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“Q”/ Marcus Goldfinch Name Dropping NFL Player Trey Smith as “personal friend”

Q, aka, Marcus Goldfinch, reveals that he’s a personal friend with NFL’s Trey Smith. Why does this matter? George News is the BIGGEST QANON OUTLET ON THE INTERNET.


  • George News is part of the Qanon inner circle. Q postings originated with “AnonymousQ”. Verify by visiting It will take you to the George News channel.
  • George News is friends with Donald Trump and was given a KEY to the White House.
  • Qanon believers think George News is JFK Jr.
  • George News is managed online by actor, personal trainer, and photojournalist Marcus Goldfinch, who is the originator of the “Q drops” (messages from Q to his followers).
  • Marcus Goldfinch is personal friends with NFL player Trey Smith.
  • I messaged Trey Smith on instagram. He must answer for this. All my claims here can be backed. Why is he buddies with a CLOSE friend of Donald Trump?


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