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Departing Red Pill - What will make a New Replacement?

Stid R
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It seems with various controlled opposition outlets, such as RightSide, Democracy Now, Louder with Crowder, USA Today, The Root, Amnesty International, NewsMax, and so on, the nearly ageless and "intellectual" Red Pill has - over the years - reached its max. For the life and times of it, this perspective of media approach and way to think would see its function, not just due to the controlled ops listed previously but also thanks to the posh, pathetic fanboys and smaller agents (ex: Tim Pool) whom come to misuse it for various advantages and joyrides - all of which eventually led to compartmentalizing by big corporate (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, etc). Whether Blue pill, or Black Pill, are any better no longer apply, seeing as of currently, and in the future, the pill spectrum is controlled by the same powers whom controlled generic M5M outlets (CBS, NBC, ABC, Sony, Microsoft, etc). 


It all leads to one question: Is there a new Pill/Point of View schematic for us to grasp and improve? 


Do consider brainstorming, seeing as the webzone will keep turning 360° over the same old spectrum


Chart below:

[In case the upload doesn't work]