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●Living in earth's interiors, bats embodies rebirth and death...inner depth, illusion and journeying...hints at the dark side. As a power animal one can see through illusions. (Hence 20/20 perfect vision) All will be revealed...Book of Revelations. Is the mask falling off or are they taking the mask off? (Those dark forces that worship Satan). Is Project Veritas rogue or by design?
●In Christianity bats are believed to be messengers of Satan...the Puritans believed that a bat flying by meant they were being bewitched by someone.(Return of Saturn).
●According to Agrippa (Roman general), the Bat is sacred to Saturn, and it's blood is useful for the preparation of ointments capable of evoking the spirits. (Possible connection to D-wave computer and the Lovecraftian old ones as well as CERN as a gateway to hell and releasing the fallen angels, Return of Saturn)
●In medieval bestiaries they symbized lust and sinners who lived in darkness...bats mate with both males and females (Transgender [not just acceptance but societal push] and Crowleys the Great Work...apotheosis of the opposites.) (Also the Satanic elites hatred for us...useless eaters...we must atone for our sins)
●In the 15th arcana of the Tarot de Marseille, The Devil is represented with Bat wings... the same negative association started the custom of naming bats to doors to ward off evil spirits...another superstition was to wear a bats right eye to make its bearer invisible.(Eye of Horus perhaps)
●In Japan, bats symbolize chaos and unrest
●2020 was Chinese Year of the Rat...or maybe flying rat...Bat
●Bats eat lots of bugs...WEF says you will eat bugs
●Bats of a thousand years old were found in caverns of the hills. They attained very old age and that is believed by ancient scholars because bats lived deep in caves and also because “they swallowed their breath” according to scholars. (Think George Floyd, I can't Breathe, Wearing the Mask, swallowing your freedom of speech)...alsoBats far outlive other animals of similar size and are a symbol of longevity.
●Bats hang upside down facing the underworld (the subconscious)...where the dead are buried.
●In South American folklore, bats and tobacco are associated with native priests...shamans. The Bororo Tribe tells a story of a vampire bat telling them if they do not smoke reverently they will be punished. Fire is often associated with them in these stories. Supernatural bats often burn their victims (comes from natural fires that occur in caves where bats dwell and fly out from the smoke).  (Book of Revelation...Lake of Fire)
●Ritual human sacrifice was common in the ancient "New World"...blood sacrifice often by beheading appeased the gods. We already discovered the "New World" when Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492. Global Communism is bringing the "Order" part...via The old Babylonian Gods [also this is New World Order... bringing order to the New World already discovered that is currentry viewed as chaos]
●Mochica pottery shows a part human part bat figure as a sacrifice with a knife in one hand and human head in the other. (Stems from them feeding on the neck). Think Kali goddess in Hinduism
●Camazotz is revered by the Mayan as a vampire bat God, who killed men on their way to the center of the earth.
●Catholic Church...the Sacrifice of Mass represents the blood sacrifice that Jesus made for the sins of the world. Again we are the sinners who must atone to the government as god...gubernare control the mind and be as gods.

●Vampires...the elite...the ones who have assimilated the bat like Morbius or Batman or Dracula
●Vampires represent power because they have the ability to get what they want. Vampires always have money. This along with their castle symbolize the power they have and their ability to control humankind. Vampires look down on humans because they have more control and power to accomplish anything they want and mortals  do not have the power that vampires have.
●Vampires also symbolize desire. They want to be humans. They are living but they are also dead, having no feelings or emotions. (Think transhumanist agenda). They want to live to find love but cannot pursue that goal.
●It was a long time belief that witches drank the blood of children. (Think Adrenochrome, stories of having to be an annointed witch to be in the Illuminati)

●Microsoft have patent to bring dead loved ones back as A.I. chatbots
●Zombie Apocalypse Movies
●B.A.T....China's big 3 data titans. Baidu, Alabama, and Tencent. 60% of time spent on mobile device is spent on an app associated with these three.
●Bat on 20/20 Quarter

● Batman Movie Quote"the mask Is not for you, it's for the people you care about"...Covid commandment 
●The new Batman Trailer starts off with No More Lies!!! Robert Pattinson Twilight Actor, "You're becoming quite the celebrity" "What is the price for your blind eye."...well according to some that would be the Soul 
●Nirvana song in Batman Trailer is "Something In the Way" with lyrics:
"Underneath the bridge
The tarp has sprung a leak

And the animals I've trapped
Have all become my pets...(((us the enslaved brainwashed masses)))
And I'm living off of grass
And the drippings from the ceiling
((It's okay to eat fish
Cause they don't have any feelings")))

●Morbius is a yet to be released film starring Jared Leto has a rare blood disease. Trailer starts with thosuands of bats flying. He has a rare blood disease...he's studying a bat. He cuts himself and draws blood to have bats come feed on him.  He feels younger and stronger but now has the overwhelming urge to consume blood.

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"Batman" Fine Finny Fiends (TV Episode 1966) - IMDb"

This was episode 33. FFF = 666

In this episode, we learn BATMAN's great-grandfather founded the saturnian SKULL AND BONES at YALE.




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