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A Sooper Day For A pSyop

Why deconstruct the News?

Because it transcends politics and propaganda and goes deeper into reality-analysis and metaphysical speculation. Reality control, mind control, achieved via media control, is the real story. If there is a thread of truth to follow into the future, this is it: real-time mass-media deconstruction.

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  • 3/22 Sooper Day for a psyop, 3/22 , 3:30, store 33, masonic symbolism
  • Jo Biden Truman Show Exit
  • Parler Christ Church Template
  • Dylan Storm Roof , Storm = Q
  • Another colorado mental case?
  • Gun control narrative


Host of Infinite Plane Radio and Dark Matter After Midnight. Author of THE METASCRIPT DECODED : The Great Reset, World Revolution, And The Age Of Mars. Tim Ozman has been at the cutting edge of conspiracy analysis and mainstream media deconstruction since 2017. As president of the Infinite Plane Society, he has been the project manager for a growing think tank comprised of like-minded individuals.

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