BRAVE NEW NORMAL: How Weird Can Quarantine Get?

When Princess Ivanka told us little people to enjoy “Brave New World” I knew instantly what we were in store for. Not the Orwellian Police State many feared but the tyrannical nanny state of Huxley’s prophetic imagination. I believe the motherly tone looking down into the camera was intended to convey the to us that we are babes in a cradle looking up to the nanny-state for our needs to be met. This is uber-patronizing.

Orgy-porgy, Ford and fun,
Kiss the girls and make them One.
Boys at one with girls at peace;
Orgy-porgy gives release.

—— Brave New World

This song is sung during the Solidarity Service attended by Bernard in Chapter 5. This is the “religion” the World State uses to keep its members in conformity with societal rules.

The pervasive anonymity is a metaphor for the whole of World State society in which humans are as indistinguishable from each other as machines made on an assembly line.

MAN CLAPS FOR 24 HOURS TO SHOW SOLIDARITY with the heroes of this story.

Tim Ozman


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Tim is presently fighting a legal battle against notorious cybersquatter Marcus Goldfinch, managing the open phones podcast, writing new books, and creating art.

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