WE ARE 113 DAYS from 11/3

SCANNING THE METASCRIPT. I’ll explain these notes live this evening:

Predictive scripting
she did 113 episodes
DARK PHOENIX movies made $33 million ,    113 min long
—– we are in the 113th yr of SOS…… 9/11 happened in the 33rd year of 9-1-1…….
Emergency and Crisis is how they rule thru fear
I think 2020,   even as early as  11-3-1906  was designated  a  “Phoenix” year
as was 2001…
with the Twin Towers  (started construction in 1968)   so were ’33’ when hit
The scripting suggests that this is an International year of crisis, unlike 9/11 which was mostly a USA thing
just as ‘911″  is a national emergency,  while SOS  is International

so this Actress
dies at 33 after 113th episode
missing body = Osiris myth,  against, risen savior….    and the Dark Phoenix X-Men movie
had a female protagonist hero/
here’s a bit more
the Dark Knight Rising has the phoenix looking bat on the cover
this was the one referencing Seattle 3/11
AND it’s the one that was released along the Aurora Shooting.
which was on the eve of Sirius Rising, which is the Dog star
or Phoenix Star to the occultists newagers

So the Glee Actress (rivera)    is the ritual sacrifice
(symbolic deaths)
Bohemian Grove always does the ‘cremation of care’ and burn an effigy
that’s a “burning man”  ,  just like the one in Black Rock, or the Catharsis at the Mall in D.C.
and she’ll/he’ll be back with a new Role on the world stage

13th… anniversery— return / recycle

13 = one after 12….so hour 13, month 13, = first in the new cycle (day/year).


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