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Sid, uh, my ringer’s off a minute ago when he tried to call three good. We’re streaming at a infinite plane, right now and just going through emails, people have been sending me. So what were you calling on?

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Uh, I just saw my comments were on the two collars you had before, the little, um, I just want to say how obviously that damage control mandate, I don’t know, it’s just obvious they’re, they’re terrible.

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Yeah, that’s what I’ve been saying here is that we are so effective as a networked group of media critics and analysts, that we’re forcing them into damage control all the time. And I even think that youtube deleting all of my youtube channels, more than 25,000 subscribers cumulatively deleted with no good reason. And it’s because they don’t like what we’re doing.

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absolutely. And then they just kept babbling on about how I agree with 99% of what you say. You brought up like three different subjects and they’re like, no, I don’t agree with that. That’s more than 1%. At least here. You’re lying right there. Yeah.

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Yeah. That’s the thing. Um, the people who want to defend the big lies of the day have to become liars. It’s a lot of self deception. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that, oh, I knew someone who died at that event where I know someone who died at nine 11 or I’ve seen the ISS and I’m like, well where were you when you tell the space station and what’s the name of the person who died? They can never answer these questions.

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Absolutely. Where that mean, I don’t know. I’m guessing we’re on the, we’re on the, we’re digging on the right vein right now.

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If there was, if they’re pulling out the trolls.

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Well actually what I’m doing here is I’m rebuilding and then some, so infinite plane, I’m now going to start publishing all of the transcripts and all the calls are in the archives there. So I think this will help with search engine optimization because these topics are fringe. They’re being purged off youtube. And if you search them and you find the video on the videos gone, it’s lost to the world. So I’m in the process now of having all of my archives transcribed automatically and then published as blog posts on infinite plane radio. So all these calls, all these conversations, all these tips, every, every comment that I read is going to be searchable. It’s going to be easy to find. And I think we win this thing if we, uh, cease to be drowned out by using their stupid platforms like youtube.

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Absolutely. And um, I personally use mix third to listen to you and what not, but I like how on there you put that you are just comedy.

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Yeah, exactly. I put comedy so I could say this is satire. It’s comedy. Um, the worst you could say is my jokes aren’t funny. That’s the worst. You could say. You can’t say it’s hate speech at this point.

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Right. And then w we’re just the, we’ll get them. Um, um, I’ll know. I just wanted to call it and to tell you to call, uh, to call out those two guys, make sure everybody knows that they’re just got chills.

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Yeah, absolutely. And we’ve been outing shells for quite some time. Well, Hey, I appreciate the call and we’re going to make this happen as we were before. We’re just trying to raise our numbers back up. So I’m, yeah, mixed slurs. Great. Infinite plane, I actually embedded it there, so if I’m live and you go there, you’ll just tune in. It’ll just be live autoplay.

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All right. You have a good all right. Yeah.

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Okay. So we were talking about the world trade centers have, so this individual rights men, he thinks that they intentionally designed the world trade centers in this way, uh, to terrorize the subconscious of blacks. And he said this was built, um, soon after his built the media seemed to relaunch their post hip hop race war divide. And so it is rather interesting. I’m going to have to bring this up later and I’ll be on video as well so you can see what I’m talking about. But if you look at the new World Trade Center, the way that they clip the corners off the, the, the, um, they basically removed a section of the corners to create a triangular like cut from each of the quadrants with a I holes or windows halfway up or three quarters of the way up. And it does look like a Klan Hood.

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Interesting. A little bit of architecture and we know image, you know, it’s all, it’s all about images. It’s all about perception and even subconscious. We all know that Disney likes to put Ding dongs in the backgrounds of their movies, and that’s probably not the worst of it. So the idea that they would turn the world trade center into a, a big KKK grand dragon just staring at you from the horizon makes perfect sense. It’s about domination. The obelisk, you know, it’s an obelisk for sure. And then again, it’s not necessarily a Klan Hood. Just to be clear, the pointed hood with the eye holes is something out of the Vatican much older than the clan. And the client itself is just a masonic offshoot. You know, it was, it was, um, I believe it’s degrees. It’s initiations were all written by Albert Pike, confederate general author of the Masonic degrees from four to 32 venerated like a God.

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Okay. I’m also taking a look here, going through more comments. Someone sent me a picture. Oh yes. At 30 years ago, 33 years ago, space shuttle Challenger exploded. And we do have people who are trying to identify where those astro or actor knots actually are death fakers and NASA death fakers in the mainstream media with a fake school shootings and the fake terror attacks a death fakers amongst celebrities. It’s everywhere. It’s part of a standard operating procedure. Another commenter says, take a look at China Hustle and then look at Lauren London. Yeah, I’ve noted this too. It does seem to be the case that China Hussle Nipsey hustles, wife is playing a role trying to hustle is his baby’s Mama, not wife. But it does appear to be that his baby’s Mama is London herself. That Lauren London is trying to hustle with a lot more makeup with piercings removed. Cause if you look at China, she’s got these piercings that just happened to be right where Laura London’s dimples are. Anyway, this commenter says it appears that they are taunting us by flaunting Lauren’s dimples in this way. They’re telling us Lauren and China are one. Either that or they’re slipping and the universe is on the side of truth and is dropping. Divine clues for those of us with eyes to see are the way China and Lauren both have that look at my dimples. Face highlights and it’s too obvious these people are in on the show.

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Another art. Another thing he points out here. Here’s an article. If you guys want to look into it, I’ll have to put this up on a discord that’s from celebrity insider says Lauren London and Nipsey hustles family get a public apology from the crips. It is also staged. It is definitely an extension of the MSM universe. You know we always talk about left versus right,

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and these control dialectics, but there there’s just as much control in the pop culture news. Okay, here’s a good one. This guy says was rush Limbaugh controlled opposition for the Clintons? I believe so, and at this point, even the drudge report is highly suspect as just being damage control. In fact, I see Donald Trump out today ranting and raving about the media and how the media is going to die and social media is taking over a, remember that guy’s controlled opposition. Donald Trump criticizing the media is a huge joke because there is not one single cyop that he has called out as a hoax. He’s part of the signup industrial complex.

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We also saw a recent hoax where a Democrat politician was screaming into an empty parking lot, save the children, save the children. She was crying and the news reported that she was looking at Mexican children being taken from their arms, their parents being brutalized by border patrol and being forced to drink out of toilets. That’s what we were told based on this dramatic performance by this, a high ranking Democrat turns out as revealed by a cell phone cam. She was screaming into an empty parking lot. It was fake news. It’s important to poke to point out all these smaller hoaxes, the minor ones, cause they’re harder to refute and they’re easier to accept. For people who don’t know what the news actually is for the people who don’t know how much the government controls all media outlets, not just the news but the celebrity junk.

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And once they can see how intrinsically deceptive the MSM is and how its role is fostering a worldview not informing you, then they might be able to understand what we mean when we say nobody died at such and such. They, they really don’t get it. And this is like in a way it’s a, it’s a massive public reeducation campaign. We’re trying to awaken the public not to the truth or what to believe, but we’re just saying, ah, you’re listening to a bunch of liars who are articulating a world vision in the same way that religions do. In the same way that cults do for the same reason. In other words, the government seized the means of perception. They’ve co-opted all the cultural outputs, all the, any way they can get in between you and your experience. They do.

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So the idea that Trump would be calling out the media is a huge joke. Just like when he says he’s going to drain the swamp. That’s just a bad joke. And even now, look, they fake victims, they fake crimes, they fake stuff all the time. Why would we assume the political dramas are real, that the body counts ascribed to the Clintons are real. It’s really easy to report it. You know, I get hit up by people to say, Hey, this is real. Clinton’s have killed 50 people. Show me the proof. I have as much evidence that Adam Lanza killed 27 people. Show me the proof because they want us to believe that they’re actually killing people. That’s a huge part of their game. It’s a part of their control.

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This is why people get emotionally tied up. They say, wait, how can you vote for Clinton? She’s a murderer. She eats babies. So they really feel like they’re fighting evil and so they hate Trump. Would you sign my Bible? God wrote it, but would you please sign it cause you’re the next best thing? All right, let’s continue. Okay. Someone suggested they got rid of my youtube channel because we were predicting the space station would go down on seven seven you know what might be the case? We might have ruin their plans. We might’ve stopped it. We might have actually saved. We may have saved Los Angeles from a fake nuke and we might’ve saved those fake astronauts from a fake fiery death.

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Our Youtube Channel may have staved off a fake asteroid or any number of things we might’ve stopped like the reason why we’re not living in a post nine 11 world like all over again. The reason why they didn’t bring in another nine 11 might be because we called it out and it might lend credence to the analysis that people who don’t trust the news anyway. This commenter says you probably, they probably got rid of you because of your seven seven space station prediction. Damn. Let me see what else he says here. He says, as far as I have observed, nobody in conspiracy media is realer than IPR. We’re auto hoaxing line. Yeah. This is the thing here. We have an auto hoaxing line in the sand. He says, the auto hoaxing line in the sand separates us from even the best [inaudible]. That’s absolutely right.

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Project Veritas doesn’t auto hoax. None of the other investigative journalistic outfits do any sort of preemptive fake until proven real takes on anything the media presents. They automatically assume it to be real and then they analyze it based on it being real based on that false presumption. So it doesn’t matter. You can be the, you could be Sherlock Holmes and still be myered in the fake world view. Just because you took that basic assumption that if it’s coming out of that screen, it’s real. That’s the same mindset as the Bible literalist you ever wonder how those people get so screwed up where they’re bending over backwards to try to make sense out of things?

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Well, it’s because they’ve accepted something, a certain premise and everything has to fit that premise. So when, the way this commenter says auto hoaxing is the line in the sand that divides the real and the fake, the woke versus the asleep. Yeah. And that’s exactly it. That’s exactly it. It’s a, it’s a line we drew right after Parkland c after the Parkland fake shooting. We had the, we had two things at the same time. We had parkland and we had the star man. So at the state in the same month, we had a Tesla roadster floating to Jupiter and then we had a big fake school shooting. It was just being a hyper emphasized all across the media. It was being used to advance all sorts of agendas and it was, then I realized, okay, we have to put up a line here. Anyone who can’t see through Parkland and star man at the same time is behind the curve. That’s the line. So if you can’t see through the fake news below and the fake news above, you’re under a spell, you’re mentally enslaved and you may not even know it or be willing to even consider it. So that was a line in the sand and we’ve stuck to it.

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Okay. I’m continuing. Commenter says there’s a conspiracy theory that suggests that a o c stands for. That’s Cortez. That’s the woman who was screaming at the empty parking lot is an actress. And upon of the young Turks radio show host who in turn is funded and puppeteered by hardcore Chinese communists wouldn’t shock me, but you know, there’s really no difference between Chinese communism and Donald Trump’s communism. Okay, here’s a new one. Again, I’m going through news tips. If you have any tips, just go, you can send it to tips at infinite plane, or infinite plane okay. Trey d reacted to the new details emerging from the grand jury in the Nipsey Hussle murder case. He also opined on whether the getaway driver knew it was going to happen. Okay, I’m going to play a little clip here. This is from DJ fed or Vlad TV.

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Alright. Alright. And here we go. Oh Gee. Trey d

Speaker 5: (16:35)
ha ha. DJ Ray was good, Eh, welcome back. Once again, try to shake things up. Upset some people use some unpopular opinions.

Speaker 4: (16:48)

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Needed probably might be a problem. Wasn’t needed. A needs and perspectives though. Shit.

Speaker 4: (16:55)
Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, the Nipsey hussle stories still continues. I guess the grand jury indictment has been released and you see a little bit more about the case. Um, so apparently the whole thing about Nipsey talking to Eric Holder about being a snitch is actually true.

Speaker 1: (17:17)
Okay. So here we go again. This is all drama. It’s all story. A holder’s not a patsy, nor is he a murderer. He’s an actor. In the story

Speaker 4: (17:28)
to the police report there they had a conversation about about shitty cars, snitching. And that was apparently what set off the chain of events for him going to get his gun and killing Nipsey.

Speaker 5: (17:38)
And this was confirmed by paperwork. The witness, the getaway driver, I believe

Speaker 4: (17:44)
driver is one of the witnesses, right? Uh, who actually a, what’s the word I’m looking for? Uh, immunity. Uh, by testifying committee group. Yeah. Is that typical?

Speaker 5: (17:55)
It, it should be. I mean, if you don’t commit to helping do a government agency out of solving the case, I wouldn’t think you would want to get prosecuted after you finish helping them. So you know, that’s, that’s the quid pro quo per se.

Speaker 4: (18:09)
Right, right. Cause she could potentially be tied into part of the murder. Yeah. As they get away by the way, driver gets away

Speaker 1: (18:17)
granted immunity. How convenient. And there was something else that caught my attention this morning. I was looking into this a Blasi Ford, you know Christine Blazey Ford.

Speaker 3: (18:32)

Speaker 1: (18:32)
The woman who accused a covenant or at Carvana of assault and people who analyzed, um, their facial features recognized that Brett Cavadar was accusing himself of rape by dressing up as Christine blazay Ford in a protracted and very bizarre masonic drag show played out on the American news as real.

Speaker 3: (18:59)

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That whole charade was surrounded by Hollywood celebrities like Alyssa Mulana with the whole me too thing. And then you had parkland shooting survivors, parents showing up to go yell at Mr, uh, Covena who was then of course defending himself against these charges or allegations rather. Well, anyway. Yeah, it does appear to be that Brett was wearing a wig.

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Speaker 1: (19:30)
Maybe a little bit of prosthetics, but the eyes give it away. And this has been pointed out by many people. They’ve never been in the same room at the same time. Well check this out just today. It came out from the daily wire. How this Christine Blasi Ford has no social media footprint at all. Think about it. She has no social media footprint. We always find this to be the case with crisis actors and fake shooters. But this accuser who we believe, well who appears to be, I mean obviously I’ll just say it that way, Christine Blazey Ford is obviously a character played by Brett Carbonneau Supreme Court justice. Not too unusual. If you know it goes down at the be at the bill humean grove where they worship the giant owl. They’re at the Bohemian Grove dressing up as women prancing around doing all sorts of bizarre things along with the mock human sacrifices.

Speaker 1: (20:33)
So the idea that one of their own would be doing something like this isn’t all that farfetched, but again, the fact that she has zero social media footprint tells you everything. No Facebook account, no Twitter account, nothing. And it’s because she’s just a rubber mask and a wig in justice covenant’s closet. Okay. This is just reported from San Francisco. AP Twitter is going to start banning dehumanizing posts towards religious groups. So they’re using the guise of religious protection and protection against bullying to silence free speech. So what do we do? Do we have to declare auto hoaxing a religion? Maybe flat earth needs to be a religion so people can no longer criticize it is out. They want to do. People want to be insulated against criticism. In other words, troll flakes. If you want to be able to speak your mind and say, everyone else is damned but us, but you bet not criticize us, well then you have no right to call everyone else damned. You can’t call them infidels or sinners or polluters if you’re not willing to take it back. You know, take hits and return in response. Bunch of cry bullies in control of all the social media platforms.

Speaker 1: (21:56)
And this is not a principled move to defend, persecuted religious groups. That’s a stocking horse persecuted religious groups. Think about this. You know, this is no different than saying, um, well when you say persecuted religious groups, like there are anonymous groups that’d be defended. But it’s no different than saying we got to save the children from the school shooters. It’s pretty much a way of invoking another human shield and big brother or whoever steps in to protect this protected group from the bad guys. So Twitter is basically saying, yes, we are going to be the authoritarians here to ban any speech that targets religious groups by using dehumanizing language.

Speaker 1: (22:48)
So who gets to define dehumanizing language? The MSM has been using dehumanizing language against people who question the news for quite some time. I feel dehumanized when they call me a denier or denial lists. How come that doesn’t count? It’s super one-sided. We live in a generation of emotionally weak people. Everything has to be watered down because it’s offensive. And this is the result of social engineering. It’s the result of a deliberate fudging with the public mind, both dumbing down and also a shocking change, a dramatic change in American values. You know what about free speech in principle?

Speaker 1: (23:39)
And again, Trump doesn’t give a damn about free speech, nor does really Mike, nor does Owen, Benjamin, Alex Jones, none of them. That’s not what they’re here for. They are saboteurs. There’s no other way to put it. They’re saboteurs. They’re put here to say all the things that are needed for Big Brother, Aka Twitter or Facebook or youtube, to say those phrases used by those individuals. Give us the justification. We need to silence everybody else. Oh, and Benjamin is anti free speech. So was Alex Jones. And, and if you just look at what they’ve done, Jones was there to sabotage anybody criticizing the news, the whole sandy hook thing, limited hangout. Owen Benjamin criticizing the Jews in such a vitriolic way. Um, that’s not free speech. I mean, freedom of speech. Sure. Uh, the government can’t tell you not to say it, but no, that’s just a violation of youtube terms of service.

Speaker 1: (24:44)
So he’s not standing for free speech. He’s actually violating tos on purpose. Huge difference. Huge difference. And for him to even pretend like he’s some type of canary in the coal, mine tells you the guy’s a deceiver. He’s a bad, bad presence in in the whole truth community because they will use him to smear you as a right wing Nazi as they are already doing and it’s just going to get worse. I can mark my words. All right. We’ll be back this evening or sooner actually in a few hours. Take calls over at well here. Yup. Infinite plane, and if you want to go to infinite plane really quick. I am doing something, they’re setting up a uh, transcripts. I just think that if we have everything transcribed, it’ll show up when people search for certain terms. Like we need to own the term auto hoaxer and we pretty much already do but we didn’t insist really that when it’s searched by the MSM it comes directly to us. None of the hit pieces meant to just like they’ve already taken control over search results on youtube. Where on youtube if you search flat earth you’re going to find media contrived, hit pieces, hit pieces by vice hit pieces by ABC. Well, in order to prevent them from hitting up the auto hoax term. And just wrecking it with all kinds of smear pieces. Um, people will search it and they’ll find us. So anyway, this is a auto hoax by chief Crowe and the fight earthworms. See y’all later. Okay.

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[inaudible] [inaudible] and [inaudible] a cat.


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