidant of Donald Trump. You can read more about Marcus and how he was doxxed here:

So here you have the most prominent Qanon promulgator who actually knows Trump on a personal basis. So I reported him to the FBI. I’ll keep you posted on how that turns out. Personally, I like to see him hanged. I do intend to push forward my trademark lawsuit against him. As well as civil suits, and, I recently added him to my lawsuit against cyber stalker Jonah Christianburg



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