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A man who raised the issue of his child’s breathing difficulties with the school principal was snitched on by “concerned” citizens, which led to his arrest following a lockdown of the town of Hoboken, New Jersey:

“Several city blocks in Hoboken were shut down to traffic and pedestrians as law enforcement personnel conducted negotiations with those inside the apartment—which included a 5 year-old child. Just before 7:00 p.m., the decision was made to enter the residence.”

Could this have been retaliation for speaking out against mask mandates?

“…a Hoboken resident, has recently made news as being a vocal opponent of the face mask ordinance put forth by the City of Hoboken. “Fascism will not be tolerated here,” he said, in an August 19 Hoboken City Council meeting. “We the people demand to be left the f* alone. You are suppressing the people, putting people in fear, subverting the mainstream media with a mediated false reality of science with these fake hoaxes to control the minds of the people. No one died, no one cried… ”

 The Hudson County Regional SWAT Team was then deployed to the scene.

Police responded Friday afternoon to a home near Seventh and Garden streets, said Police Chief Ken Ferrante in a press conference after 7 p.m. The area is a quiet residential block in the center of town.

Ferrante said that around 2:30 p.m., officers conducted a wellness check and also alerted the local Mobile Crisis unit, generally a unit from a hospital psychiatric ward.

The Hoboken police Tweeted Friday afternoon that residents should avoid a two-square-block area in the center of the mile-square city, and a local news site said there was a “possible hostage situation”:


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