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Right now, we’re seeing 1968 playing out again. This is possible because history isn’t only a record of what happened in the past. History is quite literally an elite playbook which they use to guide humanity upon the world stage. Religions have perfected the use of stories, narratives, myths, and lies for the purposes of mass mind control. The mainstream media is the dominant religion of the day.

The Televised Reality is a worldview you are expected to share. It’s a universal, aka catholic, vision. And as all religions, the Televised Religion has its own myths, narratives, and lies for the purposes of influences the masses on an emotional level.

Spike Lee is a government propagandist and his work always ties into the racially charged psychological operations of the day. He’s also a Black Lives Matter activist, which pegs him as a Leftist, as he’s way above the level of mere provocateur stooge.

Spike Lee is a provocateur extraordinaire and he put African American men kneeling over a grave on the cover of his new film DA 5 BLOODS.

The film is set in 1968.

Did he conceive of this cover BEFORE or AFTER kneeling became the new raised fist of solidarity with international communism?

May 29, 2020 –┬áPresident Trump (another provocateur) told reporters that he didn’t know the racially charged history behind the phrase “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” This is a purposefully chosen phrase used infamously by Walter E. Headley, a Miami police chief widely condemned by civil rights groups.

Take a look at the following headlines are highly suggestive of history itself as a playbook as much as record of events. A METASCRIPT:

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