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Issac ASSED usoff!
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Issac ASSED usoff!

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In Isaac Asimov’s Book: The Universe: From Flat Earth to Quasars, he says, (see pic of p.15 attached), that people can’t conceive of infinity (referring to the endless earth).

I say to him, people have no issues comprehending infinity. Look at the simple number line it even goes in both directions infinitely. People say the universe is infinite, uh duh! IA is attempting here to steer a narrative early on that people never even conceive of such a non-standard concept as infinite plane/univEARTH. Let the penguins squawk! 

listen to my podcast:  

Hear episode #14 The univEARTH

Go Tim! Expose this lie. 

Art S.

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Tim Ozman
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I'm listening now. Thanks

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