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Hyper-Realistic Training Dummies Fooling Medical Professionals, Falsely Increasing Covid19 Death Toll

Hundreds of photographs and videos depicting Coronavirus victims have turned out to be hyper-realistic training dolls so real as to fool medical staff, coroners, politicians, and crematory operators.
Arizona Training Hospital Uses Fake Patients : NPR
The simulated patients are commonplace in training environments and replicate highly realistic, apparently fool proof, human casualties. It is estimated that two-hundred thousand such hyper-real training dolls have been falsely diagnosed with the killer virus.
All over the world, hyper-realistic training dummies are fooling medical professionals.


Dozens of COVID-19 Cases Have Been Reported in Rural Texas Counties With No  Hospitals and No Licensed Physicians
Child Dummy' Carjacking Hoax Circulating In Pierce County | Puyallup, WA  Patch

This confusion could result in long-term training dummy shortage while perpetuating the lock-downs.

Listen to this remix of Symis Covid Cooties, one of the great tracks to come out of the Covid lockdowns:




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