WW3 Continues: 5.31.2020

People are preparing themselves for the possibility of riots going into residential areas. This is the third and final war. The Elite have declared war on the Individual. Communism is their weapon of choice. More BRICKS. Convenient. Husband and wife store owners brutalized in front of their business by Communist Revolutionaries: The store owner thatContinue reading “WW3 Continues: 5.31.2020”

A Porn Star? More George Floyd Strangeness

“Apparently George Floyd was also a porn star (if this is the same man, which it may not be). So he worked with the guy who killed him. He was connected to NBA player Stephen Jackson. The guy who killed him was married to the sister of the other cop keeping the bystanders at bay…Continue reading “A Porn Star? More George Floyd Strangeness”

“MAGA NIGHT”: Infinite Plane Society NEWSLETTER 5.30.2020

Hello, The story get’s weirder: George Floyd and Derek Chauvin worked together and Chauvin’s neighbors had no idea he was a cop. The riots are increasing in intensity, the National Guard has been deployed and the President seems to be inviting civil war with his “MAGA NIGHT” Tweets. Here’s something odd: piles of BRICKS showingContinue reading ““MAGA NIGHT”: Infinite Plane Society NEWSLETTER 5.30.2020″

Is “When the looting starts, the shooting starts” a Dog Whistle?

“Trump didn’t credit the original author of his “When the looting starts” quote, but a simple Google search will tell you where it comes from. In 1967, the notorious racist and segregationist police chief of Miami, Walter Headley, declared “war” against what he claimed was a wave of Black criminals “taking advantage of the civilContinue reading “Is “When the looting starts, the shooting starts” a Dog Whistle?”