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#IPR Transcripts 7/2/19 Is MAGA a Scam?

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those are striking terms, breaking terms. Okay. Thanks for joining. Today is July the second and the topic of today’s live stream is really about, well, I’ve been looking at politics again. I’ve been looking at right wing politics in particular. And then I’ve been looking into, uh, this little clash between and well in the conservatives, the conservative faction calling themselves proud boys and they all line up. It’s a big political event and they fight it out in the streets. And uh, so I’m looking at the stuff with a really critical eye. Like why should I trust the media accounts of any of the a stories they present us with, especially when it comes to election time and everybody’s working overtime to demonize the other guys.

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So I’m looking through it and um, typically focusing on Joe bigs and Michelle Malkin. Now Michelle Malkin wrote a book in defense of Internment Centers. She’s all for FEMA camps, just so you know, that’s Michelle Milkin, Fox News and then Joe bigs wearing his Maga hat. Joe Biggs used to be on info wars and he kind of outgrew it. Oh yeah. Really quick, adore the explore. Thanks for the reminder. Five more days until the space station goes down. Nipsey willing? No, I really think it will. Seven seven is the perfect date. We’ve already figured it out using the, the elites own code. I mean, I’m not using numerology. I don’t know any of that. Kabbalah Mumbo jumbo. I’m just analyzing patterns and the scripting is pretty clear. Space stations going down probably on the seventh.

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So get ready for your national emergency stock up on your MRAs. Maybe take a couple of days off of the Internet and just kind of prepare yourself to go, um, without it. Cause they’re probably gonna plunge us into cold Turkey. Uh, no Internet for a little while. Who knows what they’ll do. I happen to think of the space station goes down, they’re going to say China did it and Russia did it or India did it. Or they might even just say it went down. Who done it? Was it China? A secret conspiracy? Was it a Russian kamikaze satellite? Was it mechanical failure? Was it direct energy weapon? Was it aliens? They’ll have you fighting over who done it for years. It’ll screw up international relations, the Tower of Babel on falls. Meanwhile, nobody’s asking the basic question, was it ever up there in the first place?

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Eric, mark says, I totally agree with you, ips, they’re going to bring down the space station to inaugurate the next phase. Exactly. I mean p Nick wrote about this project for the new American Century. They said we need a new catalyzing event of Pearl Harbor for this generation. And here we are. And you know, in that whole a convention, the whole Pinnock witches warlocks a black mass. When they talked about the project for the new American Century, they plotted your nine 11 and at that meeting they, at that congregation of baby eaters, they talked about how space wars were probably going to be an issue in the near future. So I’m saying that the authors of your nine 11 have another nine 11 plan for you and it’s going to be a space. Nine 11 could be Iran. Every time I ran launches a cube set cause they want bitter Internet reception or whatever. Uh, NASA has a little hissy fit and I’m like, oh, is that a threat?

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Peanuts Clark says, I’ve been thinking a lot about your main question. Where is the edge? It should be an idea that mini should unite on. Exactly. They have muddied the waters with religion and politics. Uh, one of the reasons why I’m asking is Maga a scam because it is a scam. But one of the reasons why I’m bringing this up is that many of the people who have reached the point of questioning the mainstream media, even recognizing it for what it is and who questioning pseudoscience and high places specifically the space program, they still fall for Maga.

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Maga is a bigger scam than NASA. I mean, it’s all, it’s a religion. It’s a false vision. They’re all selling you on visions. But the space program is a longterm social engineering project to get you out of your capitalism and into communism. So you’ve got this Maga guy here saying no communism. It’s like, what do you mean you support the space force? You Support Donald Trump. You may think he’s a capitalist because he, you know, he flashes his, uh, his bling bling and he talks about being rich. But no, he’s a, he’s an oligarch. Huge difference. We’re going to have parasites and you glorify these idiots. They’ll just analyze their propaganda for a moment. So we’re looking at Joe Biggs who was Vegas strong, like Eddie Bravo. And if you’re Vegas strong, you’re truth weak.

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He is truth week. He actually claims he has a cousin in the hospital who was shot in Vegas, which is bullshit. No names, no identities, nothing. Eric Mark says, I am for Maga, for life, criminal, new world America. What? I don’t understand your syntax and look, if you’re for Maga, I’m telling you, you’re anti America. If you, what you think of as America involves this idea of freedom, make America great again. Sounds great on paper. It’s easy. It’s a good acronym. Not Hard to forget. I mean, not easy to forget. It’s like a catchy, you probably have people running around with Maga tattoos.

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But my point here is that a make American great again, it’s based on a vision. It’s utopianism. No better, no worse than what NASA is offering. A better vision for America. If we just let these guys control it. This is still the same bullshit. The left is always been saying about perfecting man through perfecting as institutions. How many times has Obama talked about the perfectibility of man and it just means if we can just get the right technocrats in control, we can fix the world. He’s like, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. They’ve been saying that forever and now the right wingers are saying it and you got right-wingers having Donald Trump sign their bibles. Peanuts Clark says Eddie Bravo. Is Vegas strong? Did he claim that it was at a troll? Dude, he wears a Vegas strong patch on his jacket. Eddie Bravo is 100% Vegas strong shell confirmed cause if you’re Vegas strong, you’re thousand oaks strong and that’s impossible.

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These two events to have actually occurred. It’s an impossibility statistically and otherwise. 55 of the people who are shot at in Vegas were shot at again 13 months later at thousand oaks. While next door, a drill with 55 teenagers was being played out scripted on the Vegas event. I mean, this is way too many coincidences. Eric Marx has, Trump will soon expose the Federal Reserve and NASA Watch. See, um, keep following that. Pied Piper. Keep listening to Q. Keep ingesting the tide pod. Government brainwashing detergent. If you think Trump is going to expose anything that’s pathetic. You know, Donald Trump doesn’t know that David Hogg is a crisis actor. What a joke. Maga is a huge scam. They buy into all the mainstream media hoaxes, uh, not because they’re dupes, which would actually be kind of worse. Like they’re actually that dome. They’re being fooled. We can see through it. They can’t. No, it’s because they’re a part of it.

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They’re on the inside of it. They are insiders. They got you voting for insiders. And what happened to Laura Loomer? Her face looked like it’s made out of plastic now. And you get these, these people posing, like they’re being censored. Like they’re being oppressed. It’s like, no, you’re not being censored. Youtube loves you. The mainstream media loves you because you are mainstream media. This is what astroturf looks like. Fake grass roots peanuts. Clark says, I feel Ya. I have the image of sandy hooker’s just a little grown up since 20. Hey, um, the sandy hook thing, I don’t really touch it very much anymore, but as you can see that was used. It was, um, it was an exposed event, not meant to be exposed, but it was turned into a limited hangout. And that’s how they’ve been managing really to corral this whole auto hoaxer thing and to prevent it from becoming a movement. You know, you had this idea of the truth movement. What does it mean? It means a bunch of people who are just scared of Kim trails. Like it’s not all that deep. It doesn’t have a direction.

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It’s just like, oh, well it’s, it’s like, um, moral panic. We need the traditional American values. Uh, and then you have all these other paranoia’s out there, but it’s not focused. Auto hoaxing gives it a focus.

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Um, cat’s eyes is the guy. Um, look, he says you never came to my channel. It shows your true color. No Cat’s eyes. We gave you my phone number and you refuse to answer the question about the space station shadow. And since you refused to answer it, you’re a bolus coward and we don’t owe you any of our time. Now my phones are open. If you want to call in five oh five five, one zero four, two, two, six, if you want to call in and talk about the shadow that the ISS has, but until you address the shadow of the ISS or bubbles in space, we can’t even talk. I mean, you’re someone who believes that there is a Tesla roadster floating to Jupiter. You don’t know how dumb that sounds. So those of us who understand how you’ve been manipulated, you believe in miracles, like you might laugh when you have a, a group of people in some obscure part of the world, you know, they see a miracle. Like, I don’t know, uh, you know, Virgin Mary on a piece of toast or Tortilla and they all line up to CX. It’s a miracle. You might look down on that, but you’ve got miracles.

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You’ve got your own miracles that you’re believing in. Oh yeah. We got a Tesla roadster with a dumb unit. It’s floating to Jupiter right now, playing David Bowie on an infinite loop like that is so corny. Eric says, Margaret is against socialism and communism. No. Make America great again is not against socialism and it is not against communism. It’s a, it’s really all about supporting the false right left paradigm. I know it sounds like we’re oversimplifying it, but no, actually you are a, the Republicans, the Democrats, that’s the tide pod reality. Katz to says, call you from England. Are you paying the toll?

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God, well, somebody donate some money to cat’s eyes so he can afford to call somebody overseas. I can’t figure how to do free calls yet. Get Skype. Trump undid Obama health care act. No, look here, Eric. Here’s how you’ve been deceived or you’ve been deceived in this way. Trump goes and says, oh, screw the Paris accord. Climate change is a Chinese hoax. He got me with that one. I’m like, yes. Finally, he says, I’m going to open up the libel laws. People could start suing the media. The media going to be brought down. I’m like, Yep, he’s anti media and he’s calling out the pseudoscience. He wins on both, both of the major points that I care about. So he, uh, he had my support. Well then I find out that no, he’s not against environmental ism for all his talk about the EPA being corrupt in falsifying science to advanced communism, whatever. He made it been open about this stuff before. But the fact is space force, and this is where Eric Mark is, where you’re deceived. You don’t understand that even though he may be against environmentalism by advancing the space program, guess what? The space program is a stocking horse for environmental wisdom.

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Cats two says, do you not know the difference between two and I’s? Maybe take reading lessons. Yeah, I have reading comprehension problems. Cats too. Maybe it’s you using multiple sock accounts and we don’t know the difference. You got these anonymous people, no voices, no faces, just angry little allegations in the comment sections and they’re mad that you don’t recognize their individuality. I’m sorry. Precious little snowflake. I couldn’t tell the difference between you and the other anonymous Avatar. Sorry if I hurt you a little feelings apply. Butthurt cream call if you can come up with the money. Otherwise we’re moving on. The space station shouldn’t have a shadow and it does. That’s your problem, not mine.

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Okay, let’s continue. This is grass roots. Joe Bigs is Vegas strong truth weeks run by a bunch of government agents pretending to be grassroots and they’re fighting this straw man, communism advancing this version of capitalism, which is all based on a false worldview and it’s also based on everything that you see on the news being true. Every sigh up, David Hogg actually is a real victim in this story. David Hogg’s is actually part of a shooting. It wasn’t stage. You had an understand there’s a big divergence between reality and the mediated version and if you’re operating in the media diversion, oh yeah, there’s a total solar eclipse. I could put it on the screen right now. Who wants to watch the eclipse? I think it’s live. If someone has a link. So here’s a billboard with the kid saying the last five years have been the hottest on record climate emergency.

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So Trump may say, okay, well that’s bad, that’s just environmental is propaganda. But if he advances the space program, it’s predicated on in climate science and everything that’s been presented as science from the climatologist at Noah being real. Eric Mark says, I think Trump was deceived when it came to the space force. See, there you go. Making excuses for your abuser. This is what battered citizens syndrome looks like. Eric. Mark is making excuses for Donald Trump in the space. Farce. You’re making excuses for him. And so then wait, either one of two things. Mark, either Donald Trump is super smart playing eight d chess or Donald Trump is a dumb shit who got deceived with space for us. So which is it? Is he mega smart or is he easily duped? And if he’s easily duped, why are you following him? You see the flaw in your logic here?

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He says it’s possible that he was a space fan, is brainwashed, preventing him from seeing the lies. Then why are you voting for someone who’s brainwashed? That’s what I’m saying. It’s not wise to make a distinction between the brainwashy eyes and the agents because they work for the same team. One of them is just a little more ignorant and probably not getting paid as much way. BMX says Maga is the fifth degree initiation into the temple of set in the Church of Satan. Really? Oh, you know what? I think you might be right about that. Mark got Satan. Let’s take a look. I know they call each other. Yep, you’re right. Third degree is Magis. Okay. Wait, I think, I think it’s Magis and Maga might actually be like the feminine version of Magis. So it’s like, you know which, and warlock it might be that. Let me take a look. Okay, so the Latin word. Yeah. The feminine form of Magis is Maga. So is Trump. Well we won’t go there. I’m not really for the whole, uh, all the presidents are checks. But that is interesting. So Maga is a word that basically means which um, the female version of a mattress.

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Eric. Mark says Trump is the lesser of two evils. Well guess what Eric? Mark, you are evil. He’s like, well who do I vote for? John Wayne Gacy or Jeffrey Dahmer. It’s like well lesser of two evils. I’m at least Dahmer. Wait until they were dead before he raped him. So I’ll vote for Dahmer. It’s like hey man, how about non voter participation? Conscientious, conscientious objection. How about I can’t vote for that guy because he’s evil. I can’t vote for that guy cause he’s brainwashed. Like who are you here to say I’m going to vote for the lesser of two evils and act like you have some type of like insight we should listen to. Like clearly you’ve been deceived and you shouldn’t be making decisions but do whatever. Q says Mary Monica says I am auto hoaxing Russian sub as fake news. Wikipedia article dated one seven 19.

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Hmm. Well seven one could be an error, but I’d like to see and yeah, obviously I’m going to say it’s probably a hoax I started out today cause Joe bigs was showing someone here, um, who had been hit in the head with a sock with a padlock inside of it and it looked fake. So let’s continue. So, uh, the question here though, is Margaret a scam? Well, yeah, it’s a scam. You’ve been sold a bill of goods. You were chanting Maga, build a wall, lock her up. Did anybody get locked up? No. Did anybody a wall? No. Did any of the pizza gators get arrested? No. Oh wait, Kathy was going to release all the names. Oh, can’t, sorry. He got killed. Damn. How convenient. Right, right. When they are about to deliver the goods and save the world, the good guy gets taken down every time. Just like Breitbart got fake killed in 2013 or 2012.

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I’m serious. Kathy was a fake death to lend credence to the worst fears and paranoia’s of the Q believers. Cats too. Oh, you’re trying to call in my ringer’s on (505) 510-4226. Um, I don’t see any evidence of you haven’t called again. (505) 510-4226 country code is one plus one. We got some guy named cats too who wants to defend the existence of the space station, which is hilarious. Yeah, please do. And also, could you try to defend the existence of a quest Drea where all the bronies go. Chicago restaurant employee spits on Eric Trump. He declines to press charges.

Speaker 2: (18:59)
Probably fake news. The guy was probably paid. He’s given a $500 tip to spit on Trump. US says cappies last video is him admitting his fake death. Oh yeah, no doubt. Horrible actor. Well, actually no, he wasn’t a horrible actor. He was a good actor. But when, when he was a trying to play the role of a believer, I think he was overacting but maybe that’s what you have to do, you know, to convince. Who knows? It’s not like people are that discerning. I mean, we haven’t seen a single tier in how many years of fake school shootings. Not a single tier, not a single drop of blood. Actually the only tier you do get tears and blood, but never from the scene. You get tears from the viewers who go to these candlelight vigils and you get blood because even though nobody’s dying, you always get American blood services at these events to get donors.

Speaker 2: (19:54)
Yeah, donate blood for the victims. And then of course the money goes to go fund me and that’s one of the things I’m pointing out today. You can’t have a go fund me account if you think the earth is flat or if you don’t trust vaccines. But if you go down and you get in a physical fight, if you engage in political violence and you get hit in the head, oh yeah, you can get a go fund me account and Michelle Malkin, we’ll tweet it and you’ll make $190,000 look at this garbage, Joe bigs death to Antifa. Whatever happened to, I may not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend your right to say it. This is the right wing. Fascism just showing itself. Hey, it’s fascist on the left. It’s fascist on the right. You can’t say you’re limited government. If you’re on the right, you can’t. Especially if you’re voting, if you’re consenting to the big government status plans of Donald Trump, don’t call yourself limited government. Call yourself an a a national. It’s just call yourself a fascist.

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It’s time to take out in [inaudible]. What is all this garbage and Joe Biggs runs around calling the other guys Betas, so he’s an Alpha, so they love using these. These terms make commies afraid of rotary aircraft. Again, sorry man. The space program is communism on Mars. It’s communism on the moon. It’s collectivism. It’s the antithesis to everything that you believe makes America great again, because everything that makes America great in your worldview is what’s destroying the world. According to the worldview promulgated by the space agencies and the whole space age, capitalism has destroyed mother earth. We’ve got to go. It’s got to go. In fact, both Jeff Bezos said, you can have freedom on Mars and the moon, but we’re going to clamp down here on earth. Eric, mark says, the United States as a business, don’t blame Trump. Hey, stop defending Trump. I mean, you can defend them, but look, you’re making a mistake. If you think that your political theater is anything other than show business for ugly people, it’s the government entertainment media complex. Putting your faith in a politician is no better, no worse than putting your faith in

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an actor,

Speaker 2: (22:09)
an action hero in a movie or a celebrity like Sean Penn.

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this man Adam Kelly. See I’m saying this is fake. A fake wounds. Crisis Actors. Here’s Joe bigs. I’m tweeting a selfie on his way to the riots. He says, quote, I’m feeling cute. Might end communism later. I don’t know. So I’m saying right now that communism and capitalism in many ways are just aspects of another form of religion. It’s the religion of of a, it’s an idolatrous religion state. Allah tree. Eric Mark says the media bashes Trump all day. No, they don’t. The left wing media basses, Trump, the right wing media loves Trump. The, the alternative media that the astroturf media loves Trump. Joe Bigs isn’t, you know Michelle Malkin. These people aren’t beating on Trump like you’re looking at this thing very selectively. When you say the media, you speak of it as though a, you’re talking about a leftist institution, but no, it’s actually on all sides has her own media.

Speaker 2: (23:15)
Like you’re kind of conflating the two when it’s convenient. So you can ignore the problem of what your media brings into this thing. Like your media that you trust is taking every one of the psyops at face value and reporting it as real. Your media is advancing all of the staged events that help undermine your second amendment, your media, right-wing media, pro, Trump media, alternative media. These guys, even Joe Biggs thinks that the Vegas shooting was real. Do you know what that means? The fact that Joe bigs, he’s one of guys, he’s way up Trump’s posterior. This guy thinks that David Hogg is real, that Vegas is real, that all these shootings are real. And anyone that thinks it’s a staged event is muddying the waters. So he’s on that side of the fence. He’s protecting the media myths, the media stories. It’s narratives. That’s assets. He works for the media. And this guy’s an agent. If you can’t see through that, then you’re lost. And so when you see who these agents are supporting, I mean, it should tell you something.

Speaker 2: (24:18)
This guy was on infowars. It’s all controlled. You’re looking at a controlled dialectic and you’re not in it. You know, you’re actually an extra in their movie. Mary Monica says, anyone notice how the path of totality, the current eclipse is curved over the oceans and straight over land? Uh, cats too. My phone is 505-FIVE-ONE-0422, three. Um, you haven’t called a my have my phone’s open. So, you know, what do you want us to do? I’m not really interested in chasing your round. I mean, I get it. You know, you bought into the propaganda. That’s your faith. That’s cool. That’s cool. Enjoy all the, uh, TV specials about the Moon Landing and the 50th anniversary. You know, I’m glad that you’re convinced by all that stuff, but I’m not really interested in trying to change your mind. I’m not interested in changing the minds of the people who are not perceivers. You just follow whatever you’re told. That’s not my problem. That’s a philosophical issue. That’s your operating system and it’s, it’s volitional. You want to choose to suspend disbelief, you know, be my guest. Okay, let’s continue. I want to find some, um, well, let’s see. Eric. Mark says, I’m going to apply for crisis actors jobs. Yeah, you ought to.

Speaker 2: (25:47)
Okay, so is Maga is scam? Yeah, it is a scam. It’s a, it’s a utopian vision. Um, it’s a, it’s a false dialectic here. They polarize you. If you’re a Maga person, it’s Maga versus Antifa. That’s no different than Republican versus Democrat. And both of them are in the same worldview, and this is the main problem. The main problem is to, all the politicians are going to vote for the official version of nine 11 is the right version. Outer space is real. The moon landing happened. You realize this, right? You do not have representation, you know, in, in any of the world’s governments. There are no politicians who represent the truth in terms of like a worldview based on reality. It’s all based on this scripted reality. I mean, it’s, in many ways, I mean, I just want to just call it a theocracy. It’s a new world order. Monoculture and they, you,

Speaker 4: (26:47)
okay, let’s see if this is a, is this Catos or is it somebody else?

Speaker 5: (26:51)
Hey, is this IPF?

Speaker 4: (26:54)

Speaker 5: (26:55)
Oh, hey. How’s it going man? Caleb blam right. And the chat in one of your moms.

Speaker 4: (27:00)
Oh, nice. Um, so, uh, what do you think about Maga? Is it a scam?

Speaker 5: (27:06)

Speaker 6: (27:06)
It really does seem like just promoting fake patriotism. Like, if you think of like what the founding fathers did, they were like, they would, we would, if we, if we were realistic about the founding fathers, they were practically terrorists. And I say that as a compliment, not as an insult. They killed their enemies in their sleep on Christmas morning, like the leaders, you know, president and then just sit behind a desk and say, hey, go fight that war. No, he led the war with a sword and a musket. So this idea of like, imagine Donald Trump leaving you and I’ll fight with a bazooka. He just would never do that. You know, it’s even like with bullshit, like they invented the word conspiracy theory. When did you ask keg got assassinated and why did they invent that for anyone who questioned the JFK assassination, they were like, ah, you’re a conspiracy theorists just as a way to, you know, to this associate to ditch to invalidate any criticism of what clearly was one of our first presidents, Diane Online TV.

Speaker 5: (28:12)
It’s a way to manipulate people,

Speaker 6: (28:14)
manipulate small minds, fear, you know, control. Oh, we’ll, our leader is dead. Like, I can get another leader. Right.

Speaker 4: (28:22)
That’s a good point. And you know what, they don’t, they effectively shifted the burden of proof ever since they put the term conspiracy theory out there. Now anytime you questioned the news, your wrong, instead of the media didn’t provide ample evidence, they shifted the burden effectively. And one more thing really quick here on the JFK thing, um, the Zapruder film, they make it seem like it was viewed live and everybody was traumatized by it. But, um, I can’t find any evidence of it having been shown, um, live, but that it was probably broadcast like five years afterwards or 10 years afterwards.

Speaker 6: (28:56)
I saw this shitty film watchmen and I was, uh, in the movie they have one of the bad guys killed JFK and it’s like, it’s so like I was amazed at how much I didn’t like the character of dot Dr Manhattan. And it’s clearly I’ll bullshit props, faith propaganda. Like I can’t watch movies anymore without going. Yeah, that’s fake. That’s propaganda, that love list propaganda. Yeah, that’s it. It’s just funny. Like, if you take superman and all the bullshit, you know, he represents like he’s a Christ dark type with hope. And you look at Doctor Manhattan, like he’s just a pussy. He just runs away from the fight. So even in the watchman universe, it’s like sending the wrong message a

Speaker 5: (29:39)
message of like, as opposed to something like, Whoa, you know, it might be fake hope, but you know how dark superman is.

Speaker 4: (29:47)
I watched one of these old, like one of the superman movies a couple of years ago. It was, it was, um, several iterations ago and you know what, it was just a wash with symbolism where at one point he’s floating in space with his arms out. Like he’s Jesus and he can hear all the pain in the world and he’s just like taking on the pain of the world. And then when he has a kid by Lewis Lane, Lois Lane, um, grandparents, so they show him on your radar.

Speaker 6: (30:14)

Speaker 4: (30:15)
This, yeah, the symbolism on that whole thing is like, he’s Superman’s on top of a building, like a big obelisk. He visits Lois lane a knocks or up or whatever, and they have a beam of light, like touching the kids’ face when the kid’s born and they say these things like the sun is in the father’s now on the sun and they throw in all kinds of things. Yeah. This cause a Mr [inaudible] polite. Yeah, they make it all about, oh, Cyrus and son warship and yes, Superman is a Christ figure, a world’s savior, and it’s all propaganda and it’s super patriotic too.

Speaker 6: (30:48)
And it’s funny. Here’s the thing, oh, I want to say it’s four. I forget. They call you fake news, like basically liars. Even though we know the journalists are liars, you, you see things like Veritas, the Google admitting that they’re lying, they admit that it’s bullshit, but they’re the trustworthy ones. They’re the arbiters of truth. Yet, if you were to use common sense, you would realize, oh wait a minute. Radios used to be a thing and then it was TV stations that it was cable. And then what did the Internet logically be a better place to find inflammation. And yet we have this just, it’s just the same. Don’t trust everything you read on the Internet. Well, it’s like, no, don’t trust everything you read on one page of the Internet. Check your sources. If I have six different videos proving for different angles, proving that a guy did something, it doesn’t 100% confirm that it happened, but it’s more likely that that happened than just some opinion of some journalist who’s not reporting the news is trying to make the news. It’s like w just that fucking stupid blonde bitch that’s like, we think for you. That’s like, that’s our job.

Speaker 5: (31:59)
It’s that arrogant, that flip of a, we here, I’ll come back news and they’re all saying the same thing.

Speaker 4: (32:07)
Yeah. I think the difference here, yeah, that’d be great. Videos. The distinction is, are you dealing with an open or a closed system? So with the mainstream media, that’s a closed system. You don’t have any input, nor does anybody else. There’s only a limited number of inputs. The Internet is an open system, and so you can’t even refer to it as a monolith. Like, Oh, you can’t trust the Internet. No. It’s rather, um, it’s so open. You can say you can’t trust the mainstream media, but you can’t say that about the Internet. It’s an open system.

Speaker 6: (32:32)
You can, you can even, you can criticize the Internet, but you can also fact check the Internet if, you know, if you, you see something you can sell. All of that weight has been proven and it’s going to get worse with this. You know, princess lay a technology that the new, that new movie where they were able to recreate Princess Leia and all the celebrities are freaking out. Like Matt Damon’s trying to get right to his image so they don’t make Jason Bourne movies when he’s dead, you know, without him getting a profit.

Speaker 4: (32:59)
Yeah, that’s, that was a, uh, that was an actual thing in black mirror, an episode they just had where it’s about this pop star who really becomes rebellious. And so they come out with a plot to basically replace her with a Hologram. They’ve got her voice samples so they can write your new music. And while she’s in a Quba, they’re actually checking her brainwaves and they’re getting new songs out of her so they can put it down.

Speaker 6: (33:21)
You got that. And they have Miley Cyrus, the whore of Babylon play in it, right?

Speaker 4: (33:26)
Yeah, that’s right. They use her as the actress. See the Black Nero’s insightful. I’ve watched Netflix for all my opposition research to know what kind of ideas are they putting out there and what does the public up to right now in terms of like, look, hey, look, if you’re in the general public, you’ve been initiated into the mysteries.

Speaker 6: (33:43)
You know, I love Mister Metokur. If he’s got the whole four out of five star, and he made the point of like, well Hitler’s bad, but you know, w and your toe thought as bad as Hitler. So that’s like two stars stubbing your toe. One Star, Hitler, you know, three. It’s like a, you know, greatest movie all time. That rate is a locked door, you know, five star, but four on a five. It was good. It wasn’t, it wasn’t bad, but it was good and they changed it to protect poor little precious. Amy Schumer and her first comedy special for a second one suck just as much as the first one. It was her leather special and they got rid of the the four, the four out of five star rating to give you a thumbs up and thumbs down. But what’s funny is that I can go on my old TV that has Netflix and it still has the four out of five star system and I still use it because while everyone else is doing up vote and down vote and it kind of makes a recommendations based on what they see through an algorithm.

Speaker 6: (34:43)
It’s still kind of like I, my old CV is like, like an earlier from wire. It’s not going to update to the modern Netflix.

Speaker 4: (34:52)
But isn’t it funny when when these, these uh, algorithms, it’s like a modern oracle and when they start leading people down the wrong path organically, they have to shut it down so they fake stuff that’s viral. If it’s viral, somebody is probably making it viral and if it’s organically viral, like flat earth was, they got to break the algorithm. Some people stop looking at it. The

Speaker 6: (35:12)
category Captain Marvel objectively thought I didn’t see wonder woman, but I can guess that it was better than captain marvel and it’s still, it’s the same shit. The symbol on a captain Marvel’s chest. It’s the same symbol on cat marvel or wonder woman’s crown and I, I think it has to do, it’s like that eight pointed star. You see it everywhere and I think it has to do with like a witch’s wheel and it’s so bizarre. Like they were like, oh well fuck, we’re going to delete all these reviews on rotten tomatoes. So I couldn’t give two shits of what rotten tomatoes thinks because they gave Ghostbusters like good rating and yeah.

Speaker 4: (35:54)
Oh wait, wait. The new Ghostbusters that created the controversial w with a mile you Annapolis and all that. Oh yeah. See I never watched it, but I read the [inaudible]. Interesting. Yeah,

Speaker 5: (36:09)
it’s just, it’s just funny. They got rid of a thousand negative reviews of Captain Marvel from people that thought it’s the same thing with the Internet. It’s like why trust other humans with opinions that can form their own thoughts

Speaker 6: (36:23)
and make your own general opinion on what they like about movie. They don’t like when you can trust an algorithm way could just be up or down. Why have variations of [inaudible]?

Speaker 4: (36:34)
Yes, the other. That’s the watch. That’s the key here though. I think you tapped in this one where, okay, so they’re getting people used to the idea that if you take human motivation, human emotion and ambition out of the equation as in if you let the robots thing for you, it’s objective and it’s pure. That’s the promise of Sophia. That robot, she’s like, well she doesn’t have any political opinions. She’s just being objective cause she’s AI and so she comes out and she says, we all got to recycle and capitalism is bad and like wait a minute, is she really objective or is she being programmed?

Speaker 6: (37:08)
It’s, it’s amazing that it’s like, just the fact that, you know, it was understandable why people all watched the news back in the old days when there wasn’t like after the news, they would say, this concludes your daily programming and that that’s a big red flag. But then there would be nothing. It would just be, it’ll be red, blue, la. It’d be like it was rainbow line and I have little numbers, and while you sleep for eight hours, it would just be boom. I remember that. So my childhood back when that was still a thing. But you’d think with the Internet, they’d realize that they are a dying industry. The media is a dying industry. They’re all owned by the Rothschilds. They’re all owned by George Soros. Pansies and

Speaker 4: (37:55)
well, look, that’s why I bring up these guys, these I’m street guy. So the mainstream media has lost credibility with the thinkers out there. So what they’ve done is they’ve taken people like Joe bigs and they put them on the streets of, Hey, this is organic. This is from the street. You can trust him. To me, this is weaponized anthropology at its finest, where you put the shepherds out there at the grass roots and then they suddenly get all the attention and people follow them thinking, well these are our leaders. Well, no, this guy was MSN from day one. A bunch of plants.

Speaker 6: (38:27)
Yeah, I mean I’m, I’m not sure. I don’t know anything about that per se. Um, I mean I, I just wanted to call him because I was like, um, no one’s calling and I’m going to call in,

Speaker 5: (38:38)
see if he wants to talk to me. I really appreciate a B and Ahmad and, and uh, oh God. Hey that go there.

Speaker 6: (38:45)
But you, it’s just the thought of like, well human, they’re too dumb. They’re peasants. They can’t think for themselves. People can’t have, okay, this was the best movie of all time. And this movie was okay. They asked to make the opinions

Speaker 5: (38:59)
are you used to be, here’s the problem.

Speaker 6: (39:02)
Well, on the right have a solution. People on the left have a solution. How do we solve this problem? We have different answers to the problem, but we were both wanting the same thing. Now it’s like if you disagree with it

Speaker 5: (39:13)
me, you’re wrong. If you didn’t like Captain Marvel, you are at the sexist bigot. How could you not like the greatest wham and movie of all time?

Speaker 4: (39:20)
Yeah, that’s where they’re at. But the thing is here, my, my angle here is, are the problems even real? So the left and the right will fight over climate change and how to solve it. More taxation, less regulation, a free market solutions, government mandated green energy. Meanwhile, the whole global warming is, it even real has not even been established. So why are they fighting for it

Speaker 6: (39:40)
in her debt? Women aren’t funny because Amy Schumer’s criticized, wait a minute. Terrible net was really fucking funny. She has some of the funniest shit in her whole life. Oh my God. Women are nothing moving. Vila job of it. I mean it was kind of like Black Panther, same shit. He wasn’t the first black superhero. I never saw blade, but I know a lot of black people who saw blade. It was not something that was unsuccessful. It was the

Speaker 5: (40:06)
religion and it made me make me want to go see the new lake.

Speaker 4: (40:09)
No blades really wait. Whenever people say we’re underrepresented, I think it’s just a marketing ploy, kind of like you have Owen Benjamin. He says, well, I’m being oppressed because I’m criticizing Jews. And it’s like, um, well, no, you can’t really say you’re being oppressed because if you were blaming any other ethnic group or religion or tribe or anything, you’d be censored just the same. But when you say you’re being censored, it’s actually a way to draw a lot of attention to you, um, in a way because it gets people to think, okay, you’re the underdog and it’s just such a ruse. It’s just, yeah. Political identity. Politics,

Speaker 6: (40:42)
I think we don’t even like the underdog. We like to see people get kicked when they’re down. If we don’t like the underdogs, we will. If we really liked the underdog, we would not be rooting for these people who like we most of the time here at a five times. We rarely don’t root for the underdog, the real underdog. We’d like to see somebody get beat, rise up the power and then kick them all they’re down. Look at Brittany Spears.

Speaker 4: (41:05)
She was great. I got a question I’ve got to call her and says a comment or says the color is a right wing Maga. Who is it biased? Oh, are you right winger. Oh, okay.

Speaker 5: (41:17)
Well for the most part, yeah, but I’m not perfect.

Speaker 4: (41:20)
No, but are you Margo? Are you making America great again? Do you vote for, will you vote for Donald Trump?

Speaker 5: (41:25)
I’m not sure. I haven’t decided yet. I would, I’d like to think I would continue a middle finger. But you know, I’m really considering not, you know, voting cause one I’m one individual opinion and you’re right. You know, it’s the, it’s just like, oh my God, this guy has a different opinion. It’s like, dude, I’m open to ideas. I appreciate being a mod. I love your show. Respect yourself. That guy can criticize me only once and yeah, like, yeah, but you know, that’s like, I haven’t decided yet.

Speaker 4: (41:58)
Okay. Okay. Just checking. And one more question. Um, David Hogg. Um, what do you think about David Hog? Do you think he’s a pos in your opinion? But, uh, what happened to him at Parkland and what did he observe?

Speaker 5: (42:13)
I don’t know. I think he was paid, I don’t know if he was actually, I don’t know much about that story. I’m sorry. I can’t comment.

Speaker 4: (42:19)
Okay. Did anybody go, did anybody get shot?

Speaker 6: (42:25)
Probably not. And if, if someone did, it was planned, it doesn’t seem like that he could have as much media coverage as he was really a victim of anything he was, he’s clearly one of these people that just wants to take away anyone’s right to defend themselves. Like I will always fight for your freedom of speech, you know, Internet planes beside him and always agree to do jury issue is that I’ve realized that the earth is mostly flat, that it’s not a pear, not a no blade fear. Roided thought a ball and you know, it’s like, you know, we disagree. You know that I’m kind of see us, I’m a mostly Christian, but I’m like, I’m open minded about got belief in God and you know, but even even if you say, well, there is no god or Jesus isn’t real, and that’s where we would disagree on stuff. There clearly is some worship. There clearly is these fake Christ, these, these superman, the booboo match, that’s what they called the Nazis. Call Them Uber Manch keep them. Then it’s like, oh, believe in that. Why was in the recent superman movie? Why does Neil Degrasse Tyson in that movie? What?

Speaker 4: (43:32)
I didn’t see that, but, but you make a good point here. Um, we can disagree on conclusions and opinions, but the facts ought to be things that we agree on. So as long as we’re in agreement on facts, I could care less about conclusions and, uh, I’m interested in how people reach those conclusions, but I know I’m not interested in, yeah, yeah, fine.

Speaker 6: (43:50)
I don’t go to church anymore, you know, and I say I’m Christian and theater. I don’t, you know, I’m like reading the books that were banned from the Bible. I’m trying to figure it out. I’m an open minded person for the most part. I will Dubay I will agree to dismiss them as a point. I still find your show entertaining. I like talking to you. I like thinking these thought through is that person that’s criticizing me. It’s like, oh you, you get on the radio, you talked to him. I don’t even know your name. I, I we met on this, the cord was that a year and a half ago? It’s really funny.

Speaker 4: (44:21)
Yeah, that’s my point too. It’s like if somebody has a problem they can call in and it’s funny when you call them out on it, you’re like, hey look, here’s my number. And they just sort of disappear. So it’s like, all right.

Speaker 5: (44:31)

Speaker 6: (44:32)
but, but I mostly want a flat focus on like the flat earth. Mostly we want to talk about NAFTA. It’s really like, it just blows my mind. You add the word F, it’s Satan, it’s Satan. It’s either literally mocking you and they say they don’t believe in the devil. But they’re boo like these satanists say they don’t believe in the devil, but they put up the statue of a bafflement like Aleister Crowley believed in the devil. It’s like you get to all know he wasn’t murdering children. He was just masturbating. It was a metaphor, but it’s like these are baby eaters. It’s like Hillary in their fucking spirit cooking. It’s all fucked up. They are like liars. And you see that little pedophile symbol and you see it everywhere and it’s like this is messed up. Like why is there a nambla in America? We talk about like, well, the founding fathers would do, the founding fathers would not allow a communist party in America. The founding fathers would execute any remaining Klu Klux Klan members. Today we’ve got Joe Biden praising a former KKK grand wizard, like [inaudible] and I, I mean, it’s just amazing. You could sniff a little girl. He, he’s a Pedo, he’s a straight up pedo and it’s like they either know about it or they, or they just don’t care. Apathy. Like, I don’t want to

Speaker 5: (45:50)
be the bad guy to call him out to by two the pedophile.

Speaker 4: (45:53)
Yeah. That’s scary. That’s strange. I think it’s so strange. I’ve seen, I seen the groupiness about it and it does seem like there’s a bit of permissiveness as though it’s an open secret, which is pretty much like, why would you vote for that? So I’ve got a question though. So a lot of people are comfortable calling out a Hillary Clinton as an adrenochrome junkie. My question is, um, is that a Democrat thing?

Speaker 5: (46:16)
I don’t know. I, I don’t know. It’s a Hollywood thing. These people in Hollywood are crazy. I’m ready for a title wave to just 2012 that shit. And it’s, I never, I didn’t wake up in 2012 I woke up in 2016 when I realized we had a reality TV star for our president. It made me question reality and I, you know, I, you know, as a flattered creation as Christian, I, you might think I’m wrong in my opinion, but I have to be consistent. I’m like, well, I’m in the Bible really saying creationism. It’s like, yeah, well you can’t have creationism without flatter. Then it’s like, wow, I never thought about it before Jacob’s ladder. The ascension of Christ. These things all require a flat earth and affirming then and then it’s like, wow, the lesser light and the earlier light. And so there’s plenty of flat earth, like the Bible doesn’t prove flatter and flatter proves I would argue the Bible. But even then, or at least that there’s some truth in it. And you know, we, we disagree on religion. I’m not here to talk about,

Speaker 4: (47:17)
well actually here’s something I’m interested in though. See to me the question of, um, you’re right, it may, the flat earth may actually validate the Bible. Uh, my take on it is this though, the real question that seems to be avoided by most is how miles is it from

Speaker 2: (47:29)
where you’re sitting to the edge. Because once somebody gets there and makes it observation, the game changes. But until then, nothing changes. Nope.

Speaker 6: (47:37)
Well worth it. And I would never go to the north because the north, the north star, we don’t need this. It’s probably where Babel existed in the north and it just got really cold. It’s the South Pole. There’s no south. Both. We’re in this huge ice rink. It’s like a bowl. It’s, it’s basically the parable of the fish that spends his whole life in the hole trying to climb a tree. But he doesn’t know that there’s an ocean out there. And when we talk about planet travels, there are no planets. We are an infinite plane. It’s mostly flat. And there’s these huge ice walls that we’ve net, no one’s allowed to go there. All the countries are like, don’t explore it in the things with bird and you know, a bird who was, you know, trying to, and then the flying the plane there, there, they’re now on it. They know they have to go in and circle it. It shouldn’t take as long as it does to get from point a to point B. If you just went in a straight line to fly from some of these countries on one part of the world to another where the plane, so the little, you know, pansies in chat can complain and bitch and Moan us or right.

Speaker 5: (48:39)
But it’s, uh, it’s like, hey, you call in, you call in. If you’re so bored with this fucking conversation, you call in, you give a ips up that to talk about.

Speaker 2: (48:52)
Oh, exactly. And I would rather have, I mean, I prefer people who disagree to calling anyway. Cause look, if I’m saying something that they think is wrong, right? Like that one guy who believes in the magical castle in the sky, the space station, he could call in and he could say, Hey, uh, to all you people listening, this guy’s wrong, and here’s why. And they could defend what they see as the truth.

Speaker 5: (49:13)
Ed, it’s funny, like when I look into not just the Bible, but like book of Enoch where it talked about God made several heaven. That’s where we get the term seventh heaven will then, it’s like, Ooh, okay, well, the Kingdom of Heaven Center, you know, if the bird, you know, if you say it’s in the sky, that bird proves you wrong. You say it’s in the sea, the fish proves you wrong, it’s within you. And I was like, Ooh, I never thought about what that means about Lightman can we ascend our, you know, astro? Can we go to the astral plane? Is that the next heaven? Like it makes me really wonder, is that what Jesus was really tried to be about? Was he a guru trying to teach enlightenment? And I’m not saying that’s right and not saying it’s wrong, it’s just a thought. It’s a thought that occurs in my mind when you start thinking about these things because you don’t, you don’t know how to think until you ask new questions. So you open your mind to new points of view. You have to challenge belief. And you know, I’ve already done it.

Speaker 2: (50:09)
I’m the same way. I don’t think that the Bible Earth model, see, I don’t think there’s an, I don’t think anybody scientifically can claim to have a complete model. So my problem is we get these

Speaker 5: (50:21)
kidnapped or similar.

Speaker 2: (50:22)
Well, my problem with that though is that if the ancient maps are similar, it probably just means that the ancient

Speaker 4: (50:28)
gatekeepers are the modern gatekeepers who just found a new way to keep the gates closed this time, conforming it into a ball. It doesn’t necessarily mean they were right. It’s an argument from authority. So to me, um, nothing’s settled.

Speaker 5: (50:42)
Maybe they never knew. Like that’s the thing. It’s like we have potentially the technology with drones and some sort of shit can maybe is that, I would hate that there’s some sort of force field I would hate when we get over the ice wall. What if we find out there’s a force field and we’re just trapped in like a huge snow glow? Like that would be terrifying because the biggest thing that blew my mind,

Speaker 6: (51:05)
fucking mind in superman returns, the shitty one that no one, the superman movie that was Shitty, that was full of symbolism. But Brandon Routh, c everybody. I loved man of steel, but I really liked Superman’s returns because you dare take, give Superman, uh, you know, an illegitimate child with Lois way, like, that’s such a huge controversy. Really?

Speaker 4: (51:23)
Oh yeah. That, that’s really, that’s um, that to me that’s typical though of the sun gods. Um, yeah. Basically being deadbeat dads. I mean, where was Jesus is dead.

Speaker 6: (51:32)
What was Luther’s plan in that movie with Kevin Gay? See, I’m a gay man, not a pedophile. Kevin Space.

Speaker 5: (51:38)
See his plan with genius. Make a new continent.

Speaker 4: (51:43)
Yeah, that’s right. Yeah.

Speaker 5: (51:45)
It’s a terrifying thing

Speaker 6: (51:49)
if you’re a globe earth or because it was like, oh well he’s just making a new continent that he can have power. His, his plan was logical. But if you look at it from a flatter point of view, every other place outside the art, like what if were ever heard of the puddle theory where it’s like we’re, we’re in the, we’re in the little puddle and then there’s the ice wall keeping us in. But there might be other puddles out there. We could call them other dimensions or other plains. And that is a very interesting thought because it would be, you know, we always talk about the final frontier. No, those other claims would be the final frontier. And that gets into things like cern. Are there, is there a force field? Are they trying to use some sort of cern technology to open a portal? Do the other side. Are they going to open them?

Speaker 4: (52:37)
Well, well the underworld, Elon Musk was just talking, Elon Musk was talking about his starship right and he said going on the Kale, well he said for space tourism being launched into space and landing somewhere else. He said it’s going to feel like going on space mountain and Disneyland only you get out in another continent. And that got me thinking, wait a minute, his tunneling company and simulated space travel moving you to another plane. So space travel as far as how it’s been presented to us could be a ruse so they could bottleneck people go into other continents so that instead of you thinking, you see what I mean? It’s like it’s easy. It’s an easy concept. It is

Speaker 6: (53:16)
like bloopers plan. It’s so it’s their show the helmet in your fucking face and it’s like most people would go, that’s a good superhero movie. None. That’s real. It’s like no, they’re mocking you and it, it just makes sense. If all the countries in the world have said, we’re not going to go to the South Pole, we’re not going to explore it. Let’s all agree to not explore it. Like where is the country I can live where I can practice, you know, let’s call it old school democracy. And I only say that because it’s like we don’t use our constitution. We don’t do what the founding fathers do. Like where’s the place I could just own a gun and be safe and invent technology to try to go over the ice wall. They’re not going to let you, it’s ridiculous how much they lie at.

Speaker 4: (54:04)
And it’s like, well, you can’t do, speaking of all the countries are up. Speaking of lies though. Okay, so let’s say that there are other regions like, um, like this one, like six continents bunched up around in North Pole and they’re scattered around. What bigger?

Speaker 5: (54:19)
You can call them other claims or we could call them like, I would hate to call them planets because they’re not, they’re not, there’s no plan. But they would basically be the flat earth equivalent of it.

Speaker 4: (54:31)
Okay. So another play Mars, let’s say Mars is 8,000 miles away, I’m south of South America and it looks like they say it looks, but it’s just further south. Um, what better way to keep us from leaving then? Like the Truman show, you keep everybody in prison with lies where here’s a little bit, so like if anybody thinks about going, the first thing you do is you flood the zone with agents saying, oh by the way, can’t go there. Ice Wall. Like what if the ice wall itself is a big sigh up to stall exploration.

Speaker 5: (55:03)
Yeah, I know. And it’s like maybe they made the ice wall, you know? I don’t know. How would they do that? I don’t know. But

Speaker 4: (55:11)
in your mind or your mind, it could be, there could be no barrier. There could be no barrier at all. But if they have all the people who are looking into this convinced of there being a barrier, you see what I mean?

Speaker 5: (55:23)
Oh God, that’s,

Speaker 6: (55:25)
that’s Sr. You just, they have to, all they do is take pictures of huge walls of ice and they go, oh, it’s around the whole thing.

Speaker 5: (55:33)
Don’t leave the bowl. Yeah, it’s all about don’t freak outside the box.

Speaker 4: (55:37)
That’s all about exactly.

Speaker 5: (55:38)
I want to teach you how to think. They don’t want to teach you how to think. I want to teach you what to memorize, what to think.

Speaker 4: (55:45)
Well, we don’t want you to think for yourself. Captain Cook was the guy who said that there was an ice wall and I don’t think it’s real. I think Captain Cook’s journeys are there to lie about the boundaries and I think that they repeated the lie with Captain Kirk from Star Trek who’s also saying, oh, the boundaries just space. You can’t go,

Speaker 5: (56:04)
oh, the space, the final frontier that

Speaker 6: (56:08)
we got to go to faith, not the real place. We could be going with real boats and real shifts because there’s a night walk. God, I never thought about it like that.

Speaker 4: (56:17)

Speaker 6: (56:18)
Boy, you don’t agree on everything, but you can make me think new thoughts. Then that’s like, I also could see maybe there might be a little Weiss wall. There might be a force field, but that’s, I don’t know. I,

Speaker 4: (56:29)
hey look, I don’t, I’m going, oh at some point I’m going to find out and if I go so personally and they’re going to do it. Yeah. If I run into you, there’ll be a whole expedition. Right. And if we find a big wall made out of emeralds and magic, I’m going to go to the nearest Bible store and buy a Bible and read it. So you know, I’m open to new information.

Speaker 5: (56:50)
Yeah. It’s crazy cause

Speaker 6: (56:53)
like I don’t believe the earth is hollow, but even if it were the idea that there was a smaller sun and that there’s inner continents with more land, once again goes back to the whole Lex Luther plan. We can’t make a country in America. You can’t even own a part of land in America and a secede from the union. All 50 states are like 50 countries. They’re not United. They, they have some rules that apply to everybody. Like don’t murder, don’t steal. And gay marriage. Okay. But then some states have ridiculous laws. You have to be 16 to have sex, you have to be 18 to have sex. They have different laws that affect different people off 10 years prison. If you do this drug, oh five years prison, if you do it in another state, I hate to be in a state where the punishment of a crime would be some ridiculous, unjust punishment, but because they say, oh, well you did it well you did it.

Speaker 5: (57:54)
Hey, so bigger punishment. It’s ridiculous. It’s the I, our justice system is such a joke.

Speaker 4: (58:00)
Well the idea though wasn’t it? 50 states, 50 different, a competing visions and then people can pick and choose or vote based on what works in other places. But the arbitrary nature of it, it’s what’s so disturbing, like the arbitrary nature of shutting down a youtube channel because somebody somewhere says that’s bullying. You know, I’ve had three strikes, my other channel taken down for three strikes of bullying and no victim came forth and said, you bullied me. Nobody made any claims against me.

Speaker 5: (58:27)
Oh, so what are you calling him or did you push him in a locker? Did you, did you throw them in a trash can? Did you give them a swirly? Did you make

Speaker 4: (58:38)
exactly right? That used to be bullying, but now today is you say words that might hurt somebody’s feelings out there, but that person doesn’t need to speak up for them because you have social justice warriors here on Youtube.

Speaker 5: (58:51)
What about level? What about levels? When Matt Damon Gotten Real Trump, Matt Damon’s mostly a dumb ass, but sometimes he says the a bit interesting. He said, what about levels of harassment? Like maybe kissing a girl without her consent isn’t right and the feminist lost their shit when he said that. And it’s kind of like, but he’s right. He’s objective Lee, right? It’s not a endorsement of rate. It’s just a objective that maybe getting punched in the face and getting a black guy is worse than just getting a swirly. Like I used to think I was picked on when I was grown up. No, I wasn’t bullied. I wasn’t bullied. You see bullying in TV today. They show two guys hold the guy down and the other guy is beating the shit out of his face or some ridiculous thing where you think like this is assault and battery.

Speaker 5: (59:40)
How would a bully get away with that? You watch what today’s bullies are as opposed to a movie like revenge of the Nerd, which is it. It’s so flop. It used to be the nerds were the dumb ass is and the jocks were the cool people you wanted to be. Now it’s like, oh, you want to be Peter Parker? And even even with the Spiderman trilogy and the Spiderman movies, the first Spiderman, Siemens didn’t punch. Daddy punched a hole practically into that, uh, locker. The second movie. It’s like, okay, maybe Peter Parker could take them. Maybe the v plastered when the newest one homecoming, it was like 25% shit movie. 75% it was okay. But it was like, oh, he called you a penis. Peter Parker. He called you painted Parker. Yeah. Cause that’s the same as getting punched in the face. Yeah.

Speaker 4: (01:00:30)
Words. Yeah. Words. Words are the problem here. Oh, I’ve been censored over words. And the combination that I put them into, and this is my problem here, is that if there aren’t victims saying this guy’s victimized me, take him, take him off of youtube or even litigating against me, sue me in court for hurting their feelings. But no, it’s, but who’s doing the censorship? It’s not the victims. It’s the self appointed SJWs who hit the flag and say this is offensive. Let me flag it. Those people are the problem.

Speaker 5: (01:00:59)
Yeah. Search search Spiderman, one bully themes blasting and then search the amazing Spiderman bully scene and that’s search Spiderman homecoming bully thing and it’s like up punch in the bay. Okay. That’s like level three bullying. Oh, you jumped up and dude up. Oh, he jumped up and do it. A great junk in front of everyone. Oh, that embarrassed the bully all. He shattered the glass. It’s like, well you made a mess, but you know, if I were the bully I’d be like, okay, you kind of showed me off. But I mean, all right, I’m still breathing. I can still eat. I could still go home.

Speaker 4: (01:01:39)
Okay, plain about it. Now, here’s the thing too about bullying. So the truth is the real bullies are the people who say, I’ve been bullied. Now I can hit back against you. And I used to call them cry bullies, but now I call them troll flakes because they want to be the big bad trolls. But once you hit back, they’re like snowflakes and they crumble. So yeah, the word, that’s the word, that’s the voice of the perpetually, but triggered troll flake,

Speaker 5: (01:02:06)
the, the new new Spiderman home. Is it the Spiderman homecoming sequel? The far from home? The bullies. Like I’m going to take a picture and he gets punched in the nuts. I’m like, that’s it. Like that’s what’s considered bullying. Like really? Okay. Hey, let me, I think growing up with a girl

Speaker 2: (01:02:23)
comment or who says it’s Moronic to think everything on the news is fake and I want to point something out. It’s about foundational myths if

Speaker 5: (01:02:31)
all right. Hey Buddy, I gotta go, I’ve gotta go. I’ll call you later. Sounds good. Thank you. Have a great day. Okay. So this color here is, he says

Speaker 2: (01:02:41)
it’s Moronic to think everything on the news is a lie. Well, here’s the thing. Let me give you a quick example to show you why it’s not moronic. And while you’re wrong, you take two different people side-by-side. Two different students, okay? One of them believes everything they see on the news. The other investigates everything they see on the news. All right? Each of them write you a 10 page paper about violence in America from the year 2010 to 2019 the one who auto hoax is the news and says, I don’t believe any of it because it’s all been totally corrupted.

Speaker 2: (01:03:20)
It’s been totally corrupted by fake news and pseudoscience. All right? So the person who doesn’t question anything says, well, in the last nine years we’ve had this many shootings, this many deaths, this is how, um, violent America is. The other guy says, well, according to NPR, these 235 school shootings didn’t happen. This was a false account. And at least half of these I can identify or false flags. So it’s this percent less violent than they say. So my point here is if you assume everything you’re told on TV is real versus if you assume it’s all a lie, uh, well, which one is, is going to put you in a advantageous position? The one that makes you a blind faith believer in government lies or the one that leaves an element of doubt and skepticism there. So you don’t go along with a false world view. So the first and a who believes everything in the news lives in a more violent world where school shootings are a regular occurrence and you can trust the news.

Speaker 2: (01:04:22)
And the other guy says, wait a minute. The news isn’t just biased. It’s inserting fake stories into the public consciousness as real events, false reporting, false witness, atrocity, propaganda. So you can’t really say that we are moronic for analyzing media. I would say not analyzing media is moronic. Just like it’s Moronic to go on a vacation without a map or a plan. You know, you’re just blind. So not really sure. Fractal says, and this is a, this is a misrepresentation, mischaracterization. So he’s being intellectually dishonest and he probably doesn’t have the guts to call me. He says if there’s a major accident and they report six dead, is it safe to assume they’re fake? No, no. You don’t understand. This is called analysis in your analysis. Some things are, some things aren’t going to raise flags, so that one obviously is not going to raise a flag.

Speaker 2: (01:05:14)
It’s a pretty common thing. There’s a difference between regular claims and extraordinary claims and the media presents you extraordinary claims for ratings. They don’t report on stuff that doesn’t sell and the stuff they report on, either it’s faked or it presumes everything before it to be real. Therefore it’s fake. So you could be the most honest reporter in the world just saying, yeah, the sky is blue today and this is the 10th anniversary of the Littleton shooting. Well look, you were honest, but now you just recited lies. You’ve been corrupted. So the media is 100% corrupt and it is not moronic to say everything coming out of it is lies. If it has an opinion or an agenda, if it’s just reporting the facts, it’s just reporting the facts. But they don’t really do that. And that’s how they trick you. They make you think that the news is reporting reality.

Speaker 2: (01:06:02)
They’re going around with cameras and Mikes and just recording stuff for you and you’ve been duped. If you think that’s what they’re doing, maybe that’s their cover. But if they report anything that’s a cover for the agenda driven propaganda that they insert into the reality TV matrix, it’s like reality TV presented as news. It’s all contrived. So anyone here who thinks that we’re wrong for calling 100% fake, you’re behind the curve. You have no idea what you’re talking about. If you’re not auto hoaxing, you’re not only not paying attention, you’re on the other side just as much as the stooges are on the same side as the agents that they follow. So like over here we’re like full, um, full auto hoax. If you’re not with it, like that’s your problem. But I’m no, I’m certainly not apologizing for it. I’m like, apologize for what? For perceiving the facts and drawing the right conclusions for seeing that Donald Trump’s an actor, that Q is a scam, that Maga is a scam. That voting for any of these politicians is to vote to perpetuate the sidebar. That to vote for Trump is to advance environmentalism no matter how much he says he’s against it.

Speaker 2: (01:07:23)
And owned Benjamin. Is Vegas strong? Just like Eddie Bravo. Is Vegas strong? They’re all Vegas strong. So their truth week. All right. Anyway, I will be back later to take calls. Uh, thanks to the callers who called in earlier, always like different viewpoints and that was someone who’s a Christian flatter there. As you can see, I don’t have any beef with people based on different beliefs. We’re just talking here about perceptions and there’s a huge, huge difference there. And these people fighting in the streets are all losers who are fighting over beliefs and they’re all dukes. They’re MSM. Fundamentalists and fundamentalists are the most violent people out there. You know, they’ll fight for their beliefs, hit each other over the heads with padlocks. All right, this is chief crow. I will see you all later.

Speaker 7: (01:08:22)
[inaudible] [inaudible] you choose auto believe everything like under the tree. You know what ain’t got another crisis actor with, so my body telecommunications act of 1996 [inaudible] he’s just another bad cho. You can be [inaudible] [inaudible] believe everything like [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible].


Host of Infinite Plane Radio and Dark Matter After Midnight. Author of THE METASCRIPT DECODED : The Great Reset, World Revolution, And The Age Of Mars. Tim Ozman has been at the cutting edge of conspiracy analysis and mainstream media deconstruction since 2017. As president of the Infinite Plane Society, he has been the project manager for a growing think tank comprised of like-minded individuals.

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