Infinite Plane Society NEWSLETTER 5/24/2020


As I predicted, crisis actor in chief Donald Trump’s mask would come off when the cameras turned off. Here he is, bare-faced and golfing:

Then Ivanka, who basically told us to enjoy our “Brave New World”, drew inspiration from the suffering and struggles of a poor family in India that transported an injured family member for hundreds of miles on a bicycle. Not the electric kind but the ones which require pedaling:

Another MASK PROTESTER. She’ll be ridiculed, etc, but she’s making valid points:

Alyssa Malona crocheted herself a mask and virtue-tweeted it to the world:

Alyssa Milano Massively Mocked Over Coronavirus Mask Tweet: ‘Guys, …

An unessential gym is shut down because this isn’t America:


Here’s MORE coronavirus predictive programming:

COVID19 2003 Predictive Programming? – YouTube

SPAIN is opening back up:


Bay of pigs.

A few MEMES:

Children in Gas Masks:

Clearly not a new tactic by our Elite mind controllers.

Remember the female gremlin from Gremlins part 2?

Her name was “Greta.”

9/11 and 3/11
Same bish?

Here’s an interesting one:

Does the equator make sense?

Do they give us these ministers of health to encourage us to live better lives? Are these examples of what happens if we DON’T follow CDC recommendations?

Russia is recruiting Martian Candidates:

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