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Sweet Tooth on Netflix

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Hey all,

I love the IPS show, first post. Had to create an account because of the tv show I was watching... I'm only starting episode 3 and it's already full of predictive programming and interesting topics. Brainwashing with a side of entertainment.... Thing is I kinda really like the show anyway. 


A brief synopsis without spoilers past the first five minutes; there is a virus called H5G9 (yes, 5G in the name!) that sweeps through and kills most people. Kinda like what they were portraying c19 to be, but for real. At the same time, every (?) Child born after that is some form of human animal hybrid. The story follows one such boy (Gus, a deer kid with pan like little antlers) and his dad. 

There are recognizable symbols everywhere, about social distancing, quarantining, people wear masks, etc. That part is the yucky feeling sneaky programming part, imo. But overall I find the story compelling and the characters kind of endearing. 


Following are some small spoilers ....




In episode 3, we learn that the only known antidote to the virus is made from... It's murky at first.. "sadism".. upon the hybrid kids. Sounds a lot to me like Adreno .. 





There is more, and I'm sure the think tank could find a lot there. I'm going to keep watching, might have to start taking notes 😛 


Take care everyone

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nice, enjoyed your writing. i'm not gonna watch it though but i get the gist of it. I rewatched aliens v. cowboys. Cowboys( and the pioneer people) were going after them aliens. WTH is wrong with us 2021 . we are hypermediated. we would record it but probably that's it.

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Thanks for the spoilers! We need those. The less time I spend in toxic mental environs the better. I'll read this post next live stream.

I hope you like the new site template



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