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These are all recolours of mounts

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These are all recolours of mounts that are available through other means. Then there are all the drake mounts from WotLK and Cata which are just recolours of rare spawn drops/reputation/achievement rewards.

There are also additional mounts in raids that I didn't list. Glacial Tidestorm is from mythical Jaina that is a skin for the mount of the shaman class. Ny'alotha Allseer is an ancient mythological N'Zoth and is an reskinned jelfish mount.

It's up to you what you mean when you say "reskin". The mythical mount of N'Zoth just the jellyfish mount, Jaina mythic is only the shaman class mount, Gul'dan's mythic mount is just the grumpus mount (I believe at the very least), Shackled Ur'zul from mythic Argus is (I believe) the gryphon's skeletal mount that DKs receive.

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