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IPR Notes 7.22.2020


Sir Bill Gates?

The idea that masks suffocate the wearer is a weak argument. #flatWorld

UAE successfully launches first spacecraft to Mars

Hundreds of anti-mask activists march on London’s Hyde Park wearing plague doctor costumes | Daily Mail Online

Seattle protest what the MSM won’t show you. Peaceful Protesters smashing windows and starting fires. They smashed out the east precinct windows and attacked the preacher man too. No cops around until the aftermath. 🤔

Couple under house arrest after testing positive for COVID-19 – ABC7 New York

China moves rocket into place for upcoming Mars mission | Fox News

Mars Mission From United Arab Emirates Embarks on 7-Month Journey – The New York Times

The United Arab Emirates successfully launches its first spacecraft bound for Mars”Years of hard work and dedication have paid off in a big way.”

A Zara In Puerto Rico Is Trashed After Customers Are Asked To Put On Masks


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