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IPR Points Of Interest 8.11.2020

  1. New Track by ATB

2. Gilbert Gottfried’s Cryptic Warning: “Stay Off Golden Gate Bridge August 11th

3. More Covid19 predictive programming


5. Fauci Fd a Monkey

6. Seattle

Sources: Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best to resign

7. Putin saved the world

8. Looting is reparations

…which assumes that we reincarnate intraracially….

9. Who is Melinda Gates?

Talia on Twitter: "Melinda Gates or Kevin Kline?… "
Melinda Gates on Twitter: "America's caregiving system was already ...

10. Coronavirus: Victoria facing years of mandatory masks and restrictions

11. More Fires Fire at battery recycling factory in Campbellfield causes smoke alert for nearby suburbs – ABC News

12. Flat Earth antivaxxer

gza-anti-vaxxer-flat-earth-social-media-wu-tang-clan | The Latest Hip-Hop News, Music and Media | Hip-Hop Wired

13. Child predicted 911



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