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The misinformation pandemic is real. It’s an epic plague which has already infected the entire human race. Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend summed it up well. We, the unconverted and the apostates who have politely excused ourselves from the Whirled Stage are in a mostly empty theatre. The stage is packed. 99% of the people are extras. Critics are especially hated, which is why they censor us.

I had to go to the MVD today. I took an Uber which meant I was masked. It felt funny looking at all the faced drivers looking at me. The driver wasn’t masked until I got in the car. I awaited his cue. No need to get someone fired over something neither of us can control.

I noted a lot of pigeons nesting comfortable in 5G towers. Apparently it hasn’t been set to “death ray” yet. No rotisserie pigeons on the sidewalk.

They could be government bots and the towers could be their recharge/ upload locations.

I played a subtle Karen to get my business done at the MVD. I told the employer that I had pre-arranged to walk in and get the expired ID replaced because I didn’t feel like waiting until next month for my scheduled appointment. I didn’t ask for a manager–I Karen-splained that I had already done so. Check mate.

On my walk home I counted a dozen masks on the sidewalk. So I guess it’s cool to throw kleenex on the ground too then. Good to know. No more uncomfortable wad in the pocket.

One more thing; last night, a caller asked why the space station hasn’t been hit with space junk. As of today, they have been. Or a near miss. I’ll discuss this live this evening.

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