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a schism, a wafer , and a deliverance

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i enjoyed the caller telling you your communion wafer analogy was fantastic and it got me to this elaboration.
The passover meal was a remembrance of the 12th  plague and the deliverance. Eaten in haste and with their shoes on. The blood was needed but they didn't waste the food. By the time Jesus partook it was a wonderful sit down affair.
The communion wafer is a remembrance of another deliverance. It was instituted before the actual deliverance event, rhymingly  at a passover meal. It is vegan friendly because God loves everybody.
now the event 201-ers have their existential threat event. From whence comes the deliverance?  One group  gets the deliverance and maybe some others don't. Very interesting. Maybe the only ones that are passed over from destruction  are the ones that go into the mainframe,  quantum leap, touch the monolith.  A second thought is those that are delivered simply trust the pharmaceutical science . The top up boosters are the communion wafer. The deliverance is material only not spiritual or conciousness raising, hence a new order that spans the earth.
feel free to edit this and give me credit or use it yourself!
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