First dog to die in the new 9/11

17 years old


Sirius 17

Saturn’s Moon

Darth Vader = Saturn[

Death Star – Saturn’s Moon

Djedi vs Jedi (google dat) | Black fact, Ancient technology, Coincidences

Chadwick Boseman Scripted Ritual Sacrifice To Usher In Golden Age Of Horus – YouTube

The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar’s Song About Chadwick Boseman’s Blood Sacrifice(mirrored) – YouTube

The Online Photographer: Two Deaths

Keystone (Masonic Keysone, Royal Arch Symbol)

Pediatricians call for schools to end active shooter trainings that could traumatize students – CNN

Pacific Birds on Twitter: “#Pacificbird today is the least concern Rufous Fantail (Rhipidura ruffifrons). Widespread in the Australasia/Oceania region, it occurs in the Pacific islands in Guam (ssp. uraniae), the CNMI (ssp. saipanensis/mariae) and Yap (ssp. versicolor). Pic: Terence Alexander/Macaulay” / Twitter

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