FE REPORT 1/20/21 “New Zookeeper, Same Zoo”

LIVE STREAM PRE-SCRIPTS: This is the Flat Earth Report for January 20, 2021. The zoo may have new keepers but it’s still a zoo. Have you noticed that the world never ends? I was expecting the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn to result in a plasma apocalypse. That didn’t happen. Qanon followers were expecting theContinue reading “FE REPORT 1/20/21 “New Zookeeper, Same Zoo””

” 1/19/21 NATIONAL POP-QORN DAY” ipr archive 1.18.21

I took calls from several individuals tonight and we discussed the farce at the Capitol, philosophy, the possible final days of Qanon (or a new era), and more. There are some indicators within the METASCRIPT that 1/19 is a big “pop-off” day for what is to come. Will we end up in a blood bath?Continue reading “” 1/19/21 NATIONAL POP-QORN DAY” ipr archive 1.18.21″


Live Stream Notes 1/18/2021 (join for live notifications (https://www.patreon.com/infiniteplanesociety) 1/19 is reversed 9/11 and we know how the metascripted drama’s are played out like a movie, making full use of symbolism and subtext. 1/19/20 was the day patient Zero showed up at an ER in Seattle, ground zero for the Pandemic, declared 3/11/20. The mirrorContinue reading “1/19 NATIONAL POPCORN DAY”

2021 WILL BE COMEDY NOT HORROR , (ipr archive 1.17.21)

2021 WILL BE COMEDY NOT HORROR , 1/17/2021 The Capitol Riot was a clown show. I think it was 100% fake, nobody died or cried, everyone overreacted and continue to do so. A woman with a Don’t Tread on Me flag is trampled to death. A woman named Babbit, literally wrapped in an American flagContinue reading “2021 WILL BE COMEDY NOT HORROR , (ipr archive 1.17.21)”