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Looking forward to the summer sun

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Because this spring sun aint cutting it! I swear the sun isn't as intense this year. I get more sunshine than any other year, yet I'm not burning nor even tanning as much as I should be . Maybe the summer sun is the only thing that can do it. In the beginning of the covid scare I committed to getting as much vitamin D to combat what I thought was a real virus. I've gained a lot of health from being in the sun so much. I remember other years I used react more to it,  like more burn or Immediate pigment darkening (IPD) , followed 48-72 hrs later by a goldish (phaeomelanin?) longterm tan that would still go away if i took a week of little to no sun. Now , the sun has a lesser affect on me . I think it has to do also with knowing its not harmful like the est.narrative keeps hammering to us with all the cancer scare.    Maybe there is particles in the sky , or once you're not scared of it, your body just doesn't react as much like a psychosomatic thing. 

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well the last month was the coldest in over 100 something years and May isn't looking any better

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