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Hey Tim,


Hey man, it's Joe.  I was talking to myself the other day in the closet and moments before Jill walked in and I stumbled upon this video about Corona and Babylon.  I thought you might find it interesting.


Take care,


Here comes Jill, she's yelling already....gotta go. 



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the other day in the closet, I thought you might find it interesting.

Hey Joe, yes I really find it interesting and loved your closet and other furniture. Now, I want to know is which furniture covers did you have at home? because I wanna buy then using Covers And All coupon codes. 

Tim Ozman
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Good find. I'll update this post with a review shortly...




both use the  "2" into "1" code here. This represents the Eclipse, the Sun and Moon becoming 1. Twin Towers now 1. 

and a Burning Man rite


and it becomes a CORONA

sun-moon, man - woman, create the Corona, ring of fire, the Great Rite


we had 33 Burning Man Festivals before the CORONA. 

1986-2019....2020's was cancelled.

Lady GAGA  -- IMAGINE --- no possessions...etc...she also sand at the INUGURATION- wearing the RESET DOVE--  -- (SONGBIRD  -- movie with a dove like phoenix about  covid23)...

She sang Edge of Glory on 5/25/19 live

Edge of Glory is an Anagram for George Floyd.

She said the song is about sitting at the edge of a death bed
as someone passes.
(Kakka (also known as Gaga) is a minor god, attendant and messenger (sukkal) of both Anu and Anshar in ancient Mesopotamian religion. He is mostly represented in Akkadian texts, particularly in Nergal and Ereshkigal, in which Anu sends him with a message to god Nergal in the underworld. He also is featured in the Enûma Eliš. He is sent by Anshar ...)   Lady Kakka


-- The Burning Man -- Corona--World Communism-- it's all explained in their symbols. The gods tell us at the Olympics---(Mount Olympus) every time.



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Firmament Mineral Weapon Found at the Tower of Babel?

This video discusses a red substance found at the alleged site of the tower of Babel and links it with findings in Antarctica.

The source of biblical blood soaked arrows shot back down from heaven?

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