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Tim Ozman
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I don't believe that Antarctica is the starting point. Is there even an "Antarctica"? or as Stergio Studios 10 put it, Many Antarctica's?

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@timozman007 Quite possibly, what it could be is a revolving Antarctica. Stergios 10 may be alluding to this, but Ewarnon said it pretty clearly on what he thinks could be the case of why cold areas melt and warm areas become ice. And this happens because we are moving ever so slightly around a bigger plane and those areas in which our local sun does not give adequate warmth to, become ice regions in our realm. That bigger circle may take 30,000 years to complete, the number is derived from the 12 ages or eons we go through or the 12 zodiacs. An interesting concept and theory, but I must admit, a damn good one too.

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