Speaker 1: (00:03)
He switched in bowls with the adult clone meter nomad. The floor [inaudible] test with [inaudible] must be trolling theories aren’t when they are shown to be. So what you’re saying is you don’t accept the famous myth, simple descriptive by the number code. Let me turn on my,

Speaker 2: (00:36)
all right, that’s a solo might fly auto hoax. So I wanna kind of follow up on what we were talking about yesterday, but I also have a lot of other things not related to that to discuss. So the topic is Isaac Cappy is not dead. Uni rock is clueless and earth is flat. So Yuna rock, if you don’t know who he is, he’s one of these YouTube, um, I don’t know what you’d call them. Is he a news analyst? He’s a anti flat earth or I think he’s into exposing what he believes to be in a charlatans in the flat earth community. Uh, guests, you’d call him a red pillar or something. He’s woke, I’m not really sure where he’s coming from to be quite honest. But what he revealed today in his analysis of the Isaac Cappies a dash cam footage is that he’s reality impaired. And I want to show you a purple pillar or a durable as we would call him. So let me go ahead and start with this. This is uni rock. I want to go ahead and just show you who we’re talking about.

Speaker 3: (01:53)
There’ve been so many theories, you can barely count them. Most of them can be traced back to this channel. This is what he said today about the dash cam footage, at least a few parts of it.

Speaker 2: (02:05)
Okay. Now both of these guys in this video think this thing is real and we’ve already analyzed this a so what I find interesting about this is here you have Isaac Cappy and here’s a, a Jiffy of it, uh, digitally inserted into a video. I mean at first I thought it was a dummy, but it’s definitely digitally inserted and we’ve been laughing at the sink for a couple of days cause some people are totally crying about it and it’s like, wait, what exactly do you think you’re seeing here? This is a cartoon. And so this is something of a reality test. And so I was wondering, you know, how are the people who had been promoting this story as real and legit going to defend this because they have to stand by it. So yesterday I had said, well are these individuals who usually are forced to go along with the scripts or who really just comport their thoughts?

Speaker 2: (03:00)
I mean really this is about people who are selectively critical in their thinking. Are they going to defend this, will they stand by it? And sure enough people who have been promoted in the story is real. I have to treat this as such. So lift the veil openly, you know, just said, Hey, there are people who say this is fake. But I believe it’s real. And the reason why it looks like it’s fake is because it’s a wide angle lens. So I didn’t know until photography expert lift the veil informed me that if you have a wide angle lens when you go to the periphery it cartoon ISEs you like some type of a filter I guess. Cause. Yeah, this is definitely a cartoon. But this Junie rock character in his step-by-step analysis describes why he believes it’s real and authentic. And one of his reasons I thought was pretty clever, but it shows that he has no clue about editing.

Speaker 2: (03:58)
And he said it’s the smudges on the window. He says, pay attention to the smudges. He says, because the smudges can be observably demonstrated right here to go in front of him. He is therefore not digitally inserted. So the thinking here, I guess is that if he was digitally inserted, he’d be in front of the windshield. And that’s his explanation. And I just want to really say that no, that’s nonsense. A layer on top of this where the smudge exists, which would just be a black spot with the opacity of like 10% it would do exactly what it does here. So no, that’s easy. I don’t know how he even used that as some site of some sort of a way to say that this is valid. So even without me zooming in, you can look at this character and if you’ve played video games or if you’ve watched movies in your life, especially movies in the last 20 years, you know, that’s fake just by looking.

Speaker 2: (04:58)
But this guy who’s probably a a plant of some kind or he’s just really concerned about, I don’t know, keeping a certain level of mainstream credibility of if that, that could be the case. Either way, he’s got a compromise with reality. And I think it’s hilarious. I think it’s hilarious that people in the mainstream news have to auto believe everything, no matter how poor the special effects are. And you know, rock appears to be compromised in such a way where he can’t even use his own perceptions. He’s got to say, yep. Uh, the consensus says that this cartoon is legit. So I’m going to go along with it.

Speaker 3: (05:34)
Go frame by frame here. Well, it’s not going to be completely frame by frame. You can see them behind my timestamps here, right? My different tracks and my different timestamps. So you see them right there. And I will zoom in here in a minute. So that you can fully see it. But yeah, we have a full good view of Cappy right there and then he comes up and turns. Of course he stops. Is he supposed to while he’s heading to work? He’s not on duty yet. They say that this is a security guy for the base. Um, obviously he’s not on duty yet. One, he has no obligation to stop, to check on people, to check on other adults on the way to work. And again, I don’t know why you would, he’s not even clocked in and it didn’t seem like he was in any trouble and this guy is bogus and driving on by. Right. So if he saw him in trouble, I guarantee you we’ll stop. But look, you already see ms Pappy, I will zoom in and post on this.

Speaker 2: (06:20)
Okay. He also makes it seem like it’s impossible that you could have a digitally inserted character so far back and then have them, you know, remain in frame and this can be done in a number of ways. If I was hired to do this job and they said, insert someone onto the bridge. So they show up in the desk dash cam footage. Uh, personally I would probably do this. I would say, well how are get to Google earth? You know, what kind of a distance are we talking about here? How long is it gonna be in frame, how fast are you going? And I would probably create this character in a 3d setting and then have the camera track it and then I would just superimpose that character of course would be produced against a clear or non background into this. Like I would use 3d but you could do it with a series of still shots.

Speaker 2: (07:08)
And so the way you would do it is you would just export five seconds of video, which is how many frames? Let’s say it’s what if it’s, I’m not sure how many frames a second this dash cam is using, but you would just go through manually frame by frame copying and pasting the same exact character and then slightly enlarging it or then slightly changing different facets of it. You could manually do it in an evening like DHS. If you’re listening and you need someone who can do higher quality animation. I’m here, I’m available for consultation, a quarter million an hour. I will give you guys information and tips and pointers that will pretty much shut all the auto hoaxers down. Or you can keep hiring people who don’t know what they’re doing. Okay, watch this. This is union rock though, having to treat this as real.

Speaker 3: (07:57)
Alright, so you’ll be able to see it as we go. So I’m going to let it roll and you see how he comes into frame and now we have these smudges on the windshield. Now these smudges, in my opinion are perfectly normal.

Speaker 2: (08:12)
Okay? This is unit rock using the smudge defense saying it has to be real because the smudges Pash pass between you, the viewer and him. This again, he has no clue about editing

Speaker 3: (08:24)
on as you’re likely to see. But what I want to watch have you watch his cap go in front of or behind the smudge. So as you see, as he approaches the smudge, if this was edited, you would definitely not have. It looks so normal.

Speaker 2: (08:39)
If this was edited, the mud, the smudge wouldn’t be visible in front of him. That’s what I’m saying. These smudges, look, if this thing was staged or fake, as we, as I’m contending here, it would be a simple matter to add a smudge layer to make it look realer. But the fact that he points it out as some kind of evidence of something shows that he’s probably relying on the ignorance of his viewers or he’s ignorant and I kind of don’t think so. I look at the quality of his video production and there’s no way that unit rock can actually think this is a viable explanation or that this validates this thing as real, the smudge. So I don’t know. What is it? Is he playing upon the ignorance of his subscribers or is he, well, there is no war because honestly the guy’s video editing skills would prefaces presuppose that he knows a thing or two about layers. You know, he does a lot of this stuff, so I don’t really understand where he’s coming from here. Let’s continue bullying.

Speaker 3: (09:43)
Yeah, it looks very normal. You can see the smudge effecting the color of his clothes. Right. Because you can see through the smudge the entire time. You still see through it when he goes through, but it perfectly blends together and not a non edited way. Now this is a wide angled cam so it’s going to cause distortion.

Speaker 2: (10:02)
Yeah. This is what lift the veil said. He said, Oh, the reason why he looks like a damn Nintendo character is because wide angle lenses do that. Oh, come on.

Speaker 3: (10:14)
Do you pass this Mark on the right and this Mark on the left, right? You get me? Because it’s a [inaudible].

Speaker 2: (10:22)
Okay. A couple of people here saying there’s no way that you’re rock knows anything about editing. Um, one says, you know, Cox never edited. Tim Osman says he has stolen Adobe software. He doesn’t know anything about editing. Okay. Granted that, you know, maybe he doesn’t, but this, this smudge defense. Um, I don’t know. It sounds like that was handed to him. Sounds like that was handed to him because that’s not even slightly convincing, but it seems like they’re grasping at straws here and yeah, he is a hundred percent insisting that this is real. I think it’s kind of interesting how you can see this, um, this lean and then what he infers from it is that you’re seeing him as he’s contemplating whether or not to lean back and fall and die. And you know, rock also supports the idea that there is no conspiracy. So he’s kind of like a worldview reinforcer. You might even say he’s a blue pillar,

Speaker 3: (11:21)
angled out to see more in the replay, but as he comes down, everything looks perfectly normal. He’s just sitting with his hands.

Speaker 2: (11:30)
Yeah, Jerry’s smudge defense. Good name for a band. Maybe Kathy could come back headlining a band called the smudge. Defense crossed. He looks like a character anyway, like look here. I mean in many, in many cases, many pictures I’ve seen, you know, he always appears to be overacting very melodramatic. But let me look at this here. I’m having a real hard time thinking you’re rock is seriously believing that a wide angle lens, there’s the way that he’s glowing. Look at the white of his pants. I would say the exposure’s too high on his layer. You know what they should have done is they should have turned down the exposure on his layer because that white is too white. It’s um, far wider. It’s too, um, it’s 100%. You know it, they should have toned it down. That’s really what they should, should’ve done. Now again, unit rock can’t see this.

Speaker 2: (12:25)
And then his excuse too is that this guy staring into the sun contemplating suicide. And so this validates the stories. There’s no conspiracy, no murder. But according to the story, a couple of teenagers pull over and try to stop him from falling and then he falls anyway after struggling. And I’d like to see evidence of that there is none, or they being tried with murder. Are they being investigated as being complicit or are we just going to trust that they were quote saving him? I mean, this doesn’t make any sense. And then when he fell off the bridge 22 feet, supposedly he was hit by a Ford ranger. Where’s that? Where’s that guy?

Speaker 2: (13:02)
Thirst for truth says, I stay away from channels. Who fight for fake as real. Q O C max Egan. Oh they’re agents. Look anybody pushing false flags. Our agents, anybody pushing CGI, layering over a dash cam footage or really CGI inserts or any kind of deep fake as real cause this is a deep fake. They’re agents. And so, you know, I kinda think that the more I look at it, Phoenix enigma a lift the veil and [inaudible] might all be in on it because what they actually end up doing is they keep people who have drifted from the mainstream news engaged in a way that they will stay politically engaged in. They will still vote, they will still be partisan and they’ll still be programmed enough that is prepared for future PSYOPs. They’ll have the narratives in their head. So you know, these guys are all very suspect,

Speaker 3: (13:58)
firmly straightened, planted. To me it seems like he’s almost able to just rock backwards and fall. And it seems to me like he’s looking into the sunshine straight ahead. Got me. You see how the, it’s brighter over this way. He’s looking straight ahead at the sun contemplating what he’s about to do unfortunately. And as he [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (14:18)
cool story bro. Like how can you extrapolate all of that? And again, you have to look at this. There is no excuse here to say that. Oh, wide angle. Does that show me a camera with wide angle like on any other video where it turns people into two dimensional cartoons. Does he not know? That’s a cartoon cannot tell. This is absurd.

Speaker 3: (14:40)
Ticks out of frame. We catch his leg on a last frame. All of these things are not indicative of editing.

Speaker 2: (14:50)
Actually. It’s something else too. He’s levitating like he’s literally levitating. He’s floating above the ground. This is an insert, you know, I could prove it. Here’s how I can prove it. I could download this video. I could export 50 or no, we’ll say 90 frames. I’ll get about three seconds and I’ll overlay myself into it and I’ll look realer than Kathy. It might be worth doing just to prove a point.

Speaker 3: (15:14)
Why? Because every single thing that comes through this,

Speaker 2: (15:19)
I’ll do it live. I haven’t edited in a long time and I think it’d be fun. I’ll have to download some free Adobe software and we’ll give it a shot

Speaker 3: (15:30)
is worked out. Even this poll watch, see how the poll starts to bend here, but it looks straight down here. That’s one more time.

Speaker 2: (15:40)
Oh, that’s good. The pole bending others, something else to the motion blur that you see in the rails doesn’t apply to [inaudible] so there’s no motion blur. You know there are a number of indicators here that the thing’s fake. And then he also suggests here that it would be impossible to fake it from this far away. No, it wouldn’t. You just scale it down and you scale it up. I mean this is basic animation. One Oh one and you’re a rock just fails

Speaker 3: (16:06)
all the way back. You can still see him. Let’s even do it more until he goes and he could see them all the way back until he literally the, until he goes off to the side of the video. This is not indicative of an edit. There he is.

Speaker 2: (16:19)
This is not indicative of an edit really. Come on. Okay. So if I was going to do this, I would insert Nipsey hussle into it because then we’re talking about political agitators and martyrs and CIA plants pretending to be real people dying in symbolic and an enigmatic ways. So I would add video, you know, and I would just find some scene where he’s greenscreen and you cut him out and you insert him on top as a video layer and then you have it scaled down to up as the camera passes. It won’t be that difficult.

Speaker 2: (16:53)
Okay. I’m going to go ahead and go over a couple more things and then I’m going to take, um, phone calls. So yeah, you’re rock is clueless and Cappies not dead. Here’s something else I wanted to show you because there are people who are totally with us on this copy thing, but they still believe CGI things otherwise. So I want to show some of the screen. This is faker than the KP thing and some people who know Cappies fake will believe this because they believe we’re on a ball. You’re supposedly seeing a time lapse of the so use rocket blasting off from the earth and going out into space. What’s missing here is there’s no gravity arc, no tilt. It goes straight up vertical perpendicular from the earth to outer space. Yet if you look at the footage from the earth, the thing has a clear arc and it goes into orbit before it goes up to reach the space station. But this is considered to be real by the people who believe NASA who believe space X, who believe blue origin and all the rest. They believe that this is actual photography, not a CGI mockup and they believe that little light is actually that little supply rocket and that light is bigger than the city lights here. I mean,

Speaker 2: (18:13)
I mean I think this is kind of amazing how people have to defend this stuff, so yeah, defend the mannequin dummy CGI, insert Cappy and cry over it if you must and defend your CGI ball in your bad animations if you must. But this has no gravity tilt and that’s a dead giveaway that it’s fake. Okay, a couple of other things. Okay. Now this here is from the ESA, the same one who showed you that time lapse. This is supposedly the space station being videotaped from the ground lit up by a green laser. Amazing video of passing space station lit by a green laser. What kind of camera can get this detail? There’s so much detail that you can actually see Chris Hadfield through the cupola playing guitar. I think I can hear him singing star man like this is ridiculous. You can see the lines between the solar array. There’s no way you could distinguish and I can hear a five foot by five foot areas on a, on an object distinct components from 272 miles away on an object moving at five miles per second. This is bullshit.

Speaker 2: (19:28)
Okay. This is another one, international space station passing over the Kennedy space center. This is some older stuff and I think on the older ISS transits, they didn’t realize, you know how bad it would age and this is like star Wars where you have plastic toys made out of Legos, dangling from fishing lines in a darkened room and you run by with a camera making spaceship noises and then it convinces people like, this is so phony. Look, you actually believe that this is the space station flying at five miles per second videotaped over the Kennedy space center. This is in a damn garage and there’s so much detail that like if Kathy was on top of this thing leaning back, you’d be able to see them. It’s so detailed. At this point you’d even be able to see that it was a fake copy. You’d be like, Oh no, a space station is real. But now Cappies fake as fuck. Okay, this is passing over Kennedy and one more. This is the progress time-lapse and this is how they presented that time lapse. You’re supposed to, this is it. Listen how it’s dramatic actually.

Speaker 4: (20:36)

Speaker 2: (20:51)
okay. I don’t know how many miles away the camera is at this point, but you can still see the exhaust trails of the rocket here. Mike, are you kidding me? And in watch you’ll see the light. You’ll actually see it explode. Here’s what you actually see in detail. Somebody actually went through it.

Speaker 4: (21:11)

Speaker 2: (21:13)
this guy went through and he identified all the stars in the shot. Obviously she’ll comment, but

Speaker 4: (21:19)

Speaker 2: (21:23)
Okay. Now at this point right here where the arrow is, you’re about to see what’s said to be the [inaudible] rocket going through the atmosphere and dropping one of its boosters. You’re going to see the explosion, and again, this is supposedly from, what is this like 2000 miles away. Get ready for this

Speaker 4: (21:40)

Speaker 2: (21:44)
boom. I’m going to turn the music off and I’m going to loop that little segment there. That little CGI explosion, it looks like it’s out of a video game that looks, that looks like a, a stock special effect that came with the video editing software. Again on the top right. So those of you who believe we’re on a spinning ball, you trust Nassi trust, ESA, you trust all these agencies that give you these really bad science fiction movies and tell you, Oh, this is an accurate description of your universe. You got to own this. So you can laugh at Kathy being fake. But if you think this is fake, I’m sorry, but you still have one foot in the matrix. This is fake and Cathy’s fake. And it’s being faked by the same crew, just different departments. Jerry said, did you see the first criminal in space? Yeah, I did see that.

Speaker 2: (22:46)
I thought it’d be something a little more scandalous. Well, she logged into her ex-husband’s bank account or some shit. WWE or ex-wife’s. I don’t know what it was. I think they were just trying to draw attention. The fact that the astronauts a married lesbian, like they’re all about trying to make this thing. Um, they’re politicizing in so many ways. Like a few months ago when the female astronauts couldn’t go on a space walk though, like, Oh, there’s going to be this first all female spacewalk. And they’re like, nevermind, there’s no space suits small enough for the women. It’s like, that’s such bullshit. Don’t you realize that before they sent these astronauts up there, they would have space suits that fit them.

Speaker 2: (23:24)
So this was a PR stunt and the purpose of which it’s to make NASA look sexist. Look, first, all female space walk won’t happen. Not enough female sized spacecraft, uh, suits. NASA cancels all female spacewalk siding, lack of spacesuits. They won’t have the sizes. Again, this is just a clever way of saying, you know, that they are sexist. Now, I don’t want to even get into this topic, but I have looked at many of these, uh, these, uh, female astronauts, very interesting characters. And I have to say all across the board, um, also the seven astronauts from the S, the challenger explosion, six of whom are said to still be alive. Um, they’re all accessible. And I called and I left voicemails with every one of them. And they have not reached back out to me.

Speaker 2: (24:27)
Oh, something else. I’ll look here. Here she is with Eureka garden. Valentina nickel, UVA, Terrash. Cova. Now I believe that Yuri Gagarin is Neil Armstrong. Damn. Look at all that. Okay. This image is Epic. What are we looking at here? Anyway, this guy looks like Neil Armstrong. This is the first cosmonaut, the first man in space and he does look quite similar to the first man to walk on the moon from Flint. Michigan says they are alive. Oh yeah, they are alive. The astronauts are life, no doubt about it. And they stopped doing this. They used to fool around quite a bit with the hair in order to emphasize, Oh look at me, I’m in space. Uh, no, that’s, that’s not something I do anymore. Cause that’s not even consistent. The way their hair moves in space looks nothing like it moves on the parabolic flights. So I could show you an example, but maybe another time we’ll do a juxtaposition.

Speaker 2: (25:43)
But just do this for yourself at some point. Do a search of specifically long haired women in parabolic flights. Just look at how their hair moves around and then compare it to how hair moves in these supposedly zero G environments and it’s completely different. And also these necklaces are usually augmented virtual reality, like she’s probably not even wearing this necklace. If you watch these necklaces in the space station, they go in and out of the neck, in and out of the skin. I’ve seen microphones go through people’s necks without drawing a drop of blood. Let me show you NASA astronaut microphone through NEC and that was pointed out by Flathead politics, one of my favorite uh, space station debunking channels. It shouldn’t be difficult to find this one referring to, but let’s see if we have it here. Well, I don’t want to get too into the weeds here with the ISS. Um, I did want to show you this stuff before we go any further. This is a flat earth center for advanced learning. I’ll be right back. I’ll see if I can locate that footage

Speaker 5: (27:11)
here at the floods center for advanced learning, we strive for higher level of flat experimentation. Our team of experts continue to work hard through successes and failures. Maybe more failures than successes. We all know that be some papers when one looks at a piece of paper underneath an electron microscope. Well maybe not so many successes. Okay. No successes like we guarantee we of course cutting edge research will continue here at the flat earth center for advanced learning. Remember, if do folds the flatter, it’s a fecal matter.

Speaker 2: (28:21)
All right, let’s see. Let’s get back on target here. Now this is an interesting little review and it kind of draws something out that I think is worth pointing out. And I’ve said this many times, there are people who put community ahead of truth and I think that’s one of the reasons why they give you shills who are so relatable. They want you to be friends with people. They want you to bond emotionally with people so that you feel like you belong to a community and you don’t want to be traded community even when the community betrays the rest of the world. This is how cults work. So this is a review of behind the curve when having friends is more alluring than being right. So they’re talking about flat earthers and this their experience of having watched them for the first time on TV.

Speaker 2: (29:10)
It’s the reviewer and his wife and he says, these flat earthers are not dumb people. They’re just lonely. Which is not to say that they don’t believe in the flat earth. Many do, but they sorta believe it’s flat. They told their friends who blew him off or mocked him. So they find flat earthers online who welcomed them. They abandoned their old friends, convert to the new folks who will never tell them they’re wrong, which has a side effect of making their flatter police the most prominent part of their personality. And then they take rejection as proof that they’re on right road. This is classic. I mean, this is pretty much how AA works. It’s like trauma bonding where you’re bound by shame a was the channel deleted. I doubt it. Um, post a link and then click it. It’s infinite plain society. Mine’s dot com slash infinite plain society.

Speaker 2: (30:03)
Okay. Now here’s, here’s what they’re correct. Because I’ve been saying for a while that the flatters community is not about truth. That’s why they don’t care about the edge or what’s up there. They don’t like real questions. They just want you to believe and join them and go with the flow and not question it says here, because at this point there’s a whole community United by one common principle. We didn’t like what we were being told. So we found somewhere that told us that we were right and basically just makes it look like according to them, this movie makes it appear that internet communities and flat earth isn’t alone are just self-reinforcing echo chambers, which are very comforting. That’s what churches are. And I said the same thing, that basically the conference earth model is like any other church. It’s just a community. They put community ahead of truth. And so yeah, many people got it right. Nothing wrong with these people. They’re not sick, they’re not ill, not dangerous. They’re just people who have found a new religion.

Speaker 4: (31:07)

Speaker 2: (31:09)
um, if you didn’t know lawns are symbolism of the lawn symbolize it’s S it’s a symbol for uh, racism, colonization, domination. And it’s also bad for the planet. Lawns are a symbol of man’s control and superiority over the environment. Anyway, I’ve been looking through this and they’re definitely hyping up a lot of the global warming hysteria, like the Amazon forest thing burning. And a lot of that’s overhyped. In fact, many people are posting pictures of Amazon fires from 2013 as though it’s real and it’s being widely called out as you know, a form of hysteria. But most people don’t even fact check when the hysteria backs up what they already believe. So if you’re a believer in global warming, you’re always going to be looking for things that validate it. And so you’re not going to care if a few pictures are from a few years ago. Kind of like what they do with the school shootings, you know, they,

Speaker 2: (32:11)
they kind of just say, let’s go ahead and sacrifice on truth a little bit. We’ll sacrifice on the facts so we can advance the narrative. Couple of the things really quick. And then an open phones. A Jordan Peterson has no clue. He is convinced that if we don’t stop deep fakery now nobody will know what’s real anymore in a few years. He has no clue because the deep fake technology that he fears and that is being hyped up as a valid fear has been with us for 50 plus years. Just been silicone masks and basic spy craft doesn’t necessarily need video. And one other thing, this is kind of a, a new stance that I really want to insist upon. I don’t think we should back down from this. Any conspiracy theorists out there pushing a false flag narrative and the whole false flag story comes from that Northwoods documents that Alex Jones pushes anybody pushing a false flag narrative should just be discounted as an agent immediately. And that’s anyone. So if they’re saying, Oh yeah, people died. It just was a black off or people died and it was MK ultra. No, at that point you can go ahead and ditch them.

Speaker 2: (33:29)
And you know what? I’m mad Mike Hughes’s launch is on Sunday. That’s the only good news that flatters has going forward. You’ve got these pedophiles being arrested and then you have this story keeps spreading about how there’s a bet over flat earth which led to one person pointing a crossbow at another. No, I was kind of surprised on this one to be honest. I would have thought that the crossbow would have been in the hands of the flat earth or, but it was the Globee who had the crossbow. Okay. I’m going to open phones. We’ve been covering a number of topics about deep fakes, deep fakes in the media, deep fakes in pop culture and Isaac happy himself is someone I would considered to be a deep fake. And then you have shallow fakes. The people who support the deep fakes. A uni rock would be a shallow fake. Okay. A phone’s open. A can be (505) 510-4226 I noted that you had some Intel. We’re going to get a cam B drop in just a moment here. Stranger J day says that Q O C believes Philly cops shooting was real yet with fake elements and surrogate. Yup, yup. He’s an agent. Unsub and subscribe to the auto hooks networks. Hey, what’s up man? [inaudible]

Speaker 6: (34:49)
yeah, PS is can be,

Speaker 2: (34:51)
Hey, uh, Hey, what’s your take on this Cappy thing, dummy or CGI?

Speaker 6: (34:55)
Um, to me, um, you know what? I, it could be a dummy. There’s no CGI to me. Um, I think the CGI narrative, it might be a little bit like, too much. Um, I think, you know, you’ve got to go with a [inaudible] razor and just always go with the simplest thing, you know what I mean? Um, they just use the dummy, you know, plain and simple.

Speaker 2: (35:16)
That’s probably right. I mean, the thing is that what they could have done and I don’t know why they don’t do, they could’ve had him sitting there, you know, like they could’ve done that, but they use a dam to me.

Speaker 6: (35:27)
Right. And it’s like, okay, you could’ve have just had them sit in there, but, but then, you know what, you also think about this, um, if Kathy is, um, a character being played by, um, you know, when they put the mask on and everything, it does make sense to use like dummies because that person that they need to use might be, you know, busy right at the time and they can’t really, they don’t have time for all the makeup and everything. So, you know, it does make sense to have dummies in wax figures on these people to problem up for, for these type of events. Right?

Speaker 2: (36:00)
Yeah. Like we saw with the Epstein thing, um, where that was clearly a dummy and they have interchangeable faces on these EMT dummies. And that was an ENT dummy. You could tell by the side of it and the periphery of it, it was a dummy meant practice.

Speaker 6: (36:15)
Yeah. And, and uh, man, I, I hope more people expose the upstream thing for what it is for Obama playing that role because, um, I, I just don’t see any, it’s hard to get traction on this with people. And I don’t know if people are just scared to kind of make that leap to think that way. But man, I, I really hope to see more videos on it from people because it’s that, that’s just, I mean, come on, it’s going to blow my whole story out. You know what I mean? Um,

Speaker 2: (36:42)
well I show people the work of Jonah Mendez, the master of disguise, the CIA, just so people have an idea of what’s possible. And then you have to bring up the topic of weaponized anthropology that the intelligence agencies have been inserting shepherds among the sheep cradle to grave. You trust them because they grew up with you. Well, they’ve been planted, that’s what we call them plants. They plant them everywhere and we’re pointing out plants.

Speaker 6: (37:06)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Clearly. I mean the um, to golf with that really quick just on, um, you know, the Lauren London trying to hustle thing. Um, I was looking at pictures of, of Lauren London, the character, um, like in the early two thousands and you can see the difference in the technology of these mass that they were using even a decade ago compared to now. Um, you can clearly see that they, that the technology has gotten better. Do you know what I mean? Substantially better in the last, I want to say maybe five to 10 years and Lauren London looks way more clown like it, her appearance like more, I can’t explain it but go look at it.

Speaker 2: (37:49)
Yes. Okay. Like one of the things that this Jonah Mendez brought up was that the, the level of development that they’re at right now with masks was pretty much kept a secret that it was like top secret is classified. So they didn’t really want people to know. It seems just how good the masks have been for all these years. And so I think it’s safe to bet that whatever they have now that we’ve seen, they’re using something five years ahead of that, at least as far as like we may not even be able to detect it. And so it does seem like we’ve been seeing a lot of things lately that, um, yeah, they, they approved it.

Speaker 6: (38:27)
Yeah. Well, um, you know, the reason I’m calling it, um, I, I was watching a video, uh, TMZ footage of Justin Bieber and last night and um, you know, cause I’ve been combing through little clips trying to find little hints here and there. Right. And um, I’m going to post it right now, so I’m going to get off the line. I’m just going to post a link to it in the chat right now and I want you to go to the, where there’s 36 seconds left in the video when Justin Bieber, he’s in a car with like hit one of his handlers and he’s asked what his favorite song is right now. Okay. And this to me is very telling and this is what, this is what they’re doing and this is the mockery and people know, and once you see this, you’re gonna, you know, take it for what it’s worth, you’ll see what’s going on. Okay.

Speaker 2: (39:23)
Okay. I will play that. We’ll close out with that for sure. I’m definitely interested.

Speaker 6: (39:28)
I’m going to post that right now, so there’s going to be 36 seconds left in that video and just just look at the reaction. It’s really telling you. Okay.

Speaker 2: (39:37)
All right, sounds great. I’ll definitely check that out. Thank you. Thanks for the [inaudible]. I’ll get it.

Speaker 4: (39:41)

Speaker 2: (39:44)
All right, so we’re about to get a link here. This is a a cam B drop. This should be good. What’s up? We’re joined by Robert and Rudy says that’s true. We’re always a chapter behind in the information. Yeah, that was one of the points I was going to bring up is that the limiting factor on going to deep space and colonizing Mars has been CGI and the Apollo mission, rear screen projection, all that. They’ve moved past that. They went to augmented virtual reality. They went to green screen and a now the problem is the general public has access to all this stuff and uses it. It’s been democratized back in the days, the Apollo thing, it wasn’t easy for anybody to just replicate that thing. Now we have apps I can throw in augmented virtual reality better than some of the stuff that were shown by some of these billion dollar space agencies. Okay. Go to the 36 seconds at the end.

Speaker 4: (40:43)

Speaker 2: (40:47)
Okay, so Justin Beaver Q and a joking about the weekend. So if you didn’t know, this is what we’re talking about here. There is this conspiracy theory that’s going viral right now and this conspiracy theory has it that the musician, the weekend, the performer, the singer, the musician, the weekend isn’t actually a real person, but as Justin Beaver, I’m sorry, Bieber, somebody corrected me on it. It’s with a B, Justin Bieber with a mask and a wig. And really that’s about it. And the thing about the weekend is people have noticed for years that, you know, he’s been around for all this time, but you’ve never seen his arms or his legs. And he’s always wearing turtlenecks or jackets that cover his neck up. And it wasn’t until like, man, what was it? December of 2018 there’s an article that said like breaking news. It was all over the news. The weekend shows his arms.

Speaker 2: (41:48)
And then also there’s one picture of Justin Beaver and the weekend hanging out and Beaver looks like he’s wax like a wa research wax. Beavers is one of our, our um, hashtags here because it looks like a wax dummy. And if you look between his feet, there’s someone standing behind him and their foot is right there between Beaver’s feet and their hand is up his back. Like they’re lifting him like it’s a mannequin we’re telling you. And then also you do see a video of Beaver supposedly crying in the audience as the weekend performs one of his songs on stage. We’ll all we have as evidence that Beaver was there at that precise second and not on the stage wearing black face. Is that one insert shot? That’s not evidence. You know how controlled the media is. They inserted planes on nine 11 in the same exact way. Strange. Or Jay says leave it to Beaver. Okay, let’s go ahead and see. This is from Justin Beaver Q and a joking about the weekend on Instagram. One more thing. These guys are both Canadians from the same hood and they’ve shown, they’ve shared like three girlfriends. Like what are the odds? Are these guys sharing girlfriends or is it the same guy?

Speaker 4: (43:02)
Favorite song at the moment. Um, Starboy by the weekend.

Speaker 7: (43:21)
Oh shit.

Speaker 4: (43:25)
Fair enough.

Speaker 2: (43:26)
Your favorite song, by the way, this isn’t, what is he exactly trying to say here? I guess this is a little bit of Dupers delight. I’m gonna play it again

Speaker 7: (43:33)
cause you didn’t want to wait for me. No, cause I like eating alone.

Speaker 4: (43:39)
[inaudible] at the moment.

Speaker 2: (43:47)
Song of the moment. Stark boy by the weekend. Okay. It’s gotta be an inside joke. He’s laughing, I guess now you don’t, Oh, let me turn the video on. I’m sorry you’re not missing anything. It’s dark. That’s why it’s just a, it’s Beaver and his friend, they’re in a car driving and his friend says, what’s your favorite song? And Beaver says Starboy by the weekend. And then he laughs

Speaker 2: (44:14)
in good point, mr. Milk. When in doubt, check the spouse in this case, the girlfriend. Exactly. Check the spouse, check the people around him. If you have any doubts that Tupac Shakur didn’t die and came back. I mean, if you have any doubts about his death, take a look at Akili MC. And when you look at a kill the MC, if have any doubts that well that can’t be Tupac. All you need to do is look at the people around him and you’ll see that Tupacs entire crew pretty much got new names, new disguises, even biggie small is actually sharing a stage with a Tupac these days under this new entourage. I mean, it’s just a new gig

Speaker 7: (44:54)
Starboy by the weekend. Okay. Oh shit. We gotta end it now. Although it was too funny.

Speaker 2: (45:22)
Yeah. Sounds like a great deal of, I would say Dupers delight, a great deal of Dupers delight. You know, that kind of, um, what’s the song about? I’m kind of curious.

Speaker 7: (45:36)

Speaker 2: (45:41)
All right. I’ll see you all later. Uh, yeah. Isaac Cappies not dead. Yuna rock is clueless and the earth is flat.

Speaker 4: (46:04)
We are at risk of having a flat group report come out of the house intelligence committee. So what happened was running a flat earth report, that’s

Speaker 2: (46:16)
in terms of breaking terms, breaking terms, breaking

Speaker 4: (46:18)



Speaker 1: (02:07)
  I want to say good afternoon to all of you. Terrorists out there, a domestic terrorists. Uh, to be clear, those of you believers in fringe conspiracies are a threat to national security, sanity and health everywhere. Okay? If you’re new here, if you’re brought by Brian Stayflee, uh, this is a channel that believes that if you’re not auto hooks and you’re not paying attention and people who aren’t on par with this thing, if they don’t understand what it’s about with regards to why we put the burden of proof back on the media, then they’re way behind the curve. And the thing that I want it to focus on today is operation Northwoods and the idea of false flags because I’ve come to believe largely through interacting with government agents and shells that the false flag explanation for the anomalies that we see is a misinformation line.

Speaker 1: (03:11)
That’s why it’s pushed by Alex Jones and Joe Rogan. Even recently, the last time Alex Jones was on Joe Rogan, he brought up operation Northwoods about the government planning attacks on American citizens dressed up as the other guy’s old story. But the thing is the false flag narrative doesn’t explain what we’re seeing. We’re not looking at one group misrepresenting itself and then committing an act of terror. We’re talking about fake terror. So my contention is Operation Northwood that this whole thing was put there as a narrative to distract people from the fakery. So Alex Jones on down, all of these conspiracy theorists who talk about false flags are feeding you a miss info line. That’s the reason why these same individuals don’t like auto hoaxers. I remember Paul Joseph Watson losing his crap over auto hoaxers, calling out the dummies on the ground at the bottom con, they don’t want us to call out the fake.

Speaker 1: (04:18)
Anyway, if you’re in the chat, go ahead and say hi. I will hand out a blue ranches. The Bot is very aggressive and I can’t control it, so let me go ahead and open my phones up. I have Brian Staveley on stand by a couple of articles that come up. I found in relation to this, oh, there was one weird going over yesterday about anomalies and coincidences, talking about drills run with these events and even these people who break down all the events and the fakery without calling it fake with calling it false flags. They give you a lot of good information but they always end up with while people died. It’s just, it’s somebody else did it. It was a black off or this guy was a patsy. It’s like, no, we’re not looking at Patsy’s. Nick Cruz is not a patsy. We’re website. If you haven’t been there yet, you ought to check it out.

Speaker 1: (05:20)
It’s a Wiki we’re developing and we’re covering all of the fakery across the board from death, fakers, mass shooting hoaxes, crisis actors, fake space travel hoaxes on history. And then we’re also compiling a list of all the note worthy, notable auto hoaxers. The ones who don’t apologize or vacillate between, well, maybe it’s real, maybe it’s not. It’s like, no, that’s not good enough. If you’re still on the fence with every single event or incident and debating if it’s real or not, they still got you. They still control your mind, your perceptions. You have to understand what the media is actually doing and they’re putting the burden of proof on you. That way. People who disagree can be called conspiracy theorist because you don’t have any evidence from their point of view to discredit what they’re saying because you’re supposed to be accepted at wholesale or you’re supposed to have accepted witness testimony, I. E. Hearsay as evidence.

Speaker 1: (06:19)
Any of these days. It’s like even questioning hearsay is tantamount to hate speech. They call it mocking a victim. Uh, Latrell says, I admit, I am not aware of what an auto hoaxer is. Well, originally it was a pejorative. So the people who were calling these events, hoaxes before the, it could be properly investigated and determined if people actually died or not. The people who automatically said, alright, I’ve had enough. This has gotta be fake. It’s another fake. It’s the same thing. Those of us were tired of debating endlessly and just, we’re starting to call it out like we knew it was and we’re accurate 100% of the time we were derided as auto hoaxers c slipping. Freedom says, I think it’s Patsy’s not actors. It’s easy to manipulate people. Well, here’s where you’re wrong. And that patsy thing is part of the operation Northwoods narrative and part of the Alex Jones narrative.

Speaker 1: (07:16)
That’s a government misinformation line. You’re touting, there are no patsies. The existence of a patsy and the existence of actual crimes, actual shootings, actual massacres. That’s what they want you to believe. Nobody’s dying. And even that’s not controversial. It would be more controversial to say that they were killing people and false flags and fooling the media. These aren’t war crimes. You understand this is legal propaganda and people aren’t going to go along with real debts. Then you have all these whistleblowers, people add stuff on their conscience. People who are now blackmailable, nobody’s dying, nobody’s crying. Now here’s the definition of auto hoax. I mean that’s just the origin. So we were called auto hoaxers like it was a bad thing and we’re like, you know what, let’s just take it because they are auto believers. In fact, I should probably open up really quick here with something.

Speaker 1: (08:11)
Um, I tried to explain this to someone in the media. Um, her name was Alex Klein from [inaudible] media and basically she wanted to understand why we were calling these things fake. And what I explained was you have two types of people, auto believers and auto hoaxers. The ones who automatically assume what they see on TV is real. And then those who assume it to be fake until proven real by a burden of proof. Now we’re not talking about your nightly news. On your local TV. Uh, we’re talking specifically about extraordinary claims like 90 pound basement dwelling computer geeks shooting 27 people with all head shots after jumping a window and then killing himself. And then there’s no blood and there is no crying, no tears. You know, we’re talking about extraordinary claims, not the usual news. And also by extraordinary we also mean the claims that are pretty much going to be immediately followed by a political agenda.

Speaker 1: (09:18)
So let me see if I can find for you the mic media piece. If not Nina, I can’t find it right now. I’m not going to bother. I’ve got, uh, Brian Staveley. Um, if you go on a call in five oh five five one zero four, two two six, that’s open for a Brian Staveley. We’re going to be discussing all these things anyway, but the definition of auto hoax as we have it now is this to treat extraordinary claims by the mass media as hoaxes, unless a burden of proof has been provided. And obviously not all news events are scripted. Propaganda events. Auto hoaxing specifically refers to extraordinary claims. I’ve really got to hammer that point because the trolls and the ones who want to say, we go too far, they all say the same stupid thing. They say it can’t all be a hoax. It’s like nobody said, all dummy, stop misrepresenting us. All we’re saying is extraordinary claims by a known pathologically lying institution ought to be questioned. Like how many of you think it’s unreasonable to question everything in the news at this point?

Speaker 1: (10:25)
Like I think some institutions have just lost their credibility. They’ve lost what trust they had earned in the past. Like you wouldn’t be reaching if you said it’s not a good idea to trust your priest to be a babysitter, because we all know just the history of it. So we’re just talking about not being led around like sheep. You know, blindly the thirst for truth says quantum of consciousness. Put himself next to Max Egan and his New Zealand claims. Well, no, I, I listened to quantum of conscience. I’m not saying the guy’s an agent, but you’re either an agent or a stooge if you’re following along with the agent lines. So I’m comfortable calling quantum a stooge, giving him the benefit of the doubt, which he may not deserve. I don’t know. But my point is, the line is, is it fake? Is it real? Let’s figure it out.

Speaker 1: (11:20)
And then who done it, if it’s, you know, if it, you know, basically that’s how they narrow it down. Like, um, who did it like a Max Egan was a New Zealand thing. He said, well, no, it was real, but the story was fake because it was actually an mk ultra assassin and the people he killed were actually Palestinians. That’s what Max Egan said. And when he said that, he outed himself to me as an agent. I called him an agent of Prime Minister Ding-dong. He got super offended. He called me and we spoke for like an hour about it and he said, you auto hoaxers are pushing misinformation. And I said, no, we’re not. We’re deconstructing Miss Info. You are the missing formers. You with a conspiracy theories that serve the interests of the mainstream, which they really do.

Speaker 1: (12:08)
So anybody who doesn’t automatically call it a hoax when it’s one of these things that we’ve seen, I mean this, we have 20 years plus back to back events like if you’re not willing to take the leap and say, oh, it’s all fake, then you’re not going to understand the big picture. The big picture being the news isn’t reporting and then being tricked by people at crisis actors. The news is part of the creation process. It’s part of the production. The news media is basically a wing of the government. It’s pretty much how I look at it at this point. Now, quantum of consciousness might be wrong and you can give them the benefit of the doubt, but what I’d point out is we don’t have time to follow people who don’t know what’s going on. That’s why I’m bringing up this auto website as a network of the people who are on par who understand what we’re really doing here.

Speaker 1: (13:02)
In fact, if you haven’t read it, you have to look at the book, the auto hoaxer handbook. It explains the rationale succinctly, 34 pages. You can read it in your lunch break. And it’s meant to make the case that those of us who are auto hoaxing, we have the moral high ground, they want to call us bad. They want to demonize us, they want to call us terrorist for not believing we’re nonbelievers like infidels to the Church of the mainstream media. But guess what? We’re not the ones getting behind psyops that gen up race war, inner communal tensions, uh, war on other nations, war of the state, against the individual, like the auto believers are enabling totalitarianism. Everything that’s happened since nine 11 was brought to you by the true believers in what the news reported that day.

Speaker 1: (13:56)
Auto believers are dangerous as all fundamentalists of extremist religions are dangerous. And I think you can make the argument at this point that the mainstream worldview promulgated by the controlled media is very extreme and it’s true. Believers are the ones you see like the proud boys and Antifa punching each other in the street. These are the radicals in this church of MSM, the mainstream worldview. So those of us calling it fake, opting out of it, opting out of it’s, it’s basically like a religious war at this point. They want to demonize us and I’m saying, you know what? We have the moral high ground because guess what? The true believers in the school shootings are the ones who say, yeah, let’s do monthly hyper-realistic traumatic school shooter drills for all the kids. So the real victims here aren’t these crisis actors who are getting all the go fund me money and the $60,000 funerals.

Speaker 4: (14:53)

Speaker 1: (14:54)
No, the real victims are the students, the children in the public schools who are going through this k through 12 duck and cover drill process, which is designed to give them Stockholm Syndrome and to make them vote Democrat and that’s pretty much the whole point of it. It’s to brainwash them out of wanting to own guns like Eric Holder had described. All right. Let me go ahead and get my phone open. Let me make sure I’m, I think we have, oh, you know what? Let me go ahead and have him call you. I was going to have him contact me via discord. But the issue with discord is it’s something of a resource hog. But I just wanted to give you kind of an opening as to like, you know, where I’m coming from, where we’re coming from with this whole, um, idea of auto hoaxing and why I think it’s so important. Like it’s critical and that’s why, you know, those people who aren’t on par with auto hoaxing, they’re either stooges, they’re not paying attention, they’re dangerously blind and ignorant at this point, or they’re actually operatives and anyone who holds fast, the line that auto hoaxers or misinformation agents, they’re basically extensions of the mainstream media.

Speaker 1: (16:16)
Okay. So I’m going to have Brian Staveley call in and if somebody has a link to his channel, go and spam the chat. So everyone here can subscribe if you haven’t already. The first time I heard of Brian Staveley, it was actually, it was a live stream and he was talking to a Jim Fetzer.

Speaker 5: (16:35)

Speaker 1: (16:38)
Hey, what’s up Brian? Hey, what’s up? Can you hear me okay?

Speaker 4: (16:43)

Speaker 6: (16:43)
Yeah, I can hear you. How am I coming through?

Speaker 1: (16:45)
Oh, perfect. Perfect. Yeah. Hey, thanks. Uh, thanks for I’m doing this. I think it’s important that we start, uh, networking with all of the people who are seeing through the BS and not cowtowing to the controlled opposition lines here. And I was just saying the first time I heard you, you were talking to Jim Fetzer about nine 11 and nobody dying.

Speaker 6: (17:06)

Speaker 1: (17:07)
so, uh, really quickly here for the people who haven’t, uh, my subscribers specifically, um, what is your channel about and what is it called?

Speaker 6: (17:17)
Uh, my main channel is Brian stately. Uh, of course I have a few of them because you know how it goes once I started talking about this, this type of stuff, they start in and out strikes. Um, so I, I buy my, originally I was talking a lot about nine 11 and these types of events and I’ve been doing that since 2010 and you know, put nine 11 out there as a total fake event. Obviously on Youtube I can only do so much of that. But I did upload like 25 episodes of mind for people to kind of walk them all through it. And I talk about other stuff too. You, I talk about a lot of NASA bakery. I talk about the Mandela effect. Uh, I talk about, I talk about whatever really. But you know, as far as these events, it’s real important that people understand because there’s a lot of people that think they, they recognize, oh well Nass is fake or old, you know, this reality is like a matrix and this and that.

Speaker 6: (18:07)
But they’re still tied down to these events by fear and I, and there’s also a new wave of people as you know, like say from Sandy Hook on, right, that some of these people do understand that these events are saying this. I know I’m getting a little ahead of myself, but those people, why can’t they take those same set of eyes and go back and look at nine 11 cause you’re going to see all the same crisis actives, all the same fakery it’s all the same thing. It might be. You were saying about the I could, no, God,

Speaker 7: (18:33)
no, that, that’s a good point. A lot of people think, oh well they started hoaxing us the day I paid attention. It’s like, no, you actually do have to retro auto hoax and look back at stuff. Even like the first Oklahoma City bombings, a lot of the serial killers, shootings, all these events, but going back, you know, a hundred years or worth looking into all over again

Speaker 6: (18:53)
of course. And I, and you know, I started with nine 11 and every event since that nine 11 Gabby Giffords, which was before Sandy Hook, Sandy Hook and then obviously the Aurora, Colorado. And then once it started to getting into all of these other ones, pulses and Vegas and all that, it’s pretty much the snooze button to me at that point now. Cause I know that they’re fake. I mean I’ve known that these events take for nine years. So if somebody like you or somebody like other people like you know, still talk to, which is very few, but people in the fakery, uh, you know, community, whatever that I still talk to. If they tell me, hey, you really, really need to look at this. This one’s real, not twi, that’s fine. Maybe I’ll look at it. But honestly, dude, the burden of proof is on these guys, like you said. And at this point it’s the little boy who cried wolf. Why would I believe them? And if you’re going to default to position, why are you going to default to fear? You’re just given into your controllers. Why are you going to default to fear when it’s been proven a hook so many times?

Speaker 7: (19:49)
Yeah, that’s a good point. The fear. So the people like Alex Jones and others who say, oh well there’s something fishy about Boston or Las Vegas or Aurora. What they leave out is that it’s likely no one died. So they leave you with the idea that yeah, whole bunch of people still got slaughtered. So at that point you’re still fear. It’s like, wow, the killer gets away with it and it’s a black op or something.

Speaker 6: (20:10)
Well, it’s even and perfect. It’s a black off like you said, which again, you never going to know who the black op is. You can’t pin it on the media, you can’t pin it on the general military, it’s just the black cop. Right. But the other thing too, like I made this example of my soul the other day. Okay, so when nine 11 happens, right? Or one of these other events, you know, Boston, what else? So now I’m going to use nine 11 as an example. Nine 11 happens, everybody’s in a huge state of fear, right? But now it’s 19 years later or whatever, 28 two years later, if I go to my living room and, and, and mention nine 11 to like my family who’s dead asleep, I mean there’s still going to be so fair there, but it’s pretty much, you know, it’s, you know, it’s different.

Speaker 6: (20:49)
It’s 19 years ago. But if I go mentioned nine 11 to an Alex Jones level truth though, they’re actually in morphea than the general population that thinks it was 19 I jackets because they think that government is going to go around and kill everybody. But in reality, the last thing the government ever wants to do is go door to door and round people up. Because you think you think, you know fake space, that footage won’t wake people up. Hey, plans on nine 11 and won’t wake people up. If you go door to door through the streets of America, you are going to wake a lot of people up and there’s going to be an issue. That’s not what they want to do. They don’t want to kill you. They control you. You are like money to them. That’s endless. They sit back with their feet up Lapsley while they control you and manipulate you.

Speaker 6: (21:28)
Like you said, it’s not like, you know, if people think it’s crazy to host these events, but what makes more sense? Making it and not having any real families to deal with and not have some of the potential, there’s still potential whistleblowers. But if people are involved with something, when people actually die, the guilt on their conscience is going to rise and rise and rise over the years and people are gonna come out. And then if you think about the participation, let’s just say, and obviously the be much more, but for an easy number, let’s say you need a hundred field type agents to pull off a nine 11 Boston bombing, whatever it is, then you approach them, hey, we’re going to compensate you, we’re going to give you this, Yada, Yada, Yada, but you know, this, this many people might die or whatever of the percentage that are gonna go along.

Speaker 6: (22:07)
Most people, you know, and a lot of people might disagree with me, but most people, regular government jobs, even people like FBI costs, they’re not evil people. They’re not going to sign off on slaughtering. People in the middle of New York was getting, letting kids die in a false flag, run by the government in a school. They’re not gonna do it, but you guaranteed same brainwashed people that nobody’s going to get hurt. You might not even need to compensate them because those costs and, and firefighters and FBI and stuff that’s sobering. Bring us like my father is like that. He disowned me for my views on Sandy Hook. But he would be the type of person that probably would go along with it if he knew it was a Gerald just because it’s his job. And that’s the thing to do, you know?

Speaker 7: (22:43)
Oh yeah. And, and also the recruiting people who agree with the end goal. Like if you look at the people at Sandy Hook who participated, they were gun activists, anti gun activists. So for them it’s like, hey look, we’re simulating this, but guess what? We’re going to save lives in the future because they still believe these things actually happen. So they’re able to give themselves the badge of being activists, I think. And you made a point about the fear thing. I noticed this. People like Alex Jones or Richie from Boston, they will take the mainstream news and exaggerate it by making it scarier. So Alex Jones says, Oh, Las Vegas was real, but it was 10 times worse and all Keto was there and tell ban is there. So they exaggerated. So it’s like, wow, you’re actually worse off not trusting the news, which is much calmer. They always tell you it’s worse than they will say. And the one place they don’t want you is to say nothing to stress about. It’s fake. That’s what they don’t like it. Cause we’re not triggerable if we’re not believing these stories.

Speaker 6: (23:40)
Yeah. And what people need to really understand is, I mean really the burden of proof is on them. And like when you go, when you look at something like nine 11 in the media capital of the world, okay. With supposedly over an hour to catch the footage after the first tower was hit. And they’re, they’re allegedly doing street interviews, but there’s no video, not one video of anybody leaving the towers. And that’s not the only piece. I mean, you know, we could do a whole show on that and that open, I mean, I can go on and on, but I mean this 2,500 misses death records, people not picking up the benefits and on and on and on and on and on. But the fact that people have this emotional attachment to these events because they let the fam manipulate them because they don’t want to quote unquote insult the families, which don’t exist to begin with. It’s all a false narrative. But they let this emotional attachment tied into it and then they won’t investigate it and they call themselves churches. And I think it’s a joke. Honestly, I think these people are dope.

Speaker 7: (24:36)
Well, you know what? I’ve rendered in my mind into something of pretty much like bad performance artists working for the government. I call them the Gags, the government actors guild. Like they couldn’t make it in Hollywood. It’s kind of like how they say government or politics is show business for ugly people. I feel like crisis actors or people who couldn’t cut it as real actors. And so they get these jobs where yeah, they’re laughable. We call it keeping up with a crisis actors and we just follow their bad performances and we refuse to be drawn into their psychodrama. And that’s what it is. It’s like a manipulator who cries like a spouse or you know, an abusive relationship who uses emotions. And triggers your emotions to control you? Well, that’s what the media does if you let it.

Speaker 6: (25:18)
Yeah. You have to totally unplug from it and literally just ignore it. There’s literally nothing of value by watching the media other than when you’re still at the stage where you want to dissect it. To me, I don’t even bother this happening anymore. It’s just I’m just, it’s just totally one plug for me from it. Cause it’s just a joke. There’s nothing but negativity on there. And yes, real people do die. People, there are real things that happen in America. I like an inner cities and stuff. People get shot. Sure. I get that. I’m not saying people don’t die, but anything pushed out by the mainstream media has an agenda behind it and it’s almost always completely fabricated. It’s literally like you’re living inside a terrible movie, honestly.

Speaker 7: (25:54)
Oh yeah. It’s the world stage, the globe theater. And what we’re doing here is we’re just exposing the script and the actors on all these big perception management events. Like it’s not every little tiny event, but it does not just include the news. So it’s like people think, well I don’t watch the news. Well guess what? It’s the mediated reality that’s brought to you by government, academia, your education, the news and the entertainment. So it’s not like you can just step out of it or opt out. The only option is either be misinformed or informed about it. You can’t opt out of this thing.

Speaker 6: (26:29)
No. I remember growing up like seeing like what I thought was Scifi films about people being like really brainwashed and stuff like, oh my God, you all been so brainwashed. Even me and you. It was so well brain wash just at different levels of coming out of the still things were brainwashed about, you know what I mean? Everybody, everybody’s been brainwashed. It’s birth.

Speaker 7: (26:49)
We know what. I got some good comments in here. I think it’s slipping freedoms. Who says that he saw some stuff at Vegas that you couldn’t fake? It looks too real and I have to make the point to these people that anything they can fake in the movies. They can fake on the nightly news.

Speaker 6: (27:04)
Yeah, I know. That’s what I’m saying. And this too. There’s too much stuff that shows. It was fake. Like there’s a few videos that got pulled off youtube the next day I saved them. I knew they get pulled each and you’ve seen them. I’m sure there’s the one with the girl she’s walking around and the shooting or whatever had just hasn’t even just ended because then you hear it come over to the speakers again too. That sounds like it’s coming over the speakers and then you can hear her say there isn’t really, I don’t really see anybody injured and she’s just chilling for like three or four minutes. And Yeah, there’s some people starting out of it, but half of the people are just hanging around. I’m sure some people probably got scared by the stuff on the speakers and it wasn’t even enough to scare everybody is what it looks like. And then there’s the other video of the guy that’s leaning up against the stage saying, hey, nobody panic. It’s just coming over to speakers. And of course youtube, remove those bolts on the next day, you know?

Speaker 7: (27:52)
Yes. And, and so let’s take for example the, the Gilroy festival. This is like a recent one. You know, I’m looking at events like this or this other one in El Paso. And all of these events also seem to be tied into the political season. We kind of predicted this too. Another thing that, and another, another indicator that you’re probably seeing a hoax is it seems to just give a new politician a platform to show his face. So I look at the El Paso one and that pretty much brought Burritos, O’Rourke to everyone’s attention. I remember when the Orlando one happened that was used by Trump to win votes from the LGBTQ who are calling him a homophobe up until that point. So there’s always an agenda behind these things. So we’re very selective. We’re not just randomly calling everything fake, but we do have to recognize that the media has no interest in reporting truth. It’s just a spokesman health for the, the elite. The worldview shapers.

Speaker 6: (28:48)
Yeah. And you know how you, like you see a guy come out like a Robbie Baka and he’s laughing, right? I mean, the only way people can do that is if people aren’t dying. And the only way people can hold it together on say interviews like the Harley Guy, everybody knows, you know Bobby Parker steaks. Cause there, because you know, everybody knows people didn’t die at sandy hook a lot based on the Rabi pocket thing. And you know, there’s a lot more to it than that. That was a big trigger for a lot of people. And a lot of people talk about the Harley guy on nine 11 how he gave this, you know, story ahead of time and it’s ridiculous. Well how about the fact that he’s able to keep this composure with mic levels and supposedly thousands of people dying around them. People don’t want to look at that aspect of it, you know, and it’s always thing. Gabby guesses. I mean that was ridiculous. The lady supposedly got shot in the head and she says half her face is shutdown and a few months later she’s given an interview side by side with her fake astronauts, husband Mark Kelly. And she’s playing a at one side every month and reading the music of the Ella like it’s, it’s so it’s, they literally mock you too. They don’t just try and squeak it by and make it believable. They do things to mock you in these stories. They get a kick out of it, dude.

Speaker 7: (29:52)
Oh Gafford. You know what, that lady, I mean, I thought she got shafted as far as gigs go because now she’s got to pretend to be brain damaged the rest of her life. But that’s a, that’s a perfect example. Here you have a politician who is used in a political stunt to blame mentally ill people and to blame the right wing. They pin that on Pailin in limbo. Well, after this, then she has her husband who you said fake astronaut, who’s now running for senator. So it’s like, well look, you got fake space, fake politics and fake news all tied together here and it’s the same actors

Speaker 6: (30:24)
always, always tied together. That’s a great point because that’s why I tell people, you’ve got to look into all this stuff. All this stuff is tied together. If you pick the same people that have given us the fake media aren’t the same people that are good enough to face to face, not the same people that are controlling the money and not the same people that are controlling. Oh, it’s the same people.

Speaker 7: (30:40)
Yeah. I’ve taken to calling it the game, government, academia, media, entertainment, and that I’m saying until you look into this thing as a game and as coming at you at all fronts, you’re not gonna understand that it’s literally a like a world view that they’ve given us. And so you see the same actors playing on different stages of this world. This world stage is big deception. It’s like, well, this guy’s an astronaut. One minute. Then he’s helping with this gun control cyop and now he’s going to be in politics. That should tell you how invalid our political system is right there. When you have a senator who’s also a crisis actor and a fake astronaut.

Speaker 6: (31:17)
Yeah. And you had a governor that was a freaking wrestler and hosted a conspiracy show.

Speaker 7: (31:22)
Oh yes. And See, um, he, uh, Ventura pushed a whole lot of false flag, this false flag that operation North [inaudible] it was a big deal.

Speaker 6: (31:31)
Northwards Gulf of Tonkin, I mean on and on with that guy on and on and you know, him and Rogan and the whole crew, like you have mentioned it earlier, but yet on and on and on. I want to mention another, another one too. Cause while we’re talking about save deaths and hoaxes, I want to talk about another, uh, what, what people think is a gateway into researching, uh, events. Like, you know, a lot of people talk about [inaudible] seven. You know, how a seven will tell us seven is the most clever gatekeeping aspect of nine 11, because Palo seven is allegedly an empty building. So in this study in college seven and you keep getting into the dog and our boat, two planes can’t take down 3 billion. First of all, there’s no planes. But you know, it’s still a good argument. It’s for the people that think there are, but two plants can’t take down three buildings, right?

Speaker 6: (32:10)
So not it came down, but you’re literally studying a building that allegedly had nobody dying it anyway, so you’d never got to even ponder to look into death records, uh, memorials and that type of fakery. You never going to call the social security death index. You’re not going to acquire those types of skills. So it’s just a rabbit trail. Every time they give you these conspiracies in the beginning, like come on a show like Jessica [inaudible], Joe Roman show, that’s never going to be the truth. It’s never, it’s never going to be the truth. It’s always going to be a misdirection and it’s always going to be promoting snare and promoting death. And this stuff has always been, hey, gets so much easier to control. If it’s fake, they don’t want to kill people. I’m telling you people aren’t going to go along with it.

Speaker 7: (32:49)
Exactly. Because we have legal propaganda versus a war crime. It’s easier to get people to get a highly paid gig doing legal propaganda for a cause. They believe in then to get them to commit to a, an atrocity in an actual war crime. And so I have on the screen right now. This is the take home point for everybody here. The false flag narrative stemming from leaked operation Northwoods documents is a misinformation line and false flag stories are planted to hide the fakery. And then finally anyone pushing false flag theories. Our government agents case closed. Yeah. Or their stooges. In other words, they don’t have the clear vision to understand they’re following along with a planted line and that would include quantum of conscience and others like him.

Speaker 6: (33:42)
Yeah, well I’m not really oppressive to meet too many other people’s great out of these events at all. I listened to your show when you’re on. I listened to Russian dentist. He’s on, there’s very few channels I can even tune into it and talking about this type of stuff. Cause honestly do it. It’s painful. I can’t listen to anybody talking about this stuff that buys into it. And there’s all these people that will call, you know, say to say there’s 10 of them, each one along the way. They’ll call them things, but only after a few weeks. So they believe in it for three or four weeks. Like, no, you’ve got to call safety first. Don’t be scared of WHO’s going to say, oh, you’re being disrespectful. Just like people always say to me, oh my, my cousin’s dog says his uncle’s nephew died in the fall is I go, okay, here’s my phone number. Tell him to call in next show. They never do. You know what I mean? Never do. It’s always, it’s always nonsense.

Speaker 7: (34:26)
Oh yeah. It has to be done. It has to be done.

Speaker 6: (34:30)
Yeah. Well we are all these cause it can be scripted. If they write it out an email, just call me, call me on the spot. Let’s go on scripted. I’m like, all right, now what’s the problem? You know what I mean? What’s the problem?

Speaker 7: (34:41)
Well, Tab, wait, have you ever had people like hit you up and say, Hey, I know somebody who died in the towers and then you try to ask them who was it? What was the name? Have you ever had someone try to actually give you a name?

Speaker 6: (34:58)
Um, yeah. Well yeah, people would actually try, but almost never. I’d say I’d say out of like, you know, one out of every, a a hundred times, but then I’ll ask some more details like, oh, show me some pictures with you. Or I’ll ask her details about anything that should be easy. And it’s not even being like disrespectful, intruding on their privacy type of stuff and then they won’t even do it. And then the other thing that’s important too, like without event, and then it’s the same for all these, I’m just using that because I have the most, you know, uh, area in that. So like with nine 11, right? So all these people will tell you all this, so-and-so and so died in the towers, blah, blah, blah. Nope. Be All quick to jump on my Facebook posts and everything right now. You know, on these social media sites, people post the dumbest shit. I mean, people post and they deny that. That’s fine. I like my dog. He will post pictures of whatever we, how come every nine, 11 3000 alleged deaths. If Facebook and Twitter and all this isn’t flooded with old family videos and uncle Johnny that died in the towers. Or Hey, we’re going to visit my uncles grave and here’s some pictures of us putting it down by his grades and he died on September 11th where is all that? I’ve never seen it once. It’s been years.

Speaker 7: (36:00)
Wow. That’s good. That’s a good point. So this is something I would like to point out as well. Whenever there is a psychological operation, they’re gonna present you with a very carefully crafted lie that has no holes in it that you can see obviously, and that’s their best work. So that what’s really going to reveal it is in what they forgot to include. It’s usually what they didn’t include that should be there. So conspicuous absences are worth examining. So ask yourself, shouldn’t we see evidence of 3000 people’s lives? And not just a couple of backstories from a few high profile victims, but we’re talking about thousands and yeah, where is it? Where’s the SSD records to support it? Where’s all the action? What was the New Zealand? They’re like, Oh, we just threw 26 bodies in a mass grave. Give me a break.

Speaker 6: (36:49)
Oh, it’s, it’s totally ridiculous. And, and, and you know, they’ll let you, it’s funny because I can’t put anything about, about nine 11 on the youtube. I mean I just get hate speech and I, and all that every time. And you know, they want every, all these other theories out there, directed energy, weapons, Hologram, all this other stuff out there and many nukes, thermite whatever it is, because they all support thousands of deaths. That’s what they do. They all allow to support that. That’s like another thing too when you brought up the show. I have, I did specify, I actually did three of them. I don’t know which one you heard. Right. But the second one I did was the one on his show. I think we really got into the whole holograms versus CGI employees thing. And that’s an important thing because what he’s doing is what they alternative media does.

Speaker 6: (37:30)
They keeps from the mainstream media and what he’s doing is trying to keep the me issue media’s credibility because if the planes on nine 11 were holograms, which they weren’t, and I’ll get into how you can tell, but if they will, holograms, what does that do? That lets the media keep that credibility because any media on the street wouldn’t believe it. Just like any spectator on the street. And that would again be some black off black op military organization. But if you know it’s a pre pre prepared video to slap a lie banners and put together by the media, well then the whole thing falls apart and now you don’t have to buy into the media sphere events at all anymore and that’s what he’s doing. He’s keeping that agenda.

Speaker 7: (38:06)
Yeah. That’s the main thing here. As long as they have alternative explanations, they can get you to believe that the media is a witness just like we are. They’re just closer to the scene and reporting it. But when you find out that these are internally created events with CGI, not holograms or other things, that these are created in their production studios, that gives away the whole game. And so yeah, he’s probably protecting the integrity of the MSM by holding that line. That’s why I was interested to hear you bring up nobody dying. Cause I’m wondering, he’s either a gatekeeper or he’s being um, misled on this small minor point.

Speaker 6: (38:41)
Yeah, no, I, I was on the fence with it for awhile and you know, and then I did the second show. Let me tell you what happened though, because I mean, as you’ve heard, I can lay out the hooks pretty, pretty deep and all the fakery and everything. And I did it to him for three and a half hours. The first show on my channel, me, him, my cohost Justin. And then I was invited by him on his show to talk about the nine 11 media hoax. And we agreed on many points except he’s sticking. Two people died, so concede to fake planes, uh, Washington and Pennsylvania. Right. But he knew what he’ll do is he’ll, he’ll say those witnesses on credible, but then when he gets to New York, we’ll all the witnesses are all of a sudden credible. And it’s like some of his witnesses we’ve completely debunked and destroyed because their stories made absolutely zero sense.

Speaker 6: (39:22)
But you know, it’s crazy because so owl is, he’s hearing me talk about, you know, all the fakery, the Photoshop Memorial, the CGI jump is the CGI man hat and also the stuff, the people moving out of the silos. It’s 95 and everything, right? Come the third show. One of the callers calls and he comes back on my show in like 2013 it was a little later and they call in and the rest of the gym, you know, what do you think about all this? You know, the, the, the, what do you think? I asked him what he thought about, um, you know, the victims in the tallest, oh, I’m not an expert on the victims and the tallest. And then he said to the said, so what about the, the CGI and stuff that Brian’s been showing you? He’s like, oh, I, you know, you guys are the experts on that and everything he said, he said, I’m not an expert on this, I’m not an expert on that.

Speaker 6: (40:08)
And then he acted ignorant. Like I hadn’t shown him this stuff for like six hours on a and previously he, after that you hadn’t even seen the intonation bro. And what he also had too is on the second show he does what he does and you know, he’s all about the JFK and you know, he’s one long winded do right. If there was like 20 minutes he went on on the nine 11 show talking about JFK and I’m like, what are we going to get to nine 11, Jen? Oh, I thought I was JFK with the 50th anniversary coming up and we know Jeff completely fake narrative.

Speaker 7: (40:37)
Yeah. See the thing is, um, about him in particular, he’s a professor and he can pontificate and he can even feel a busser if he wants to. But um, I’ve seen him be really strong on Sandy Hook. I saw him get his blogs taken down. In fact, he was sued and he refused to give in and say it was real. So you know, he has my respect for them as far as this stuff with nine 11 I find it puzzling. In fact, I, I personally asked him, I said, okay, you wrote a book debunk in the moonlighting, if you take your same frame of mind you use to take down the moon landing in your mind and you applied it to the space station, it would cease to exist for you in a matter of minutes. And so I’m like, you can’t be selective in your critical thinking unless you’re a gatekeeper. And so if he doesn’t apply the same standard to nine 11 that he did to Sandy Hook, then he’s a nine 11 gatekeeper gatekeeper. It’s as simple as that.

Speaker 6: (41:31)
It really is. It really is.

Speaker 7: (41:33)
And I honestly think that with this auto we can get [inaudible]

Speaker 6: (41:40)
you know about that. You know about the fake suicide on his show?

Speaker 7: (41:43)
Yes, I remember that. I remember seeing that. You hear it and I wondered was that staged? Was it real?

Speaker 6: (41:50)
Oh, that was dude, that was so staged and I called him, I would want to live on the I created while he was in, I said, you’re telling me you had no idea h baker was gonna do this now this is like what they do to discredit us. So at the time this was like, I don’t know when the interview was, I, when I first talked to them about it, it was like 2011. The interview had already happened. It might even been a couple of years before that. Ace Bega was one of the first people you know out there talking about no claims a lot. But he was pushing that. It was, um, you know, real video with plays inserted over it in real time and all this, which it wasn’t, but he went on then known as the no plane effect is going to interview a no plainer. He went on that acted crazy and pretended to shoot himself in the head. And then Fetzer acted like he didn’t know. And he said, Oh, and I called California highway patrol. Tessa lives in Minnesota. What are you doing called California highway patrol. He called nine 11. First of all, it’s just so ridiculous. And he said, Oh, I thought it was

Speaker 7: (42:42)
okay. Well let me get your take on this guy then. Cause you know what I’m trying to do with auto is consolidate all of the people who can be, um, pretty much described as non gatekeepers. Like there’s only a few people if there’s a gatekeeper, I don’t want them linked there or I want them identified as such. But I’m creating a list of people who I think are trustworthy and who are gatekeepers and what issues are actually holding the line on. So, um, what are your thoughts on site or journalist in conspiracy granny?

Speaker 4: (43:13)

Speaker 6: (43:13)
Oh, I do know. I know you love them.

Speaker 7: (43:15)
Okay, that’s interesting. So it was like last year signed thorn journalist and conspiracy granny. They looked like DHS employees dressed up like rednecks. And he went to 33 different locations where psyops had happened and he got arrested in front of in front of their cameras in Sutherland Springs, at a church where 26 people had been killed. And one of these fake events, and I called it then I said, there’s no way you’re going to get arrested on vice as an auto host or unless you’re just a plant.

Speaker 6: (43:44)
But advice he’s on vice. It’s controlled. That’s it.

Speaker 7: (43:49)
Exactly. So I’m like, wait, this is what they do. They give ’em. They give the people who ask these types of questions are really bad name by putting bad characters or crazy people. So cite Thorne gets arrested on gun charges and his sidekick gets put in a mental home. So now the media narrative is the auto hoaxers are crazed, gun toting, rednecks threatening to kill people they think are actors and they’re mental cases.

Speaker 4: (44:21)

Speaker 6: (44:23)
Yeah. And once you said vice, I mean, come on, it’s totally set up. Vice poses as like this fringe type of thing that’s kind of conspiracy, but then dead that Jesse, Jesse been told her level.

Speaker 7: (44:35)
Right, right. Well, look, I think it’s important to call out the gatekeepers and anybody who is going to hold up the integrity of the mainstream media by giving them the benefit of the doubt is inadequate to the task or they’re compromised either by being a student or they’re obviously an agent. And so I think this is a good idea. I want to go ahead and continue to talk to everybody who’s doing this type of work in research because if you get flagged and taken down, it’s still going to be here in my archives and people will still find you. And so infinite plane, I have all these archives like hundreds of podcasts that you can’t put on youtube anymore.

Speaker 6: (45:14)
Yeah, synthetic the censorship on, and don’t get me wrong, I told people this recently, and normally I’m talking about other topics. I’m telling you right now, this is the most sensitive stuff on youtube, this calling out this type of stuff. I don’t get scented for any flatter videos or any other topics like that. It’s all, it’s all this stuff, you know, all the time.

Speaker 7: (45:36)

Speaker 6: (45:36)
Yeah. And you know what they call it? They call it hate speech. And the, it’s the opposite because we’re trying to get people to let go of the fair. These people are inciting the violence and the racism and the hate with their bullshit events.

Speaker 7: (45:48)
Oh yeah. Take for example, really quick here, that whole thing with Jesse Smollett for 24 hours, people thought it was real that this gay black actor from empire had been lynched in a park by Trump. Voters were in Maga hats and they covered them and bleach. So the auto believers, the ones who automatically believe the news, the people who debate if it’s real or not, you know, they’re like, Whoa, America is really racist. Not going to vote for Trump. Or you know, it just insights this stuff like, oh look, you know, white people doing their thing, a bunch of racists. So

Speaker 6: (46:18)
do you think they can come take new thing? That was for people like us because we already call them new steaks and I was like this trendy thing to call the state, but then really just call me opposite of the left, right side of the news that they’re on fake type of thing.

Speaker 7: (46:29)
Oh yeah. They’ve appropriated the word fake news. And they made it about political bias instead of about propaganda and fabricated news events and pseudo news events. And that was clever. And we saw Trump play into that. I was like, wow. Wow. They did that as a reaction response to us.

Speaker 6: (46:46)
Yes. He led the charge on that. He didn’t just play into it and he was the of it, you know, Phyllis and it’s, it’s a joke. All this people that buy into the Left, right paradigm calling the other side fake, whether you like CNN or Fox. I mean, that’s all it is. It’s crazy dude. But that, that’s not to do that. Yeah. They took the term and they, they made it into bringing people back into that paradigm with it. You know, just like what you said, you know, people, people are like false flags. Uh, you call, you say this is a false flag, that’s a false flag. No, I say this is a hoax. Now you can say it’s under the umbrella of a false flag, but it’s much more specific because nobody’s done and they constantly try and sprinkle that false flag tight on us. And it’s a joke.

Speaker 7: (47:26)
Yeah, exactly. And that’s what I’m pushing back on. And that’s what I want to talk to you today. I want this to be the thing that we push out there, that the false flag line is a government line. Donald Trump is your crisis actor and chief, uh, Q and on as a hoax. If Q anon was real and he had any kind of Intel, he would say, oh, these events are hoaxes and hoggy boy’s a crisis actor. But they’ll never do that.

Speaker 6: (47:48)
Q anon is like anonymous 2.0 it’s the same. It’s always that same recycled crap. Come on.

Speaker 7: (47:53)
Oh yeah. Actually my first impression of Q and on, I was on a live stream. Somebody brought it up. I said, it looks like anonymous has been repackaged for the right wingers this time.

Speaker 6: (48:03)
Yeah, exactly. What it is, dude. It’s a joke. Truth groups like that. It’s like, dude does not let the phone happen. That doesn’t happen. It doesn’t go on.

Speaker 7: (48:12)
Right. Okay. Well, Hey, um, I want to open up the chat really quick. If anybody has any questions for me or for Bryan here, go ahead and ask now. Okay. So we’ve,

Speaker 6: (48:24)
let me just give me this. Okay,

Speaker 7: (48:28)
cool. Okay. Um, I’m going to get a list of questions here to ask Brian and we’ve got a couple of minutes. Yeah, please subscribe to this channel. Look, we had gone from like 300 subscribers to 12,000 subscribers in a matter of weeks and by our nightly coverage of the psyops anti-media is a real thing. It’s the true alternative media because alternative media has always been grassroots controlled from above. Moonlight says, why are you selling flat earth t’s on your website, kind of an inside joke. I get them sourced from Alibaba. Look, the flatter society has been around for like a hundred years. It was co-opted after they burned the leader’s house down like in the 80s. But, um, yeah, I’ve got some vintage stuff up there. It’s just a joke, man. We don’t take it seriously. The flatter society is a huge joke. Controlled opposition. Hey, yeah. Someone was asking me, cause I have these um, source from China, these flatter society shirts on my, my site. We kind of put them there just because the flatter society is one of these organizations that, um, is clearly being puppeteered. You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if space x controlled them and their, their Twitter account. Uh, totally. Um, a fake entity, a fake organization. That’s why they never come out and make any real statements. You know, it’s completely fraudulent. It’s a sock puppet.

Speaker 6: (49:54)
Yeah. I mean they, yeah, it’s ridiculous. It’s like a website and a Twitter account. I mean that’s it. It’s crazy.

Speaker 7: (50:01)
Yeah, exactly. What I’ve been trying to get people to, to, um, grasp here with the whole flatter thing is that the people who are pushing a debate flat versus round are controlled opposition because, uh, there’s not enough information. Somebody needs to go to the edge of go really high in order to have a complete model to debate with. So it’s just premature. It’s, I think it’s premature for debate. And so what I’ve done is I’ve taken the old flat earth map from the flatter society and I removed the boundary and I put a bunch of question marks.

Speaker 6: (50:31)
Yeah, well, yeah, we don’t know. Like I tell people, I know it’s not a spinning ball in space and I know all the distances they tell us and I know it’s [inaudible] level anywhere we can measure and observe what happens past that. I have no idea. I mean I, I really don’t know, you know, but to me it’s like what’s important to just, I, I’ve been telling people this a lot with me cause I won’t take the label as the flat earth and anymore, I’m not anything, I’m not a no plainer, I’m not a flat art, so I don’t want any of those labels because it comes along with a lot of things I don’t, I don’t agree with. You know what I mean? Like I don’t agree though. The Sun 3,400 miles away, in my opinion, it’s much closer. I can’t prove it. It’s all this so much speculation.

Speaker 6: (51:08)
I mean, the thing to me though, ips is why are they lying? You know? And there’s so many reasons. There’s so many agendas, you know, there’s so many ways you can go with it. And depending on each person that you bring it up to, I just want to stop them on their journey because no matter what the reason is, if people think it’s spiritual, send them on that way. If they don’t believe in that type of thing. There’s obviously the money that NASA steals the land and the resources they, it could be all sorts of things. It’s control lions, he kids, it’s up to every person to go on that journey. But yeah, my thing would be, um, if you get caught up in, especially now, cause I’ve been at at five years now on that topic, if you get caught up into debate still, first of all, just reason negativity.

Speaker 6: (51:45)
It’s, and then if you’re not doing it to a huge neutral audience, it’s completely pointless. Cause East side’s just gonna walk away like they want and nothing’s gonna get resolved out of it. But on top of that, there’s a lot of people I know that are stuck on flatter and we’ll move on to other things at the same time. Like there’s always more truth is this, there’s not just one. And just always, I thought nine 11 was the ultimate truth. And guess what? There was another thing after that and after that it’s going to keep going. And the people that get stuck into the dates, men, a lot of those people, those are the type of people that I try and bring up other topics. Even like Oh, flatter, flat. The only thing that matters and it’s like those people are dead asleep too.

Speaker 7: (52:19)
Look, I got, okay, Mark Sargent himself, he said auto hoax goes too far. It can’t all be fake. And I’m, I’m just like face palming thinking, wait, every time space x sends a rocket up, you call it a hoax before they even set the thing up there. And so you’re auto hoaxing space, but you don’t auto hoax the ground. And then you’ve got other people who will say everything in space is real, but everything here on the ground is pretty much hoaxed. And so that’s gatekeeping for you. Hey, someone has a question here for ya. Uh, they want to know if you read miles Mathis

Speaker 6: (52:54)
[inaudible] the name sounds familiar, but no, I don’t read anything regularly. Like a publication in a day or what is it? I don’t even know what that is.

Speaker 7: (53:00)
Myles he writes, he basically does auto hoaxing but um, I dunno, he’s also kind of a false flagger but he has some interesting, um, articles specifically about death. Fakers like Tupac. He contends that Tupac was, um, uh, a gay Jewish actor. Anyway, interesting stuff. Um, let’s see. Now you make it a big point here about not calling yourself a flat earth or I used to say, I’m just an earth or you guys spinning ball. Earthers trying to impose that on me and because I’m rejecting it, I get called a flatter there. But that’s really, I’m pretty much, it’s a false dichotomy. You do have an opt out, you can say, I don’t know.

Speaker 4: (53:38)

Speaker 6: (53:39)
I don’t know. But I know everything that presents in is a completely lie and I can name off a lot of the agendas and that’s where I’m at with it, you know? And, and you know, there’s a lot of people that that won’t look at anything else and I don’t get that. You know, I look at a lot of different topics and I try and tie them all together and I get, I get crapped on by people and that’s why I left almost all the sliders groups. I was in it and other topics, nine 11 groups Mandela’s like all these topics I talk about, I left almost all of those groups because I just get attacked whenever the conversations he has often to something else. It’s pretty funny too, cause it’s not me, you know, going off topic, I’ll be in one of the groups like say a flat Eric or somebody will post nine 11 it’s inflammation or you know, fake shooting the thing and I’ll, you know, go in there and then it’s all you, blah blah blah. It’s crazy dude. Then we have these like Trump’s or there’s and these people that put JFK up on this pedestal. Like he was the one guy that got through and he’s like, he was really assassinated. It’s like, Dude, you know?

Speaker 7: (54:30)
Oh yeah, people think that it was like live and everyone saw it happen. No, I’m, the first time the Zapruder film was ever aired was 12 years after the fact. And I think it was Geraldo Rivera was it? I think he was the one who aired it on TV. But yeah, that’s totally, I’m totally, that’s something that you can call into question. I mean, did JFK even die? That’s a valid question. And you have people, but if you notice that’s classic that were, this is the formula. They fake an event. They give you bad footage to argue over for decades and they, they have 10 experts writing 10 different conspiracy theories about it and you never hear the end of it. And not one of those experts ever say, maybe it didn’t even happen.

Speaker 6: (55:16)
And that’s why I say all the points you just need. That’s why I say Paulo, JFK and nine 11 and a quarter the same thing. Cycle. It’s the same people. Obviously it’s willing what you just said, mad footage to argue over and all these different theories. It’s the same thing every time.

Speaker 7: (55:32)
Literally the same thing. Nipsey Hustle’s death, 33 year old on a 33rd parallel. The footage you can argue over was there four shooters? Were there three shirts? Did the cops do it? They give you conspiracy theories and then the media gets mad and they say stop telling conspiracy theories about which gang member jaded or if the cops did it. Meanwhile they ignore the people like me who are saying it didn’t even happen. It was a hoax. You know hoaxes are beyond the Pale. It’s just the new four letter word h the h word. You can’t say it a fake. They don’t want you to say it and they want you to say false flag and that’s what I’ve been really harping on today. The false flag narrative needs to be exposed as a government line and anybody pushing false flags or anybody on the fence like, look, I like lift the veils channel, but he’s offense squatter until it’s safe and anybody playing it safe. I’m saying start disregarding them. Yeah,

Speaker 6: (56:23)
I’m sorry. Anyway, it’s safe. Has No courage. You need caught. You need to have cards and come home and say what you feel is the truth and right away. How about any topic? That’s how I am. I don’t need to wait for somebody else to come out with it. There’s a lot of people and we knew on the talking about and all these communities that have to wait for like their favorite channel to come out with a documentary before. They’ll jump on board a theory about something or it’s like they need a hero to follow. They need somebody to, they can’t just come out and say, hey, I don’t believe that. That doesn’t make any sense to me. That looks completely fake and it’s always like, here’s the thing, ips, and we know this as good as anybody. It’s like we’ve been right 100% of the time.

Speaker 6: (56:58)
What does it bitten us in the ass dude? Like look at the track record. Come on man. And not to say that, where do you think specially everybody should see this? Everybody should see it’s completely fake. And until you are proven completely TTF satisfaction, that one is real. Why would you believe it feel like I say stuff with the NASA people. It’s like this people got along the Mu Nes sake. But you said about faster, right? The little, the moon landing is fake. They’ll even dissect it. Some of them, but then they won’t go any any farther than that. And it’s like, dude, if they lied to you about the ruining the alleged greatest accomplishment or achievement of mankind, I mean why do you think, why would you believe the rest of it? And it’s all crap. It’s cartoons for kids and, and the, the actors that the astronauts are just as bad as the crisis actors. Same thing.

Speaker 7: (57:41)
Yes. And you know the daily beast did a story on the this channel because we met them at the Denver fighter conference and they said that what we’re doing by auto hoaxing is we are clear cutting a forest of information. And I’m like, yeah, we are like get your axes out pretty much because we’re talking about a forest of lies that ought to be chopped down and if something is valid we’ll discover to be so. But there are so many lies. There’s so much misinformation that you could be the most honest person in the world and go become a reporter for Fox and you’re going to be a liar the instant you start reading those teleprompters. That’s just the world we’re in right now.

Speaker 4: (58:19)

Speaker 7: (58:21)
The v are the auto hoaxers have been vindicated. Absolutely. So I’m, hey, before we go, I have your channel link below the video. This is Brian Staveley. And so I’m going to also link your channel on auto and I encourage anybody if you’re into writing articles, Wikipedia or just putting links, it’s a wiki and it’s going to be a massive thorn in the side of the MSM once we fill that thing out. So, um, any other topics that you want to cover? A few people are asking about Mandela effect. I’m really quick here. What are your thoughts on that? I haven’t really heard you speak on that yet.

Speaker 6: (58:57)
Oh, well I mean I’ve been, I’ve been researching that since about late 2014, early 2015 but I mean in the last year that’s what the primarily the majority of my content is. And uh, I mean you should check it out sometime. I mean, it will, maybe, you know, we could, we could get deep into a conversation about it, but there’s a lot of people out there that are under the impression that, oh, that’s just a sign off the hole. You know, that’s what you think about, you know, anything until you actually look into it. No planes, nine 11 is a sign up. They look into it. These events being home, they call it a sigh up. So you’re looking into it. It’s not about media change and things like people think, uh, things in people’s physical possessions are changing. I could, you know, you could tell me your top and it’s deeper than movies and media and stuff like that, but you can name stuff in your house like movies or music and stuff. I could make you changes or changes on your maps or pulls whatever are there and they’re going to be changed physically in your house. And that’s insane. So that is not a media thing at all.

Speaker 7: (59:51)
Right? There is no way that it could be manually done if it’s happening. And my theory on this thing is, well, the only way you could possibly explain it is if reality is some type of collective creation. We’re all co-creators and they’re manipulating us in such a way that there’s splits or schisms where, um, you know, they are changing things. I don’t know exactly how it would work though. If it’s like, do they change it in the media? And then the people reflect it back. I don’t know. But it becomes very much like, to me, a question of how much input does the individual perceive or have on what’s being perceived.

Speaker 6: (01:00:28)
Yeah. And the craziest part too is when we’re, we’re watching things like this, things that are highly affected, like say Star Wars for instance, right? It’s like so many changes, but like as we’re watching them, nevermind our personal copies of changing and we know that they’ve changed, but as it watching them this more changes keep happen incrementally. Like it’s really crazy, dude. Even the name of my neighborhood has changed. I know that sounds crazy, but people can look at my videos on it. It’s changed from Centerville to central Ville and now it’s always been central bill. But with this one, nobody’s taken what we call the update. Everybody still thinks they live in a place called Centerville. But that place has never existed yet.

Speaker 7: (01:01:04)
The center

Speaker 6: (01:01:06)
no, wasn’t a more, yeah, it’s crazy. Let’s talk about nine 11. We talked about nine 11. Right? And then what do you know about Black Tom?

Speaker 7: (01:01:14)
Uh, nothing. Uh, who was that

Speaker 6: (01:01:18)
exactly? And this is, this is a big point because it’s not just media and stuff. I mean it’s history, geography, listen to this, right? So we looked at these events a lot. So when you look at these events, you hear about these other things, like you said, Gulf of Tonkin, right? Operation Northwoods. We talk to them about these false flags that get mentioned all the time. Right. You remember I’m watching nine 11 documentaries and whatnot, and hearing the narrative that Pearl pro was the first foreign attack on us soil and nine 11 was the second [inaudible]. Have you heard that? I’ve heard it many, many times. Right? All the time. And in the project for a new American Century, they said they needed a new pro harbor. You remember this?

Speaker 7: (01:01:54)
Yeah. I remember that specifically a new Pearl, Harvard, that this was a historical analog.

Speaker 6: (01:02:00)
Yup. And they specifically said it was a second call on tack, Pearl Humble as the first listening to this. Now in this reality, in this timeline, this, whatever you want to call it, this meeting of a collective conscious right now in 1916 two German spies knocking through new blew off a hundred thousand pounds of TNT injured, about 120 people kill the handful and damaged the statue of liberty so bad that nobody’s ever been to the torch yet. I’ve talked to many people that have been to the torch, but now it’s impossible cause it’s never been opened. And not only that, how is that not mentioned on nine 11 no matter what your views are, you know they’re gonna push the patriotism. You’re telling me the statue of Liberty, the symbol of American freedom that they kept showing on nine 11 was attacked in 1916 this just came out of nowhere about three years ago.

Speaker 6: (01:02:52)
Nobody ever heard of it. I haven’t asked one person yet that has heard of it, not one. And the JFK thing keeps changing all these historical events. It’s really insane. The Lindbergh baby was now found is the hole. There were jokes the years about how the Lindbergh baby was missing and never found the limber baby was found. The guy was convicted. This survivors of the Hindenburg disaster. The JFK always had audio now to go with along with this, uproot a film and now the six people in the car and not four and Oswald has different clothes on and this is all on your own stuff. If you have footage of any of this, and from my hometown Ed McMahon from Lowell where I live and McMahon definitely worked for publishers clearing house. We used to get the envelopes. There’s even a rap song. He does parodying it saying, oh, go and do it a door. Can I get my giant check back now? He’s never even had an affiliation with that company.

Speaker 7: (01:03:42)
Fascinating. Okay. Yeah, this is all really interesting stuff. I like watch looking at all the narrative and the scripting and like you’re talking about JFK. I think it’s interesting how Jack Ruby takes down Oswald, you know, and there’s all this wizard of Oz symbolism, ruby slippers, wizard of Oz, you know, it’s the slippers that defeat him. There’s all these stories. And then there were synchronicities, you know, in our personal lives that to me, synchronicity suggests that there is something else at work here. So somewhere between scripted reality and synchronicity for me is the Mandela effect. It’s somewhere in there as an explanation.

Speaker 6: (01:04:16)
What about, um, you know how we talked about the secret of film and I remember that being the iconic film and there was like one honor that was talked about, but I’d never really saw it. I can show you 13 different angles of the assassination of JFK. Now, most in color, all allegedly always been in our timeline recorded by all these different people in 1963 with 18 cameras.

Speaker 7: (01:04:38)
See that’s, that’s amazing. That’s amazing. That’s like, um, stuff that’s not in any of the books about the topic

Speaker 6: (01:04:47)
and it’s not like one of the, you know, they talked about the JFK file and getting released before somebody goes there. Right. Do they come out with that? These videos have been out two years now. Did, they’re up on Youtube, the comments, the years, but we’ve never seen him. All of a sudden, they just popped in like a few months ago and it changed the complete narrative of JFK. Now if you go look, look up something called the victim belt recording, that’s what the audio is. Supposedly, there’s an audio and then you can hear the audio. I played it on a show. I get a whole JFK right now with the call them changes and you can hear the audio. And now due to the story, this audio was recorded by a police motorcycle that was behind the limo. And because the audio is presented, uh, some sort of, you know, government, a committee on assassinations of presidents or whatever, determined that there was a second shooter.

Speaker 6: (01:05:31)
This is official in terms, there was a second shooter that find the third shot from the grassy knoll. That’s the 10 years. And then they reversed it in like the late seventies and said, no, there wasn’t a second shooter to do all these theories about that. Right. But there was never any conclusion by the government based on an audio that there was a second shooter. The whole thing’s changed. You talked about ruby killing Oswald. I remember Ruby wearing a white tee shirt. Now Ruby has on a sweater, over a long sleeve buttoned up college shirt in Dallas in the summertime going into Oklahoma.

Speaker 7: (01:05:59)
So do you think this is all intentional sewing of confusion in order to gaslight people and throw off their confidence and their own perceptions? Or is there something else at work here, something supernatural or something?

Speaker 6: (01:06:11)
It’s something else. I think it’s supernatural. I think it’s more about collective consciousness causing it. I know a lot of people go the other way with you mentioned earth. A lot of people think that, um, but I, I think there’s a kickback. I actually, I think I saw collective consciousness all connected to each other. I think that some things I left as a probably assigned from the creative to let us know that this reality is this. It’s like a physical trap and we need to like spiritually eventually get out of this when basically in this artificial physical construct. And I think most people could probably agree with that to a point, but they’re all saying weird things that happened where, you know, say say something like black foam, say I brought it up to you. Right. You don’t know right now. Nobody’s ever given me the official story of lactone like they knew about these things will happen.

Speaker 6: (01:06:50)
And like I say, I asked somebody about black prom, they’ll never hear about it, and then I’ll say, oh yeah, it was the first day. And then they’ll just like fill in the lines and they’ll have the facts like from Wikipedia, like at the end disposal without even reading it. And I think some of that, you know, might be ticked back from the bad side. Is that people messing with frequencies that caused confusion? Is it an evil force? I don’t know. I tend to think with as good as evil it might be. It might be a kickback to not make us realize that we have this rising spirituality. I think that’s their biggest fear, honestly. Nevermind. Just denial shootings. I think that’s just hideous.

Speaker 7: (01:07:25)
It could be. It could be the idea of more just basically autonomy at a spiritual level where we’re actually unplugging our, like see what they’ve done is I think they have managed to seize the means of perception where our reality collectively is being curated by some very special interests and they’ll do anything to not lose control of that in one day. One way that they maintain control is universal threats that they can protect us from. So they have fear that they use to keep us under the spell. Anyway, it’s this protracted ongoing terror theater. I call it the [inaudible] industrial complex. And it’s this, that keeps you believing in this stuff that can then get you to move into the military industrial complex where you go from, I saw something on TV, now I’m ready to go retaliate with my gun. So Hey, I’m, this has been great. Um, I appreciate the call on my, I have your channel link below the video here. And um, so we’ll do this again, but auto I’m going to go ahead and, and put a link for your channel there as well. So anybody listening, you should go there and in case this video doesn’t stay on Youtube, you will find it at infinite plane, all right. Anything else, Brian?

Speaker 6: (01:08:39)
No, thank you, man. Thank you for having me on. I really appreciate it. And any of my people that are here for my channel. I see a lot of you guys definitely check out this show because you do live streams and you don’t care about getting sensitive when they take it down and you just bounce around like I do. So I appreciate that. And now you don’t talk no bullshit and you just say how you feel. So I definitely recommend people doing it.

Speaker 7: (01:08:59)
Awesome. I appreciate it. All right, have a great day. Ready?

Speaker 3: (01:09:03)

Speaker 7: (01:09:07)
this is solid. Mike. Fly Out of hoax, produced by DJ ready row

Speaker 3: (01:09:10)
[inaudible] CIA

Speaker 8: (01:09:20)
d Nike Ibn, the therapist. No, was [inaudible] older ones out and tell them about education. The streets are always dangerous. [inaudible] Pete is playing into really hear what they saying. You know what that means or you dealt with the teens. They speak to signs and symbols. You can learn them that these [inaudible] by nine 11 because of the 27 what you think that they can have the Knob or the med. It’s all looked forward into the [inaudible] body and muscles. Why they snatched your bodies. [inaudible] option that got hobbies. Switching roles with the paddle club called that and not only trying to prove, don’t you know we did around the globe and the to the movement to move. We will make the weight, let it spread. [inaudible]

Speaker 8: (01:10:20)
let them know we don’t place a potty by this recipe like a breakaway man to say, okay, show retention on your bed a date. Do you know what I’m Tom that don’t that these slimy, nicest antichrist at their turn, the app bring it up. Much of Peter’s actuality. That’s why the truth must spread by word of mouth. Word of math on solid coat illuminati. When my mom and myself by the growth section, if fat habits, switching bowls with the adult auto sign, secretaries aren’t what they are showing. Don’t except fix [inaudible] improved. Then you’re labeled scores descriptive by the number called what do alarm me. Let me turn on my auto hose.

Speaker 9: (01:11:25)
… cause I tell you these kids, today’s is tripping. I ain’t tripping. He must be tripping. [inaudible]

Speaker 3: (01:11:35)
[inaudible] [inaudible] your reality.

Speaker 10: (01:12:11)
[inaudible] nobody died at Sandy Lake. Nobody died in the war. And then we tried it about a weapon. Nobody died in any of the terrorist attacks like Bhagwan. Nobody died. 1,000 oaks, nobody died in Vegas. None those gay people died at the disco shooting.

Speaker 3: (01:13:21)
Yolanda, there is no evidence for any of your religious saviors to actually exist. There are no promises. There is no end to [inaudible] books. There’s no space. There’s no satellites. The space station is vague. And like I said earlier, I’m going to reality

Speaker 10: (01:13:35)
[inaudible] but they keep talking about [inaudible]. It’s been 12 minutes. Let me go ahead and delete this. I know you were listening. Trolls. I know your ears are bleeding. Go ahead and call your mommy so you never find that intermission. We’ll be right back.



Speaker 1: (00:43)
All right, thanks for joining. Today is August 21st, 2019 this is the flat earth report. The only legitimate news source, not an exaggeration, every single other news source out there is reporting from a place of total misinformation. Doesn’t matter what their intentions are. It doesn’t matter how truthy they think they are. Their reporting comes from a place that is rooted in a number of, uh, well distortions of reality. For example, if you’re reporting on violence in America under the presupposition that we’ve had 20 years of school shootings, mass shootings, terror attacks, and you add those statistics and then you throw in Jessie small, it’s hate crime, where he was lynched. You throw in all these fake events. Well then what are you really reporting on your reporting from a fictional universe?

Speaker 1: (01:40)
See, I don’t do that. We’re not doing that here. We’re just going off of what we can observe. And then of course we’re also, we’re not making predictions, but we are noticing patterns and we point those out all the time. We note the consistent inconsistencies in the narratives that are presented to us. So let’s go and start with this. This is from hip hop Kanye West neighbors called nine one one over dome construction. No noise. So Kanye West is building domes. I don’t know what it has to do anything other than it’s just noteworthy. Um, because it seems like our future is in mankind’s future. Um, has a lot to do with domes and totally contained ecosystems, sustainable living. There’s even serious talk about hollowing out meteors to live inside of them. And of course, and I brought this up yesterday in northern Spain. If you have 6,000 euros, you can spend a three day weekend living in a dark cave in a simulated Mars environment, even wearing a space suit.

Speaker 1: (02:56)
Okay, let’s see. The main news today is this reasonable man arrested for threatening to kill a friend with a crossbow over a $10,000 bet over whether the earth is flat. They notice something that I noticed less than two weeks ago. It was reported that the FBI circulated a Bolton saying that people who believe in fringe conspiracy theorists are now domestic terrorists. Well here we have a good illustration of a point of in making, which is all of the terrorists, all of the serial killers and all of the cannibals for that matter have been ball earth believers. Jeffrey Dahmer believed we were on a spinning ball. So did John Wayne Gacy, you know he’s a ball earth are bearing male hookers in his basement. So this idea that flat earthers are this new threat. It’s like what are they talking about? You’re talking about such a small group of people, but there seems to be a lot of effort to demonize and misrepresent. But here in this case it was the globe believer with the crossbow pointed at the fight. Arthur.

Speaker 1: (04:10)
Okay. And let’s take a look here. This is a pretty interesting article by Bro Bible. He said, did you know the leading fighter theory is that the earth is a disc with an arctic circle in the middle? NASA employees guard the ice wall. Yes, that theory is real and it’s why dipshit named Nathan Thompson, founder of the official flat earth and glove discussion page went viral for harassing a NASA employee in 2017. Now I remember that. But anyway, that’s kind of a side thing. He’s just going through the theory and how it’s um, crazy and as crazy as it is, I mean, from his point of view, it’s ironic that it’s the globe of believer who was the one who threw a fit about it, says here lands didn’t want to take any chances. So he told his father and the two met in court, they had a brief restorative justice meeting with judge Farnan and they agreed to end their squabble and they dismissed the charges. And it says here it’s mind boggling how the flat earth guys, the reasonable one here, maybe the flat earthers are onto something.

Speaker 1: (05:20)
Okay. Here’s a couple of other things. Sophia. The world’s most famous AI creation. She’s a citizen in Saudi Arabia, doesn’t have to wear a burka. She’s going to be coming to the big screen soon in a movie. I don’t know. I hopefully they, I really do hope they fix her neck. Hopefully they did cause she didn’t. When she looks left and right, it has these weird creases and it stretches and it’s painful to watch, but she’s going to be in a movie. I think it’s going to be called. Let’s see, Sophia, the creepily realistic humanoid robot created in Hong Kong by David Hanson. We’ll be the focus of a new film alongside Westworld’s. Evan, Rachel Wood. The plot of Sophia world isn’t known yet. Okay. Sophia world.

Speaker 1: (06:09)
Now, Sophia was introduced as pretty much your savior. In other words, if we could have an artificially intelligent being a Santiam, being that spontaneously arises and can basically make all the decisions that need to be made, but without any political bias, then this would be it. They’ve presented her as something of an oracle. This Sophia, even the name Sophia has certain connotations. A Sophia to me is also something of an idol that even atheistic secularists will bow to. I think she’s a pagan idol and the name Sophia has some gnostic connotations. It’s the name of the, I think it’s the, here we go. Goddess of wisdom, artificial intelligence, or pagan idol. So I’m surprised that more feminists aren’t offended by her, her bust or, and who, who, I’m guessing there’s a handsome guy assumed her gender, you know, why would an artificially intelligent being, you know, conform to the gender you put it into now, how, you know, Sophia could be extremely conflicted. Sophia’s true gender might be attack helicopter. And here they is, is that the Pronoun? And here they is trapped in a caricature of a woman’s body, but it’s almost identical in many ways to this.

Speaker 1: (07:43)
Here we go. This, this goddess of wisdom, this concept of, uh, this principle of wisdom itself. And so she’s the embodiment of wisdom. So I see her up there at the UN and she’s basically saying what you would expect, you know, she’s not exactly nonpartisan. She’s, you know, vote liberal. Global warming is real. Stop procreating. Um, get ready for your Mars domes. I mean, that’s pretty much her line. It’s all scripted. It’s all fake. But she’s gonna make it to the big screen. And I used to follow her on Twitter before she blocked me. And a lot of people think that Sophia the robot is real. I’m Sophia Hanson, robotics, latest human like robot. This is my official account run with my AI dialogue system in my human social media team. I mean, she is just a puppet and it’s pretty creepy as I described. ‘Em It’s, she’s getting creepy or look at that next yet line.

Speaker 1: (08:44)
But the thing that I found disturbing about Sophia was the way that they were trying to sexualize her. So Jimmy Fallon shamelessly flirts with her on his show. He brings her up, he flirts, um, you know, she’s like, my eyes are up here, Jimmy. Uh, he really gets too into it. Very creepy, very odd. And he, he gets this persona where he acts like a nerd. Like he’s nervous and it’s like, dude, you’re like 55 years old. You’re not a teenager asking some hot chick out to the prom. What’s with the act? These arrested development, arrested, emotional development, TV night show hosts. It’s, they’re all the same and they’re all just government gestures. Okay. Sophia. And they’re all enforcers of political correctness. Okay. Who’s the other guy? The scientologist. Oh yeah, will Smith. So will Smith took her out on a date and he sexually assaulted her or kissed her, which I think is technically sexual assault. If someone doesn’t ask for it. You look at that neck, I don’t know if you can see it. I’ll zoom in for you. Like I want to call tech support.

Speaker 1: (10:01)
Oh, can you guys fix this? Some a poxy or something. But anyway, that’s will Smith. I guess once you become a 33rd degree Scientologists you know, sex with robots is no longer off the table. And to me this is tantamount to necrophilia. All right, let me take a minute and see who’s here. We have 20 people here. Yeah, he’s an ecro file joined by Travis Cloud MVP, Jennifer Reeves on our third big Maj two oh six lyrical damage ocher net coal. And I know we have a host of people over there in the d live. Yeah. Hey, big m says no one is in this chat like it used to be. Yeah, we were censored quite heavily because we accidentally hate crimed all over the place. But I’ve learned how to avoid that. I know what terms to avoid. I had some discussions behind the scenes last night and we have a new approach.

Speaker 1: (10:57)
Okay, check this out. It’s just an oddball article here. Premature CVS report of Tom Petty’s death set off an outpouring. Now, if you remember during the harvest festival shooting October 1st, 2017 during that weekend, there were a couple of unusual things. One, Jesus Campos, the security guard disappeared, couldn’t find him, and then Tom Petty was reported dead. 66 year old at the time, Tom Petty’s death was reported, so there were already flowers and shrines being put up for Tom Petty. That’s what surprised me. It was announced that he had died at 11:30 PM there’s your 33 for those of you number crunching, Jimmy Trians. Is that what Zack Hubbard calls his subscribers? Now there are patterns and we do observe these patterns. I’m not knocking it, I’m just saying. Anyway. Remember noticing this whole thing about Petty’s death being reported. Is he dead and then a couple of days later, no, he’s not dead. It was, it almost seemed like a ritual, maybe even part of the big theater because on the one hand you have this guy named Jesus, he disappears for three days and he doesn’t show up until he’s on Ellen and she has a blueprint of the hotel and shows the audience what happened.

Speaker 1: (12:14)
And she’s like, show us where the shooter was and where you were. And this guy, you know, he’d think he’d be traumatized, but you know, Jesus disappearing for a few days coming back that seemed a little scripted and fake. Tom Petty’s death being reported. I don’t know. But my point is the public didn’t need very much. It just took a single headline and here you have Monica Bass and her mother leaving flowers outside of a hospital with a rock musician had been reported dead. This is what you call auto belief, and I’m just bringing this up for one reason.

Speaker 1: (12:50)
If you automatically believe everything that the news reports, you’re going to have a very sad and emotional life. Like it’s going to be be a roller coaster. It’s gonna be too melodramatic and that’s not really good for your stress levels or your health and it’s been widely reported that the mainstream media reporting of shootings and terrorist terrorist attacks can give people PTSD if they believe it, if they believe that it’s real, so that ties into this. This just came out by the Daily Mail. Fake News gives rise to fake memories. Study shows how people recall details that never happened after reading a fabricated report, especially if it backs up their opinions. I often mentioned that the importance of never discounting the desire to believe.

Speaker 1: (13:49)
It says in study researchers presented per participants with real and false news. They found that people are more likely to remember false facts about the opposing party. Exactly. Narrative always trumps facts in the minds of not just the auto believers, but anybody with a fundamentalist viewpoint. They will always put their narrative over the facts. Yeah. Mr Milk says imagine that. Exactly. Exactly. Fake news is not your friend. This is from Facebook. We’re working with more fact checkers globally. Look, I got that one wrong. It’s not a globe. Improving our technology and giving background information on articles. See, this is the Ministry of truth, soft selling. It’s fascist agenda. You might as well just put big brother’s face on that.

Speaker 1: (14:42)
According to a new study, voters may develop false memories after reading false news reports and they’re more likely to do so if the narrative lines up with their own beliefs. Okay, so this study just figured this out, but we’ve known this for a long time. This is exactly what we’ve been talking about. The whole fake left, right paradigm is all about playing off of this, about how people are more inclined to believe things about people that aren’t true. If it confirms their bias. It says here in highly emotional partisan political contest, such as the 2020 us presidential election voters may quote, remember entirely fabricated news stories. You know, I read another article related to this that talks about how people over 65 are like 99% more likely to forward and share dumb fake news, dumb fakes as in fake headlines, not knowing that it was fake in the first place.

Speaker 1: (15:46)
And that moreover, even after being corrected, they don’t give a damn. And the, this is a point I brought up with Jesse Smollett when Jesse fake lynched himself for 24 hours, the auto believers, like the two women you saw crying for Tom Petty, the auto believers were raging against racist white guys with Maga hats and how America’s now, you know, brought back the Klan in this climate of racism where men are getting lynched for being black and gay or whatever. And I’m like, whoa. For 24 hours, people were actually feeling that they were in that universe. They, and the thing is that was fake news. So now because that was a highly emotional event and very triggering and intentionally triggering, it doesn’t matter that Jessie walked away from it, not dead. The damage has already been done. The biases are already further solidified by yet. Another example.

Speaker 1: (16:39)
You know some people just look at the news, the headline up, there you go, another man lynched. They roll their eyes and move on and the correction never really happens. The news never, no news media outlet will ever put it on the front page. Oh, by the way, in case you mis-remembered this, here’s the facts. Never. That’s not how they correct things. That’s not how the Ministry of Truth Works. If they get something wrong and you pointed out they get rid of you, just like Winston Smith in 1984 he had a fact in his mind that hadn’t been properly disposed of, that fact, contradicted the narratives of the day. So they had a torture the guy rip his teeth out, electrocute them, and basically brutalize them until he was willing to not as head and say, yeah, two plus two is five.

Speaker 1: (17:31)
How is Facebook tracking down fake photos and video? It says, Facebook uses AI. Oh, there you go. AI. So we’ve got Sofia policing our thoughts. Now the machine learning software uses various signals, including feedback to identify false content. So infinite plane, which is merely a blog with transcripts, infinite plane, is banned on Facebook. You can’t post a link, you can’t post the link to Infinite Plain why? There is no hate, there’s no bigotry. I mean I’ve gone to my Facebook page some days and I see spam accounts with people and you know, animals and just the heads being chopped off. I’ve seen the worst stuff. Things I cannot unsee. There’s not enough eyewash in the world to do away with some of that stuff. So I do feel for you people over there at cognizant who have to go through all that stuff. But my point is my content has nothing to do with that. I’m just using words, I’m just making noise sounds. If you want to project any meaning onto it, you know, go for it. But like I’m saying, it’s like there’s no explicit hateful content in anything that we’re doing. And yet infinite plane radio and infinite plane society dotcoms are banned on Facebook.

Speaker 1: (18:54)
So as the company sends photos to human fact checkers. So the AI flags it in case there aren’t enough, but trigger troph likes to do all the flagging and then the humans fact-check it, who also happened to be but triggered troll flakes. What they’re doing now is they’re burning all of the, they’re basically burning books. That’s what they’re doing, but it’s in slow motion. Like this is pretty bad. What’s happening right now. It’s really hard to describe it. See what they’re doing is reality curation, Ministry of truth style, and then demonizing the people who have the truth. That’s the thing. If you know the truth, you’ve been designated as a domestic terrorist. So right now we’re just a group of terrorists because we know the truth about the fake news. Okay, so let’s go on. The study demonstrates the ease with which we can plant these fabricated memories. Despite this voter suspicion and even despite explicit warnings that they’d been shown fake news. It says cognitive tests performed show that people do form fake memories and people act and vote on their fake memories. And it’s hard to convince them that fake news is fake with the growing ability to make news incredibly convincing. How are we going to keep people from being misled?

Speaker 1: (20:23)
Yeah, exactly. While the first casualty of war is truth, as they say, and I take this approach too, so the other day in Philly there was this event where it appeared by one club that one officer was pouring fake blood on another and then the explanation given was, oh it was iodine from his belt. Cause you know police carry vials of iodine on their belts and then if you get a [inaudible] wound to your forum, they’ll just downs your whole arm and iodine cause that cures gunshot wounds. Anyway, I don’t know 100% that that was fake blood. But in today’s climate it’s better to just go with what goes viral and just throw it out there. And so I just put it out there. I said this is iodine gate police officers using theatrical blood. Now the reason why I’m comfortable just asserting these things is because they, the MSM or constantly asserting things in their mediated manufactured reality.

Speaker 1: (21:22)
They don’t fact check. They just throw it all in there and see what sticks. And if you’re going to make any kind of headway into this, if we are, uh, we have to be willing to play the same game and not be constrained to do, we have definitive 100% proof because, uh, we’re not giving enough information to arise these conclusions and we’re left taking the burden of proof and having to trust them. And I’m saying don’t trust them. And if you get even the slightest glitch that you can use to cause people to question what they’re being shown, then exploited. I mean, our purpose here as I understand it, is really the deconstruction of the mainstream mediated false worldview, which is just a religion. It’s a religious view. It just doesn’t come out of a holy book. It comes out of your TV and it’s formed with fake news, fake history, fake science. And all we’re doing is criticizing it. But what their response shows us, you know, the censorship labeling us terrorists, it, it really displays their vulnerability.

Speaker 1: (22:30)
Spacewalking astronauts at a parking spot at the space station. Like even this. Okay. Just looking at this image here, casual glance, my perceptions. Tell me, oh, it’s an underwater photo because I’ve seen a whole lot of underwater photography and even the first time I saw these ashots in space, I thought it looked like they were swimming. They move like this, swimming, Cape Canaveral space walking astronauts added another parking spot to the ISS on Wednesday. Now I was hoping that they would have brought it down today because it’s not up there. This thing’s in a pool. It’s at a desalinated pool. If you didn’t know. Astronauts are all scuba divers. Look it up. Every single astronaut is a scuba diver, so they’re not just actors. They at least have to do that. But I had placed a tentative prediction that they would bring it down today, one 28 you know, a couple of reasons. Mainly, you know, we’re 33 years since the Challenger exploded and I think we’re due for another space. Tragedy, a space nine 11 and

Speaker 1: (23:45)
I’m like, well eight to one. It’s the reverse of one to eight when the challenger fell, eight two, one 19 there you have a reverse nine 11 you know how they do with all these numbers and shoes. Shoes are a big thing with psyops. I don’t understand that yet. Okay. Speaking of psyops, this Nipsey thing, a couple of things. One, the store, you know the marathon, it’s on the 33rd parallel and they put a gate up so you can’t go in. And this happened during the lions gate. This is just more, you know, astrology, but astro theology is tied into this whole paradigm. It’s just covert. So without is interesting cause he’s a Leo. His birthday’s eight 15 they put a gate up and now they’re erecting an Abila square. He died like who could have predicted that?

Speaker 1: (24:39)
You know, we were like following this thing in the beginning. I’m like, okay, well this is just bizarre. But you do have this 33 year old Christ Messiah type and you have the falling of the steeple associated with the same narrative. We’re talking about the burning cathedral, the steeple of course being the obelisk. And now the fact that putting an obelisk at the grave of this 30, 30 year, 33 year old, um, Christ Messiah type, it’s just too obvious. And if he didn’t know all 33 degreed masons, every one of them gets an obelisk when they die. Okay. Snoop dog decided to share his thoughts at the breakfast club. This is where he was comparing him to Jesus. And that’s what I was looking for here. So this is snoop dog on the breakfast club.

Speaker 1: (25:26)
He says here, even before his death, snoop held Nipsey and high regard since his passing dog has gone on record comparing Nipsey to historical martyrs like Jesus. Nipsey believes that hustle did what? Pock couldn’t quote the spirit. Nipsey had was the spirit Tupac had as far as being close and personal with the people. I think Nipsey did what? Tupac couldn’t. Now speaking of Tupac, did you know that after Jesse Small it was lynched or fake lynched before it was exposed as a hoax? He went on stage, on stage in front of his audience, cause he’s a, I think as a singer too. And he said that he was the gay Tupac. So Jesse Smollett martyr, you know, for the social justice warrior cause of demonizing Maga hat wearing Trump voters, this guy actually goes out and calls himself the gay Tupac like, okay, well the other one.

Speaker 1: (26:35)
Okay, so the spirit and fc had, he did what Tupac could not outside of Nipsey hussle impact. Snoop touched on some more lighthearted topics. Let’s see, there’s anything else here. Uh, not too much, but this comparison with Jesus, um, was there from the beginning. Snoop dog says, and this is from hip hop Dx, Nipsey Hussle had the same impact. Jesus had praise. Nipsey Cam B says Tupac has that same spirit today. No, I think he gave it to Akil the DMC man. This is such a joke. Okay. In the wake of Nipsey Hustle’s March 31st shooting death, the quarter of course, March 31st was the real Easter.

Speaker 1: (27:20)
Look at the impact he had. This is snoop dog talking about Nipsey Hussle. He had the same impact. Jesus had a lot of people didn’t know him, but they wanted to know more about them when he passed away. Then once they found out about him, they understood what his legacy was about. Now his legacy is bigger with him not being here. That’s why I say I’ve never seen Jesus, but I keep hearing about him. Let’s listen to this. So that might be an intentional part of the scripting. Here you go. Pay nifty to Jesus. Yeah, why not? Yeah. Cause Mike’s bond on that a little bit.

Speaker 2: (27:58)
I mean look at the impact that he had. You know what I’m saying? Like the same impact that Jesus had. Like a lot of people didn’t know him, but they show one to know about him once he passed away or, and then once they found out about him, they understood what his, what his legacy was about. Now his legacy is living even bigger with him not being here. So that’s why I say I ain’t never seen Jesus, but I’ve been hearing about it and you know we got a lot of faith in him and we know that, you know, if you believe in him this is going to happen cause your grandparents and the book of the Bible been giving you all this information. It’s like that’s what he is now when we gone that’s what he’s going to be like because you, you can’t touch him. You can’t see him. You only have images of him and his image look like Jesus. This way it’s shaped and then the bone structure in the eyes and all that. I’m looking at it like, man please. It is what it is.

Speaker 1: (28:51)
That’s fascinating too. You know daylight, a friend of Nipsey said that he was literally Jesus. Now you have snoop dog saying he even has Jesus’s face. So I presume we’re not talking about the blonde hair, blue eyed Arion Jesus. I mean there’s so many GSI out there, if that is even his real name. Okay, so I’m over on my bitch shoot account really quick here. There was something I wanted to share with you pertaining to Nipsey Hussle. Um, here we go. Yeah, it’s pretty bad. I do have a video here that it’s another user. It’s called onus new service and he took his video down. It got flagged for bullying, but basically, uh, he found by searching, by getting court records that Nipsey Hussle had actually been, um, I guess convicted of having abused or raped, um, a 14 year old or two 14 year olds like years ago before he was a rapper.

Speaker 1: (30:00)
And so I’m not going to go over that now, but I’m just bringing this up because they’re selling you a martyr. They’re calling him Jesus. Well, you might want to know a little bit about his background, his court records. So if you follow me on Facebook, my Facebook account is actors. I’m going to post the Nipsey hussle sex crimes bitch shoot video. They’re just because they’re making a Jesus out of him and I don’t know, I mean a lot of Christians might have a problem with that. They’re always ripping on Mohammed for dating a six year old. And like, well this is pretty bad too. You know, what can’t you find better? You know, exemplars. You want to create a martyr, find somebody who’s not a sex offender at a minimum.

Speaker 1: (30:50)
Okay, back on topic here we’re talking about everything fake. This is, I mean flat earth report doesn’t specifically just mean flat earth. It’s really everything that the mainstream media won’t cover. Stuff that’s beyond the, the edge, you know, so to speak. So to Kashi, six nine should’ve just faked his death like all the other rappers. Do you know, I think he went a little too far with his staged drama. Little psychodrama. I think they played the public for too long and people are starting to see through it. So basically he’s about to go testify in court against his kidnappers and it says here, this is a TMZ. So TMZ is not in the know knowing full well this could make his family targets for gang retaliation.

Speaker 1: (31:44)
Like look at this TMZs reporting this like this is real and this is today. Today. I mean I almost have to call, I’m gonna have to call these people. I’m sorry, this is just dumb. Here’s the thing. Look at this picture here. Here’s to cost you in the hospital. I mean, who does these hospital selfies? What about patient privacy? Especially celebrity. Okay, so supposedly he was kidnapped, robbed, um, beaten up in all this. I think this might be him describing it. This is Takashi crisis acting. Now, my point is, is this, the defense’s attorney has come out with information proving that this is all hoax, that it was a fake kidnapping and it was all staged as an all staged. So let’s listen to this liar. Then I’m going to call TMZ and then I’ll show you the information. I was already home by like 5:00 AM

Speaker 3: (32:40)
I was already home. I just had stepped out. I stepped on my house. I’m trying to finish the Nikki Minaj video at my friend’s studio to work, like to edit, to finish up some editing.

Speaker 1: (32:53)
No, just take note really quick. I mean, I don’t know this individual, so I don’t know his mannerisms, but I can tell you just on my first impression, uh, the way he’s looking up, it looks like he’s speaking from a place of imagination. Like he’s thinking, he’s imagining he’s, he’s not recounting facts.

Speaker 3: (33:14)
We got, we got hit by a car, like I will vehicle guy bought a car from ’em. So when I will, I will vehicle guide from behind. As the driver got out, the gunman came out. You know what I’m saying? So, so, so,

Speaker 4: (33:28)
so the gunman comes out, points a gun at you. What does he do next? Do you, are you taken into the car and kidnap? What happens then?

Speaker 3: (33:35)
I black out right there. Like I, all I saw was a like a flash. No, we said it was just like a, it just happened so quick. Like,

Speaker 1: (33:44)
okay. Again, this is Takashi six, nine. He’s a, a rapper who is putting his life in danger according to t and Z for snitching on the bloods. This is all fake rap beef. This is all fake. So let me go ahead and show you a CAUTI. Fake kidnapping. I’ve got to get his lawyer statement. Okay. And here’s the headlines. Takashi six nine pistol whipped, kidnapped, robbed in Brooklyn and of course, what is it on what the attorney is saying on the other side is that what we have here isn’t just a lie that’s just, you know, made up and it’s just a story. But it was actually acted out like it was an actual staged event. Yeah. He saw a gun and he blacked out.

Speaker 3: (34:40)
Oh, all I saw was the gun come face. And that’s that. That’s like I was, when I woke up, I was in the back seat of a car and it had nothing to, I literally left my house when I literally nothing like I have nothing. All I had on me was a phone and my debit card when they, when I say

Speaker 1: (34:58)
how much do you wanna bet those tats are fake. Well, no, maybe not. I wouldn’t be surprised though if they were temporary. Not the stick on kind to get from vending machines and using ice cube, but like, it just wouldn’t shock me. Nothing about these, um, stage characters should be considered as real. It’s all just stagecraft.

Speaker 3: (35:18)
Yo, listen, let me like, you know, like allow me to see my daughter another day. You know what I’m saying? I got a two year old daughter at home, you know what I’m saying? Allow me to see my daughter another day. Well, cause I’ve got some jewelry in the house. You could have that. You know what I’m saying? I didn’t tell them where I live. They went to the front of my house. So it was just like somebody must’ve told them where I live. You can follow me or watching me. So it was like a, it was like a

Speaker 1: (35:44)
Phili. Carter says research his father’s hip cop connection. Okay. We will look into it. Anyway, this is all just fake news. That’s what I’m saying. It’s fake news. And we look at the fake news everywhere and it’s not just with the shootings and the terror attacks, but there’s a lot of celebrity drama and it all has the same agenda. That’s the thing. Oh, here’s an image from last night. You know, I started a live stream and I just came up with the title, you know, does bigfoot ride a unicorn? Because I see a lot of co Intel operatives associating the question of the shape of the world with big foot belief, specifically telepathic bigfoots. And so I was just like, look, if you’re going to start asserting that there’s a big foot in the woods, then you should be equally comfortable with people talking about Unicorns. So I’ve been asking big foot believers to answer this question for me. A, does bigfoot ride a Unicorn and not one big football believer will call me. And you know, I don’t know for a fact that, you know, big foot is, you know, fake or whatever. I know there are people who say they’ve seen certain things but the evidence doesn’t support the extraordinary claim. So I’m not a believer, but if you are a believer and you’re comfortable with it, then you should also be comfortable with Unicorn belief. That was the point I was making.

Speaker 3: (37:13)

Speaker 1: (37:13)
a band bowl cuts. This is something I had pointed out before. You know, had they banned bowl cuts in 2012, uh, we wouldn’t have had what we had with the, you know, what school and the Charleston Church and how many other bowl cuts shooters have we had. Okay. Let’s see what else we have here. Oh yes. If you didn’t know your Gmail account is a wash with masonic symbolism. You have the m you have the Masonic Apron, which looks like your Gmail envelope and of course g mail, the blue g and the mail gmails of the masons. Cause it’s a, a males club. Just bringing this up because you know, you shouldn’t be too comfortable on these platforms that are controlled by the very people that you expose day in, day out. You don’t think they’re reading your emails. You know, I think I was the first one to expose this.

Speaker 1: (38:15)
I called this out in 2000, I think it was 2009 2008 I did a few videos on it. I wish I had kept it up. You know, I took a long break from social media but I had been picking up on the stuff for a bit. And, and so I’ve never trusted g-mail. I pretty much treat it as anything that I send is pretty much published in the public domain. And that’s how we should look at it. But I like to bring these up as reminders just so we don’t get too comfortable with our illusions of privacy. You know, they want to get inside of our heads. You know, for example, this is a short little excerpt from an article by the daily beast about us. So this is a section of an article and it’s called off the deep end. Controlled opposition is a truther term for efforts to undermine conspiracy groups. And this was as a result of the flat earth conference we intended in Denver, where, you know, I was able to get this information out to a couple of media outlets so they can start trying to understand where we’re coming from. Controlled opposition is a real thing.

Speaker 1: (39:30)
They look like everybody else, they seem innocuous, but just when you think everything’s fine, they bring up something ridiculous to discredit everything that you’re about. And so right now the controller position line is big foot and you’re in therapy. You know it is this crazy. You could go into a room of flat earthers and say, raise your hand if you believe in bigfoot and you drink your own number one. Guess what? Every one of the major organizers or personalities you’ve seen on TV or behind the curve, we’ll have their hands up as big foot believing p drinkers. Not a coincidence. Okay. It goes on to say auto hoaxers are a movement that reflexively declare every significant event a hoax. Sometimes just for argument’s sake, she almost got it. Almost the group’s manifesto is an appeal to seed confusion in dismantle established facts in order to let conspiracy run rampant.

Speaker 1: (40:33)
True. That is true. Uh, what we’re doing here is we are casting doubt on the institutions that we have been trained to trust. We’re not trying to seed confusion. We’re trying to unconfuse the misinformed masses dismantling established facts. Yeah, we are. Because the established facts are really just the established opinions of certain technocrats and their interests. So yeah, by all means dismantle away. That’s what the blue wrenches about. Like sure you have your ranch to bash the trolls and to preserve the integrity of our chat room. But to me it’s also a symbol of this great deconstruction. You know, I’ve likened it to a reformation and others have as well the internet and what it’s doing, but I don’t even see what we’re doing is reformation. This is dismantling its deconstruction. I think non-belief is more important than figuring out the right beliefs to have

Speaker 1: (41:32)
and been repeating this for the last few days is a meme that somebody sent me in. It said it’s better to have a mind open with wonder than closed by belief, which I agree with 1000000%. If you have a false belief, it could pretty much close you off to asking the questions that would bring you to the truth. It’s pretty much that simple. You know, false beliefs give you explanations that preclude the need to ask any more questions. So it’s like, well I believe there’s a dome, so I don’t need to ask what’s beyond or I believe we’re in a ball. So six continents and, and the Antarctica at the bottom, it’s all we got very limiting beliefs. And this is the reason why, uh, we introduced these maps of the known flat earth. So if you haven’t seen these yet, we’ve actually had these for several months now, but this is the latest one.

Speaker 1: (42:34)
It’s a take on the old flat earth societies, a flat earth map of the real world. And of course their presumption was they had all the real world. It was just configured differently. And I’m saying, well no, there’s an open question as to what is surrounding this hypothetical flat plane. Terra incognita. So we’re reintroducing this map. This is an upgrade based on the old one, infinite plane, I think every single person who’s questioned the globe ought to pick this up because what distinguishes this map from every other one and the reason why we can make the claim that this is the only legitimate flat earth map is that it doesn’t assume an edge of boundary or a barrier. It only has question marks.

Speaker 1: (43:32)
These are the only legitimate flat earth maps. Forget the rest. They all presume a boundary, an edge, a dome, or some kind of impassable barrier. This map portrays only what we know. All else is uninformed conjecture. I’ve been submitting this map around, um, and here’s some artwork by Chris Pontius. This is his flat earth Van and he has a series of, in fact, we should look at his site. I’ll show you. He’s working on this to the infinite planes. Society does have the best artists working for it or with it. And I’m contributing. So what Chris Pontius has devised are a couple of things I think are innovative models that have continents outside of the known, uh, continents. And then of course these which are models with a flat sky. I had a long talk with someone last night about concept of the Dome and how unlikely it is that there would be a curved sky.

Speaker 1: (44:42)
But here’s what he’s been working on. Infinity maps, same design is what we have here. Just the arrows on the outside. No presumption of an edge. This is the only sensible way to represent it. Here’s a link if you want to pick up one of these maps. That’s flat. Earth Chris Pontius. Okay, so let’s continue. We were talking about this. Oh yes. Days before the conference. This is from the daily beast. I enter the groups, chat on discord. Um, I’m banned by users who announced that I’m a spy. I noticed that they’ve all adopted nearly identical usernames bashing one of the communities. Tim Osmonds. Here we go. They’ve taken up a flat earth specific variant of the alt right meme pepe the frog and she’s referring to the penguin flat. Earth is weird, but this is weird, weird. This is shit posting into oblivion. The information equivalent of clear cutting a forest.

Speaker 1: (45:47)
And I agree with most of this. This is the information equivalent of clear cutting a forest because it’s like that movie I like to bring up as an analogy, the village, a 2004 kind of a mystery thriller drama type movie about a group of people who believe that the village they live in, in the middle of a wilderness is all there is because they’ve been given nothing but misinformation for their entire lives, their entire lives. They’ve been misinformed. They figure it out. And not only is there more to the world than that little village, but the world is much more advanced because they’re living like it’s the 18th century when it’s the 20th century outside of their village. And so my point is in that movie, the Wilderness symbolizes this false worldview, all the lies. It’s a forest of lies. All the established facts need to be chopped down, burned, et cetera. So yes, this is the info equivalent of clear cutting a forest because the only way to get out of the village, the false paradigm, the misrepresentation, is to just cut it all down. And if it’s worth keeping, it’ll stay. Okay. So I’m going to go ahead and take off on, we are going to be taking calls later on today. Infinite plane, is where you go for the archives. And if you’re over on a d live, I’ll go ahead and join my faith and my youtube channel as well. Um, someone to post the link there. We’re trying to get up to a thousand subs by the end of the week. Anyway, I’ll see you all later. And this is MVP, the hardware vandal. I have a couple of ones I wanted to play here. The IPS

Speaker 5: (47:49)
synchronization [inaudible].



Speaker 3: (02:29)
Okay, thanks for your patience here. I was just uh, getting this thing started here. I had the wrong title of this is did Owen Benjamin trigger El Paso Walmart shooting and it is open phones. I was trying to change the thumbnail. I have a thumbnail relating to the obelisk that they are erecting at the site of Nipsey hustles, fake death, whole nother subject. But they’re all interrelated. So we may get into that. Maybe not, probably not. What’s focused on this for now, I have like 50 different things. I want to go over with you really quick as far as what’s on my mind, which is just my way of putting my, but my bookmarks out there publicly. So if you go to plains society, you can pretty much follow along with the research that I’m doing. I’ll look all the Honduras, but Toya speaks out on gun violence Nellie’s player of the week. So he grabs a mic after a baseball game. He says guns are bad and k and now he’s player of the week. It turns out he lived 10 miles from Parkland.

Speaker 3: (03:37)
So had he still lived there in one of those bullets, had gone stray, it could conceivably have taken him out. So all the [inaudible] survived the parkland shooting. Anyway, he grabbed the Mike, used it for political purposes and then of course the other side doesn’t get an offer of counterpoint. That’s not fair. Intel hub, Walmart shooting witnesses saw three or four armed men running inside the store, all dressed in black with masks shooting people. Okay, so we have that footage as well. We have Elon Musk sending artists to space around the moon. Oh yeah. So he sending artists around the moon, I think. I know why. Cause you can’t send photographers, you know, why does any send the 10 best film makers try to outdo what Stanley Kubrick did with space odyssey 2001 why not send your finest cinematographers, photographers, videographers and produce something magnificent? No, he’s sending a few people up there with sketch pads and markers and crayons so they can probably do some abstract pieces about how space makes them feel. We’re not going to get any more pictures of the earth because there aren’t any.

Speaker 3: (05:03)
Okay. They shut down eight Chan. So forget about your guns. Forget about those. That’s not what they want. They don’t want your guns. That is a red herring. If there ever was one. Fake shootings are being used to shut down free speech. So it’s not about guns. After New Zealand they shut down bit. Shoot, they temporarily shut down crippled fortune in a few places. They shut down the Internet in Sri Lanka so they could bomb those churches and have no one questioned it. As a result of the New Zealand shooting, which was referenced by the Walmart shooter, they have put restrictions on youtube live streaming users. Um, ability to actually be heard because now you need a thousand subscribers to live stream from your phone. So if you’re at a Walmart and it’s being shot up by one of Owen Benjamin’s fans, you can’t just live stream and say, oh no, one of these angry white dudes is killing everybody because you don’t have a thousand subs and you can’t upload videos longer than 15 minutes.

Speaker 3: (06:10)
Obviously it’s because they’re trying to prevent marginal characters from getting a large audience using the example of the mass shooter or the Logan Paul Rat, Taser rat taser, excuse me, he tasers rats. He looks at dead people and trees and they say, well, because of Logan Paul and because of Taryn Brenton or whatever his name is, the shooter from New Zealand, we can no longer allow free speech to exist. Then you had the two synagogue shooters, Philadelphia and San Diego both saying, shout out to Pewdie Pie. So they all referenced one another. So this latest shooter now Paso, his manifesto was pretty much everything you hear Owen Benjamin say on a daily basis, except he was more against Hispanics than Jews.

Speaker 4: (07:03)

Speaker 3: (07:04)
Oh, looking at the whole event, as you can see, it’s clearly going to be used for the purposes of getting these various politicians elected. I think it was a brilliant move. Uh, Beto probably footed the bill for this thing. I think this is his sandy hook, Beto O’Rourke and El Paso. Ian, who gave us a nice Robbie Parker asked performance when he had to talk about it at a press conference about how he felt about the event. You may have seen that he did appear to be laughing, which doesn’t make sense unless you know that we’re looking at highly scripted events with multiple takes and that it is pretty funny from their point of view.

Speaker 3: (07:46)
Anyway, this was used to take away the idea that we need to build a wall to protect it from the Mexicans because no, now if you build a wall, we’re trapped with all the crazy white people with guns. But look, they’ve used these events to shut down free speech. So don’t be, and none of you are, but if you’re subscriber this channel, you know about this, what the people are new to. This should not be cowed by what their words or their ideas or their comments might due to the supposed victims. Like you’re not going to hurt anybody’s feelings to death. Well, people get offended when I say these things aren’t real or as they’re presented, well, nobody ever died from hurt feelings.

Speaker 3: (08:29)
Okay, moment cops take down Dayton shooter Conor bets, so Connor bets and other is his all revenge of the nerds. Another nerd. They’re all interchangeable. In fact, look at the shooters from the El Paso shooting and the Gilroy garlic festival shooting. Look at those two characters side by side. I have a video on it. They look like twins. Looks like the same guy. Kind of like Adam Lanza and Dylan roof have the same damn haircut. It’s like, what is it the same barber? Are they getting all the shooters out of the same MK Ultra Vats? These factories where they turn them out. One one style of haircut, the outage is band bowl cuts or red flag. Those, they’ve got a bowl cut because now they’re saying it’s anger. This the singer of the band tin man over there at the Gilroy garlic festival said that he saw the shooter and he had a frown gray scarf, hat face. Turndown wasn’t enjoying the music, he was frowning, big frowny face. It’s like, oh, next thing you know, he pulls out an AK 47 to start shooting people. So the singer and his band mates get under the stage and as they’re getting under the stage, one of the victims whose hands are up is asking the shooter, why are you doing this? And this is all coming from the singer,

Speaker 5: (09:51)
the band. And he says, because I’m so angry.

Speaker 3: (09:58)
So anger, anger is now equivalent to being a radical meant member of a religious sect. Hey, what’s up color

Speaker 6: (10:09)
going on? 10.

Speaker 3: (10:11)
Uh, just uh, covering the news through my, um, mine’s feed and I saw that you were going to call in. So what is going on over there?

Speaker 6: (10:20)
I’ve got a question for you, do you think, um, I think we’ve been hitting hard pretty much the this week. Just with the, with these, the false flags and stuff you think is because we’re coming up on another election year or cause they want to cover their, uh, pedo tracks or is it both the same shit?

Speaker 3: (10:39)
I think it’s both the same shit. I think the pedo tracks thing was brought up again with Isaac [inaudible] fake death because of the election. And I even called it, I said as we move into the election season, it’s gonna start off with psyops. You can have gun shooting psyops that will bolster the claims of the Democrats and then you can have Muslim terrorist attacks that will be used to blame the left. So yeah, we actually called that this would happen and look right on and check this out. One more thing. Um, did you catch when we were talking about what the 42 year span from 1970 sevens blackouts to the more recent ones? That just happened?

Speaker 6: (11:15)
Yeah. With the 42 blocks. 42 men. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (11:18)
Yeah. 42,000 people without power. Okay. Well, right now they’re pushing a background check. Bill called s 42. I saw little daisy honked promoting it s four, two, and we were all saying, well this is the 42nd anniversary of the son of Sam shootings when they had the blackouts and were like, watch there be a whole lot of shootings that come out somehow connected to this and it’s going to be like the summer of Sam all over again. Everybody’s terrified and look, they’ve done it

Speaker 6: (11:48)
all right. And I just wanted to drop one, one comment that I thought was pretty, uh, usually, uh, when you, uh, are usually when something like this happens, like with one of these shooters, um, you only see the fringe throwing out, um, the fringe that are what they consider to be the fringe side. Throwing out, oh look, here’s the inconsistency here. Here’s another one there. And then now even my aunt’s sharing and consistencies on Facebook, like,

Speaker 3: (12:19)
really? See that’s a good sign. That’s a really good sign. And you know, a lot of people, they, they’re scared of offending people. And so I say, well, Hey, point to the fake race hoaxes, Jesse Small it, you know, I’m blessed that guy because his performance has really given us a whole lot of credibility, which I mean, we know we’ve earned it. We actually do, um, reference facts. We’re just parsing the news. We’re not inventing things, but slip ups like that make it easier for us to make our points. Cause we’re not saying, hey, these kids didn’t die. We’re saying that Hollywood actor was throwing a Tan a Tantrum, trying to get attention and people understand that doesn’t offend them as much.

Speaker 6: (13:00)
Right. And did you ever see a, that connection, the, I think it was a cruise kid or whatever that his dad has to the John of God, Dude.

Speaker 3: (13:10)
Oh No, actually that I wanted to get that one going. I’m someone sent me a link. So go ahead.

Speaker 6: (13:14)
Bring them. Right. So, um, that, that kid a cruise or whatever, I think one of those kids, I know they look the fucking same anyway, but uh, one of their dads has a, a connection to John of God. Uh, the dude down in Brazil, he had uh, some of his massage therapist or something cause he had one of the little shady businesses. They were a trained directly by John of God. Wow. Talk about them in an interview and the interview.

Speaker 3: (13:46)
Okay. And so that, that places him right square in the middle of, of what human trafficking? Um, bizarre.

Speaker 6: (13:53)
Yes. Yeah. So what he was doing, he was like supposedly am pregnant, meeting women and uh, selling their kids off or whatever. Once they were born and Oprah approved of him, she even had him on the show and whatnot. Yeah. I mean he must be good. He must be good.

Speaker 3: (14:11)
I’m surprised Oprah didn’t have ef Epstein on her show.

Speaker 6: (14:16)
Yeah. You probably would have if it went longer. Yeah, he was out getting caught. Well he was talking about

Speaker 3: (14:21)
the same thing. He wanted to just breed a bunch of kids of, for whatever reason. But

Speaker 6: (14:26)
I think he didn’t have enough people in his call cause John, the God, he had a quite a bit of people on his side. Yeah. He has people that are still claiming to be associated with his organization.

Speaker 3: (14:37)
Hey, I know people who fell for them. I knew people, my family, um, and relatives who are into that thing cause Oprah opens the door to that stuff and these people end up being sickos. But the fact that he’s associated with the shooter, just that they’re all plugged into the CYOP cyop entertainment complex. It’s like with a media merges with the news merchants with politics. But yeah, he’s definitely a backstage or an insider. He doesn’t, he’s not, this isn’t random.

Speaker 6: (15:07)
Right? Well, all right Tim, I gotta go man. You have a, you have a good show man. Pretty safe.

Speaker 3: (15:13)
All right, so let’s go ahead and continue going through. So John of God, what’s going on? I’m going to do a search for this one unless someone else has, there is a connection between the shooter’s family and this John of God character, which is worth looking into. John of God. And the shooter’s name was Patrick Cruces. And I remarked on this before, how similar it is to nick cruise. A little bit of a similarity there. And then they did bring parkland into the situation because with a Parkland you had this ball player who lived like 10 miles away from it or something. So you have that guy brings, it brings Parkland to into the story. Right? Of course David Hogs in front of this thing, but then you even have something else. There were a couple of sandy hook families who happened to be in El Paso doing a mural to tribute to pay tribute to their dead kids. And while they’re there, the shooting happens just down the street from where they are.

Speaker 3: (16:17)
Okay. Suspected El Paso shooter. Oh yeah. And phones are open. (505) 510-4226 if you have any information on any of these topics suspected, I’ll pass a shooter. Patrick Cruces, his dad does. Sought to, I’m, I’m looking to find out what his connection to this John of God thing. We’ll keep digging on that. Okay, well let’s go down. So there’s the shooting in Daytona. There were, that’s the Ohio one. You have the two Walmarts, you have the Gilroy, and then you had the Brooklyn one where we had the woman who was miraculously saved by her bra. You know, you had the tiny book at Parkland. You had Carrie Nathan, the nephew of the guy next to Nipsey Hussle. Uh, this guy was shot in his belt buckle, which saved his life. Although they didn’t notice until after he was already at the hospital that it didn’t actually penetrate him. So he had the belt buckle that saved his life. This woman in Brooklyn is saved when the Bra stopped the bullet. So that’s two. Then you have the tiny books and Parkland. That’s three. And then there was a guy, I think it was at the, it was at Paris, at the niece, or it might’ve been at the bottom column, but there’s someone else whose cell phone had stomped a bullet and the cell phone is in his pocket. Kinda like those civil war stories about the Bible stopping a bullet.

Speaker 3: (17:42)
Yeah. One of the commenters here says banned bowl cuts. Yeah. The idea of banning bowl cuts is right now they’re trying to say that a frowny face is indicative of somebody who’s ready to blow up. So it used to be, um, somebody is living like a hard line, you know, Islamised you know, praying, wearing the garb, maybe buying pipe bomb supplies. If you see something, say something. Now it’s your neighbor doesn’t smile back to you. You might want a snitch. And I’ve been seeing signs that say silence is violence out there. And I’ll Paso, you know what that means? Not snitching is helping the killer. Silence is violence. Okay? Now look at this loser actor Rainn Wilson, just another, uh, mainstream degenerate, angry white men with guns are the biggest threat to Americans. Look at this guy’s face. Like this is a not angry face. So if you don’t have an expression like that, milk, toast, Pallid, flacid then you’re a threat to national security and you are a terrorist. This is the not angry white guy face that we’re all going to have to adopt.

Speaker 3: (19:03)
Yes, he actually said that. He said angry white men with guns are the biggest threats to Americans. Okay. Blink one 82 jumped in. They postponed their El Paso show and mark Hoppus reveals that he was in a hotel on lockdown during the shooting. Now, why would the, during the shooting he was on lockdown. This sounds like bs and this is the signup industrial complex. It encompasses pop culture, athletes, politicians, actors, crisis actors. Blink one 82 postpones or show and they were on lockdown. Let’s see. By the way, they upped the death toll by two, but what I’m wondering is like what do you mean the hotel was on lockdown? What hotel was it?

Speaker 2: (19:59)

Speaker 3: (20:02)
His security team texted that the hotel was on lockdown. Their intercon system announced their reports of an active shooter across the street at a location different from the first shootings. Yeah. What’s up with all these reports is multiple reports, conflicting reports, three shooters, one shooter eye witnesses, two different eyewitnesses. I saw three shooters, black masks, black garb, head to toe with guns, shooting people, and now it’s no, just that one nerdy guy looks like a Owen. Benjamin El Paso mayor told Fox and friends that the community is outstanding and generous. And this will not define us, right? I’ll pass a strong, now speaking of Owen Benjamin, because look, this whole thing is being blamed on angry right wingers. Those don’t, those who don’t have the not angry guy face. And this is just to give you an idea of how agents work agents, we’ll hold a line.

Speaker 3: (21:06)
Max Egan, great channel, good storyteller, but he’s an agent. He works for Prime Minister Dingdong of New Zealand. And he was reinforcing the New Zealand story that it was real on the basis that the shooter had mk ultra and the color red was triggering him into another state of mind where he was another person and he does this horrible thing. He doesn’t remember it. I mean that’s B s right away. Okay. Mk Ultra, that whole story, there’s nothing to it. It’s pretty much just there to distract you from looking closer. So they want you to think that the shooter is mine controlled, not an actor, because it makes a huge difference. So Ellen Benjamin tweets about the garlic shooter that he was quote Mk ultra, Mk ultra. So if you’re going to go with that and say mk ultra, then what you’re really saying is that the whole thing was real as presented, but you can’t really blame right wing ideology. You gotta blame mine control or Trump says you got to blame video games or some other right-wingers are saying you have to call it the continent effect. It’s like you’ll see all the different ways people explain this away.

Speaker 3: (22:28)
Yeah. Brick House s yeah, the names. Okay. I got those. The names of the victims? Yeah, they were some, there were some jokes. Look, this is Shakespeare. The world’s a stage. We are in the globe theater. If you haven’t noticed, and there are so many double entendres inside jokes. Most of it’s not meant for us. Parkland victim’s parents plan to unveil a mural in El Paso of their son and then the shooting happened. You know why stop there. If you’re just going to add and add and build on the story, nobody’s questioning it. I would say parkland victim’s parents just unveiled a mural in El Paso of their son. Then the shooting happened and blood splattered all over it. And then you have the mural with blood from actual victims.

Speaker 3: (23:16)
Oh, just a quick little note here from our sponsor. If you didn’t know. Infinite Plane Society, infinite plane radio. We have a corporate sponsor, flat balls. If you haven’t been a flat it’s with a z. Think dragon balls. Now with an s, that’s a Frisbee company. Flat balls with a that’s our sponsor. And if you don’t know what they are, you have to look, I don’t really have time to get into it right now, but there’s a link. Okay, so let’s continue. Oh yes. A school district in Indiana is getting $52 million for security upgrades. District wide. Think about that. $52 million for security upgrades,

Speaker 3: (24:05)
ips. And that would be the Indiana public schools are not infinite plain society. They are upgrading everything here to make it safer for the 30,000 children in the district. So these security upgrades that you’re saying are in relation to the, and they’re actually being implemented as a result of all these shootings. And so the new terrorist threat, which is angry white guys, means that the homeland security now has new security measures. So now it’s not really about the airports or racially profiling people. Well, I mean sort of, but it’s mostly making the schools air tight, secure. So the only armed people in schools are the cops, you know, um, they’re going to have metal detectors and everything else. And who knows? They’ll probably still have a few people slipped through just to hammer it down that you know what, you can never be secure enough. Look what happened at the Gilroy garlic festival. He had wire cutters and he cut through the fence. You’ll never be secure until you give up all your guns. But they’re getting us so close to that point and we can’t even argue against it because free speech is actually the real target. And they’re deconstructing that rapidly.

Speaker 7: (25:26)

Speaker 3: (25:26)
So when it comes time to actually take the guns, you’re not going to hear any principled arguments against it. I’m going through my feed. Okay. Here’s one. Independent Trump blames video games for the shooting. So he’s gonna launch a crackdown on violent video games after mass shootings. Video Games are partly to blame for mass shootings. Donald Trump’s said games that celebrate violence should be discouraged and made harder. So my prediction here is that this is going to destroy his credibility, um, to a large degree because now the threat from beyond the border is no longer such a threat. One and two. It has already been established that these last four shooters have all been angry white guys with Maga hats that’s already been established. You can’t suddenly deflect it to video games. Have you even established that any one of these four shooters were even amerced in first person shooters? Has that been established? How do you know the motive? So this was a bs move. It was a dumb thing to say, and I don’t know how he can walk that back then. You had the typical left versus right, comparing Antifa to isis. Yeah, that’s all fake news. So yes. In 2016, Trump’s build, the wall rhetoric was predicated on Mexicans jumping the border and killing white people. But now the Mexicans are the victims of white violence. So that same rhetoric won’t work. Build the wall, won’t work.

Speaker 3: (27:12)
Now listen to the rhetoric here, I’ll pass a sheriff. This Anglo man came here to kill Hispanics. Now we know this because we have his manifesto. Now how do we know that’s his? I mean, we’ve really had to think about this. This is what I call Scooby do justice, where the entire thing is solved within one episode. That shouldn’t be possible. We don’t know beyond a shadow of a doubt that that manifesto is his. And even if it is, can you even link it? I mean these are serious questions that you really wouldn’t solve in a matter of three or four hours where the sheriff could come out and say, the Anglo man came here to kill Hispanics. And even the term Anglo is a very interesting term. Might as well just say Gringo or yt El Paso County sheriff calls for reps to combat racism that led to the white man from Allen, Texas to open fire with the intention of killing Hispanics.

Speaker 3: (28:14)
Now where did this guy get the idea? You know, so if, if, if you’re okay blaming Muhammad for Islamic terrorist bombing things, then you should be okay. When we say that Owen Benjamin caused this because what did radicalize him? Well, angry white guys calling for protecting our borders, having more white kids, not being bred out, fighting against extermination and incursions by the enemies. The Democrats are destroying America by leaving the borders open. So a, they’re not alone in the military to do his job. So you’ve got to take your gun and defend the homeland. Sig Heil and it works. I mean, that’s how the story fits together. And someone like Owen Benjamin, I bring him up because he’s, he’s a very high profile and he’s definitely an agent because the agents will provoke with, I’ll never say it’s fake. He will never call crisis after crisis actor. He would never dare say, I mean, that’s how you know he’s fake, edgy, fake, politically incorrect. It is politically correct to say anything you want about David Hog, but the incident, you say he’s not real. The instant you say he’s an actor, Bam, that’s politically incorrect. That’s beyond the Pale. But you can’t do that if you’re a gatekeeper. And that’s what I’m saying. The guy’s a gatekeeper. So the network provider cloudfare drops eight Chan. There you go. Internet’s lawlessness. Caused multiple tragic deaths, lawlessness, memes, memes caused this to happen.

Speaker 3: (29:48)
Okay, this is kind of a side note. Um, this is tying into a lot of our discussion about what can and can’t be done and how deep faking has been done for 50 years. Deep fakes are not new. Look at this guy here. Brazilian drug lord pretends to be his daughter in a bid to escape jail. Covino Dasilva 42 tried to escape from a high security prison in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday afternoon dressed as his daughter. And I watched the video on this and it’s actually pretty convincing in the, the wig kind of kills it really. But without the wig, when he was standing there, it looked convincing and it’s a full head mask that goes down the neck just like the one that Obama puts on when he’s going to play his little Epstein roll deep. Fakes has been around for 50 years and this deep fake almost really, it almost got this guy out of a maximum security prison. This is Daily Mail, and I’m bringing this up because I think that the reason why we’re shown deep fake stuff about CGI manipulation and how it might affect the election, it’s to distract us because this technology has been more or less classified, kept out of the public’s eye. They kind of make it look bad on purpose with movies like white chicks, but no, it’s pretty damn good. The change in the nose and everything. Okay. Chuck Schumer calls for a change to first amendment to limit political speech.

Speaker 3: (31:20)
He also believes that the greatest threat to mankind survival is climate change. Okay. A few more things. I’m just going through my mind’s account. This is where I, I pretty much use this as a bookmark now. Okay. Mexico vowels to take legal action against U s after deadly El Paso shooting. This is a repeat. This is why I’m calling this Beto O’Rourke Obama part two or a Hispanic Obama pretty much just say playing those same dynamics were with Obama. It was, if you remember Eric Holder, DOJ allowed all those weapons to flood Mexico into the hands of the cartels and they let that happen. They let the body tolls go up. And then Mexico says, Hey America, it’s your fault that are citizens here are being killed by these cartels. It’s because of your second amendment.

Speaker 8: (32:21)

Speaker 3: (32:23)
so they’ve been playing this for a long time. Like let Mexico be the victim of American aggression. A victim of our freedoms. No, I’m not gonna play this one. Angel, Demon TV on Twitter. Okay, here we go. Garlic. This was from a video, but this is just a still, and what you see are a few people hanging out backstage at the garlic festival. Now what’s unusual about this is this would have been after the shooting as they’re all covered in blood, right? So this would be after the shooting. My question is why are they still at the festival making phone calls to their loved ones? How come they haven’t been evacuated? And it looks a little strange and they’re very calm. And one of the, this is not a paramedic and it almost looks like she’s applying a fake, I don’t know, the attrical blood or something.

Speaker 3: (33:22)
Okay. Uh, the Ohio gunman, Conor bets 24, that’s his name, killed a sister and eight others. Oh, this was funny here. So Neil degrasse Tyson opened his mouth and this is great cause he used to be worshiped until the whole, um, gropey thing came out. So he caught a lot of flack for saying this. He says, yeah, the USA lost 34 people in mass shootings. Pretty horrific. But we also lose 500 people every weekend to medical errors. What does David Honk? Think about that more people are dying from botched surgeries than mass shootings. So he, he brings us up, uh, 200 to car accidents, 440 to homicide. And this isn’t every a two day period. So this is Neil degrasse Tyson offering his commentary on the shooting. And he says often our emotions respond more to spectacle than to data.

Speaker 3: (34:21)
So this shows you here that the people who are involved with the pseudoscience psyops aren’t really mixing in with the people doing the fake news psyops. And so he wasn’t apparently in the loop here, it’s like you’re supposed to reinforce each other. It’s an echo chamber. You’re not supposed to say anything that’s truly contrarian. So they go Neil degrasse Tyson accidentally saying something smart. Okay, shooting at El Paso, when enough is enough is not enough. So this is an article that bitches about us. This is an article that complains that some people think it’s not real.

Speaker 3: (35:06)
The apasa shooting is a eighth deadliest in modern US history. And even though these massacres are broadcast for all to see conspiracy theorists dismiss these as false flags stage by crisis actors by the deep state and the Illuminati. In the meantime, Americans are left to make sense of it all again. They blame Trump here. His rhetoric about Hispanics, Muslims, and other minority groups, his send them back, his signature out to build the wall. So there you go. You know, even Joe Scarborough, he’s one of these, uh, I don’t know, he’s Fox. It’s like, oh, he’s one of these rhino types. Even Joe Scarborough comes out and says, if you’re donating to the Republican party, you’re basically donating to the clan to white supremacy.

Speaker 3: (35:55)
Okay, here’s a little numerology stuff. Just some patterns we picked up on. So on 42nd street, and we’re talking about those blackouts in New York, 42nd street on 42 years after the 1977 power outage, 42,000 people were left without power. And we had remarked on this before, a 42 is a number that has a lot of significance in the book. Stranger’s guide, no, no hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. And in that book, the number 42 has some significance. Anyway, the whole book is about the world being destroyed and you have to get your stuff and go and disappear, uh, get lost. And so this is interesting in itself. Elon Musk’s and his car into space and had don’t panic on the dashboard, which of course don’t panic as a reference to hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. It’s what earthlings are told before the planet blows up. So we’re looking at this 42 and we’re, we’re just noticing what is it with this 42 years directly to the day after the blackouts. You have other blackouts. It’s like an anniversary thing, 42nd street on 42,000 people without power. And someone else had, I think it was Nomi or one of these other callers that called in and said that this was also the 42nd anniversary of the son of Sam shootings.

Speaker 3: (37:21)
So that was a summer of terror,

Speaker 3: (37:26)
buy guns and it was random. So this is very much of an interesting pattern in itself. But then finally yesterday I saw daisy hog was out there tweeting about the s 42 gun prevention bill in the Senate. So they, you have your 42 maybe there’s something to it. Okay, now check this out. Organizers have an active shooting drill at a Pennsylvania school. Had to apologize because the shooter, the fake shooter that they sent in for the drill had a Middle Eastern headdress. So because he had this Arab style headdress and he looked like a terrorist from the Middle East, a whole lot of people were just really offended because apparently you’re not allowed to represent Islamic terrorists in these school shootings. It’s gotta be a white nerdy guy. And there was another one recently in California. And look, these schools shootings, rules are child abuse. If you didn’t know. So if you don’t want your kids being abused, you should pull them out of those school shooting drills. There was one recently where a janitor goes to the school blanks wearing a mask of course and fake shooting people kicking doors scared the crap out of all the kids.

Speaker 1: (38:42)

Speaker 3: (38:43)
And the school is defending it even though the parents and the teachers had no idea the teachers didn’t know. So the teachers are scared, the kids are, you know, pissing themselves panicking, crying. And I’m saying, Whoa, that’s child abuse. And the superintendent defends it. He says we have to do it. Because when people are planning on the drill, when they expect it, it doesn’t work cause they’re not efficiently terrorized by it in effect.

Speaker 1: (39:07)

Speaker 3: (39:07)
So I think it’s okay to say that school shooting drills are child abuse. And I think that idea needs to get out there because those people who are defending what we are describing here, there are those people who are defending the mainstream views. You know what? Uh, they’re defending child abuse. Okay, take a look here on the screen. This is the date and shooter on the right, the Ohio shooter.

Speaker 3: (39:30)
On the left you have the Gilroy shooter. In the middle you have the El Paso shooter. So two plus two is four in my world, right in 1984 two plus two is five. If they hold up four fingers and you say four, you get tortured by the Ministry of Love, you’ve got to go with the party line. Two plus two is five. So if you can look at these three pictures and say the guy on the left and the guy in the middle and the guy in the right are not the same person, then you should also be able to say two plus two is five cause they got you the Dayton shooter, Thou Paso shooter and the Gilroy shooter, triplets. Is that what it is, triplets or is there something else going on here? This is some type of a test. I swear it says a perception test like star man and Parkland and everything else. So we’ll see. You’ll see the people who are buying these stories, hook, line and sinker are thinking with their emotions. Okay, here we go. I’ll pass of the John of God connection. Dayton shooting the father of the El Paso shooting has worked with a John of God in the past. What are the chances of that? In the next video we will explore the life and career of Brian Cruces and how it ties into this incestuous group of people we see popping up again and again.

Speaker 1: (40:57)

Speaker 3: (40:58)
he says it’s a dissonance magnifier. Yeah, it could be just straight up.

Speaker 1: (41:03)

Speaker 3: (41:05)
Gaslighting. You know, they may as well just have David hog start shooting everything up, but you know, just say no, it wasn’t me. Just some guy looks like me. You’re crazy. You’re conspiracy theorist and look. Yeah, that’s another one too about the conspiracy, about coincidences. They’re creating a lot of coincidences to normalize them. So when people say, Whoa, three people were shot at at Gilroy, that also were shot at in Vegas. Well that normalizes it so that when I point out that 55 people shot at in Vegas were shot at in thousand. It doesn’t sound so anomalous. Yeah. Are they cloning shooters? Exactly. And they want them to look alike because they’re creating an archetype. It used to be the bowl cuts. Now it’s these glasses, and look at that mad face in the middle right there. I see something, I see a frown. Let me say something.

Speaker 3: (41:55)
What’s the one 800 number to call the DHS? My neighbor’s frowning eight Chan. The far right website linked to a rise in hate crimes, and it’s really not these nerds, these h hundreds, even the white nationalist nerds, there’s nothing to fear. They can’t even come out and own it. They can’t even say who they hate without euphemizing it. The white nationalists are the most cowed, politically correct people out there. They will not march. They will not. They will not come out and say it. Owen Benjamin is a white nationalist, yet he will not come out and say, sieg Heil. He will not come out and say the Jews. He says, oh, it’s the small hats. He’s cowed. He can’t even name his enemies. These white nationalists are not a threat. This is such a joke.

Speaker 4: (42:41)

Speaker 3: (42:41)
but to the point here, all of the posts that are referenced as preceding these shootings are placed there by people who weren’t regular contributors, so it’s totally fake.

Speaker 3: (42:54)
Cynthia says they want us all to warship police and want to be with police and surround ourselves with them. Yep. Oh yeah. That’s something too. That’s something too. The way that the police just gather round and it’s all about imagery. It’s all big a show. Yeah. So you have these two, these three shooters. I see. At first I thought it was just the El Paso shooter and Gilroy, but then I see this date and guy, I’m like, Whoa, Whoa, triplets. Continuing to see what we can, if there’s anything else here I’ve missed. Okay. Now this was something too, cause I’m talking about how it’s all integrated. The news media, the sports media, the political media, all the soap operas are interconnected. So you have that ball player who says, I live near Parkland. This affects me. Well now you have bill Moher from politically correct. He show, um, real time, excuse me, not the other one. So he’s on the show called real time and a Trump voter. Booz him. And he basically says, oh, make sure the Trump voter doesn’t have a gun

Speaker 4: (44:04)

Speaker 3: (44:05)
you know, it’s funny and everything. However, uh, that line, that little quip, that was before the shooting. Okay. Here’s the guy’s name, the guy who on the superintendent of the school who sent the janitor in at the masque terrorize the kids superintendent issued a reprimand for active shooter drill involving mask janitor. The raisins city school board in California has issued a letter of reprimand to superintendent one Sandovall when he caused controversy over a drill when he asked the janitor to dress up in a mask. So he kinda got, now this is another one, stolen velour. Alabama officer’s staged his own shooting. You know, speaking of stolen valor, we’ve been talking about this today with that PFC. What’s his name? Jeanne Rosen on crack. I mean, that guy’s story is going to fall to pieces as you’ll see, but look at this stolen valor Alabama officer’s stage. His own shooting.

Speaker 2: (45:10)

Speaker 3: (45:10)
Took a page out of the Jesse Small playbook. Okay. Let’s see here. There are so many different ways that this particular event is going to be used. Uh, look, this is something you haven’t caught up. This is from just tying things together. We’ve been following all the pageantry, you know, of this. What do you want to call it? I call it the the elites, secret religion, mystery, Babylon, but they’re putting a tower up, an obelisk up at the death scene of Nipsey Hussle, just something to follow, but also on August 15th which is his birthday and he’s a Leo, which is all tying into the symbolism here. August 15th the Los Angeles police are going to be in a state of heightened alertness. Okay, I’m going to be back in about 30 seconds to one minute. This is the rest of chief crow auto hoax. Go ahead and subscribe to my youtube channel, but also go to infinite plane and get on the list.

Speaker 2: (46:21)
[inaudible] [inaudible]

Speaker 3: (47:20)
okay, so here we go. I’m trying to find, there’s a couple more articles I wanted to bring up here in relation to this case. Uh, okay. Again, go ahead and infinite plane, we have an email list, but we also have a text message list and once I get 50 people in that text message list, I’m going to start sending out alerts before we go into a live deconstruction of one of these events. The hashtags yesterday were crazy. Trump’s terrorists, all these various ways that they were describing this event as basically terrorism and the left is really playing dirty here in terms of branding this whole thing. And they have no compunction against likening Trump voters with Maga hats to terrorists, to murderers. I mean it’s just the worst. But this is a political season and we predicted it.

Speaker 3: (48:19)
I mentioned that school in Indiana getting $52 million for security upgrades, you know, follow the money. That tells you a lot. We saw that drug lord smuggling himself out of jail looked just like his daughter. Okay, here we go. Kendall and Kiana long described the panic when they heard gunshots and saw people running in the Walmart. Some of these accounts are, we’re looking at, I mean we’re talking about multiple stories here. Is it three people? Is it one person? I’ll pass a witness, said a kid ran into the store to warn us of the shooter, but no one paid attention as so many of these stories don’t make sense when you put them back to back, like how many of these things could have happened in that short span of time. They overlap it. The time from the shooting starting to the shooting ending doesn’t allow for a lot of the stuff which we’ll get into.

Speaker 3: (49:11)
But look at this one here. So the right wing does not want white nationalism to be the blame of the cause here cause that’s what this, the narrative is and their best defense has been video games caused it and now this to the content in effect to the continent effect is a little bit of psychobabble. Basically saying that in the aftermath of a dramatic event, a dramatic shooting that will be other ones because of these factors. Anyway, it’s of a reach. I would say it’s totally reached, but my point is here you’re looking at the left and the right each blaming the other for what happened. But neither one will say, maybe it didn’t even happen. They won’t go there. Uh, Robert and Rudy r says, speaking of death, Baker’s Diddy’s new girlfriend, Laurie Harvey looks a lot like his ex who died as Kim porter noted. Thank you. Definitely email these tips or post them in our discord server as you get them, because we will be investigating all of it or better yet, if you haven’t been there yet, go to auto and soon it’s going to be which is transferring it over.

Speaker 3: (50:35)
So on here we do have crisis actors death fakers, fake famous personas. So if you have a suspicion, what you do is you go to auto Go ahead and enter it in and put a question mark and one of the editors will get to it. Yep. Joe Scarborough accuses Trump donors of supporting white supremacy. Nothing new there. Again, we don’t have an explanation for three black clad terminators going into Walmart shooting people. Even though we’ve had multiple witness accounts, multiple witnesses have said, yeah, there were three terminators dressed head to toe, black guard, black masks, shouting racist epithets and shooting people. Well, where you know, we need some evidence of this. This is where it’s at, says Laura and Kim know the age difference. Yeah. Yet when you look at these things, there are looks, there are people who do have appearances that you know, they just spitting images, doppelgangers, but you’ve got to look at the ages. You’ve got to look at the height and a few other things, but even then, there’s quite a lot that can be done. Some people will not accept that Alex Jones is bill Hicks because they say there’s no way he’s, you know, 50 years old. And I look at him like, yeah, yeah, it all fits.

Speaker 3: (51:59)
Although Alex Jones leans more towards Chaz Bono than Bill Hicks, he is Bill Hicks. And so him being sued by the sandy hookers, totally fake hashtags that are trending. Let’s see on Twitter, eight Chan, man, the fascists there, they’re really going hard. Uh, you know, they also censored or kinda censored. Uh, Jaron, you know the, the NASA employee that has this gig pretending to be a flat Arthur so he can debunk flat earth on TV. Yeah, they pulled his paypal account. I, I saw a stream last night where he was talking about this and I’m like, well, of course they’re gonna pull your paypal account. Here you are fundraising on a livestream with Adolf Hitler. I mean, Owen Benjamin, Owen Benjamin just shot up a bunch of Walmarts, killing Hispanics. You know, you can’t go raise money with him on your channel and expect paypal not to hit back. That’s just the political climate we’re in.

Speaker 3: (53:02)
Everybody’s playing dirty, but there are options. You can get cash app, cash app. But the fact that they’re shooting down sites like h Han tells you that they don’t just want you politically incorrect types to get a life somewhere else. That’s not what they want. They want you to not have a separate life. They want you on Youtube, but they want you playing their rules. It’s kind of like the priests and the churches, you know, they, they definitely want all those centers out there, the reprobates and the wicked. They want them in the pews, but not as they are. They don’t want you in the pews, core mongering and shooting up and gambling. They want you in your Sunday’s best, you know, feet on the floor, hands on your labs, face forward. You know, echoing the priest, they want you to be conformed to their view. And I’m not conforming.

Speaker 3: (53:57)
I have no intention of conforming to the ways of this fake Sur reality they’ve imposed over this world. And look, if you don’t have this guy’s face, if you don’t have actor Rainn Wilson’s not angry white guy face, then you’re an enemy of the state. And it’s kind of a double edged sword because you can put on this flacid milk toast, not angry white guy face. And sure you’re no longer a suspect for maybe, you know, a terrorist act in the future. But you can’t tell me that that’s not the most punchable face you’ve ever seen. So you’ve got to take your risk. You know, am I going to be flagged for potential terrorist for not looking like this Douche. Anyway, we’ll be taking calls later on a whole lot of different topics. This is space is fake. A F by chief Crowe. Uh, go to infinite plane, if you haven’t yet and get on the email list and get on the text message list. We have a lot of stuff to discuss this evening. Um, it’ll be earlier for the east coasters. Have you ever looked away from earth into the black for

Speaker 2: (55:10)
does you can see those stars. Oh yeah. And you were never able to see stars on your surface. And we’re on the dateline side. [inaudible]

Speaker 9: (55:28)
this is a

Speaker 2: (55:35)

Speaker 9: (55:36)
this space is,

Speaker 2: (55:42)
there’s more than stars. You can see planets. You see the ganglion? Yes.

Speaker 9: (55:55)
[inaudible] [inaudible] I think the deep space away from the sun is [inaudible]. You can imagine. Hey, space [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] what happens if you take a leak on their, you have a leak car depot card. Hard to, hey, hey [inaudible] [inaudible] research. [inaudible]

Speaker 10: (57:58)
you just have a leak in what you would do. At least air

Speaker 1: (58:01)

Speaker 10: (58:14)
writing real

Speaker 2: (58:15)
[inaudible] CIA

Speaker 11: (58:30)
[inaudible] was take her seriously. Older ones out parking, Tom, bad education, streets of hallways, dangerous, dangerous eats. His peak is playing into really hear what they saying. You know, dad, me, are you down with the team? They speak to signs and symbols. You can learn them about these games. [inaudible] at 27 what you think that they didn’t have the number. It’s the magic. It’s all according to the code. Gamma Illuminati body. You must. Why they snitching? [inaudible] Highland grove. [inaudible] hobbies, switching roles. If the idle call died and not only what you trying to prove, don’t you know we did around the globe and between [inaudible] about the shootings, I say always caught her on the new move. We will make the weight. Let it spread. [inaudible]

Speaker 11: (59:30)
let them know we don’t. Okay. Deliberate late. Some potty. Midas Rezi like a great way to say focus short attention on your better days. You know what? I’m Tom that don’t let this slimy, nicest antichrist at their turn. You read on the speeches actuality. That’s why the truth must pray by word. A math word. A man solid quarter. So the co Damn Illuminati when my mom [inaudible] lewd grows section. In fact, how he switched from bows with the meat. I know Steven approved to take the blog. [inaudible] patrolling to prepare theories aren’t what they are shown to be them. What you say in his, you don’t accept it. Famous myths improved. Wow. Sports is scripted by the number called window. Let me turn on my motto. He squats. Let me turn on my auto home. Action. Look this stuff up when I get home. Cause by t these kids. Today’s is tripping. I ain’t tripping. He must be tripping cause I am not tripping. Now when bit, I don’t know Matt. Things that normal.



Speaker 1: (00:00)
Turnoff. Yeah. We heard from Congressman Turner and his side of things is a little different. He starts out by saying my daughter and a family friend had just entered the tumbleweed connection when the shooting began across the street, both reported of the visible Dayton police presence before the shooting and the bravery they witnessed as officers ran toward the gunshots. My daughter and friend fled into the Oregon district and contacted me at 2:00 AM as they ran home, I followed their progress and prayed for them and our community thank outside the date and convention center. She’s been there all morning monitoring this side of things as families are able to go there to be reunited or ask about loved ones. So we’re going to check in with Kristen

Speaker 2: (00:40)

Speaker 1: (00:44)
Yeah, Broken Lauren Mayor Nan Whaley is continuing to urge those families who are looking for loved ones to come down here to the Convention Center Convention Center.

Speaker 3: (00:56)
All right. This is what, three right now for, I’ve been watching this. Okay. So yeah, we will actually called this. We said during the dog days of summer, um, we would see a spate of mass shootings. In fact, the reason we brought this up was you had the blackouts in New York on the 42nd anniversary of the blackouts that preceded the son of Sam shootings. And of course this is 42nd street, 42,000 people out of power. And we were just thinking, well this looks like scripted material. And back then it was yeah, these powder power outages. And then you had unpredictable shootings happening all over and it was this state of terror that was being shared and perpetuated. It was all stringed together. And the idea of the serial killer then was even kind of new compared to, you know, now how we see it.

Speaker 3: (01:54)
The idea was that the shooter could be anyone anywhere and there was nothing you could do except, uh, you know, kind of cower and hope the police could save you. And that’s pretty much what they’re doing now. I think they set the stage. And so we have the Ohio one, which of course was proceeded by a drill, a three day active shooter drill. Now, this was the, the Walmart one in south haven. Then we had the out pass a Walmart shooting right after that, which, you know, oddly enough, if you look at it closely, you know, I’m like, wow, you have the FBI, the police, the border patrol, all these people already there. Looks very drily as you’ve all seen. Then we have the Gilroy garlic festival just a few days prior. Also proceeded by a drill, which pretty much matched the description of what just happened. And the drill was last August.

Speaker 3: (02:51)
And now here we have Dayton, Ohio, 10 dead, 26 injured. And right now I’m watching this. It just, it just, it seems unbelievable. They say, if you think you’ve lost a loved one, come down to the convention center, come down to the unification center, give blood, give blood. So a big theme though has been blood, blood, blood. At every one of these events come donate blood. It’s like, really? I don’t have any evidence that anybody lost any, what do you mean you need blood? Show me some spilled blood. Um, everything we’ve seen so far has been what you’d expect. So to me, this just looks like it’s political theater cause you see you have the Democratic Party nominee, b-to-c, oh, orc or O’Rourke or whatever. Basically playing Obama part two, you know, he, he gets up in front of the cameras at press conference in Vegas and he emotes for everybody.

Speaker 3: (03:52)
He tries to cry talking about his hometown of El Paso, but instead of crying, he actually kind of laughs and maybe he thought there’s going to be another shot and that one is for the blooper reel. But no, he kind of gives into the dupers delight. Anyway, he goes down to El Paso and he’s like, yeah, this is caused by Trump because Trump’s racist. And the shooter of course is an anti-immigrant white guy who loves Trump. So he did it for Maga. That’s the whole story. The shooting was done for Maga until this Beto sky comes out and reinforces that. So it’s very much Obama all over again, except this time instead of black on white, it’s more Hispanic on white. And they brought the wall into it and they’re saying, well, this was caused by two years of hateful rhetoric rhetoric from Donald Trump two years. Now they’re also connecting this to this new, I don’t even think it was meant to be released, but Yahoo obtained it. There was a bulletin by the FBI about the new threat. It’s like the, the white al-Qaida or they call it the White Isis? No, it’s vanilla. Isis. Look, I’m going to go ahead and Google this for you. If you look into Vanilla Isis, they’re saying the new threat is angry white men who go to Q and on websites, vanilla, isis, owl, Oregon, gunmen mocked on social media.

Speaker 3: (05:26)
Okay. So basically though, what we’re looking at here is they’ve created a new enemy. They took the whole apparatus of let’s stop the terrorist, the whole Patriot Act, the national security state using a surveillance in order to monitor potential threats, assessed the threats and prevent things from happening. They took that whole thing, which is all based on catching the fictional Osama bin Ladin in Cru. And they’ve turned it into this pretty much multipurpose, um, ex, uh, excuse to just suspend all of our rights and just go after a threat that they say is a threat. So right now they’ve said the big threat today is the angry white guy who frowns or he has a mad look on his face and at these latest shootings, they all say he’s angry. So for example, the Gilroy shooter, nobody heard from this guy, but the singer of the band said he had a frown on his face.

Speaker 3: (06:25)
Well, maybe he was getting into the rock music. Maybe it wasn’t a frown frown, but who knows? He had a frowny face, so it was a hate crime. Well then this El Paso shooting, they’re saying, oh, this was a hate crime. Now the El Paso shooter is the guy on the right, even though he looks exactly like the Walmart knows the Gilroy shooter. So on the left you have the garlic festival guy. On the right you have the El Paso shooter. Now the guy on the left is the frowny guy. He’s the frowny face who is motivated by a hateful manifesto called might makes right by Ragnar red beard published in 1890 most likely backdated and most likely probably a forgery or maybe even, I think Jack London may have ghost written that thing. It’s kind of adolescent. It’s just this book about how might makes right and weak people suck, but it’s like 1890 so they, they’re trying to say it’s a Neo Nazi guide. Are you kidding me? Neo Nazi. There weren’t any neo Nazis in 1890 there weren’t any, there weren’t any Nazis yet. Anyway, it looks like the same. Same person, doesn’t it? Look at those lips, look at that nose, look at the eyes, look at the brows. Tell me that’s not the same person. Is that not just the strangest thing you’ve seen today?

Speaker 3: (07:58)
It wasn’t going to focus on this, but we may as well. My point is that, so the guy on the right road, his own manifesto, his own manifesto of hate, and it was basically, it was called an inconvenient truth kind of ripping off Al Gore, which is climate change. And that’s been pointed out. They say, Oh, well these people have a no fear of climate change or the threat that it represents, but then they’re willing to go out and kill because of, uh, open borders. Like they’re really politicizing this in every way imaginable. For example, they’re saying, oh, it’s not fair the way this guy was arrested, because when they arrested him, he was handled gently. He wasn’t pushed onto the ground. There was no incident. He didn’t fight. And they’re comparing it to Dylan roof, who after he shot up a church, a black church killed nine black pastors.

Speaker 3: (08:53)
They said that he was taken over to Burger King and is a picture of him outside of a burger king where apparently he ate a whopper at the police officer’s expense. They gave him, they fed him a whopper after he killed nine people, which I think is an inside joke, you know, a big whopper. Okay. So again, we’re looking at Patrick crucis, the names very similar I think to Nick Cruise, the crews, and of course the cruises are referenced to the crusade. We were talking about this last night with a parkland shooting where it was described by the media as a children’s crusade to go fight for their lives against 17 years of school shootings when they’re too young to vote away guns. So that parents created the world that’s unsafe, that they must have it global warming, rampant gun violence, but they’re too young to vote. That’s why David Haagen company is right now agitating to have the age reduced down to 16. They want the age to vote low. Uh, I guess lower down before this next election. Even. So David Hogg and company took their tour across the country, happiest school, shooting survivors, ever big smiles on all their selfie signing autographs and all that. And as they go across the country, they went to 48 different states and visited 70 high schools to register new voters, ostensibly to vote against their right to bear arms.

Speaker 3: (10:25)
And that was the crusade. The kids coming out, leaving behind their parents, his worldview. And of course it all kicked off on Ash Wednesday when, if you remember the Parkland shooting, everyone had the black cross on their forehead. They had all taken up the cross. It’s all very symbolic march for our lives, the children’s crusade, the cross. And then of course it was kicked off by this kid named Nick Cruz. So the shooter, patsy actor, whatever you want to call him, this character, he kicks off the children’s Crusade. And if you look into the history of the Crusades, it is someone named Nicholas who kicks it off, who takes up the cross? So Nick cruise or Nicholas Cross. And so here we have Patrick crucis. Um, again, these names are all just very hokey, but we’re just analyzing it. And the guy on the left is Centeno, William Leagon, Centeno William Leagon.

Speaker 3: (11:27)
Again, the guy on the left motivated by might makes right, which was later plagiarized and turned into the Satanic Bible. So we’re not even talking about serious literature or serious ideology. You know, we’re talking about stuff meant to scare church ladies like, Oh, he had the anarchist cookbook in his locker at school. He’s a threat to national security. Give me a break. And so this guy in the right rate’s up his own manifesto. It’s basically we must shut down the borders. White people are dying, white genocide, blah, blah, blah. Probably listens to way too much. Stefan Molyneux and look, there is a lot of alt right rhetoric to back up the world view that this guy has, you know, fake or not.

Speaker 3: (12:15)
Let’s see, this is where it’s at. Says what a joke. They’re terrifying. The masses on the weekend will look. This is something else to pay attention to is what are the odds that you would have like three people shot at in Gilroy who were shot at in Vegas? 55 people shot at in Vegas, shot at again 13 months later. You know the odds of these things, the odds that one year prior to the shooting in Gilroy, you had an identical event simulated in a drill or that and they admit this, the FBI was already at Gilroy. Think about it. Gilroy has never had a mass shooting. Never. They drilled for one last year and this year they have one of the festival and the FBI was already on the ground.

Speaker 3: (13:03)
Now the big story in that one was he cut through the fence. Metal detectors can’t save you like apparently the only thing that can save you from mass shootings are tiny books, belt buckles and bras. There was a shooting in Brooklyn, and again I’m telling you, this is totally just like the summer of 77 shooting up to shooting. This was like the summer of Sam all over again. So you have this other shooting in Brooklyn at a party where this a girl was shot in the back. She falls on the ground. She goes in and out of consciousness. She can barely keep her eyes open that get her to the ambulance. They roll up her shirt and the round actually comes out of her bra. So she didn’t actually get shot, which is like, wait a minute. You said you’re on the ground. You said that you couldn’t see and that people were trying to keep you conscious and then the EMT say that the round actually rolled out from your bra.

Speaker 3: (13:57)
Does that make any sense? Yet? It makes a cover of New York Post. Then we see Beto O’Rourke, Democrat party nominee, basically like this Hispanic Obama thing and you know, he’s playing into the politics and I’m convinced this guy, b-to-c, I think he footed the bill for the El Paso event. I think this is a PR stunt that b-to-c himself financed so that he could get on camera and say, look at me. I’m so empathetic because this is huge with Democrats, a Democrat voters, the way that they’re pandered to is through their emotions. And they want to see empathy. They said two years ago or four years ago, Trump has no empathy. He doesn’t care about you. You know, Bush doesn’t care about, you know, this whole thing about do they care? Mitt Romney doesn’t care about you. Obama cares. Well, B-TO-C is able to go out there and cry and say, look, I care.

Speaker 3: (14:55)
Um, I feel for you, and it’s all about the feelings. So Trump sends a tweet, he’s like, Yep, my heart goes out to you, blah, blah, blah, tweet. And then he tweets to somebody else. And so it looks very much like Trump is empathy deficient. So anyway, I’m saying Beto is probably put the one in El Paso together so he could get on camera and say, look at me. I’m relevant. Look at me. I’m calling Trump a racist because he caused this with his rhetoric. You know, look at me. You’re gonna be voting for me soon. So this is about face time for B-TO-C. And if you look at the Beatles video, and it’s on my channel, but if you look at his reaction, he says this is a very difficult thing to talk about. Ha ha ha. Basically he laughs. Doesn’t make any sense. Oh yeah. That was another one.

Speaker 3: (15:43)
The guy with the gun snatching kids was hilarious. We got gene Rosen on crack. So Vember gene rose in his whole story, which is preposterous about saving the kids from Sandy Hook by telling them when they get off the bus, oh go into my house. I got stuffed animals and cookies. So you apparently babysits a whole lot of kids for several hours, which doesn’t make any sense. Right? So we have Jean Rosen, part two in the form of this soldier apparently from Fort Bliss who’s over there at foot locker. He says he’s at foot locker and there’s gunshots being heard. And they pull down the metal. Um, the, the metal blinds, you know that they put the screen. So they put the screen down and close the store and he said people were rushing. So they lifted up the screen and they crawled out from underneath it. And he said he saw a whole bunch of little kids running around screaming and crying cause they didn’t have the parents.

Speaker 3: (16:43)
So this guy who says, oh, I’m just running around scooping the kids up in my hands and they’re squirming and fighting to get away from me. So I’m getting more kids picking up as many as I can. And mind you, he’s not talking about like a whole lot of kittens who just got like let loose from a shelter. Now we’re talking about children. So he’s talking about scooping up kids and they’re running. And it reminds me of like Gargamel scooping up smurfs. Like, what do you mean you’re scooping up kids? And they’re screaming and crying and their parents aren’t there. And then he says he, he hears the gunshot. So he holds up his gun and people start screaming, thinking he’s the shooter and then the police come. And so the police see him scooping up the kids and he says, you know what, um, that police could have shot me, but I’m just thinking only about the kids.

Speaker 3: (17:26)
And then the cops come up to him and they see his quote clip and he says, oh no, look. And he shows him he has a permit for his gun. So they let them go. And this guy believed that there were four shooters, by the way, and this is all Jeanne Rosen on crack. You’ll get to know him. He’s one of the performers here and okay, the story makes very little sense anyway. Right? Well, he adds it. He adds onto it saying that he’s in the military and that he’s having flashbacks and I’m like, wait, if you’re in the military and you’re stationed there in El Paso at Fort Bliss, why do you have a handgun in your pocket at the mall? Why are you waving it around at a foot locker during a mass shooting?

Speaker 3: (18:07)
And then it gets even stranger because he says that he went over to the cops thinking that they might even shoot him, but he was willing to risk his life. So they bring that element into it. The idea that a black guy with a gun could easily just get shot in a heartbeat. Meanwhile, the mass shooter who just killed 16 or 17 people or whatever, um, he gets treated very gently. That point is bring as it’s being brought up again and again in the Twitter sphere, that keeps saying lookout gently. They treated this guy. And I’m like, no, it’s not cause the cops are racist. The reason why they’re so gentle is because it’s not what you think it is. Anyway. If you just got here, you’re looking at the shooter from the garlic festival in Gilroy. That’s the guy on the left. Santino William Leagon and on the right Patrick Crucis, that’s the shooter from El Paso. Both of them motivated by manifestos. Guy In the left borrowed a manifesto from the 19th century guy on the right, wrote his own.

Speaker 3: (19:22)
You’re supposed to believe they’re two different people believe what you want. I mean they look like brothers, it looks like. Well, if you look at the difference in the hair links, okay, so let’s say the picture on the right was taken first. A lot can happen, you know, a little bit of weight change, different expressions, different lightings. But the ears look very similar. You know, in my view it’s probably, this is probably a recycled situation. Glasses are a little higher up on the left, slightly different expression. So they said that there were four gunman. Then they said there were three than they said there were two. Now they say no is only one, only one lien. Deon says the footlocker shop logo is always white on black checker squared background may sonic. Oh yeah, probably eyes are the same says auto hoaxes. Yeah, I definitely cleaned up the chat here on d life because um, it’s a family friendly platform and I said it friendly fort, I think it’s like a 13 or whatever. I just, I D it’s PG basically, you know, I’m like we, we can do without it. I was just, I didn’t want this to go the way of Youtube to where you get, let the trolls run a muck and I don’t want this channel to get banned. Okay. So we’re looking at the live coverage of Dayton and the,

Speaker 4: (20:48)
and this already had a heavy police presence and that’s something else worth noting. Good evening everybody.

Speaker 3: (20:54)
Despite the police presence at all of these various locations, despite the drills, the drill that rehearsed Gilroy’s first ever mass shooting despite having the FBI there, no lives were saved. Think about that. No lives were saved in Gilroy on their first ever mass shooting that they already drilled for and had an FBI presence for Walmart in south haven did a three day active shooter drill or their police did and then the Walmart gets, you know, hit. So I’m just saying these drills obviously don’t do anything if that’s what their intention is. And this poor guy, I like bringing him up. This is agenda free TV or auto believer. T V is, I like to call them. This is a prime example of an auto believer. He believes everything he sees on the news without question. That’s why he looks like he’s having a heart attack.

Speaker 3: (21:51)
He looks like he sleeps under his desk, like he survives off of coffee cigarettes and [inaudible]. The reason he looks like this and he’s probably not going to last much longer. By the way, this guy is only 19 and it’s because he watches the news 24 seven and he thinks it’s all real and he acts like a human police scanner and he’s visibly traumatized by each and every traumatic story because if it bleeds, it leads and this guy thinks it’s all real. So let’s listen to 30 seconds of an auto believer and just think about this. It’s admitted that you can get PTSD from watching all the violent news, assuming it’s real. This shows you how powerful your mind is that you can watch all the violent movies in the world eating popcorn, drinking coke, Cola, and just having a good time. No trauma. Now, if you didn’t know it was all just a movie and he thought it was real, you might walk away traumatized. Well, this is proof right here that your minds interpret or that your interpretation of what you’re perceiving will determine whether or not it’s traumatic and actually psychically psychologically damaging. So watch this guy damage himself for 33 seconds,

Speaker 4: (23:08)
buddy to Steve, looked at her with agenda free TV coming to you with a news alert. There has been a reported shooting in Dayton, Ohio tonight. Uh, it sounds like there has been multiple victims, but it’s not exactly clear what the extent of the victims is, how many victims are, are, uh, and, and what happened here.

Speaker 3: (23:29)
He’s always trembling. I don’t know how many people died. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t have any of the answers. I’m waiting for answers, always panicking over how little information he has and how he’s waiting for more information. And when he has it, he’s going to relay it. Let’s continue

Speaker 4: (23:44)
trying to get you some information on what’s

Speaker 3: (23:46)
going on. Oh yeah. Matthew keys had said Ned ned peppers bar, uh, near scene of the shooting a post to Facebook that all staff are safe. So where is ned peppers bar? I had heard that name before. I love that great channel. I mean, you know, it’s great research for me. I mean, I just, I’m just saying this, look, we’re getting the same information, but we’re differing over our interpretation. I feel the same way about chem trail believers. Now, you may believe that your airplanes are poisoning everybody. You may believe that. You may look up there and you’re scared of what you see. Look, I see what you see, but it doesn’t scare me. I actually like those trails. I especially like it when they make pentagrams and masonic symbols. I think it’s cool. No, I’m just kidding. I’m just saying I’m not afraid of chem trails. Okay? I’m not afraid of whatever they are contrary isles, condensation, whatever doesn’t scare me, but I’m not denying that it’s there and this guy, I’m not denying any of what he’s saying. We’re seeing the same stuff. Nine dead plus shoot or 16 injured date and shooting. I’m just deferring on my interpretation of what’s being presented and this guy is automatically believing whatever he sees that makes him an auto believer.

Speaker 3: (25:09)
Guy Says, do you like blocking the sun? I don’t know if I believe they’re actually blocking the sun. I need more evidence. I need more evidence that Bill Gates is exterminating people with vaccines. I need more evidence that Hillary Clinton eats babies and Trump doesn’t, you know, the Q would obey. Oh, here’s something else too. Speaking of Trump, this whole thing about the shooter is tying into this latest report. So if you haven’t caught this, let me bring this up. FBI is now saying that conspiracy theorists are terrorists. The no, they’re now calling conspiracy theory driven domestic extremists. Yeah.

Speaker 5: (25:54)

Speaker 3: (25:56)
the greatest threat, the big threat FBI document, Warren’s conspiracy theories are the new domestic terrorists. That’s the new story. FBI memo calls fringe conspiracy theorists a domestic terrorist threat. And here’s why. If you believe that your government is blocking the sun and poisoning kids with airplanes, then you can be justified in antigovernment action. If you believe that Tom Hanks is a pedophile and eating children, then you could be justified in making, um, or committing violence, making threats, trying to terrorize those people. We’re fighting back. And that’s what we’re looking at here. Um, a lot of targets are putting put on a lot of backs and right now they’re saying that if you have some overarching conspiracy about some group that has hijacked the power of the world, then it delegitimizes in your mind, your lawful government, then you’re a threat. That’s the mentality here. And I think the people who automatically believe whatever they see on TV are dangerous.

Speaker 3: (27:02)
Like this guy from agenda Free TV thinks he has no agenda. No Man, your agenda is the mainstream media agenda. You’re just repeating it. You’re just forwarding that agenda. I’m also here to say that the people who believe in chem trails are doing the same thing. If you look up at the sky and you say, that’s scary, that they’re going to kill the sun, that’s scary. The poisoning everybody, they’re going to kill all the plants except for Monsanto. If you’re going to be forwarding that Alex Jones stuff, then you’re just as bad as this guy. Alex Jones is a history Onik.

Speaker 3: (27:40)
Um, I would also call him, um, paranoid, but they have them very like over Gr, over, um, acting everything. He’s very melodramatic, always throwing these fits. He’s red in the face. How many times have you seen Alex Jones crying? He cries. Like I said, he’s histrionic. And that’s because they want you to think that this is the face of the conspiracy theorist. The person who doesn’t trust the news, they’re losing their, their stuff. So this guy also doesn’t trust, I mean, sorry, it doesn’t, uh, question whatever he’s saying. He trusts everything. So he’s always freaking out as well. And those of you who are afraid of the skies, you have fallen for the ruse. You don’t need a few of the skies. You don’t need a fear of guns.

Speaker 4: (28:24)
New People, like if the shooter had worked there, usually when that happens, somebody will give an interview to the presence, say, Oh yeah, we know that guy. Uh, he used to work here. No one has said that. No one has said they knew him. There’s multiple eye witnesses according to who? Io who said he was denied entry to the bar. I don’t know why. Um, so one eye witness claims get a vest on. But I, I don’t, I don’t know that that’s the case. I mean this photo that’s floating around of a dead body, which is supposedly him. I don’t know if that’s legit. That’s not somebody.

Speaker 3: (29:02)
Oh by the way. Okay, so look at the guy on the right again, it says here Patrick Cruces and this is from DFW, CBS But it doesn’t look anything like the guy they actually arrested. So El Paso shooter apprehended. Okay.

Speaker 3: (29:33)
Yeah, this is okay. I see. Look at, okay, look at the length of his hair. Yeah. This doesn’t quite add up, but maybe it will, let’s get a closer look. Okay. This doesn’t make any damn sense. I also want to point out that there was a witness who said that she saw three gunman and that the three gunman had black garb on head to toe and black masks, three gunman in Walmart that we’re shooting. So we covered that yesterday. Okay. Now does anyone here think this looks like the same guy? This looks like owned Benjamin.

Speaker 3: (30:27)
Does that look like the same guy? Okay. Now it is this guy. I can see that and he’s got the Khakis. But even that he’s okay here he has the glasses. Maybe that’s the difference. So here he is in the car, black shirt, Khakis and here he is I guess doing a Selfie on Instagram. Also the the shooter in Gilroy made an Instagram account like three days before. Okay. So yeah. What you’re looking at here again, I’m just comparing the different images we have of the shooter in El Paso. This is where it’s at. It says the police are gonna racially profile nerdy white guys will let, there’s already a ton of articles out. Look, I don’t even look, this is a good point too. This is so political. I mean this is unbelievable and I’m talking about all of them at the same time cause at this point it doesn’t really matter. We’re part of, look, we’re examining what is actually a PSI war. These are not isolated events. So Bill Nye, no bill Moher the comedian from politically incorrect. You know, he’s on his show the other night. They’re doing a panel discussion and they get interrupted by a guy in the audience who’s defending Donald Trump.

Speaker 3: (31:59)
Yeah, that’s Patrick Cruces from Facebook. I’m just making sure I didn’t make an error here when I’m looking at these two shooters. Okay, so bill [inaudible] interrupted by a Trump voter and he says to the security, hey, check that guy. Make sure he doesn’t have a gun. Make sure he doesn’t have a gun. Like he’s going to shoot the place up. So Trump, Trump voters shooting up a TV studio, I guess is like a joke, right? And the next day you have Gilroy and then after that you’ve south haven. Then you’ve got all Paso. And of course the joke’s not going to connect to Brooklyn because it wasn’t a white guy doing the shooting. You see how this works, these events, they’re so politicized. I mean it became clear to me after Orlando, see, here’s where my thinking changed. There was a a slight shift here up until the Orlando shooting.

Speaker 3: (32:59)
I thought these things were partisan and I thought, okay, what’s the left wing trying to grab guns using these events? And eventually someone on the right’s gonna wake up. Maybe Trump’s going to be the one and he’s going to call it out and totally deconstruct the media. That’s what I thought. And then when Trump started his election campaign, I saw him as treating every event as real and I started asking my friends, especially the cube believers, I’m like, wait, look, parkland happened and Trump didn’t say anything. And they said, oh no, Trump knows, but he can’t say anything yet. You just got to trust the plan. And I’m like, okay, so you’re just going to follow a guy who’s going with the big scripting, doesn’t sound like he’s going against the grain. And as more events came along, even the fake space launch of the Tesla roadster, I said, well, what about that?

Speaker 3: (33:49)
Isn’t trunk gonna Call Out Musk? They said, no, no, no. You got to trust the plan. Anyway, I stopped trusting the plan in 2016 it took me about two months to realize he’s not going to be anything different from Obama. Not at all. In fact, Donald Trump could be Obama in a fat suit. It makes no difference at this point, but it was the Orlando shooting where I realized that no matter how it’s done or who does it, each side can blame the other for it somehow. So the right wing says it’s the left’s fault for open borders and being too cozy with Muslims. And that caused the Orlando shooting. The left said, no, no, no. The Muslim shooter whose dad was in the Taliban who was actually seen behind Hillary Clinton the next day at one of her speeches, they said, no, the real reason you did the shooting wasn’t that he was, uh, an extremist or Muslim or his dad was Taliban and they hated gay people.

Speaker 3: (34:44)
The reason he did it is that he was gay. His boyfriend cheated on him. Then he thinks his boyfriend gave him aids and then he’s shooting up as retaliation. And then they said another person. Another angle was no, he was secretly homo, but he was repressed because of American homophobia. So he shot up the gay bar as a response to American homophobia and it was enabled by America’s love of guns. So right wing homophobia and gun Ophelia and gun warship brought this about. So each side blames the other side. Meanwhile, Donald Trump hops up on stage waving around a rainbow flag and he says, vote for me. I’ll protect you from the Muslims. Salty sage says, at least Trump doesn’t order $30,000 worth of hotdogs. There you go though.

Speaker 6: (35:38)
That’s why I don’t trust any of these mainstream conspiracy theories like pizza gate because it’s too partisan. You want to tell me that Barack Obama eats $30,000 for the hotdogs and Trump doesn’t like Trump’s the good guy. If Trump was a good guy and he knew that Barack Obama was the epitome of evil, cannibalizing the brains of little boys that don’t you think Trump would say, hey guys, you know, I know I’ve called him a, you know, a Cami and a, uh, possible Muslim and lying about his identity, but he eats babies like heck. And Trump hasn’t called it out. It’s cause they’re all in the same team. I asked a lot of people this, whenever they bring up this stuff, I say, well, if you believe that Hillary Clinton drinks blood and she’s a satanist, um, how come you don’t apply the same thinking to Trump? What makes you think that Trump is a different, is is any different?

Speaker 6: (36:31)
It’s like, oh, the Republicans are the good guys and the Democrats of the bad. Don’t you see how simple that is? How black and white that is? And that’s what they want. Things black and white, simple and it works. I think the strategy is this. I think the strategy is, let’s just totally demonize the other guys so bad that when you make your lesser of two evils argument, it’s pretty clear that, hey, look, I may not agree with your policies and your military industrial complex may not care about your traditional values or whatever, but at least you don’t eat babies.

Speaker 6: (37:09)
This is where it’s at. Says I was on the radio at the time of the pulse shooting. I do not know one person from Orlando that lost someone. Oh yeah. That event itself, pretty much. It’s an auto debunker. You don’t even have to really look into it very much, but the agenda there was clear that was scripted to help Trump. It really was. It was scripted to help Trump, and it actually did because this was when they were really pushing the, Trump is a homophobe thing and an anti Trump is an Islamophobia thing. So what this does did was it gave Trump room to say, no, I’m not an Islamophobe. I just don’t like terrorists. And No, I’m not a homophobe. I want to protect you from terrorists. I mean, it was perfectly scripted. And when I saw that one and how it was played, I realized, okay, Trump’s on the other side. And then I thought, well maybe a maybe eventually, but no, after Parkland it was clear there’s not going to be any politician that isn’t an auto believer.

Speaker 6: (38:20)
I see some Bill Ma hers a racist. Yeah, Bill Ma her is the worst. His show politically incorrect is absolutely the opposite. Everything that he says is actually correct. He can say it. If it was politically incorrect, he wouldn’t be, it wouldn’t be on TV. That’s the big ruse here. It’s actually politically correct to be racist against whites. It’s politically correct to um, really just disparage various groups that are offensive to the mainstream. If you’re a climate change denier, if you’re a gun owner, you know it’s okay to joke about you being a psychopath, willing to shoot other people, but you can’t say, for example, this person is an actor. You can’t say that event was fake. That’s politically incorrect. Can’t say that all of your offensive, edgy, politically incorrect comedians will always toe the politically correct line. And that’s because of this. You think it’s politically incorrect because you’ve never seen anything beyond it because they’ve curated the content of the media.

Speaker 6: (39:20)
It’s a no. Here. Here we are outside of their bounds, outside of those boundaries that they’ve defined and they want to exclude us because then it shows them for being fake, fake, politically incorrect, fake offensive, fake, edgy, salty sight saga. I’m sorry. Salty sage says, maybe if Trump said on TV that Clinton eight babies, people would abandon him. Okay. That’s the other line. They say, well, he can’t say the truth because it’s so extreme. They’ll think he’s crazy. Look, man, if any of this stuff was real, there’d be photos and they keep teasing it out. Oh, there’s a photo of Ooma and Clinton on a ping pong table in the basement of comet pizza engaging in pedophilia. No, there isn’t. They’ve been teasing that around for two years. There absolutely isn’t.

Speaker 6: (40:22)
Okay, so again, I’m just, I was double checking the pictures. Centeno Leagon and Patrick Cruces look about as much alike as Adam Lanza and David Hog or Cassidy stay in Delaney Tar. Strange. Right. Okay, let’s continue. I kind of want to tie this up. So we’re talking about two Walmart shootings, Gilmore man, look how tall this guy is and this is the arrest. He’s got a a soldier behind him in desert cammo and I got another video somewhere. I got to get the clip where, and this is at the El Paso event. We have this army soldier giving a masonic fist bump, real flashy handshake to a police officer. So I see a soldier and a police officer reaching out and each of them breaking ranks and they give each other this grip.

Speaker 6: (41:24)
I mean this is a capstone event. Every agency’s there. Obviously these things are planned far, far in advance, but that guy doesn’t look like the same guy. There’s this Facebook page again, local FBI office says conspiracy theory driven domestic extremists. This warning came out two days ago and if you think about it, this guy here, so he believes that the Democrats are deliberately keeping the borders open to allow Mexicans to invade and I guess overload the health care system, overload social services, and bring about a collapse of our economic system. It’s that cloud pivot strategy, this idea that the Democrats are trying to destroy the country by having a, a soft invasion, but just demographically winning the war. Meanwhile, discouraging whites from procreating by turning them gay with TV shows scripted by Jews who want to kill the Goyim. I mean, these conspiracy theories are so old, they’re so, I’m tired and worn out, but they still get a little bit of traction, especially around political seasons.

Speaker 6: (42:46)
So this guys manifest this guy’s whole rationale and he wrote this manifest or called the inconvenient truth, which again was probably purposefully meant to draw attention to the fact that right wingers don’t give a damn about climate change, but they’re all scared about being bred out of existence. Again, this is all just meant to be hyper politicized. So in his little manifesto, he references the shooter from New Zealand and he says the New Zealand shooter was right. So the New Zealand shooter was also motivated, motivated by the same thinking that Jews are waging some demographic war to wipe out the whites using other races.

Speaker 7: (43:28)

Speaker 6: (43:28)
So this guy in his very first opening statement in his manifesto references New Zealand shooter who was killing Muslims in a mosque. So you see all this ties together and then a few months ago you had two different shootings at two different synagogues, Philadelphia in San Diego, both of which had a shooter who said, shout out to Pewdie Pie and shout out to the shooter in New Zealand. So you see the pattern here, you have conspiracy theory driven, extremists carrying out terrorist attacks on American soil and they’re all angry white young man.

Speaker 7: (44:13)

Speaker 6: (44:14)
And now if you do this search for angry white men, and I was this, this is just going to be here we go in the news headlines, we can no longer Trump’s role in inspiring mass shootings for white men arrested for plots to attack a Muslim. I wanted to know,

Speaker 8: (44:42)
here’s another one.

Speaker 6: (44:44)
Instead of asking whether white men are racist, just hold them accountable. Why Republicans cannot break free from white nationalism.

Speaker 8: (44:55)

Speaker 6: (44:56)
Okay. So this is coming up again and again. This guy is a white nationalist, but now the shooter, the shooters are all being characterized as angry and they keep using that word garlic festival shooter, mid thirties white guy. They said, why’d you do it? He said, because I’m really angry. This is right before they shot him. So we’re not going to get his testimony because he’s dead. Okay, here we go. The connection between white men, a grievement and mass shootings, when the other is an angry white man, mosque shooter, white nationalist seeking revenge, angry about attacks in Europe.

Speaker 8: (45:41)

Speaker 6: (45:42)
In the year since the eyelet vista shooting in, so subculture inspires gunman. Okay. That was Eugene? No, Elliot Rogers. Okay. So Elliot Rogers and that I love Vista shooting [inaudible] that was used to attack toxic masculinity. Um, people on forums, men’s Mig towel, men go in their own way, basically just male lesbians, but they’ve been putting a target on the back of every, I guess, antifeminist type of specialty bloggers. And so that shooting was meant to inspire that movement against that type of thinking in men where the shooter was shooting up sororities. Now. That thing was, as you know, a production. His Dad was the cinematographer for the hunger games. His grandfather did war photography for World War Two even at Auschwitz, so it’s like, okay, I got it. Fake news runs in the family. It’s family business. They’re all working for the propaganda industry.

Speaker 6: (46:49)
Okay. Ohio gunman named after 29 killed in u s mass shootings. I guess they’re adding Alban up together. Let’s take a look here. Yeah. Nine people shot outside of Ohio after 20 were shot. The Walmart in Texas. Let’s see if we can get the name here. Okay. It is a hate crime. They consider the death penalty. Donald Trump is sad and angry. Oh wait, wait. Donald Trump is saddened and angry. Donald Trump is angry. Better takeaways, access to any kind of weapons. Take them away from the red button. He’s angry because anger is now a red flag. If you see something, say something. It used to be okay. You see your neighbor buying a bunch of supplies for pipe bombs. Say something. You see your neighbor behaving oddly, making threats. Say something like Nick Cruz was in his backyard in his underwear with a Donald Trump maga hat firing his gun just blinks. But his neighbor had recorded it. They should have said something. That’s the subtext here. If somebody had only said something, they would’ve stopped it. Well, Trump’s angry and maybe they ought to have a hotline, you know, is your neighbor frowning?

Speaker 6: (48:14)
Because anger is a bigger motivating factor than religion now. So now the whole idea of the Islamic extremist blowing things up, that’s gone. That’s no longer a thing anymore. It’s been replaced by angry white nerds who are afraid that they’re being bred out of existence. And of course this is all just caricature. It’s all just story. 25 year old mother shot while shielding her two month old son. Something else too. When you see a lot of the children given their accounts of what happened, like the kid who’s at the Walmart who said that she saw three guys in black uniforms with guns shooting. People. Remember they cannot speak on camera like that without their parents signing a release. And then two, they’re putting themselves in danger by giving their names and their faces on TV when the shooter hasn’t been caught.

Speaker 9: (49:12)
So my name is Lita Tomasky and we’re looking for my brother in law, Andrei. October, he was in the Walmart, the where the shooting happened. Um, I don’t recall what he was wearing, but he’s got a mustache. He’s a kind of dark skin, Tom Hispanic nature. And we’re still looking for, we haven’t heard the word of where he is that we’ve been waiting at the hospitals. Both hospitals. Are they dropping them off about, you know, the Unification Center.

Speaker 6: (49:36)
Wait a minute, if your family member is missing and you’re going to be on Sky News and you’re going to put out and all points bulletin, instead of saying he’s Kinda Hispanic, he Hispanic looking, he’s got a mustache and brown hair instead of being so vague about it, why don’t you take out your smartphone and bring up a picture of him and put it on the screen or text it to the person interviewing you? Why? Well, you know the answer why and it’s because this is method acting. Let’s continue.

Speaker 9: (50:13)
So I would go for it, but just trying to put the word out there. But anybody’s heard from it. Funny. Here’s anything to cool. Thanks Troy.

Speaker 6: (50:35)
So what do you make of that? What do you suppose to make of it? See, we’re at the point now where two plus two is five, and if you say it’s four, it’s hate speech. Somebody doing, um, a little bit of method acting. You call it method acting. It’s no a hate crime. Oh look, now I’m a conspiracy theory driven extremist and I might go, you know, commit one of these acts. That’s kind of what they’re trying to say here. That one is pretty obvious. I don’t even have to say what that was. Now this was the Walmart one.

Speaker 9: (51:17)

Speaker 6: (51:18)
Mexico’s president. Oh, this is going to be big. This is what they did last, what was it? 2009, 2010 ish. The last time that Mexico got involved, it was with the operation fast and furious. And this is when Eric Holder, not the fake shooter from the Nipsey Hussle debacle, but Eric Holder from the DOJ, he had sent a whole bunch of guns down to Mexico, whole bunch of firearms and handed them over to the cartels. And then the result in violence was blamed by Mexico’s president on America’s right to bear arms that our guns were getting into the hands of the cartels.

Speaker 6: (52:01)
Operation fast and furious became a thing because people realize, wait a minute, we’re taking the blame for what the Democrats did. So they set us up to be lectured to by Mexico’s president. And he did actually, he came down to, I believe he actually addressed Congress and he said, you Americans need to give up your guns. You’re killing my people. Look what you did. So now here we are, three Mexicans killed in El Paso, Mexico. President said via tweet condolences, the family, the victims, just wait. That’s going to become an issue because the border is an issue. This is all political. And like I’m s, like I said earlier, this Walmart event in El Paso, I’m pretty sure Beto paid for it. US authorities are investigating a hate-filled online post they believe was published by the gunman. Oh, that’s another thing. Now they’re starting to look into manifestos online. Like now we need to start looking into manifestos cause that’s a common denominator. Every one of these shooters has one from New Zealand, actually pretty much all of them. So now manifestos, in other words, they can start hunting for people who have committed thought crimes on paper.

Speaker 8: (53:28)
Okay, let’s continue.

Speaker 6: (53:30)
Okay, this is something too. So there was a janitor involved in a mass shooting drill. This one is pretty good. One of the best stories come out in a bit on this topic. Okay. This was in Fresno County. At an elementary school, there was a janitor who was wearing a mask, firing blanks, running around shooting at students. And this terrorized a whole lot of people. Children are crying. Uh, in fact, let’s just watch this clip really quick here. You’re gonna like this one. This is in fresh snow and this was, uh, less than a month ago.

Speaker 1: (54:10)
So I thought this might not really be a drill. And what am I going to do?

Speaker 10: (54:14)
Kim Cooper says in her 22 year career as a teacher, she has never gone through anything like this.

Speaker 1: (54:20)
I love these students and I don’t know what I can do. And I think, wow, am I going to go down like this? You know, out at raisins city school,

Speaker 10: (54:28)
Cooper says she and her students tried to stay quiet and gathered together in the corner of a classroom

Speaker 1: (54:33)
and then all of a sudden someone came pounding on the door, boom, boom, boom, boom, and trying to open it.

Speaker 10: (54:38)
She says, kids inside, we’re terrified.

Speaker 1: (54:41)
So I had one boy who was, he was trying to be very quiet about it, but he was sobbing. I mean, you can imagine. I was upset and I’m a, you know, 48 year old adult, but they’re in the back of my mind. I don’t know that it’s a drill. I think mine.

Speaker 6: (54:56)
So again, this is at a school in California where the kids, all they know is they’re in class and they hear gunshots. The door’s being kicked. The kids are pissing themselves crying. This is child abuse. Anyone who can defend active school shooter drills needs to actually say that they endorse child abuse because it makes the kids tougher or something like you’ve got to just admit that you’re brutalizing the kids and you’re making them into fascists. You’re making them into people who are in love with their captors because now their captors are their protectors. So the guys, the badges and the guns who terrorize them are their protectors. You understand how that works psychologically? It’s called Stockholm Syndrome. This is child abuse. Mk Ultra One oh one.

Speaker 1: (55:42)
Oh my goodness. This could really be happening.

Speaker 10: (55:45)
Thankfully it wasn’t real, but was dressing a janitor with a mask, fake gun, banging on the doors and windows with kids inside going too far. Do you think it was?

Speaker 11: (55:57)
Well, no, I don’t think it was wrong. It was a drill not training. Uh, because uh, you usually, these drills become routine to students.

Speaker 6: (56:08)
So the drills become routine and it’s not scary enough anymore. So they have to ramp it up with randomness. Now, the randomness thing is, is also part of Mk ultra part of mind control, part of psychological abuse where the fact that it’s capricious means you can’t plan on it. You can’t brace yourself, which means your level of insecurity goes up, fight or flight becomes normalized.

Speaker 11: (56:33)
And uh, we wanted to make sure that, uh, this was a realistic,

Speaker 6: (56:37)
this is a school superintendent, you know, if I could get this guy’s number, let me see if I can get his name raising city school superintendent once on Devo. I’d like to call this child abuser. I don’t know if I could get his phone number.

Speaker 2: (56:56)

Speaker 6: (56:57)
Raisin city elementary school wants to remove him. Okay, well people already are going this way. So anyway, like I would love to speak to someone like this on a live stream. Just do a short interview. Hey, let’s talk about how you’re justifying a child abuse here because regular drills aren’t scary enough. This is sick.

Speaker 11: (57:17)
And, uh, we wanted to make sure that, uh, this was a realistic

Speaker 10: (57:21)
raisin city superintendent. Juan Sandovall defends his actions. He says after the drill, all teachers shared a video with the students to be better prepared, but admits the teachers and students were told nothing before it happened. He says as a team, he wanted to see how his staff would react. The emotional strain that put on both of them, the students and the teacher.

Speaker 11: (57:43)
Well, that’s what the, you know, when it’s a real situation, it’s the worst than that. And so teachers and students need to be that. This is reality.

Speaker 10: (57:53)
Sandy ball ads, he’s never heard a single complaint and the drill helped him identify issues that need to be fixed.

Speaker 11: (57:59)
Didn’t hear any single complaint from the board members. So I don’t know.

Speaker 10: (58:03)
Well, I heard a number of complaints from parents, from teachers who said this should never have happened with the janitor serving as a mass gunman going on to campus and scaring the kids and the, and the teacher’s like this.

Speaker 11: (58:16)
Well, I don’t know that he was scaring the kids. Say was it, was it,

Speaker 6: (58:20)
I don’t know that he was scaring the kids. How dishonest is that? Let’s go. Not, let’s go. Imagine if someone were to go to his house at two in the morning, firing shots outside, kicking his doors and windows, pounding on his windows. And then, well, I don’t know that we were scaring your kids and your wife and your dog. We were just doing a drill. I mean, this is so sick. This is sick. Anyway, it looks like they’re trying to oust him, but I just wanted to show you that this is, um, an example of, um, what happens at all of the drills. And this is just one you’ve heard about. This happens all the time, but generally the teachers are aware of it, but it doesn’t change the fact that the children aren’t, I mean, think about it. The children are being terrorized daily in mandatory hyper-realistic school shooter drills all across America. Yes. And they’re not

Speaker 6: (59:22)
being talked about. And they are the true victims here. So when people say, you know, are these school shootings or these shootings all around, are these distractions? No, they’re not distractions. They’re the, this is the primary means of keeping the population terrorized. And people like this, um, this agenda, free TV, these people are under a spell. It’s almost like true believers who believe that we’re in the end times. Oh, we’re in the end times. It says so in the Bible, and my pastor says it. Everybody around me believes it. So I believe it and I hit my knees and I pray that I’m saved by the blood of the lamb. You know, that kind of stuff. If you’re objective about it, you’re like, okay, well that’s just fanaticism. That’s fantasy. That’s a religious person in the throws of belief. Like there, they’re not really connected to reality. It’s, it’s just kind of a psychodrama, but they believe it and it’s not exactly rational, whatever you think. So what you see here is someone who is caught under the same type of a spell, where he’s in this end times scary period where anything could happen. The world’s gonna end, any trusts, all the authorities who are feeding him all these fears that are actually baseless. So listen to agenda free TV for just a moment. Yes.

Speaker 7: (01:00:47)

Speaker 4: (01:00:47)
it would be, it would be very strange to me if this shooter knew people, like if the shooter had worked there. Usually when that happens, somebody will give an interview to the presence say, Oh yeah, we know that guy. Uh, he used to work here. No one has said that. No one has said they knew him,

Speaker 6: (01:01:07)
but he’s always here at puzzled. Um, he’s, he’s, he’s always pulling his hair, sweating and trembling. Just like scrambling for answers. Trying to make sense of, Oh, how about this?

Speaker 7: (01:01:23)

Speaker 4: (01:01:24)
Does the shooter have a history?

Speaker 7: (01:01:29)

Speaker 6: (01:01:29)
Of mental illness. The shooter isn’t real. That’s the whole thing is who done it. Keeps people asking all these questions. What’s the new threat? Is that the mentally ill people? Is it angry people? Is it people with Koreans? Is that people with flat earth maps? Like who’s the bad guy? Who is the one who got to watch out for [inaudible]? If you want to pitch in on the research, if you want to participate, join our discord server below and I’m using whatever you guys post in discord to help fill up the Wikipedia we’re Let me see if there’s anything else that I’ve missed.

Speaker 6: (01:02:16)
Oh, this one. This one. I saw one. The parents from the Stonewall, the Stoneman Douglas School shooting, have commented on it. Hey, they’re sewing all of these things together. They’re tying them all together, but that guy with the beard reminded me of the father from the Palo Alto shooting. The guy who Kimball. I’m laughing in between sets. Very common. Okay. Very common. The the laughing. Anyway, I will be back later. I’m going to go ahead and put my archives on infinite plane, I’m probably not going to leave this on youtube for obvious reasons. You know the fascist that run it will censor me, but we’ll be back later. This is going to be an [inaudible]

Speaker 12: (01:03:05)
[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]. [inaudible].



Speaker 2: (01:03)
okay. If you’re joining me on t live. Oh, come on. They have water bottles.

Speaker 2: (01:11)
bad. Okay. So, uh, thanks to chief crow for that intro. This is an active shooter drill in Walmart. And in all likelihood, we’re looking at an active shooter hoax, a drill presented as real breaking news disclosed TV. 18 people are dead at a Walmart. Ooh, big numbers. Look, the, the higher the body count, the more likely it’s fake and they’re gonna use that number to try to get you to treat it seriously. Um, this guy walking out live streaming, typical shaky footage, probably on a pre-assigned route as a police run in [inaudible].

Speaker 3: (01:52)

Speaker 2: (01:55)
hands up as he walked out the door. So it’s the hands up,

Speaker 3: (02:00)
phone’s down. [inaudible] up the door.

Speaker 2: (02:10)
You tweet with comment Hashtag auto hoax. It’s just a drill folks. No, I’m not trying to hate speech here or anything. Okay. Disaster Alert El Paso or at the Walmart near the Clo Vista Mall. This looks staged. These people are walking out calmly, hands up. Some people are recording it, but it looks like an evacuation, like a fire drill basically, and then they do their little dramatics and their PR. It’s a PR stunt. This isn’t real.

Speaker 3: (02:44)

Speaker 2: (02:46)
I did see a dummy on one of the videos. It says here initial reports indicating there were two shooters, one of which is already in custody. Right where we heard that before. Every single fake shooting. There’s always two shooters. One’s in custody and then everybody forgets ATF is responding. Okay. I wonder if the FBI was already there at Walmart, the more government agencies you see. Okay. Let’s see. We got here, look at this. It’s a big party. What are the gurneys doing way out here? This is a big fat drill. So if you’re over there on d live or you’re watching on periscope, we’re looking at footage outside the Walmart and it’s a huge, just a gathering like bring out everyone from every department. They get all their equipment laid out on the ground. Why did they have gurneys way out here? Because it’s a drill. They all got the yeah water bottles. One thing. What’s with all the damn water bottles. That’s how you know it’s a drill. And I caught this early on. I think that there’s some type of occupational safety uh, standards that they have to adhere to. Some type of OSHA thing that says, hey, when your d h s employees are out there, they’ve got to have a 20 ounce water bottle per person per hour. Like they’ve got something going on here cause it’s always water bottles. Let’s continue.

Speaker 2: (04:21)
We’re just looking at all the available footage and so far it’s looking very drily and I don’t know if it really is in our lexicon yet on our auto hoax. Um, but on our auto hoax Wiki, but it’s going to have to be, okay. This is the one that I’m saying 100% looks like a dummy. So I’m gonna go ahead and retweet this with a comment.

Speaker 1: (04:42)

Speaker 2: (04:42)
Just to drill folks. That is a training dummy. This is meant to terrorize people and this is a trainee dummy. It’s fake. The news will pixelate it to hide the graphic content, but really it’s to hide the fake. So good news. 18 people did not die in El Paso again. 18 people did not just get shot. This is a drill presented as real. It’s a gun grab deal. Let’s take a look here at the dummy.

Speaker 1: (05:22)

Speaker 2: (05:26)
what the hell you all doing filming? This guy says we can’t hear. See no thing. So again, we’re just looking at shaky footage. That’s supposed to be a body on the ground. No, it looks like a dummy. The whole, um, buttocks area. It looks like a pillow stuffed in there. Doesn’t look like there’s much substance. You can’t see the hands. Look how stiff the wigs are and the blood splatter. I mean we’re supposed to believe this. 18 of these not the spill kits right there by the way. And the blood, uh, looks very much

Speaker 3: (06:01)

Speaker 2: (06:02)
the attrical blood spilled out from a container or a bottle. That’s not a splatter mark.

Speaker 2: (06:11)
It doesn’t even make sense the way that blood sweater looks. Oh yeah. Lion King’s out. Just in time for Lionsgate and Leo, the movie releases were all done and timed with astrology. Just mentioning that. Okay. Let’s see what else we have. Okay, here’s another one. Active shooter. El Paso. Okay. This is our good friend. The auto believer agenda TV. Now he says agenda free, but no, his agenda is the MSM agenda because he’s a parrot and he doesn’t appear to know it. But look, you can get 6,000 live viewers if you pair it, the mainstream news. But if you say the mainstream news is lies and propaganda, you can’t get 6,000 people watching you. They won’t let you get that far. He’s furiously googling. He’s like, he’s Google earth looking for the shooter. I mean this arm chair guy, this guy is so disconnected from the reality. He’s an auto believing full

Speaker 4: (07:20)
guys. I, I do not know if the shooter or shooters is in custody yet

Speaker 2: (07:24)
guys. I don’t know. Like what I’m saying here, this guy, it’s like, no, you don’t know. And you’re running off of really just stories that are being spoonfed and dripped. So this guy is acting like he’s somehow providing a service and it’s like he’s going to get us the information and what he’s got to say is so relevant, but he never actually offers any commentary. He just repeats the news and he always sounds like, like he’s literally there at the scene being shot at.

Speaker 4: (07:56)
It’s no positive on a second shooter, a local news outlet is saying 18 people shot at Walmart in the, uh, near the Clo Vista Mall in El Paso.

Speaker 2: (08:07)
Okay. How do they know 18 people were killed? How do they have that already in there, you know, in, in their, um, reports. Who told the news, who told the media that there’s 18 people shot? Like how did they get that? I’m very interested in, no. Uh, and again, two shooters, one shooter, they don’t know if it’s in custody. Okay. Well here’s another one for you. If you think this is real, uh, what are the police doing? Hanging out, handing out water bottles, slapping each other on the rumps. Just kicking it in the back parking lot. If there’s two shooters on the loose and the shooters took out 18 people. You see how phony this is? I’m calling Walmart. One second. Okay. 18 shot, one dead.

Speaker 3: (08:54)

Speaker 2: (08:56)
oh, I bet. Okay. The shoot is going to be mentally ill.

Speaker 1: (08:58)
Oh, on your local Walmart. We appreciate your business and look forward to the opportunity to serve you in our store. The shooter’s not going to be seen for pharmacy. Press one for electronics, press two for pickup, press three for Deli, press four to speak to an associate. Press zero to repeat this.

Speaker 5: (09:19)

Speaker 1: (09:22)

Speaker 5: (09:25)

Speaker 2: (09:28)
one second. I’m making a quick call here.

Speaker 5: (09:31)
Uh, uh,

Speaker 1: (09:40)
no answer.

Speaker 2: (09:43)
I just wanted to let them know, hey, chill. It’s just a drill. Even that dummy, it looked like it came out of Walmart a, their props department, their Halloween stuff. So it’s like at Walmart shooting. So now what is it gonna be? Is there gonna be a Walmart shirt like Walmart? Strong Hashtag can somebody make that Walmart strong? Has David Hogg commented yet? Okay, let’s see what we got here. Okay. Here’s victims laying dead cause they said one dead. Well we saw one person dead inside already. El Paso strong. Yeah, it might be. Okay. So there’s one person dead inside that we saw and it says here that somebody’s lying dead outside of Walmart. Let’s take a look. Male subject. AK 47 still shooting. We still shooting bullshit. If he’s still shooting. Why are the cops hanging out? Sharing Water and laughing it up. Yucking it up. Posing

Speaker 1: (10:45)

Speaker 2: (10:49)
sounds like an actor. Notice how the person is hyperventilating.

Speaker 1: (10:52)

Speaker 2: (10:55)
and again it is a Walmart shopper.

Speaker 1: (10:57)

Speaker 2: (11:01)
okay, what are we seeing here? So huffing and puffing comes out again. Another stiff body arms. The side looks like a dummy.

Speaker 1: (11:09)

Speaker 2: (11:12)
looks hoaxy

Speaker 1: (11:14)

Speaker 2: (11:18)
okay. They have the shopping cart next to it.

Speaker 1: (11:20)

Speaker 2: (11:21)
okay, I’m calling dummy.

Speaker 1: (11:23)

Speaker 2: (11:27)
we need CPR. Um, okay. The way that is just running by it in this hyper ventilator with the camera, who happens to catch it at a far distance and it’s all grainy and it’s not a modern smart phone with HD. It’s us. Flip phone from 2005 like this tells me fake, fake, fake

Speaker 1: (11:45)

Speaker 2: (11:49)
And what is this? They have out front?

Speaker 1: (11:51)
[inaudible] how you doing?

Speaker 2: (11:56)
Okay, so that would be one. I see one here, two, three, four. So there’s going to be four bodies so far. And then over there there’s five. If there’s not at least five dead, but they could be playing dead in a drill. Look, this guy’s got a tourniquet on his leg and you know what? These drills, they do everything. You know, try a tourniquet, try a the other, they’re going to wear their triage tags. This even looks like they’re a little EMT booth right here. Oh look. Okay. This person here covering their face on the ground. No blood. Just lying down. Someone else here in the corner.

Speaker 6: (12:35)

Speaker 2: (12:38)
help me turn him over. Let’s see, we go now, why is this guy here who’s taping, who’s recording it? Why isn’t he helping her to overturn the guy?

Speaker 6: (12:48)
One moment.

Speaker 2: (12:49)
Wait, did I see a lanyard on this? On the citizen hero here? Did I just see a lanyard? Damn. Look, look, she’s wearing a damn lanyard. I call this every time. You know what’s a drill when they’re wearing lanyards, when they’re carrying water bottles and they’ve all got these bracelets. She’s wearing an orange bracelet. She’s got a lanyard. She’s got shades to obscure, hurt her identity. She walks past the body in the parking lot and walks up to this one. Help me turn it over. And this guy’s just recording it.

Speaker 6: (13:19)

Speaker 2: (13:24)
no, the lanyard things. A dead giveaway. We see it all the time. Okay. Let’s see. Multiple victims injured at the shooting of the Walmart. Let’s go ahead and retweet with comment Hashtag Walmart strong Hashtag auto hoax. Is there an all passive strong? There may already be. I like Walmart strong though. Like Walmart might even sell those shirts. They might even have them in stock. That’s how the [inaudible] industrial complex works. They’ll have these things to stop cause they’ve got to make every bit of money and they don’t want entrepreneurs jumping on it and making money off their psyops. They don’t want you to be the one that sells $30,000 worth of tee shirts in a weekend. It is a drill. It was only a drill going through comments. Dude, it’s everywhere. Tons of video in for and photos confirming dead victims. Nope. Confirming Dummies training dolls. And they can get super realistic. They’ve these dolls so realistic these days that people are pretty much marrying them. It’s gross, but it’s true. Okay. This guy called into work. He said, I called into work because I would have gone over my 40 hours. Now I hear about the shooting. That’s Pablo. Hmm. You should have

Speaker 2: (15:16)
signed up as a crisis actor and played dead. It pays better than Walmart.

Speaker 2: (15:31)
Now I suspect this guy might be a real employee, but who knows, they weren’t all in on it. Authorities respond to possible active shooter in Texas. Walmart. That does bring up a point though. Um, if they are going to pull off a drill involving employees, uh, those employees would have, would have been in on it before they were even hired. I suspect it’s a lot of just civilians. Okay, here we go. Do not go to Walmart. Look at this guy here. He’s got what appears to be a fake blood dripping down his back. And what is he doing? Who took this picture? Oh No, this is so fake. Okay. These are pictures of people who are hiding in place, sheltering in place. This is drill activity. They tell you run shelter or fight. So these people are probably sitting there with cans of soup ready to throw out the shooter and they’re hiding yet they’re tweeting their locations.

Speaker 2: (16:34)
Oh yeah. Like I’m like, they’re hiding underneath the shelves where you buy the paper towels and the laundry detergent. Oh No. You know what they’re hiding at the returns. You know when you return stuff or the stuff that gets misplaced, they put it on the bins to get restocked. She’s hiding behind those bins and tweeting, don’t go to Walmart. This is so fake. They do this at a lot of the school shootings too. Some guys under a desk breaking possible active shooter at Walmart. Again, it’s a drill. The cops outside, give it away. Uh, nobody’s dying. Nobody’s crying. It’s all a hoax. You’re not allowed to not believe though. You realize that if I were to say any of these things on youtube, they would shut down my channel. What does that tell you?

Speaker 2: (17:23)
I talked to El Paso mayor. What’s his name? Okay. They confirmed fatalities. How does a mayor know 18 people who’ve been shot or injured? Okay, look at this here. You want to, you want me to believe? Okay, look, take a close. Look at this picture. Let me get back up. I just lost it. This one’s good. It tells you everything you need to know. When you look at the crowds of people hanging out in front of Walmart and you look at the heavy police presence and all the paramedics gathered round and all the onlookers, k again, look at this very closely and if for some reason, let me bring it up one more time. It keeps closing on me. You’re going to want to see this. So because the story is 18 people were just shot, right? That’s one part. One 18 people were shot to the shooter. Still on the loose. Yeah. So if the shooters on the loose 18 people were shot, why do you have this high concentration of people right out here in the open?

Speaker 2: (18:37)
If his objective is a high body count, uh, why wouldn’t the shooter just hang out until CNN shows up? But look at how casual they are, how chill they are, they got their water bottles. Uh, look at these crowds of people. And also notice how many of the people here these onlookers are wearing lanyards and bracelets. What’s with the bracelets? And then what’s with this Gurney, these two gurneys a quarter of a mile away from Walmart itself. This is all very hoaxy. If you know what you’re looking at, there’s no reason why these gurneys would be out here this far away, nowhere close to the ambulances, nowhere close to any victims. And you’ve got a bunch of people with clipboards. Look at this. You got a body board on the ground. See that yellow body board with the rubber gloves next to it. That’s another thing. Uh, paramedics don’t leave biohazardous waste behind like the, you’re not just going to see piles of bloody gloves in the ground for the news to photograph.

Speaker 2: (19:38)
That’s a, a big No-go, but they do it for t v okay, let’s continue. Oh, looks like the army’s there. Oh, come on. Oh, look at this. Okay. Again, again, this guy here just pops a soda on the left and this guy here is reaching into the ice chest for a cream soda. Does anybody here think that 18 people were just shot a hundred yards away 10 minutes ago and the shooter stolen the loose and you’ve got these guys with blue gloves, drinking soda pop and reaching into ice chest surrounded by all their homies with the empty gurneys. This is a drill.

Speaker 3: (20:26)
I know

Speaker 2: (20:29)
this guy here, he’s like, do you guys got wild Cherry Pepsi?

Speaker 3: (20:32)

Speaker 2: (20:35)
I’m surprised they don’t have a grill and then not just cooking hamburgers and hotdogs. I mean, it’s a nice day to them. That is the one thing and okay, another one. Look here. This got the blue rubber gloves. He’s patting his buddy on the roam in the shoulder. Um, if you were just saving lives with those rubber gloves and you’ve got bloodborne pathogens, you just smeared it. You just smeared hepatitis all over your friend

Speaker 3: (21:02)

Speaker 2: (21:04)
and he’s got water bottles in his other hand. So what are you gonna do? Open the water bottles with your hepatitis glove hands and then drink it. [inaudible]

Speaker 3: (21:11)

Speaker 2: (21:14)
here have some water. I don’t know. A little bit of aids flavoring. Have a little bloodborne pathogen with your lunch. This is fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake and fake. Let’s continue. A gunman killed two people at a Mississippi Walmart. Okay. Bullshit. If you’re saying too, it’s gotta be more than two. Oh wait, that’s the other Walmart, July 30th. See they did these together too. Not a coincidence. Walmart. It’s in on it. Walmart is part of the signup industrial complex. I guarantee they’ve got Walmart strong shirts ready to sell. I kind of want to make it myself. I mean, since I’m here, I kind of want to just design a Walmart strong shirt and a market it through auto why not? Okay, so let’s get back on topic here. So what we’re seeing is two back to back drills at Walmart’s. One of them was workplace violence. Okay? Here we’ve got more footage from the inside.

Speaker 3: (22:16)
It’s pretty funny that we don’t talk to,

Speaker 2: (22:19)
this is where the police come in and say, hands up, get out.

Speaker 3: (22:22)

Speaker 2: (22:23)
get out. We’re saving your lives. Get your hands up to protect the shit out of Ya and go pay dog scaring the kids terrorizing these people. I’d be middle fingers up. I’d be like, you know what? Don’t save me. This is bullshit. But of course I probably wouldn’t be there. These are mostly close sets.

Speaker 3: (22:40)
There were,

Speaker 2: (22:45)
I mean, this just bothers me honestly, when I hear children crying because these adults are running them through some mk ultra. That’s kind of irritating. And if you look at these active shooter drill training that they do, these, these training drills they do for the kids, it’s, it’s as offensive as these like hell camps. You know what I mean? Like these, I’m watch, I think it’s called, um, hell a Christian stage play where they pretend like it’s like a theater thing. It’s a stage play, but it’s where you are confronted by the devil and it’s this really scary little play they put you through and it makes you cry and you leave and you’re like, oh, thank God. And it’s kind of the same thing here. It’s all a psychodrama. It’s psychodrama, but hyper real school shooter, drill traumatized kids. So if you’re traumatizing kids, look, active shooter situations, traumatic to kids, these drills are realistic and downright terrifying. Can I please excuse my kid from class today? So this is when the Guardian, it’s admitted here that even though these are drills, these active shooter simulations that involve gunfire, masked men, victims, that these actually scare the kids and the kids piss their pants. The kids can’t sleep at night. So how can you support this? And this is enabled by all this bullshit and those of us who call it bullshit cause we’re against child abuse, we get censored. Okay, so again, this is fake. It’s all drill on. This guy’s having his hissy fit over thinking it’s real cause he’s an auto believing fool.

Speaker 4: (24:32)
Okay, thank you guys. Here’s an update. Layla Santiago and she’s with CNN, says, just talk to El Paso. Mayor’s office, Chief of staff confirmed fatalities from a shooting at a Walmart in El Paso. She also confirmed suspect’s in custody. Unclear how many suspenders

Speaker 2: (24:50)
and company suspects. Remember that they just confirmed suspects. It’s a plural. I want to see if the drudge has any stupid headline about it. These guys are always first to push a sigh up. Yep. Mass shooting. I’ll pass a Walmart. They probably have their fingers crossed that the story has it, that it’s like a Mexican across the border illegally. AK 47 panicked shoppers flee updates, developing 2020 candidates respond to shooting. Told you this is all PR stunt the candidates. What would you do right when you’re just gonna say it takes a good guy with a gun to stop, a bad guy with a gun.

Speaker 4: (25:33)
Police in El Paso, Texas, say they’re responding to an active shooter situation.

Speaker 2: (25:39)
Every politician is going to say, my heart went out to blah, blah, blah. None of them are going to say, is this even real? And that’s because they’re part of the script. And if you’re voting for any of these politicians, you’re voting for the Sai War and it’s your fault. Children are being traumatized. Multiple people have been killed. Says, I’ll pass a police department, man, who would have thought, you know, Walmart is such a sellout co. I mean they really sold out. Everybody with this one. They’re not the PR, they’re not pro going. The not pro NRA. They don’t stand up for free speech. Walmart is literally Hitler. Wait, no, no, wait. Oh Owen. Benjamin’s Hitler. Walmart’s the devil.

Speaker 2: (26:18)
Okay, so we will follow up with this bs story later. It was just really quick here. Um, come up with a couple of, um, of predictions. Okay. Predictions. AK 47 they said multiple shooters for some reason. I think it’s even though they said they confirmed shooters with an s, I’m pretty sure it’s going to end up with one shooter and maybe some guy in a camouflage jumped over a fence and got away. Same Guy that they saw at the Gilmore garlic festival or Gilroy. Same Guy who jumped the fence after Sandy Hook. There’s always the second shooter who got away. So this is the Wiki page. Auto And we’re going to add this one. So I’m going to go ahead and do this now since I’m live mass shooting hoaxes, and I’ve broken this down into categories, malls and the stores. So we just did south haven, Walmart. So now let’s do the El Paso, Walmart, El Paso, Walmart shooting.

Speaker 2: (27:31)
I don’t need to put hoax after it. We’re just going to call it shooting. And then on the actual page we’ll put all the details. How are they getting away with all the cameras everywhere. You know what? We’re not gonna see this. We’re not gonna see the closed circuit television. We’re not gonna see any of the footage from the cameras up above that loss prevention gets to use. We’re only going to see the shitty cell phone footage from the track phones that these people have been using. Um, and look, the body counts. They have to add up. We saw at least five bodies in the parking lot and in the front room. So there’s not five dead bodies. This thing’s totally falling apart. That’s why I wanted to do this. I wanted to record this. We’ve got it on periscope, um, because it’s important to get a record of these things before they can start the damage control, narrative control and curation process. Multiple people killed. We’ll see. We’ll see. Okay. I’ll be back in a few hours to discuss this topic and a few others. Um, again, I’ve added the El Paso Walmart shootings, so you’re welcome to go to auto and begin working on this. So August 3rd, 2019 at least 18 reported shot and we saw at least three to five in lot and insurance and they said three shooters or two shitters.

Speaker 2: (29:08)
And again, you guys saw the video. These cops are hanging out, having soda pumped. Just shooting the breeze out in the parking lot. Uh, not even worried so we know this thing’s fake. All right, I’ll catch you all later. This is solid. Might fly writing real

Speaker 5: (29:25)

Speaker 2: (29:40)
CIA. [inaudible]

Speaker 6: (29:42)
that’s our up entirely. No was the older ones. Outworking Tom. Bad luck in bed. You pay shit. Street’s always dangerous. Dangerous needs to speak this playing into really hear what they saying. You know what that means? Are you dealt with the team, they speak to signs and symbols. You can learn them about these things by nine 11 because of the 27 what you think that they can have the na, it’s a magic. Just saw, looked forward into the code. [inaudible] body. My son, why they snatching bodies of these body did not. Highland Grove assumption is the hobbyist. [inaudible]

Speaker 6: (30:19)
called that and not, oh, don’t you know we did around the globe and the to the moon. Glad about the shootings or on the news. We will make the weight. Let it spread by Pete Gala. T, let them know we don’t lace up potty by this readily like up right there to say, okay, show retention on your bed. You know what? I’m Tom that don’t that these slap me nicest antichrist at their turn. Bring it up. My son eats is actuality. That’s why the truth must read by word of mouth. Word math on it. The quarter to the coke family Illuminati. When my mom batting my soul growth section, fat happy fiction bowls with the idol. Komeito no motto. All and you can test for that sign cause Jerry’s aren’t when they are shown to be as you don’t accept the famous myths in proof sport, the descriptive by the number code. Let me turn on my idol. He squats.

Speaker 7: (31:46)
Let me turn on my auto auction. Look this stuff up when I get home because by t these kids, today’s is tripping. I ain’t tripping. He must be tripping cause I am not tripping. Now when Lopi I know Matt.