IPR Points Of Interest 10-31-20

Whatever your thoughts on the above, the correlations are undeniable. Here’s the link to StergioStudios10 who figured this out. “A Blue Moon on October 31 or Halloween night occurs almost every 19 years, thanks to the Metonic cycle, so it is not very rare. But because of time zones, not every location on the globe getsContinue reading “IPR Points Of Interest 10-31-20”


http://conspiratained.com/ How a tiny bit of lacquer grounded new Falcon 9 rockets for a month | Ars Technica I think the ISS symbolically links with the TWIN TOWERS https://www.space.com/day-night-boundary-earth-from-space-photo.html This, along with news reports of Biden opening a “suspicious” boutique consulting firm in the Finger Lakes area in September 2008, instances of human trafficking in the region and reports ofContinue reading “IPR NOTES 10-29”

5 Reasons I Believe Walter Wallace Jr.’s Death Was a Hoax

Here are five reasons why I think Walter Wallace Jr. is alive and well, probably chilling with Derek Chauvin and George Floyd on Epstein Island: REASON ONE: SCENE LOOKS HOAXY, COPS ACTING WEIRD The death scene makes no sense. He’s posing dramatically on the ground like Jesus, feel crossed. His mother leans over dramatically. TheContinue reading “5 Reasons I Believe Walter Wallace Jr.’s Death Was a Hoax”

Khloe Kardashian: Covid-19 Patient or Cry-sis Act-Whore?

Listeners of Infinite Plane Radio have heard me state that Crisis Acting is the new Hollywood. Sadly, the performances are worse than ever. I admit I don’t know if Khloe is Kanye’s sister, wife, wife’s sister, or second or third wife, I don’t know nor do I care. What we see here is bad art: