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First dog to die in the new 9/11

17 years old


Sirius 17

Saturn’s Moon

Darth Vader = Saturn[

Death Star – Saturn’s Moon

Djedi vs Jedi (google dat) | Black fact, Ancient technology, Coincidences

Chadwick Boseman Scripted Ritual Sacrifice To Usher In Golden Age Of Horus – YouTube

The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar’s Song About Chadwick Boseman’s Blood Sacrifice(mirrored) – YouTube

The Online Photographer: Two Deaths

Keystone (Masonic Keysone, Royal Arch Symbol)

Pediatricians call for schools to end active shooter trainings that could traumatize students – CNN

Pacific Birds on Twitter: “#Pacificbird today is the least concern Rufous Fantail (Rhipidura ruffifrons). Widespread in the Australasia/Oceania region, it occurs in the Pacific islands in Guam (ssp. uraniae), the CNMI (ssp. saipanensis/mariae) and Yap (ssp. versicolor). Pic: Terence Alexander/Macaulay” / Twitter


Host of Infinite Plane Radio and Dark Matter After Midnight. Author of THE METASCRIPT DECODED : The Great Reset, World Revolution, And The Age Of Mars. Tim Ozman has been at the cutting edge of conspiracy analysis and mainstream media deconstruction since 2017. As president of the Infinite Plane Society, he has been the project manager for a growing think tank comprised of like-minded individuals.

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