Um, right now we are, I’m in discord but we’re live on a few platforms, a youtube discord, a periscope, a k, a Twitter and Facebook. Okay. So I’m going through the Twitter tweets today. I figured, um, I might try this for a little while. Going through the trending tweets of the day and then seeing how we may be able to get that traffic, which is being directed towards a total bullshit and direct it towards something useful. So right now, Don Lemon is stupid dumbest man on television, uh, not factually inaccurate. Uh, but that is the, a trend right now. And so the idea here is working that into the topic. Like Don Lemon knows the earth is flat. Uh, just something nonsensical. But anyway, I’ve been doing this for a bit, just kind of goading people out there and everything that we’re tweeting, we’re putting an IPR.

Speaker 3: (04:25)
So if you’re trying to follow along and we’re going to see who’s tweeting what and just kinda throw ourselves in the mix. But basically if you add IPR in the tweet, um, we will be getting it. That’s kind of our Twitter group now. Twitter is worthless. It’s a garbage site controlled just like youtube, but we have to use it. Um, this is the only way where you can, um, in any way interact with certain figures in, in a public way. In fact, uh, it’s very easy to get blocked by people who are gatekeepers and gatekeepers are very vulnerable and susceptible to Twitter and sites like this where if something is said and enough people are behind it and it becomes very conspicuous if they ignore it. Okay, here’s Eddie Bravo for example, Eddie Bravo. His latest tweet was something on Instagram will say, Hey Eddie, you say the earth is flat, but you also say the Las Vegas shooting was real. How does that cog dissonance sit with you? And that’s because it’s the same and that’s the Hashtag IPR. It’s the same media presenting the stories on the ground and up in the sky or above the sky. And so to trust them on one story and not another a, there’s a problem there. And that’s something I like to point out.

Speaker 3: (06:03)
A couple other points also we’re working on right now is we’re developing our auto hoax wiki over. We’re consolidating all of our research. It’s finally getting around to happening. And the way it’s gonna work is you go to auto or auto and that will take you right on over to our wiki and progress. And so right now it’s broken up into topics, death, fakers, crisis actors, mass shooting hoaxes, uh, but then also auto hoaxers. And so right now I just have fake ologists, Jim Fetzer, infinite plane society. I’m looking for individuals or groups who are actively pursuing this line of inquiry. In fact, we were looking at a channel last night on one five, and she’s excellent at this. I believe it’s Jeffersonian girl. So while I’m on the topic here, Yep, that’s the one. Okay. So Jeffersonian girls, one of the best auto hoaxers out there, she just put one out five hours ago, garlic festival, zombies shooting hoax. Can’t watch it live right now because you know, restrictions on free speech and all that. But what I can do is I can add her to the list

Speaker 3: (07:28)
and if you see any one note worthy that you think ought to be added, you just, uh, let me know and we’ll put them on the main page. And as far as the pages that are created, uh, those anyone can edit. So I’m putting the link to Jeffersonians girl or Jeffersonian girl, that’s her page. And at some point someone will come through and I’m going to make an effort to reach out to all the people who are aggressively and actively deconstructing media lies every day. In fact, this m one five three is a wealth of information. Oh, here’s a good one too. Santa Fe high school shooting hoax. There was something about this one where one of the stories just fell apart. You had this substitute teacher who called in and he said that he helped save lives by piling up furniture to block the door so the killer couldn’t get in and his story was carried by the AP is a hero and all that, blah, blah, blah. Well, it turns out he wasn’t even there that day. Like he wasn’t even there physically. The school admitted it and they couldn’t get him to do a follow up interview. So he was falsely reported as a hero.

Speaker 3: (08:44)
Okay, so again, I’m tweeting in the Hashtag IPR and one of the things I was doing today is going through to see how much damage we’ve done, how we have proliferated the meme auto hoax, and you search auto hooks. You can see for yourself how many of those memes lead directly back to us. And so I’m digging out some of our finest work. Oh, this is one by MVP. This is a hoggy boy there who is in fact a terrorist. David Hog is a terrorist. Really that’s not hyperbole. So again, anything that I’m tweeting now is going to be under the Hashtag IPR. You can find me there. You can respond real time whether you agree or disagree.

Speaker 3: (09:40)
Let’s continue. And if you have anyone in mind that you think needs to be contacted. Um, were anyone in particular a, if I get any responses. Okay. Hey Eddy, you say earth is flat, but you say the Vegas shooting was real. That was retweeted. I appreciate that. Okay, let’s continue. Again, I’m trying to see what’s trending now. This is climate emergency, which is a huge joke. It’s good to see some other people mocking it. These sting rays are jumping out of the ocean to escape water that is literally boiling. Literally. We must take climate action now to avoid the climate apocalypse. Like it’s really hard to tell if this is a joke or not. And the thing is out of the 65 people have retweeted it. Um, I’m probably the only person who realizes it’s a joke. Most environmentalist are like, yeah, it makes sense. It’s 2019 the oceans are boiling by now and fish are trying to jump out of it.

Speaker 3: (10:42)
Is that cognitive bias? No, the oceans are not boiling. The ice caps are not melting. Oh yeah. Bernie Sanders, uh, glitched out. Let me see if I can find that on Twitter. So he was talking about how people living in extreme poverty have no chance to go to college. He says them going to college. Oh look, people are already making shirts about it. He says, these kids growing up today have as much chance to make it into a good college as they do to make it to the moon or something along those lines where he totally gaffed. I knew this was going to be the case. Okay, here we go. His comments on the moon landing

Speaker 4: (11:33)
keep saying, are you ready?

Speaker 3: (11:34)
I predicted this last night. I said, look, this is gonna be taken out of context and everyone’s going to run with it and all the fighters are going to take it seriously. Which this is a fighter. If their video, let me get past the intro. Okay. Here we go. Bernie Sanders on the fake wound landing, it’s bling I’m showing

Speaker 5: (11:55)
is that America is the wealthiest country in the history of the world, but anyone who took the walk that we talk, we talk around this neighborhood would not think you in a wealthy nation. You would think that you were in a third world country where unemployment is all 50% a community that does not even have these in quality grocery stores where moms can buy quality food for their kids. A community in which the dream of getting a higher education for many kids is as real as is going to the moon

Speaker 3: (12:35)
is as real as it is going to the moon. I think it’s just poorly worded. He’s probably reading off a teleprompter but given the that this is the 50th anniversary. Yeah. This is obviously gonna be taken out of context and so the flight Arthur’s are going to say, Yup, Bernie slipped and I think this is good. I hope Bernie has to respond and clarify.

Speaker 5: (12:55)
Just the dream of getting a higher education for many kids is as real as is going to the moon of getting a higher education for many kids is as real as is going to the moon.

Speaker 3: (13:12)
Really all of Bernie’s focus should be on getting to the moon as he’s a Cami and the lunar colonies will be communist colonies and that’s always been the case. A space communism. Yeah. Just to do a quick search here. Space Communism. Let’s see if anybody’s tweeting about this.

Speaker 1: (13:35)

Speaker 3: (13:37)
Now space communism is more or less, um, the goal here, you’re not going to take your car, it’s not community cows on Mars and you can find a lot of old Soviet propaganda that is all about communist outposts on, Yep. Here we go. The moon, how the Soviets won the space race for equality.

Speaker 3: (14:08)
Okay. Do you remember a couple of months ago, maybe it was last year, there was this issue where the female astronauts couldn’t go on a space walk because they didn’t have any suits that fit them. That was a fake story in my opinion. And I believe it was just a subtle way of saying NASA is a sexist organization. It’s not equal. And, uh, that was I think the only reason why they would have had such a thing. It’s not like you would send them into space and forget the spacesuits. Like, do you realize how dumb that sounds? But the people who believe in this whole space program don’t know. They just don’t know the, okay. So I want to continue to comb through our meme stash.

Speaker 3: (15:00)
Again, I’m just searching auto hoax to see what comes up and I’m gonna take these and literally drop them into my Twitter feed. So if you’re on Twitter, again, it’s a garbage site. It’s controlled by the enemy. The only use it has is calling out people, uh, and proliferating memes expect to be shadow banned, especially by free speech advocates who are all phoneys. Greg Gutfield is a phony conservative, doesn’t give a damn about free speech. Okay, so this one, uh, oh no, the students got hockey pucks. Now, this is a reference to the idea that students either throw hockey pucks and there’ve been a number of stories about various ways that children are being taught to fight back. Like it’s Hashtag IPR,

Speaker 4: (15:56)

Speaker 3: (15:56)
throw books, throw soup cans, throw hockey pucks get tiny bats. And the stories are all stupid, just like duck and cover or block the door. These are all scenarios that the students are given. And I think it’s all meant to do one thing to make you realize it’s futile that until you get rid of guns, nothing’s going to work. And so they’re giving people these purposefully ridiculous notions of how they can save themselves. And in just the last few days, we saw a couple of events this weekend and there was one, and this made the cover of New York Post. There was someone who was shot at the old things, the old man festival or whatever in the garlic festival, and then yet old man’s Day. Anyway, her bra saved her life. You know, she was shot, she fell down. But luckily the Bra stop the bullet. So she was saved by a Bra. Carrie liethen’s nephew who was shot with Nipsey Hussle. Um, he was at the hospital, they found out he survived because the bullet hit his belt buckle. So we have a tiny book in Parkland. We have the belt buckle over there in Crenshaw. And then we have this, we have this party in Brooklyn where a bra saves her life.

Speaker 3: (17:22)
So I want to see, you know, what’s this bra made out of? What’s that belt buckle made out of? What tiny book was it now? Who printed that copy of a diary of Anne Frank to make it bulletproof? I want to get a collection of all these miracle items. I’m also, you have Cassidy stay, you know how you have like these lizards and you know, it loses its tail and the tail grows back. Well, she regenerated her fingers, which were shot off when she blocked the bullets that were headed towards her head.

Speaker 3: (17:50)
Okay, so let go and respond to this. What was the brand? See, I think it’s fake. It’s fake news. But if it was real, I’d like to see like, I like to see it. I’d like to see the belt buckle that saved. What’s his name? What Carrie Leighton’s nephew’s life. I call Bs. I hope this isn’t flagged for hate speech, so you’re not allowed to be a nonbeliever non-belief is pretty much considered to be a hate crime. Yep. Police Department broad to flex bullet saves woman. It didn’t deflect the bullet. She said, in fact, let me correct them now. This is really weird. The date, April 21st, 2009 it didn’t deflect the bullet.

Speaker 3: (18:54)
The bullet fell out when the EMT rolled her on her side. That’s her story. So you can’t say that it deflected. That’s a big difference. That’s like a cover story to cover up her ridiculous story. See, the thing is it didn’t deflect it in her story. It the bullet itself actually rolled out. That’s a big difference. Anyway, that’s fake. I mean it could be a metal strap, but still. Okay. It says here it was a regular bra. The threading of it, because we’re thick girls is thicker and it got caught in the back part. Okay.

Speaker 3: (19:46)
That was from the one dead 11 wounded in shooting at Brooklyn. Old timers event. Now I’m not going to say what this event was. I mean we’re just keeping it blue here. Keeping it blue upheld. Oh, come on. What is this? Okay. It’s just, I’m sorry, I’m picking up for unrelated tweets. Looking at your comments here. Yeah. Polish bear. We are back if you’re on youtube. Okay. Go ahead and subscribe. Look, they try their best to um, censor us. Last week youtube went behind the scenes, 4:50 AM and they pulled the plug on half a dozen channels of mine. The five of them didn’t even have videos yet. I think they were mad because we were talking about those two events in tendon. And I don’t know, it’s just seems like whenever there’s a weekend, a holiday weekend or big festivals and they have some big up planned, somebody over at the DHS pulled some strings and youtube pulls the string, pulls the plug on our mic here,

Speaker 3: (21:02)
which is why everyone here needs to go to infinite plane. because we have text message alerts so you can get text messages whenever we’re live. And then of course you can be in the know as to all the developments. We have a lot of new stuff happening. Um, really I think important developments that could be game changers. So for one, if you haven’t seen it yet, go to auto, and auto We’ll be active very soon. But if you go there, if you feel like you can work on it, but you can, um, share it for sure. We’re developing a Wiki, a compendium of all the hoaxes, all the death, fakers, all the doppelgangers, all the anomalous events, all the pseudo news and everything else in one site, one package. And what’s nice about this whole idea is we’re also putting you in touch with the people who are doing this type of work. Jim Fetzer, Jeff Jeffersonian girl, fake ologist infinite plains society. So we’re going to link all of the active auto hoaxers on this one page

Speaker 3: (22:12)
and only those without a religious agenda. Sorry, Russian vids you don’t make the cut. You have to also apply the same scrutiny to religion that you do to media. If you can’t do that, we can’t list you. Okay. So topics, death, fakers, crisis actors, mass shooting. This is a post globe auto hoax, anti media think take and research community and of course a rapid response anti-media network and it can blow up fast. We have a lot of research already done. And just to get started on some of these, all I’ve done is I listed like Christchurch shooting. You go to that link and Bam, it takes you right to our documentary. And of course there’ll be written extensive articles on each of these as we go, including transcriptions. I will be transcribing live streams. Yeah. If you want to work for the page. Absolutely.

Speaker 3: (23:09)
In fact, I’m, you already can, if you go over to the page, you can just start editing. The main page is the only page that I’ve made. Untouchable. I’ve locked it for obvious reasons, but all of the pages within are subject to editing. And then I’ll go ahead and uh, Polish it up as we go. I’m learning as I go as far as formatting and I’m copying and stealing from the best. So we’ll make this work. And like I said, I’m also adding people who are content creators on this subject down here as a resource for and it’s all based on infinite plane radio and stuff that we talk about on the daily. So I have the number right here. So auto is going to be quite an asset moving forward. In fact, I think it’s potentially very disruptive.

Speaker 3: (24:04)
Yeah. Because you know flat earth, that meme, when that idea leaked the way it did and they really took a lot of agitation just to get it out there into the mainstream and they had a hard time and even now they have a hard time totally controlling the narrative. But for the most part the job was done. It had been pre smeared, pre attacked and auto hoax has not really been defined. I mean even people who may conspiracy theories their life only just recently found out about it. Like Mark Sargent said last week, he said, Whoa, have you heard there’s something called auto hoax? Apparently it’s a thing, you know, and this was a guy who was warning people about 2012 and Nibiru you know, back then and totally behind the curve on this and the reason why political correctness, political correctness has kept people from figuring out just how fake things are. And you know, we figured it out. We never let that get in the way. We’ve always auto hoax without apology. I see a lot of people re tweeting what I’ve said. And also the Hashtag is IPR in this IPR Hashtag is a new thing we just started today. So it’s just totally ours. It’s all gonna be auto hoaxing and uh, thanks from India, we have like Indian protection services. I actually liked them. IPS, if you haven’t seen ips training videos, I couldn’t play one really quick. They’re kind of violent, but I guess it’s meant to be motivational.

Speaker 1: (25:45)

Speaker 3: (25:54)
find the right one. There’s just one where it’s like slow motion and it has these ips officers with sticks walking into an unruly mob and just taking out all their aggressions. It’s like join the ips. Anyway, let’s continue. I didn’t mean to get distracted. Twitter does that to you though. Okay, so dawn, lemon and salted by Donald Trump and don lemon of course is I’m an agitator and all media personalities are auto believers. Like we’re looking at characters, you know, it’s just Hollywood. I don’t know why people get so worked up over elections. Donald Trump being president makes as much difference in your life as Tom Being James Bond in the next movie. It’s like, does it really matter to you now don lemon was there agitating for Joe for was named Dorner. Remember Dorner the cop who was going across the country shooting, he said, wow, it’s like that movie to Django and chain. He was happy about it. CNN, Don Lemon, this is from Donald Trump. He said, Don Lemon, the dumbest man on television insinuated that was a racist. When I’m the least racist person in the world.

Speaker 3: (27:17)
When does that term racist going to lose its sting? I mean, everybody knows that racism is really just a concept that um, politicians used to get votes. Like it doesn’t really exist outside of it. Even the hate crimes are all fake. Have you looked into that? I mean, that’s an area of research worth delving into. You look up hate crime hoaxes for all the people who are too PC to look into fake shootings. Look up hate crime hoaxes more common than you think. A university’s too often serving as hate crime hoax mills USA Today. He crime hoaxes like Jesse Small. It’s a legend attack. Now, here’s the thing. If you would called Jesse smaller a liar the day that it happened, you would’ve lost your channel, lost your money, lost your reputation. Now you’re a bad guy. Racist Auto Hooks go to hell, Bam. Everybody hates you. Then the next day you find out it was a hoax. So this idea that you can’t preemptively doubt something, um, it’s very controlling and actually it’s unconscionable.

Speaker 4: (28:27)

Speaker 3: (28:28)
The expectation that you have to believe in the news after they treat a story like that. Seriously treat it like it’s real. Utah Gay hate crime was a hoax. Hate crime hoax is more common than you think. The left manufacturers, another hate crime hoax, the fake news surge in hate crimes, hate crime. Hoaxes are rare, but devastating. Says New York Times. Yeah, of course they’re devastating. It turns people against people. And that’s the whole point. That’s why Jesse [inaudible] is a racist. Heterophobia he deserves actually I think to be sent to jail for what he did. That’s some serious incitement. Tucker Carlson did a segment on hate crime hoaxes. Okay?

Speaker 3: (29:20)
But you know, the media will talk about hate crime hoaxes all day, but you know what? They won’t talk about psychological operations. They can’t go that far. They’re all gatekeepers. And here’s another problem I have with racist ideas were racism. Okay? So let’s say I’m, and this other guy is black. And he says, you know, he believes in reparations. Well then I have to ask myself this. How do we know that I reincarnated intra racially? What about interracial incarnation? Is there such a thing? Let me ask, the Twitter sphere is inter racial reincarnation a thing? Hashtag IPR. Because if you can reincarnate like maybe I was Asian during the Times that the other individual’s ancestors were enslaved and maybe he was white in that past incarnation a few centuries ago. Um, so for all we know, our roles have reversed or our present lives have no relation to our past lives whatsoever in terms of culpability, guilt or privilege.

Speaker 3: (30:47)
And if you want to accept the very concept of collective guilt, then um, you have to explain this. You have to explain you also, you actually, you have to believe in reincarnation. I mean it’s a very bizarre and odd thing when you really break it down because what are you really saying that we are not souls, that we’re just bodies and that each body is a continuation of like, where is the like I guess where does the new life begin in the past one end? Are they saying that they don’t, that they cannot. And then should we start holding individuals accountable for what their grandparents did, you know, fuck what your race did. What did your grandpa do? What did your dad do? Should you be guilty for that because that’s a little more relevant, I would say. It’s like, oh look, your immediate gene pool is full of a bunch of criminals, you know, so you’re a criminal, you got to atone for it. Or maybe you got to pay back their victims so you know, it’s a slippery slope. It’s illogical mob mentality as usual, and that’s how the mainstream media operates.

Speaker 3: (32:00)
Okay, so we’re looking at, oh, okay. Two thirds of hate crimes are hoaxes and this was just produced last month. This article here, it’s a new book now. Jesse Snowlets, his case is, I’m just one of these that went high profile. Most of them you never hear about, and his was hilarious by the way. If you saw the video with the cops going to his house, he’s wearing a sweater, he’s drinking a latte. The cops go in and come into his house and he just jumps up all of a sudden, and he’s got a big yarn around his neck. It looks like a ball of yarn. I don’t even think it was a rope. I think he went to hobby lobby and he got a crocheting kit and he sat down and he crocheted himself a rope and then he wrapped it and he put it just right. He flunked part of it over his shoulder. He looked in the mirror, angled at just right around his neck and then the police show up and he’s like, oh, are you recording? Okay. So two thirds of these are hoaxes. Media fails to expose hate crime hoaxes not related to, okay.

Speaker 3: (33:06)
Not related to famous scenarios. That’s exactly what I was saying. Maybe we ought to do a hate crime. I think we talked about this before, like yeah, I was um, accosted by a couple of Fox News. Pundants they, they beat the crap out of me cause I said that their stories are all fake and so it’s an anti auto hoax or hate crime. You just got to belong to a group and then say that your group is aggrieved. In 2012, a popular gay bar in suburban Chicago was destroyed by a fire. The owner cited homophobia as the reason that was a hoax.

Speaker 4: (33:48)

Speaker 3: (33:49)
Black students at the University of Wisconsin Parkside reported death threats from hate groups and found a noose hanging from a dorm room door hoax. The owner of a bar pleaded guilty to arson and insurance. Philip fraud and black students fessed up to sending racist threats and planting the news. Even BLM had been caught doing bomb threats against themselves. And then you had the Trans Racial Rachel Doza no, who put a noose in her mailbox and called the cops. And the U s s said, the only logical explanation is that she put it in there cause no one else had access unless the mailman did it. I mean, her race is a hoax and she does a race hoax. I think even Shawn King even lied about being, um, a victim of hate crimes. And he was a, another chief Sean King, Rachel Doe’s no couple of gingers trans racial became black community leaders. That’s controlled opposition. They are chameleons. Gay Pastor in Texas accused whole foods of selling him a cake with a slur written in the icing. The video showed the pastor was lying. What a surprise. White woman in Oregon disfigured her own face with acid and claimed a black man attacked her. Okay, well she already got what she deserved.

Speaker 3: (35:13)
Let’s see how widespread is a problem. He said, it’s not small scale. He said with absolute confidence, the actual number of hate crime hoaxes is huge. We’re not just talk about a few bad apples, small, it is not an outlier. It’s the norm and the media’s lack of interest in exposing hoaxes that don’t involve famous figures is the problem they were lack of.

Speaker 4: (35:38)
See, this guy is an auto believer. He believes what the news reports is real until it’s proven fake or that they’re reporting it and they’re just not aware it’s a hoax. It’s like, no man, you don’t know what the media does, how they operate. He says, perhaps it’s time to view hate crimes with a healthy dose of skepticism until facts are known. Anything less betrays the pain of true victims. Oh, so we shouldn’t cry for crisis actors.

Speaker 3: (36:10)
What a hateful suggestion. A real epidemic of fake hate. The American spectator, Jesse smart’s alleged hate crime sheds light on similar phony. So look what I’m saying here is even if you subtract 17 years of fake school shootings and fake terror attacks, even if you do that, there’s enough here to justify completely boycotting all media and media itself as an institution. The case for anti-media is made with these alone and we don’t have to worry about calling out specific events or known events like we can be politically correct calling out these hoaxes identified by the media. Such, yeah, white woman in Oregon. Yeah, I already knew it was Oregon.

Speaker 3: (37:09)
That’s hilarious. I don’t know why. I mean throwing acid on her face. I mean unless she was blaming it on a specific person. But, but look, okay, so this is like a tantrum though. It’s, it’s a tantrum. It’s a form of scapegoating. But nine 11 was a hate crime hoax. If you think about it, nine 11 was just a hate crime hoax. So, and you just had to look at, well who’s the target? Cause he have the person that’s being used to gain sympathy. You get the martyr, but you have a martyr and escape goat. And so with nine 11 it had multipurpose cause all governments used it. So it wasn’t just a partisan thing, right. Wingers could say, oh look, it justifies Islamophobia. Left-Wingers could say it justifies pulling back on the size and scale of the American military presence around the world. Independence can say it’s because there’s too much Jewish influence in Congress. Like it gives everybody an excuse to blame somebody. Everybody gets to point fingers at someone so they all win.

Speaker 4: (38:19)

Speaker 3: (38:20)
If it’s a who done it, everyone pointing, a finger wins. That’s the game. That’s how politics works. But if it’s a, what was it? Nobody wins. If we say, did it even happen? What if it’s a known event? Again, if nine 11 was a known event, then all of you who have blamed and scapegoated Israel, you don’t have a case. All those of you who blamed unfairly, the blood drinking shape shifting reptilians you don’t have a case against them in all of these blue pill arguments. Oh, it was Americans and Saudis or the official story. You don’t have a case, you don’t have anyone to blame. There’s no justification for a war that can be launched on the bay basis of this non event, the rhetoric and reality of Donald Trump’s racism, right?

Speaker 3: (39:14)
So like here’s an, here’s a great example of the sky up industrial complex at work. So this is a, Oh see, that’s what they call her. It’s representative Alexandria, Kazuyo Cortez. So she was running a psychological operation a couple of weeks ago where she was screaming and crying at offense. She was crying out, save the children, save the children. And you could see that she was visibly distressed. Well, a few days later, a video released showed a completely different story. Cause what originally was reported was AOC goes to the border and she sees Mexican children being beaten up, forced to drink toilet water, snatched from the arms of their parents. And so there she is, you know, crying for the children. Well, this other video released shows that she was in fact emoting to an empty parking lot. There was no Mexican kids being snatched from the arms of their parents are drinking from toilets. There was no brutality, no in humanity.

Speaker 3: (40:25)
We need to give people a reason to go as something to vote. So she was acting. And so the way it was reported though was that America was hate crime in Mexico. Those border patrol agents were hate crimes. The Mexican kids. So that was a hate crime hoax, standard operating procedure. So, obviously the media is not gonna do anything about it. Oh, it’s National Avocado Day, which reminds me really quick here, if you haven’t been too flat, now it’s not flat balls with an s. That’s a Frisbee company. It’s flat ball z like Dragon Ball Z. It’s our new sponsor.

Speaker 4: (41:12)

Speaker 3: (41:13)
Um, anyway, it’s National Avocado Day. So I’m gonna go ahead and tweet the Belew ball. A [inaudible] is the alien who revealed to these guys in Brazil that the earth is actually convex, convex earthers. And what they believe is that the world is shaped like a, like an avocado. And I’ll show you what I mean. So it’s convex. Earthers they believe that earth is basically this shape, like an avocado. No, go ahead and tweet this under IPR. So it’s Hashtag national off a Kado day, Hashtag IPR and then Hashtag [inaudible] so yeah, Belew is the name of the alien who supposedly told these guys that the earth is in fact con convex. And I never looked too closely at that model. It still involves orbits and still it still involves a center of gravity. Um, it does have an extra continent, which is kind of a plus kind of a bonus, but I think it kind of flopped. But a national avocado day. There you go. Convex earth.

Speaker 3: (42:38)
Yeah. There is some pretty good research that went into their whole project and it did involve some observations, but flat stuff earth says is tweeting dangerous like tweeting semis celebrities, you know, I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m, if I can lose my channel as long as I don’t cross certain lines. I mean I can’t really say I’ve lost so many channels. I any one of them. Oh look at this. This is so fake. The less stow don. Next time you eating avocado, think a giant ground swath like the Lester dawn. It ate Avocados. Enix greeted the pits in new places. Most animals couldn’t handle large seats. So the megafauna look, the list of dawn dispersed Avocados and just stories. Dinosaurs are fake.

Speaker 3: (43:40)
In fact, let me retweet this. See like, uh, the poor kids will be dinosaurs or fake. There’ll be misled. Oh, that was buried under the ground. We found it. They don’t know that this, the whole thing was made in China and not only was it made in China, but the original design wasn’t a skeleton. They dug up. The original design was just a scientific science fiction hypothetical model, something created in a art studio. That’s the case with pictures of deep space and that’s the case with all of these models or these skeletons, these dinosaurs, these fossils that are said to represent periods of time from millions of years ago. There’s no evidence that there is such a thing as millions of years ago on this place or that anything from such a time period would survive today.

Speaker 3: (44:38)
Again, I’m going through the Twitter sphere to see what’s trending. Uh, Don Lemon and, and racism. You know, a lot of blah, blah blah and nobody cares. Predictable, easy to ignore and look, why wouldn’t you ignore it? Why would anyone take any of this seriously after having just gone over what we did with regards to how widespread hate crime hoaxes are, if hate crime hoaxes, look at this here. AJC are fueled by dishonesty of liberals and the media. Yeah, absolutely. Hey crime hoax is exposed. Anyway. All of this tells you that these charges of racism are meaningless. It’s like charges of shill. If you start talking about anything on Youtube, noteworthy, anything controversial, people call you a shill. Well, no one’s actually identified a show like show me a racist make, but

Speaker 3: (45:39)
I mean the racists out there make themselves known with their dog whistles and most of them, they’re kind of weak. Like I have to say, Owen Benjamin is very weak. You know, he’s a racist who can’t own it. Like if you are really someone who believes what you believe, just get in front of it. You know why you use dog whistles and why call your enemies by different names, like small hats. You know, I know people who talk about the rh positives versus the RH negatives. Well, orange negative only applies to 15% of white northern Europeans. So if you’re going to make the case that you as an rh negative are better than everyone, just say it. Just say sieg Heil.

Speaker 3: (46:20)
All right. Okay. So the main new development, um, auto hoax is going to be mainstreamed. That’s our main objective here. Auto hoaxer. The auto hoaxer needs to be mainstreamed. Uh, you don’t auto hoax. See Owen Benjamin will make fun of David Hog in a very like subtle way, maybe indirectly like, oh, he’s an opportunist or he’s just a, a spoiled Brat, you know, liberal. But he’ll never say the guy’s a crisis actor. He can’t go that far. And it’s not because he’s trying to preserve his channel. It’s because he’s a gatekeeper. Okay. Okay. So I’m, I misread it. Earlier, Mario Lopez says it’s dangerous for parents to support transgender kids. I thought he was advocating for it and they were talking about three-year-olds choosing their gender, but no one’s really making that argument. And so another one of these, like no one is actually going out there trying to say three year olds can decide. No. As I said earlier, I had a cousin at that age who wanted to be a dog when he grew up and they, come on, these are fake controversies. Everything I tweet is going to Hashtag IPR, uh, someone responds to my is interracial reincarnation of thing. What do you mean? He says, do we reincarnate in the same race or not? If not, then then for collective guilt

Speaker 3: (48:12)
is fallacious. So this would mean no more white guilt. This would mean no more ideas about reparations or revenge, even blood libel and the Jews killed Jesus. You know, they use that, right? The Jews killed Jesus. Like Owen Benjamin says, the Jews killed Jesus once like, well look man proved to me first that Jews reincarnate as Jews and then we can have a talk over who’s to blame proved to me that you weren’t a Jew in your past life. Prove to me that we don’t all switch roles in as some kind of a divine prank. Like some joke, you know, God puts, um, Jews into gentiles, gentiles into Jews, blacks and white whites and blacks, uh, women to men and vice versa, gays and straights. Like maybe there is some type of switcheroo behind the scenes between lives to keep us in a perpetual state of confusion. So this idea of blaming people from the past is bullshit. Again, the question was do you reincarnate in the same race? And I’m just saying. In fact, let me go ahead and just say it to him directly since he’s the one of the subjects today. Owen Benjamin. Okay, so Jews killed Jesus. That’s one of his statements. You say [inaudible], but how do we know today’s Jews

Speaker 3: (49:46)
were Jews in their past lives? Like that’s a serious question. Hashtag IPR that is a serious question. I would really have anyone suggesting that you can blame a group like, oh, even people who pause it that I’m white. Oh everybody. White guilt. Like there was a course here or not. Of course there’s like a workshop. One day is a white guilt workshop where Oh, whites were invited to the Kent Campus, university of New Mexico to wear white bracelets that they can pull and snap against their wrist whenever they feel themselves using white privilege.

Speaker 1: (50:28)

Speaker 3: (50:29)
I don’t think we’re reincarnated into the same race. I’m not sure we are being incarnated at all. Okay. No reincarnation, no blood libel.

Speaker 3: (50:46)
We are all crisis actors. You know what? We all are. We’re all survivors. I was thinking we should get a line of shirts for auto that say something like, I survived Sandy Hook. [inaudible] Nice Aurora. I survived. Um, let’s see. What’s this latest one? I survived the garlic festival. I survived Las Vegas and thousand hoax because we did look, we all survived these events. We could start making that argument. You see those kids from Sandy Hook, not sandy hook from Parkland said we are the first generation to have spent kindergarten through high school drilling for mass shooting events. So they called themselves the mass shooter generation, the mass shooting generation. Like we’re all survivors. Like they all have PTSD. Like, Oh, you don’t know what it’s like. You weren’t there under the desks when the cops came in and pointed guns at us. Like these kids have their own story that they’re trying to push this narrative, this um, mass shooting generation thing.

Speaker 1: (51:49)

Speaker 3: (51:51)
I’m looking at this as well. We can kind of use that for auto hoax. I survived Sandy Hook. We could use that. And auto is going to be the definitive compendium of all things fake coming from government, academia, media, the entertainment, and the religion all across the board. Auto Hooks, army, again, auto hooks. Dot. Army and auto I’ll give you the links later. Um, you can also get there from infinite plane, if you want to work on it, just go for it. I’m going to be editing the thing as we go anyway. Again, this is just me live tweeting. If you have a Twitter account, go to Hashtag IPR. I’m just seeing what’s trending right now. National Avocado days, we give a shout out to our boy, uh, [inaudible] Lu with the convex earth and of course, um, be Lou is featured on one of the flat balls. If you go to flat, that’s flat balls with a z. That’s our new corporate sponsors. If you want to support the infinite plane society, uh, pick one up today. All right, so I’m going to take off. I’ll be back later to take calls. This is chief crow. Where is the curve?

Speaker 1: (53:19)
[inaudible] [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (53:43)
[inaudible]. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible].



Speaker 1: (00:00)
Lucifer Tim, the 33rd degree we are live. It is July 23rd, 2019 a serious rising. All right, we’re joined by Mo Post Globe Jew man, and I hope I’m pronouncing that right. J U U m a n not trying to violate any terms of service here, not trying to engage in hate speech. Okay. Today is serious rising Dane. This is the first day in the all new year’s of the Egyptian calendar. And basically what it means is that the dog star Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky is rising directly. Well today it rose directly above the sun, the helical rising. And this is the day that marks the flooding of the Nile in ancient Egypt. The dog days of summer. And that’s where we’re at right now. So annually, you know, every year this particular star briefly becomes visible above the sun, just before sunrise. So it kind of a, it rises first and we call this serious rising. And this is a pretty big deal in the occult system. You know, the, the elite and their holidays and their unholy days of this would be the anniversary of the shooting Aurora shoot in Aurora. In Denver. You had that fake shooting and it occurred with dark night rising.

Speaker 2: (03:09)
The movie, dark night rising had to do with this psychopath killing a bunch of people in a theater. It was all staged and fake, but the timing, it was timed perfectly with serious rising. So I want to kind of look into that today and see where this may be used in the cyop industrial complex today. Uh, this is the star that also represents the Phoenix and the symbol. The Phoenix has been pretty big this year with regards to Phoenix burning. You had the Phoenix cited in the Aurora borealis from that abandoned Russian military post. You had the burning man in front of Washington, dcs in front of the White House. In fact, the guy set himself on fire. We had many different instances of this symbol. The star. Sirius is associated with Isis, the goddess, the cathedral burning, another m s significant event here, burning but not destroyed.

Speaker 2: (04:10)
As was said that day by Nipsey’s mother, not related to the cathedral, strangely enough, but she did say it that day. It was in the meta-narrative. Then you had the space station overhead saying looking down, looks like it’s burning, but there are three beehives on the roof that have survived. So this idea of the Phoenix of that which burns is destroyed and then is rebuilt from the ashes. That’s kind of implicit here. So serious rising or Phoenix rising if you want to look at it that way. It represents the starting of the new year and the annual flooding of the Nile means in this, that the idea here is that the dog star, they call the dog star, like Sirius radio. The dog it warrens. You have an uncoming danger every dog does. And so the dog star and its position in the sky would say, well this is the time of the year that you gotta move your stuff because the flood, that’s generally a 23rd of the 23 in the s the number 23 in the occult world has a great deal of significance.

Speaker 2: (05:18)
And it in fact, you see it pretty big with a, all of the movies having to do with Jim Carrey and some type of strange awakening has like the Truman show. If you remember the Truman show, his awakening was precipitated by a star falling and he actually found it cause he’s on a movie set and the star was a stage light. That stage light was labeled Sirius the dog star. Canus majoris. Okay. So again, the number 23 being today’s the 23rd of the month. And this is the day that really, um, it’s around the positioning of this particular celestial object. Let’s light this star would ever want to call it. And now look at this. Happy Robert Anton Wilson Day, Sirius rising. So Robert Anton Wilson was, I’m a writer and philosopher. He wrote about this extensively. He wrote the Illuminati trilogy. He was really the first one to popularize the idea of the Illuminati conspiracy in fiction in the pop culture.

Speaker 2: (06:26)
So I was a huge influence. In fact, there’s a number, there’s a movie called the number 23. And in the movie, the number 23, Jim Carey there, Jim Carrey is again, he gets obsessed with a book about the number 23. And if you’ve seen that movie, it’s basically about the book called the cosmic trigger. And the cosmic trigger was written by Robert Anton Wilson. So Robert Anton Wilson, the Illuminati trilogy cosmic trigger, it’s all about the dog star. It’s all about the number 23. And apparently, and this is what Robert Anton Wilson believes, he believes that mankind’s next, um, great leap in I guess understanding, he believes in some type, he believed in some type of collective awakening and he said it was going to be brought by some types of, um, I guess transmissions coming from Sirius, the dog star, telepathic transmissions from a star, as crazy as it sounds. But remember Truman in the movie, the Truman show was locked in a movie stage until the dog star fell and precipitated his awakening.

Speaker 2: (07:34)
He saw it was an illusion and he stepped outside of it. He confronted his creator, said, no thanks, I’m leaving any bounces. So this, um, idea of this star having to do with mankind’s breaking free from some type of a mental enslavement or prison that’s implicit in all of Robert Anton Wilson’s books, the idea that we are behaving robotically. In fact, Wilson referred to us as domesticated apes. Those of us who are living in what he believed to be a left brain prison. And so according to Wilson, uh, psychedelics specifically would cause one to break free of this rigid programming. And when he talked about programming, he talked about how if you accept the world view you’re given, you put into what he called a reality tunnel. So oftentimes I refer to the mainstream media is worldview as a religion. That’s where this guy was at. It’s a religion.

Speaker 2: (08:31)
And that religion, that regimented view keeps you a mental slave. And so for him, the idea of the dog star, uh, the chaos that comes with the flood and everything having to move he to him, that was the opportunity for an awakening, a crisis precipitating an awakening. So I want to move forward here, but basically Jim in the movie, the Truman Show Awakens because the dog star, he reads the book, the number 23 in the movie, the number 23, which is based on Robert Anton Wilson and again, breaks free of some type of uh, uh, programming and it’s, it’s an all of his movies, which is so strange, even movies where they don’t even mention it directly, like the movie eternal sunshine of the spotless mind has many references to the dog star. Uh, but today being serious rising, it is Robert Anton Wilson Day. Let me go and get you a picture of Robert Anton Wilson so you know who we’re talking about.

Speaker 3: (09:34)

Speaker 2: (09:35)
Novelist editor, SAS playwright, poet Robert Anton Wilson. Okay, listen to this. He described his overall body of work as quote, an attempt to break down conditioned associations and to look at the world in a new way. With many models recognized as models or maps and no one model elevated to the truth. So what he was saying was that there is no perfect explanation for everything. There is no religion that encapsulates everything. And listen to this part here. His goal was quote to get people into a state of generalized agnosticism, not agnosticism about God only, but agnosticism about everything. In other words, what do you really know? Do you know you’re on a spinning ball?

Speaker 2: (10:27)
Do you know that Jesus walked on water? Because these are both things you can only know through a leap of faith, which is not knowledge. These are beliefs. And so what Robert Wilson was about was getting the his readers to actually ask themselves these questions. What do I know versus what I, what do I believe that I know and do I know the difference? So you could call him a neo gnostic in a way, and that’s what agnosticism is. Agnosticism isn’t about embracing ignorance. It’s about saying, I do not actually know this and this is what I do know and I’m only going to operate on what I do know. Which makes you a gnostic. If you’re not a gnostic, if you operate on what you believe and not on what you know, you’re pretty much a delusional a person. And it’s okay to be delusional. I guess. If everybody else is delusional. Collective delusion, what religion is, is it not?

Speaker 2: (11:24)
Everyone believes in Santa Claus. I live in a different world and those who don’t, they have a different set of presumptions. Okay, so let me continue. So Wilson wrote 35 books. He Lo, he wrote the Illuminati trilogy. He wrote about the countercultures, um, specifically the counterculture of the 60s. He wrote about secret societies, HP Lovecraft, Allister Crowley. He was also, I’m a writer for Playboy magazine as one of the editors. He up with something called operation mind fuck gorilla ontology. Uh, in many ways, you know, this guy, he was a, he was an agitator, a philosopher, but also he would use, um, I guess thought experiments. See, this is, um, I think Robert Anton Wilson is someone who would probably understand, and I think he died in 2007. He would totally get this flat earth thing where it’s not about shape. It’s about agnosticism and rejecting beliefs being handed to us by the state beliefs that may have some other ulterior motive or agenda behind them.

Speaker 2: (12:30)
People say, well, why would they hide the earth, the earth or its shape? And what the government agents will tell you is, well, they don’t want you to go to church. They’re trying to hide God. No, they’re not trying to hide God. They have been shoving God down your throat your entire life. If you’re a true believer in the system, you fear God, whether that God is the Christian God, the Muslim God, Al, you know, whatever concept they have or the atheists God, which is the globe, which is about to blow up fear of God.

Speaker 2: (13:03)
It’s part of all the programming here. So I want to get into why he specifically came to conclude that the dog star was the key and that comes, it comes to his book called the cosmic trigger. Okay? The cosmic trigger, the final secret of the Illuminati. Now that came out 42 years ago and came out in 1977 42 years ago, and speaking in 42 there’s been a number of strange anomalies with that one. We’ve had the blackouts in New York, 42 years since the last blackout, 1977 it started on 42nd street and put 42,000 people out of power. And I think they just had another power outage and they said, this time it was 33,000 people without power.

Speaker 2: (13:50)
Well, let’s continue. Okay, in his nonfiction, and this is the thing, the cosmic trigger, it was nonfiction, it was his observations, it was autobiographical. But in the movie, the number 23 it’s definitely the same. It’s the same book, not the same title, but Jim Carrey starts reading about this guy’s experience and he’s like, Whoa, I keep saying the number 23 everywhere. And he sees these patterns and his wife calls him crazy. Well, that’s what the cosmic triggers about. Okay, so Wilson advocated Timothy Leary’s eight circuit model of consciousness and near a sematic linguistic engineering. He wrote about this and from atheists rising and quantum psychology and it contained techniques to break the reader free of one’s reality tunnels.

Speaker 2: (14:38)
So what this means is he was describing how we are kept in what he called a left brain prison. And for him, breaking free of this breaking free of this linguistic engineering program like pretty much is analogous to using um, questions, you know, questioning presumption. So it’s like using questions as a way, like, like the Socratic method. Do you really know this? And these are, these are questions that, you know, if you ask them, you are reprimanded, you know, is the world a ball? Is God real? These are questions where the believers will attack you for even asking. And so for him it was a model of breaking, I mean, it was a process of, um, breaking the old model down. So he believed that Timothy leary had it right with his eight circuit model of consciousness. Whereas the left brain is what you need to function in the world. The right brain is what’s needed to evolve, to move outside of your conditioning and for leery. And for Wilson, the right brain consciousness was activated through certain drugs, specifically psychedelics marijuana to a lesser extent, and then they associate alcohol, cocaine, caffeine with left-brain consciousness. Okay. So anyway, he did support a number of Utopian ideas. I think he was a big believer in kind of new ageism and outer space, but he was agnostic enough not to say for certain that he knew these things.

Speaker 2: (16:08)
He called himself a model agnostic, which that reminds me of a, there’s a a flatter there. I met in Denver, she was a filmmaker and she said, I’m a shape agnostic. She didn’t want to say I am a flat earth or because that’s stating a certainty. She wants to remain agnostic. So she said on the shape agnostic, which to me is a smart place to be. He says this consists of never regarding any model or map of the universe with 100% belief or 100% total denial. So I would say that Robert Anton Wilson is a pro flatter author. You know, he totally gets it because it’s not about shape. It’s about agnosticism and it’s about knowledge versus belief. Wilson claimed in cosmic trigger quote, not to believe anything. Sense. Belief is the death of intelligence. And he described this approach as maybe logic. So maybe logic was this online school that he started before he passed and it was on this idea that you are being controlled by a lot of false dichotomies, good evil, left, right Republican, Democrat. And he says that there has to always be room for a third option, like maybe a little bit of agnosticism, flat round, maybe something in between. You see instead of getting locked into these dumb debates. And that’s where we’re at. I don’t know if there’s an ice wall or a dome. So I’m not really getting into this flat versus round. I’m saying it’s infinite until proven otherwise.

Speaker 2: (17:45)
So again, we’ll talk about Robert Anton Wilson because it is Robert Wilson Day. It is serious rising until his death. He had a business relationship with the Association for consciousness exploration. And look, I don’t think this guy was much of a dis information agent or anything like that. Um, I, I think many people are corralled, you know, they don’t really have as many op like we have so many more options when it comes to ideas that we can actually explore then what then what he had available in 2007 and I think that he basically made all the right conclusions based on what he had. And this healthy agnosticism is what kept him from being um, associated or locked with, locked into a worldview that we can now say is absolutely false.

Speaker 2: (18:38)
All right. I’m going to see if there’s anything else out here. He died January 11th, so he died just before the movie. The number 23 came out. And you know what, interestingly enough, he was not associated with that movie. They did not credit him with it. His book, the cosmic trigger was not cited as the inspiration for the number 23, which I thought was kind of like, they kind of ripped him off. And then what’s worse in the movie, the number 23, the guy who wrote that book is actually encountered at the end of the movie by Jim Carey and he looks just like an older version of Robert Anton Wilson. And of course Jim Carrey says, what’s the secret? What is the number 23 mean? And before Wilson can tell the secret, he slits his own throat, which makes perfect sense considering the books called the cosmic trigger. The final secret of the Illuminati.

Speaker 2: (19:35)
Well, what does every secret society members swear, you know, to, you know, what do they swear? They swear we’ll, um, on the penal codes not to reveal the secrets upon pain of death. And then they drag their hand across their neck. So he silenced himself before he could spill the secret. So it was definitely meant to be him. Anyway, that’s Robert Anton Wilson, who is, um, I think 12 years to see snow, but it is Robert Anton Wilson Day. So I wanted to kind of start with that. Now let’s move on. This is something that I didn’t expect to find the Sirius Star in the rise of the net natural mystic, the symbol of Haile Salassie. Now this is the individual. Um, so Aussie is the individual who is the, I guess the Christ of the Rastafarians. And it is also said that Nipsey Hussle is related to this guy. And this guy says he has the blood of King Solomon flowing through his veins.

Speaker 2: (20:38)
A King Solomon of course, is the main character in Freemasonry, the rebuilding King Solomon’s Temple, the guy who dies to protect the secret Hiram a beef is king, Solomon’s actual personal architect who designed the temple. And rather than release the secrets until in everyone, this is how we built the temple. He, um, dies to preserve the secrets. So he’s the martyr of free masonry. He’s there Christ. Anyway, Halea Elsa lossy is said to be a blood line descendant of King Solomon. And of course Nipsey Hussle is said to be a bloodline descendant of this character. So Salassie the serious star in the rise of the natural mystic quote, there’s a natural mystic blowing through the air. If you listen carefully now you will hear Bob Marley. Okay. Video July 23rd, 2011 emperor Salassie is 119 years of age. This age reveals the source of the 1111 phenomenon and commemoration of his 119th birthday, the king of kings conquering lion of the tribe of Judah. We bring you the following presentation. July 23rd, 2011 as the sun enters the sign of Leo. So that would be today. So this is a, an article where they were commemorating the Earth Day of does that mean his death day or his birthday of Hawaiian philosophy of Ethiopia.

Speaker 2: (22:21)
Okay. The image of Salassie instigated an appreciation of all things African and propelled people of African ancestry to a heightened awareness of their definity. He propagated the image of God identity as well as the world stage while he highlighted Ethiopian interests and brought forth the natural mystic latent in places that received his message. Seven 23 was the time in ancient kemet where the helical rise, the Sirius Star was observed. This confirmed his divinity. So yeah, this guy is deified. In fact, we had many callers back in April who didn’t like us bringing this up. They said it was dangerous to associate Nipsey Hussle as a Christ Messiah being assassinated and then being of the bloodline of Solomon and being related to this individual. In fact, there, this is what was said in those early days, right after Nipsey Hustle’s death is they said, oh no, he’s actually in, I think snoop Dogg even reiterated this, that Nipsey is this guy’s grandson.

Speaker 2: (23:26)
This is Nipsey Hustle’s grandfather. Okay, so let’s, let’s move on. I’m taking a look to see here. Okay. As his Imperial Majesty, I know this is talking about, so Aussie, a king of kings, lord of Lords, conquering lion of the tribe of Judah, elect of God states. He is the lineage of King Solomon and Queen Sheba and he called for the African people to bring forth their natural mystic form as seen within the Rastafarian movement. It goes on to say that he is an incarnation of Jesus and God, it may be the case, they may be better appreciated outside of Ethiopia. He was excellent in international relations. So we did look into him a bit. Um, I didn’t know he was, uh, in any way associated with this day. This just kind of came up on the random, there’s a lot of numerology involved in this though. Isn’t it an interesting how you could use numbers to prove anybody as God or anybody as the devil? You know, I had some numerologist flat earth Christian Guy. Say Ips Wears Zoo York shirts and Zoo York is like an old school skater brand and he’s like Zoo York in ancient Chaldean numerology adds up to 34 and 34 is next to 33. So ips is therefore the devil. I mean, they use numbers for all this stuff.

Speaker 2: (24:53)
All right, I’m looking through the comments. Bad flight. A teach says for Nord joined by CIM. Truth Tim, truth Crypto, Don [inaudible], strawberry blind fractal escape. Okay. So, Hey, if you just getting here, we are talking about serious rising, serious rising. Let’s look at the occult meaning of this date. Okay, so Sirius, the dog star, the Nile Star, The star of Isis. Now that’s another key. It’s the star of Isis, but also look at this according to Allister Crowley,

Speaker 2: (25:33)
and he’s like the pope of the elite. I mean really, they’re, their whole, um, religious system is based on the teachings of Ellis or Crowley. So he, he said that the dog star, listen to this, the Silver Star referred to as serious is the most prominent in the heavens and it’s the chief star in the ancient constellation Phoenix. So I didn’t know there was a constellation of a Phoenix, but according to Elisha Crawley and that the Lea Mites, um, the star represents the Phoenix. And so this is all of course tying into our, well, let’s, let’s bring it together really quick here with the Phoenix thing. So we had the burning of the Phoenix on the 33rd degree. We had the 33 year old burning in front of the White House. We had a 33 year old dying on Easter. So this, um, the Phoenix thing, the burning of the cathedral, they were, there were other churches as well.

Speaker 2: (26:35)
Then we had the, um, consistent with the fire in Phoenix. We had the, what was it, the right that’s right. The rising of the planet, Mercury, God of marathons. I mean it was really just this whole, this whole last four months was replete with symbolism, having to do with things burning and being rebuilt. Death of the old. And that’s kind of where we come into this. Um, the new wage, the new age of Mars does mean the old age must be destroyed. So when they start shipping people off to Mars, it’s not like you can opt out. And I, of course it’s going to be fake Mars, deep underground military base, Mars, Antarctica, Mars, Canada, Mars, wherever these Mars bases are, it’s not up in the sky. It’s all big bait and switch. They sold people on this vision to the heavens. Here you go up here, get Jetsons and you get gulags here, down below.

Speaker 2: (27:28)
I mean that’s really, you know how this thing works. It’s a utopian thing, but it’s revolutionary as well. And the move into the Martian age is the destruction of the previous one and it’s going to require the sacrifice of individual freedom, property rights, and all the rest. It is ultimately a communist revolution and communism isn’t really about fairness. Environmentalism isn’t about saving the planet. These are just ways that the elite, the oligarchs have come up came up with. These are just excuses that they have to take your stuff, your property, your freedom, your ability to move around. Environmentalism is a stocking horse for communism. The space program is a stocking horse for environmentalism. So forget what Trump says about the EPA. Forget these right-wingers. They’re not anti-government. They’re not limited government conservatives. No, it’s all big state planning from the bottom up. These people want to redesign the world and they’re doing it.

Speaker 2: (28:31)
So the Phoenix is actually a symbol of the elite burning the old order so they can rebuild a new one on top of it and that’s what’s about to happen and that’s what the symbolism is all been pointing to. The falling of the space station or the ending of the space stations. Orbit means that they’re getting ready to move us to the next stage. First Stage was man on the moon and of course that was precipitated by three men burning in a capsule on the launchpad. Then the next stage was master low earth orbit. And of course that was inaugurated by the destruction of the challenger. Another immolation to signify this is an ex foundational sacrifice. Before we move to the next phase, which was mastering low earth orbit, which we’ve done. Of course it’s all fake science. Well next is let’s bring down the space station. And I think the space station of course is the, the ISS is another goddess, symbol goddess.

Speaker 2: (29:28)
The night sky, the Geo, I’m sorry that the station itself is really representing the gestation of the new age. So the moon landing was a conception, the mastering the low earth orbit and the origin of the space station. That’s been the gestation. So the next stage is lunar colonization, Mars colonization. And so that’s where we’re at right now. So the next symbolic sacrifice is probably going to be the, this orbital decay of the ISS and it’s going to burn up in the atmosphere before the next phase. And of course, the next phase, and this is where you get the, the big, um, what is it, the billionaire blimp club.

Speaker 2: (30:15)
You’re coming out with their, their big plans like, let’s go to Mars. Let’s go live in these tubes in space that can house trillions according to a Jeff Bezos get Richard Branson back in the game about to go to space. But what they’re all promising is the same thing. You can have freedom and space. We can grow exponentially in space, but we’re going to have to maintain a status here on earth. So it’s not just they’re selling this on space. They’re selling people on prison planet to save it. It’s the same old story. You can be saved by the fallen world or from the fallen world. You can be spared the wrath of God or globe in this new case, the floods, if you line up behind the Richmond with the obelisks, not the pope, but be Zos in Musk, both of whom, who have warned us endlessly about how we need to save the planet or leave. Jeff Bizo says, I’m spending my billions in space because the earth is being destroyed.

Speaker 2: (31:27)
So today’s a good day to keep your eye out for any high profile hoaxes. This is a day that, you know, like most other days it’s just, it’s very significant. It’s all based on the solar calendar in the celestial objects. And what you’ll see that they do is they time their events. And so today’s one of these days that it’s like they’re probably going to do something, something big, something transformative. I mean, for example, you know, Easter, that’s when they really move forward with this, this Nipsey hussle death hoax, which was a Christ Messiah thing, but it also tied into the, not just the bombing in Sri Lanka, but the burning of the Cathedral. And of course the burning of Phoenix, which happened on the solstice. These things are all tied into the sun is my point. So today, maybe a day.

Speaker 2: (32:16)
Okay, so Elisha Crawley and the Syrians, okay. The Egyptians based their calendar on this sacred star. The Great Pyramid was built to synchronize with Sirius. So the Star would shine through the hole into the queen’s chamber. At the precise moment it says, writings indicate the light shining through the shaft was meant to impart starlight from serious onto an initiate during a ritual. So you think about that, the initiate during the ritual, what does that mean initiate and what are they being initiated into? Is the starlight from serious shining through that shaft into the Queen’s chamber? Is that similar to what happened to Truman in the Truman show? When he found that light? He found the light from serious and he woke up to the illusionary nature of the world and he escaped. Before that, he was a mental slave

Speaker 2: (33:21)
trapped by lies. So the light of Sirius woke him up. I mean, that’s what the meaning is. And now that I’m thinking about this, um, I want to kind of bring this up so they build the temple so the shaft aligns with the light of that store and shines into the queen’s chamber. Then you look at all of the ancient priesthoods, they’ve always had telescopes and all the way through today with the Pope and his Lucifer telescope of the Vatican, you’ve got these sorcerers with their telescopes. John D, Edward Kelly, you know, Inaki at magic. He was also an advisor. You know, this is an interesting character. John d court, astrologer, magician. And he actually coined the term British empire and he was an advisor to Mercator who brought us those maps, like the North Pole map. But they don’t show us anymore where it actually has continents there.

Speaker 2: (34:14)
But my point is, were these guys with their telescopes, these magpie, were they studying the stars and studying the planets so we could call an them in the future? Or were they using the telescopes to bring the light into their ritual chambers? Were they looking out or were they creating a way for the stars to look in? That’s kind of how I’ve been looking at it. Again, I’m kind of examining what, what we can examine from these guys and what they actually believed. And I’m trying to, you know, figure it out. So there is something here about starlight. It’s not just, um, constellations and mythology, but there seems to be some physical properties, uh, something here that these ancient sorcerers Maj I whatever or working with, or at least they believed it to be true.

Speaker 2: (35:03)
Okay. So let’s continue. Allister Crowley was not only involved in the Oto, but was a member of an arcane secret society known as the our gentium astrum or the order of the silver star. Now the silver star that this Elisha Crowley was, um, venerating is also venerated by the order of the eastern star. That would be the female masons. And of course, every masonic lodge has a big colorful pentagram hanging up behind the and that big colorful pentagram is also a reference to the same star. Crowley identified the Silver Star as the Illuminati itself, as he was considered to be the head. The correspondences run even deeper. He says the heart of his magical current was inspired from serious, serious is the hidden God or the sun behind the sun. And it says here as the Sun Ref. This is interesting, as the moon reflects the sun, so does the sun reflect serious?

Speaker 2: (36:18)
Again, this is what they believe and I’m just pulling it out. This is the significance. If Elisha Crowley is worshiping serious and claims that the Illuminati warship it, then it might mean something, especially as this is a facet in every single masonic lodge. I know in speaking of Masonic lodges, this is something else I want to kind of bring up here. The idea of death faking and death fakers is in not, I mean it’s not that extreme. It’s not that um, outlandish when you consider that every single initiate in every single masonic lodge is actually a death faker. They all go through it. They all go through the death and resurrection rights

Speaker 3: (36:57)
at the third degree.

Speaker 2: (37:01)
So this idea of dying to your old self and then being reborn or reincarnated with a new identity, uh, this is really standard operating procedure for the secret society networks. So when we’re looking in into these celebrity death fakers and they, they come back, they play different roles, et cetera. It may have something to do with this that they were all initiates. Bill Hicks Initiate Nipsey Hussle initiate. Oh by the way, Cardi B looks like she’s about to hit the 27 club. We talked about that yesterday. We actually mentioned it months ago. You know, Cardi B turns 27 in October. But she has been throwing hints about an earth that she may be suicidal and perhaps think yesterday she put out something saying, I wish I was dead. And then she deleted it. Well, it’s not an accident. You tweet something to millions, then he delete it. Yeah. That was meant to be heard.

Speaker 2: (37:59)
And up my, here’s my theory by the way, about Cardi B cause she also went to Coachella last year, dressed up as Lisa left. I Lopez another death faker connected to the same 27 club. And we got into that as well with Lisa left eye. She wasn’t 27 but before she died, she filmed a documentary about the last 27 days of her life where she, the coffin anyway, a Cardi B’s on coming death. I believe it’s gonna be used to advance the mental health agenda as in she would have been okay if somebody had just watched the just to cause somebody laughing, blah, blah, blah. Doesn’t mean the not hurting inside. It’s all about taking away your autonomy. Like, oh well we know better. The state knows better. We need to go ahead and intervene. So she may be a sacrifice for that particular agenda with other deaf fakers it’s maybe to advance gun control or grow the police state. But in this one I think it’s a mental health thing. Okay, let’s continue. According to the ancient Egyptians, there was a special link between Sirius and earth when they were at their closest distance.

Speaker 2: (39:13)
This link is most powerful during the dog days of August, serious is known as the dog star, which runs from July 23rd to August 23rd okay, so the dog days begin today. So for the next 30 days we are under neath this influence, and this is where what they’re saying according to their teachings here is that the dog stars somehow amplifies the power of the sun or the light of the sun. I mean this is a Colt Mumbo jumbo, but it’s worth going through it to understand where they’re coming from cause there may be something to it. Now here’s another interesting one here. Look,

Speaker 3: (39:53)

Speaker 2: (39:55)
this aspect of Sirius is synchronistic. If you remember the theory referred to in the Montauk project, this date was not only the anniversary of Crowley’s wedding, but the Philadelphia experiment and the combination of the Montauk project is in the center of the dog days. And of course the Montauk chair was supposed to be supplied by the Syrians. Okay. So if you knew what the Montauk project is or the Philadelphia experiment, this has to do with time travel. It has to do with teleportation and parallel dimensions. A lot of interesting kind of, uh, you know, science fiction if, I guess, but earlier I was talking about Jim Carey and his movies. Well, in the movie eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, it begins in Montauk.

Speaker 3: (40:41)

Speaker 2: (40:42)
And then that whole movie is really about, I think it gets into it when they go into his head. It’s about controlling reality by selectively editing one’s memories.

Speaker 3: (40:53)

Speaker 2: (40:55)
And controlling your personality or getting rid of past pains, getting rid of limitations, like controlling your own mind through selective editing of your memory. That’s what that movie was about. But if you think about it, controlling your mind by controlling your memories, well, that’s what they do with the schools. When they control the formation of your memories, when they control the context in which you experience your life, they pretty much script you in the same way without having to go back and reverse or go back and change the past. Like if they didn’t that movie, they actually just control your present. They control your present, which gives them complete control over your future. I mean, that’s how they control us with history and fake news. You know, we, we talk about fake news all the time. We’re always dissecting it. And one of the reasons why I think it’s important to do so, even if it’s only a cursory glance at it, you know, this is fake. That’s questionable. It’s important to do so because the fake history that we have to contend with now is just a product of unchallenged fake news.

Speaker 3: (42:00)

Speaker 2: (42:00)
I mean, look how much trouble you can get into for questioning historical narratives about various tragedies. You questioned a shooting, you question the Holocaust while you’re running into a, and I’m pretty, um, dangerous territory here if you want to keep your channel up. But what are you really doing? You’re questioning official narratives and it seems like if you questioned something that offends a great number of people, they have a great deal of leverage to shut you down. That’s why if you offend, um, big organizations, they actually have that power to shut you down. But if you’re the minority and you’re being offended, you can be easily marginalized and shutdown. Like it’s definitely not fair or just when it comes to which belief systems are sacred and which aren’t, you know, who decides which cows are sacred.

Speaker 2: (42:52)
Okay. Really quick. Those of you on mixed color, I believe it just cut. I’ll have to reopen though this later. Um, I do have to try to get the full version. I don’t have, I have the 12 hours a day limit on there. I want to upgrade very soon so I can have mics going on 24, seven, uh, very soon. But yeah, it just cut out. I didn’t realize I had a 10 hour stream yesterday, so I apparently, yeah, it didn’t crash. I used it up. It’s like, look, if I pay 50 bucks a month on Maxler, it’s a 24 seven stream and that’s the next stage. And then of course when I’m not live life as I am now, I’ll just be rebroadcasting. So anytime of day you go to infinite plane, uh, you will, and look, we’ve got easily right now in the archives, I’ve got weeks of content nonstop lean. Dionne says they’ve got tech already called hearables, like the Black Mirror where they can block out what they see and hear. Now new ear devices can turn sounds up and down. Oh, that’s cool. Yeah. Black Mirrors, a lot of great predictive programming.

Speaker 2: (44:09)
His yesterday stream archived. You actually, yesterday’s stream was just, I think five or six randomly selected podcasts from soundcloud. But I wanted to test it yesterday and I want to see, well how easy is it for me to just, you know, press go and then do other things with my time and yeah, it’s simple to do. So 24, seven streams, it’s probably a great way to maintain a constant influx of subscribers. All right, let’s continue. Oh, see, we’re talking about Alice Crowley. Okay. He studied at a time the rights of the ancient Sumerians. These beings were shepard kings called the Yazidi. Okay, well these are the ones who were said to worship Lucifer, right? Or Mileke toss the fallen angel. So there’s a group in the Middle East and they, uh, here we go. Ethnic, no religious group, an ethnic Kurdish minority. And Yeah, they worship. I’m a peacock. And so, you know, I guess that’s somehow synonymous Lucifer and, and that’s how they’ve been persecuted, you know, because they do worship. In fact, here we go. Um, fallen angels Mileke toss the Peacock God, they practice magic and [inaudible] other things that could get you, you know, killed.

Speaker 2: (45:48)
Now here in America, you can practice whatever you want. You know, people just say bad things about you. If they won’t throw rocks at you, not literally. Well, look, we look at religious persecution around the world and it’s like, well, no, you can see it everywhere. It just over here in America, the persecutors don’t have the power to get away with, you know, throwing rocks, et Cetera, burning people at the stake. Although they would like to, they do it symbolically. In fact, I remember when, just like a couple of weeks ago when Patricia Steere left the flat earth, one of her most, um, aggressive opponents flatter the reset, put out a video called a Ding Dong. The witch is dead, which he then changed to the Ding Dong, which is dead because it’s not enough to slander a person after they’ve gone. But now he’s got to actually mis-gender her. But the idea is that he’s anonymous.

Speaker 2: (46:41)
You have these anonymous people will gang up and start calling people witches. You’re a witch, you’re a satanist, you’re illuminati. And they just go on the attack. I’ve been on the receiving end of this thanks to a John. The more Gile who, uh, you know, at one point he was kind of popular, I think he had like 40,000 subscribers and he put out a video telling his followers not to listen to me and he said, infinite planes, societies channel is run by witches. He’s an Illuminati, a crypto agent sent to destroy flat earth. He actually said these things on a four hour video. And ever since I’ve have, I’ve had to deal with anonymous Christians making threats. I’m making accusations mostly to accusations. These Christians love to bear false witness. It’s one of their favorite pastimes next to throwing stones anyway, having been the target of a witch hunt, I know how real a persecution is and you don’t even have to be a witch. You don’t even have to believe in any of their fairytales for them to come after you. Anyway, let’s continue. Alisha crawly studied these ancients of Marion’s and their rights, their religious rights were sexual and orgiastic. They were done in synchronization with stellar revolutions.

Speaker 2: (48:06)
So we’re talking about fertility rights and that’s what really NASA is [inaudible] mystery Babylon. It’s when we say the mysteries we’re talking about not sex as in just fornication. We’re talking about the processes of life, death, reincarnation, no. Oh, Cyrus is the god of recycling. When you look at the recycling symbol with it’s subliminal hexagram, you know this green recycling symbol and it has, the Arrow is pointing, you know, in a cycle that’s o Cyrus, the original vegetation, God, the wizards of Oz, or oh, Cyrus control the world and these are the same rights practice today. It’s just cover it up. It’s a cultic. Anyway, it goes on to say the ceremonies which were synchronized with stellar revolutions, found their way into the Roman and Greek mystery schools and we can do an add on to that. Then they found their way through the Roman and Greek mystery schools, Aka the Catholic church, not just the Catholic Church, the Christians. All Christians are inheritors of this same system. All Christians are Catholic. There’s no other way to put it. All Christians are Catholic.

Speaker 2: (49:32)
Just like if you’re a private private space company, you’re still part of the space program. It’s the same program. You can say, well, I’m going to my own spaceship and I’m going to Mars on my own. No, you’re still part of the same program because it’s all the same hoax. Okay. These ancients looked at the primitive urges in much different ways that the civilized society does today. Now that’s a matter of conjecture, but I just wanted to point out here that the space program is a continuation of the Catholic program, which is continuation of these Roman Greek mystery schools, continuation of this ancient Samarian system. How ancient, I don’t know. Lean Deon says, people suggested that three folded arrows could also be a six, six, six thing. Oh, it is, no doubt. Now, what are the three sixes, um, have to do with it always associated with the sun.

Speaker 2: (50:25)
God. Even with the, and I, I don’t think it has to do with the antichrist in the sense of, you know, the devil and all that. That’s mostly mythology and Jesuit science fiction. A Krypton your mixed Luke crash. No, I ran out of minutes. I’m only on the, I think it’s a premium. I have to get the full version to go for 24 hours, so I hit my limit. Um, it’s going to be a 24 hour channels soon. I was actually kind of preparing for that. It’s going to be hopefully by the first, I’ll start that.

Speaker 2: (51:05)
So if anyone here wants to support the infinite plane society, it’s all going towards making this into a 24 seven stream. Eventually I’ll be on more than just four platforms. I might even just get the full version of restream and get onto 30 the more platforms are on when we’re doing open phones, the more callers we’re going to get. All right, let’s continue. We’re talking about how these or this ancient mystery school or ancient mystery religion, which is still with us today, you know, ancient evil, modern world. How they aligned their ceremonies with the stars. And that’s what I was talking about earlier. These things are all lined up with calendar. So today being seven 23, you might expect something.

Speaker 2: (51:51)
All right, let’s continue. As Crowley studied this information, he saw that the ancients understood what they were doing in their orgiastic rites. If you walked into one today, you might say it was a degenerate, unholy mess, but on the other hand, magical energies would be present. Now this is all based on this idea here too. You know, you will know about human sacrifice, but I don’t know if human sacrifice happens the way they say, you know, people say Alisha Crowley’s sacrificed a bunch of kids. He was all killing people. Was He, was Allister Crowley really a mass murderer?

Speaker 2: (52:33)
Was he a serial killer or is that all just conjecture? Because what I’m saying here is that it’s all allegory. So we’ve been given, um, exoteric interpretations. So you get these ideas of like Hollywood, you have this priest and a black robe with a knife about to sacrifice a virgin. Well, virgin doesn’t necessarily mean, um, someone who has never, you know, had sex before. Virgin just means the priestess representative of Isis. So virgin sacrifice. Well, what does the sacrifice mean to kill? No sacrifice does not mean to kill. Sacrifice means to make sacred. So they weren’t really killing, making sacred means to what it, if you read. Um, and look, I’m a advocate reading. I know a lot of Christians, if you read a book, they want to tell you that you’ve been contaminated in your evil. Like I, I read dianetics, I read the science of survival.

Speaker 2: (53:34)
I read about 30 different books by Alice, by m l Ron Hubbard. I read everything by Crowley. I’ve read everything in the Christian books and the Muslim books. So just for having this knowledge, um, I do have Christians who will immediately think that I’m the devil because they fear knowledge because the knowledge is what they’re taught to fear because the, the god of the Bible is a narcissist. And he says, if you eat that apple, you’re screwed. Only ignorant people allowed. So anyway, when you’re seeing the image of the virgin sacrifice, it’s all just a cult. It, the real meaning is a procreation creation of life as in sex, reproduction. The mysteries. When you look at a Catholic Church and you see these people lining up to drink the blood of Christ and eat his flesh, these poor people have been deceived. The real meaning here is the altar and the church.

Speaker 2: (54:26)
The church itself is the goddess Isis. That’s why I said the ISS is the goddess. The burning cathedral is the goddess. The church is the goddess, and when the arched doorway is opened up facing the south and the sun’s rays hit the altar, you know, in the early part of the year, that’s all symbolic of the conception. It’s all about the mysteries. So in the womb you have the, the rights being pressed practice where you had the blood and the flesh. Actually what it represents is the male seed in the communion wafer and Robert Anton Wilson actually exploded this thing for me. Anyway, he explained all this stuff years ago that, yeah, the communion wafer is the seed of the God and the cup. The Chalice is the womb. The blood is the menstrual blood. It also represents the seed of the woman of the egg. So you’re looking at here, when you’re drinking the wine and eating the bread, you’re actually symbolizing the conception of the Christ child.

Speaker 2: (55:31)
So basically you’re participating in sex magic without even knowing it. You got the Jews have a Cyrus in your mouth. It’s gross. If you really think about the Catholic system and these people don’t even know. But here’s the thing, and here’s how I figured this out. Um, in my studies, I went to Santa fe where there was an, there was a oto group out there and they actually do something called the gnostic Catholic mass. And what that means is they say, oh, we’re practicing what the Catholics practice, but we don’t lie about it. So instead of pretending to engage in this ritual cannibalism, they openly and happily, um, knowingly consume what they call cakes of light. And they drink the wine knowing that they’re symbolizing the conception of the Christ child or Horace in their parlance.

Speaker 2: (56:24)
So, um, sacrificing is really about sex and making sacred in that sense. It’s not about killing. That’s one of these things that they have, um, managed to conceal from the public. So any, what’s going on? It says here, we’re talking about Crowley and seven 23 and today’s date and what it all means here says here on a very primal level, the purpose of the female energies is to regenerate through the sexual organs. So this is the gateway to immortality for the beast or animal form of the species. Only through the female. Ken, when obtained perpetual life for his or her kind move on Crowley’s concept of the scarlet woman or the goddess or Babylon. Now Allister Crowley referred to the goddess Isis as Babylon.

Speaker 2: (57:22)
So the new age goddess is Babylon meaning and then the God or her concert would be the beast. So it went from Isis and o Cyrus, Jesus, and Magdalene to Babylon and the beast. Okay, so let’s continue here. We’re talking about the meaning of all this stuff. This, anything else in here having to do with today’s date. Now again, this is what they believe. This is what the occultist believed. This is the real meaning behind the major religions of the world. You know, not just, uh, the, the Christians, but the Muslims, the Jews and the atheists. Because the atheist may think they’re free of all this Mumbo jumbo, but no, helio centrism is Helio’s centrism. It’s still sun worship. It’s just been a cultic and they occult everything. They put a, an exoteric explanation for the uninitiated. So this is just an initiated look into what, you know, the big religions actually practiced.

Speaker 2: (58:36)
Uh, Varshaa says new age. Yeah, the new age is what we’re in now. They said the transition. And so the old age, according to the new age movement was the age of, oh Cyrus, the new age is the age of the son of a Cyrus who is porous or Mars. So we’re entering into the marsh and age. Alice Crowley’s books are all about the age of Mars. The new age movement is all based on this concept of transitioning to a new age where everything from the old gets perched and only the initiated move forward. So it looks like the real meaning behind the space program is not about going into some pie in the sky. It’s about a new world view in a new world religion. I mean, we have a new world religion already. It’s the old world religion. They just gave it a new um, window dressing.

Speaker 2: (59:36)
Okay. So let’s see if there’s anything else I wanted to cover today. Mainly I just want to talk about that. Lucifer, I’m sorry. Uh, serious rising and what the elite actually worship. And so you, this is the one thing I want to get clear. You can’t say the elite worship Satan like, oh, they worship Satan. We worship Jesus. No wrong, the elite worship Jesus as Horace. They worship Satan. They worship Jupiter. I mean I’m talking about a polytheistic system and they don’t worship any one of them. Rather. These are all covers for something else. Like they don’t have a religion in the sense that you have it. There is, so uh, rockets are not only felic symbols, but they are replacements for the original obelisk. That’s why they named them after Sun Gods. The Saturn rocket penetrating the sky is the key here. You see the sky is the goddess isis and they often in, in, in Crowley’s religion, in the new age religion, they actually show her as newt and she’s on her feet and her hands arched over the God on the ground who’s dead representing of course the goddess, the night sky and the goddess of the earth of Cyrus.

Speaker 2: (01:00:50)
So the whole story is that he’s been dismembered and she puts him back together in the obelisk there is placed so that they can conceive a new child. And then the son God is born the Child of darkness of sea ice. Isis gives birth to the child of darkness, Horace as the rising sun each day. So the obelisk represents the conception. So the rocket penetrating the dome of the sky is the same old symbol. In fact, space x or space sex uses a rocket called the Falcon, another reference to Horace and the Falcon rocket impregnates the sky when it goes up and quote deposits its load. So the rocket goes up, it deposits load into the womb of Isis and then it comes back down and lands and then that load goes into the ISS. The ISS, of course, it’s a space station station and the original word station, I think it was four or 500 years ago, originally did mean a place of religious pilgrimage.

Speaker 2: (01:01:55)
It is a temple to the goddess. And so what they’ve been doing is just stating the child of new age. So Horace is just stating he was conceived in 1969 he’s been gestating in low earth orbit and he’s about to be born. And when he’s born, I’m not sure how it’s going to work. I suspect a flood as in the amniotic fluid, you know, maybe uh, maybe the flood. And then of course those who can be saved. I was like maybe 144,000 seats on the star ship to Mars. The brainwash, she’s the initiates the elect, the ones who get elevated, there’ll be saved and the rest of us won’t be.

Speaker 2: (01:02:37)
Yeah. The golden tip of a Cyrus is obelisk represents the elites blood, the pharaoh blue origin, Jeff Bezos, his rocket company, their capsule looks, I mean that’s when you see the capsule of the spit, these rockets. That’s the tip of the obelisk. But that capsule has a blue feather on it represents blue blood, the elite, the Pharaoh. That’s why I call them the new pope’s and everything about the new age religion. The age of Horace is about sex magic. And if you read the book, it’s all about this goddess of the night sky and her constant nightly interaction with the dead God on the earth. And then their continual cycle of birth and rebirth recycling the god of recycling twice at it. And it’s all about sex magic. So space x literally is that. And then some, there’s a whole lot more to it, especially when it comes to Mars. You know, the pope’s have always been Madge eye. They’ve never been sitting in dark rooms praying, you know, for the sinful to stop or whatever. No, the pope’s have always been just basically kinks.

Speaker 2: (01:03:47)
It’s really what they are. You know, I don’t know how people get away with worshiping these guys, but you know, the pope is basically the sun king, the embodiment of the sun guard and check this out. This is a universal, it is and universal, by the way, the word Catholic is Latin for universal. It is universalized. Look at North Korea in North Korea, they actually worshiped the dictator as the incarnation of the son. And on Easter they celebrate him for three days as the son incarnate, they erected 3000 obelisks all around North Korea. When Kim Jong Il died. [inaudible] Kim Jong Illness, dad, Kim, um, um, his dad is in the president. Dictator’s grandfather changed his last name to mean the son and it’s all about sun worship there. It’s not just the sun worship, it’s the whole system. It’s not a coincidence that the president dictator in North Korea, his grandmother was born on Christmas and they call it the, uh, they celebrate the goddesses day that day.

Speaker 2: (01:04:54)
They even say that a new star appeared in the sky above a manger where his dad was born. It’s kind of like this caused a Christian, uh, almost like, uh, the, the Roman imperial cult, you know, but where the Cesar says, yeah, I am the next in line that I am essentially to be worshiped as God is a son. God, that was really the, the concept originally. Anyway, the deification of the elite was done through mythology. Look up Caesar’s Messiah by Joseph At-will. And he talks about how they needed to get the people who did not worship Caesar to up Caesar. And so what they did was they wrote a Bible and they wrote the stories with prophecies that would say the son of man, the one who comes after, you know, follow him, the antichrist. And of course ante meaning after Christ, like the whole idea of the papacy, how you have one pope just passes the torch to the next and the next.

Speaker 2: (01:05:58)
This idea of epistolic succession, it’s all based on this same myth of I’m the son King being the literal embodiment, you know, of God and the closest thing to God, and that’s been passed onto the pope. I mean, the pope was considered to be infallible until 1962 so the papacy, they’ve always been Maggi, they’ve always been magicians with their telescopes and they were cultism always somehow they’ve managed to kind of hide that. But I bring this up because we had a martian pope, Constantine Constantine did planetary magic and he worshiped or venerated Mars. He had a temple to Mars. In fact, one of the best books on black magic was written by a pope. I’m going to give you the title

Speaker 2: (01:06:51)
now. Magic is magic. I don’t know why they say black magic. It was actually called the grimoire of honorees, the black book of the pope. And it was um, a book of [inaudible] conservations for conjuring demons. And basically he was the ruler of the papel states in the 11 hundreds. So yeah, magic has always been a thing. It’s just been hidden. Now in I, I asked him my Facebook page yesterday, what is the difference between magic and prayer? Can you tell me a difference? Well, the difference is, you know, magic or witchcraft is unauthorized prayer. You know, prayer is basically asking for divine intervention. But it’s the scripted prayers you’ve been given and you’re praying to the gods that they tell you to pray to. If you pray to another God or you pray to know God, you pray to nothing, but you’re just maybe calling upon anonymous forces of nature or whatever. While you can be killed for that. Well, what’s the difference? What is the difference?

Speaker 2: (01:07:59)
And remember too, the same ones who demonized the very idea of magic would burn you at the stake if you translated the book into the common tongue. That is the Bible. You know all these Bible thumpers out there. You have to, that the Bible was always controlled media and originally you were not allowed to read it unless you were one of the initiates. So what makes you think that, um, magic is any different? You know, this is something that they are taught, uh, that the pope and all of them, all of the pope, the cardinals, they’re all into this occult stuff. It’s all free. May Sonic even. Okay. Freemasons may not even know this. Most free masons don’t know they’re in a religion or they lie about it the same way a lot of Christians will, a lot of Christians will say, I’m a Christian, but I’m not in a religion. Jesus is against religion. No, I’m sorry, you’re in the religion right now. You’re in that world view replace religion with worldview.

Speaker 2: (01:09:01)
And so just as the Freemasons are in fact practicing hermetic magic. And you know, I, I learned this from a Freemason himself. Uh, he was a Rosicrucian and before he passed he gave me all of his books and that’s how I learned that Elisha Crowley was actually a plagiarist. Elisha Crowley’s books on magic were all stolen from the masons, from the Rosa [inaudible] down to the symbolism. Even his woman, one of his famous books on numerology called seven, seven, seven just straight up stolen. So, um, Allister Crowley was a plagiarist and a thief and he was publishing masonic secrets. In other words, the secret that the masons do magic and the masons are just an extension of the Vatican. So yeah, the pope is a magis, he’s an occultist. They know all this stuff. They engage in planetary magic. It’s never changed. They have telescopes not because they’re interested in space exploration, but because they are drawing down what they believe are energies from these beings of light, whatever they are. Like when you see emperor Palpatine shooting lightening out of his fingers and he looks just like a pope. Ratzinger. Yeah. That’s a pretty fair idea of what we’re actually looking at here.

Speaker 2: (01:10:17)
Here’s another article about it. The Gospel of Satan, one of the creepiest medieval grimoires mathematical genius or mesmerizing magician. Let’s take a look at this one here. This is about this. Uh, this pope. Now, Christians will say, well, the pope’s have always been evil, or the pope’s or the pope was always, I’m working for the devil and the Real Christians are being persecuted. No, it’s not the case. Those of you who feel like you have escaped the church and that you’ve taken Jesus out of Rome, no, you can take Jesus out of Rome, but you can’t take Rome out of Jesus. What you’re doing is you’re doing the work of the Jesuits. The Jesuits realized that to maintain their universal world order, they were going to have to decentralize into many different denominations, especially those who say they have no denomination. So those of you nondenominational, those of you strip mall preachers, street corner preachers, or you’re in your house on Youtube preaching, you are doing the work of the Jesuit infiltration. You are spreading their doctrines like snakes, pretending you’re not in a religion, you’re spreading the same astro theological cold everywhere. Exactly. Varsha is the Protestants think that they’re better than Catholics. Protestants are controlled opposition to Catholics, all of them. Martin Luther was a Rosicrucian.

Speaker 2: (01:11:43)
Okay, so today, Sirius rising. We have a lot to go over today with regards to m media hoaxes, flat earth, and other things, but I’m going to leave that for later. So this is a Lucifer Tim 33rd degree. I’ll be watching the headlines again. Today’s seven 23 keep an eye out for anything related to the number 23 dogs, chaos, floods, et cetera. And we will be back a little bit later on today.

Speaker 1: (01:12:13)
[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible].



Speaker 2: (01:37)
All right. We’re joined by a handful of you here in d live. I see some in Bixler Youtube, Facebook, title of tonight’s stream. And today’s open phones, infinite plain radio, open phones for open minds. Tonight’s topic is Epstein. Jeffrey Epstein. Is He really just Barack Obama in a costume? It’s a serious question. It’s not a, it’s not some type of, um, a joke. It’s not, he just resembles, you know, this is along the lines of, you know, did George W. Bush play Charles Manson? Well, it sounds crazy, but you have to understand the methodology at play here and how these actors are used on the world stage to create an uphold a false world view. So the idea that Jeffrey Epstein is not only not a real person, but that the character portrayed is Epstein. The billionaire human trafficker is none other than Barack Hussein Obama.

Speaker 2: (02:50)
Now, what gives it away is the mannerisms. And the one who broke it to me was a cam B and he’s got some videos on the topic, which we will be exploring. And of the things he brought up was, it’s the mannerisms. And when he said Epstein is Obama, look at the mannerisms immediately, I saw the way that he held his mouth, his expressions, and it’s there in the body language, which is really 80 or 90% of the information communicated is your body language, your just stipulations, your posture. It’s not just the words and that guy just telegraphs Obama, Obama, Obama, it’s even been remarked that he moves like somebody 10 years younger, which is kind of like maybe an inside joke because yeah. Uh, Epstein play or Obama’s playing a character 10 years older. Uh, this is some kind of long con game, which really shouldn’t surprise you. You know, nine 11 was planned in advance. It wasn’t like a few months before it was planned in 1968 to be demolished 33 years later. They planned it that long in advance before it was even built. Its destruction was already planned. Nine 11, the national emergency number, uh, was instituted in 1968 33 years before nine 11.

Speaker 2: (04:21)
So the idea that you would have somebody playing a role over several decades, nothing to see here.

Speaker 3: (04:32)

Speaker 2: (04:33)
Sorry, just a moment. I heard my dog whimpering in this fireworks outside was like, he’s over there hiding under the table. He’s like right underneath me and he’s like whimpering cause I live near a stadium anyway, no, the space station didn’t just fall in Albuquerque, New Mexico. You know, I watched this movie last night on Netflix. It was called man, it was about these four kids, summer camp. I don’t remember the title. If anybody here you could tell me the title of it. Someone recommended it. So I click the link and basically they go off to summer camp and it starts off where this hostile alien force, um, overtakes low earth orbit and actually kills everybody in the space station. And there’s one astronaut manages to escape, but she gets in the capsule and it falls like right there in the middle of camp and then the invasion begins. It’s basically just a cross between, I would say like Goonies and Independence Day. But it was just interesting to watch because it was almost like just straight propaganda where the nerd kid is informing everybody, oh this is space x blah blah blah. And this is what JPL stands for and this is the specifications of the space station. So he was just there educating the other kids about space and how cool it is.

Speaker 2: (05:51)
This ties into what we were talking about earlier where there was a,

Speaker 3: (05:57)

Speaker 2: (05:58)
the study that came out about how um, people above a certain age are more likely to just believe what they see on video. No, without questioning it. I think they said about the age of 65 and that, uh, anyway, it got me thinking about skepticism here and if a, the people who were raised on mass media are more susceptible to stuff, I think that creates a problem. And so we’ve been going into this topic of um, you know, deep fakes. So one of the topics like is defects, but not just deep fakes but dumb fakes. And we kind of got into that earlier too. So some of these topics I want to go over again. A dumb fakes was a big one. Deep fakes is a pretty big one as well. But one of the things we brought up earlier, yeah. What was the name of the movie?

Speaker 2: (06:46)
Somebody figured it out when it comes to the deep fake thing. One of the things we talked about was John Mendez, who was the master of disguise at the CIA. She actually said that the level of sophistication that they have right now with regards to a prosthetics for the face masks in extremely convincing foolproof masks, she said it’s so highly developed that it’s actually a classified secret or was until last year as a matter of national security. Oh, it’s called rim over the world. Okay. So the movie with a space station falls is rim of the world.

Speaker 2: (07:26)
Anyway, this Jonah Mendez mastered this guy. CIA is saying, hey, we have masks that are so realistic that it’s foolproof and we can’t tell you about it because of national security. Well, now they’re finally leaking that they’ve had this technology. And that’s why when we’re asserting here that Jeffrey Jeffrey Epstein is not a real person and as a character who is hilariously being played by Barack Obama, it’s not that farfetched. And the good news is if this is true, just like we’ve seen with many of the school shootings that terror attacks and many of the things, uh, nobody died, nobody cried. It means that there’s probably not even real victims here and can be the color even suggested that those victims were highly suspect. Um, probably actors themselves. And we find this to be the case with many of these celebrities. It’s just another form of psychological operation.

Speaker 2: (08:21)
These high level soap opera is deployed in, into the mass news, into the news as a, you know, part of this worldview reinforcement system where if you’re not paying attention to the news, now you are looking at he splits has Epstein’s temple is a Modec facility. Now that’s what people will say, the temple, they give you the stage and the set. But what evidence do we actually have? And what’s more likely that the knew, and this was that I said earlier, what’s more likely that the news is lying about space, lying about the school shootings, lying about terrorism, lying about climate change, but that they’re actually telling the truth about Epstein.

Speaker 2: (09:06)
Oh, they only tell the truth and they get to the bottom of it when it’s a political scandal, right? Like we know Isaac Cappy didn’t die. We went through that is supposed to be body cam footage and you could tell that it was directed and the director was just using the body cam as a device. So now you can’t say, damn, this looks fake as hell. It’s like, well no, this actually looks like a real body cam footage while it is real body cam footage. But what it was recording was not real. I’m just wondering if they actually called it molex temple. You know, I was going to do a click baity title and call it a tar Tarion structure. Oh look, the big archways and the dome made a copper. It’s gathering atmospheric electricity for the giants. So when they have their parties with a cohabitate with human women and breed their Nephilim, a bloodline to rule the humans, um, they have a Wifi or whatever.

Speaker 2: (10:13)
I’m still trying to figure out where Wifi comes in with these cathedrals, with the whole mode flood scenario. It’s one thing to say, hey, it’s weird that we have all these buried cities, but it’s another thing to say the people who had these cities before they were buried. We’re operating with Wifi and other advanced technologies. Well show me the plumbing. Like there are some other things in a modern building, there are some things that are just lacking. Like, so if they were so advanced, then why were these things not all that sophisticated? I mean there are mysterious things. There are very interesting anomalies, but I have to question everything. I even questioned those who are questioning everything, especially question then is there an agenda? Is there a political agenda? Is there a religious agenda?

Speaker 3: (11:07)

Speaker 2: (11:07)
And the, the, the news, of course it’s is there to mislead you. It is the state church, but you cannot be misled if you don’t follow their miss leaders. And no better way to get you to follow their miss leaders and to provide you with scandal and the types of scandals they bring. You are so uninsurable and they’re so shocking that it even sets you up for, we better vote for the lesser of two evils. So you might be apathetic about the news one day. Then you find out that Tom Hanks and Hillary Clinton are doing a blood shots over sacrifice babies. You know, you might be like, okay, we better vote for some Republicans. We’ve got to get rid of the vampires and the cannibals and the Pedo vars. And it’s worth mentioning that none of these alleged ped of wars or cannibals or human traffickers have ever been connected to anything other than rumor and conjecture.

Speaker 2: (12:04)
You have these emails. Do you trust leaked emails? Do you trust that the leaked emails weren’t scripted before they were leaked to feed into a plot line that was there before these people were even in office? Remember, they plan years and years in advance for these stories. Elon Musk didn’t emerge from a vacuum. Elon Musk was scripted by name, written into Wernher von Braun’s, the Morris project. They have been writing our future history since, since Isaac Asimov and Hg wells and all these guys have been instrumental in shaping our, per our imaginations on, on what we conceive of when we think about this place called outer space and everything that goes with it.

Speaker 2: (12:52)
Okay, I’m going to play a quick clip here. This is from our ti or Russian television. Where are they? They’re claiming that there is an alien spire on the moon, so now that they’ve managed to shut up the flat earth section, the flat earth ghetto on Youtube, they d recommend it. They, they basically hidden them. You do realize that people who think the earth is flat have been segregated on Youtube. Hmm. To me that’s a big deal. Anyway, they’ve been segregated because not only do they not go along with the spinning ball or NASA or Mars in these dumb projects, but they also don’t go along with the idea of UFOs and aliens from other planets coming down here, alien saviors. They don’t go along with that, and that’s where all of the programming for the last four generations has been leading you.

Speaker 2: (13:51)
They have been preparing the masses to accept a UFO invasion for a long time and on comes a this, this new movement of people who reject that. That’s a problem. So you can talk about UFOs all day and you will get pretty good ratings on youtube. But the incident, you talk about the earth being flat, you lose, they cut you off. But now that they have pretty much silenced the flat earthers, now they’re bringing out the alien buffoonery left and right. Even Fox News is reporting on stuff. Well, here’s more saying this undisclosed footage from the lunar landings fake show that there was a mysterious tower on the moon fake. Let’s take a look. Optical illusion nearly

Speaker 4: (14:36)
say it’s merely an optical illusion. These nearly 20 year old images are being seen by the public for the first time. They were taken back in 1994 on Clementine spacecraft. Six month moon mission. Here you can see a mysterious object partially on the ram of the Boltzmann crater. A British news source released an article claiming so-called alien chasers found in unnatural three and a half mile high spire on the moon. And here on Youtube the author writes in Spanish, huge tower appears on the moon. But according to the deputy project scientist for the lunar reconnaissance orbiter mission, no or petro, it’s actually no spire at all. Comparing two images, one from Google earth on the left and on the right, an image from a clearer lunar were condescends orbiter camera. Petros is the high sun. Images allow for the bright craters to be more easily seen. And in this side by side comparison.

Speaker 2: (15:29)
Okay, so what are you seeing? Is there a spire or is there not aspire? The answer is none. Neither. There isn’t a spire, nor is there a lack of spire. It’s all CGI and this is one of their tricks. So instead of you asking, is this a real picture of Mars? You’ll be debating, is that a pyramid on Mars? It’s all just a game and no, there’s no spires. There’s nothing on the moon. There’s no basis. It’s no UFOs, but they want people to believe it. So I want to go through the comments and look. The guys who find this stuff, these UFO hunters, they probably work for NASA. It’s part of their PR crunchy. F One two, three says this is old. I heard about it 10 years ago from Richard Hoagland who a show optical illusion or NASA airbrushing it out like they do every interesting image they released into the public domain and that’s the wine they give you. The misinformation line is, oh, it’s a coverup. It must be something there because they’re covering it up.

Speaker 5: (16:46)

Speaker 2: (16:47)
an optical illusion. That’s just what an alien would say. Fake. They keep you distracted while they rob you of your freedoms. I agree with that. It’s an antenna not aspire. Okay. Let’s see what else. This is disinformation to cover the fake moon missions. Exactly. That’s from shekel clipper. Thank you. Shekel clipper at disinformation to cover the fake moon missions. It’s exactly what it is. Well, let’s see. Old News. Have a real cover up. Silly reporting. Exactly. It’s all regurgitated nonsense. Well, let’s see what’s up with that jaw line. Respectfully, I would still smash, but must stay. Well, that’s 10 minutes with big Elvis. Sounds like a transvestic gator there.

Speaker 2: (17:48)
David Wilson says, why don’t we ask China? I’m sure they know China’s fake moon landing was almost as embarrassingly fake as Israel’s fake moon landing. We’ll see. There is no need to look skyward. It’s up to the moon to hear about conspiracy theories or see an optical illusion. Sir Richard the eighth. Let me see what he has to say. Simply listened to other speakers. He walked on the street and look in the mirror. I don’t know what he means. Someone says, and they’re talking about the newscaster. She looks like an android or alien herself. Strange. Someone else says more than meets the eye transformers. You know, this conversation went from, is that an antenna on the moon to, is this t reporter, uh, an android or a man? Very, very bizarre. Okay. Let’s see. Next topic.

Speaker 2: (18:48)
Okay. Epstein deep fakes. Okay, so they are so good. I’m going to say they, I mean the CIA, the master disguise talks about this. They’re so good at creating these basically prosthetic faces z, oh that are foolproof, that you can have, um, multiple copies of the same person in a room and not know which one is the real one. Imagine walking into a room and you got like six rush Limbaugh’s and you can’t tell them apart. And they all sound somewhat the same. There’s a picture of sixth Saddam Hussein’s rowing a boat, and this has been hidden from, from us for, for quite some time. It was just declassified. So to me, the talk about deep fakes might just be a cover. And what we’ve been talking about all this time isn’t all that farfetched.

Speaker 2: (19:43)
And I believe this explains this conspiracy theory about clones. So many people say, what about clones? You know, not open the clones. I’m like, well, look, what’s more likely you’re looking at body devils or clones. And whenever there is a conspiracy theory that seems to be pushed quite heavily, it almost always leads to an agenda. And so what would be the agenda behind pushing the ridiculous theory of clones? And it’s ridiculous in that it’s just not solid enough. It’s too ephemeral. It’s too, it requires too many leaps of logic. A perfect reason to put out the clone story would be to cover up. You’d be covering up this sophisticated mask technology that Jonna Mendez was talking about.

Speaker 2: (20:34)
You know, people talk about the implications of deep fakes and I, I swear it’s all misdirection at this point. It’s all misdirection and they may be pushing this out there. So we’re looking for a digital deep fakes in the future. Like, oh, it might be coming instead of thinking that they’ve already been doing deep fakes with movie magic and with masks for 20 or 30 years, 40 years. Who knows? I mean they’ve been doing it for such a long time, but the level of sophistication is what I’m talking about. Yeah. The area 51 storming area 51 that’s obviously a government rung cyop what they’re trying to do is make us seem like people actually give a damn. They don’t. Uh, there’s another sigh up. I kind of glanced over or glossed over. I didn’t spend too much time on it. It was just kinda like, yeah, it’s a hoax. Nobody died. Nobody cried. Let me go ahead and direct your attention to this for just a moment.

Speaker 2: (21:39)
Man. Shouting you die. Kills 33 in Japan. Anime studio fire, you die. So basically what you have is um, a story about a guy running into an animation studio, dousing it in a fumble liquid and killing 33 people in an attack that shocked anime fans across the country. This is Jeff hands, deadliest fire. In two decades others emerged blackened, barefoot and bleeding. The suspect was someone who did not work for the company. The Valais started in the three story building. That’s a lot of people for that building. No. What I’m trying to see here is, are there any pictures? 33 bodies, 20 on the third floor. Some on the stairs.

Speaker 2: (22:41)
Okay. Witness said the man spread gasoline and set fire with a lighter. Sounded like he had a grudge against society. They also collected sharp knives from the scene. Taking a look to see this. Anything else? A crowd funding site was set up to help the company rebuild the death. Holt toll exceeded the one from 2016 anyway, I don’t see any pictures. I’m looking for pictures. I’m looking for a crisis actors. So if anybody wants to share any information you have about this Tokyo fire where 33 people died. Yeah, more than likely it’s a hoax. I don’t know if he was saying you die in English or in Japanese. It was definitely, I’m just judging by the outside of it. It definitely looks like more of a drill. That’s just my first assessment. I mean, it doesn’t look like I’m a big major fire either. There’s no video. So am I going to take it to be real? Not really.

Speaker 2: (23:52)
We were talking about this the other day, how we have a little group here, a group of artists and others in OSA. And you know what, let’s just start an artist enclave. And then each of us make up two or three fake personas, give them backstories, and then we’ll just kind of a, we’ll create them, make them kind of, you know, real, give them a social media footprint. And then in about three months or six months, we could just have a meet up somewhere and we’ll just say, yeah, some guy with a Nosferatu looking face and a beanie cap shot us up and we’re the survivors and we can just wipe off 33 people say, yeah, 33 artists, um, were killed. Very tragic. Here’s our crowdfunding site, rebuild our studio seems to be the formula and nobody would actually have to die or cry. In fact, we’d be our own crisis actors.

Speaker 2: (24:49)
It’s pretty shameless. What they do. It really is, and you know, to me it’s all really all of it. By definition, it’s terrorism. It is terrorism. Hey, aliens are fake. There’s a study that says 30% of liberals believe in aliens, and then right-wingers, believe in angels and demons. See how that works? Liberals believe in the alien saviors and right winkles will say, no, those aren’t aliens. Those are demons. So if you’re on the right and the left, you’re on the side of God, the side of Satan, side of science decided to Satan sight of God, the site of Uhm, well biblical fundamentalism, creationism army get in versus the global warming [inaudible] and then you have those who kind of cross over and they’re like, well, you know, God’s using earthquakes to punishment. God’s God turned out the thermostat. So he’s using global warming to punish us for our wickedness. I was thinking about this today, how vanity is a sin, right? What better way to punish vanity then to say, well, hey look, if you put that makeup on and you spray that stuff in your hair, you’re going to punch a hole in the ozone. That’s like God, God’s getting mad because you’re making your hair stand up. So he’s starting to chip away at the sky.

Speaker 2: (26:08)
It’s all just mind control to get you to fear big brother. All right, I’ll be right back.

Speaker 1: (26:20)
[inaudible] science [inaudible] straight away from overarching explanations. You find it to be just to go up to the territory needs to be approached very much like you’re supposed to believe. That’s a page [inaudible] suggested [inaudible] which [inaudible].

Speaker 2: (28:09)
All right, so the next celebrity death faker is going to be James Franco. He’s in club 33 or he’s going to have a big scandal. They don’t always kill them. I do want to say also here that we have discovered that Lili Reinhart was once, and this isn’t just a resemblance, she was once Brittany Murphy a 27 Claver the death fake in club. This is all part of the same psychological operation, same sign up, industrial complex. You know, we’ve pretty much had been unmasking this thing and it’s funny how legitimate conspiracy theorists, you know, they stick to the scripts and we don’t, we don’t stick to their stupid scripts. We don’t really stay in bounds. And so I’ve had some say, well why are you focusing on these, uh, these celebrities faking their deaths? Well because it’s another puzzle piece. Don’t you want to see the whole puzzle?

Speaker 2: (29:12)
And people don’t like that. They don’t want to know, oh, the puzzle’s still bigger. They think, okay, nothing added up, but now I found this and it confirms this. I’m done. I have the truth, and now I can start hitting other people over the head with the truth. Oh yeah. Brittany Murphy was 32 not 27 club club 33 no. The people who have the truth are ready to go fight over it, kill for it, whatever. It’s just like, okay, so it’s just funny how believers are the ones who do it. No one’s going to find somebody over what they think might be true.

Speaker 2: (29:57)
No one’s going to start an argument over some hypothetical. Yes, there might be no, they might not be. No, it’s pretty much, yes it is. No, it isn’t. Nobody fights over the maybes and that’s why they don’t want you to be into this realm of, well, maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t infinite until proven otherwise. Now they’re like, nope, it’s a dome. If you don’t agree with that, you’re the devil. That’s the problem with believers. All right, so I was just taking calls on the topic of Epstein. Um, I’m going to be right back here though. I’m trying to find a specific article. Uh, this is another one from one jack in the shells.

Speaker 1: (30:51)
[inaudible] [inaudible].

Speaker 6: (31:34)
Yes. [inaudible].

Speaker 1: (31:42)
Yes. [inaudible] [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (32:08)
okay, so I’m just going through my, uh, emails. I’ve got one here. This is good. When, uh, we’re getting inundated with calls before they shut us down on the big channel, there was a, a caller repeat caller who has been identified as somebody else, which is fascinating. Not going to out this person, but someone just sent me a list here. It’s kind of interesting. We’ve got a number of people who called in almost like they were paid to call in to do damage control on very, very specific things like they’re assigned to different topics. Was it of this, this is a, an email from someone who said, hello, I’m a globe skeptic in China. I’d like to know how much of the Bible is corrupted, or is it all corrupted? I’ve been a lifelong atheist and I started to start. I decided to start reading religious books. My wife returned from studying in England and purchased the King James Bible. Then I hop in to across your broadcast channel. Furthermore, you have a in number. Do you have Skype or similar for those that do not want to have to sell a kidney to call in? I look forward to your response. Okay. How would you know there’s this kid in China who sold his kidney for an iPhone, right? Let me take a look. This guy is in China, like I’m saying is you can get more than just one phone call.

Speaker 2: (33:46)
I don’t think he was fake news either, although it would be. It would be the exact type of story that commies would plant. Chinese teen sold kidney for an iPhone. He’s now bedridden for life. His name was wing Shawn Kuhn sold his kidney to buy an iPad and an iPhone. Chinese man who sold his kidney to buy iPhone is now bedridden for life. Five people are charged in China after boy sells kidney for an iPhone. Chinese Nan man now faces serious Oregon failure after selling kidney when he was a teenager wing. Shawn Kuhn real or fake? I’m looking for a picture of him.

Speaker 7: (34:37)
Oh, okay.

Speaker 2: (34:39)
That’s quite a scar.

Speaker 7: (34:41)

Speaker 2: (34:44)
I hope he’s a crisis actor. Damn. Yeah, that’s terrible. I mean, seriously, come on. Well not at the point where you can three d print a new one yet, but look, it could be fake because the commies love to lambast American consumerism. And what could be more offensive to the communist mindset than Facebook? A cell phone. Anything that encourages the individual to be an and to express themselves or to, um, really glorify consumerism. So it, it’s probably fake news. It’s probably fake. Definitely Baity but I’m not sure it is China now. I could go, that’s one we could fake. If you guys want to

Speaker 8: (35:38)
play the sign off route, if you want to get into the business, you could fake a scar over your back and say you sold your kidneys so you could, uh,

Speaker 3: (35:46)

Speaker 8: (35:47)
Pay for youtube red.

Speaker 3: (35:49)

Speaker 8: (35:56)
All right. Let’s take a look here. A Owen Benjamin, by the way. And then I’m just bringing this up because it’s relevant. He is a Sabbath tour. He’s here to destroy the first amendment. I Benjamin, it is worth mentioning is too cowardly to admit that he’s a neo Nazi and I just want to show, you know, I won’t use the word cowardly. Oh, Benjamin is too politically correct to admit that he is a neo Nazi. I see all these fake politically correct. Politically incorrect. Correct. It’s like this fake political incorrectness where they play edgy, but they’re not really edgy. They just, um, it’s all pretty much a front. Yeah. Like he would never say David Hogg is a crisis actor. He’d say David Hogs and opportunists. Huge difference. He’s in the system. He’s safe, in other words.

Speaker 8: (36:56)
So it’s strange that people would be lining up behind that as though it in any way can do anything. SciGirls says. How do you know that Benjamin is fully conscious of his role? How do I know he’s fully conscious of his role because of the company? He keeps a way too close to genesis way too close to Alex Jones and the people around him following his instincts. No Way. His instincts, his instincts, if he is following his instincts would be pretty terrible because, uh, the, the idea that, uh, he’s being persecuted by Jews or that the conspiracy theories that all point to Jews as the corruptors or the, the end of Western civilization, that’s just typical red herring blue pill stuff and the only people running with that or a limited hangout operative types, I just don’t find it very plausible that he even believes that. Then he has this fake conversion to flat earth where he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about on the subject.

Speaker 8: (38:04)
I mean, you’re welcome to try to prove me wrong on that, but the guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about on the subject and it looks to me just like Logan Paul. Oh yeah. Eddie Bravo. Same deal. Eddie Bravo. Is Vegas strong. He’s an agent. And how do we know he’s conscious of it? I guess my point is this, we don’t know, but if you’re going to put somebody intentions over the results of their actions, then you’re an idealist and you’re just as dangerous as they are. No, you can’t fall behind. Well, he’s leading with his heart, his instincts, his instincts. Give me a break. His instincts, his heart’s in the right place, right? The road to hell was paved with good intentions.

Speaker 8: (38:52)
I just find it unusual that the flatties need a shepherd. They need a champion with a lot of subs. We need an a lister. Damn Logan Paul, we thought he’s going to do it, but he wasn’t an a lister enough. If only we could get Matt Damon. If Matt Damon is a flat earth or changed the world, come on, people wake up. Mark Sargent believes in global warming and he doesn’t understand the implications of this and I almost don’t want to give him a clue. I almost don’t want to give him a clue. Maybe I should. He recently found out that auto hoaxing is a thing. Auto hoaxing isn’t a thing.

Speaker 8: (39:39)
Auto hoaxing is what happens when you take away the burden of proof that had been wrongfully shifted to you when the CIA started calling anyone who didn’t agree with the nightly news, a conspiracy theorist. But I really didn’t want to give anybody any sort of hints or clues on how this thing works cause they might figure it out. But the reason why global warming is a major issue here is that for him to pause at global warming, he has to go with we’re in an enclosed system and that’s his argument makes more sense in an enclosed system, blah blah blah. Well, okay, you don’t know what’s in close. The argument for global warming is based on in closed system, the arguments for global warming is the same as the argument for dome warming. And what’s more, the evidence for global warming is coming from NASA and their satellite imagery of the earth.

Speaker 8: (40:38)
And you’re going to say that these agencies that are telling us that the earth is heating up are trustworthy on that, but they, they’re wrong on the shape. And you know who else says the global warming is a legitimate thing to fear the flatter society, not a coincidence there. That’s a major holding line. They will not cross that line because when you deny global warming, you’re denying the eschatology that was meant to replace fear of God. You replace the major, the major driver behind escaping planet earth. The reason why it said don’t panic on the dashboard of the Tesla roadster that Elon Musk launched into space is because that was a reference to the hitchhiker’s guide to the universe, which is basically a hint saying the plan is this world’s going to end, there’s going to be a flood and this is your exit space x Mars.

Speaker 8: (41:34)
I am the way line up behind the savior with the obelisk and you’ll fly you to heaven. It’s a scripted event. The way it’s going down. Global warming plays into it and to treat global warming like it’s real shows either just hapless, naive city or it’s a calculated place, a calculated line to hold and that’s what I’m leaning towards. I don’t believe he’ll be flexible on it. It took me months to get him to even confront me on to even get on the phone to ask him the question. He dodged it and dodged it and dodged it.

Speaker 8: (42:11)
Mark Sergeant did not want to answer that question and we finally pinned him down and now he admits it. He says, it makes sense. Global warming, blah, blah. Mark. It’s not a globe, but the only way to preserve the dome and why would you preserve the dome? Because this is about control over the land that we are on. We’re on lockdown. They want to keep us from going anywhere, best way to keep us from going anywhere. Don’t let us know there is anywhere to go. The dome rules out anywhere to go. Why do you think the most popular flat earth models that you see on the news are domed or they have an edge and they’re in space? The news will not show you any flat earth model that has more land or an antique model like what we have a map with no edges, no lies, no assumptions, just arrows and question marks in every direction.

Speaker 8: (43:10)
360 degrees. It’s the only legitimate flat earth map concept. So you have all these limited hangout agents and operatives like the Antonio Super Ads and awake souls and Jimmy Laughin Berg. Excuse me, laugh, Adele. And these guys for years have been saying the flat earth map is wrong. It’s wrong. Everyone who says it’s real as a, as a, as a shell, and now that I can see clearly what’s going on here, what I can see here is this. The online presence for flat earth has been attacking the flat earth map to discredit the movement and have totally dodged the question of what’s at the edge. You ask them what’s at the edge, they get triggered. Yet mark sergeant believes in global warming. That’s an instant disc creditor. Karen B says auto hoaxing is bad. That’s a discredit her. Look, there is no legitimate leadership from the behind the Kurvers. We’ve already stated this a million times. The behind the Kurvers are followers. They’re believers. They’re cloud chasers who want their enclosed VIP model conference earth to be it. They don’t like the movement. They don’t like Mad Mike. They like neo-nazis. And look, I don’t have any respect for neo-nazis that can’t own it. If I was a neo Nazi, I’d be handing out mine comps on the street corner. I’d be crowdfunding a a work camp. I’d be like, yeah, let’s clean this place up. I’d wear swastika and I’d goosestep to the bus every day a goose step to the bus stop.

Speaker 8: (44:51)
I grow out a square stash in a, I would give myself a real severe right part. But look, I don’t see any of these neo-nazis today. Owning up to it. Eric debate doesn’t do anything remotely near what you think a true uh, ethno nationalist Neo Nazi would do. No, he lives in a, he has a very multiracial environment. Multiculti, Vegan, Thailand, Yoga. Um, you know, the guy is not using this like rigid code of racial conformity. He’s not breeding white babies to repopulate the homeland and drive out the invaders. He’s not doing any of that. He’s just doing yoga and eating celery in Thailand.

Speaker 8: (45:44)
So then a, this new neo Nazi who’s going to be speaking for the flatter, there’s won’t even admit he’s a neo Nazi. He’s like, the Jews are raping you whenever you watch porn or you let porn in your house. That’s the Jewish influence. The Jews and the trainees are going to bring about the end of civilization. The Jews with the blank, blank blanks and the small hats on and on and on. Mike, do just say it. [inaudible] I’ll just say it. Own it. Show how politically incorrect you can be. Prove that you’re not on a leash. Owen Benjamin, prove that there aren’t puppet strings leading right to Kunos. Who knows who’s got your strings. We have some ideas. Prove you don’t have those strings. Just say it. Fuck it. I’m a Nazi. What are they going to do, Dee, monetize you. Because that’s what I would say if I believe that garbage. If I believe that stupidity, I would own it and I’m just wondering where are these people who have the courage of their convictions spaces? Fake earth is flat and nobody died at any of these events that made people on TV cry. How hard was that? It’s called truth. Lickety split says he’s not in Thailand. Oh, I’m talking about dubé.

Speaker 8: (47:02)
Dubay is in Dubailand. Wherever he is, he just renames it. I renamed this Dubay land. He renames everything like dubstep. That was not enough that he’s got to share the John Rowe with other people. Nope. It’s no longer dubstep now it’s dubé step. It’s a whole new thing. It sounds just like bad dubstep, but it’s now do bay step. Might as well just make up his own yoga call. Do Boga or do Bega make up your own flat earth model? Just call it dubé earth. This is dubé earth. It’s flat. Is vegetables everywhere. There’s no Jews.

Speaker 8: (47:49)
MVP says people in Thailand are trying to find Dubay in 2016 and they couldn’t, from what I hear and what I’ve seen, Dubay was in DC and got some sort of a settlement for some type of disease he got from a vaccine and took that money and moved [inaudible] to a six is ips has to go on tour, you know who needs to go on tour to live up to. His rhetoric is Ritchie from Boston bitchy from Boston. It’s all he does is he bitches and he’s definitely a CIA plant. He’s a plant. He got mad when I first called him a plant. He said, somebody out there is calling me a plant and I wasn’t talking about how his head looks like a pineapple and the way he got his hair. I’m saying that he’s a CIA plant pretending to be a normal guy. Richie from Boston.

Speaker 8: (48:41)
Is He even from Boston? I don’t think he’s even from Boston. Anyway, he’s always talking about don’t look into mud flights. They don’t look at a mud flood. I’m like, why? He’s like, the five g is going to kill you and if you look into a mud flood, you’ll be distracted from the five g and like if you’re really that scared of five g, if you really that scared of chem trails, do something, do something with it. Like I would like to see Richie from Boston if he had the courage of his convictions. Like if this was this, this is my vision. Okay, so if people just started doing what they actually believed all around, Richie would be driving around across the country with a grappling hook and a rope and he’d be pulling down 5g towers, saving America. Richie Saves America. You Have Richie from Massachusetts?

Speaker 8: (49:36)
No, he’s always on tour. I’m wondering where the hell he’s going all the time. He’s always got a jeep. It looks like he’s got a body in the back and there’s this one video. I didn’t really look at them too closely until there’s this video about how he’s, he’s just like in some truck stop and he starts talking to these guys in the bathroom about chem trails and guy son comes out and they start talking about fluoride in the water and it’s like, I can’t imagine myself having an extended conversation with Richie from Boston in a remote bathroom at a truck stop, like in the middle of the night somewhere about chem trails.

Speaker 8: (50:11)
Anyway, occasionally he talks about things that seem, but he’s a limited hangout. He’ll say the of the earth’s flat, but then at the same time he says other things that show you that he’s a plant he’s wishy washy on. That’s a big one. Yeah. The dead hookers in the back of his truck. No. I’m trying to think about what, what the big disc creditor is with him. It’s the five g fear. He probably was goofing Nibiru back when it’s the chem trail thing too. You know, Kim trails kill me. I mean, they don’t really kill me. I, the whole thing with Kim trolls is I think it’s a huge misdirection and it’s become this weird point of contention where if you don’t believe in chem trails, the truth, ers who know what all, we’ll call you a shill or they’ll say you’re dangerous or you’re bad because you don’t believe, and I’m tired of it. Yeah. It’s fear porn. Basically. Richie from Boston is fear porn. He’s like a poor man’s Alex Jones.

Speaker 8: (51:25)
He’s just kind of like, I mean, he’s still selling stuff. You listen to him, he’s like selling MRAs. He said, Alex Jones really exposed himself when we had the food, the fake Ashima hoax, the fake Ashima hoax, fake nuke somewhere and he starts selling iodine. He’s like, order the iodine today. You get it by this date and when the radioactive fallout hits your town, you’ll be immunized against it. So he’s selling iodine after Fukushima. I mean selling anything on the back of a sigh up, even if it’s a t shirt and Boston strong Vegas strong thousand oaks strong.

Speaker 8: (52:09)
Yeah. Richie from Boston was on the news. He’s definitely a plant because he, yeah, like you said, our cook, he’s trying to be relatable to the halfwits that follow him and that’s what I mean. The, the halfwits that follow him can relate to him. And this is controlled opposition at its finest. He’s probably a lot smarter than who he portrays a, he is a crisis actor. He’s an MSM asset. We saw him on the news one night. Where is this such a dumb story? It’s a Richie from Boston is there. He’s like Richard Camargo was hanging out behind Dunkin donuts at 3:00 AM with his 85 year old mother. And they saw an attempted carjacking so Richie stops a car jacker and they drive off and hit another car. And so then it makes the news that Richie from Boston stopped a car jacking and even the fire chief compliments him on his heroic act. But all we see is a car with a dented bumper just seemed like fake news. And I’m like, well what’s the point of fake news like this? What’s the point of a meaningless story like this? Bonner jam says, I like how he eats nothing but beef jerky and still he’s fat. When I Jack says I used to be a halfwit. Hey, I too.

Speaker 8: (53:29)
I mean the thing is the gatekeepers used to keep things at the halfway level. There was no other information. I mean there are still people who fear FEMA coffins. If you still fear FEMA coffins and you haven’t looked up burial vaults, then you’ve been duped and the guy’s there to dupe you. So anyway, what are the chances that you’re going to be hanging out with your 80 year old mom behind a Dunkin donuts at 3:30 AM and stop a carjacking. And then what called the news and call the cops and the police are going to go and take a report and then talk to the news and make you a hero. And they didn’t mention that he was a youtuber. So it just looks like a Gig. Like he got paid to play in this little role. That’s what it looks like to me.

Speaker 8: (54:16)
And look, it’s important to call out the CIA plants because um, you, you’ll see the lines. They don’t, they don’t cross like he probably, I dunno. Does he think that New Zealand is real? You realize that the fake New Zealand shooting is the reason why you can’t stream on youtube live. Yeah. Good point. Side girl, FEMA capstone events constitutes state sponsored terror and traumatization of children. It’s been my case all along. In fact, I mean that’s what I really look at here. You know, you look at the fake victims and people defend those, you know who the real victims are. The millions of school children who are being systematically programed and traumatized. Mk Ultra is happening all around you. So while people are like, oh, we’re worried about these kids in their adrenochrome, it’s like, hey look, we hear about these fictional things that you haven’t a shred of evidence for yet.

Speaker 9: (55:14)

Speaker 8: (55:15)
But we do have evidence that school shooting drills are in fact instances of state terror. It’s given the kid Stockholm Syndrome. That’s the intention. It is trauma based mind controlled duck and cover a genuflect before the power of the state. The guy with a gun and the badge can save you from your neighbor or your friend’s kid or your friend. You know, it’s basically mind control and it’s terrorizing the children. Hyper realistic school shooter drills. And of course, knowing that these events that are presented as real are all hoaxes, then we have nothing left to conclude. But that these events that are being recreated are pointless, needless. And uh, it’s an unnecessary trauma to be inflicting. And my contention is the real purpose of these, these are school shooter drills is this, it’s terror compliance. And it could even be that the fake school shootings are there not to take your guns, but to program your kids to not guns.

Speaker 8: (56:24)
Think about it, 17 years of school shootings, you know, a generation of students raised under the threat of being shot. So now when they’re 18 or 16 because David hogs working to get that age reduced, when they’re old enough to vote away their guns, they will no need to take their guns. They will vote them away. That was the program from day one. Eric Holder, not the fake Eric Holder who shot the rapper in that made for TV fake news event, but Eric Holder, DOJ said years ago, right before the school shooting started, we need to brainwash the students to think about guns in a radically new way, and this is it. This is the brainwashing social at the school shooting drills. It’s the new duck and cover new tornado drill, earthquake drill, asteroid drill. They’re probably gonna do that next alien drill and look, here’s, here’s something that illustrates my point better than anything.

Speaker 8: (57:30)
Let’s say UFO sightings are passed off as real for a little bit longer and people believe it in mass numbers like critical mass. They could start saying, we need to do UFO drills. What happens if a school gets attacked by flying saucers and all they would need and here’s what they would do. They would do drills at five or 10 schools, so five or 10 schools would get funding to drill before the inevitable UFO invasion, and those five schools coincidentally would all get hit by UFS. They’d be like a one to one ratio and none of the schools outside of those five would ever be affected. It’s just the case that the drill proceeds the event and is because the drill is where they set up the event. Just like we had this operation shaken fury where FEMA was practicing for 7.7 magnitude earthquakes across the country, and then we have all these earthquakes. These correlations are very, very suspicious. I mean, correlation isn’t necessarily causation, but a pattern is a pattern and a drill concurrent with a staged fake event is obviously not just a drill. It’s how you get your assets into place. It’s how you get your crisis actors in a place. It’s how you get your key personnel in the media ready to take over and to present the stories that they want presented.

Speaker 8: (59:10)
Now the alien thing is being pushed again, and that’s what I brought up earlier. It’s being brought out again, because now it’s safe because the worst enemy to the alien believers has been really this entire time, the

Speaker 2: (59:22)
flat earthers flat earthers don’t really have any patience for ridiculous stuff like that. Isn’t it funny how it’s okay to suspend disbelief, but only if it’s in like approved ways? So it’s okay to question the shape of the world. It’s okay. I mean, it’s not okay to question the shape of the world, but it is okay to believe in aliens. But like 15 years ago, if you believed in aliens, they’d say, you need a tinfoil hat. Now, if you don’t believe in aliens, they say, Oh, you don’t believe in aliens. Well, you’re unscientific. So, which is it?

Speaker 2: (01:00:07)
I’m checking out some headlines really quick. Military eyes, 16 year old as ranks and candidates dwindle. Yeah. Um, again, the problem with the military industrial complex is that it is preceded by the, uh, cyop industrial complex. I mean, how would you feel if you were goaded into signing up for the military based upon something that only happened on TV that’s called a atrocity propaganda. You know, they exaggerate how bad the enemy is or invent the enemy in order to motivate you to go kill the enemy. I girl says decades of aerosol spraying. Surely by now they must have learned something practical about engineering the climate. Well, you know, that’s something else too. Um, there is, there may very well be the ability to affect the climate far more than we would think, but I don’t think it would be on a quote global scale, but they could make it appear to be, and that’s what the media is there for. Just like the media can exaggerate the news and make it seem like America is a war zone, they can exaggerate everything. They can fear porn and exaggerate the weather. Fire Nato’s were just introduced last year and during fire, NATO’s hitting the streets. We had fire NATO’s in the movies like Geo Storm. So what are the odds that a movie’s going to come out? It’s a blockbuster movie with fire Natos and then it’s going to be on the news and none of the anchors can get over it. Wow. It’s fire NATO’s.

Speaker 2: (01:02:01)
Okay. We called it a, yeah. This is a couple of things we talked about this earlier. Um, LAPD informant infiltrated left wing activist groups, happens on both sides. Happens all the time. No big surprise, but worth pointing out, controlled opposition at every level, not just on the Internet.

Speaker 3: (01:02:26)
Let’s see,

Speaker 2: (01:02:32)
a couple of other things here. We’re no longer in brave new world. We’re back in 1984. Yup, that’s true. Okay. Phones are open. (505) 510-4226 infinite plane society. Hey, what’s up Todd? A topic tonight is actually, is Jeffrey Epstein. Barack Obama in a mask.

Speaker 10: (01:03:01)
Yeah. This is a like a split. Um, hold on one second. I got a new test.

Speaker 2: (01:03:10)
Yes or no. Yeah. So Barack Obama wearing the mask in a wig has been passing himself off for photo ops as Jeffrey Epstein for your manipulation down the road.

Speaker 10: (01:03:32)
Well, you know, I wouldn’t put it past them. Well, technology with masks and all that Kinda Shit for sure. Um, if it’s coming out in the movies, like mission impossible, you know, they’re, they’re showing you all this.

Speaker 2: (01:03:43)
Well yeah, that’s my favorite. She’ll says Russian [inaudible] he said if they can fake it in the movies, they can fake it on the news.

Speaker 10: (01:03:53)
Yeah. Yeah. And then, uh, yeah, we all know how the video thing works.

Speaker 2: (01:03:57)
I’m pretty sure everyone here, when it comes to the Nazi owned Benjamin, do you think that he has the guts to be politically incorrect enough to actually admit that’s what he is?

Speaker 11: (01:04:09)
Uh, no, because he’s just there to do one.

Speaker 10: (01:04:12)
Uh, no, because he’s just there to do one, one thing only. And that’s to, uh, uh, make a slick group look stupid is what he’s doing.

Speaker 2: (01:04:24)
Do you think that the flat earth community largely though agrees with his antisemitic rhetoric and we’ll just give it a pass?

Speaker 11: (01:04:34)

Speaker 10: (01:04:37)
Well, the flat earth community. Yes, yes. I would say that group, that community. Sure. But you know, I mean define community I guess would be the question.

Speaker 2: (01:04:53)
Yeah. I just think it’s a, you know what I’m saying? It’s one of these things though where there has been this like almost unspoken agreement, but behind or between mini flat earthers that the common enemy is the Jew. Even a flatters reset who’s credited with having driven Patricia steer off the edge. Um, for years, two years now he’s been railing against traveling Gypsies and small hats. He won’t call them Jews,

Speaker 8: (01:05:18)
but I think a lot of them actually agree with it. When I first started live streaming, I had people calling me a Jew within like a week.

Speaker 10: (01:05:29)
Yeah. Yeah. I think it’s weird because all these people also know, like if you bring up the Vatican, like they’re aware of the Vatican, you bring up the British that aware of the British and the Queen, but then they still just want to gravitate to this one enemy, you know, the Jew, but a, you know, there’s all sorts of players out there. Like, why?

Speaker 8: (01:05:54)
Yeah, that’s a good one. They’ll say that the Jesuits were all in. That’s what they always tend to steer towards. And one thing that I heard Owen Benjamin say that really, uh, gave me a clue as to like how, how serious he is to pushing this line. And he started saying that Jews killed Jesus and they haven’t said sorry.

Speaker 3: (01:06:14)

Speaker 10: (01:06:16)
Yeah. Well I think it’s also weird that, I mean, one that, you know, if you knew about the dues and all this history shit, um, you know, there’s a strong, like the British, like the royal family, like, you know, there’s plenty out there information out there about how they claim themselves to be Jewish. Uh, I don’t know if like ks are, you know, asking how the or some shit, but like, you know, like she used to have the stone of Jacob underneath her, uh, her throne. And, uh, the flag is this to stone of Jacob, really the union. Jack’s like a stone of Jacob and all this shit. So there’s connections out there for that. So if people for some, again, like people want to pick and choose and Cherry pick, uh, you know, if you don’t want to see it, the British claim to be Jews themselves, then you want to just keep on talking about the Jews, the Jews, the Jews. And it’s just, you know,

Speaker 8: (01:07:06)
I think so. I mean, I don’t think they can be that dumb. Um, I do find it very disingenuous that Benjamin, we’ll use doggy whistles. Like he’ll say the small hats and I’m like, wow, you’re gonna talk about them using code words. Well, it just seems like, man, is he not trying to fit into the stereotype of a racist bigot? And is he doing so to sabotage people who are actually seeking real answers.

Speaker 10: (01:07:36)
Yeah. And it’s not even like that funny, you know, like this guy, like I’ve never heard of this guy even before any of this. And like, I don’t see anything funny from this guy like lately where these comedians, especially like with flatters, people that tried to claim that, you know of another one. Um, I’m thinking of, I’m sure a lot of these guys just aren’t even funny, so I’m a, you know, kind of makes it more obvious of what they’re here to do. Like if you’re not like a genuine comedian, then like what the fuck are you trying to pose those ones?

Speaker 8: (01:08:04)
Yeah. It’s also kind of fascinating how this notion has somehow has come out that you just need a celebrity with enough subscribers and that’ll be the, that’ll be the camel breaks. The, uh,

Speaker 2: (01:08:16)
that’ll be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Like we need one, one got one celebrity, one a lister to say yes. And then the world just changes overnight. Like what does that ever happen?

Speaker 10: (01:08:26)
Yeah, it’s a [inaudible] it’s a short term thinking, a really bad business model. I would say just these guys are just grasping at straws. It seems like. I want to say these guys, I’m talking about flatters international conference idiots. Um, you know, this was just a, obviously I don’t, I don’t know what their game is. Obviously they’re trying to make everyone,

Speaker 2: (01:08:50)
no [inaudible] worry. Why do you want to talk about them? And here’s why. Um, I just respond and I’m responding to deep inside the rabbit hole, commenting on Mad Mike’s Fox News appearance, calling mad Mike an idiot and saying it was the worst thing in the world. And I’m like, what do you mean? He goes on live Fox News calls, Buzz Aldrin, a Freemason calls Elon Musk a creep says the moon landing was faked. The son’s 3000 miles away. If that, how is that a, a bad look? How is that a bad thing? I don’t really get that

Speaker 10: (01:09:22)
right. Right. Meanwhile, meanwhile, Logan, Paul, you know, he get 2 million hits on his movie or he just makes a fool of Robbie Davis and everybody else like mad mix that five minutes, five minutes versus a, an hour and a half, a mockumentary and a, what else? You know, there’s, there’s plenty of other

Speaker 2: (01:09:45)
and met met Mike brings no religion into it. Oh yeah. I love, he’s not bringing religion and he’s not bringing anything that can make him, um, you know, a target for the general smears of, Oh, well you’re a bigot. Like Owen Benjamin. [inaudible].

Speaker 10: (01:10:01)
Yeah, yeah. You know, we’re up against a bunch of government actors.

Speaker 2: (01:10:08)
Well, I think so. It’s pretty awful actors. [inaudible] I am DB controlled agents and um, I don’t think they liked the fact that we know, but what are they going to do?

Speaker 3: (01:10:20)

Speaker 10: (01:10:20)
Yeah, I think that was a, Huh? I think it was hunters Thompson who talked about, you know, uh, make, you know, make the lies so like far out and unbelievable that people will never believe it. You know what I mean? So like, we could be looking at all this shit. The actors, the Epstein is Obama, you know, all this bullshit that they put on for a lot of people are just going to be like, no, there’s no way. There’s no way they would do that.

Speaker 2: (01:10:51)
Okay, let me point something out here. You don’t know that, you know, um, I’ve got a comment or,

Speaker 2: (01:11:05)
okay. Anyway, one second here. I was looking at commentary. Okay, this person says we must defend Alex Jones, Owen, Benjamin, all of them against the efforts to just platform. And uh, I’m actually saying that’s wrong. See, I’m saying this. Um, what they’re doing is, I’m not a free speech issue. They’re trying to masquerade as, oh, we’re defending free speech. They’re trying to masquerade as we’re standing up for the principle of free speech and no, actually I’m calling them saboteurs. Uh, what they’re doing is they’re working hand in glove with these fascist corporations like youtube and Facebook in order to systematically censor us and they’ve been having success. Have they not

Speaker 10: (01:11:47)
Alex Jones, this person?

Speaker 2: (01:11:49)
No, I wasn’t going to be defended. Is that what he [inaudible] his real name? Right.

Speaker 10: (01:11:54)
Fat. That is crazy. Yeah. Like where is this person been? This person must have just a,

Speaker 2: (01:12:02)
yeah, cause I have a metal just that’s just great. What I’m talking about, the principal for St Jude’s research, I’m here with these initials who are actually working against the principal by using incitement. Right.

Speaker 10: (01:12:13)
This is right. Right. This, this is the whole thing where somebody can come along and ruin the whole thing for everybody type of deal. You know. So like we were trying to be free here and have our rights and enjoy our rights. And then some dipshit wants to come and start acting like a fool and blowing it for everybody so that everyone starts to want laws against this and that and this and that. So Alex Jones would be, you know, that’s the agent.

Speaker 2: (01:12:42)
February, February of 2018 Google had this internal memo that came out and this internal memo said that, uh, you know, the guy tasering rats and laughing at bodies hanging in the forest, Logan Paul was their justification for censorship. So we have someone else says, these are Judas goats. No. Hey, these are not canaries in a coal mine. I’m saying, these guys do not represent us. That’s the problem. We do not defend them. Alex Jones can burn because it’s a fake lawsuit. He does not represent us. And he thinks sandy hook is actually a real thing. And he said, those of us who question it are, in fact, we are, um, I guess psychotic. But the thing is, it’s a fake trial. It’s not real. And so we don’t defend that. And that’s why we’re so messed up here and said, no, we cannot let him represent us as our canary whatsoever.

Speaker 10: (01:13:33)
Yeah. He would love to be that. That person used to look up the uh, the video of Joe Rogan and Alex Jones back in the college days, I think using that right where the yeah, that’s pretty bad. They’re all there. Just actors. Come on, come on. What’s wrong with this guy? Um, but back to the Epstein thing, I want to just point out one thing is this part triggers me big time. So again, they’re going to prosecute this, I’ve character and go through all this shit and what’s going to happen, they’re going to make the public think that everything’s cool. Now we got the Pos and everyone, you know, can start, you can drop your card again and all that kind of shit. Meanwhile, you knows the whole red herring thing. Meanwhile, DCFS, the Department of Children, family services, if people know him as CPS, you know, that’s the real racket is going on right there under your nose.

Speaker 10: (01:14:29)
You know, legally as they say, they use due process. They got it all worked into law. This, the structure, you know, it’s not just these people, it’s not just a couple of people. This whole structure is set up so that, you know, certain people can get away with certain things and you know who those people are. But, um, yeah, uh, you know, your average, a jackass, DCFS worker can Jesco take your kid underneath your nose and take him off the foster care and then they, they probably will disappear. And there’s a lot of rapes that happen in foster care and all that kind of shit. Um, I, you know, other than that, that’s, you know, that’s just the main part that this whole acting thing that’s pisses me off cause everyone wants to look this way.

Speaker 2: (01:15:15)
Oh yeah. Right there happening your face. It’s highly suspect. If anybody is even being, if there are any real victims, uh, the, the fact that he’s more than likely just a clown, you know, literally just a character, uh, doesn’t, doesn’t shock me at all. But we’re going to continue to uh, hit this point because I think it needs to be examined closely and there’s only a few pictures of Epstein. It won’t be hard, you know, to show people, hey look, we’re looking at something here. Something potentially big.

Speaker 10: (01:15:46)
Yeah, yeah. And that can be done. And don’t ever just blow it off and be like, oh no, there’s no way this could be. Cause you know, people, people are smart, they can do a lot of shit.

Speaker 2: (01:15:57)
Yeah. Well thanks for the call and I’m going to be probably by tomorrow posting all the pictures that I have of the guy

Speaker 10: (01:16:06)
for sure. For sure. Yeah. Fuck DCFS.

Speaker 2: (01:16:12)
All right. I got a message from Graham. He says, I’m always in Barnes and nobles and they have moon lending books right at the door. When you walk in, something must be going on. It’s a big push for space. Seems like all the Barnes and nobles, they’re always bombarded with space. Propaganda as soon as you walk in. It wasn’t always like this though, that pushing it heavy. Now there’s a huge billboard of Buzz Aldrin on the corner of canal and Varick streets and lower Manhattan right now. Yeah, yeah. No doubt. It’s, it’s everywhere. It’s definitely, it’s in the pop culture. It’s in the news. It’s in all the entertainment and a space. Now you have Brad Pitt. She’s going to be in a Matt Damon style movie about space. You’ve got Quintin Tarantino producing some garbage, racist, bigoted crap about star Trek, you know, doing star Trek Terentino’s style. So yeah, they’re bringing back space in a way that they can sell it to the masses. Same Old, same old.

Speaker 2: (01:17:15)
All right, so I’m going to go ahead and kill this string for now. I will be back in the morning. Go to infinite plane and get on the email list. I’m going to start sending out live notifications again, starting tomorrow morning, infinite plain and this is chief cro in the flat earthworms. Thanks for hanging out. Those of you at have slur, Youtube d live, Facebook, Twitter and infinite plane, wherever you are. Again, if I’m going to do live streams where I’m taking calls, I’ll be sending out this notification and advance infinite plane, we’ll get you on the list. All right. This is a chief cro. See you all later and yet, thanks rusty for, for doing the ISS transit, one of her own. Another one went out to do a transit. They wanted to see the space station. They were told, oh, it’s gonna take eight minutes to go over you.

Speaker 12: (01:18:14)

Speaker 2: (01:18:16)
He did a 60 mile round trip drive in order to ensure that he was going to be able to see it and it wasn’t there because it’s not there.

Speaker 12: (01:18:36)
[inaudible] [inaudible] crisis with solace. [inaudible] my buddy [inaudible] and, and the communication. Second, 1996 [inaudible] Pancho. You can be [inaudible].



Speaker 1: (00:00)
Flat Earth, a flat earth report. Those are striking terms, breaking terms, breaking terms, breaking

Speaker 2: (00:06)
[inaudible], [inaudible] I want to give shout outs and representative Swawell,

Speaker 1: (01:40)
of Georgia for that shout out to the flat earth report and to Rachel Maddow for that sound bite and MVP of course for mixing those into that epic intro trek for the only reliable and repeatable flat earth news-related blog video blog. We Really, uh, you, you really can’t find any others who are covering it. Um, on the level we do, we go in depth, we don’t miss anything. And uh, we don’t have a Bible to whack you over the head with, there’s no n times profits, no prophecy here. You know, prophecy news is, uh, it’s a way of lying. It’s emotional manipulation. It’s as bad as climate. Doomsayers and you know, lately I’ve been thinking about how some people, and you can ask them, do you believe the world is say tannic and uh, one person, you know, comes to mind, I’m not going to name his name, but yeah, he’s of the opinion the world is fallen and because it’s satanic a therefore it is going to require the antithesis of Satan to fix it.

Speaker 1: (02:52)
Well, I don’t really believe the world is say Tanach. I think that’s an adjective that is a little overplayed. It’s even based in the Bible. When you talk about that characterization of Satan, it’s more Dante, Ella, Garry divine comedy. It’s literature. It’s not really even in the religion, but it occurred to me that if you believe the world is satanic, then you must therefore belief it needs to be saved. And it’s the same mind trap. It’s the same double bind as do you believe the world is polluted by the free market, by fossil fuels, by capitalism in therefore, do you believe that the world is in need of a savior or an overhaul? Get rid of the bad guy, clean it up. Same thing. You get rid of capitalism, the world gets clean, get rid of Satan. The world gets purified. Well then, I mean that’s about when I said capitalist. That’s what I mean when they say polluters. They actually, they actually have their targets on those who are living unsustainable lifestyles. So when the believers at the world is a satanic place, are asked to point out, well, where is the Satan?

Speaker 1: (04:02)
They’re not going to point to an actual devil. They’re going to point to who they believe represent a doubt. The Devil’s advocates here on earth or his proxies, his armies. So the Christians, the ones who adopt the mantle of righteousness, the ones who are good, now they’re in a holy war and they are the body of Christ. And who is the enemy? The body of Satan, body of Satan is who while historically according to the way it’s been presented until really Vatican too, if the Jews that are the body of Satan and in the Christians of the body of Jesus, and that explains why you have these Bible fundamentalists who also have problems with Jews. Like that sums it up. It’s an old thing. And so, um, I was in a podcast earlier and I was talking about how the dis information agent known as Owen Benjamin, this agent provoca tour has been pushing this.

Speaker 1: (05:00)
The Jews did it. Red Herring. And there’s a very specific reason why. Think about who controls that red herring, the same ones who brought you helio centrism as a mask, as a way to maintain their old world order and give it a modern veneer. It’s the Jesuits. They’re the ones who dangled that red herring, chased the Jews and if you’re falling for it or if you’re falling for Owen Benjamin or Eric Dubé or any of these other neo-nazis trying to attach themselves to a question about the earth’s geography, well then your astute. So you can go to the conference of stooges if you like. You know, I have no, um, problems with people associating with whoever they feel like associating with. However, uh, since there is a war on free speech right now, I think it’s worth bringing up the fact that we are looking at, in fact a coordinated attempt to sabotage free speech itself.

Speaker 1: (05:58)
So I’m going to continually call out the bad actors in this. And to me, anyone who is conflating a Hitler or Neo Nazi ism with this geography question, um, is out of line. Okay. So also I’ve been told there’s no audio on youtube. Let me go ahead and, and see. We have audio on mixer. So I don’t know what the deal is with um, youtube, but whatever. That’s what I tell everybody. Go to, uh, infinite plane I’ll see if I can get that fixed. If you just want to give me about 30 seconds here, I’ll see if I can get that fixed. Give me a moment. This is auto hooks by soulmate fly and produced by DJ radio. [inaudible] writing real

Speaker 2: (06:56)

Speaker 3: (07:11)
[inaudible] oh, the ones out parking. Tom. Bad lacking. Education Street’s always dangerous. Dangerous to speak is playing to really hear what they saying. You know, with that me are, you dealt with the teens, they speak to signs and symbols. You can learn them that these game [inaudible] 27 once you think that they can have been, Nah, it’s the magic fix. All according to the Code Gamma Illuminati, my body and my son’s, why they snatch [inaudible] Highland grove exception. You’ve got Bobby Switcheroo, rose Ideco all died and not, oh, what you trying to prove? Don’t you know we did around the globe, amber to the movement. Glad about the shootings I say always caught or on the move. We will make the weight, let it spread by [inaudible]. Let them know we don’t take deliv like laced up potty. Might as readily like the breakaway [inaudible] attention on your bed a day. So you know what I’m Tom that don’t, that disliked me. Nicest antichrist at their turn to add each is actuality. That’s why the you must play by worried a math worried a math on solid quarter co damn Illuminati online versus those who go on Mexico

Speaker 1: (08:40)
was that of a headstart. Everyone else. A welcome today is July the 19th 2019 this is the fighters report the only legitimate news source period and I can prove it. Every other new source is contaminated by pseudoscience. Pseudo News, pseudo history and bias. Therefore it’s not news, it’s misinformation. So this is your only non misinformation. New source. So speaking of [inaudible], here we go. Speaking of a misinformation, check this out. Deep fakes pose a threat, but dumb fakes may be worse. So dumb fakes don’t even involve any sophisticated editing. It just means you re edit something. So it’s recontextualize. So you can have someone say something they didn’t say it. And here at sites, how someone had taken a video of Nancy Pelosi and they slowed it down to make it seem like she was drunk and they picked up 2 million views. That’s a dumb fake. So a dumb fake doesn’t require the sophistication of a deep fake.

Speaker 1: (09:53)
But one thing, this dumb fake thing is pretty much what they do every single day in the news when they take your statements and recontextualize it, or they take real news, real reporting, and put it in the context of pseudo news and fake news. Guess what? It’s now a dumb fake. Our entire reality has been dumb faked from the beginning. So forget deep fake, the cyop industrial complex advances. Nothing but dumb fakes. I think we just start calling it the dumb fake news. How about it? The dumb fake news. Again, a dumb fake just means news that’s made fake by being re edited selectively. These are easy to create and it says here, it’s even more convincing. In November there was a video of Jim Acosta from CNN and propagandist from operation mockingbird and they sped it up to make them look more aggressive with an intern and then it was retweeted and retweeted and retweeted. Look how aggressive this guy is.

Speaker 1: (11:08)
Now here’s the thing that I find most interesting and here’s why I thought you might want to hear about this. It’s talking about the people who actually fall for this stuff, and this is the part that I found to be relevant to this conversation about the flat earth says demographics play a role, and again, we’re talking about this in the context of this anniversary of the fake moon landing. Demographics play a role. It says cliff lamp professor at University of Michigan older generations that were raised on mass media tend to trust video. More. A study published by the Sciences Advanced Journal in January found people over 65 and ultra conservatives were more likely to share this false information.

Speaker 1: (12:01)
So this is a fascinating little insight here that people over 65 are more likely to be convinced than anybody else. And so what, to me, this is the exact sort of problem that we see with outer space, with fake space, with all forms of fake news, even the fake terror attacks it has to do with people above a certain age who are raised on mass media trust video, what I call video scripture. Why would you trust a video as a source? And I also think this is fascinating because it shows that perhaps the others, the younger demographics it is being suggested here, aren’t so easily fooled. In other words, uh, those of us who are used to or who are aware of video manipulation and aren’t so trusting, um, we naturally auto hoax, we naturally assume it’s fake until proven real.

Speaker 1: (13:11)
Which leads me to wonder if maybe it’s inevitable, maybe there’s going to be a point, a critical mass of people recognizing that there is a fine line here that they’ve all crossed without even noticing where they started to accept video as real. And I think the younger generations might have an easier time breaking away from it. The, the reinforcing the moon landing pretty hardcore right now because as they said a couple months ago, NASA’s chief, they were saying, people are forgetting the moon landing. People are not remembering it. The people who were there first hand are dying off, et cetera.

Speaker 1: (13:49)
Okay. Says video authenticate authentication may do little to change their views because here’s the part that I find to be the, the, uh, the clincher here. People are still willing to believe the false video was real. So even if they correct it, it’s real enough for some people as if we can’t get it right. I mean, the public and Facebook, where are we going to be when we have more complex fakes? And this is my point. We are already in a dumb fake world. It’s like we’re already there. Uh, Mr ferried, UC Berkeley professor. We’re already there. We have been dumb faked into a pseudo reality. The mass mind has been conditioned to accept a worldview that is based on pseudo news and fake science and in a skewed view of history. And it’s so bad and it’s reinforced by so many psychological that it’s a dumb fake world. And all news is dumb. Fake.

Speaker 1: (14:58)
Oh yeah. Those of you on Youtube, if you want better audio, go to the d live account. Go to infinite plane, infinite plane, That’s really the place to be. Okay. Here’s another article I want to share with you here. Uh, Los Angeles police infiltrated activist groups, planning anti Trump protests. Standard par for the course. This is what they do. This is controlled opposition. How do you control the opposition? You lead it. Um, yeah. Hey, phones are open. (505) 510-4226. We’re talking about controlled opposition, how it exists in the political parties. You see it in the conspiracy circles that we’re in and by controlled opposition, we’re talking about plants. Plaisted we’re talking about plants that are placed, um, in our midst in order to a steer and control dialogue. So yeah, phones are open. Five oh five five one zero four two, two six, five oh five five one zero four two, two, six. Um, I’ll be right back. Go ahead and call in. I’m turning on my ringer. And this is the rest of us. Solomon it fly auto hooks productions.

Speaker 3: (16:23)
The blog cursor to was [inaudible], man, you must be trolling. The scientific theories aren’t [inaudible]. All right. What you’re saying is, hey, what’s a color to claim the Smith’s improved? [inaudible]

Speaker 1: (16:42)
hey, good to hear. Canby back on today. So, yeah, by all means and what you got. Oh yeah. Epstein. Epstein, right? Yeah,

Speaker 4: (16:51)
yeah, man. Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. No, I want to talk to you right now. Um, my, I want you to, I don’t know.

Speaker 1: (17:00)
Um, well, no, actually I have more images of Hannah moved on from it. One was I think in the 70s where here’s a teacher and they said he, you know, he had this reputation of partying it up with the high school students. He was a groper, um, that, that goes along. Um, I’ve seen other pictures of him and then I saw that video the other day. Okay. Now when I looked at that video, it’s not conclusive to me yet. Um, the two of them are within one inch of each other, one inch. I mean, that’s not a lot. And the hairline and the hair, even back then for 1992, it looked a little too gray I think.

Speaker 4: (17:40)
Yeah. So about that. Right. So, um, if you look at that, um, that, that whole thing was just, obviously that was a front, I mean that was obviously an act. Um, there are sent there to, you know, act like they’re in the little party or whatever they’re doing. And you know, of course Trump has his hand on, has his hands on, on the girls and stuff like that. And if you also look at that, that, I don’t even think that that’s actually Donald Trump. Um, I don’t think that that’s him. But, uh, furthermore, if you get a, I think it was the, Oh God, what was he? Okay. I know what it was when he came in. Uh, Epstein with Trump, he looked right away at the camera and looked away. Like, he was like, Oh shit, there’s the camera. And trying to look away a little bit. Um, and then if you look at just his mannerisms, look at that body, look at the little slender body of Epstein. That’s Barack.

Speaker 5: (18:38)
Okay. So I looked at Epstein’s smile teeth and it looks like he’s wearing vineyards. It looks like he’s got some chompers on.

Speaker 6: (18:48)
Yeah. Yeah. And look at the list.

Speaker 4: (18:52)
Yeah. Yeah. And look at the, look at it. The, um, you know, Barack has this kind of like, I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet,

Speaker 5: (18:58)
some pictures. Oh yeah. I mean, he’s characteristically described as having a joker’s smile and it’s a very specific, uh, jawline and Chin and yeah. It’s the same one.

Speaker 4: (19:12)
It’s, and look at Epstein in that video. It’s clearly him. Not only that, um, he’s crossing his arms exactly the same way that, right. For October when he’s out and about. You know what I mean? It’s just like looking,

Speaker 5: (19:25)
yeah. It’s the mannerisms, like you said. And anybody who studies communication knows that there’s actually far more communicated non verbally. And so you’ve really got to take that into account.

Speaker 4: (19:38)
Right, right. I’m going to be American, another video on this because after seeing that video of Trump Clinton, for some of him with Trump, that I’m 100% convinced that his brought because it looks so, um, it looks so fake. And not only that, like his, the prosthetics back in the 90s obviously they weren’t as advanced as they are today. So that’s why back then it looks a little bit more obvious. You know what I mean? Like with the hair, his hair, it looks like they just put on a second wig on the guy. You know what I mean? Back in the nineties today they can get away with it. There’s more, there’s better technology. Whatever they’re doing that makes it a lot more realistic.

Speaker 5: (20:23)
It does. It does the same. CUPE plastic look looking smile. And you know what? I was looking at this, she was the chief of disguise for the CIA. Her name is Jonah Mendez. And she said the level of sophistication with prosthetic masks and wigs was actually classified information until last year.

Speaker 4: (20:43)
Oh No.

Speaker 5: (20:44)
So that says that just what they are capable of. Wow has always been a closely guarded secret. And so this is, this is a major level of the disinflation, this descent, this info war

Speaker 4: (20:58)
and not well the video that are posted, the video that are posted there, the traffic on it. It’s hilarious because asking is all in the news right now saying that only have like a hundred views on that thing. In the first hour I think I was up to like 80 views and then it just stopped. And you have to understand what this means, you know? Because if word really gets out that Obama is playing the role of Epstein, if this is the whole thing comes down, nobody can see it though. It’s driving me crazy because obviously like this, you know, you bring this up to anybody, you’d be like, oh, it was out of control. He’s out of his mind. No, nope. What I’m telling everybody that’s listening right now as seen as a fake character. That’s not a real person. The person

Speaker 5: (21:47)
I looked at, I looked at the video. Okay. It doesn’t sound, but look again.

Speaker 4: (21:52)
No, no, no, no, no. Wait, wait. Let me see. Let me about the voice.

Speaker 5: (21:55)
That was one thing. The voice. Yeah. Go with the voice. Explain that for people who have questions about the voice.

Speaker 4: (22:00)
Hey, listen, get these people at the end of the day, if these people are right, because listen, if these people, at the end of the day, if these people are actors, right, if that’s their job, if these people are trained actors, which they are easy, it’s nothing for them to put on any kind of accent. And it’s funny because I wasn’t even listening to that, that, that, uh, disposition or whatever it was. And to me, I could almost hear a little bit of it come out when he first started, when you first spoke, that sounded like rock. Not only that, when you put on the glasses and the way he squinting, look at looking at just position where he’s scratching his, his, um, he scratching like underneath his champ didn’t even that, it looks like you can just pull off that skin.

Speaker 5: (22:44)
No, but look natural. What I point out, I say, look at his eyes. His eyes look extremely, not only that set, like not just the eyes, but the eyeballs look like they’re a layer back. Kind of like Tinika Prince’s sister. I was like, yeah, that’s pretty, it’s in a, in a mask. Oh yeah.

Speaker 4: (23:03)
Yeah. I mean this is right. Right, right, right. That one was easy to spot. To me, this is so easy to me that when you’re looking at, I try to look at like Epstein photos of him. Like there’s pictures of him, like, you know, kind of out and about and stuff like that. Right. Which were just clearly these were just like little photo office that they did have him walking around with girls, but look at the, look at him because he actually the pants that he’s wearing.

Speaker 5: (23:28)
Yeah. I thought that the little things outside, it’s like part of a van and he’s talking to some younger girl and yeah, I looked at that and I was like,

Speaker 4: (23:38)
yeah. He got his, got his hand on him, got his hand on her butt and everything like that because he’s, this was a photo op and clearly this has been planned for decades so you know this is what they’re doing and just look at it, man. It does. None of these things add up and then you actually start to investigate. Yeah. Why would he have little skinny legs like that in this big chunky upper torso body?

Speaker 5: (24:03)
Because they’re all, that’s why we’re studying this Jonah Mendez. I think we have to know what our enemies capable of in order to be able to actually properly analyze what we’re looking at and that this is well within the realm of possibility, fake voices, easy to modulate voices. We’re talking about actors and then the idea that this is a longterm plan shouldn’t surprise us. We can pretty much say it’s clear now that nine 11 was started. The planning for the destruction of the towers was already there 1968 when they started building it.

Speaker 4: (24:33)
Yeah. Yeah. I mean it’s, it’s to me again, it’s as clear as day. Um, for everybody that’s listening, please, please, please look into this man with an open item. Okay. Look into this because this is, this is what’s gonna bring the house down if we can get some momentum from on momentum on this, but it’s going to be hard to come by. But um,

Speaker 5: (24:56)
yeah, oh no I haven’t. I don’t want you to, I haven’t, I look at the profile of the skull, the minds, the, it’s, it’s super clear but again, we’re trying to see through a mask wouldn’t have been possible if this level, the level of sophistication with these masks wasn’t even made public knowledge. And so this is another level. Crisis Actors is one thing but this is something else and yeah, no, in fact I’m going to bring out some images cause I had juxtaposed them. I blew them up. I put it side by side on Facebook and I actually got a pretty positive response and my only question is, are there still victims? Are they still involved in trafficking or is this a high level soap opera?

Speaker 4: (25:37)
No, this was all theater. And not only that, no, this was all theater. There’s no victims in this. Come on. And not only that, why are these victims so,

Speaker 5: (25:47)
right, right, right. Like look in Cosby’s victims. You like somebody’s good. See, yeah, absolutely. That’s kind of what I’m looking at here at high level. All right, well, hey, this is high level psychodrama. This is the signup industrial complex in another manifestation that we’ve uncovered. So yeah, I’ll keep digging and I’ll be looking for that video and I’ll post it up on the infinite plane radio. [inaudible]

Speaker 4: (26:09)

Speaker 5: (26:13)
Good talking to you. One of our best researchers out there can be and when you get the archives, I post the archives of the day. I also post the transcripts and above the transcripts I will actually have a link to his video. Andy. Yes, yes. He is. In fact, asserting that Epstein is a fake character. It’s all a big soap opera and the character Epstein

Speaker 1: (26:44)
is in fact being played by none other than Barack Hussein Obama. It’s, it’s a pretty bold claim. It’s big. It’s a pretty big thing to say. Yeah, this is all theater and but look, um, I agree with that. Sorry. Moon Goddess key says, I love you Tim. You’re awesome. Youtube sucks. Donkey balls now keep drunk being real shit. Yeah, Youtube does. In fact, youtube CEO, Susan [inaudible], Jack Who’s probably listening right now, laying back on her fainting couch, a Susan, you can have out those donkey balls on behalf of all of us at the infinite plane society. Yeah. So the theory here is that we’re dealing with high level psychological operations, not just with a fake school shootings, not just with the fake terror attacks, but also with a lot of the celebrity drama that takes your attention. And here’s why. As long as they have you glued to their screens, they can manipulate you into voting for this or that they can get your consent to this or that.

Speaker 1: (27:49)
It’s all about miss leading you. While they can’t mislead you if you’re not being led by them. And they lead you by your consciousness, by your very attention, by you looking at the screen. So they bring up these juicy, salacious stories that have been planned long in advance. These are as scripted as world wrestling, entertainment, storylines between those characters. Those are not organic relationships. These are not actual characters having beef. It’s all fake beef and a story of an orgy island. It’s also salacious. It’s impossible to ignore. Um, it’s this, it’s all, this is Shakespeare 21st century deployed through the news media to keep you focused so they can keep you in their arena of bad ideas. And here’s what we’re saying, this Epstein character, there’s a lot missing. There’s a lot missing from Christine blazay for who we believe played the role of the guy she was accusing of assaulting her a decades ago, whose now supreme court.

Speaker 1: (28:54)
Brett Covena. Yes, Brett Kavanaugh in drag accused himself of things. So we’ve been looking into this and that sounds crazy until you understand what they do at Bohemian Grove and you understand this particular aspect of it, this crazy masonic drag show, whatever the hell it is. I mean it has so many facets to it, but what we’re saying right now is that they do play these various roles. This is um, an elite privilege to control our minds. They make up these characters. It’s all theater. It’s the world stage in Barack Obama in this theory, in all likelihood, actually in my opinion. But Barack Obama in white face with a wig has been playing the role of Epstein, making certain appearances, a few few photo shoots and we’ve looked into them and check this out. No backstory. You can’t find anything. Same with this Christine Blasi Ford, no social media footprint. You’re telling me this woman was in her fifties, has not had a single Facebook account, a Twitter account, a Pinterest account, and nothing, nothing. Cause they were invented out of thin air. Epstein doesn’t have any video. You don’t hear them talking very little until this recent deposition.

Speaker 1: (30:12)
Very, very little there to suggest that he’s anything other than a fiction of our imagination. It’s part of your fictional reality and it works. You know what? Think about this. We Know Adam Lanza was fake. We know Nick Cruz was fake. We know David hoggies a fake. Is it so hard to believe that some of these other bad guys are fake? Where do you draw the line between? The news is real when they talk about scandals, but it’s not real when they talk about school shootings, but it’s real when they talk about outer space, but it wasn’t real during. You know what I mean? You can’t give a pathological liar a pass anywhere. It’s all suspect.

Speaker 1: (30:59)
Okay, so we were just talking about how, oh, let’s see. Let’s go here. Okay. One of mind’s dot com I want to get back on track here. We were talking about controlled opposition, controlled movements, control the narrative and all this stuff. Here we go. This is very eyeopening though. This is a kind of a related piece. This has to do with what I’ve been talking about for a long time. How conspiracy theories are partisan and you can’t trust it if it’s that hyper-partisan like Hillary Clinton eats babies, but Trump doesn’t. Trump is a knight in shining armor. And I realized something to each side. Demonizes the other in a different way. Right-Wingers want to expose that the left wingers are Satan’s Satan’s minions who drink blood in their conspiracy theories and left wing conspiracy theories have the right wingers as racists who want to ethnically cleanse the world and do another Hitler. So this is from insider, says America is a nation of conspiracy theorists. 80% of Americans believe in at least one unscientifically proven idea.

Speaker 2: (32:21)

Speaker 1: (32:22)
no, of course, this is dumb fake news because dumb fake news would have you believe that we’ve been on the moon, which nine 9% believe or not even at 93% and so you could actually say 93% of Americans believe in

Speaker 1: (32:40)
health and wellness beliefs such as the benefits of aroma therapy and essential oils are the most popular. Now, there are some interesting little things that are going around the Internet that people like health fads. Like I’ve seen that one guy Jay Gibson goes to Walmart, grabs a raw steak and just eats it right out of the bag, you know, blood dripping down his chin. These health ads, I don’t know how healthy that is. It says a third of those polled believe at least one conspiracy theory from the Illuminati to extraterrestrials. And what they said here is that it’s the liberals believe in aliens and the right wingers believe in angels and demons. So the liberals have like a scientific frame of reference for there in times. And then the right wingers have a more biblical, which is interesting. It shows you that people actually do kind of cherry pick the conspiracies that really complete their particular story. So,

Speaker 2: (33:39)

Speaker 1: (33:40)
Okay. He’s a complete breakdown. 20% believe in extraterrestrials, 14% believe in bigfoot. Okay. So belief in the benefits of meditation as popular. That’s considered to be unscientific. Just to give you an idea of where we’re coming from.

Speaker 2: (34:00)

Speaker 1: (34:00)
Okay. Aliens enjoy mass popularity. One in five believe extraterrestrials have visited the earth, and that’s just a byproduct of the propaganda. And when it comes to the propaganda and the science fiction, entertainment is just a side effect. It’s really there to give you a specific worldview is propaganda says horoscopes are only seen to be seen as legitimate by 13% big foot is more popular than horoscopes.

Speaker 2: (34:32)

Speaker 1: (34:33)
Now it says here, the most reassuring thing is that only 2% believe in flat earth. Okay, so they’ve probably played that down a bit. Okay. Now I’m one of the other points in this article I wanted to bring up though, he was talking about how it’s divided along partisan lines and okay, so big foots of right-wing thing. Anyway, a lot of these things are very much partisan, which is just like I said, when it comes to Q and on, it’s a right wing thing. It’s a right wing belief that left wing politicians and left wing, uh, Hollywood actors are blood drinkers, but then the other side is absolved. In fact, Owen Benjamin is playing into this because he’s now an outsider who recognize what he calls the small hats and they’re evil influence. So now he’s an outsider and now the small hats demonetized his on youtube because they control the media. See people play into these different conspiracies and uh, most of these conspiracies, actually all these conspiracies are probably disseminated by the same operation. MOCKINGBIRD agents. I mean, it’s all literally m s m spin off stories meant to keep you in this what I call the arena of bad ideas.

Speaker 1: (36:03)
Okay? A visa, Leah, an engineer, okay. Here’s an engineer who worked on and he’s from visa, Leah, his name’s Richard Manly. He worked on the Apollo missions and he says that he’s not even bothered by those who don’t believe in it. He says, I tell them 100,000 people worked on the Apollo 11 could 100,000 people keep her secret that big for all these years.

Speaker 2: (36:28)

Speaker 1: (36:28)
Uh, that is a very weak argument. It’s used to say that nine 11 wasn’t a conspiracy. There’s no way this many people could lie. And I’m here to tell you that there is no secret to big to keep, it’s called compartmentalization. That’s the v. That’s the express purpose of secret societies to keep secrets. And yes, it is a secret. And I think that’s why Mike was on Fox News and Kennedy said, so I’m mad, Mike, do you believe man landed on the moon? And he said No. And her response was, well, Buzz Aldrin has a haymaker waiting for you to which he replied, well, that guy has a Freemason. They’re all free masons and they quickly cut the scene. I think they cut the interview short as a result. My point being, it is a fact and it’s entirely relevant. It is very relevant that they were Freemasons. And that’s what the media doesn’t want you to look into. They want you to stay focused on the misinformation like, Oh, this shadow doesn’t line up with that.

Speaker 2: (37:35)

Speaker 1: (37:35)
I mean if you want to go off the photography, what debunks the moon landing immediately is the horizon line. And the fact that there are no moonscapes lit by craters, none. You’re looking at an enclosed area and movie stage. Okay. Now Youtube is out talking about how they’re not the ones leading us down the rabbit hole. That is not their fault. They’re kind of defending their algorithms. So, and here’s what’s left out of the, out of this whole conversation when we talk about Youtube Algorithm sending people down, dangerous rabbit holes, we never talk about the destructive impact of mainstream media propaganda on the minds of its consumers and it is proven to give people PTSD according to the La Times. So this is youtube is admitting they’re starting to censor us.

Speaker 7: (38:39)
I think it’s important that platforms don’t simply take a view of banning speakers unless those individuals are part of prescribed groups where we obviously banned them today or where those individuals themselves are are prescribed. I think that does begin to look much more like sensitive. What for you in a regulatory sense is the worst case scenario that the UK government could come up with? I think for the British public, what we ought to be worried about for, for viewers and listeners at home should be worried about is decisions being taken in a darkened room by unnamed individuals around who gets a right to

Speaker 1: (39:19)
you. See, that’s my point. I want to know who makes that decision that this guy crossed from comedy to hate speech. This guy crossed from being wrong to being a bigot, this guy across from espousing and opinion to harming people because I haven’t harmed anybody. No aggrieved victim has stepped up to point fingers at my youtube accounts and yet I lost 25,000 subs in the aggregate just a few weeks ago because of my criticism of some guy’s comedy routine, which I found to be highly bigoted. So I call out a bigot, I get censored and that’s what he’s talking about here. It looks like censorship. Well like it’s too late, it’s too late. They’ve already crossed that line

Speaker 7: (40:05)
public. I think that is what we should all be afraid of. We might end up in in those places and at that point we would have to take a choice, a decision on whether, whether it would be appropriate for youtube to continue to operate in those with not available in China were not available.

Speaker 1: (40:18)
There you go. They opened the door to censorship. Now the not enough, the not even available in certain markets anymore. Well that’s your fault you guys. It’s a suicide. Youtube has committed Harry Carey just hemorrhaging all over the damn floor and they don’t give a damn. You know, they did it to me. They did it to a lot of people. I know they’ve done too many channels. People, I don’t know. I’ve seen it and all right, that’s fine. You want to screw over consumer. I mean, creators, we can replace you. It’s already happening. But look, youtube is MSM tube. No question about it. I mean, we don’t have any illusions here at the infinite plane society. We’ve been butting heads with them. We know what they’re really about. We’re just here just to call them out. Okay? We’re talking about Scifi propaganda. Quintin Tarantino is going to bring his bullshit racist views to the big screen in the form of a star trek where it’s just basically star trek s pulp fiction in space. So I guess that’ll be Star Trek with racism and rape and gun violence, courtesy of Quintin Tarantino a liar. When Tarantino lied to BLM, he went to, this is such pandering typical for one of these Hollywood government agents. He went out to a BLM meetup and he said, the police suck. LAPD brutalized me, threw me in a cell for three days over nothing. It turns out Quentin Tarantino never even received a traffic ticket. Never. He never spent time in jail. He was never brutally, um, in ruthlessly, uh, thrown into a cell. You have a by LAPD. He just made it up in order to pander and that’s what his movies are about.

Speaker 2: (42:08)

Speaker 1: (42:08)
Pandering to the worst and to the lowest. So Quentin Tarantino called, it’s called a once upon a time. His vision of Star Trek is pulp fiction in space. Oh, nevermind. It’s once upon a time is a different one. It’s all garbage. Okay. This is another movie called Ad Astra, where it’s Brad Pitt in space. I mean, it looks unwatchable I won’t be watching it. He’s going to try to do a Matt Damon. Maybe he can go up and, uh, I, I dunno, I didn’t want to speculate. Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, they’re all just operatives. You’re not gonna find an a lister willing to tell you that climate change is a commie hoax. Okay? everybody can be a sucker. Mark Morone and Lynn Shelton on how conspiracy theories flourish. Again, they’re trying to make it seem like it’s a disease that you catch.

Speaker 1: (43:11)
Like anybody can catch the flu. Anybody can catch a conspiracy. It’s just a mind virus. Okay? It says here, there’s a movie called sort of trust about conspiracy theories. Oh, this should be good. It’s about people who mistrust one another and they concocted a plan to make up a story about a sword and sell it to a group of conspiracy theorists who make youtube videos arguing that the civil war was actually secretly won by the confederacy and they’re seeking artifacts to find it. Now this actually looks kind of good and you know what, you could pull it off in reality. There are people right now who claimed to have dome glass as in they believe that the earth is flat, it’s under a dome, and that glass from the dome has fallen from the sky and it can be picked up. And not only can it be picked up,

Speaker 2: (44:06)

Speaker 1: (44:08)
and save, but it’s, it’s actually um, proof positive that yeah, we do live in a dome and that the sky may fall in the future. So if you were to go collect some of this dome glass and take it to a flatters convention, you would have believers. People need relics. And I’m not marking that in particular, but what I am saying is that that’s no different moon rocks, Dome Glass, Moon Rocks. Is there a difference? No. You know, artifacts, relics, part of a cross, the four skin of Christ. These are all things that various reliquaries appear to have or claim to have. It’s a known fact that Buzz Aldrin was handing around petrified wood, calling it moon rocks. It’s also known that the moon rocks they found, they said the people who believe in moon rock say like, this is so crazy. Let’s talk about cognitive dissonance. The people who believe the moon landing was faked, who still believe in outer space, still believe in moon rocks. So they say, Oh, the moon landing was faked. Wernher von Braun collected the moon rocks in Antarctica.

Speaker 1: (45:13)
So what? They fell off the moon and landed out there on the ice. Isn’t that just such an absurd proposition? Moon landing was fake, but the moon rocks. Yeah, that’s legit. Okay. So Mark Marone’s talking about this, this a movie that he’s in called sword of trust. He’s referencing a book, the Illuminati trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson as a source for his inspiration. Really good book. It’s a book about beliefs. And the reality tunnels is what Robert Anton Wilson calls the place where it conspiracy theorist goes in his mind when he starts to interpret everything within the frame of reference that that conspiracy places them into. So if you buy into the conspiracy, that man is polluting the world and it’s going to cause the ice caps gonna melt ice caps to melt the oceans turned to acid or elevate in there. The ocean level is gonna start flooding. And if you believe that that entire narrative that is a conspiracy theory, but it’s just mainstream and they fight over it all the time, is it caused by man? Is it even happening? Is it natural? You know, they all fight over it, but that’s a conspiracy theory. The conspiracy theories that they sensor are the ones that the news doesn’t operate that doesn’t control themselves. Now, what we’re doing, this is not conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theory would be saying something like the Democrats are drinking blood and trafficking children. That’s a conspiracy theory. What we’re doing here, we’re analyzing the news. We’re analyzing media.

Speaker 8: (47:07)

Speaker 9: (47:08)
Hey, how’s it going?

Speaker 1: (47:10)
Pretty good. Just going over the news today.

Speaker 9: (47:13)

Speaker 1: (47:13)
Um, we’re on the anniversary of the moon landing. Uh, do you believe in the moon landing?

Speaker 9: (47:17)
Oh yeah. Five seconds of looking into it. Oh God. No known after just five seconds of looking into it. There’s no stars. How do they take some of the, where the moon is like,

Speaker 10: (47:31)
yeah, you’re looking at earth as like, it’s a certain level of like goodness, it’s like on the bottom. But then they also said this is what the earth looks like, 80 space and it’s a completely different angle. I went onto Google today and it said [inaudible] year and I thought, Oh man, I got to call in.

Speaker 5: (47:51)
Yeah. Well he radio didn’t catch it last night or two nights ago. Mad Mike. He was on Fox News and they asked him about it and he said he doesn’t believe anybody lands on the moon and that it was a conspiracy by Freemasons.

Speaker 9: (48:07)
Yup. I’m going to get, Oh boy, he’s going to get, um, the Hillary Clinton treatment of a [inaudible].

Speaker 5: (48:15)
He’s not home home. He’s a little too my profile now. But you know, he did call it out like that and I can’t remember if it’s ever happened before. Has anyone ever gone on live TV and called out Buzz Aldrin as a Freemason?

Speaker 9: (48:29)
Weirdest thing about this whole, you know? Yeah. That was the weirdest thing about this whole, you know, Trump space for stuff.

Speaker 10: (48:37)
Like when he was talking about it first I was like, are you really gonna get more money again? Sure. Bill and I and the grass height and it just, it hurt me, but just watch the, the, the, the interview with these. All your brain is behind president Trump talking about the space force, but just comfortable. He looks at that. Compare that to the people. It’s like a, it’s like a really bad Comecon panel. It’s the first time they were interviewed after they supposedly had on the moon and they’re miserable there. They’re being asked questions by reporters. That’s like, you would think if they had actually been to the moon, they would be jumping for joy or happy or spile. It like I can go to an anime convention where the detailed list,

Speaker 9: (49:25)
they’re happier than me. Suppose that astro and they really are astronauts.

Speaker 5: (49:31)
Another point about this is for the moon landing, all the talk was about the athletic feats. They would be able to perform in one sixth of the Earth’s gravity. You know, you throw a football in mio, you’re like superman. You climb the ladder with just one hand. You wouldn’t need your legs. And yet when you actually see them jump, they don’t jump higher than 18 inches and they should be, they should be jumping a lot higher. They should be doing back.

Speaker 9: (49:55)
They should be doing that. They should be doing back flips. But also what’s the deal with the flag moving? I thought it was new gravity. So why is it, why is it like movie and when you, when you consider I can take a picture of the desert with my Instagram photo, right? And

Speaker 10: (50:13)
then put a filter over it and then you really wait a minute, let’s just stop NASA from doing this. And 1975 or 1983 you really think like, it’s like are people so stupid that they see the apple iPhone like six really only came out five years ago. It’s like they have them, like they don’t just release a product like, oh, you’re going to be asked on six, released it to the world. No, they released like a, like a phone and then the next version is already in development. Like it’s like, Oh yeah, we, you got released. They were probably already working on prototypes of the switch at the time. If the idea of like, oh well we’re gonna make it technology and immediately sell it to the, the public is preposterous. And when you add on layers of government, it’s like you think the government doesn’t have access to technology prior to the masses. Like it’s not that hard to realize. When there was a, there was this old, uh, it was this old lego set and it’s funny, these kids today are learning college courses with these lego sets and programming it and all this stuff that came out and within that late eighties, then I was like, oh man. So that’s cool. You know that that’s never going to be used for something. It was, nowadays they’re learning. And so back then the older the college people to do it and now it’s like, oh, the math, the masses could just,

Speaker 5: (51:56)
they literally, no. So that by 2020 there’s going to be a maiden voyage to Mars. Do you think that the masses of people are dumbed down enough by dumb fake news that they will accept this?

Speaker 9: (52:10)

Speaker 10: (52:14)
Oh, I think for the most part, but I think Elon Musk, he’s the worry about the fact that he introduced mark Zuckerberg did Jeffrey [inaudible]

Speaker 5: (52:21)
Oh, is that, is that there in the story? I didn’t catch that right

Speaker 9: (52:24)
now. Uh, cause this Gullah Elon Musk, oh God, he mark Elon Musk introduced a new one.

Speaker 10: (52:34)

Speaker 9: (52:35)

Speaker 10: (52:37)
Jeffrey. I have to say that at one of his parties and now it’s even more crazy is like Google is being accused of treason working for the Chinese government. And what with the whole Facebook trying to make it Libra calling, get in a chair, get in like that’s an issue. Even Republicans and Democrats.

Speaker 5: (52:54)
All right. Well, any, anytime Republicans, anytime Republicans or Democrats agree, all you’re seeing is the end result of a control dialectic thing played. Yeah. But you know, you know, I’m really interested in this thing here. So Elan Musk introduces Zuckerberg to Epstein of what do you think of this theory, this notion here that Jeffrey Epstein is just a character being played by Barack Obama. Yeah. There was this theory that Epstein does. He isn’t not, he’s not even a real person, but that he’s like basically Barack Obama in a wig with some makeup who has been playing this role for decades. What do you think about that?

Speaker 9: (53:36)
You have to do very much. He would have to be very much, you would have to be very much in the dry. He would have to be very much into drag, which we kind of are.

Speaker 5: (53:48)
So do you think, okay, so you think they could pull it off. That’s another thing. If that’s true too, if, uh, if Barack, if his mum, Michael is a mobike or then he’s used to this, he’s used to whatever it takes to present something as something that it isn’t, that’s deception. Might just be part of his routine, you know? So here he is putting on a mask with some white hair. Now he’s playing the role of this billionaire pedophile, which is just, that’s a ridiculous story in itself. A billionaire, give me a break and you know what I used to do publishing and we do research and oh ha

Speaker 9: (54:27)
he only had half a day. Why? The way he only had half a billion. And you think you think that there’s certain things like, oh, you’re not going to trade with me. You think once you get that rich, like what are they buying that you have to be a billionaire to be a part of the buying and trading. What are they buying? And you have to be a billionaire. Florence is really a 500 like,

Speaker 5: (54:47)
well they were billionaires though. Who is that? There’s like a John WRA of romantic fiction, kind of like that. 50 shades of gray and it’s one of the most dominant John Arras on kindle. And it’s all about billionaires. So if you write a romantic fiction and you see you call you, you throw in there, the keyword billionaire people flocked to it. And so this is just, this is just for market research. If you talk about anything billionaires, this billionaires that it sells books, and I don’t know why it’s the psychology of somebody, the unlimited resources, I suppose it goes well with people shopping for romantic books, like 50 shades of gray. It was a rich guy, wasn’t some poor guy. So

Speaker 9: (55:28)
I’d say, I would say it’s two things. I’d say it’s one, people would rather realize that money would solve all their problems instead of realizing with money comes a lot of responsibility, a new problem. It’s the idea that a lot of people, you don’t want to look introspective and work on, improve themselves and make them more valuable, equal to the idea of appealing generic, you know?

Speaker 5: (55:53)
Yeah. It’s, yeah, it’s like farce anyway. But I think if you’re trying to sell a story, nothing would sell. Yeah, yeah. They try to create a story that would be hard to miss. Right. You know, the fact that it’s a, it’s a billionaire, it also feeds into these stereotypes people have about rich people and make a wealthier further alienates them. Oh, they’re the ones human trafficking. No. Human trafficking has done by poor people all over the world. Well it’s like,

Speaker 9: (56:22)
it’s like, it’s like superman,

Speaker 8: (56:25)
super passionate. Oh, save me. I’m like, wait, I got another call coming in to call. Nice. You know,

Speaker 5: (56:36)
hey, call her. Yes. So, um, we were talking about Epstein just now and the probability or likelihood that he is,

Speaker 8: (56:49)
what are your thoughts on that again?

Speaker 6: (56:52)
Okay, so my thoughts on this are,

Speaker 11: (56:55)
okay. Um, so my thoughts on this are, um, you’ve heard how a depo

Speaker 5: (57:00)

Speaker 11: (57:01)
The deep fakes. I mean the deep fakes. Um, what if a, they’d been promoting them because they know they’re getting caught and when the, when they’re black comes out, they’re like,

Speaker 5: (57:15)
yeah, that’s funny you brought that up at the same thing. I was like, you know what, if any of you are sweating some indiscretion in the past, some video that might’ve happened or maybe didn’t happen, you can explain it away and just say it was a deep fake, ultimate plausible deniability [inaudible] even seriously, I no longer lose sleep.

Speaker 11: (57:34)
Exactly. Cause um, they’ve been pushing them, they’ve been pushing those deep fakes, uh, in the MSM a whole lot. And, uh, I got to thinking about it and why.

Speaker 5: (57:46)
Okay. I think one other reason too, when they’re around, another reason why they’re pushing deep fakes is to hide the nature of fake news itself and to hide what we’re talking about. Three d printed latex masks that are pretty much full proof.

Speaker 11: (58:04)
Uh, yes. Barry, you got my comment? Yeah. Uh, I own few of, uh, if any callers I’ve seen those, but those three pin a, the three d printed masks are phenomenal.

Speaker 5: (58:18)
Oh yeah. Oh yeah. They do. And they’re getting better all the time. And so I was talking earlier, Jonah Mendez, who was the master of disguise for the CIA, said that the level of sophistication that they’re at with the masks is classified information that should tell you something.

Speaker 6: (58:35)
Was that the same one that uh,

Speaker 11: (58:37)
was that the same one that uh, was saying with the, if you’re going to change somebody’s identity, you got to go completely opposite. If they’re short, got to make them a little taller.

Speaker 5: (58:48)
It does. It specifically goes back to the Tupac thing. You want to upset the expectations that the people, the viewers have that the people are usually expecting. So yeah, 100%.

Speaker 11: (59:05)
Yeah. And um, okay. So my next comment for you was a about the ISS. Um, I uh, I sent you an email a while back a few days ago cause I, this was going to pass through my head.

Speaker 5: (59:17)
Well, yeah, you told me, you said you checked, you watched what they said and nothing over

Speaker 6: (59:22)
dude, I drove 30 minutes out of town,

Speaker 11: (59:25)
Dude, I drove 30 minutes out of town out in the middle of bumfuck nowhere just to make sure I had no light pollution. I wanted a, I wanted a good view

Speaker 6: (59:34)

Speaker 11: (59:35)
I went out there, I was there at the time and

Speaker 5: (59:38)
no, never direction. And I thought, man man, a $50,000 check from NASA paying you to see it. You would see it. Not You specifically, but I’m saying I’m pretty sure all the people reporting ISS transits paid agents and shells.

Speaker 6: (59:56)
Yeah. And then like I went out there because

Speaker 11: (59:58)
yeah. And then like I went out there because it isn’t, my whole town got really crazy about it. They’re like, oh, the ISS was going to pass by. Even the fucking news played some bullshit story about it. And so I was like, okay, everybody’s on it. I’m going to go see if I see it or not.

Speaker 5: (01:00:18)
Good job. Good job then is anti-media networking at its finest. You know, we’re fact checking and right there you see, um, for every person who says, oh, I saw it or my friend saw it, I know now somebody says, actually you’re like the fourth person in my circle who has personally gone out of the way to see it. And it’s like nothing.

Speaker 6: (01:00:35)
It was 60 mile round trip, man.

Speaker 11: (01:00:38)
It was a 60 mile round trip. Man. I made sure where I went. There was no, no light pollution, no anything like that I wanted because they said you’re going to see it with your naked eye and all like, okay, I don’t, why would I have to buy a

Speaker 5: (01:00:50)
wait, wait, wait. Oh cool. Very good. I see it. Just go outside and look. Well here we go. It doesn’t fly anymore. Does it?

Speaker 6: (01:00:58)
Exactly. And

Speaker 11: (01:01:01)
exactly. And it just, uh, the part that really tripped me out was [inaudible]

Speaker 5: (01:01:07)
I put it on to you is man Tuesday, go out there. They didn’t report on it. They said, you can see, I don’t think they didn’t go out there and record it and produce anything. You know, this is um, this is great. I appreciate this call because I’m, we need to get more of this

Speaker 11: (01:01:24)
and um, I believe it was um, from what they said it was gonna be in my line of view for about eight minutes or so. I didn’t see anything man. I was looking for a bright light.

Speaker 5: (01:01:37)
Eight minutes. Wait, eight minutes, eight minutes shooting five miles a second. It’s going around the globe in 90 minutes. Your field of view does not constitute 10% of the globe. I mean I don’t, well good unless they were going to fly something over and good to make a show, which is a good point. Surprise me.

Speaker 6: (01:01:59)
Huh? That’s a good point.

Speaker 5: (01:02:03)
Yeah. All right, well that is a lot of money card and have a good one. A call anytime. Talk to you later.

Speaker 6: (01:02:10)
All right.

Speaker 5: (01:02:11)
All right everyone, I’m going to have to take off right now. Dinner is here. RJ, thanks to the diamond. This is your reality is fake as fuck by MVP.

Speaker 2: (01:02:21)

Speaker 12: (01:02:24)
yeah, real quick. Eight minutes. Way Too long. It wouldn’t be that long.

Speaker 1: (01:02:27)
Go to infinite plane, for the archives, the transcripts, and I’ll put a link to Cam B’s video about Epstein being Barack Obama. We have to break that story. Jeffrey Epstein is Barack Obama in white face in a disguise, three d printed mask.

Speaker 2: (01:02:47)

Speaker 12: (01:03:17)
your reality is famous, right?

Speaker 3: (01:03:20)
[inaudible] when he died, nobody died. Nobody died. Nobody died in Vegas. Those gave me old died

Speaker 12: (01:04:29)
disco shooting in Orlando. There’s no evidence for any of your religious saviors to actually exist. There are no promises. There is no end times promise equal warming to hopes there’s no space junk. There’s no satellites. The space station is vague and like I said earlier, we have reality and mistake. It’s fine.

Speaker 3: (01:04:44)
[inaudible] they keep talking about [inaudible]. It’s been 12 minutes. Let me go ahead and delete this. I know you were losing trolls.

Speaker 12: (01:05:48)
No, your ears are bleeding. Go ahead and call your mom AC. Have a find that intermission. I’ll be right back.



Speaker 1: (00:00)
My mom did. So [inaudible], which is up there, the [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (00:14)

Speaker 1: (00:29)
the sky’s new. It’s age of exploration creation.

Speaker 2: (00:44)
[inaudible] [inaudible]

Speaker 3: (01:13)
[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]

Speaker 1: (01:45)
Scad, new age of exploration. If that j j shit.

Speaker 2: (01:56)

Speaker 4: (02:19)

Speaker 5: (02:27)
Okay. Thanks for joining us. I see M v P h a two Oh six strawberry blind mode 22 let’s see. Jennifer Reeves, lickity split. Who else is here? So there’s a link to the song if you want to share it. A Mad Mike Hughes is in queue right now to be on Kennedy, Kennedy nation, which is a Fox News show. Oh, she says here on tonight’s conspiracy theories, I’ll talk to a flat earth or who thinks the moon landing was fake. And when he doesn’t believe in gravity, what should I ask him? So I sent him a link or I sent fox link to the real rocket man. Now Kennedy nation used to be the one of the BJ’s for MTV. I understand. Let’s see what they say. Ask him what the moon is flat to. Where do satellites go? Do they stop and turn around? Is there a wall at the edge? What was on Anthony Wiener’s laptop. Oh, conspiracies. Can we start one about catching a billionaire pedophile who has linked crimes directly to the Clintons and then suddenly social media is flooded with distractions by squad of mouthy, socialist storming area 51 let’s move on. Drop a bowling ball on him. And I asked him if people eat some gravity. Well that’s not nice. How many years has he been eating shrooms? Asking what drugs he’s taken so we know how to avoid them.

Speaker 5: (03:56)
No, that’s, see these are unfair characterizations. 99.99% of the drug addicts in the world are globe believers who have no problem with gravity. The majority of the criminals, in fact 100% of the billionaire pedophiles are spinning ballers. Jeffrey Dahmer was a Globee. Yeah, so don’t think you have the moral high ground. And just because we’re the minority in terms of how we factor in, um, and weren’t sure how we factor in the, um, well I don’t really want to say [inaudible]. Hold on a second. Ask Him which moon we didn’t land on some of these tweets. I’m sorry. These people are eating paint chips. Okay. Ask them why the moon, the Mars and the sun are observationally round. This question takes into account gravity. So some of these are serious, mentioned that if the earth is flat, one would see the Washington monument or Eiffel. Tell her with a telescope. Okay, so that’s a good one. It’s kind of common. You know, people will say that you, you should be able to see these things, but it’s a distance thing. Can we really see that far? That’s the question through the, through the atmosphere. No one’s like, you can’t see that far through a swimming pool.

Speaker 5: (05:15)
IPS, your link isn’t working. Uh, which link, which link are you talking about?

Speaker 5: (05:25)
Go to Twitter or sorry, go to, um, infinite plane, and you can listen or you can click any of the links. Let’s see. Why is earth the only flat object in the universe? Now there has been a flat planet found a, it had no atmospheres, just a big disk. They find a lot of things. They found a snowman. They found a wreath on a skull. They found an astro blunt. An interstellar object that looks like a blunt. Another question you’re asking why I can’t see New York City from Pike’s peak, and these are good questions.

Speaker 5: (06:12)
Ask him to stand under a bowling ball that you let fall on. Repeat until he believes in gravity that that’s not original. That one’s bad. He says, I don’t believe in gravity either. We stay down because earth sucks. That’s bill bowlers. Elvis Ward says, take 50 cities around the world and the distance to each and plot it out and what design will you get? Okay, let’s see. Neither did Tesla that deserves a heart. There’s guys on LSD. If the windows are rolled up, no one could see you, right? Ask how the photo shots always show the arch of the moon. The curvature means it’s very small weightlessness. Zero gravity. So how do they stay grounded? Okay, so people are moon deniers, which would be us moon landing deniers are in here. How do moon phases work? Oh, this is perfect. Now that I think about it, it’s perfectly the doing this tonight because this is the anniversary of this. Excuse me. This is the pokes aversary is as 50 years silver or gold.

Speaker 5: (07:31)
This is the 50th year hoax aversary of Apollo 11. So it’s perfect that mad. Mike’s going to be on the news on Fox News live here, I think in 20 minutes. Let’s continue. I’m just scrolling through Kennedy nation’s Twitter feed. You go to nation and you can join in the conversation here. Respond to people. Keith Hind says, if there’s no gravity, why is my body sagging? Thomas McLaughlin says, has he ever been punched in the face by Buzz Aldrin? No. Buzz punched. The other guy. What was his name? Controlled opposition. Limited hangout. Uh, obvious. Uh, NASA plant. I forget his name. Ask Him if he exists. That’s funny. You know how I’ll say theists you need to say, I don’t believe in your God. They’ll say, well, he doesn’t believe in you. They’re kind of using that same argument like you don’t believe in the globe. You don’t believe in gravity. Well, it doesn’t believe in you. You know, gravity’s pretty much God in this new paradigm. Ask him if he’s had a vasectomy. Oh, that’s not nicey. They immediately jumped to eugenics. Oh, I don’t agree with you. Let me cut balls off.

Speaker 6: (08:58)

Speaker 5: (08:59)
Seriously. More and more the secular atheist has approximated the religious fundamentalist in every way to where now they’re willing to basically wipe out the other tribes in defense of their God or you know. That’s pretty much it. Smash the heads of their infants against the rocks. Say if gravity stamp out the non-believers, ask him if he’s high CBD, he doesn’t get high. Doesn’t like pot. We’ve, somebody asked him about that. How do we not spin off the planet? And I get that too. Like who needs it? Who needs acid? Who needs microdosing? Just log into youtube blog and a Twitter. What’s the benefit of making us believe we’re on a roundish earth? I’m guessing he believes we live on, that’s a good question. I’m going to answer this one. This is Coleman. I’m saying the elite. Who gave you the globe construct false map are hiding land

Speaker 5: (10:12)
and who knows what else? That’s pretty much my answer to it. It makes more sense than anything. The controlled opposition will say, oh they’re hiding religion. They don’t want you to read the Bible. That’s infiltration by pretty much Jesuit agents. If anybody’s pushing a Bible in the conversation that’s about geography and perhaps economics, then they’re misleading you. And this movement has been misled for quite some time. And that’s why it’s nice to see someone like Mike Getting on TV because he doesn’t have a religious or political agenda. He doesn’t have a problem with Jews like the um, the, well, I don’t want to name names necessarily, but the Owen Benjamin fan boys at the top of the a fighters convention hierarchy, the conference earthers in closed VIP model, very much on politicized because they’ve dragged into this whole thing [inaudible] values and antisemitism, which really just throws a monkey wrench in this whole thing. Cause you’re already talking about Biblical literalism and then the founder of the Bible, Flat Earth Society who I thought he was going to speak at the conference this year, but unfortunately he’s in jail because he’s being charged with 56 counts of exploitation of a minor.

Speaker 5: (11:46)
Let me go and see who’s in the chat. So I see here we have a in d live Lilith, RJ Bonner jam, strawberry blend, sorry, sorry, blind lickety split Simea and let’s see who else a fee. See a few people here from a youtube. I have a new youtube channel. We’re just using it here, you know, because we have to, we have to reach people who are in the area of that’s been totally encroached upon. See, one of the ways they silenced the free flow of Info is they drown it out. And I’ve encountered this personally three times, and I’m talking about the mob mentality. So I went to an Earth Day protest where I’m sorry, I went to an earth day, a march for science event, and there were like 3000 people there and I was the only person there protesting against it. So I go over there with a megaphone and I say, and actually I had a sign that said, stop global warming. But on the back it said, earth is flat.

Speaker 5: (12:49)
So I walked up after speaker politely and I started to say, uh, global warming is a hoax. Uh, climate change is a hoax. Earth is flat. You’re brainwashing your kids. And they all just started booing and it’s like even with a megaphone, just can’t be heard. Um, the first time I went and tried to communicate with the mob, it was the occupy Wall Street mob. I didn’t have a megaphone and it just took 10 of them growling and snarling and shrieking like banshees to drown me out because they’re psychotic. And the mainstream media is that same psychotic demonic mindset of the mob, the mob mentality, which is not a nice thing. The mob mentality is, it’s a, it’s like the human id, you know, externalized into just this, uh, Leviathan, real nasty creature and the demagogues all cater to it. We see the results all the time.

Speaker 5: (13:47)
Return of cat’s eyes. Hello. Let’s see who else. [inaudible] here. X, pock and a c few others. MJC 18, 10. Keep sharing the stream. We want to bring people in on following Kennedy nation. Uh, we’re going to talk about Kathy’s fake death scene. We’ll definitely go over that. And I’m definitely gonna open phones here. We’re following along with Kennedy because she’s going to be speaking with a mad Mike Q shortly. Here’s the link to that particular update. I want to be the first one there. When she um, sends a Notification Mad Mike to the moon, it could happen. Who knows? He might go higher than the moon. We don’t know. Maybe he goes too high as achieved escape velocity and falls into orbit and then just keeps going and you know, goes towards Jupiter along with star man. It could happen and if, and you know what, this is the truth.

Speaker 5: (14:48)
This is sad, but this is true. If we were to create that tonight, like let’s say we hang out with Mike and we get his rocket, have him in the capsule and then we just have a CGI scene where we basically put a green screen up, have them dangling from the rafters. We kind of sway it back and forth, have some B movie, you know, Saifai kind of sound effects like spacey noise and then you just like have it on Mike and be like, yeah, this is mad Mike live. He’s, I’m halfway between Mars and Jupiter. Okay, there’s an asteroid. And then the 99% would believe it. The people who believe Starman is floating to Jupiter will be like, Damn, look mad. Mike’s almost to Mars. That was quick muscle hit a wormhole like there is no critical thinking here. No critical thinking. And I’m saying let’s start playing into it. Those of us who know can go ahead and play the same game the elite are playing cause they know too, they’re in the know about what we’re in the know about

Speaker 5: (15:52)
and that gives us, um, it puts us in an interesting position because there, and I’m talking about like the mob mentality and how the demagogues play off that the mob mentality is the sheeple mentality. You know the sheeple, you know, you call them sheep or cause of the way that they follow, but really it’s a very destructive thing. Looking at your comments here. Um, yeah, infinite plane, We have the archives there for everything. We’re just waiting on the scene to go live here. Oh. Anyway, the problem is here is that this is like an info war but, but it’s really about a war over the minds of the sheep. And I’m not even trying to say we need to replace them. Replace the shepherds with better shepherds, replaced the mis leaders with leaders. That’s what the alternative news would have. You believe the alternative news things, if you just replaced the existing leadership or opinion leaders or pundents with angels, everything will work out just fine.

Speaker 5: (16:54)
It’s the same type of idealism that people who put faith in government fall for, they fall into that trap. The truth is I think we need to get rid of the shepherds all together. You know, like, I really do think that anti-media is the physician, anti-religion, anti priest. There should not be a priest class. And we have a defacto priest class and I’m just saying, you know what, let’s call into question the integrity of their claims. And we’ve been doing it and we’ve been censored accordingly. And I think it’s because we’ve been striking nerves. Ask Colonel Vert, I properly described him as a con man and a scuba diver and a bad actor. And for that my youtube channel and Google account was pulled. And lately I’ve been doing a

Speaker 7: (17:50)
bit of a thought experiment. Um, I published a book called God is a narcissist because I believe that we’ll actually, I know in many of us have figured this out, that uh, the god of the Bible is just the original big brother. It’s just a personification of, um, I guess, I guess government, but they give it a face that you can relate to. And the whole idea of God is, is nothing more than a source of authority. The elite can appeal to the gods, the fear of God or the [inaudible]

Speaker 5: (18:27)
mercy of God or the bounty of God. What he can give you if you comply and they give you this false choice, comply with God, get to heaven, don’t comply, go to hell. And then the people who don’t comply can be then segregated from those who do. And then you have an immediate separation of believers and nonbelievers. And that’s what all narcissists do. They do it all the time. They will divide people into what, like a half will be on a pedestal and then half they can’t hit. They can’t put them down enough. And this is to me, um, weaponize anthropology at its finest where they’ve created this idea, this construct that implants the cough in your head. It forms the basis for all the thought policing. And it’s basically a trick. It’s a really cruel trick, no different than telling kids that Santa is real. But in this instance, I’m, he has a real dark side and I call him a narcissist because a narcissist are known for having two sides, but one side that they use to lure you in and then the other side to, um, hold over your head should you not comply.

Speaker 5: (19:43)
And then moreover, they, uh, require constant, you know, warship, adulation. Reaffirmations they’re very jealous. Don’t tolerate sharing the spotlight. Thou shall have no other gods, but in every significant way, the god of the Bible has a narcissistic personality. And I’m saying that’s an, that’s specifically important. That’s chosen for a reason. And it’s because the narcissistic personality, we’ll see. We’ll convert those around them, the ones who fall into their spell into codependence as in subservience of lower status, inferior. And they do it through a number of different, uh, tactics. You know, gaslighting is huge. Lying and manipulation, emotional manipulation, all sorts of contrivances. But the idea is you cannot be equal with the narcissist. Just like you can’t go to church and say, well, I’m equal with Christ. I’m equal with God. Like, no, you actually pride, they’re higher than you. If I say I’m Jesus Christ, it’s like blasphemy because you can’t be that.

Speaker 5: (20:47)
And so it’s a mind control system to keep you in a codependent state. And that’s because codependent people who are easy to manipulate are easy to control. And I’m saying that it’s, it’s the same type of system they use to the media where they put people into the state of being dependent on the media and the pundents to inform them about reality. And this dependence is in fact a codependent state. And in that state, the people can be easily manipulated as we’ve seen with every single psychodrama, every single fake school shooting terror, attack instigation, people fall for it. The demagogues know this. The media is all about demagoguery, manipulating the minds of the masses. If everyone was a fundamentalist, a bible believer, they would all arrive at the same opinions or conclusions facing the same exact circumstances. And that’s what they want. Uniformity. So if they fake a, an asteroid dropping in New York, they want everyone to believe it.

Speaker 5: (21:51)
But right now they don’t have that uniformity and the uniform that he’s been fragmented by the Internet. And right now they’re trying, well, they’ve successfully managed to sensor a whole lot of people. So here we are on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and NASA is coming up with excuses why we can’t go up there. And the real reason why is this, they don’t have a monopoly on the media anymore and they couldn’t pull off another fake moon landing. We would laugh our asses off [inaudible] the topics kind of a bouncing around. At the moment, we’re waiting because in about six minutes I’m mad. My Hughes is going to be on Kennedy nation, which is a Fox business. And so I’m just following her tweet, Twitter feed. He’s going to talk about his plan to go to space. And after this we’re going to go over the Isaac cappy death scene. It was totally fake. The guy’s not dead. And the death scene is a joke. Total acting. It’s bad. And I’m curious if all the cue and nonbelievers have fallen for it, which wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Go ahead and share the stream. Um, I’m trying to see, it looks like we have about 15 people here on youtube and then a few on d live. Go and share the stream. I think I put out a link earlier. We had some technical difficulties. [inaudible] about five minutes till it’s on. I’m going to share, I’m going to go ahead and send out a newsletter. Give me just a moment. This is a, a song composed by chief crow, specifically a format Mike, the real rocket man.

Speaker 1: (23:32)
[inaudible] get so sound. So which is up there. The Plaza

Speaker 2: (23:53)

Speaker 1: (24:08)
[inaudible] business creation

Speaker 2: (24:23)
[inaudible] [inaudible]

Speaker 3: (24:53)

Speaker 2: (25:20)

Speaker 1: (25:25)
Scad, new age of exploration. It’s chaotic.

Speaker 2: (25:36)

Speaker 4: (25:59)

Speaker 5: (26:05)
okay, so there’s a link there. bike space jump 2019. Oh good mad You can download the song. Uh, my chief cro is a download link. It’s like we’re just a couple of minutes away, just a following Kennedy’s feed here. She’s basically asking here tonight, I’ll be talking to a moon landing, denying fighter through who doesn’t believe in gravity? What should I ask him? The question isn’t exactly a pro. It’s not exactly the question I would ask. Like, it’s not that we don’t believe in gravity. So I like drop a bowling ball and like that’s such a dumb response. We’re not saying that what we observe isn’t happening, we’re not denying reality. We just, uh, don’t trust the explanations we’ve been given for good reason.

Speaker 5: (27:02)
Yeah. That song actually, um, should be on, I’m thinking it should be. I tweeted it to her and I think Mike sent it to her as well. So I’m going to go ahead and send it again. You can get it mad my download it and look, he is 1,875 feet ahead of his competition in the space race. You have Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Richard Branson. I’ve never been inside of their own rockets. And you’re gonna trust them. Would you eat at a restaurant where the chef had never tried any of his own, um, dishes? Now you wouldn’t, these guys won’t even get in their own rockets for good reason. Had Branson gone in his last one, he would’ve blown up right. And NASA has an exactly how to clean record as far as a people blowing up. But we know the truth about those. In fact, I think that Branson’s explosions might’ve been faked. What a good way to, you know, Kinda calm down your investors and the ticket holders. Well, we need a little bit more time and then boom, take all the time you need.

Speaker 8: (28:06)
Okay. So, uh, right now we’re waiting for

Speaker 5: (28:08)
mad Mike who was in the space race and that’s the main point. He is in the space race as we speak, and he’s 1,875 feet ahead of the others because they’ve never been in a rocket. And he has, that’s how we can make that claim. So again, I’m falling Kennedy nation. I don’t have an account at Fox. I hope somebody else does. Okay. Jason Meisler will be joining them at nine 15 so it says tonight it’s going to be Kennedy. Okay. El Chapo, flat earth and health care. Nick P says, I hope med Mike’s prepared to answer everything. You know, I just listened to an interview that he did with a Rick Low tech and Mike Holland and it was 90 minutes long. You can see it on his page on Facebook, Linkedin, his website. And Yeah, he’s definitely prepared to answer. They have a plan. The thing is already built. It’s in his front yard and he’s not a Bible earthier so he’s not going to say I believe it because the Bible told me so, you know, he’s an engineer and he’s like, well he wants to see what’s so bad about that.

Speaker 5: (29:32)
And I guess I’m going to open up phones here as well while we’re waiting. Um, does anybody else here have like a subscription to fox? Does anybody here watch fox? I generally not to. Ever since Greg Gutfield blocked me on Twitter, I kind of turned them off. You know, I saw him out there defending free speech and principal and I thought he was all about first amendment. And then I seen him say, well, you don’t believe the official story of Sandy Hook. I’d like to punch you in the face. So I sent him a tweet and I said, hey, Greg, um, you wanna punch me in the face. Uh, I’ll let you do it on your show and I’ll happily let you do it because I’ll take a punch in the face for the truth. And he blocked me.

Speaker 5: (30:15)
So I kind of stopped watching. But who knows, maybe Fox will wind me back over. It’s interesting to look back at some of these characters years later and just see how far off they are. Like it’s inexcusable. Like there’s a point where you’re like, well, maybe they’re ignorant. Like maybe the media doesn’t know about the conspiracies. No, actually the media manufacturers are conspiracies to keep you in their little fake worldview. Most conspiracy theories are just MSM spinoff stories that originates with the same source. The best way to control the opposition is to lead it. It’s no different than all of the various denominations in as long as they hold the Bible or still controlled by the Vatican, whatever the Christian say.

Speaker 5: (31:07)
And you know what? Christians can be very, I’d say, um, forked tongued there. So devilfish really when it comes to, it’s like I’m not into religion. Well then what are you in? I’m just, you know, it’s like they use words, you know, to kind of diffuse on the fact that their religion has a bad past. Or they’ll say, well, of course God is wrathful, but it’s only gets the people who deserve it. And it’s like, okay, there you go. Defending your abuser because you’re not on his bad side. Typical codependent believer, Strawberry Blind said, oh my God, I had no idea that chick from MTV is doing that job. Yeah. This is Kennedy from the Golden Age of MTV through rose colored glasses. Um, what was it? That’s her book. I never watched her show, but I heard she was a VJ and I guess they used to actually, I kind of remember now that I think about it. I never really liked MTV. I thought it was annoying.

Speaker 6: (32:13)

Speaker 5: (32:13)
But I’ve read a couple of articles since and honestly, she’s probably one of the smartest people on Fox and I really mean it. And I’ve, I’ve pretty much studied these characters for a while before I got bored of it. Reading your comments, semi says Androgynous is analogous to Satan. Yeah. That’s the thing. That’s the big story today. And I think it’s a planted line where a lot of Bible earthers are saying that, um, transgender is baffled me. And so it’s, Satan’s legion is all transgendered. It’s like, oh, um, I don’t know how many you think there are in every city, but there’s not going to be an army of gender non-conformists kicking down your door. See Environmentalist. So we’re going to instigate that and it’ll probably be Chinese people doing it, you know, bringing the Chinese commies to send you to your rocket, pack you into your Maura’s cattle cart so you can go work on the potato farms and pay off America’s debt. MTV was good for like five years. Yeah. What more can you expect? You know, how long, like look at Youtube.

Speaker 5: (33:20)
I mean, I’ve come to expect it where phrase Nipsey, you know that hoax goes down on on March 31st the astronomical Easter. We called it as a Christ Messiah, a fake death, and I was like, wow. After a month I’m like, we’re still growing as a channel. We’re networking. Things are getting better, we’ve got a good routine. The infrastructure is expanding and like this is almost too good to be true. Let’s see if it lasts another month. And we had a good three month run, almost 90 days of just straight auto hoaxing the media building a network on this premise and everybody’s on the same sheet and of course they did end up censoring us at the end, but we expect it now.

Speaker 5: (34:02)
Like now it’s not even a surprise. It’s not a loss. Infinite plane, story blind says the prodigies firestarter video got my MTV Shutoff, my dad had it blocked. Lot of those videos weren’t even scary. It was just like strove lights and closeups on centipedes and stuff like nine inch nails. Like some of those videos. You look at it now, it’s like, was it really all that shocking? Like I don’t even think I could watch the movie seven. I remember I saw one as a kid and it was all shocking and now it’s like, although I am pretty creeped out by Kevin Spacey, like just hearing Kevin Spacey, like if he read an audio book and it can be anything like Kevin Spacey, Reading Alice in Wonderland as an audio book and you’re like, you’re strapped down to your chair and you have to listen to it in the dark, that would be 10 times worse than everything done to all the seven victims in the movie. Seven. Like that guy just creeps me out. And I think he managed it to him drive off as accuser, doesn’t change the fact that he’s a confirmed um, pedal [inaudible] adrenochrome junkie.

Speaker 5: (35:15)
Okay, let’s continue and refresh my, uh, Twitter browser. The only reason I like Twitter is that you can publicly excoriate people and call them out publicly and possibly get a response. I’ve only got about a thousand or 2000 active followers I don’t really use for much except for spamming. I rely on other people to retweet. I would like to use it more, but I think I’ve already been shadow banned. It’s Kinda like youtube, you know, I have more than 65 Google accounts disabled. Someone doesn’t like what we’re talking about. In fact, if you have anything to say that you think that big brother wouldn’t want to hear, uh, you can call (505) 510-4226. The numbers on the screen, (505) 510-4226 right now the topic is, well, Isaac cappies fake death scene was fake. We’ll get to that. We did see video of Epstein. No audio. Just video. Could be a deep fake. Looks more like it to me that it’s, um, it’s real, but I’m still not ruling out that Epstein isn’t who we think he is. But we’ll get to that later. At the moment here though, we’re hanging on to see what happens with a Mike at Kennedy and if we’re gonna be able to get a live feed, in fact, could someone do some research? [inaudible]

Speaker 5: (36:47)
just find the link and drop it. I’d like to do a play by play live. By the way, go to Mad Mike and get your copy of his book. If you haven’t read it yet. Mad My Hughes the tell tale look at, he says fake video is easy these days. You know, I saw it, but no, I don’t think so. I don’t think it was faked. I mean people are very much the way you said research. Oh we know. We take out, look, our friend misspelled it. It was r e s a r, c h and m. It was on graffiti. So we graffitied research flat earth and couldn’t even, we spelled research. So we decided that research is actually a more advanced form of research. So you could say we sound crazy for mispronouncing it. No, you’re actually pronouncing it fine, but we’d just like to separate what we do cause it’s a little, um, it goes a little further. So it’s research. Can I ask Kyle about that? We have an entire lexicon.

Speaker 5: (38:00)
In fact, I can probably find the meme of the, of the, uh, the picture of the graffiti. But here’s the thing, we not we, I don’t know who started it, but someone started research, I mean graffitiing research, flat earth, like we started it, we started research flat earth as a billboard and that caused flat earth to break out into the mainstream in a new way. And immediately after some others who weren’t so good at crowdfunding started, um, spray painting, research, flat earth all across like Scotland. There was that guy, I don’t know if he’s still fight earth is, he was the guy I’m in the shed always yelling and he had that accent and nobody could understand him. Adele. So Dell was out there in Scotland, spray painting, research, flat earth everywhere and he spelled it right, but the ones in America couldn’t, which is weird, but that started happening again like a month ago.

Speaker 5: (38:52)
Daily beast reported on it, some Nazi named Skylar butts and this is what they reported. We don’t have any pictures of them. It’s just a new story. And I almost don’t think it’s true. I think it’s fake news. Skyler Butts is going around southern California spray painting, research, flat earth, and then putting a swastika on it. So daily beast says, Hey, these flat earthers who have that penguin icon or a bunch of Nazis. So somehow she’s conflated our penguin, which is completely different from pepe the frog and says, oh well no, this isn’t alt-right symbol. And they say, research flat earth. And while you’re at it, hail Hitler. And none of us are like that. And so at first the big joke and then Owen Benjamin comes out and he’s like, I’m going to be the head speaker at the next conference of the flatter. There’s Sig Heil. And I’m like, Damn Owen, Benjamin Neo Nazi is going to be speaking for the flat earthers. It’s like they just throw on that. They just throw everything at us and whatever sticks sticks. So now we’re a whole bunch of Holocaust denying science, denying anti-vaccine flat earthers we’re menaces to society.

Speaker 5: (40:04)
That’s where they’ve put us. Oh, we got the feed. Thank you. Appreciate that bad platitude. And as you know, um, we’re going to channel on reserve. Thanks for the backup. I have enough live stream of all channels on youtube right now that we will never have, um, I that I’m incapable of streaming on you. So if something big breaks, we can break it to the audience. They don’t want us to contaminate. Okay. FBN Fox business network, cable and satellite business news television channel reaches 75,501,000 households or about 66.6% of the homes will televisions in the states. It’s pretty good reach. The business channel has a strong rivalry with CNBC, Bloomberg, and there’s always a possibility of trading or hiring staff in those competitions. It’s Kinda like they’re seeing them trying to shift this argument from WWE and WWF. Okay. So that would be Kennedy in the middle. Does everybody recognize this person? Now I don’t want a struck for copyright, so I’m just curious. [inaudible] check in

Speaker 5: (41:34)
and then when you’re handed these regular Fox News, Hannity is a big time sellout. I don’t care if he knows Krav Maga. I don’t care if he carbonates his own soda in his house. You know, that guy is such a, a bad salesman. I’m just tired of all sales pitches for years. He was selling the soda stuff. I was like, I carbonate my own soda. I don’t even understand the point of it and he’s always bragging though. Whenever he’s talking to someone, he’s always bragging like you may win this debate, but I know Krav Maga. Anyway, Sean Hannity’s Day on the job, first day on the job was nine 11 2001 his very first day on the job. What does that tell you?

Speaker 6: (42:17)
It was very first day of the job.

Speaker 5: (42:21)
He’s there to run the nine 11 sign off. I actually read his book right after it. It was called like deliver us from terrorism and liberals, God and they already started mixing right wing patriotism with, with like Christianity. So Voltaire combination and that’s where I see this thing being steered. The whole fighter conversation. They’re trying to steer towards right wing Nazi, Anti-semite Bible, literalist anti-science, a dangerous, they want to go. They want to create a sense of danger about the people involved, which is probably why the head of the Bible flat. Earthers his name was Phillip Stallings was just arrested on child trafficking charges. I mean, isn’t that something, the head of the Bible earthers who’s been a big, um, part of this thing since 2016, 6,000 followers on a major six part documentary with a couple of big names. You might know. He’s in jail right now. DHS Stink. Got Him first 56 counts reading comments. Uh, exploring against is check your discord. Will do. What am I missing?

Speaker 5: (43:46)
Okay, so, um, phones are somewhat open. (505) 510-4226. What am I missing here? ACW says, how do we find you on Youtube? Just go to infinite plane. infinite plane, au for access to Fox. No, we got it. We got it. Thank you though. We just got it. They’re Turkey. They’re talking Bernie with the panel next on Fox. Okay, great. Hey, just infinite plane. is the main thing to remember or don’t live. Don’t live. We’ll take it to the mixer. That’s the main thing. The archives will be at the, I use a soundcloud, which I love to embed, um, all of the content afterwards and you can download it as a video. I click the button so you can make it downloadable. So even though I upload an MP for, um, you can hear it as an, as an audio, but you can download the whole thing if you want the video.

Speaker 5: (44:47)
And I’ve been pretty consistent with it. And then what’s more is I’m getting those transcribed afterward and then I’m putting the transcripts in a blog post along with the soundcloud embed. So they have it. And the reason I’m doing it is that if somebody searches auto hoax, which is a thing Mark Sargent, if somebody searches auto hoax, we want them to find us because the flat earth term has been contaminated for decades and you can’t really get it away from the controlled opposition flatter the society, which is what it is if you didn’t know. The flatter society is controlled opposition. And so there is no controlled opposition to auto hoaxing. I think they tried with cite thorn journalist and conspiracy granny, but that operation was short. They made their rounds, they hit up 33 sites, they made a lot of death threats, and the guy got arrested on gun charges and she got taken out for what a judge ordered her into her mental home. So the controlled opposition against auto hoaxing doesn’t really exist. Like we’re ahead of the game on this one. I guarantee it. We’re far ahead. I think we’re, we’re further ahead than the flat earthers were when they broke mainstream.

Speaker 5: (46:03)
And I mean, the people who are making flat earth like a singular issue, um, I think it’s irresponsible to talk about flat earth without connecting it to the broader picture. Specifically the role of media pseudoscience, pseudo news events, and fake history in shaping our worldview. That being the mainstream media is primary function. Uh, the attempt to convert this into a [inaudible], a religious awakening. It shows that it’s been co-opted and the religions are all controlled by government, just like the media is. Don’t think the churches are any different. That’s one of the things that I think has, uh, caused the whole flat earth concept to stagnate is people have a lot of politics, religion to infect it. It’s like the biblical model is an infection and the anti Jew thing is an infection. That’s, that’s the political side when it comes about who done it, which group to, to blame. That’s politics. Politics has nothing to do with this. The real question is how far is it from your front door to the edge? How many miles is it?

Speaker 5: (47:18)
Okay. No, and the thing is, no one else can do it because you cannot auto hoax unless you’re willing to be politically incorrect to the maximum and say nobody died. Nobody cried. That was, you are all liars. If you can’t speak in those general terms, then you’re not getting it. Like, like I heard this conversation between, um, Marken patty steer part two and petty steer. Part two said, well, auto hoaxing goes too far. Everything can’t be fake. Um, well you’re missing the point. Every story in the Bible can be fake. Every story in a story book, it can be fake. Every story published by the news can be coming from a fake frame of reference, which means it’s contaminated. Obviously that will be real reporting. Obviously there will be content that reflects reality. Duh.

Speaker 5: (48:11)
What we’re saying here is that the media’s role is not reporting reality when it comes to these big world shaping events, these polarizing political events, these pseudo news events are done to mobilize the masses. These events are staged and preemptively. Coulda. Hoax is the only logical way to proceed. Assume it’s true until proven fake is to make the same error that Bible literalist make. So we are in the right here, and if you’re not auto hoaxing, then you’re not paying attention. You don’t know what you’re actually looking at. Just like you know, every single rocket launch is going to be fake. You don’t watch it saying, oh well the next one’s going to be real. Maybe the next one that space x ends up will be real. Never. You know it’s going to be fake. You know, the next shooting’s going to be fake. And on the off chance that it’s real, it’s not going to be reported the same way you had to compare them to see the difference though. And I’ve compared, we’ve compared, but we’ve been doing this a lot longer.

Speaker 5: (49:20)
Goldilocks has just an idea. If you control the opposition by creating your own controlled opposition, it could make it harder for them to slender. True. It’s kind of true. Well, actually, you know what, we’ve actually touched on that before. Uh, one of the things we said was, well, if we’re right about this, about the way the media works, about the way science has been corrupted to posit a certain worldview, if this is true, then we may as well just say, okay, well then we know as much as the so-called Illuminati, right? If we’re right, therefore, um, we can actually own that title. So we actually took their double-headed eagle and we put penguins on it. And uh, we started openly flaunting that we are all 33rd degree now. We didn’t really get initiated the traditional way, but we figured it out anyway. We put that out there knowing that the church ladies who are scared of numbers will stay away from us. And so it’s really hard to say much about us, you know, that’s that bad now that we’ve already been called, you know, agents of the or you know, whatever they, they come with all these different terms.

Speaker 6: (50:31)
But yeah,

Speaker 5: (50:33)
sure you can get ahead of the negative publicity a little bit. Not that it matters. We certainly don’t care what they think. I’m actually more concerned that they do not think that concerns me.

Speaker 5: (50:48)
And what I mean by they don’t think I mean is that they believe or that they don’t analyze that. Here we go. Thanks for the tweets here. I’m re tweeting everyone. Kennedy is interviewing Mad Mike Hughes. Go to infinite plane, we’re going to be covering it. Life mud flutter says, show me a live stream of the building’s upside down with people walking around on the ground. Yeah. You know, a friend of mine and will MVP came over from um, Australia and the, the news keeps saying flutters or say Australia doesn’t exist. No, that is not something that we said. That’s something that’s a fake news story. Anyway. Uh, he tried to stay awake because we’re like, well, if we’re on a ball, there’s going to be a point between Australia and America where you actually, you’re playing flips, but they usually time it for where everybody’s asleep. I guess he didn’t feel it, but no it couldn’t. They just zoom in and show us buildings upside down, shifts upside down. How come they can’t turn the Hubble around to give us shot once in a while they could sell prints. It would pay if you sold large photo prints of Hubble, pictures of the earth from space of people walking upside down on the ground in Australia or whatever. Whatever you’re shooting, you could sell that it, you know, I’ve actually made money off of NASA Art,

Speaker 6: (52:14)
I have to admit [inaudible]

Speaker 5: (52:17)
they had this whole series of space communism. It was like, we need you to go to Mars. It was this join the Mars program and it looked like old communist propaganda, like Soviet stuff and it had astronauts on the moons of Mars and on Mars farming and mining and it says NASA wants you to farm potatoes. And so anyway, these images are all public domain. And so I did have a lot of them produced, um, put them on backpacks on me, on uh, posters and they sold quite well for a little while. I figured it’s public domain. They’re spending $50 million a day that they’re stealing from the American people.

Speaker 6: (53:00)
Why not?

Speaker 5: (53:01)
It’s good art too, but I was just fascinated by the fact that they’re using just communist propaganda to advance the space program. Okay. So let’s continue. We’re just waiting for this, a conversation between mad my Hughes and Kennedy. So she’s in New York and he’s in Los Angeles. It was going to be, so he’s going to be broadcast from where he’s at in Los Angeles. Personally, I’d rather see ’em in person just because there’s usually issues, you know, you don’t know who you’re looking at. No. This idea that there’s no Australia though, that that was invented for very specific reason. It was kind of interesting that the actually redacted the name of the Facebook person who posted it. So some person on Facebook says, I think Antarctica doesn’t exist. I’m sorry, Australia doesn’t exist. And all Australians are actors and they put so many Australians in the movies just to prop up the myth of their being in Australia.

Speaker 5: (54:14)
So it’s a ludicrous story. I know people who’ve been there, not that I would tell you to take that as evidence, but I mean it’s like saying, I know people who went to the moon. I get that. But it’s an insane proposition. And it wasn’t backed by anything. There was no compelling youtube documentary that keeps you up until three in the morning. Is Australia real? Is MVP lying yet this obscure Facebook post went viral. 55 million people retweeted it and it’s because they choose what goes viral. They made it go viral. So they could just start saying, yeah, these people have lost their minds, which we haven’t.

Speaker 5: (54:59)
In fact, what we have done is we have reasserted control over our minds. Huge difference. Oh yeah. Planet seating and pimps. Burmese. [inaudible] I have a couple of space related articles we’ll go over later. Okay. So if you want to link to watch it on your own, because I’m not going to be able to actually play the whole thing as you know, because it’s, it’s a live television feed, but there’s a link to live news now. Dot Com Slash Business Fox News Network. FBN. Yeah. Planet seeding and Panspermia, which basically means, as you know, um, uh, spreading your seat everywhere.

Speaker 5: (55:55)
And here they’re talking about the astro blunt called [inaudible]. The asteroid comet like object is full of loose chunks of rock and this debris could be objected from planetary systems in the aftermath of a formation. Basically saying that that big Dong that they said was the first interstellar object looks like a cigar, that that actually carries life and that it could be bringing small particles of life bacteria or whatever throughout our solar system and it could impregnate planets and start life, have a new genesis. This is all just the fertility cult of old. This is a mystery. Babylon. This is nothing more than the same old stuff. Just given a little bit of science fiction veneer. It’s not real. It’s fake. Okay, so it looks like we’re commercial break, so I’d expect that perhaps next to going to be on with Mad Mike Hughes. Let me see her Twitter feed.

Speaker 5: (56:59)
It’s at Kennedy nation and I’ll put the link for the particular, uh, Twitter feed I’m following. Okay, here we go. Here’s a link to the tweet that on the feed that I’m on right now, this is a Kennedy nation, Fox business news live a mad Mike will be joining remotely from Los Angeles and she’s in New York at the moment. Okay. It wasn’t expected until Friday. You know, I talked to him briefly earlier today and so I’m glad I call him cause he said, Oh yeah, it’s on tonight. They had a, I guess he missed a text or something

Speaker 6: (57:58)

Speaker 5: (57:58)
Flattered says, can we trade Canada for Australia? We would lose man, if we did that. I would like to actually, you know, who we would get rid of if we just removed all the Canadians. Now, not saying in a bad way, but I’m talking about certain Canadians like a acre. Remember him a star Gods, he’d go awake souls. What’s his name? Jason Laughin. Dill. Jason laughy deal. He’s a Canadian. You know, who would’ve thought and then you have ’em damn. Pretty much all of them glow. Is that the, the RH negative? Uh, God king. I forgot his name, but, but you know what? It’s almost worth it. It’s almost worth having Canada just for Kyle, who is really the first person to break that rockets are blimps on the news. And he was one of the first auto hoaxers. If you remember after the event, it was Kyle who, um, called out one of the crisis actors and he got pretty much attacked in his local media and it was big too. There’s global media. They went to his house to try to make them look bad. So he shows up and he’s like, he’s using a paint roller in his painting, his car red, you know, he’s wearing a hat that says, I’m man, I forgot what it said. It’s a great piece though. He controlled it. That’s the thing. If the media is coming to you, they’re going to destroy you. If you don’t worship what they worship, if you don’t kneel before their icons, so just expect it. Plan accordingly.

Speaker 5: (59:34)
That’s why people like Dan, the one man or unfit for this down the water man’s talking to. He takes the bait and he’s talking to the Guardian and they say, what are your friends think? And he says, my friends think I’m an idiot. And guess what? The Guardian puts him on the cover, a closeup of his face. You know enough to unsell the newspaper for like the next six months. And it says, my friends think I’m an idiot. Says flat earth. Or like, why would you even put those words out there in that order? You’re, you’re like a walking hit piece. A walking foot bullet. What are your friends think you should say? My friends think I’m a genius and I’ve helped them. You know, you should. You should always know the media is going to twist your words.

Speaker 5: (01:00:20)
Kyle actually lives in Mexico and is faking living in Canada wouldn’t shock me. We have a poorest border here in New Mexico that explains how he got to globe eggs so fast. Okay, so we’re watching a Fox business news live stream waiting for Kennedy nation. Let me go ahead and tweet her again. Her question was on tonight’s conspiracy theories or Kennedy spirits. He theories. I’m talking to a flat earth who thinks the moonlighting was fake and doesn’t believe in gravity. Okay, so let’s go with, um, ask him if anybody, what should, I’ll take it from you in the, in a d life or youtube. What should Kennedy asked? Mad Mike Hughes.

Speaker 5: (01:01:18)
Yeah. Hey, a day. Junior smile. Infinite plane. We want to do it every day if we can. It has to be done. We have to remain ahead of the curve. We have the behind the Kurvers now trying to talk about auto hoaxing like they know what they’re talking about but they’re too scared. Mark’s like, Oh auto hoaxing that goes too far and I believe in climate change. I’m like, okay, you believe in climate change because what NASA told you, but you don’t believe them when they say that the earth is a ball. How selective can you be?

Speaker 5: (01:01:56)
Infinite plane, not only has the live audio streams, but it also has the archives on soundcloud with video attached. If you download and it has the transcripts on doing transcripts. Now I wanted to start that a year ago. I should have, I think I tested it out for like a couple of weeks. People said it was a good idea and then my blog was shut down. If you remember, you know, I lost 11 years of blogs because of some censorious cry bully. One of these perpetually triggered church ladies book burners. Bad fly attitude asks her if she was power lands, Fag Hag at MTV. I don’t understand that question. Uh, next question. That’s just a word cell. It didn’t make any sense. Didn’t make any sense. Um, what should I ask Kennedy to ask Mad Mike? No, we’re not asking about Kennedy. We’re um, we’re asking Mike questions through Kennedy. So what do you want Kennedy to ask Mike? Mike’s not interrogating her. This is your opportunity to be heard on Fox News, uh, through a proxy of a proxy. Your question will be perhaps read, uh, by Kennedy right now. Just post your question. What do you want her to ask? Mad Mike and let me see where it’s at. Okay, so it’s still not Mike she’s talking to, okay. This is the story about El Chapo, which is totally fake news. El Chapo is fake. OJ Simpson didn’t kill anybody. Uh, Megan Kelly’s Nicole Simpson. See that’s what I would ask. Ask him if he believes

Speaker 5: (01:03:50)
Nicole Snow. That’s probably, I don’t want to put them on the spot. This is a question for Mike. It’s open, but don’t worry. You have a minute. You have a minute to come up with a question. I see a few here. We’re going to choose one. We’re just waiting because she’s going to be reading these tweets live. In fact, that’s one, this is one time where all caps is. Okay. We were talking about this last night, how Horry sheet is so tiny that when he types, he can’t actually do caps cause he can’t hold shift down and type at the same time except he can do capital z cause he can put one leg on each. But he doesn’t like to do caps cause it hurts his, uh, if he does all caps, it hurts his neck to read it.

Speaker 5: (01:04:39)
Okay. So anyway, you can use all caps to get attention under certain circumstances. You can add jiffies you can do whatever. Uh, in fact, let me do this mad Mike We’ll just plug his book, ask him how his book is selling. This is perfectly timed. If you think about it with the moon landing hoax aversary some of these people are mean. Ask him if he’s been treated for syphilis. Like they really go there. Like you ought to be sterilized. You’re cause you got the wrong. You know, it’s like that’s just this type of shaming. Which it signed for us. It means that they’re in no position to argue or debate. It means that we’ve already won the debate.

Speaker 2: (01:05:37)

Speaker 5: (01:05:38)
Okay. Let’s continue. Let’s see what’s going on. It looks like El Chapo calls us corrupt as he gets life. Again, this is just, you know, um, blue pill entertainment, infotainment. It’s not even news. It’s not even reporting. It’s, it’s worse than fake news. It’s just soap opera. Go ahead and share the stream. If you haven’t, I’m going to go ahead and take a 32nd break. This is a chief cro in the flat earthworms

Speaker 3: (01:06:09)

Speaker 2: (01:06:12)

Speaker 5: (01:06:45)
okay. Send out a couple of tweets. Um, I should probably send out another wetter. I did send a newsletter out this morning. Okay. Mudd fuller asks him, the US government can save billions by shooting him into space for a 150. Oh, that’s a good point. 150 k c that is a very good point right there.

Speaker 5: (01:07:06)
Great question. And again, she’s Kennedy nation at Twitter. If you want to go ahead and email her yourself, I’m going to go and ask that directly. Ask Him if the u s government can save money in the space program next year. You know what, that will do. Just put the space program out of business. Uh, now it’s, it’s just like the new legacy. They could probably still fake it. Like Elon Musk could be the next Walt Disney. That’d be a good way to close the loop. It just be like Mars. You can just go live on as Mars communes. Pretend like you’re on Mars. Hey. Uh, what’s up color either. Hey, can you hear me? Damn. Lost it. Okay, wait, he’s on. Sorry. [inaudible]

Speaker 3: (01:08:04)

Speaker 5: (01:08:07)
turn off the ringer for just a moment. So if hey caller, give it about a few minutes here. I’ll let him know myself or can stay on the line. Hey Man, what’s up? Hey. Oh yeah. Can you hear us fine? We are. Um,

Speaker 9: (01:08:22)
all right then. All right then, um, I have one question. [inaudible] all right. So, um, we’ve heard about, uh, the deep Bates, right?

Speaker 5: (01:08:33)

Speaker 9: (01:08:34)
So what if they, what if they’ve been pushing [inaudible]? Um, get for example, for example, the Hillary Clinton video, cause I’m, in my opinion, in my opinion, Trump and Clinton, I’m on and I’m in the middle of the, the donkey and the

Speaker 5: (01:08:54)
what else? Yeah, the donkey. Fent I just call it the [inaudible] the donkey fence.

Speaker 9: (01:09:01)
Yes. Yes. I’m in the middle. And both of them fuck both.

Speaker 5: (01:09:04)
Oh yeah, I’m on, but go on.

Speaker 9: (01:09:06)
And so I’m, um, so my opinion deep fakes deep pay been pushed on for the last year, right?

Speaker 5: (01:09:15)
Yeah. Easy. Easy.

Speaker 9: (01:09:17)
Okay. Okay. So the first deep bake I saw was I called bullshit because I didn’t, it wasn’t real. And the first, the one I saw today was, it looks pretty real to me. I couldn’t say it was fake.

Speaker 5: (01:09:31)
Well, you know what, here’s something to consider too, and I’ll get into this later on tonight after this Fox News Story. Um, the, the deep fakery goes, goes back to, um, highly advanced masking technology like advanced prosthetics and, uh, really the stage craft that goes into it. I mean, it’s powerful. The art direction. It’s just like high art and it’s very sophisticated and it’s classified how sophisticated they question.

Speaker 9: (01:09:56)
Okay, go on. Next question. Um, from my research purposes, um, do you know when it started? Just so when I can look it up,

Speaker 5: (01:10:06)
my guess. Oh, okay. Let, I’ll look it up tonight. Um, look up master of disguise. Look up CIA.

Speaker 9: (01:10:13)
Uh, I’m on the same page

Speaker 5: (01:10:14)
on, I think it might start as early as weaponized anthropology, O s s in the 1940s. That’s where I think,

Speaker 9: (01:10:21)
oh fuck yeah, dude. That’s exactly.

Speaker 5: (01:10:24)
God Damn God damn right. If you’re live, I’m mad. Mike Hughes. I’m the guy that we just, um, or that the flat earth guy who launched himself up in a rocket. He’s about to be on Fox business news here in a few minutes. Probably in like the next 30 seconds. Or Yo yo live right now. Go to infinite plane.

Speaker 9: (01:10:41)
Oh, okay. I want to hear my, to my cube. I’m out. I’m out.

Speaker 5: (01:10:45)
I want to hear it live for the phones later. See Ya. Okay. So ringers off for the time being, but let’s go ahead and get Mike on the phone. I’m sorry, Mike on the, on the screen. Okay. It looks like just a few seconds here. Yeah. Donkey, Flint. [inaudible] I just made that up. I was like, there’s gotta be a way of combining a donkey and an elephant, you know, like we call them DERPA pillars because they, they mixed the red pill and the blue pill, they don’t want to leave. The blue pill behind. Purple is not enough because it’s a very derpy thing. So DERPA pillars. So donkey fent go ahead. [inaudible] I mean, dirt donkey fin. To me it’s just like, it’s the same beast and we all know this stuff already. Okay, here we go. I’m going to go ahead and just, I don’t want to get, you know, stricken down for violations of copyright. So I’m going to basically, um, play a segment of it and then probably black it out or turn off the screen. You’ll definitely hear the audio. But again, I want to be careful.

Speaker 10: (01:12:02)
The Saturday marks, 50 years since the Apollo Moon landing. One of the biggest moments in the history of mankind. But some say it never happened, including my next guest who was a self-taught rocket scientist and a flatter author. He’s so sure the earth is shaped like a Frisbee. He plans to launch himself into space and a homemade rocket this August. Just approve it. Take a look.

Speaker 6: (01:12:24)
[inaudible] some reengineering. [inaudible]

Speaker 10: (01:12:41)
ah heck. It’s going to be a third attempt to prove all the queasy globe people wrong. And he joins us now on this latest episode of January. It’s flat earth conspiracy theorist and Stuntman Mad Mike Hughes. Welcome to the show.

Speaker 11: (01:12:56)
Kennedy. How are you? Good to be here. We’re actually, I’m not here. I’m hearing in a southern California. That’s right. That’s a great place to be. So mad. Mike, you say you don’t believe in science. I love skepticism. I’m a big fan of that. Did you ever believe in science? Uh, no, not really. You know, uh, my whole life was just involved with racing, you know, and I got involved with rockets and, uh, and then, uh, you know, you start studying these different things and one day the fighters popped up and I go, holy moly. No, that’s cold. [inaudible] but yeah, and after about four months, five months, I couldn’t dismiss it. No, you can’t dismiss it. Here’s the thing, Mike, a lot of flatter earthers they’re trying to take the attention from you. Are they ruining the car? Hi. Yes, I think so. I mean, honestly, I’m the only editors, believer and truth are in the world that has a network TV show, a documentary coming out of Brooklyn, a coloring book, and I got, and I got four cats on top of that. Oh God. You just ruined everything for cats. Four cats. Yeah. No. What is penalty? The crazy point is six. If you get six cats, that’s calm. When you get crazy [inaudible] you’re forgiven because maybe you walk past a cat adoption. I understand

Speaker 10: (01:14:12)
that too. You’re nuts. But let’s talk about the earth being frisbee shape because I think there’s something to this. I like Frisbee frisbees. Makes Sense. Frisbees are still round, but they’re not globes. And then there’s an ice wall called Antarctica. How does it work?

Speaker 11: (01:14:27)
You know, as I tell everyone else, I do not have all the answers of course. Okay. Which may surprise a lot of people out there, but at these kind of like a bullseye, I think there’s land outside of these different circles and we don’t know how big the circles go. Does that make sense to kind of like a, a pizza that has kind of keeps growing? Well, what I’ve always wondered, and you have pointed this out, people in Australia. Yeah. How do they not get head rushes? You’re upside down, right? Yeah, exactly. How does that work? If it’s a closed, no, here’s the deal. Honestly. [inaudible] there’s no way the sun is 93 million miles away. It’s not possible.

Speaker 10: (01:15:08)
Nope. How close is it? It is too far and no one’s measured it. No one’s been there. Uh, so how close is it? If it’s not 93 million miles away,

Speaker 11: (01:15:17)
something is around 3000 miles. I don’t know. I’m not going to get there. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I don’t know man. I think that, uh, I just went to Hawaii and I had to wear a lot of sunscreen. If something that hot were 93 million miles away, I don’t think that, uh, that I would’ve had to wear SPF 50. You know, some people asked me what brought me to this point, you know, believe in the flat earth and I say, well really my goal in life was to be the road manager for the spice girls. And they broke up and I didn’t know what else to do. If you were going to be any spice girl, which one would it have been? Oh man, baby spy. She used to do it for me really bad.

Speaker 10: (01:15:55)
Ah, you’re a Weirdo. I know you weren’t going to say ginger or at least posh posh is my favorite because she’s [inaudible] and she just drinks diet coke and eats nuts. Um, okay, so I have some friends on Twitter who have questions for you. Uh, fuck with Paul wants to know. Oh, that’s fine. You don’t have to. This is still from Twitter. Fun with. Paul wants to know if the moon is

Speaker 11: (01:16:17)
also flat. I don’t believe so. I don’t believe so. [inaudible] this fear, but where’s that? Hey, I don’t have all the answers. Kennedy. Okay, but thank you. Sorry Denny has no one. There’s no crammed is without most of the answers. Well, who does? Okay, I’ll bleed into my x, Y, Z at one time. Okay. What do I know with the moon landing faked? I don’t believe any one has ever stepped on the moon. I think bus has a haymaker that’s aimed for your jaw buzz. All right, well Kelly, you know Oh, mad Freemasons and they’re all in the military and I don’t know.

Speaker 11: (01:17:03)
They’re free conspiracy. The free masons con what a group of people are good. Have another conspiracy theory about that. You need to work for NASA. I know someone there. Would you like to apply? I know and I’ve know people that’s worked for space x and I could probably get jogged there, but no, I, yeah, Elon Musk creeps me out really bad. I think that he’s smoked a lot of reefer, not you mad. My thank you very much for being here. You’ve made my night. Great. Thanks Kennedy. Thank you very much. Your earth is as bad as my woo topical Stormy’s. Next one. Fun.

Speaker 6: (01:17:36)

Speaker 5: (01:17:41)
that was a, as you would expect from Fox. I don’t know if they know how to handle it. It almost looks like, um, the caricature doesn’t quit. Something didn’t match. They didn’t know how to really work with it. Um, one second here. I’m going to take a quick break here. My browser is kind of taking a, a breather. Oh, this is auto hoax by Solomon fly and we’ll be back to talk about Kathy in just a few minutes here. Ready? Real

Speaker 3: (01:18:15)
[inaudible] CIA.

Speaker 12: (01:18:31)
I’d be in service. No, was take her seriously. Oh, the ones out. Park and Tom. Bad neck and vegetation. She’s streets are always dangerous. Dangerous seats to speak is playing into really what they saying. [inaudible] know what that means. Oh, you dealt with the teens. They speak the signs and symbols. You can learn them that these days by nine 11 because I have the 27 once you think that they didn’t have the Nah, it’s a mess. It’s all according to the code. Gamma Illuminati. My mom body and my son is why they snatching [inaudible] switching roles. [inaudible] call died in not, oh, don’t you know we did around the globe and the moon.

Speaker 12: (01:19:19)
Glad about the shoe rings. I say y’all with copper on the [inaudible] we will make the wait. Let it spray bite me. [inaudible] let him know we don’t take deliv like laced up potty might as readily like the breakaway [inaudible] tension on your bed and date. You know what? I’m Tom that don’t, that dislike me nicest if antichrist at their turn to add bringing eats is actuality. That’s why the truth must play by worried a math word. A man on solid court. It said, cow Damn Illuminati batty grow the section fat. Having switched from bows with the coach. I know Stephen [inaudible] can test with attitude, be trolling. Lead scientific theories aren’t when they are shown to be. What just stay in is you don’t accept the famous myths improved. Wow. Sports is scripted by the number code with the alarm. Let me turn on my [inaudible].

Speaker 5: (01:20:35)
Let me,

Speaker 11: (01:20:36)
there are no my auto auction. Look this stuff up when I get home. Cause by t these kids. Today’s is tripping. I ain’t tripping. He must be tripping because I am not tripping out when loop. I know Matt. Things that no more.

Speaker 5: (01:20:48)
Sure. All right. That’s Solomon fly. Saw my fly out of hoax praise by DJ Ready Rail. There’s a link if you want that song. So yes, mad Mike just crashed Fox News. We’ll see how that goes. Okay. Let’s see. D leafs o d live streaming productions retweeted it. Very cool. Going through comments. She didn’t ask our question. It was kind of short I think. I think she was a little blindsided by the masonic. Um, uh, the, he brought up the free masons. I don’t think she was ready for that. And also if you think it’s a cute thing just to like, you know, come in and just like poke fun and it’s just going to be humorous. It’s like, well, it’s not like he believes he was abducted by aliens, you know, he’s calling into question the authorities on, um, you know, on science on pretty much what governments, obviously they are working together. If the moon landings fake, like it’s a pretty big can of worms to just be kicking around for jokes for Yucks. So I think they kind of, um, they sort of let a bull into a China shop if, you know, cause these are like, at least they didn’t touch on auto hoaxing and it could have gone worse. She seemed flustered. I don’t think she knew how to make it into a funny thing. I think it ceased being cute when he brought up a Freemason. The act of the astronauts were all Freemasons in the military. And if you look at it, you know, the military is a secret society in itself. If you look at the way that security clearances work.

Speaker 5: (01:22:19)
But um, yeah, so she, she’s, um, probably a little, um, I don’t know, rattled. We’ll see. They told her to cut it when they said Freemasons. That was Kinda what it looked like to me. It really did. And I was like, I saw that. But she did bring up flat earthers trying to push him out. And he did mention he’s got his own TV show and uh, he’s the only one at the plan, which is a valid point. And you know what he did say, that’s a good point. He thinks that there’s probably more land beyond what we think are boundaries. So what people think is, I’m in dark to go what some say is a stupid ice wall. So he did in fact introduced the infinite plane.

Speaker 6: (01:23:04)
But see in the fact

Speaker 5: (01:23:06)
is, um, you know, the, let’s look at Twitter, you know, cause I know to me the media is totally corrupt, top to bottom, and this is just a way of crashing their party once in a while. So let’s take a look and see. I’m checking Kennedy nation and checking out our Twitter feed to see what kind of a response she’s gotten from this latest, uh, here. By the way, if you want to link over to the Twitter feed that I’m following, here you go.

Speaker 13: (01:23:42)

Speaker 5: (01:23:42)
Yeah. Let’s see. She called him a crazy car person. Yeah, I wasn’t really sure. I, I, I’ve not really familiar with her except for her writing. I never really got into her DJ thing. Great work. Regardless, anytime you can go crash their party, he was wearing his flight suit, by the way. And you know, you can’t say he’s not serious. He did build a rocket, you know, if he hadn’t actually launched it yet, if it was still just this painted to being towed around, you could say, well, maybe it’s just a gimmick. But no, he was launching that thing.

Speaker 13: (01:24:16)

Speaker 5: (01:24:19)
Hey Mike. Hey. Hey Mike. Hey. That was great. And we were just watching ’em on the live stream now. A, what’d you think?

Speaker 14: (01:24:29)
Uh, yeah. I mean, I couldn’t date. They didn’t reverse Lincoln, so I couldn’t see Kennedy. I was just looking at myself and just listen. The questions came through the therapy.

Speaker 5: (01:24:40)
Oh yeah. Can you put your bait? Oh yeah. Well, you know what? I think you Florida, when you brought up, um, she asked about Buzz Aldrin. She said, Buzz Aldrin’s got a haymaker waiting for ya. And you said, well, he was a free mason, like all the rest of the astronauts. I think that kind of rattled, I dunno. Um, that seemed to take her back.

Speaker 13: (01:24:59)

Speaker 14: (01:24:59)
yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, she’s pretty quick. You know what I mean?

Speaker 5: (01:25:03)
Yeah. But, uh, but hey, it went, it went by fast. I mean, it went by fast. There was no dead air.

Speaker 14: (01:25:08)
Nine, nine minutes.

Speaker 5: (01:25:10)
Wow. Okay. It felt like five minutes. No. Cool. Cool. Well, Hey, I think he’s going to go over well. I think she looks like she had fun and I didn’t realize that this is perfect for the anniversary of the, the, excuse me, the hoax aversary of the moon landing.

Speaker 14: (01:25:25)
Yeah, I know. I know. Uh, so I know. So, yeah. The local K and everything. I mean,

Speaker 5: (01:25:31)
oh yeah. According to strawberry blind in the chat, she says, Mike, I like your smile. Keep up the great attitude. Yeah. I think people liked it and I think it looked great. Um, it’s a good piece. It goes right along with your tosh point. Oh

Speaker 14: (01:25:44)
yeah. Yeah. It, that wasn’t gonna let you, you know what? I didn’t want to be serious anyway. I just wanted to bring up some mothers and stuff. I guess they showed they didn’t play no, the song good day.

Speaker 5: (01:25:55)
I don’t think they did. Um, I just caught a clip. I mean I have to see how they present it, but what I did catch it, feminine movie they did, they used me, they

Speaker 14: (01:26:04)
teased it about a five second teaser but probably went on. Right,

Speaker 5: (01:26:08)
right. Oh yeah, they did. Yeah. They showed, in fact they showed more. They should quite a bit of that and they showed your rocket being moved around. So I know you’ve got, you got plenty of good coverage and then of course she asked you, um, you know why you’re not getting the center of attention with flat earth given that you’re the guy at the plan. And so you did get a shout out to your upcoming movie and your TV network deal. Yeah.

Speaker 14: (01:26:30)
Yeah. So, uh, yeah, they don’t strike home with these fucking people. I mean, no one else has got that. I mean, yes, quite a bit pissy about truth frequency rate or no one. I mean it would be a fucking huge topic, you know what I mean?

Speaker 5: (01:26:44)
Oh yeah, absolutely. I mean this is a big deal that you’re on a Fox business live. It’s a lot of publicity and, and of course, um, you got the credibility cause you actually built the rocket and flew it up there. Yeah. I think she was just sincerely trying to have fun with the topic. She agreed that the sun wasn’t that far. She said that’s why she needs SPF 50. It makes sense.

Speaker 14: (01:27:03)
Yes. Yeah. No, I kinda, I caught that. So why do you think about the Elon Musk comment?

Speaker 5: (01:27:08)
Oh, that was great. She actually looked down at her desk when you said, uh, I’m not into Moscow. He’s kind of a creep. She looked down at her desk, uh, eyes wide and said, yeah, he has smoked a lot of reefer. So I think she agreed with you, but, uh,

Speaker 14: (01:27:21)
creep me, he kind of creeped me out, you know what I mean? I didn’t call him a creepy as greets me out, but uh, yeah, I got, I did. I need to touch on half the stuff I wanted to touch on. I mean, what do you do?

Speaker 5: (01:27:33)
Right? Well, exactly. You just, I mean, hey, I mean, the thing is people only really remember a few things out of it anyway. You got the point, you’ve got a TV show, your, um, you’re someone to be paid attention to in this whole flat or topic. You know, that’s what this is about.

Speaker 14: (01:27:48)
Yeah. Uh, it’s just, uh, yeah. You know, I just want to just, you know, it goes back to, you know, we need a break at feet for, I think that whole group has got to go away. It’s got to fucking go away.

Speaker 5: (01:28:03)
Well, I think that more people get, um, the more people that see you, um, that stuff’s going to fade. I think people are tired of laser tests. I think they’re tired of, uh, all these experiments that don’t even consider how high can you go? Where is the edge? Right. And you know, between you and exploring again, we got that covered and people are gonna be following you. You’ve got your launch in what, less than 30 days, right?

Speaker 14: (01:28:27)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Three weeks from Sunday. So did they show the actual launch and last time,

Speaker 5: (01:28:34)
oh, they showed the, they showed you in the cockpit. They had part out footage. They showed the landing. Okay.

Speaker 14: (01:28:39)

Speaker 5: (01:28:39)
And um, then they showed the end of the trailer where it zooms out on your mobile lock, rocket launcher and the rocket. So yeah, no, you’re, you’re totally in there. It’s, this is actually great coverage and the lighting was great and everything. Like they, they’re, they’re professionals as far as, um, production value goes. So I think it’s a nice piece. Yeah.

Speaker 14: (01:28:57)
Yeah. It was live link. Donald Irvine. It’s guess what this guy does? It’s uh, he is, there’s one guy here. He really helped me out. And uh, and uh, yeah, so,

Speaker 5: (01:29:07)
well what I’ll do, I’m, I got an, we’re going to basically, we’ll take that video, we’ll put it on your, um, we’ll get that clip. We’ll put it on your youtube channel, you know, with the commentary. Fairness, use that site. Yeah. The website and everything. Yeah. Embedded on your website. And so right now, anybody going to your website, they have access to you. If they want to interview you, it has a link to your Facebook page, social media, um, chief crow’s music. And then of course, uh, your book in bed. So it’s all there. So, and we’re going to continue, we’re gonna continue to work on that this evening and everything. So, uh, what, yeah, what’s next for you now? Between now and the rocket launch?

Speaker 14: (01:29:46)
That’s that. As far as I know, that’s kind of here right now. Really. I mean, I just working on stuff, you know, I’m just, uh, the semi and we’re going to time dropping off rocket demonn warrants. Someone’s going paint it purple on it for me, and they’re going to do the decals on Friday. And then, uh, I put an exploring again, do decals on that I’ve had to rearrange and stuff. You know, these people gave me $21,000. They pay 25, and I got 21,000, so I need it, you know, like,

Speaker 5: (01:30:14)
well, no one else. Yep. That’s like that. What’s the name of, it’s called the the dating app.

Speaker 14: (01:30:19)
Yes. HUD, HUD. HUD website. Yes. HUD So

Speaker 5: (01:30:26)
that’s going to blow up. Yeah.

Speaker 14: (01:30:29)

Speaker 5: (01:30:30)
I think so. Um, I saw their site actually said ’em rock n o dating isn’t rocket science.

Speaker 14: (01:30:35)
Yeah. Isn’t that funny?

Speaker 5: (01:30:37)
Oh yeah, no, that’s good. That’s good. That’s gonna go over. Well, I think that’s gonna be very, um, uh, marketable. [inaudible]

Speaker 14: (01:30:43)
did the, you show up and everything Jacob, but you know the HUD or did you want Polo and the g did it show up and uh, on the TDD screen, yes.

Speaker 5: (01:30:52)
You know what? [inaudible] oh, that’s right. You know what? I didn’t even, I was like, I noticed that you had these new patches on. I was like, man, these patches are okay. The HUD one was right there in the open. That was big. So yeah, we’re the, we’re the array one. Used to be. Yeah,

Speaker 14: (01:31:06)
yeah, yeah,

Speaker 5: (01:31:08)
yeah. I noticed that. Okay. Yeah. I’ll send you, I’m, in fact, I have a screencap someone sent me, I will send you, um, by Twitter a screencap. But yeah, you’ve got a clear shot with the, um, with the, I didn’t even think about that. You had all your sponsors on your shirt.

Speaker 14: (01:31:22)
Yeah. Yeah. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to wear something made sense. You know what I mean?

Speaker 5: (01:31:26)
Yeah. Good call, good call.

Speaker 14: (01:31:29)
Oh well it is what it is. That, how can you start, you know, so, oh yeah. Some people I totally watch tomorrow night. I didn’t have a chance to get in touch with him today. My, you know, today’s just me up. Uh, you know, my fucking car. They’ll put a new air conditioner, a compression right now they sent in the wrong one out. It’s just been fucking unbelievable. I’m serious to wash my hair and a fucking garden hose today outside the back of a shot and I blew dry with the sand. It’s, I mean, I didn’t have time to go home. No, I couldn’t go to motel. I mean, it was just fucking craziest that name.

Speaker 5: (01:32:00)
Well, Hey, I think it went over well. And one thing, it didn’t go bad, you know, so that’s always a win. But I think it went well with the media. Things can go very wrong or very good

Speaker 14: (01:32:11)
fucking driver just drove right past and 18 this guy. Wow.

Speaker 5: (01:32:17)
All right, well hey, I’ll let you take care of that Mike and uh, we’ll be in touch. Thanks for calling. Okay. [inaudible] okay. Hey, phones are open. Five oh five five one zero four, two, two six. And Mike’s gotta catch his ride. Like I said, hey, it was um, it was I think kind of last minute for him and yeah, that’s why he’s Mad Mike. Yeah, he had to as you as you hear, he had to like make it at the last minute. But um, regardless, they probably cut it short. It sounded like they cut it short. He said Freemasons and she’s like, oh, my boss probably went over to her and did the whole cut hand sign. That’s probably what happened. Not that it matters, you know, this is slash this is just um, slash and burn, you know, carpet bombing, take no prisoners, anti media, uh, mix of walking, Trojan horse, you know, you go in there, you know, you make any kind of an appearance. You say some things. It has has a tendency to get out there. The Washington Post heard him say, I don’t believe in science. I believe in formula and fluid dynamics, blah blah, blah. They ran out the first part.

Speaker 5: (01:33:32)
Alright, so mad Mike one moment here. I just got an email. Okay. I just got an email from someone auditioning to read the Audio Book for God is a narcissist.

Speaker 15: (01:33:54)

Speaker 5: (01:33:54)
Oh look at this one here. Let me just grab this link.

Speaker 5: (01:34:00)
So if you’re watching the screen, this is a from Newsmax. This is pretty much, this story is being repeated everywhere. Moon rocks be damned cause a moon rock again is a holy relic. It’s like, oh in my church we have a part of the cross or this one has an actual part of the shroud of Turin or you know, dirt from Golgotha. They always have these like relics that say, oh it’s real. Well Moon rock be damned. Conspiracy theories live on 50 years after moon landing 50 years after Apollo 11 lunar landing moon hoax theory lives on 6% of the public believe it was faked according to the Washington Post. Fox did a documentary called conspiracy theory. Did we land on the moon? The idea is that photographs don’t look right and there’s no crater under the Moon Lander.

Speaker 5: (01:35:00)
Let’s see. Then it talks about, well here’s the guy said, Burrell, Bart subretinal guy who got punched in the face and look, she caused him to bring up Freemason. She said, hey, buzz Aldrin has a haymaker waiting for you. You know, cause like, look, this is, you know what? This is the second damn time that a Fox News punted has advocated violence over a conspiracy theory. This is the second time in less than a year now that I think about it. So Greg Gutless, I mean, Greg Gutfield said, if you don’t buy into the official story of Sandy Hook, I want to punch you in the face. So I said, why don’t you punch me in the face live on Fox? And he blocks me and here she is. Oh, Mike doesn’t believe in the moon landing. Maybe Buzz Aldrin wants to come punch you in the face. What is this like the inquisition? You torture somebody into saying, I believe I believe bunch of fascists and I don’t mean that in a mean way, but this is a culture of fascism that has overtaken Fox News. If there was ever a time where it wasn’t run by fascists, maybe we just never noticed before.

Speaker 5: (01:36:12)
That’s kind of what I think or I didn’t go through your comments. I see we got about a dozen people over at Mc slur under the 20th youtube. A grip of you at d life. Okay, let’s continue a little bit longer. I want to go through and see this. Any other tweets here that showed up in the aftermath? Does anybody here mean, let me think that they cut it short. I get the feeling they did and VP says Fox is but triggered. Yeah, I agree. I think they saw the documentary. I think they did. It’s not easy to do though. You know I’m going on TV like that, sitting in front of a camera where you don’t know who you’re talking to. I couldn’t do that. It’s like, where do you stare? Where do you look? And if they don’t like you, they probably tell you, oh, look up to your left. And then they put the camera to get your bad side. And if they like you, they give you like the glamor lighting in a little gosee and blur, they can make you or break you.

Speaker 5: (01:37:30)
I mean, that’s really their power. That’s the power of the media. It’s to influence the mass mind because the mass mind with a 99% believe is real, is real. And that’s why it’s so dangerous for the media to be running a muck like it does. Playing judge, jury, executioner, with all these events, Mudd flutter says buzz has a list of people to punch in the face. 6% of the American population, 6% how many is that? What? 6% of 3.2 million is that what it is? It’s a lot of violence and that’s fascism. Oh, well 6% let’s just get rid of them so we can be stronger together. You know, fascism, a bunch of sticks. You can break each stick separately, but if you bind them together, it’s unbreakable.

Speaker 5: (01:38:23)
Yeah, I think they had to mud flood. He says he, they had to cut it short. He was selling flat earth unshakeable. Yeah, I think so too. Oh yeah. Open phones a (505) 510-4226. Let me put the number back on the screen. So yeah, 100%. Um, I think that he was, um, bringing too much, um, into the topic that wasn’t just low hanging fruit. You know? Ha Ha, funny. For example, Freemasons, you know, fox is run by Mason’s. It’s a mist. It’s a masonic. We run corporation and he called them out. It is a conspiracy. And you know, by the way, at the Denver international flatter conference, the mainstream media asked its organizer is a conspiracy. He said, no, no, no, no conspiracy. It’s just secular scientists don’t want to go to church. So they, they don’t want to bring God back into it. So he makes it about atheists versus believers, which is a controlled dialectic if there ever was one.

Speaker 5: (01:39:29)
So here’s Mike saying, yeah, it’s a conspiracy. It’s a conspiracy of Freemasons and free may sonic astronauts. The moon landing was in fact faked. So this is where they don’t want you to go. They want you to look at, Oh, it’s the photography. Because they can say, oh no, here’s our explanation. But if you say no, it’s a network of liars at the top of this thing, it gets people to actually say, well, maybe it’s plausible. Fractal says far more don’t believe than the 6%. Yeah, that’s a good point. You know, 6% is probably the minimum number that they can reveal. You know, it’s probably much higher, but if they, if they downplay it anymore, it might be obvious that they are downplaying.

Speaker 5: (01:40:25)
Uh, no. Buzz Aldrin though is a, a liar. Absolutely. An actor, uh, what he’s doing is unconscionable. He lies to kids. And you guys might, I mean, people who have fallen in love with his character might think, oh, he’s just this benevolent old man. Well, no, he’s actually soft selling a slavery gulag life dressed up as space travel and progress. It’s the complete opposite. But again, my point, that was the second political pundant on Fox that I’ve checked out in the last year who advocated political violence. You know, violence against people who disagree. It’s like, well, Hey Kennedy, I’m sure there’s a lot of Antifa people who would like to put padlocks in socks and whap you over the head for your right winger ism. But I’m not going to say, oh you don’t agree with me. Let me go ahead and have you padlocked. Like it really goes both ways.

Speaker 5: (01:41:28)
If you want to advocate the forceful, a silencing of your opposition, then get ready to eat boot yourself because it will be used against you. And we’ve seen it in all these people who are just kind of apathetic about the censorship going on cause it doesn’t take away their ability to, you know, watch football or watch Fox News. It’s like well eventually it’s going to work its way until there’s nothing but uniformity of opinion. But I feel like the left and the right already are uniform in opinion at this point. And it wasn’t the case three years ago, four years ago, there were principled conservatives. And a principled backlash, a limited government movement against globalism. And that’s been turned into let’s build a space for us. Let’s grow the military. Let’s go to Mars. That’s government planning. You wouldn’t let the government build you a paradise in China and say, Oh, this will be the perfect world for you. High Tech, everything’s fair. You’d say let’s communism. But since it’s on Mars now it’s like Jetsons. Now it’s way Shinier. It’s never been tried. It’s new. And that’s the job of the Utopian to sell you on the same old utopian pie in the sky, BS, Paradise, Heaven, Worker’s Paradise, whatever you call it. It’s always the same bait and switch.

Speaker 5: (01:42:53)
Bud should enjoy people following in his footsteps and should say, yeah, Mike, do it. Prove it’s a sphere. Yeah, that’s right. He should say he should be. He should be. It’s like, it’s all about exploration. Let’s do this. But notice they haven’t been really forthcoming with shutting down the flat or the opposition. Um, and instead of trying to silence it with arguments, they try to use ridicule. And, you know, to be quite honest, it did appear to me that that whole piece, you know, obviously it’s meant to be ridiculed. She wasn’t saying, what’s your plan to go to space or what kind of propulsion, how high can you go? No, this wasn’t a serious talk. And he knew that as you know, he kind of went in there, I’m just planning on making a few jokes and that’s fine, you know, whatever the fact is.

Speaker 5: (01:43:39)
Um, they, they let the Trojan horse in and you can’t really undo it. And, and who knows what could got out. He did say he thinks there could be more land, which is Kinda cool. He didn’t mention a damn dome. He didn’t mention the Bible. He didn’t mention a hatred of Jews. So on all three fronts, he beat the, behind the Kurvers with how they represent it. Oh, what’s a dome like a snow globe. Cause the Bible and Jews did it. It’s like, you know, he didn’t bring any of that to the table and he called out the Freemasons and the free masonic connection between the astronauts, which is something that is a fact. Just looking through the comments. Okay. Nothing else new on here. I’m just going to say thank you for, thank you for sharing the truth about the fake moon landing.

Speaker 5: (01:44:47)
And you know, people will say she shouldn’t even have him on there to put that idea out there. Like that’s the attitude of people like Neil degrasse Tyson. Oh, you shouldn’t even debate them because that lends credence to what they’re saying. No, what lends credence to what we’re saying is your fear of confronting it. That’s very suspect. Tylee suspect. Okay. So I’m thinking now would be a good time to go to the next topic of a cabbies fake death scene. And look, I don’t care if youtube kicks me off. It’s not gonna hurt my feelings. Does anybody care? No. Infinite plane is all we need. Uh, the thing is if we do get kicked off of showing this fake content and calling a fake, we have a new account tomorrow. So let’s let us start with this. We’ve got Epstein on camera here. This is what we were waiting for. All we’ve seen are pictures. He seems to be almost like he doesn’t even exist. Okay, here we go. Here is Jeffrey Epstein, uh, hanging out with a Donald Trump back in the day. And this is 1992, uh, look at Trump’s eyebrows. Okay. And then of course, I guess

Speaker 16: (01:46:37)
they were at a party, an invitation into Donald Trump’s world who days from 1992 found in the NBC archives, choose the future, welcoming Jeffrey Epstein to his Mar-a-lago Estate. The get together more than a decade before Epstein pleaded guilty to prostitution charges in Florida. Both men are seeing enjoying themselves. Trump is pointing out women dancing in front of them.

Speaker 5: (01:47:06)
No, that’s not inherently scandalous, pointing out dancing women, um, they’re all paid to look like they’re having fun at guarantee it. Um, but again, we’re talking about his association. Is this guilt by association? Is it legit?

Speaker 16: (01:47:23)
And apparently encounter with the man. The president is now looking to distance himself from,

Speaker 17: (01:47:28)
well, I knew him like everybody in Palm Beach knew him. I had a falling out with him a long time ago. I don’t think I’ve spoken to him for 15 years. Uh, I wasn’t a Fan Epstein

Speaker 16: (01:47:36)
who has pleaded not guilty to federal sex trafficking and consent.

Speaker 5: (01:47:41)
Okay. Again, is this affective guilt by association? You know, you could attack him. Um, rather you could use him to smear both sides. Clinton and Trump. But no, you have Trump. You got the groper on the other side. Biden, I mean all sides. Uh, my point in bringing this up, you know, we’re asking, well, is this real or is this a fake thing that was invented? Is this political soap opera and are all these people on the same side? And one of the ongoing theories here, bad fly attitude. There’s an egg shaped Epstein video. Yeah, I haven’t seen that yet. I want to see more video. I’m still not convinced that this guy is, um, anything more than an actor. Um, there is a theory right now that this whole thing, this whole face is a mask.

Speaker 5: (01:48:32)
Now that might sound farfetched, but bear with me here. That’s what we’re moving into. And then we’ll get into the [inaudible] thing. Okay. So the story with Epstein and the mask, there is an ongoing, um, highly plausible conspiracy theory that Jeffrey Epstein isn’t Jeffrey Epstein, but it’s just a character. And so we’re trying to find not just video but audio. Now we’ve got video. No, it’s kind of far out there, but if you consider the world wrestling, entertainment style of um, you know, politics that we have and how scripted it is, it’s not necessarily a beyond the pale. I find a few things wrong with this one. This picture, I had to look into it a little more. Uh, the hair, the hairline, it does look like a rug and I’ve compared his face and his profile numerous times. Even this one to the person we think it may be in disguise. Now again, this sounds very out there, but here’s what I want to show you.

Speaker 5: (01:49:39)
I’ve been doing a bit of research into the master of disguise. Joanna Mendez. She was with the for a decades and her specialty was protecting agents a disguise. And one of the things she talked about was how the level of sophistication that has been achieved with masks has been classified until just a couple of years ago. So the idea that you think you’re looking at one person, but it could be someone else, isn’t that farfetched? You’ve seen movies like white chicks and other movies, but these movies exaggerate how they make it look bad. They make it look like, oh, well they, it’s not that good.

Speaker 5: (01:50:23)
But I assure you that’s all miss direction. But I just wanted to point this out. If you’re still a Trump follower, you need to ask yourself. Uh, it does. Um, does it bother you that Trump has, uh, verbally expressed, um, sediments about Epstein showing he knew what Epstein was up to and hanging out with this guy like is guilt by association? Oh, there we go. Deposition, video, copy. Link, address. Let’s take a look. It looks like we have more. Is there any audio attached to this? It’s 27 seconds long. What’d you mean? You’re like warning? Yes. Okay, here we go. We got audio.

Speaker 18: (01:51:08)
Okay, here we go. Let’s listen. Do you solemnly swear the testimony you’re about to give will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God? Yes, I do.

Speaker 5: (01:51:19)
Could you please give us your name? Jeffrey Epstein. Is it true, sir, that, um, you have what’s been described as an egg, uh, that want to hear that? I do not want to hear that. Okay. So sorry. I’ve got a vivid imagination. Don’t need to hear that. Okay, so I think this puts it to rest. Uh, Epstein is f steed. I don’t think that’s a mask at this point, but hey, we did our due diligence. Now. I could be wrong. In fact, I’m the voice though. The voice doesn’t sound like what I think it would if it wasn’t him. You check that one more time? Yes.

Speaker 18: (01:52:00)
Do you solemnly swear the testimony you’re about to give will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God? Yes, I do.

Speaker 5: (01:52:06)
No, I don’t think so. Okay. Regardless, he’s friends with your president. So if you’re voting and you know, voting for the lesser of two evils is not excusable today unless you’re willing to wear a shirt, a tee shirt that says, I voted for evil. You know, unless you’re willing to just say, I support evil, don’t vote for evil because there’s always a greater evil. Like, well, I’m going to vote for Jeffrey Dahmer because, hey, at least he’s not Satan. Like, no, it doesn’t work that way. And that’s kind of what they’ve been doing with, uh, Clinton and the whole Pedo pizzagate thing is they make it sound like the Democrats are so bad that anything on the right will be excusable false choices. [inaudible]

Speaker 5: (01:52:53)
gangs with machetes and baseball bats carried out. Medieval killings. Los Angeles hacked to death. Seven people in the last two years. A rival gang member who’s just membered and had his heart removed. True or untrue. I read it. And it’s basically rehashing a lot of old stories over the last seven years. My point is they only brought this up to stoke the flames of um, you know, xenophobia intercommunal tensions. They want people to say, oh, we got to build a wall. Mexican gangs are chopping people’s hearts out. Just like the Aztecs. It’s all just Ajit problems, xenophobia, total bs. Nobody got their heart chopped out. Been maybe, I mean, but I read the article and we’re talking about decades. We’re talking about a whole lot of stories sewn together.

Speaker 19: (01:53:47)

Speaker 5: (01:53:47)
Okay. Another one, the front effort to return to the moon. NASA wants to put people on the lunar surface in 2024 but doesn’t have the budget. And if you’re looking at this, and what we’re seeing here is this is the astronaut walking on the moon, supposedly, supposedly the moon. Now what you see is, um, very bright lighting in a very stark contrast between the astronauts white uniform and the darkness of the shadow. It’s very stark. So I’m, I’m looking at this and I’m thinking, well, how come the horizon disappears like right at the neck level of the astronaut? Like, do you really believe that that’s the curve of the moon?

Speaker 5: (01:54:39)
If you believe that’s the curve of the moon, then you also believe that the moon is the size of the Goodyear blimp. So that’s how you know it’s fake. There’s no background, there’s no moonscape. You should see miles and miles and miles of craters. You right here standing on the moon, even though it’s a quarter of the size of the earth, it’s still way bigger than Texas. There should be lunar, sir. Territory out as far as we can see in this camera going into the background, but we don’t see it and it should all be lit up. But it’s not. Why is that? Because it’s fake.

Speaker 5: (01:55:19)
ACW says, my grandma always said about voting that if you do it, it’s better. Go with the devil you know than the devil. You don’t know. No, I mean saying is that, that’s, that’s devil worship. Stop worshiping the devil. Stop voting for devils. Flat truth says mission and possible masks worn for all we know. Trump has Tom cruise, a paid actor. Yeah, no doubt. You know, there’s actually this pretty convincing that suggests that Tom Hanks has been playing the role of Chris Christie. So Tom Hanks is like literally wearing a fat suit. So is Chris Christie Tom Hanks in a fat suit according to one youtuber and many of us subscribers. Yeah, it’s likely. Okay. Let’s go ahead and do this. I think it’s time to take a look over at the cap B, the Isaac cappy fake death scene. I think we should go there. Let me go ahead and pull that up.

Speaker 20: (01:56:19)

Speaker 5: (01:56:19)
Oh, by the way, God is a narcissist is now out on Amazon in paperback. God is a narcissist. Easy to find. Go to infinite plane. I linked it there for you. Okay. I’m scrolling down. Does somebody have a hot link to the cappy fake death scene? I’ll be right back. This is Lucifer. Tim, the official flat earth international anthem. Yeah, exactly. Flat fact. We would see for miles

Speaker 20: (01:56:59)
[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] patients looking for these areas in the city for an as Asians. Cause again, it was always bound. [inaudible] [inaudible] man. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] okay, I got it. All right, I got it.

Speaker 5: (01:59:19)
The link. This is think about photo shoot. This is the link to the body Cam Vid, which we will be analyzing to show you that Isaac, Kathy is not dead. That Isaac Kathy’s death was staged. He’s another Hollywood or a just another intelligence asset. This is a death faking. It’s a staged martyr, political PR stunt. He’s not dead. He’s not dead. I have to sign in to confirm my age. I love that. And you can pretty much watch anything, anything on the Internet, but it’s like something like this. Hold on a second. Well let’s see. Uh, I’m going to go ahead a a Bonner jams. Yes. That’s lucid for Tim. I’ll give you a link to that. I’m going to go ahead and open up a window. I have to do this. This is so dumb. You wouldn’t believe this. So I’ve been banned from Google so many times from so many accounts that it’s really hard for me to even open up my youtube channel so I can sign in cause I have to find one email address that hasn’t been blocked already. And right now, um, I’m not having an easy time with that. Let me go ahead and, okay, so it’s going to take me a minute here to get situated. So here’s some chief crow. This is space is fake into the black for

Speaker 20: (02:00:54)
[inaudible]. You can see those stars. Oh yeah.

Speaker 3: (02:00:59)
[inaudible] you were never able to see stars from the lunar surface and were on the daylight side. [inaudible]

Speaker 21: (02:01:15)
smell is

Speaker 3: (02:01:21)

Speaker 21: (02:01:23)

Speaker 3: (02:01:28)
there’s more than stars. You can see planets. You see the ganglion gas [inaudible]

Speaker 21: (02:01:42)
[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] deep space away from the sun as you can imagine. Mad, mad, mad, mad. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]

Speaker 5: (02:02:48)
okay, here we are. This is on the scene. Body Cam footage. I’m going to analyze it really quick. I’m gonna go through it really quick here and then, um, analyze it, take calls, et cetera. So here you have the body Cam. And what I’m suggesting here, one, we shouldn’t have this body cam go for. Why is it being released? That’s one. A two, this body cam seems to be directed as in this body. Cam seems to be like this guy is consciously directing a film through it.

Speaker 5: (02:03:29)
Fake, fake, fake answer this time, sir. It even sounds scripted in the dialogue, but fast forward. So here we are showing up on the scene. Uh, for one thing, he’s right. Both, there’s a few things wrong with it. Oh, one, he’s both a bridge and they’re saying he fell 22 feet and then, um, was hit by a truck and move forward. Um, and, you know, rolled forward. Well, we don’t see the other truck. Uh, there’s no blood, uh, his legs are sticking in front of him. And just so you know, if you jump off a bridge 22 feet and land on the ground, you’re not going to be laying stiff as a board. Like you’re laying in a coffin or like you’re training dummy. And then too, if you fall like that and then you’re hit by a truck and then you’re flung beneath the bridge, you know, at 75 miles per hour, you’re not going to be standing straight and stiff, Eh, you’d be wrecked. And this guy isn’t wrecked. He’s not in, in a position of someone who’s hit like this. And then it gets weirder

Speaker 21: (02:04:31)
when you guys have the time that it was called.

Speaker 5: (02:04:35)
Okay. So they show you one foot, which may not mean anything cause it’s definitely pixelated out, but they’re putting these white sheets over him and there’s no bleed through. There’s no blood

Speaker 15: (02:04:49)

Speaker 5: (02:04:57)
here he is conspicuously filling out a memo and if you look on the ground, you see this big kit, it looks like a whole um, EMT kit, a bunch of stuff they wouldn’t have even used, just laid out for display. And this is part of the drills. Whenever they do these drills, they bring these things out. Yeah, they’re saying that the Pedo ring killed him and I’m like, all right, this is staged. Here we go.

Speaker 15: (02:05:26)

Speaker 5: (02:05:30)
hey officer, this was laying in the lane. I don’t know what it is. And this is a, a fake firemen, possibly real, but definitely an actor. And he’s showing a smartphone and you can look at Kathy’s tweets on it. Like this is a made for TV mystery.

Speaker 15: (02:05:43)

Speaker 5: (02:05:46)
I don’t know if it’s his, but it was laying right over here.

Speaker 15: (02:05:49)
Can you identify and call? See, I know one time I was going to be seven 44

Speaker 5: (02:05:56)
now, I wouldn’t want, here’s, you got to see here, this fireman, you got to see the grin on his face. Robbie Parker would be cry proud of this guy and see how he’s holding it. And he’s like, I think it might be from him. And I think these might be the tweets before he died. Like they’re telling you the stupid story and this guy’s grinning.

Speaker 15: (02:06:16)

Speaker 5: (02:06:24)
seven 48 you can read the tweets and the texts.

Speaker 15: (02:06:26)

Speaker 5: (02:06:29)
okay. You hear that? These people are laughing. The, you gotta hear the audio. I’m going to play this last part. These people are not looking at a mangled corpse that fell 22 feet and was hit by a truck. This is staged.

Speaker 15: (02:06:41)

Speaker 5: (02:06:51)
laughing, laughing, laughing. I think it might be his, I think it’s his. And he smiles and says, yeah.

Speaker 15: (02:07:00)
[inaudible] and he holds it in front of his body. Cam. More laughter, more laughter, giggling.

Speaker 5: (02:07:12)
Okay. Now here, look at the two feet in different directions. Just laying down on the ground. This is a dummy or someone playing dead. Uh, most likely a dummy. There’s no bleed through on the sheets. He’s not in a body bag, which is vinyl, which doesn’t have bleed through. And in a case like this, they would use a double thick disaster pouch. Um, if you’re hit by a truck or you fall, uh, you know there’s, there’s going to be blood. There’s no blood here.

Speaker 15: (02:07:39)
Why are they laughing? [inaudible]

Speaker 5: (02:07:42)
do you want us to leave all this? This is all theater and I think they’re sloppy about it because the camera man’s not there. Like a usual signup. This is a body cam.

Speaker 15: (02:07:53)
Yeah, the detectives on his way.

Speaker 5: (02:08:02)
Again, there’s no bleed through on the white sheet. Okay, so cover yourself in even theatrical blood or just drape it. Just walk out of your shower wet, lay down, throw a white sheet over you if the water is going to soak through.

Speaker 15: (02:08:25)
Thank you guys.

Speaker 5: (02:08:31)
Where’s the truck that hit him?

Speaker 15: (02:08:33)

Speaker 5: (02:08:36)
the coroner’s not here. There’s no corner van. There’s no medical investigator. They’re lurking around laughing and joking.

Speaker 15: (02:08:43)
[inaudible] still no blood.

Speaker 5: (02:09:04)
Again, this is a training dummy. Do those shoes even look like the shoe size? I mean, it wasn’t cappy like six foot six or something. Goldilocks says, I’ve seen someone run over on a highway. It would never look like this. Yeah. Well that’s one of the reasons why I took an interest in this one is I’m, I was a deceit in transporter for the office of the medical investigator and I’ve seen people hit by cars and people who’ve jumped off or fallen off or drove off, um, you know, high places like cliffs and bridges, et Cetera. And yeah, your body would crumble up and you’re hit by a car. His arms would be out, there’d be blood, his head would be crushed. Uh, there’s none of that here. This is a, a training doll and they have all these props all around.

Speaker 15: (02:09:49)

Speaker 5: (02:09:58)
look how far back these trucks are, how they blocked it off. This is all staged. There’d be real blood. That’d be chunks. This is staged. Um, nothing to see here. They hype up how graphic it is. There’s nothing graphic.

Speaker 15: (02:10:29)
Try to look busy. Now he’s going to put the cell in

Speaker 5: (02:10:33)
front of a rubber glove, which is what he would not do. You know, what they do in these instances is, uh, that would go to the medical investigator who would use it to locate and identify the next of kin. And the next of kin would be notified before TMZ, which didn’t happen here.

Speaker 6: (02:10:58)

Speaker 5: (02:11:04)
so he’s got Kathy’s phone in his pocket. We’ll see if there’s anything else on here. We certainly do not see the corner. You do not see a corner here. He goes back. We’ll see what they talk about.

Speaker 6: (02:11:27)

Speaker 5: (02:11:32)
okay. They have a circle around him. Still looks fake as f. Uh, there’s, there’s nobody here to pick them up yet. Okay. This is another body cam. Officer Luna, you two a Hyundai. Is this where he gets his passport?

Speaker 6: (02:11:59)
DAZN past bluer. Isaac cappy out of New Mexico. 10, four.

Speaker 5: (02:12:30)
Let me snap a picture of that really quick. Interesting. So the police here are taken photographs of it. I don’t know how much of this is usual or not standard, but they’re very conspicuously going through his docs. He’ll read back please. Again, these are, um, the, the sheets over the body. Uh, they’re not showing any bleed through. Let’s see if there’s anything else. Okay. They’ve gone through his wallet.

Speaker 6: (02:13:18)
No more corporate credit. Ah, yes sir.

Speaker 5: (02:13:29)
Okay, so then the stage

Speaker 15: (02:13:32)
is thinking

Speaker 5: (02:13:33)
because I’m hotel, that blur should be all red. Well, exactly. I think the blur is there to hide the fake, not hide the Gore. And that’s always the case. They’re not hiding the Gore. They’re hiding the fakery. Let’s see if there’s anything new on this end. So this is a compilation of various views. Look how comfortable these guys are just standing around this. Do you realize that they’d be getting blood on their shoes?

Speaker 15: (02:14:10)

Speaker 5: (02:14:15)
and they sure were yucking it up and laughing and having a good time eating that flight of chew says, I’ve seen more gore on skateboarding videos and what are they pretending to do? They’re not putting him in a body bag and I just find this whole thing very unlikely. Oh, where’s the corner? Where’s the Gurney? Do they even show him getting picked up and packed up into the thing? I don’t think so. This is looking very, very fake. Made for TV.

Speaker 15: (02:14:53)

Speaker 5: (02:14:57)
Okay. So, um, in all likelihood, well, we know it’s a hoax. We examined it earlier. If anybody here has been following this, you’re welcome to call in five oh five five one zero four two, two six. If you’ve been following this story of a, Kathy’s, uh, fake death happened on May 15th. It was tied into, strangely enough, the Hollywood elite being adrenochrome addicts and triggers. It was suggested that Tom Hanks and other Hollywood elitists had something to do with his death because he was going to expose them. But that was the most casual group of, um, I guess first responders I’ve ever seen. And the firemen, were there any mts or was it just a couple of firemen? I mean who was even there? But look, did you, did you see any indication that they had put anything on them? Was there an ivy, did they even do anything? Why did they open that thing up? Like he, what I’m asking? Um, let’s say he did fall off the bridge and he got hit by a car. Okay. In the middle of the night out on route 66, he’s dead on arrival. So what up with all that stuff unpacked around him, you know, were they attempting to resurrect him? He would have been clearly just dead dead.

Speaker 5: (02:16:40)
Looks like acting. It looked like huddling. We’ll take it. Role playing are the actors at the beginning were giggling and laughing. And so what was interesting about this one is this was a [inaudible] presented from a body cam to probably make it seem more real. But no, I’m Cathy, I’m is not dead. And so if he’s not dead then what’s this whole charade about? Well, maybe they’re lying. Maybe these things about Tom Hanks and company eating babies. It’s just part of a signup. A political soap opera meant to keep you engaged. He was working with Hanks. Exactly. You got it.

Speaker 5: (02:17:24)
His whole narrative, um, this whole story about the Democrats all being secret baby eaters and all that, you know, that comes out every political season of Andrew Breitbart was a political martyr who faked died in 2012 for the same thing. And no doubt Tom Hanks is creepy. But um, these things are all coordinated. This is a script. It’s a story and it’s got the Q and on people believing in it. But is this your standard of evidence? You don’t think the cops would lie? Here’s a new one for you. Uh, the police have been no police forces. They can be corrupted, they can be infiltrated. You know this, this is obviously a group of individuals who are perfectly fine participating in a cycle of operation. This is your cyop industrial complex at work.

Speaker 5: (02:18:15)
So fell off. This bridge got hit by a car. I don’t see the other vehicle. It hit him. Oh, some pointed out, one leg rolled up. We can kind of barely see it. A bit of a mini sonic inference. There could be the case now. How old was he? We did do a live stream on this topic before witness protection. Yeah, no doubt. Well, this, no, I don’t even think it’s witness protection. Like I don’t think it was witness protection. I don’t think he was a legitimate whistleblower. Like I’m calling into question this whole thing. I’m saying that he’s part of something that this is as fake as you know, Tupacs death, and that it’s all about getting people to vote and it’s, it’s hype. It’s hyping up the narrative about the deep state and the not deep state, which is another lesser of two evils arguments. They make these arguments. It’s like, well, the deep state’s really bad, but what we have, yeah, that’s fascist, but at least it’s not deep state. This is where it’s at. Says Tom Hanks wears dresses. Well, I’ve seen a video where Donald Trump is kissing a guy in a dress.

Speaker 6: (02:19:41)
Donald Trump, here, I’ll show you.

Speaker 5: (02:19:52)
So this is Donald Trump kissing Rudy Giuliani.

Speaker 6: (02:20:05)
You do on conditional victory against them. Here’s lots of buzz over Rudy Giuliani’s in passion speech at the Republican National Convention. There’s no black America. There’s no white America. There is [inaudible].

Speaker 22: (02:20:22)
Now look what we’ve uncovered. It’s Giuliani showing his softer side, dressed in drag in a comedy skit with Donald Trump. You know, you’re really beautiful. This book was filmed 16 years ago when Giuliani was mayor of New York for a charity dinner. So it was all in. Good fun though. You dirty boy you oh, oh. [inaudible] boy you,

Speaker 5: (02:20:48)
oh, it’s for a charity dinner, so it’s all good fun. Okay. There you go. You’ve got Donald Trump, his face with his mullet here. His face buried in the chest of Rudy Giuliani.

Speaker 13: (02:21:01)

Speaker 5: (02:21:02)
Are you voting for that?

Speaker 13: (02:21:04)

Speaker 5: (02:21:07)
Infinite plane society. Are you voting for Donald Trump? Hold on a second. Happens every time. The first call of the night. A Google needs like a minute to think about it. Hey caller, are you voting for John?

Speaker 23: (02:21:26)
No, I’m not voting at all. I was just looking at the split.

Speaker 5: (02:21:31)
Okay. So, um, yeah. What’s your take on um, Isaac Kathy’s death scene? Are you convinced? You sound like you’ve been crying?

Speaker 23: (02:21:41)
I am a little confused on one part of it. Uh, what’s your take on the Tracy Twyman twist of the story? Like, cause I don’t see her as like, I don’t see her as being that big of a star or anything. So now like apparently she’s faking her death and it kind of makes the cappy thing have more credibility slightly. Or like, how does that shit play into it? You know what I mean? Like she’s not like a huge person.

Speaker 5: (02:22:09)
I saw that one. I’m thinking either she’s an opportunist who thinks that she came up with a way to grow their media network. Like I can do it, I can fake my death and say I did it cause I was uncovering NASA and they kept, yeah,

Speaker 23: (02:22:22)

Speaker 5: (02:22:23)
It seems like that could, that could the case or she could be part of the operation and she’s just one of the fake grass roots.

Speaker 23: (02:22:30)
Right. I was the same one. The opportunities for her because also she’s tied in with a quiet Louis and he does that at ground zero. A FM talk, a conspiracy talk show. And uh, yeah, I was listening to him like cover it and he’s like fake crying and all this shit. And it’s like if someone the worst fake crying I’ve probably heard in a while, he’s like sniffling and all this shit. It’s just really bad. But I’m sure it’s on, it’s on, it’s on youtube. I’m sure if somebody wants to go check it out, been even now. And I think someone, uh, someone was saying something about, he’s also been known to, uh, he was like faking some illness or some shit like that for ratings. I don’t know. So,

Speaker 5: (02:23:10)
well, you know, this is common. I remember Max Eagan, we were looking into him after we caught him. Schilling for Prime Minister Ding-dong after the New Zealand shooting and Max e Max Eagan, we found him. He actually claimed that he was beaten up by Jews while trying to save a Palestinian and he released a picture of himself with like a fake black guy. I mean,

Speaker 23: (02:23:32)
yeah, yeah, no, for sure. Yeah. Um, I guess opportunities. That sounds correct. Um, cause I’ve been trying to like look into to, to her death, like I haven’t like called Portland cops and I was trying to like ask them a bunch of questions and uh, yeah, I can’t find shit about it. So probably also fake.

Speaker 5: (02:23:51)
Okay. Yeah, that’s what I mean. Like was there a police report? Like, I think that some people can get away with these fake deaths just by saying it and it gets spread by the rumor mill and they create a martyr. But, um, no, it’s probably, I think it’s faked. Uh, Hey, what’d you think of a Mad Mike Hughes on, uh, Kennedy?

Speaker 23: (02:24:10)
Yeah. Candy was totally trying to do a trip him up a little bit there. So he stayed on his toes, loves that. He pointed

Speaker 24: (02:24:19)

Speaker 23: (02:24:21)
free Freemason part. And she shot herself because he’s probably a high mason herself.

Speaker 5: (02:24:26)
That’s what I thought. I was like, okay. She wanted to ridicule him and before she could really take it there, she kind of brought up something inconvenient. It’s probably this probably like a, a rule at Fox. You can’t talk about that unless you’re smirking while you talk about it.

Speaker 23: (02:24:41)
Yeah. Yeah. And she started raising a little bit until they just cut them off. But uh, you know, um,

Speaker 5: (02:24:49)
yeah, no, I was gonna say, now, one more thing here. Um, this, um, Isaac happys, um, death scene. Did you see anything about it that was, um, realistic to you or did it look like made for TV?

Speaker 23: (02:25:04)
Oh, that was obviously a training video apparently, you know, uh, perfect angles on the cameras, the passport thing, that’s just ridiculous. Why would you have your passport with you? Um, I guess like a Tracey Twyman tries to connect some shit about that on her, uh, last her, what’s it called when they, uh, the little desk switch or whatever.

Speaker 5: (02:25:29)
When you young, you really switch. Yeah,

Speaker 23: (02:25:35)
she, she like released a video that just so happened, so like actually touch on like, you know, more of the story, the details of the story. And so apparently Kathy might’ve been trying to go out there to, uh, investigate something that she was on too with, uh, people that were allegedly gang stalking her, also investigating the peto stuff. And so, uh, she was in touch with him and so he was out there trying to look into this campsite camp ground where, uh, I don’t know, they got the address from some, uh, alleged gang soccer, some shit like that. But basically it’s just like reinforcing more than,

Speaker 5: (02:26:17)
this is interesting. It’s the same thing with like a Mike Cernovich. Okay. We trolled him once where yeah, we were just like, we gave him 350 thumbs down and we said in a super chat say that you love flat earth or we won’t reverse the thumbs ups. And he was like screaming, it’s the pedophiles, it’s the pedophiles. And so they get, they get this psychotic or paranoid frame of reference where like, yeah, we’re being persecuted. And my thing is, all right Kathy, you got evidence, you got the dirt on these people. Why did you open a youtube channel? Why didn’t you create that video and just name names and release it. And same thing with Andrew Breitbart. Why did he say I’ve got the video that will bring down Obama and stop them from being reelected and the next thing you know, Bam, he gets faked killed. So

Speaker 23: (02:27:07)
right. And I’ll tell it like he has all this money and it’s like, okay, you got all this money, you know, you’re an actor and shit. So it’s like, uh, go hire a bunch of pis and start recording some of these mother fucker and you ain’t gotta do it. Like legitimately, you know, like I don’t get it.

Speaker 5: (02:27:23)
Well, if I ever fake my death, you’re just going to see my car at the bottom of a ditch. Like I’m going to roll it off. I’m not going to do one of these dramatic things cause it just leaves too much for people to analyze. He should’ve just drowned or something.

Speaker 23: (02:27:34)
Right, right. Or like a fiery crash or something that Burns everything out. Yup.

Speaker 5: (02:27:40)
Yeah. Well Anyway, um, praise Capsi or cappy excuse me. You know, [inaudible] be hustle because you know, any one of these death bakers that blows it gives us an opportunity to expose the sigh up industrial complex. So, you know, I’m all for these goofballs thinking they can pull a fast one in front of us. Right,

Speaker 23: (02:28:02)
right. And that’s how I saw Clyde Lewis when he was talking about Tracy Twyman. I was like, all right, well if there was any question now you just totally blew it with this fake a little, uh, act you just put on the radio. Like it’s really bad. Like people have to go check it out. It’s that bad. Like he’s sniffling like a lot and just trying to sound all somber and shit. But yeah, that’s pretty much all I know. Uh, I guess bad flooded, who knows a lot more he should probably call into

Speaker 5: (02:28:30)
when you continue to investigate this and call out the Q and onto her crying about it. All right. Thanks.

Speaker 23: (02:28:36)
Right. All right, let’s

Speaker 5: (02:28:37)
cue. And Unbelievers, um, think that they’ve got something here and a lot of them are watching that footage and they’re saying it’s very graphic. Sit Down, uh, take it in small segments. Like they’re really playing it up. And what are you really seeing? Nothing. Don’t see anything. You just see a dummy under a sheet and they didn’t bother to cover the thing and fake blood. There’s no gore, there’s no guts. There’s no trauma apparent. I mean, the whole thing, it looks faked. Obviously it’s faked and the actors were consciously, consciously doing everything in front of the body Cam. So it’s coming from the body Cam. It’s got to be real. It’s Kinda like CCTV, like, oh, it’s closed circuit television. It can’t be anything but objective, you know, and like they did with the Nipsey hussle death. It was while the video is the proof, what are you going to do argue with the video? And I’m saying yes, you know, absolutely.

Speaker 5: (02:29:39)
It’s not evidenced in itself. And so I’m looking at this and yeah, the evidence or the video, the only thing you can really tell us is that you got a bunch of guys hanging out doing a drill with a dummy. Um, uh,s purported to be a dead body, but again, unlikely. Okay. So a couple of other things we were talking about, um, you know, one of the things I’m doing here is calling out this, this savior, this political savior, Donald Trump as just another actor on the world stage. And it’s alarming that so many people are ready to vote for him. This is where it’s at. It says passport on Hell Oh, passport to hell. Oh, I get it. They found his passport on route 66 they’re trolling us. Yeah, I think you’re absolutely right about that. I mean, look, it’s, it’s scripted. You know, he fell 22 feet, that probably means something. He was 42, it was 42 days after Tom Hanks instagrammed a picture of roadkill on route 66.

Speaker 5: (02:30:49)
I’m just checking through the space news really quick. Uh, Russia may send Saudi Ashlyn off to space. NASA is pushing it back until 2024 launch day. So right now, like as we speak, you know, this is the three day anniversary of the thing and this is all here. Look, this is all they’re talking about. Apollo 11, July 17th, 1969 course correction to reach the moon. So for them to bring mad Mike on tonight was perfect because yeah, he doesn’t believe it. And you know, she’s like, oh, it’s because the pictures, which isn’t it, he said it’s because they’re a bunch of lying Freemasons.

Speaker 5: (02:31:36)
Well, the reason I said Capsi hustle by the way is you’re looking at two different individuals. But they’re playing the same role. You know, archetypes. They’re, they’re martyrs. And these are stents. They’re designed. These are psychological operations that are designed to achieve a certain purpose, a very specific purpose. Okay. I’m going through a discord to see this. Anything we’ve missed, we already covered capsys fake death or cappies fake death ohm ad nauseum. I think. Um, it was basically scripted, I think totally faked. Um, his acting was pretty bad and I think it was all done to reinforce the idea that we’re dealing with a, a cult of blood drinkers who are on the Democrat side.

Speaker 5: (02:32:28)
This is where it’s out, says the geometric guy, Zach. He’s going to know what 22 feet means you all 20 twos. The master number, like, yeah, there’s, there’s stuff he could extrapolate from it. And we do, I mean, we predicted a big deal going down on three 11 and you had that Ethiopian flight. Now the space station didn’t go down on seven, seven as we had hoped, but they did talk about de orbiting it and dropping it in the ocean. Okay? Oh by the way, I go to infinite plane, you got to see this. I’ve been getting a lot of reactions from people over this for some reason. So I, I uh, published a book called God is a narcissist and it’s a book. It is short. It’s about 30 some pages in print. I wrote it a couple of years ago and I just now this week got around to publishing the thing and I’ve been getting messages on Facebook.

Speaker 5: (02:33:22)
So here’s one from Jason, uh, laugh, Adele. He says, do me one favor, Tim, when you’re burning in hell for all of eternity, for your rejection of the Bible, please think of me continually and me saying, I told you so and I told you so. I don’t want you to wallow in random dismay. I want you to have your focused consternation or you can just repent and go to heaven. It’s your choice. Like I’m getting these extortionists threats left and right. Like, well, you know, you’re going to be chopped up by demons and dismembered in hell forever and separated from everybody that you love or, or you can play ball with us. I’m like, well damn, do I really want to play ball with these guys who are ready to have me drawn and quartered? Do I want to sign on the contract that I want to go hang with them under duress? MVP Says Equity Hubbard is a t f r shill agent and complete bullshit.

Speaker 5: (02:34:30)
Um, I would say, uh, I agree with the agent and show. I don’t think it’s complete bullshit. I think it’s non-sequitur most of the time. I don’t think that Demetria is a thing that could be used as any form of investigation. I do think that pattern recognition is important and there is meaning, there are patterns. So I do appreciate the kind of research I guess, but you know, to me it’s questionable whether it has any real value. I think auto hoaxing makes a lot more sense. It’s more logical. All we’re doing is we’re shifting the burden of proof. We’re not running to conclusions that presuppose the existence of the devil or of ’em. And I dunno where he is on it, but I assume he’s probably anti Jew.

Speaker 5: (02:35:17)
X-Box z says Ronnie and Johnny have a window looking business. Oh yeah. Awake souls. And what’s the other guy’s name? Events. Skeptic. Uh, Ronnie and Johnny. Yeah. They do have a window looking business out there in Canada. You know, they’re one of the reasons why I was ready to just jettison Canada in exchange for Australia. Isn’t it amazing how like a couple bad apples, you just ruin it for everybody. Okay. So God is a narcissist of construct. Elites created the Bible and purposefully made God into a raging narcissist. This is the same concept demonstrated in the construct of big brother in Orwell’s 1984 God is therefore a proxy by which those who control religions control your mind. How much control they have depends on how much you give them. So that’s the basic premise of the book. God is a narcissist. Now in paperback, I will put a link below or better yet just get it from infinite plain

Speaker 5: (02:36:30)
Okay, so we’ve been on here for a couple of hours. I’m going to go ahead and, uh, kill it. Now. I’ve actually got to get something done here. I’ve got a, uh, I guess it’s, um, an audition for the audio book. So the paperbacks out, the kindles out, but I’m having someone read it for me, haven’t decided on, on. Um, let me, you can kind of pick and choose, you know, age range, you know, male, female, authoritative, comedic, good timing. They have all these different categories. So on go check it out. I’m going to see what the auditions, I have two different people have audition for it. And so the audio book should be out in like, I think seven to 10 days if I get on it now and have it produced. So I’m going to be a possibly back later. This is one eye jack and the shows death to the globe.

Speaker 5: (02:37:27)
This is where it’s at. So Zack has no value, but it’s interesting. I think there’s a code. He’s scratching the surface. Hey look, I like everybody’s research. I like the fact that he’s digging. I just don’t agree with his conclusions. Yeah, you can call in. Um, right now I’ll have time for one more call. I suppose I am going to be taking calls again. This is the thing we’ve been um, kicked around, booted from Youtube again and again. It’s been very difficult to maintain a yeah. Cool. Yeah. Yeah. Constant flow and to maintain the integrity of our think tank cause they keep bombing it. You know, we go from one cave to the next, the Predator drones come in [inaudible] and that’s because they are whoever we’re contradicting usually. Huge problem with us anyway. It looks like Google isn’t really cooperating with me. I can hear my phone ringing, but anyway, I’m going to take calls again later. More than likely again to try to pick this back up tomorrow. I’ve got to do something. Computer is kind of a choked up at the moment and look, once we get a bigger audience, once we get it back, I will have back to back calls. But as it is right now, it’s crazy. People can’t find us. A lot of people haven’t, um, tuned in since June, since they censored us for, I think the first time it was hurting Mike Tyson’s feelings.

Speaker 20: (02:40:52)
[inaudible] says [inaudible] we’ll [inaudible] the Milky Way. [inaudible] styles always stay on the same goals with the [inaudible]. [inaudible] is floating.

Speaker 21: (02:42:27)

Speaker 20: (02:42:28)
may she [inaudible]

Speaker 21: (02:42:35)

Speaker 20: (02:42:37)


#IPR Transcripts 7/15 GOD IS A NARCISSIST

 Speaker 1: (00:00)
No [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (00:08)

Speaker 3: (00:23)

Speaker 4: (02:14)
This is Auntie priest by Cindia off 2019 Tara it Cognito anti priest anti priest is kind of the theme for today because today I just submitted for publication. God is a narcissist. It’s actually a book. I actually drafted it two years ago and I didn’t have time to really do anything with it and finally I took out my notes and I typed it out and it’s not a long book, it’s just about 30 something pages. It’s a Siri. It’s, it’s basically making the case that a god of the Bible is actually a construct created by the elite and it’s persona is narcissistic intentionally. No different than big brother who’s basically the God in the book 1984 and they created the God as a narcissist because the dynamic there turns you the believer into a codependent and a codependent is a mental slave to the narcissist. Believers are codependents priests are narcissists. God is one as well because that’s the type of construct that it is. Just like the servants of big brothers, police state are all the same type of totalitarian. They’re all this, they’re all working for the same system no matter how high or how low, what even the lowly priests are essentially narcissistic because that’s the institution that they’re upholding.

Speaker 4: (03:49)
Infinite plane,

Speaker 5: (03:53)

Speaker 4: (03:53)
Those of you on d live, um, your chats are also being relayed over to youtube. I have a new channel if you want to check it out. If not, it doesn’t matter. Youtube channels as you know, are a dime a dozen and they don’t last. No. If you see anything worth saying. My last one was taken down after initiating one minor chat raid, we went onto a one more orbit, which was a, a farce to say in the least. Basically it was a group of astronauts and a few pilots taking a loop around the world in make believe CG island, all green screen, all fake. And they said, yeah, we’re just making a loop around the world to celebrate and commemorate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. So I go into the chat room and I say, Hey, there’s captain vert, a acrobat, greenscreen actor and s and a scuba diver cause I’ll astronauts are scuba divers.

Speaker 4: (04:45)
And I also said con man. Anyway, they not only banned my account off that chat, but they actually went to youtube and had my home Google account pulled my first day on the job and all I did again was I insulted a colonel who works for NASA. And again, they’re just kernels in a movie. It’s, it’s that bad. Or in the Sy war, I guess, you know, if you really want to be honest about it, we’re dealing with a military operation and these are sigh war specialists. So yeah, I mean Scott Kelly, a don petite, these guys are dorks. But no, you know what actually, they’re high level operatives. They’re military occupation. Specialty happens to be psychological warfare. They’re only pretending to go to space. I mean, yeah, they’re nominally astronauts, but there’s really no such thing. They made pilots. They are scuba divers. That is a requirement.

Speaker 4: (05:35)
You know, they do in fact train for outer space underwater as if that makes any sense. And what a perfect cover story for why would they need a scale model of the space station in a desalinated pool? You know, could it be that they’re faking space in the same way that they simulate space for training purposes? Absolutely. We know that’s what they do. There’s no question about it. The space station is a movie, a reality TV show presented as news. It’s actually just science fiction. And I’ve been thinking about fiction itself lately and its role in shaping public perceptions and it just seems like they, the old world order used religious fictions and histories, which are largely fictional in the sense that they’re adapted to suit the needs of whoever’s telling that particular story. It’s like whose story is history? And today these have been replaced by a mass medias stories and fictions.

Speaker 4: (06:41)
And even if the story happens to be true, it does rest a top and edifice of lies. So it doesn’t matter how honest you are, how pure your intentions are. If you go work for one of these mainstream news outlets, you’re a spokesman for an inherently a dishonest operation where nothing you say can actually be said to be true. If you’re basing what you’re saying off what they’ve told you. So for example, if your assessment of crime on America includes all their fake shootings, staged shootings, fake news, well then you’re not exactly connected to the reality you’re reporting on.

Speaker 4: (07:21)
And I’m just talking about how people become extensions or stooges of a higher authority without even knowing it. In fact, this book, it, um, it actually, the book is called God is a narcissist. I’m sorry. There’s no question. Let me go and change that. It’s not, it’s got a narcissist. God is a narcissist. Okay. So, uh, the concept behind this book, basically that is, um, let me get back to what we were originally on about, because I do want to take calls on this. I’ve been on Facebook dealing with a lot of Christians telling me I’m going to go to hell. I’m going to be judged. I had Jason Jason Loften Burger from awake souls, um, on my Facebook page saying, who are you to dismiss the authority of the Bible? And I’m like, it’s a book written by man, by the elite. It’s a construct. This God is a construct used to, can make you controllable.

Speaker 4: (08:17)
It’s like big brother. It’s the cop they put in your head and he’s like, you know, you’re going to be judged and you’re going to turn a lot of people away from God and they’re all going to burn two. Is that what you want? A big fire and hell. And I’m like, wow. You know, these people are like, how can you even take sides with God if that’s how he is? I don’t fear their God, but they are God fearing if they’re true believers. Cause God is someone you should fear. And that’s part of what the books about God is a narcissist is about how like all narcissists, uh, he has a good face that he shows the public and that would be Jesus. That’s the public face, the pacifist, the nice, but the one who floods the places, the genocidal guy who will turn you into a pillar of salt. That one, uh, that guy is the one that you only see behind closed doors. And in instances of what is called narcissistic rage or God’s wrath, typical, you know, to face deity. And so you have these Christians who are basically placed into a state of codependency where like people who are in abusive relationships, they defend their abuser and the abuse is largely psychological.

Speaker 5: (09:28)

Speaker 4: (09:28)
So you’re going to psychologically accept that you’re loving creator. I’m also tortures and main goals and uh, mutilates souls for eternity, for not obeying him. Like how can you reconcile that in your head, this good guy, bad guy thing. It’s so dramatic. This, uh, hold on a second. Let me go and turn my ringer on. I didn’t want to open my phones, um, specifically because a lot of these Christians on youtube are really not cool with what I’m saying. And what I’m telling them is that your God of Your Bible is an elite construct and it’s actually a false explanation for what this place is and what we are. Just like the globe is a false explanation for the world we live on and it’s an elite construct. Each of these constructs has a specific area of your mind that it will control.

Speaker 4: (10:25)
The Globe construct is to control you geographically where you are, where you can go. The God construct gives you a whole lot of false explanations and so now everything that they’ve claimed needs to be called into question. Is there a hell while the proponents of this God construct say so is there a heaven and so on? Okay, hold on a second. Got an email here tonight is burning man at the White House? No, I’m going to play this voicemail. Actually, why don’t you call back her because this sounds fascinating. I’ve been thinking about how this whole a space station thing is going to be played out. So it didn’t go down on seven, seven as we thought. But what did happen is there was discussions about de orbiting the thing and dropping it into the ocean. It was talked about and already they’re trying to move the space program to the next stage. And here’s the thing,

Speaker 4: (11:32)
astro theologically speaking in terms of, you know, how they will say they, I mean NASA, how they use the names of their gods with these rockets and what these missions, uh, there’s a story being told like in, in my way of looking at it, the Apollo mission represents the conception. Um, cause we’re moving into the new age, the age that’s the conception. Um, Saturn, Apollo, obvious the moon, the goddess, the impregnation of the goddess, the capsule, the astronauts being, you know, all symbolic of carrying the seed of humanity to the next phase. Well then the next part is low earth orbit and the space station. And so, um, you know, station, the word station etymologically derives from a word, meaning a place of pilgrimage. A temple. So we have a space them,

Speaker 6: (12:22)
it was built. There we go.

Speaker 4: (12:26)
And I think that the last 33 years has been the gestation. Hey color.

Speaker 7: (12:33)

Speaker 4: (12:34)
Hey, I’m, I kinda got your, your voicemail, but I wanted to just go ahead and hear it from you directly on what’s up with the burning man.

Speaker 7: (12:40)
Oh, wrong guy.

Speaker 4: (12:43)
Wrong guy.

Speaker 7: (12:44)
Yeah, I didn’t say anything about burning man, my friend.

Speaker 4: (12:47)
Oh, anyway, continue. Uh, what’s, what’s up with ’em? What are you calling about?

Speaker 7: (12:51)
Oh, I was going to, uh, maybe extend the conversation about, um, about religion while you were talking about it in your new book.

Speaker 4: (12:59)
Oh, sure. Go ahead and note. And if you don’t mind, Mute your speaker and you have, the book is called God is a narcissist. It will be on Amazon in about three days.

Speaker 7: (13:08)
Give me a second to nudist speaker. I’ve got to go close to it. So I may make a sound and I turn it off. Hold on about religion while you were taught. Okay. It’s off better.

Speaker 4: (13:19)
Yeah. That’s cool. Yeah. So, uh, the book, God is a narcissist. I just published it. I’m right now, I’m looking for someone to do the audio book and then I’m actually right now infinite planes, you can read it free for the next couple of days. Oh cool. So what do you think about my notion here that the god of the Bible is a construct by the elite intended to turn believers into codependence?

Speaker 7: (13:45)
Well, I think that you’re going to have a lot of argument from people who think that they know that thing called religion. And when they say that, well I know religion, I think that your response might be great. A great response with the, excuse me would be to point out that there’s 35 to 5,000 different religions on the planet. Which ones do you know?

Speaker 4: (14:08)
I like that you’re right because I was talking to a guy on Facebook today who said that, you know, you don’t know what I know about reality cause you’re not a born again Christian. And I’m like, well you’re just a Christian supremacist because I mean isn’t that pretty ethnocentric, you know, to say that your religion is the right one when there are so many.

Speaker 7: (14:25)
Oh my goodness. Absolutely. And another thing, as you pointed out, when you know what I’m saying, they’re going to say you’re going to hell boy. Cause there’s some kind of, does having something against one of the bibles, you can be very easily pointed out that there’s over 110 different ones. Which ones are you saying that I should believe it? I mean that has to be a point. A good point too. I would think.

Speaker 4: (14:46)
Right. And I had a comment or today even say that the existence of hell doesn’t logically follow from the Old Testament and and even in the New Testament, it’s very questionable. Is it a place of torment? And he was suggesting that our concept of hell was actually invented by the Italian poet, Dante. Ella Gehry who wrote the divine comedy.

Speaker 8: (15:08)
Well you know what it sure did.

Speaker 7: (15:10)
The thing is it’s just some control when it comes to religion. So, so they’re going to put down what, how they want you to act and what you, they want you to believe. You know what I’m saying? It’s like they don’t have too many religions that say overthrow the government.

Speaker 4: (15:23)
Hey, that isn’t that an interesting connection there. There aren’t too many are there? There aren’t any. In fact, what is it a render unto Caesar? [inaudible]

Speaker 7: (15:31)
there you go. I’ll give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s share.

Speaker 4: (15:34)
And even today, the atheist thing, oh, well we’ve risen above this. And it’s like, no, you haven’t because atheist today are the most, um, I think the most brainwashed when it comes to global warming and climate chaos. And in a sense they’re god fearing as a result because the behaviors of the nonbelievers jeopardized their life and the world. So they’re god fearing and they’re the ones going around judging and preaching and demanding people change their ways.

Speaker 7: (16:01)
Well, I, I have maybe an interesting perspective on this because I used to be an atheist for many, many years. Um, we do have to understand that scientism is a religion also. You know, it’s a belief structure where you go ahead and you believe that there are peers among you that should always believe no matter what they say, no matter who they are concerning, you know, astrology and astronomy and history, when that just isn’t always so well you should never, you should always go through the information yourself and you should make your own decisions and that. So the whole problem is just lying belief and blind faith in my opinion.

Speaker 4: (16:44)
Yeah, you’re right about that. And it’s important to make that distinction between science as ideology or religion. And because religion, if you just take spirituality of spirituality out of it completely, it’s really just a worldview that is considered to be the best by its group. So, uh, yeah, the science today, the way it’s discussed, it’s become a worldview and it’s been separated from the methodology. So people say, well, religion beliefs were created and science believes we came from monkeys. Well, no, science doesn’t believe that certain scientists using science, scientism or pseudoscience believe it, but no science doesn’t have any beliefs. It’s a methodology and they’ve purposefully conflated the two and they have turned it into a secular religion. And like I said, it’s an atheist, very core of the new church ladies.

Speaker 8: (17:29)

Speaker 4: (17:30)
The atheists are like the new church ladies.

Speaker 7: (17:33)
They really are. I was actually on, I got actually banned. It was actually awesome because you know, I got in these, um, you know, a bunch of, a bunch of discussions with these guys because, you know what I’m saying? I’m not a Christian personally. I, I do believe in a, and I only believe in a guy because I want to, I believe in the god of love. And I know maybe that sounds strange, but I do believe that love very likely is one of the highest, um, intelligences and intentions that we can, we can get, you know, perhaps, uh, you know, I don’t know. Was it like David likes book unconditional love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion. Something around that, if you know what I mean.

Speaker 4: (18:14)
Yeah. I like a lot of his work. I liked what he had to say with tales from the time loop. And he does make that case about how there’s a spectrum love and fear and they hold us in fear and that hides us from our own nature. And I agree with that. And the thing is the god of the Bible is narcissistic and like all narcissists, the love is conditional. Oh, you bet the apple get the fuck out, you know?

Speaker 7: (18:35)
Well, yeah. Again, how could that be? I mean it just seems so almost childish, doesn’t it seem like you’re just not looking at things? And I’m saying with open eyes as you should with your intelligence and mind open. And I think a lot of that has to do is with people being allowed to in thrust this on their children at a young age and claim that it’s their right to be able to, hey, it’s my kid, I can do it. Fuck I want with it. And I think that that is, that’s an issue that we need to have a big talk about because it’s just like if you’re, you’re training your kid to be a Vegan. And all of a sudden, you know what I’m saying, her hair starts falling off in there. Their bones are getting all brittle because you’re not getting any protein or right amount of fats in them. You know, and people, society should have a discussion. I’m not, you know what I’m saying? I’m not interim statism and I actually would be more of an anarchist if I had to admit to it, but that don’t mean I don’t think we should have rules and rules for parents upon their children. Because you know, if, if the world’s, you look at, look at them all as our children, I think,

Speaker 4: (19:38)
well, the thing is, um, I think what we need to focus on the most is individual rights. And I’m a bit, I’m definitely with you on the anarchies thing when it comes to, um, the role of government. And as long as you’re protecting individual rights, I’m including those of children, the elderly, every race, every, you know, sub gender, whatever you’re covered. You don’t have to like separate it by group. So it’s like they have, um, one particular special interest group takes an interest because of this group’s oppressed. Well, what they’re doing is they’re overemphasizing one group over individuals and then the individual can then be punished by that group. So like hate crimes, for example, I’ve been convicted of multiple hate crimes. I’ve been kicked off of Youtube many times for, uh, bullying. Right? Yet, no bully victim has ever come out and said, I feel bullied. It’s just that me, the individual speaking apparently said something that could offend this entire group. So the idea of group rights has been really used to a face individual rights and it’s really, that’s what politicians do anyway. They pander to groups and I cannot find politicians who don’t do that, which pretty much to me makes them all statists in sense.

Speaker 7: (20:48)
Well, yeah, I mean, sure, of course they got the job. You’ve got a common status, you know, you can’t be a judge, not call yourself a state. This is just no other fucking way. I mean, there’s just no way around that. You are supporting the very state as bringing everybody’s rights under the ground, into the ground.

Speaker 4: (21:05)
Yeah, that’s a good point. And I, I kind of view taxation is theft. Um, because it’s under false pretenses. You’re right, great. Now we’re paying taxes because of climate change. And to me that’s philosophically and ethically that’s no different than paying taxes because we want to keep God from raging on us. And so we’re paying because a syntax, for example, like literal syntaxes, nobody would stand for that if the Westboro Baptist Church said, we’re going to legislate morality and make you pay if you commit these sins. But the environmentalist’s have succeeded by using fear of glow, but to replace this fear of God and it’s worked

Speaker 7: (21:46)
well. I do have a perspective and I don’t know if it 100% aligns with yours, but I, I would hope you wouldn’t mind if I did give it.

Speaker 4: (21:52)
Yeah, please.

Speaker 7: (21:53)
Okay. Well, the way I look at things, it does break down to when the original constitution was. And Congress was thrown into the trash right after the civil war with the district of Columbia acts of 1871. And we had a reorganization, uh, because of bankruptcy, um, with a corporation taking over nationally. All of a sudden started becoming a, uh, corporatism and fascism started taking over. So what they did do then is they tried to tell us all the story was about freeing black people from slavery when the truth of the matter was they were going to make everyone slaves by raising equity to a 14th amendment status. So it was a raised for the black people, but a lowering for the white people. Everybody else

Speaker 4: (22:38)
that doesn’t, yeah, that doesn’t shock me. I’ve heard that before. And the more I look at the ultimate goal of environmentalism, it seems like, you know what, they’ll use any pretense they can to get people to sign a dotted line somewhere saying, yeah, I agree to this and we’re losing that particular struggle here as they ramp up the hysteria about the sky falling. [inaudible]

Speaker 7: (23:01)
well, absolutely. It’s, um, as far as the sky falling, you mean, was this a plasma catastrophe due around the corner or what do you mean by that or do you,

Speaker 4: (23:11)
well, I’m talking about chief of NASA. Jim and Stein has been saying for weeks now that there is going to be asteroids pummeling the earth that could wipe us out. And he said we can’t treat it as fiction. And they actually ran NASA, FEMA Esa drills for asteroids. And so, you know, if they can get the public to believe that that’s even a possible, they’ll pull it off and the public will agree to basically, um, live in a state of national emergency.

Speaker 7: (23:41)
Not Hard, not hard. Any old Fosse legs seems to work fine. I’m devops for the people who don’t want to think to themselves.

Speaker 4: (23:48)
Exactly. That’s the key. They don’t want to think for themselves. They take the news word for it. And the worst ones I think are the apathetic ones who say, well, I’m not really someone who watches the news. And it’s like, well, then when they pull off a signup, you’re in no position to deconstruct it.

Speaker 7: (24:05)
Oh No, I really don’t watch. I don’t know that. I mean there’s a difference between watching TV and looking for the news. Cause I don’t like to make an opinion until I see many sides of the argument, not just two sides. I’d like to see a whole three dimensional picture as much as I can have the people who hate the subject, loved the subject and are empathetic about the subject and then make my decision, you know, I kinda like to get a nice three d model or what the fuck’s going on, you know?

Speaker 4: (24:31)
Well, what do you think about the, um, like I know what you mean. Like we talk about politicians being, you know, evil and wicked and this story now is they all drink. Um, adrenochrome and so I’m ask people about this and generally people are like, yeah, that’s true. And so then I asked them, well, does, um, Hillary Clinton drink blood? And they say yes. And I ask, does Donald Trump? And they say no, because most of the people who believe that happened to be kind of partisan about it. So, um, what are your thoughts on Q and on in this pizzagate thing and all that?

Speaker 7: (25:04)
Well, before we lose your last sentence, I just want to point a little nice little tidbit out that I’m, the last Google product was chrome and I think the one after before and I’m not sure which was called the Durino. So I mean that’s a, that’s pretty strange. You gotta say that’s worth knowing.

Speaker 4: (25:22)
Oh it is. I mean, what are you going to, I mean, how can you discount the fact that you got the triple six on there? The Gmail logo is a Mesonic Apron, the blue g, you know, g mail and it’s written all over the

Speaker 8: (25:35)
[inaudible] guys. Huh? So it makes sense.

Speaker 4: (25:39)
I wonder like, well what is it then? What do we actually, uh,

Speaker 7: (25:42)
yeah, I mean y’all, this was a file sharedness say tannic stuff and it all, it really means we got a corruptness going on now that we have a hard time still good people have a hard time even Phantom Ang. So they just shut off the whole news. Cause you know they have a hard time believing that people are eating kids.

Speaker 4: (25:59)
Well I just w here’s what I watch out for. I watch out for hyperbole used as a cover to cover something up that’s still pretty bad, but a little more mundane, you know, sensationalism as a cover, which is what the elite will do. And for a time there I considered, well maybe those leaked emails about, you know, from Podesta were leaked intentionally to cover up something a little more mundane, more actionable. But time will tell because I’m still waiting to actually see results from this as far as like all the speculation, you know, show me a celebrity eating a baby. But then you do see what’s her name? Andrena Abramovich or whatever.

Speaker 7: (26:37)

Speaker 8: (26:38)
I might’ve seen it [inaudible] talking about, I don’t know, spirit cooking. Oh remember

Speaker 4: (26:44)
the spirit cooking? It came out where these, a lot of Democrats do like to eat I guess, um, food fashioned into the form of human beings, which is kinda like gross.

Speaker 7: (26:53)
Oh my God. You know. Yeah, it’s absolutely crazy. And then you go ahead and look at that a while. You saw the Alex Jones special, I’m sure everybody pretty much has, who’s, who looks into anything. What’s his going over to that place where they all hang out, you know?

Speaker 4: (27:08)
Oh yeah, the Bohemian Grove. We just missed that meeting up a couple weeks ago. I am in to see what was going on this year. Who was invited? The thing is, uh, Alex Jones, his Buddy Charlie Sheen’s dad is a, is a Knight Knight of Columbus and a Bohemian Grover. It’s likely Jones was not sneaking in, but he was allowed in, uh, cause he’s an insider. But on this topic of ritual cannibalism, this was actually part of the book. Oh, okay. Okay. God is a narcissist. Um, well basically the idea here is just like with communism, the ritual is sell is making a celebration of the individual being expendable for the good of the group. [inaudible] and that’s the basic moral cannibalism, uh, behind this religion. And it’s behind all statism. I think it’s moral cannibalism. Individuals can be sacrificed for the mob and the mob. This is why I’m a, I’ve always been, I’m wary of the, uh, the left is they like to gin up the mob on base emotions like envy and like, Oh, the 99% oughta take from the 1% make everything equal.

Speaker 4: (28:13)
And Anyway, uh, that whole philosophy though is inherent, I think in the ritual cannibalism where you’re all, imagine you’re stuck in a cave somewhere. There’s 13 of you. One guy says, all right, you guys will live, but you’re gonna have to eat my flesh and drink my blood, but I’ll do it so that you can live. And that’s like a virtuous thing. It’s a big, it’s, um, okay, well look, he sacrificed himself for us. And you can see it’s noble in a sense, but that’s the story of like, this vicarious sacrifice is only noble until you realize that everybody in the group is then expected to be a sacrificial victim on some level or at some point or to be ready to.

Speaker 7: (28:50)
Sure. It sounds good. And I saw the, uh, the falling down to the pub at one movie with the fallen down or the plane, can’t remember what it’s called though. Um, and they started cannibalizing each other, you know, uh, when they were stuck up and wherever they’re stuck and the snow and mountains and couldn’t be saved. And I don’t know, 60 to 90 days later they’re a child down a bunch of their friends. Yeah.

Speaker 4: (29:13)
Well those are, those are, um, extreme examples, but I know what you mean. But what I’m talking about specifically is how they’ve turned this like sacrament and it’s like, well, is it really sacred when you’re dealing with vampirism and cannibalism? Is there any way you can dress that up to where it’s not some sort of a cult programming getting you to just say or to, um, almost, um, well they do in fact, DFI, the sacrificial victim. It’s like a cult. And I’m saying that martyrs don’t actually have the moral high ground. I think it’s very destructive and I think there are better ways to do things and I think that the more susceptible you are to this empathy with this person who died for you, this more ingrained guilt and you have, the more you’re going to feel like you have to do it for somebody else. It’s a cult of self sacrifice, a death cult.

Speaker 9: (30:04)
Well, I mean there is family and Andy, right there is family and you will do whatever you can for someone that you absolutely love. You know, if you got to, you got a little girl, there’s PR, there’s no doubt in pretty much anyone’s mind is that little girl was about to be hit by a car. You would jump, push your eyes away and have no problem being hit by that car to save somebody you loved whoever it was, even it was your best buddy from, you know what I’m saying, from whatever you know. So there is family, but there is a rationalism too.

Speaker 4: (30:32)
Yeah. Well that’s, that’s even not a sacrifice though. If you’re voluntarily giving it because you value that person’s life more than your own at that moment and you’re willing to do it, that’s a trade off. It’s not the same as a sacrifice. A sacrifice is actually an act of theft like taxation versus charity. You know, you’re giving because you can versus they’re taking from you because you can’t stop them. And so on,

Speaker 9: (30:55)
like from like the um, from the latest elitist point of view saying, well I have a right to take care of it cause every artist needs that type of thing. Where I was talking from the personal meaning you point of view and someone close, Joe said that we would, we would, we would share and give what we have. So we all rise that type of things. Where I was coming from that, that, that standpoint,

Speaker 4: (31:17)
well they use both. They tap into that noble instinct that we have, you know, just to preserve our own and to protect the loved ones. They tap into that and make you think the true way to exercise that is this altruism. But they make it pathological altruism like sure. And you know it, yeah. They get you with like your patriotism, like who can argue with that? Well, I can argue with it if what you’re fighting against, um, doesn’t exist or if, if the events were provoked or if the war isn’t actually just, if you look at how things are manipulating on your scenes. Again, it brings us back to the whole idea that, you know, if you’re part of the system, you’re serving the state in any capacity, you’re a status. And I think that’s really the enemy here. And I think that God is basically the state, you know, it represents the will of the state. It’s a construct,

Speaker 9: (32:11)
very likely. Cause I think there’s a difference and it should, it should be stated there, like me pursuing, like I said, I come from maybe a different standpoint where I believe in a creator and I have to, to hold integrity within myself. I have to believe that possibly that creator became at all or he was no longer or there was multiple creators. So that brings up a logical, you know, um, more discrepancies you can put on the table

Speaker 7: (32:40)
where you don’t, you know, they change it all from polytheism to monotheism and then, you know what I’m saying? And then that’s all that’s allowed. It seems like, you know. Yeah,

Speaker 4: (32:49)
yeah. Good point there about the creator to and possibly multiple creators. You know, I, I don’t discount that. I’m not even really going there because I do have in my own life subjective experience. It tells me that there is, but what I like to do is separate that notion from the Bible, just like the globe as a false explanation for the world we live on. I agree. I think the Bible is a false concept of God.

Speaker 10: (33:18)
I agree.

Speaker 7: (33:20)
I agree personally. I mean, I, I mean, I, I’m not, like I said, I’m not a Christian and I’m, I’m just definitely not gonna start reading on the Kabbalah to become Jewish or reading on Islam and become, you know what I’m saying? Muslim, I just not into the whole mind control religion things. Don’t get me wrong. I like to hear a good story and the new stuff that’s coming out, like from Mudd foster university, the new stuff that’s coming out about the giants and about the giant trees and about earth being a Corey and all that stuff, his brief, the end, even just flat earth. Um, being able to see that there’s no way to prove curvature and rotation. I mean this is important aspects that one might say is in that book, the Bible perhaps. But it really was taken out of context and a whole lot was added to it with different books and less books and everything like from the previous by well before you know the King James version.

Speaker 4: (34:13)
Yeah. At the end, at this point, um, I look at history to the historical narratives that are, you know, taught as like, oh, this is the truth. This was what it was 2000 years ago. I look at that as just a secular religious account. Like it’s a, a pseudo historical, it’s a form of religion in a sense that it forms your worldview. And I reject arguments based on historical events or characters. And so when someone says, of course the world’s of all, all the ancient Greeks knew, I reject that. And in the same way I’ve just taken to rejecting biblical explanations because all we really know is from where we are ground zero and as far as we can discern, you know, back in and forward and it’s not that far and this mud flood thing throws a big wrench into it. But I think it helps clarify things because if there’s any truth to it, it invalidates even further. Not only the histories, but all of the religious holy books that are attached and married to those histories

Speaker 7: (35:10)
and is it ever gives them a whole bunch of trouble. I don’t think they can short it out in my opinion, neither having tartars and all that stuff is so fascinating. And then giants in history. I don’t know if any of the tartars were giants, but they seem like they had a whole lot of electricity and knowledge that got lost perhaps because of cyclic cataclysms that that needs to be a subject on people’s, you know what I’m saying? Discussions, I would say, you know,

Speaker 4: (35:33)
well what

Speaker 7: (35:34)
is that? If that’s true or not, that’s,

Speaker 4: (35:37)
that’s important because if there is such a thing, then it invalidates revelations.

Speaker 7: (35:42)
Pretty sure.

Speaker 4: (35:44)
Yeah. Cause there can’t be any biblical mud flutters cause mud flood and validates the Bible. And that’s why I like it because we need a reset everything and start from ground zero if we’re going to figure out where we are. And then this thing about giants, I was actually looking at this yesterday. I find it fascinating because I read this account of red headed giants in the southwest, uh, living at some caves or something. But I remember from anthropology like one oh one or something, they were talking about the, uh, neanderthal and how these were red headed almost human, like things, but that were, you know, wiped out possibly by man. It was even suggested here. I’m just like, well what is this red headed giant thing? And there’s also a story about some red headed giant spotted in, in Iraq. And have you seen that one?

Speaker 7: (36:27)
Uh, Ganesan maybe you’re talking,

Speaker 4: (36:29)
oh, that’s the one. Afghanistan. Exactly. Yes. So what is with that? I mean definitely a, um, interesting but consistent stories all around.

Speaker 7: (36:40)
Well, I mean, and I know that the, that bring, are you familiar with the mud fossil university guy? Are you familiar with that mud foster guy?

Speaker 4: (36:52)
Oh yes. Actually I am, I’m looking into it. I have seen, um, a number of, um, his videos and I pretty much follow this subject kind of, um, broadly.

Speaker 7: (37:01)
Yeah. You know, I’m not sold on it. I, uh, I find it highly interesting myself and, you know, it seems like he’s on to something that’s a very important, I mean, I don’t know he, but he talks about some things that are very hard to wrap your head around like 800 mile dragons. I mean, I, you know what I’m saying? It’s almost no one’s going to be able to say, okay, are they a hundred mile dragons? You know?

Speaker 4: (37:24)
Right. Well, I do remember the last time I took a flight, I was, um, looking over like the eastern side of New Mexico looking down. And I was like, it does look like a whole lot of giant tree stumps. Huh? I mean, it does. It looks like it. I mean, there is a, that pattern, there is that, and there’s this place called a sky city or an Acoma Pueblo and you can’t really go into it, but you can see it off the road and it’s basically these cliff dwellings. And I’m like, how the hell were people, you know, uh, hundreds of years ago, centuries ago, climbing up these cliffs, these sheer cliffs and carving these dwellings into the cliffs and why would they call it sky city? And also they were known for having an advanced understanding of the procession of the stars and the constellations. Um, everything like they really studied the sky and I’m like, wait, Sky City Yakima, and it looks like a bunch of homes carved into the side of a massive tree stone

Speaker 7: (38:20)
similar to petro. Are you familiar with that, Petra?

Speaker 4: (38:24)
Where’s that?

Speaker 7: (38:25)
Oh, you got to check out Petra? I believe it’s in, um, he, they Lebanon or Jordan, I’m not sure. It’s in one of them, I believe. And they got some of the same stuff over in Saudi Arabia. But then when you look up Petra, you’re going to see that they were somehow three dimensionally carving out rock to make homes out of. And when you see what they carved out a rock, you’d say there’s just no fucking way. This could be done. Just no way buy a hammer and a chisel or really, I just, I really, I think it’s more of a larger issue than even the pyramids when you see what’s over at Petra, check it out. And uh, and I bet you’ll agree the stuff they did there is just absolutely amazing. And the things that you see there are like, they carved 20 foot ceilings. No. Why would they ever do that? They made accesses that were not for human, just to step up unless they went ahead and destroyed, you know, a set of steps that will might’ve been, you know, five to eight feet tall, you know, I mean,

Speaker 4: (39:24)
right. What would be the, what would be the purpose? I W there’s a channel I watch, I don’t know the name of it off hand, but it, he’s an India and he looks at megaliths and he talks about the mythology about giants in the past and that they were successfully smaller every age from 30 feet, 16 feet, eight feet where we are now. And then he also looks at what appeared to be, um, like small stone structures for smaller people. And there are rumors and stories around of uh, a room smaller. Yeah. So that’s, that’s all really fascinating. Um, the idea of stone having some type of, um, I dunno, um, process by which it can be softened or, or molded. Uh, that seems to be a consistent theme as well.

Speaker 7: (40:07)
Where do you look at Petra? You’ll say, I just don’t have an answer and that’s me. I mean, I just, just because you can soften the stone, look at what they’ve done with the stone and imagine if it was soft and trying to pull off what they did. They have absolutely perfect straight walls and ceilings caught out of the stone. They got ’em rounded and an immense extra work put into little things that don’t matter. Um, like decoration and rounded corners and excessively, like I said, excessively high ceilings. I mean there’s something going on with this picture over there and people need to have a good eye on it. It’s not like accessible I guess for every biggest to go to. But you do have a lot of pictures of it.

Speaker 4: (40:48)
You know what? I think this is one of the reasons why, um, the, the secret societies are based on like the modern ones. Mason’s are based on, you know, stonework. I think that the secrets are concealing, cause it’s always been about building secrets. You know, the trade unions are the guilt, the stone workers, guilds are the basis for the masonic lodges structure in the handshakes are like security clearances. And the central story of freemasonry is about the architect of King Solomon’s Temple and how he died to preserve the secrets. Even though they tried to extort it, he wouldn’t give the password so they could understand his blueprints. And when you get initiated, they, they, if you look at the masonic lodge, they have like a rough stone next to the altar and then polished brick. And they say that when you’ve, um, gone through the whole system, you will have become this a polished brick fit to be laid up as a stone in King Solomon’s Temple. So you come into rough stone but you come out of Polish brick. But I’m wondering as Albert Pike said, he said all the low level masons are given deliberately misleading explanations for the symbols of the lodge. So I was wondering, well, maybe they’re actually showing you the beginning. We know the secrets to making these cathedrals to working with stone stuff that’s been buried.

Speaker 7: (42:08)
Well, I mean, you’d think that we’d be seeing a whole lot of, um, our resurgence

Speaker 9: (42:13)
if that were true. Could be, but I mean, we’d think that they did building with the secret knowledge going on, unless you’re trying to say that Petra is not old, which, um, if you look at it, you know, I think that it has, uh, several products of aging on it.

Speaker 4: (42:29)
Let’s see. That’s what I’m thinking here though. Um, that, that the timelines were given for these ancient structures are totally, I’m wrong. Maybe, maybe even, um, we’re talking when they say 3000 years, it could be 300

Speaker 9: (42:43)
or it could be 3000. It could be 3 million. We, I don’t think that we know. I don’t think we have an idea. Have you, are you familiar with Martin? Um, Martin Kenny’s work?

Speaker 4: (42:54)
Uh, no. What is Martin Kenny about?

Speaker 7: (42:56)
Yeah, he’s in the syncretism saying and he says he’s reading all the different religions and bringing the commonalities together. And what he’s come up with of course, was a, a cycle cooked aquatic cataclysm because of, um, there’s also another guy out there, Brian Austin Lambert within his girlfriend, have some pretty interesting stuff too about the plasmic catastrophe that we’re supposed to get. She rarely very close. Like next year. Definitely the next three years.

Speaker 4: (43:28)
Well, okay. So syncretism is where I stepped into this topic with flat earth because I was really realizing that when I’m looking at the Vatican and the iconography, the rocket, it looked just like a launching pad that I just watched from space x. And then I looked into the history of the space program, the Thalamic undercurrents and the names of the gods attached to the rockets and I realized, wait a minute, this is syncretism. Mystery Babylon has been rebranded and it’s been given a new face as the space program and they’ve replaced every element of it. So the angel has become the satellite. The obelisk has become the rocket, your original sin carbon footprint. You see how they just replaced these things. Heaven is now outer space and a tree. You’re the rapture or even a transcendence. These things have all been accounted for in the new religion and it’s all dressed up as technology. That’s syncretism. Science fiction is religious syncretism and they’ve just taken the mystery Babylon and they’ve dressed it up for the 21st century. [inaudible]

Speaker 7: (44:33)
very interesting stuff. I mean, you can’t deny that. Want to go back to that cue you want to bring up. What are your ideas of the Q stuff?

Speaker 4: (44:39)
I don’t trust anonymous sources and I think Q was there to take all the stray sheep who broke free the media’s mind Matrix and uh, because they were fatigued from the 2016 election and it got them reengaged. I think the same thing with Cathy’s fake death. Got Them reengaged. And now I even think that Breitbart, Andrew Breitbart from I don’t think he really died in 2012.

Speaker 7: (45:02)
I don’t think he was assassinated.

Speaker 4: (45:03)
I did the day I woke up, the minute it was reported on Drudge, I got the news alert, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling something was off and I saw that and I was like, Whoa, they killed Breitbart. Cause I just read his book and then I’m like, wait a minute, this is going to trigger something. Cause he was just about to release some information about Barack Obama, his affiliation with the Communist Party or something. He was going to be a disruptor and they shut them down. And so it seemed legit, but now I’m looking at it and no, that’s pretty much what they do every political season are these fake martyrs.

Speaker 7: (45:34)
Well right before, I think you’ll, you probably came across the same stuff so I’m just gonna throw it out there. Right before the Q stuff came out. I know that there was one girl, I can’t remember her name, but she’s a, um, she was in the military and she brought out which allegedly was a lawsuit and that talked about there being, you know, just an incredible number of people that they were putting out indictments for [inaudible] concerning, um, triggers action and like on nine 11, for instance. And um, more recent events and also concerning pedophilia.

Speaker 4: (46:12)
Okay. Yeah, yeah. I know who you’re talking about. And what does she do? Are you talking about one who just disappeared?

Speaker 7: (46:19)

Speaker 4: (46:20)
Oh, you talking about another reporter who disappeared? Yeah,

Speaker 7: (46:23)
this grade. He hasn’t, he hasn’t actually disappeared cause I don’t know her name. She is really nobody that puts out much information. I only see two of her stops. So I don’t remember her name. I of my head, she was, she’s a, she’s a military young military lady who, uh, brought up that um, they had a massive set of indictments. They were going to be happening and she was saying all this stuff that just trying to feel good. Like, oh, they’re going to put Obama in jail for his actions and, and Hillary and, and there’s going to be a whole lot the democratic party that’s going to be over there. And you know what I’m saying? And um, what’s that prison?

Speaker 4: (46:59)
Oh, slows down. Probably go on Tonto. But look, this is, this is the good part here. So it’s the Democrats and the Democrat, Hollywood, the liberal Hollywood elite who are going to go and in the right wingers are pure. This is way too partisan to be real. And here’s another example of syncretism. And this one is split by most people. And I really recognize this is the truth. When I saw Trump signing bibles, they’ve replaced revelations with the great awakening. Trump is the Christ in this. This is all syncretism. That’s how you know it’s fake. Trump is the Christ. The great awakening is revelations. The opening of the seals equals the sealed indictments, the book of names that who, who show, who are the saved and the righteous versus who are the damned that gets opened up when the seals are opened during the great awakening the storm. And you, you don’t know if it’s going to happen, but just trust the plan. That’s what it says in the Bible. And that’s what Trump says. That’s how you know it’s fake. That’s syncretism. This is the blueprint they use to control the minds of the masses.

Speaker 8: (47:55)

Speaker 9: (47:57)
Okay. I think that you’ve been doing some pretty good work with that. Absolutely. Is that a lot of reps in your book?

Speaker 4: (48:03)
Oh, that’s, yeah, that, that was more in the secret religion, the elite. But that book, um, where I, I explained the syncretism that is, I think what they’ve done. I didn’t get into the political side, but I, in fact I haven’t put that into any of my books necessarily. The one I just did, God is a narcissist though. Kind of delves into this as well though. And it’s basically about, um, mass mind control. This is all weaponized anthropology. We’ve been looking at how this is used everywhere, not just politics, but uh, entertainment, you know? Yeah. Oh yeah. How many death fakers have there been in NASA, for example, you know, Neil Armstrong wasn’t all likelihood a death faker.

Speaker 8: (48:44)
I’m death faker

Speaker 4: (48:45)
as in Neil Armstrong when he emerged on the scene, um, he was merely playing a character. Neil Armstrong is a character.

Speaker 8: (48:54)
Sure. No one was no argument there. So he just pretended to be an astronaut or whatever. Go ahead.

Speaker 4: (49:00)
But before he was Neil Armstrong, or maybe even simultaneously, he was playing the role of Yuri Gagarin, the first cosmonaut

Speaker 8: (49:09)
Oh, from Russia, Russia.

Speaker 4: (49:10)
[inaudible] the Russian. And he died two years before Neil. And I’m saying that this is a common phenomenon from Bill Hicks dying and becoming Alex Jones. And many of the others, uh, you know, first these are laughable anomalies and I’m like, okay, this is strange. But we’ve examined so many of these things in the last five months that it’s clear that we’re looking at, this is how free masonry works. The whole right of masonry is about you being symbolically killed and resurrected as a new person. And this I’m central, right, is apparently being done in front of our faces in these, a big psychodramas with these staged fake deaths. I don’t know how many you’ve been following, but you know, we had the, uh, recently, the 33 year old rapper, you know, dying on Easter, that kind of thing.

Speaker 9: (50:01)
Okay, well, I don’t really ever know what to believe anymore when they say people died. And sometimes when you’re, you’re talking about that Mandela effect, when people come back and say they start really confusing our memories with, with, uh, with all this stuff and then, oh, there’s all this stuff in Mandela fact that people, that just really has of no real consequences when you start talking about cartoons and, and stuff like that. I really don’t know why people wouldn’t say, well, you know, it’d be pretty easy fricking change that

Speaker 7: (50:28)
all you got to do is, you know what I’m saying? They different DVDs.

Speaker 4: (50:31)
It’s, Oh yeah. It’s the Ministry of truth. I mean, what was the council of Nicea? It was a consolidation of the worldview and getting rid of that which with that which didn’t fit. And I think right now they’re doing that every day that the, the, the process of curating reality as an ongoing realtime process. And those are the things we notice. Imagine what we don’t notice, you know, how much have, how much has been slipped, um, you know, past our awareness.

Speaker 9: (50:58)
Well, yeah, I mean we got so much toxins coming at us from, so whether it’s information that’s toxic, whether it’s, you know what I’m saying, food is toxic. The air and everything is, I mean we are really being bombarded with a whole lot of bs and stuff that, you know, you might be more worried about your house and you’re worried about what they’re doing up there and Washington DC and not even wanting, not even wanting to be, you know what I’m saying? At this point now, I really can’t really be turning on the news to see what’s happening with politics because it just makes me feel bad. You know? It’s like I know they’re not doing anything good. I mean, I know that nine 11 was not only an inside job, it was just a movie where nobody died.

Speaker 4: (51:39)
Great. Okay. This is funny though. Like this is like, some people don’t go to church cause I don’t want to hear the bad. I don’t want to hear about how bad I am. I don’t want to feel guilty. You know, people don’t like church for various reasons. And the people like you who opt out of watching the news, you’re actually making, you’re making a wise choice. You know, it’s like you’re staying away from the negativity. But the people who do watch the news look at you like the people who don’t go to church on Sundays, you know, um,

Speaker 7: (52:03)
variant and like, like I said, I want to know the information, but I don’t want to be sold the information.

Speaker 4: (52:09)
It’s too emotional. It’s, it’s Ajit prop and you know, propaganda. It’s, it’s meant to radicalize you really. I think that the most dangerous religion today is the m s m fundamentalism that sweeps over all sides. You know, the political spectrum. A radical left winger radical right when you’re in it. By radical, I mean the people who believe what they see on the news without question, those people have been radicalized.

Speaker 7: (52:33)
Absolutely. Absolutely. I want to add it, and I don’t know if this, I don’t even know if this really connects to what we’re saying, but I kind of think it does here. I’m gonna have to Jim yesterday and uh, there’s a police officer in there. He leaves and I, and I’m having a conversation was another guy. And um, he brings up the police department and a little bit of corruption here and there and I brought up that, hey, you know what I’m saying, that these are privately owned corporations. These police in these courts are privately on corporations like proprietary rules, regulations and, and um, you know, they have all this different stuff that they wrote. Honest that um, only only applies to us if we agree to be u s citizen. Otherwise they have no jurisdiction. Now we know that they don’t even have criminal courts in America. All we have are commercial

Speaker 9: (53:26)
courts, non articles, three commercial courts. So the way I thought this might connect because there was another cop sitting in that sauna and he came right out and said, everything you just said is bullshit. So I certainly was not going to sit there and start trying to, you know what I’m saying? Uh, argue with them. But I said, you could be right, but I tend to breed the believe supreme court rulings. They’re not taught law. They’re not allowed to give legal advice and judges aren’t allowed to practice law at the bench,

Speaker 4: (53:59)
you know? Um, yeah, I’ve, I speak a lot about this with a friend who’s really into this particular topic. And I think the main point here though is really questioning where you give your consent. And when it comes to religion, I’m like, I’m saying we should not consent to being judged by their god. So when I say, I think your religion is mind control, and they say, well, you’re going to go to hell because you’re a nonbeliever and an infidel, I’d like to save. No, I’m not an infidel. Like you can’t apply your labels to me because I’m opting out of your whole system. Like, I’m not really up to be judged by your particular set of rules

Speaker 9: (54:35)
and up and up. And you brought it up earlier, I believe on your show today about giving a personality to the creator, which, you know what I’m saying? How could we ever think that he would have a human like personality with the perspective that a creator of everything would have creators that everything might have or even if it’s like an the pantheistic view where God became everything, which I think is a possibility too. We’re all part of God. You meet everything and everything’s consciousness. We hear a lot about that. What’s a lot of the new wagers talking? I don’t mean that that’s wrong because I’m calling new agers but it hasn’t been talked about forever.

Speaker 4: (55:14)
Yeah, well there’s a, when you say new wagers, you know, I, there’s two distinct groups. New agers are the ones who are like, okay, the old stuff is obviously bunked what’s figured out for ourselves. And then you have the actual, um, new age movement, which is rooted in, you know, theosophy and free masonry and all that. But yeah and W so most of the new agers I meet are the seekers. And that’s who I think are the ones who are, I’m right on track here. The seekers, not the believers. Right. And this is true in everything, not just spirituality but also with news and with science. If you believe in science, you’re wrong. If you’re still seeking new information or you’re open to new information, okay, well then it’s still a scientific endeavor. Same with the media. If you believe the news, you’re wrong. If you’re open to new facts, changing what you thought was true, then you’re on the right path and there shouldn’t be settled science, there shouldn’t be settled news and there certainly is no settled religion that’s figured everything out.

Speaker 9: (56:11)
I couldn’t agree more. Well said. Absolutely. You know, I uh, I don’t, I don’t like to know, I hate the type of Pearson who wants to overtalk you and says he knows law or he knows science, that type of thing. You know, cause you know, if you’ve looked into science and looked into law, there’s just too much for any one person to really know. I mean, at a certain point, some people get really good at stop so people can really get good at reciting history and that type of stuff. But once you pretend to know it all and think that your icon and every, if you come for you as source, I mean you’re screwed and become a narcissistic. Pop his ass.

Speaker 4: (56:50)
Exactly. And then when you have someone like Neil degrasse Tyson saying, well, 97% of scientists believe in climate change. So it’s real. Well there you have it. You have the scientists know it all. It’s the institution of science is inherently a narcissistic construct.

Speaker 5: (57:06)

Speaker 9: (57:07)
and that statement is so important because that’s a fallacious argument. Just saying, we’ll see everybody over here believe this. So therefore you should too. And that is one of the greatest tools all of us who are searching to find whatever truths we’re trying to search should always have a back of our head. Is Knowledge of fallacious arguments that steers you in the wrong direction?

Speaker 4: (57:28)
Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Because what they do when they make these arguments from consensus is they want to invalidate the outlier. They want to invalidate the seeker or the thinker and that’s what narcissists do. They invalidate the perceptions that don’t agree with the image that they have for you or with an institution. If you don’t abide by its norms, it standards, there’s something wrong with you. And they always have labels and that’s what I call God a narcissist because the people who don’t go along with this plan will look what happens to them. You know, they get a castigated but then they’re also propped up as examples of what happens if you stray. And so it just shows you, hey look, if you stray from the path you’re invalidated. This path is the only way. I mean that’s the definition of mind control by consensus.

Speaker 9: (58:15)
Now you’ve got sin on, they call it self inflicted nonsense. So I agree with what you’re saying. You know they are trying to push you and you’re a little box and it works for a lot of people who just don’t, you know, who just go along to get along and it’s just fine. They really don’t care what’s happening with people over there either as long as it’s happening over there.

Speaker 4: (58:34)
That’s despicable to the way that during 2016, the outright was um, you know, throwing these massive hissy fits over censorship on Twitter and Facebook cause their posts were being banned. Well, now they’re not saying anything about the censorship of people who are questioning the shape of the world.

Speaker 5: (58:53)

Speaker 4: (58:54)
And I’m like, well look, you’re not going to stay. Yeah.

Speaker 9: (58:58)
Oh, so many names in my life.

Speaker 4: (59:01)
Oh yeah. You get used to it. You get a thick skin. Right.

Speaker 9: (59:04)
Well now I don’t get what I’m saying now. I, I don’t really, you know, I was on a website where it was the, uh, the flatter it’s versus the globe or type of thing. And it just wanted being nonsensical because how many times you’re going to say the same thing. I mean, how much, how many times I’ll say the new guy. Well, I just

Speaker 7: (59:22)
don’t see how you guys could have any single factor that would say that they’re just flat and then a week later, well, I just don’t see how a single one of you can have us have an I aura to believe that, you know, um, the earth is flat. You know, you guys are just stupid and crazy and then all of a sudden you decide, well, you decide to get an argument with that guy and the next guy and pretty soon you’re just wasting all your time.

Speaker 4: (59:44)
Yeah. Would I, I came to the same conclusion. I said starting in 2019 we’ve had enough time. What’s no longer tolerate debates because it’s premature. None of us have enough information and no new facts are being entered into the equation here into the, into the, um, our assessment and there’s no new Bible verses being written because that’s already a closed book. So the debate is pointless. The only logical debate is globe or no globe and no globe. One, it’s premature to posit a flat earth model until someone’s gone to the edge.

Speaker 7: (01:00:18)
Well, there’s, there’s, there is, there is a holographic model and I don’t want to say that I believe in it, but I do think that it should be given some, a little bit of air time. Not that I’m going to give it air time, I’m just saying that, you know what I’m saying? Yeah. I don’t think we’re going to get rid of those people just yet. And they might have, they might have some solid, you know, argument to them. I’m not saying that that means that they’re curvature or that just rotation. And I’m not saying that I’m, yeah, I’m just saying that a, that whole solidity of all mash there. No, but I remember David, I brought that up or he likes to keep saying that, you know, like, like he made it up in his own head that, um, you know, and just with like atomic theory though, actually the smaller you get to look down into the left is actually there. So it does sound like the, um, um, Star Trek we are going on the holodeck.

Speaker 4: (01:01:13)
Yeah. It could may well be or it could be that this is just another refashioning of um, you know, platonic idealism. Nothing is real, nothing wrong with it. And I think it’s probably probably accurate and I think it’s a more accurate based on what we can perceive. Uh, you know, this is what I kind of find funny about physicists today. You get these Mastro physicists who are like, oh yeah, it’s um, it’s a ball in space growing around the sun. Way Out there, there’s some wormholes, he’d take the love check, the warm on the left, that’ll take you down to the exoplanets and the goldilocks zone. Like they’re so certain of what’s out there in outer space, but it’s all theoretical. But the ones who actually do physics here on the ground, they’re there. Their estimation of what we’re on their assessment is we’re in a or on a um, flat infinite universe.

Speaker 7: (01:02:02)
And I have to say that, that seems like quite a joke because I don’t know about anything being infinite. I don’t like to use the word, you know what I’m saying? Sure. You can count infinitely if you were to try cause nothing stops you, but it doesn’t seem like that’s what use where the would it be to have everything internet. It’s shames like, you know, the idea of even God being infinite on ending seems like a conundrum that we’re, that, that that’s just because we’re giving up on trying to figure something out.

Speaker 4: (01:02:33)
Right, right. Yeah. I can see that. I can see that, but I look at it as infinite until proven otherwise because even if, let’s say it will say it was, and you had proof. Let’s say somebody sent you a telegram from the end of the universe and told you about the distance involved, you couldn’t possibly get there in your lifetime anyway.

Speaker 9: (01:02:49)
But this, this is where I think you’d really appreciate this Martin Kenney stuff where he talks specifically about, um, the passages of the Zodiac. Um, and then different timeframes happening, like where things changed from the bowl to the ram. And now we’re entering into the, uh, the changes as Pisces in our entering into the, the picture of water. What’s that normally?

Speaker 4: (01:03:18)
Yeah. Yeah. Query is right

Speaker 7: (01:03:19)
barriers. Yeah. You know, and that’s what he goes into. And then talks about the products of what entering into this new age of acquirers is going to bring and what it means. And it growing like a, I’ll the earth from the middle North Pole. I don’t think I can do any gestures because he has a bunch of graphs and stuff and it does a lot of talk and that, you know, you know, the guys may not be, you may not be right about everything, but he’s done a good job to go ahead and, and I’m standing for did so you can look at it. So that’s a nice point thing where we can say he was always wrong. It’s three years go by. And as an admins,

Speaker 4: (01:03:59)
yeah, I’m very wary of, you know, prophecy but patterns are patterns and the best predictor of future behavior is relevant past behavior and this idea of a procession of ages, I think it really is scripted into this thing. And here’s some more syncretism. I think the way it works out is the Apollo mission was the conception and we’re talking about the birth of the new age. The mastering of lower orbit and the space station. That was the gestation period. And that’s when the baby’s growing in the womb or whatever. And now even the word station means temples. This space, it’s this, to me, it’s this, um, the space station is really nothing more than, um, a metaphor I guess for the, um, child about to be born. He’s being, he’s developing in the womb and the new age, his birth is when, uh, I think the sky falls.

Speaker 4: (01:04:46)
In other words, that’s when everything changes. And I was thinking about how close we are to the space station being decommissioned and falling. And when it does, we moved to the next phase, the space age where we go to Mars. And so I think what’s gonna proceed the next age may actually be, um, some type of great flood. And I think that the flood will be, some will be probably inaugurated by the ones who usher in these new changes. And I think it’ll be proceeded by the falling of the space station, which represents the, uh, the birth of the child coming back down to earth and being born. And then also not sure if if space is water, it could be that they have water crashing down from above. And that’s the amniotic fluid from the Isis is womb, which is the night sky coming down to the earth.

Speaker 11: (01:05:35)

Speaker 7: (01:05:37)
well I think that you’ll really finance stuff from my Martin Kenney. Very interesting because it talks about the same subject. Personally, I don’t really buy into the, the asteroids in the wars cause you know, I tend to say that there’s a barrier in some way up there, whether it’s water, whether it’s solid glass. I think that there’s, there’s something there. I don’t see, I, I know that you could have an argument if you know what I’m saying, if if, uh, if there was a space and if it wasn’t a vacuum, it’s a lot easier that, you know what I’m saying? They could still pull off their heliocentric bullshit. You know what I’m saying? But

Speaker 4: (01:06:11)
yeah, but that’s, that’s so, yeah, I have a problem with that too. Asteroids, where would they possibly come from? And they would all involve orbits and you can’t have orbits without gravity.

Speaker 7: (01:06:23)
And then like you’re talking about a another great flood or something like that. We look at the great now great bowls over and uh, I’m not sure, isn’t it Mexico or is it, uh, I think that there’s different ones or the big, was it called Midi or canyon or something? They call it.

Speaker 11: (01:06:40)

Speaker 7: (01:06:40)
Um, where it’s monstrously huge and it looks like a big ball from the sky and it’s a big hole in the desert. You know what I’m talking about? Right,

Speaker 4: (01:06:47)
right. I know 20 talking about,

Speaker 7: (01:06:49)
and then I think that the belief possibly is what’s happening is they have recycling cash trees where there’s a break in the dome, there’s water above us. It all comes down and it has all those miles to fall and Chris, a big Ass Canyon and floods the place. There’s a guy named Johnny level out, do something, set the place, floods up to the top of the frickin dome. I don’t know about that, but,

Speaker 4: (01:07:13)
okay. Well who warned us about the flood in the stories and these stories? I think the elite have it all encoded. Who warned man about the coming flood because of his wickedness. Noah? No. Well can been. Who’s been warning us because they have God’s eye view. Who’s been warning this about the flood owner earth? It’s, it’s NASA. NASA is, I’m working with Noah. They renamed it. I mean it’s National Oceanic and atmospheric administration. The sea and the sky. It’s called Noah and their logos. The dove with a stick in his mouth. Just like Noah from the bibles dove.

Speaker 7: (01:07:48)
Have you given us any, any consideration? We roll the story back to like the tartars and if you look at that, I know they had the M as was the Carrington event. Was it where they had some kind of big flash back in the early 18 hundreds you don’t, I’m talking to Carrington event.

Speaker 4: (01:08:06)
Yeah. The one that’s scorched the forest and went like what? A hundred miles or something. I remember that.

Speaker 7: (01:08:10)
Definitely that was like Russia. I wonder if that was a some kind of um, bomb test cause they probably wanted to do a bomb test before they pretended to drop detached the feasibility of dropping a bomb over on Hiroshima. Not that I believe in nuclear weapons, but I do believe in bomb testing for crazy shit.

Speaker 4: (01:08:28)
Oh sure. Oh yeah. They definitely exaggerate and there’s so much bluffing involved and that’s why I don’t really get down with the paranoia. It’s like people like the new world order’s coming. Alex Jones, you know he’s stock stock, go up on a MRAs, you know he’s having a breakdown about it and it’s like, you know what, we’re in the old world order. They’re just giving it a new paint job right in front of us calling it the space age, but we’re already in it like nothing’s changing dramatically yet. But I’m still open to the possibility that Noah’s warning about Mann’s activity, fossil fuels and all that causing a flood. I think it may actually happen. I just haven’t figured out how they do it, but I do think they may have some way. When I say they, and this is all presupposing that we are captives of some advanced civilization that wiped out what came before. And if that’s the case and mud flood theory really points in this direction, if any part of it’s true, then it’s safe to assume that whatever they used to flood out the previous residents, the previous civilization could be used again. Right.

Speaker 7: (01:09:28)
Well, here’s the thing that I was just to what I was trying to, you know, the point I was trying to make in my previous sentence, I was remembering that, what do you think about where it wasn’t the Carrington event, but there that I was talking about specifically, but back in the early 18 hundreds, they had an event that was supposed to be a massive electric event. I thought it was called the Carrington event. Might be, might not be. But anyway, after we had, um, that reset the mud flood reset that they liked to call it, and that’s why I’m calling it. Um, it seemed like there was a bunch of kids everywhere that all of a sudden they got pushed into, you know, if you look at the tartar stuff, they got some really great stuff. John Blabby, you have to watch his stuff. Great stuff about, um, kids being put in these cities that were like empty. So I really wonder if, um, you know, I don’t know if they’re holding a bunch of kids outside, they’re going to kill most of us off and restart civilization. Like they, maybe they always do that.

Speaker 4: (01:10:24)
Well, here’s my, my theory on this, and I think this is true, even though it’s kind of dark and I’m not really a conspiracy theorist, but again, I’d like to read the patterns and I mentioned earlier that the first cosmonaut actually played Neil Armstrong’s the same dude and it’s a whole farce. So that would suggest that Russia and America have always been BFFs behind the scenes. So you take that forward a few years, if you decades, they decided, okay, well how are we going to get these capitalists to give into slavery and served him? How are we going to get them to embrace gulag life? And so they said, well, let’s use environmentalism, that threat of global catastrophe and let’s send them to Mars bases where we control what’s in the base and they’re working as slaves, like a slave labor force, but we’ll call them colonists. Well, how do you get people to agree to go to Mars and all that?

Speaker 4: (01:11:12)
You brainwashed them over successive generations, which they’ve done. And here’s my, my theory is that the Soviet gulag system was transitioned into Mars bases with brainwashed captives born their kids. Like you’re talking about kids thinking they’re on Mars and the adults raised them like they were on Mars. Just like the movie the village where the adults brainwashed the kids into thinking the commune is all there is and it’s the year 1800 when it’s the 20th century. I think we could actually have Mars colonies all throughout Siberia, possibly arc to go. And when were wiped out, those would be the replacements and they’d say, Hey, we’ve been down here for 60 years and we’ve terraform to Mars and it’s got a blue sky. Let’s come out.

Speaker 9: (01:11:57)
Well that Phil, Phil, uh, what’s his last name? Joe Schneider talked about the ability to cut massive holes with some kind of laser and through rock, which has me thinking that may might have massive underground stuff going on and they could tell the kids that were born there that everything is, you can’t go to the surface, everything’s dead. Everything, you know what I’m saying? So these kids are down there for incredibly long times and set all this propaganda, how, you know, why everybody died on the surface. And then if there was a collectic cataclysm that they already knew it was cyclical and due to happen, which they, this um, Martin Kenney says is basically next year and that Brian Austin Lambert is second yet within the next three. Um, and then they would have all these kids coming out and I don’t know what they would’ve did with all the dead bodies. That’s still the conundrum to me though.

Speaker 4: (01:12:50)
Well, the thing is the Mars program, as they’ve scripted it and they said they’re taking their maiden voyage next year on the star ship, no less. And they’ve the, they’re going to stimulate space travel, but when you get to Mars, they’re, you know, they’re going to be told, the whole story with Mars is a, you, you have to live beneath the surface for several generations. Same with the moon. So if they’re just moving people into dark, deep underground military bases, problem solved, their entire experience of the outside world is going to be mediated with, uh, you know, computer screens.

Speaker 9: (01:13:19)
He could tell him anything. There is fucking giant dragons eating people alive. You don’t want to go to the top.

Speaker 4: (01:13:24)
Exactly. That’s 100% what I think, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the billionaire blimp club, the guys that own these space programs are selling plantations full of brainwashers. I was thinking about the Mormon church and you know, this is dark, but the Mormon church is all masonic, you know, polygamists and I was like, well they promised celestial kingdoms. So if you do well by the church and you belong to the right class, cause there’s like a, there’s a, basically there’s three heavens or something.

Speaker 9: (01:13:54)
Okay. And

Speaker 4: (01:13:54)
the height and the people who are new to the Mormon church probably go to the bottom one. The people who’ve been in it for a while go to the top one. It’s also kind of racially segregated. And the idea is you go to your, your own world where you’re a god and you have like, um, you know, 30 wives or whatever and you just start propagating, you know, kind of like starting over Garden of Eden Style and, right. And I’m like, well, it’s if the, um, elite like to farm people around, maybe they sell custom total environments, you know, custom tailored like, yeah, I’ll take a Mars plantation, you know, I want one models off the deep south. And you know, like you could probably make, that’s what they’re doing. That is what they’re actually doing. If you think about it, they’re creating worlds. And that’s what Elon Musk joked about or referred to when he was talking about, um, when he put Isaac Asimov’s books in the trunk of his car, the foundation series, the whole point of the foundation series is when you go to Mars, since you’re the guy who’s building the basis, you decide what kind of culture you’re going to have.

Speaker 4: (01:14:59)
You’re going to control the populations and you’re going to rewrite their histories.

Speaker 9: (01:15:03)
Good to be King, Huh?

Speaker 4: (01:15:06)
Yup. Pope Ilan.

Speaker 10: (01:15:09)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 9: (01:15:13)
No, I, I didn’t really put nothing. I know how you talk about darkness. I don’t put anything past these people, you know, I really don’t. I, I, you know, I have no problem them bleeding, that drinking blood plasma is good for you. And they have this thing, I can’t, I’d have to look up the name for it, but there’s an actual, a medical term for using young people’s blood and slicing it into older people and them feeling better. So there’s, so there’s a use for young people’s blood and has a great missing of children every single year. And then right up here in Washington, the largest, um, parched human parts factory in the world right up here in Washington. So I mean, I really don’t put nothing past these people. I think they’re, they, I don’t know. I think they hate us. I think that they’re just so far gone that they really hate us or you know, I don’t want to say alien from another planet, but it could be alien from another, another fear and other, not a sphere, but another, I’m out there and had infinite plane, another, another round patch. And that’s an older one or one around, this is what Martin Kenny blue leaves.

Speaker 4: (01:16:21)
Yes. The fix that makes a lot of sense.

Speaker 10: (01:16:24)

Speaker 4: (01:16:25)
Yeah it does. I didn’t know that. That makes sense. The a the idea like why would they despise us? Why would we be worthless? I think it makes sense. Humans, I mean, um, uh, or aliens or just humans from another region possibly. Huh. Or down below. Maybe we’re on top of the stage. I mean, have you seen Westworld? No. Okay. It’s an HBO show about these, uh, simulations basically there. Um, AI, so become self aware but they live in a, in a virtual reality, but real people go in and interact with them. It’s like next level video game. And since there’s no rules, no laws, these simulated people are abused, they’re killed and they just start over everyday with no memory what happened the day before. So it’s, it’s kind of this, the scenario though has the creator of this, these um, these AI into these little intelligent beings as like gods.

Speaker 4: (01:17:20)
And so you see these creator characters hanging around a round table where the game board is, where all these simulated beings exist. Westworld and it looks just like clash of the titans. You remember how the gods would stand around the table and they’d put the characters on the board and move them around. Okay. Yeah. Well then I look at a more recent movie, the hunger games where the elite are standing around a circular table upon which is a real time projection of what’s happening down below and they can interact with it as gods on the game board. Anyway, my point is I keep finding many different themes of the round table and have the elite being on the outside. And in all these instances they’re like the gods and were their creations and we’re subject to their will. This is their domain. And so in a way, it kind of could be that we are in, um, an area where, um, the people who rule over this place don’t do it openly and, and why would they, especially if they have technology that far surpasses what we have, they wouldn’t want us to see it.

Speaker 4: (01:18:26)
If we were to see something, it would, um, you know, get people to really ask questions and they would hate that because curiosity might lead people to, um, do what we’re doing right now.

Speaker 11: (01:18:37)

Speaker 7: (01:18:39)
a question.

Speaker 4: (01:18:40)

Speaker 7: (01:18:43)
I know that I didn’t like to believe, um, that behind the scenes they had the power to clone people. I just didn’t like the idea. I thought, yeah, they might be able to, and I guess clone Dheilly and, and a cloned a couple other things. I don’t know names, but, um, and then they supposedly cloned a person. Well, I’m this, I’m this, this lady and I, I, uh, I’ve watched a lot of your stuff. She’s really good. I mean, I’m surprisingly good. She goes, really good production is on x. What’s it called? Extreme reality check. I think it’s called the extreme reality check. And she, um, does a lot of presentations. One of them, one of them was on cloning, next going on and then she started showing these pictures. And now it’s almost impossible to argue. We got recurring, uh, actors in history. I, so something’s going on. I mean, it’s, it’s, well, how could they constantly have what would seem to be similar genetics,

Speaker 4: (01:19:42)
you know, occurring through history. That’s fascinating. Well, if they have the capacity to, let’s say, move a soul or a spear or your consciousness, like in all the black men, all this, well, if that’s the case, or cereal or cereal, reincarnation like, okay, like, so you’re, you’re getting old and you’re gonna pass on your soul to the next, um, inhabitant and you just have it ready. You know, Kinda like, um, you know, you’re, you’re basically, your consciousness is put on a junk drive and move to the next spot. Only a, that’s how they talk about it in Black Mirror and science fiction where people could be upgraded or uploaded into a, uh, computer. But I look at like old stories and Ella gories like what about, uh, premiere modern from atheists, Dr Frankenstein’s monster. That whole story was about what happens if you take inanimate matter.

Speaker 4: (01:20:33)
So together a bunch of pieces and then you give it some lightning. It’s probably an allegory for something or it’s, or what about terms like things like Chucky or terminator. All of these movies where inanimate matter comes to life. And so for me, um, this idea of cloning and stuff, it wouldn’t make sense that like you couldn’t clone yourself because you’ve lived an entire life. But if you could have a replica, it wouldn’t even be you unless there was some way of, you know, bridging that gap and it’s all very, this stuff is all very much a matter of conjecture that people say they see celebrity clones. It’s more likely you’ve seen him body double. And you know, I didn’t know this until just recently, but you know that video, go ahead. Go ahead.

Speaker 9: (01:21:20)
Yeah, I was going to say, wait a minute. I mean I wasn’t just seeing body, I was, when you see six people that look identical, it’s just not, you know, they just find six random people in it that are interchanging. Like there’s more than one Brad Pitt out there. Have you seen, I mean it’s very hard to argue there’s, there’s more than quite a few of these uh, actors and I don’t know about anything else, but actors are the only ones that we can really, you know what I’m saying? You use as examples cause they’re the ones we got photos out about. You know what I’m saying?

Speaker 4: (01:21:47)
That’s a good point there. Although, um, this is the thing, yesterday I was looking at this video by, um, her name is m last name is Mendez. She was a disguise, a director of disguise. She worked for the CIA for number of years. And, uh, she was talking about, uh, masking technology and the masks they can use to cover people, you know, to change your entire appearance and to somebody else totally transforming you race, age, everything, gender. But she said it wasn’t declassified until last year, this certain mass technology and she had a demonstration of a mask that she showed George W. Bush in the 90s. And it was, um, she looked like a totally different person obviously, but it was a mass that also wrapped around the whole head and included hair. Anyway, she said this was classified until last year. And interestingly enough, she’s thrown out a whole lot of this information about how it’s things she, she said about what it’s not possible to do. So there’s always levels of disinformation with these people. But they finally admit, this is what we could know while she was living on up, she showed a picture of six Saddam Hussein’s rowing a boat. No Shit. Okay. So you know, you have these like, well, are there clones? Is there some type of, um, something mysterious going on? Or is it something like disguise technology? And she was showing how you had these six body doubles.

Speaker 7: (01:23:10)
Well, it wouldn’t be the same size, same body type or nothing like that today would have to be figured out and go ahead.

Speaker 4: (01:23:15)
Well, okay. So they found six people who match the, the size of Saddam Hussein and then they use masks and they created half a dozen apparent clones and had them all row in a boat and um, just showed a picture of it to show how they could get away with this and how good it was. And it was so well done that, yeah, this, this technology that has been so, uh, it’s so sophisticated, but it’s classified as to how far they can actually go. And so if they could pull that off and actually make it appear to be clones, which I’ve seen the picture, they’re probably way more advanced now.

Speaker 7: (01:23:49)
Well, I think that, I think that, that what you said, uh, it should be considered, I think they should always be on the table because, you know, it doesn’t sound that Farfetch they’re plasta the plastic, uh, um, doctors. I’m just going to say, you know, those guys that do plastic shirt, it’s plastic surgery. They are amazing. They’re like the only ones you want to go to. If you ever get a cut, there’s a drastic is what you can go into your doctor and go on to a plastic surgeon. Let me tell you.

Speaker 4: (01:24:16)
I bet. Well, you know, plastic surgery is part of it, but the other part of it is, um, you know, three d printed masks. There are things that they can do like in a matter of minutes, but, um, it’s, to me it’s like you could easily replace celebrities. Um, and probably politicians and, and a full whole lot of people. Yeah. Easy.

Speaker 7: (01:24:37)
Like Michigan mission impossible type of stuff. You saw them, one of them movies had a, a I, what’s his name? Jason. We’re [inaudible], you know, changed his whole face to look like somebody else and they, you know, they had a bunch of them where this girl or looked like, um, you know, this person, all of a sudden she pull her her mask off to someone totally different if that’s what you’re, you’re bringing off.

Speaker 4: (01:25:00)
Oh yeah. And you know, I’m wondering here though, you know, every time there’s something classified that comes out, it almost seems like a lot of the conjecture that was bearing it was personally put there. And so I’m wondering now if a lot of conspiracy theories about clones and they’re like Tila Tequila push that one. If these aren’t there to distract people from a disguise body doubles and just basic spy craft and subterfuge.

Speaker 7: (01:25:26)
That’s why I didn’t want to believe the clown thing because uh, it just gives them almost supernatural powers that I just didn’t like to do. If you go ahead and you go onto that, um, ex reality, check on youtube and check out the video on there, check out some of her work. She puts a lot, I mean, it’s two or three hours where she really cements his home at least that she for sure believes it and she believes she’s gathering up information beyond a reasonable doubt that this shit’s been going on. And she even believes she has proof from way back where, you know what I’m saying? Back when they were just thinking about cloning something. They’re already good at it. So I don’t want to say the argument

Speaker 9: (01:26:04)
that, uh, I know she’s right, but I think that the information she has is definitely worth checking out. And then you make your own decision.

Speaker 4: (01:26:11)
Sorry. You can do, yeah. Hey, one last thing here. Um, this, this just came across my feed here. So there was this New York City power outage where it went out from the 42nd street on the 42nd 42nd anniversary of the 1977 blackout. So that was just this weekend, wasn’t it? Yeah. 42nd street, 42nd anniversary, and 42,000 people estimated to be without power.

Speaker 9: (01:26:40)
That’s just a coincidence theory, right?

Speaker 4: (01:26:42)
I think I know where it ties in. It’s 42 is the number in the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. They asked this, they ask the most intelligent robot in the world, which has the mind of God in it. What’s the secret of the universe? What’s the secret of life? And the answer was 42, whatever the hell that means. But then when Elon Musk sent his his roadster out to space, that text, that Tessa Racer. Well, and what was the whole point of that? What does that mean? A rich guy sending his car into space and it made, it makes me think about the store. Cause he’s like the richest man on earth, you know, and the idea and the richest man on earth sending his car in a space like a getaway. And it says on his dashboard, don’t panic. Well, don’t panic. Is the advice given to the people on Earth in the story, the hitchhiker’s guide to the universe.

Speaker 4: (01:27:31)
Don’t panic. The world’s about to end. So Elon Musk, who’s the big guy, the biggest voice out there saying, the world’s about to end. You got to get on my rocket, get to Mars. Um, he puts, don’t panic on the dashboard of the Tesla roadster, a direct reference to this thing. He even references, um, this movie in several other ways. But my point is 42, the number 42nd street, 42,000, a blackout, a s, uh, corn cited with a, what? 42nd anniversary of the 1977 blackout. It seems like if you put these stories together and you look at the Meta narrative, there is more than a coincidence here. And in this case it may be saying, don’t panic. The world’s about to end. You’re gonna have a blackout. But if you’re rich, get on the rocket and get the fuck out. Get to Mars.

Speaker 9: (01:28:17)
Well, that [inaudible] like I was saying to Brian, Austin Lambert and Kenny, um, that, uh, Kenny Martin, they believe in this shit happened to happening, um, next year, right at Christmas or within an, and I think Brian Austin Lambert was, is happening within the next three years at the longest, or at least we got some kind of timeframe to work with back in. I just want to bring it up. You bringing up that, um, that ship a Tesla. Then motherfuckers there in 1909, they had a car, an electric car come out. I got 1,244 miles to a charge and the new Tesla electric car gets 408 miles to a charge. So I think they should just be laughed at. I mean, I don’t take Ulan Moscow’s anything

Speaker 7: (01:29:01)
serious. He may not. You may just be a stooge as there may not even be rich. I mean some of these guys they just made put in for a role. All the world’s a stage,

Speaker 4: (01:29:10)
no doubt, no doubt. And he’s been called the new Thomas Edison by Neil degrasse Tyson where nothing that he has come up with has been original. Even as rockets with their retropropulsion or whatever. Retropropulsion they land on their, they land lendable rockets reusable rockets. That’s Wernher von Braun. Um, so next year, yeah, it could be something. MUSC, I don’t know if he’s legit or not. I think he’s pretty much an actor. I don’t know how much he is in the know about at all.

Speaker 7: (01:29:36)
Oh the order your ass

Speaker 4: (01:29:38)
now check this out. Um, next year is the 100th anniversary of Communist Party USA. And Mike contention here is that the space program is the way to get us to adopt world communism. So maybe next year is the year they make the move cause this has been look red. You know, um, Mars is the red planet. Uh, the, I think that we are moving into, you know, and I, I’ve thought this ever since the international panel on climate change in a, I think it was the one in Copenhagen where they passed out this red book and I think it was even a Hugo Chavez came out and he’s like, there is a spectre here at Copenhagen. It’s capitalism. And he was just thrown out this communist bs. And I’m like, wow. The communists have really used environmentalism as a stocking horse. And then I see the end goal of environmentalism is the end goal of the space program. And it all makes sense. The space program. In fact, if you look up space communism, the Soviets were all about luxury space, communism like Jetsons on the Mars or Jetsons on the moon where it’s like high tech paradise up there in the sky. Meanwhile they give you a gulag on earth.

Speaker 7: (01:30:54)
I don’t even know what time him, nothing to answer on that. I have no idea. You know what I mean? It’s all fake. So I’m sure they compile all the fantasies they want of what they are going to idealize. I know they’re not getting anywhere. All those rockets curve and come right back down. Most likely go over there and you know, I’m saying the jealous triangle or whatever.

Speaker 4: (01:31:14)
Yeah, that’s, and they have the perfect explanation. Oh, it’s the gravity tilt, you know?

Speaker 7: (01:31:19)
Sure. It is.

Speaker 4: (01:31:20)
It’s got a, it’s got a fall into orbit. But then again, you look at their footage. Look, I caught them red handed. I don’t even touch the ISS very much anymore because we’ve caught them. One of the guys from, I think he’s one of the Canadian ones, he did a time lapse of a rocket leaving the earth. And then uh, yeah. And it was like from the ground to space, it went straight up. You even saw the little pop when the one of the boosters popped off, but it went straight from the ground, perpendicular 90 degrees, way up into space. They forgot to use the gravity tilt because you saw the arc from the ground. You didn’t see it from space. So who’s lying? The News on the ground or the astronaut in the ISS.

Speaker 11: (01:32:03)

Speaker 9: (01:32:03)
well, you know, they never have that too. They never show us that third wall and never give us a 360 degree, uh, you know, photos to see where they’re going as they’re going there. And as they hit this magical area called space. And when space starts, you know, that they could have showed us some time and they just did it because they can’t, they make it all up. They’re just $53 million a day fucking stooges that are just bilking us for everything that we don’t stop them for.

Speaker 4: (01:32:32)
Oh yeah. This is the modern church though. We’re selling. We’re basically, we’re, we’re buying indulgences every day and the rich are buying front row seats to heaven. It’s all a big Ponzi scheme. The people at the top, no same, same program, just a new facade. And, uh, by the way, are you, I’m uptodate on mad mix, um, objective here of reaching the, the Karman line to see if space is real.

Speaker 9: (01:32:58)
Uh, I never heard him add my, the guy who had his own little personal rocket that he was going to go up in.

Speaker 4: (01:33:03)
Yeah. Yeah. A Mad Mike Yeah, he’s got a plan now and it’s, it was, um, actually there’s a couple interviews on youtube about it with uh, Waldo steaks. The designer, he got himself a raccoon, which is a capsule. Uh, it’s got, you know, it’s a rocket, but it’s basically a steam power. I’m not sure if steam this one is how it works, but you got to listen to the explanation. But the way it works is it’s, it’s a helium balloon that takes them up 20 miles before the rocket to deployed. And anyway, his objective here is to try to reach 60 miles and see what is up there. Not just see visually. I mean there’s cameras. It’s going to be, um, uh, three 60, we’re going to see above. So everything, NASA refuses to give you everything that Bizo and virgin galactic and must, can’t give you a med. Mike’s going to do and he’s going to be on, I’m just bringing this out now. I got the notice about it on Friday, he’s going to be live on Fox News to explain his plan to go to space.

Speaker 11: (01:34:00)

Speaker 9: (01:34:00)
exciting. Just this week you’re saying?

Speaker 4: (01:34:02)
Yeah, Friday a Fox business. And so I’m looking forward to it obviously. Um, you know, he let me know that they’re going to be talking about his trip to outer space, which is a pretty big deal cause it’s, this is, this is the thing, I’m like, you know what Mad Mike Hughes is in the space program one. And unlike the other ones, he’s actually been in her rocket. Diesel’s hasn’t Musk hasn’t. Branson says he’s going to, but don’t. He always puts it off. So the truth is, as far as astronauts go, as far as a civilian space program goes mad, my queues is 1,875 feet ahead of all the others. He’s the lead racehorse. As crazy as it sounds, a flat earth. There is, I mean, if you are

Speaker 8: (01:34:42)

Speaker 4: (01:34:43)
yeah. If you’re not considering the previous, um, space exploration to be real as we’re not,

Speaker 8: (01:34:48)
right. Right. So he, he, uh, he has legitimize the, um, the world record world record for heights already. No. The um,

Speaker 4: (01:34:58)
well he, yeah, he actually, that record has been legitimized for steam powered rocket, but this, um, this raccoon thing, um, is gonna be, I’m taking place later this year, so he’s going on Fox to explain the plan, announced the, um, how it’s gonna work. And you know, this is all part of a media junket intended to really bring about all the sponsors he needs to make it happen. Cause it’s going to be like 2 million bucks to get the helium. It’s a 400 foot diameter balloon.

Speaker 9: (01:35:24)
Ah, oh, huge over a football field. You is that,

Speaker 4: (01:35:27)
yeah, exactly. And this is gonna be televised. I mean, do you know what that’s going to look like on TV? A gigantic balloon with the flat earth or in a capsule and we’re gonna see his view. It’s going to be a real time event streamed by the, uh, the science channel. So yeah, it’s going to be, um, uh, I think bigger than the challenger explosion as far as

Speaker 9: (01:35:48)
it’s true. I mean, I really don’t believe that either those guys are still alive, but, uh, I think that they’re going to want this guy to crash or want them to explode up there.

Speaker 4: (01:35:56)
Oh, those guys will be watching no doubt. The challenger Def fakers look, they’d been faking deaths for so long. You know, it’s been 33 years since the challenger explosion.

Speaker 9: (01:36:08)
I remember watching it on TV. I didn’t know it was this year. It’s 33 years now. I can keep track of it. It makes me feel old.

Speaker 4: (01:36:14)
Well, I bring it up because the challenger was destroyed and there’s a, it was actually Cooper. Bill Cooper came up with this. He was like, you look at the challenger explosion in context and the space shuttles, he was saying this is all part of a scripted plot. Like I’ve been saying, a scripted plot line, the birth of the new age and everything, and for him, the space shuttles represented another part of the script and it was a Colombian endeavor to discover Atlantis. All challengers will be destroyed. You get that out of the names of the space shuttles. And the challenge of course is oh Cyrus or no, Cyrus the sun, God challenging that, the God of darkness. Um, so every son God is destroyed and then he’s reborn and he’s destroyed at 33 years. So I look at this timing of it, 33 years since the challenger explosion, 50 years since the Apollo.

Speaker 4: (01:37:09)
Both of these things are very significant. Apollo, it represented man hitting the moon, the challenger or the space shuttles that all represented mastering low earth orbit, building a space station. So here we are, 33 years since the last tragedy. I think we’re due for a new one and that’s why I’ve been predicting the space station will fall because it’s, I’m part of this cyclical dying and resurrecting in a new form and look, I’m bringing this up here and if he caught this on the solstice, Phoenix was burning, which is on the 33rd parallel. The guy who set himself on fire in front of the White House this year, a 33 year old and this was the 33rd year of the burning man festival. And the last, so I’m looking at these and then Phoenix burning the evacuated half of the city. And at the same time there is a Phoenix showing up in Russia, in the, in in a, an Aurora borealis above some military base. You can see it, it looks like a Phoenix in the sky. So this is stuff that [inaudible] putting out there. Huh.

Speaker 9: (01:38:11)
And the movie Phoenix just came out, right.

Speaker 4: (01:38:12)
Oh, dark Phoenix. And in the movie, dark Phoenix x men, the movie poster shows a burning space shuttle. So taken together and then you had the burning of the Notre Dom, which is a temple to the goddess, as is the ISS. So these things are all in elegance. The steeple falling, they, they use that event. That event was so layered in meaning and subutex, but the steeple falling at sunset, well that’s the Sun God and his dismemberment on Easter. And it’s the celebration of these rights being performed in public. I mean, the syncretism is everywhere. We’ve seen it. How they’ve, um, you know, they, they just change the faces and the facades. But even in the pageantry and the rituals, it’s all in front of our faces if we know what we’re looking at. And really the big tail for me is the calendar, which is based on the sun and the movement to the luminaries.

Speaker 4: (01:39:04)
Because here we are on the solstice where mercury makes an appearance. Just as we reached solstice, right? And they said mercury was a at its place, I guess furthest east away from the sun that it will ever be. And as Mercury makes its appearance on the news, they start reporting a new track by Freddie Mercury has been uncovered. And guess how long this new track had been buried? Oh my goodness. Who knows? 33 33 33 years. Freddie Mercury has a track called time waits for no one buried for 33 years, comes out during the solstice as the planet mercury appears behind the solstice on the, I mean, look, I’m telling you it’s, there is a Meta narrative here connecting politics, entertainment, and all the news media.

Speaker 9: (01:39:53)
And how can you not believe that conspiracies happen? If you see all this blatant right in front of your eyes, you got to, you almost gotta be wanting to not know. You almost got to purposely shut your eyes and not want to know to not start catching these connections.

Speaker 4: (01:40:10)
Okay, well, we’ve got a prediction. We’ve got a prediction for you here from the audience here. Someone mark remarked about the son of Sam. So the 42 years ago we had the power outages. Well, during that time, that was when the son of Sam killings happened in New York where you had the, uh, I just, I don’t know if it was real or not. I haven’t really examined it. The guy seems legitimately crazy, but whatever the case is, it was during this time that he started doing these shootings and it ties in, oddly enough to the whole burning man thing, not just the guy burning in DC, who by the way, was not the first 33 years ago. Another guy burned himself in front of the White House. But 1977 was the year they released the movie wicker, which was about the burning man, the, uh, the pagan, right, of having a big effigy if a man and filling it with sacrificial victims. And this movie came out at the same time that the son of Sam was doing this thing and a, they were conspiracy. There’s at the time kind of connecting those two, um, the occult because, you know, he was all about in his, the way he just, he, I think he said he was killing on behalf of wicked king wicker.

Speaker 7: (01:41:20)
Do you believe that, you know, these actual examples that you’re bringing out, um, I suppose to keep it close to [inaudible] or some way other than, you know, here’s another 33 years, another 33 here, you’re getting kicked with another 33 or what do you think that, uh, we should look at this.

Speaker 4: (01:41:38)
Oh, here’s how it, okay. So the ones who are writing the scripts, the directors of the world stage, they know exactly what they’re doing and they leave their, I guess, narrative structure out there in the open because we can’t perceive it. Like 1968 they turned on nine 11 as the emergency number nationally, right? Nine 11. And that was 1968. 33 years later, we had nine 11. Well, in 1968 they started the construction of the towers. So you could say that nine 11 went 33 years in the planning. That’s 33 years in the making. And so that’s why I just ignore people, say, oh, the Jews did it or the Muslims did it or it was Bush or as the Saudis. No, it was a movie production. 33 years in the making.

Speaker 7: (01:42:27)
Do you, uh, are you, you follow the, um, hotel roster, you know,

Speaker 4: (01:42:31)
um, what was that one?

Speaker 7: (01:42:33)
The how towers theory.

Speaker 4: (01:42:36)
Yeah, I do. No floors matter.

Speaker 7: (01:42:40)
I think that I agree. You know what I’m saying? And I have those, those photos you can see right through the building. You know, it’s very, uh, I mean, I don’t,

Speaker 9: (01:42:48)
none of it’s, you know, I’m saying there’s no way you could’ve had a building falling match speed, but you share Canada’s yes, she’s CZI like we see in the Avengers movies. If you’re watching the Avengers movie, like that part where a iron man was throwing a push and haul breakthrough right from the top of the building all the way down to the building and that building collapsed and it all collapsed, you know, amazingly faster than gravity. You know, and I don’t believe in gravity, but you know what I’m saying as a gravity fall would be whatever, you know, speed of gravity, whatever you want to call it, Speedo, fall of natural fall. And you know, the whole building came down and second share, it’s like a nine 11. That’s the only time if something can fall down so fast.

Speaker 4: (01:43:27)
Oh yeah. The, um, like engineers from nine 11, you have all these people who’ve examined this stuff and what they never get is they never, um, get to the bottom of it because they always assume that there is a, uh, a who done it. And they get lost in the mix. And I think it’s all just information when it comes to blaming somebody. Let’s just look at what actually happened objectively and yeah, there is CGI there. Manipulation. Someone had actually showed me a picture yesterday, I think it was grim, one of my [inaudible] really a reliable source. I need to go through his emails. Anyway, if you look at the new World Trade Tower, uh, it actually does have this weird thing where on the edges of it, on the corners, they’ve shaved it down to create a pyramid shape or triangle right on the edges. It’s a very narrow triangle shape. Looks like a Klansman hood and it actually has eye holes built into it. So it looks like wherever you are around that tower, it looks like a guy in a Klan hood staring you down. And his take on it is that this is part of just a general sidewalk. Big Brother’s watching.

Speaker 9: (01:44:32)
Interesting. Now, do you think anybody died in 11

Speaker 4: (01:44:35)
oh hell no. Not according to the social security death index. Not according to the available evidence. No.

Speaker 9: (01:44:42)
No, I agree 100% I think the jumpers are all fake. I believe I, and this whole thing that, which is new, just within the last, I don’t know, a week or two now they’re trying to push for what more money to the people who were on a jack.

Speaker 4: (01:44:55)
I was just going to bring that up. That’s all disinformation to keep the story alive and the conspiracy theories alive. Oh is thermite. And then you see John Stewart hanging out there. John Stewart was a crisis actor on nine 11 sitting up there to make America cry. I mean, that guy is so deep in this stuff. I mean, what just utter trash there. You know, I call it the cyop industrial complex and anybody who says they’re against the military industrial complex, especially lefties like John Stewart is totally hypocrite on this because if you support the cyop industrial complex, that’s what enables the military side.

Speaker 9: (01:45:33)
I have a hard time understanding where the Zionism and the free missionary, you know, and I don’t, I, you know, the, I don’t know how this all really blends together unless it’s just a big group where they, they just have, um, you know, they, they, they just have little parties and you know, like at the Bilderberg and this is what we’re going to do with them this week and this is what we’re going to go next week and into the plan. Here’s the book. Just go ahead and look at it. You know, I mean, I have a hard time believing that it’s just the little Jews over in Israel that are there doing this stuff. But I know that controlled demolitions incorporated, it was supposed to have been there at nine 11 that very morning. So, you know, I tend to think that they never look into no sovereign line at anything to do with it. They always plan on going to Afghanistan, rebuilding America’s defenses come out in the late nineties and showed the whole plan already hatched. And all we need is a new, a Pearl Harbor

Speaker 4: (01:46:33)
now. I don’t even think it’s necessary to go here, but I, I do think it’s hilarious how, uh, Obama people say Obama played the role of Osama and remember Osama bin Ladin Obama and, uh, what’s his name? Did the groper Biden. Oh yeah. I buy it as a Biden bin. Ladin uh, Obama and Biden, the, these names are so similar. Like, is this some type of running gag? There’s this movie they’re playing over us and it definitely does appear to be a conspiracy against us. And this is why I call the space station, the Tower of Babel. It unites all nations. And if all the heads of these nations are collaborating on two things, what’s up there in space? And what’s an Antarctica? Then there’s obviously a conspiracy here, but it’s all the nations against us. It’s not the Russians against America. It’s not the Chai calms against, it’s all of the elite against all of us. And of course, um, the elite operate through proxies and the people they brainwash. Oh, well, quit. Did you see the thing about area 51 by the way? There’s like a whole lot of people saying, yeah, we’re going to go storm area 51 and now the air force is saying, yeah, well we got this.

Speaker 9: (01:47:45)
I have to wonder if it’s taken off the whole, I’m arresting the pedophile thing. Yeah. Like going after pedophiles and having them, all of a sudden these actors want to go ahead and storm area 51, you know, I mean, yeah.

Speaker 4: (01:47:58)
Hmm. Interesting.

Speaker 9: (01:47:59)
Like Miss Direction. It seems like it all came out the same time, you know, I mean, here we got this, then we got this guy who’s head of uh, um, which island is at where Le Lolita island, you know that Dude Epstein,

Speaker 4: (01:48:11)
Epstein, right.

Speaker 9: (01:48:13)
It can be taken and all of a sudden, you know, we’re going to area 51 to check out for flying saucers. I mean, what in the holy hell.

Speaker 4: (01:48:21)
Oh, I see what you’re saying. This could all be really much scripted to introduce fake UFOs and this Epstein things. Timing is interesting because at the same time, because this has come up before, it was like nothing new here. Um, he was caught up on, now he’s not like, um, I don’t know how they described, I think he got charged with prostitution or something, but he was, you know, under aged girls for decades. Anyway, this came out, it’s not that new but there, but there was like some new stuff now from, um, that came out just recently about this guy from the biblical Flat Earth Society who is being charged with 56 counts of exploitation of minors. You know, this guy is, I’m deep into it and he’s the head of the biblical flatter society. Anyway, I’m looking into like how they catch the guy. Turns out it’s a DHS operation. So what is the Department of Homeland Security doing right now? Where they’re the ones who find this flat earth or who is, um, trafficking children?

Speaker 11: (01:49:19)

Speaker 9: (01:49:22)
I had to say that I shot a picture this weekend and I think this connects to what you’re saying, but I don’t know a picture of three guys that were hanging from a fricking tall wire dead and accused of gang rape, a 10 year old boy. Now anybody who has kids would say, hey, you guys did a good job. And me personally, I’m like, well one, if any one, those three guys had nothing to do with it and society just decided to string him up and are we gonna Allow Fascism to take over society where the men are even held to account and put through a fair trial?

Speaker 4: (01:49:59)
Oh yeah, that’s a dangerous slope and we’re already on it. You know who’s, this is one of the things I think they’re doing with the psyops when it comes to the gun grab, I don’t think it’s about the guns. I think it’s about getting the public accustomed to Lynch mob justice, where by the end of the night the media is like this guy did it. These witnesses said it, they knew he was going to do it. They said that a Parkland, several guys, several witnesses said, oh, we knew he was going to do it. And then at the end of the day they catch them and they say, okay, he’s getting the death penalty. Well, he’s never been tried a, there was no real anything. It was just kangaroo. I call it Scooby Doo justice. They solve it in one episode. And I’m looking at this as like, wow, this is not justice. This is not due process. So despite all the attempts at gun grabs and everything else, what we don’t see with any of the psyops is due process and the public is getting accustomed or they already are. They’re accustomed to the media being the judge, jury and executioner and the media of course, acting on our behalf.

Speaker 9: (01:51:00)
And there you go with patches. Absolutely. I mean, that’s our biggest worry right now is fascism taking over. People are losing the concept of, of, of, of rights and sovereignty and everything. You remember when they asked George Bush Jr what sovereignty? And he says, I don’t know. I mean, is that countries are sovereign.

Speaker 4: (01:51:20)
Oh yeah. They, they dumbed down everything. They’ve definitely dumbed down the political discourse. And the sad thing is there’s no one even pretending to represent limited government conservatism. And I haven’t checked out limbo in like five years or so, but, you know, W for a time he made sense in this. Well, he was like, well, um, you know, uh, government is invested in its own growth and you need to really check to see what you’re investing in. And he even called out Mars maybe as an accident, but he said he didn’t believe there was mo Mars or he, he said he didn’t believe Mars had water because there’s some report from NASA. They said Mars has water. And he said, no, this is just a way to excuse us or excuse NASA to um, you know, for asking for more money because now they can go to Mars. And now it’s more viable in just a way of I’m selling people on big government growth. And he’s like, he wouldn’t put it past them to fabricate this to grow government. And I’m like, well, they fake climate change for the same reason. So you know, even a broken clock is right twice a day in limbo was spot on.

Speaker 9: (01:52:27)
Hold on. I’m just going to say I think they’re faking the causes of climate change, but it does seem like climate is changing. I mean, at least my personal climate change. I’m here in California right now. And uh, I tell you what, this is the first time I’ve ever been here in five years. I mean, I know I, I was told that they had, they had like snow 15 years ago. But overall this is like the call is winter out here in California. Have you seen in the very coolest summer so far? I know that’s where I came from. Michigan is being stirrer addled with some shit weather and I know it’s now it’s summer there though, but it always comes late and a there the bad times are really, really bad. Really cold and lots and lots of snow and really miserable weather.

Speaker 4: (01:53:17)
Well the trouble with it is you have subjective reports, but we’re all basing it on what we think our objective records and those objective records need to be called into question because we don’t know, was there a medieval warming period? We don’t know where their actual change is precipitated by the advent of the internal combustion engine or is that all propaganda? And so I don’t even get into the weeds on this at all because we don’t have anything to base it against. All we know is whether it’s weather.

Speaker 9: (01:53:45)
I was just gonna say this. So there’s no qualitative historical evidence to say that there’s any longterm climate change is what you’re saying. Right?

Speaker 4: (01:53:55)
Or that, um, if there could be, but we wouldn’t have, we don’t have that record. Like our history is bunk and so how good are records and how good are they at saying what was, what this far back. And then to even infer that we’ve had anything to do with it is, um, to me that’s just, of course them trying to make the case for, uh, regulating the private sector to save the planet. You know, this is just too much for them to gain by having us believe in this new version of fearing God, which is fearing globe. But no one, there’s just way too politicized to be even considered to be true. And none of the predictions have come true. If we had, maybe if Florida was under water right now, I’d be like, okay, if the oceans were acid, be like, okay, but none of their dire predictions have come true.

Speaker 11: (01:54:40)

Speaker 9: (01:54:42)
I think that Dick and I, and I’m, this doesn’t say that you’re wrong in any way. We do have some consistent changes being made because of all the pollution. These, these humongous corporations are dumping into so many places. All the waters in the oceans and the plastic just being dumped in they guys, they say they got a place as big as fricking Texas out in the ocean. That is nothing but garbage floating on the top or right below the surface.

Speaker 4: (01:55:11)
I would have to see that. Is that, is that a satellite photo?

Speaker 9: (01:55:14)
No, no. These are people who are trying to swim right up to her and say this is what’s right below. And they put that camera right there and a foot below the surface of the water where you think the water is all clear. You go a foot below the surface and there’s nothing but garbage underneath there. Nothing but plastic weighted down right underneath the surface of the water. But we’re not talking about a little bit or a little pile of garbage. We’re talking about something the size of fricking Texas. Now. I don’t know. My only point in bringing that up was,

Speaker 7: (01:55:43)
I don’t know if at some point you poisoned the waters in the ponds and the, and the in the side of the oceans and, and take down the trees. I mean it’s, you can’t call it some kind of, you know, surprise if you start changing the ecological balance.

Speaker 4: (01:56:02)
Well, that’s the trouble with environmentalism is that environmentalism is politicized pseudoscience and it’s taken the attention away from legitimate, uh, custodianship of the environment. Like there are environmental concerns, there are animals, species that need to be protected and we do need to be mindful of longterm effects of what we do. And no doubt, but that whole agenda has been co opted by environmentalism just like religion or you know, co-ops, this idea of, um, a higher power. And today they say, we speak for this, we speak for mother earth. It’s like, no, the environmentalist don’t. And when you really get down to it, these eco fascists, a few things are as bad for the environment as I’m as statism, you know, communism, socialism, these places are notoriously bad on the environment, much worse than we are. We get the blame right now. America is being called an international pariah on climate change and that’s just because they’re targeting us because of our wealth and they’re trying to demonize wealth and that’s, we are the guy joined.

Speaker 7: (01:57:00)

Speaker 4: (01:57:03)
That’s the whole, the whole, um, criticism though. Here is this, um, are we the ones at war or all the nations in the world collaborating? And this is part of the script where we’re made to be the bad guys. And then also, um, the justification is there. If you believe in climate change, then the people who are ruining the planet need to be stopped. And if they won’t stop themselves, well, nine tenths agree. America needs to be stopped over at the UN. So then China and Russia and India and Iran can all agree, let’s just go ahead and shoot down America. Satellites take over outer space and not let them participate until they adopt communism?

Speaker 4: (01:57:43)
Well, I mean, they’ve set, they’ve set the stage for space wars and they’ve actually put a target on our back. Um, America has been called a pariah on climate change. And so even though, I mean, I mean, even though this is all, uh, you know, pseudoscience and doomsaying, it’s being agitated enough and this is what they used to do anyway with communism was all about uniting the workers of the world, workers, the world, unite everybody, rebel against your employers and overthrow capitalism will next year is the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party USA. And their goal is the same. Getting people to abandon their capitalism, their property. And if you can say, hey, look, a your products are destroying the world, then you could say, well maybe we should stop using these products.

Speaker 7: (01:58:28)
Well, let me ask you this. Just said capitalism is the best, is the best foremost VA.

Speaker 4: (01:58:33)
Hello government. No, I think freedom is great. I think, I think voluntary exchange, um, I think, but the problem is we’ve never had ion ran made it very clear in her book capitalism and unknown ideal. She says we’ve never had an unfettered market. We never had laissez faire. It’s always been corrupted by statism always

Speaker 11: (01:58:53)

Speaker 4: (01:58:54)
so how can you have it? How can you have, and also how can you have any kind of, to me the thing is, um, volunteer exchange is the bottom line and governments are against that. They are against people forming independent networks. They don’t even like us having websites that they don’t moderate.

Speaker 7: (01:59:12)
It would seem that for what it’s worth is if you don’t mind me just run it out. My opinion, if she seems like if we had people who wanted to fix the problems, the problems would already long been fixed. If we had people in charge who wanted to have world peace, we would’ve had world peace long ago. If long life was where we all live for long life, would a sheriff come to pass? It seems like we’re letting people,

Speaker 11: (01:59:39)

Speaker 7: (01:59:41)
Getting some kind of charge and run their own personal goals. Maybe just because they’re members of a secret society and have to, or maybe because we have truly evil people who are just want to subjugate everybody here. I don’t like to talk about life being a soul.

Speaker 9: (02:00:01)
Um, I know you’ve come across this information. I’m not saying I believe it, but I’m just throwing it out there because a lot of people do believe that, you know, don’t go to the light upon death. You know what I’m saying? Cause all there’s a assault capture mechanism and for um, uh, reincarnation. But the thing I don’t really know, I’m not into it. Like I said, I do view it as a possibility. I don’t know, but I threw that out.

Speaker 4: (02:00:25)
Yeah, I got it. I got you on that one. I’m sort of the same way. I’m like, I’m open to the possibility that we are just by being incarnated into flesh, that we may be, um, it’s almost like, um, simulation theory might even touch on this, but the idea that um, we’re basically projections of our real selves and if we were truly aware of our real selves, we would get the hell out of here. And that is some type of a trap and where Amnesia gods, but who had been, um, denied knowledge of our own, uh, full capacities. I mean, that’s the whole idea of the garden of Eden. You know, the Gods didn’t want you to have the knowledge because then you’d be equal with them. And so I do think there’s some type of a trap and the information is being deliberately withheld. I mean, I was willing to think a lot of this was just human apathy and error and failure to mobilize, motivated people. Like you’re saying, if we wanted these things, they would happen. But when I saw the deliberate and the, the deliberate nature of the globe deception, it became clear to me, no, there’s definitely a conspiracy against us by an elite 100%

Speaker 11: (02:01:32)

Speaker 7: (02:01:33)
and it is to dumb us down and to make us easy to um,

Speaker 9: (02:01:38)
capitulate. Is that a word? I don’t know if you

Speaker 7: (02:01:39)
want to use it.

Speaker 4: (02:01:40)
Oh yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And that’s what I’m saying. God as a construct is a narcissist. And so as government and the narcissistic personality turns its victims or its followers or its subjects into dependent dependent personalities, and that’s where they want us. I think that as long as we’re dependent on them and their priesthood and we don’t seek answers outside, as long as we’re believers, not seekers, they’ll control us.

Speaker 7: (02:02:10)
An extension of that, that theory I know is that some people know that this is a recurring or recurring thing where you come back and perhaps chose to be here this time and that we’re here because we choose to be in Carne incarnate, into, you know what I’m saying, this life at this time and that when we die, we may hit that other place for a while, whatever it might be, a whole thing time and then come right back down in this, in this query I’m zoo that we live in right now. And the people that know that are the people who don’t mind, you know, having sex with babies and mass murdering people and subjugating and having slavery type of thing. Does that make any sense? Or when you think about that,

Speaker 4: (02:03:05)
you know, um, I think, um, despite all, no, I think, yeah, I think there’s something to it. Despite all of David Ike’s disinformation. Um, I think he, I think he got it right in his book, Tales from the time loop where he likened it as a, we’re all infinite beings that, um, we deliberately or not incarnate for a time and by time is in time itself is just you living as an incarnated being, but you exit time when you’re done. And what he’s suggesting is that, um, when you’re with a pool of people and you’re all conscious cocreators and you all steer towards negativity, um, it draws you away from your true nature and keeps you locked in what he calls the time loop. And he’s saying that humanity is basically a stranded group of souls trapped in a nightmare. And that the, what he called the reptilians might just be our own art complex. It might just be, um, a projection of her own worst nature. And until we collectively master that, we’re all stuck in here.

Speaker 3: (02:04:05)

Speaker 4: (02:04:08)
and I liked that notion because there’s a notion, the idea here is that, um, well then there is a point here. The point is to unravel the deception and to understand how we’re being controlled. And that’s why I think it’s boring to realize that, um, of course if we’re in a controlled system, every outlet that mediates or consciousness is going to be controlled. And so their version of God is gonna be the God that gets you to say Hail Caesar.

Speaker 3: (02:04:36)
I like it. I mean, it’s a,

Speaker 9: (02:04:38)
it sounds like they, I mean there is definitely a difference between the personality of the God of Abraham and the personality of a lie. I mean, there’s a night and day difference and there really is not a big connection there. I mean, you, there, they have way different personalities. I think the danger is given personalities to these, these, you know what I’m saying? These, the, the, these crew, these gods that they worship, be it big g or little g, you know,

Speaker 4: (02:05:07)
that may be the point. Um, when you look at the Roman system, or they call it the imperial cult, where they deified their leaders. And then in modern times they refer to like North Korea as a cult of personality. Like big brother, big brother is not just a uh, like a, an agency. It’s a persona and I think that’s key here. Big Brother is a, the God in that book, you know, he’s the person you can relate to and I think that they’ve always done this. I think that the uh, the gods are ways that the elite can communicate to the masses. Like a sock puppet.

Speaker 11: (02:05:43)

Speaker 9: (02:05:44)
how do you think that that, where do you think it’s time? The sock puppets, like I was saying that they train them different or because they’re the people in the know that know this is like a, I have, like I was talking about earlier, soul exchange program. I don’t know.

Speaker 4: (02:05:57)
Well you know what, that’s something I’ve run into as well. The more I look into death fakers and weaponize anthropology and how influence agents are put out there, it does seem to be like an elite prerogative. Like it’s not just you. I’m going to go here to get a job as a disinflation agent and I’m gonna adopt a persona and be on mainstream news. Like it doesn’t work that way. It seems like the elite have always led the revolutions. So for example, David Hog, you know, he’s his dad’s FBI, he was in charge of Lex when they did a number of psyops. They’re a billionaire or something. That might be exaggeration, but I don’t think so. Anyway. So he got this elite kid leading the communist revolution in the streets, going to 70 different high schools in two months saying, get rid of your guns. Uh, agitate.

Speaker 4: (02:06:41)
Devote at 16 when you’re too stupid to know better. And I’m like, what is this elite kid doing running a communist? Well, communism is there, not for the people, it’s for the oligarchs. So I’m saying that the oligarchs are the ones who are behind putting all their operatives everywhere throughout politics and entertainment. And they’re the ones who ultimately I think are the script writers at this thing. And they’re in the know and there are people on the ground who are out here influencing us. They know what they’re doing. Like even people like [inaudible], these guys are agents. They’re elitists, they’re in the know. And so for them to fake their death, it’s nothing. Cause you know we are the profane.

Speaker 11: (02:07:18)
Do you know how many you, obviously that’s the,

Speaker 9: (02:07:21)
the power is going to be hierarchal. So do you think that the knowledge and the placement is hierarchal? Like people are just saying, all right, well, you know, I’m fine at the, uh, the third step, as long as I make a million this and the next guy up says no, I won’t accept more than 10 million. And then the guy that very attached is, I’m one of those billionaires. So he has access to CUSIP numbers and everything else, if you know what I mean.

Speaker 4: (02:07:47)
Oh sure. I mean I saw this a lot in the military. You know, you had some people who were exceptionally motivated and they were going to be a major or a general at some point or a staff sergeant or sergeant major. And then you had others who were just very, and you’re like, man, what are you doing? You’re like, you’re about to retire. And you barely made staff sergeant and they just like sitting around and yeah. So I think that’s human nature. And I think people be happy with what they have and they’ll defend it.

Speaker 9: (02:08:11)
An acquiescence and an apathy.

Speaker 4: (02:08:14)
Absolutely. You know, this is a

Speaker 10: (02:08:17)

Speaker 4: (02:08:18)
this isn’t really, I think what we’re looking at. I think it’s, it’s, um, like Christ, people say, how can crisis actors do this? How can they lie? Well, I put out ads for crisis actors just to see, and I found hundreds of actors willing to play dead on the news and lie for money. And we’re not talking about a lot. We’re talking like 100 bucks a day. So what do you think you could get somebody to do for, you know, uh, lifetime security with a whole lot more.

Speaker 9: (02:08:47)
Plus it adds to the, Oh yeah. Can’t argue with that. Of course. Oh Man. Oh good Lord. I mean, plus, I mean going back to 11, I mean, 2.3 million a day before it happened. And then I don’t know if the gold story is, are right, but if they are right, and then all I’m saying all the other centralized, um, money that it was, you know what I’m saying? Connected to that building. I suppose they had a lot of money to shut people up and to make sure they had very gracious, uh, retirement packages. And you saw all those cars that were racked. I think each and every one of those fuckers got brought in. Part of the insurance scam. They all got replaced because they got wrecked from, you know, I’m saying terrorism.

Speaker 4: (02:09:30)
Yeah, it’s all definitely. Yeah, the go fund me’s in on it. The tee shirts, a Sinbad tees had actually printed tee shirts with 13 names from the victims of thousand oaks that shooting. Okay. So those victims names were already on shirts and delivered 36 hours after the shooting and they were available for these basketball players at some fest, some ceremony in, in Los Angeles. And I was like, wait, these people were shot 36 hours ago and they’re already wearing shirts, like dozens of shirts with the names. And I try to contact Sinbad tees and you cannot get stuff printed that fast and have it delivered that fast. Um, you know, unless it’s some kind of special order and you already had all the information by. So

Speaker 9: (02:10:15)

Speaker 4: (02:10:15)
I mean, look, everybody’s getting there. They all get paid in different ways off of this thing. Go Fund me’s basically a criminal operation. I think it ought to be shut down a hundred percent shut down. And you know what, there was one, I don’t know if he made money off it, but you remember the let’s roll story. Yeah. Well the woman who had the phone, um, I believe she, she re-emerged or rather her husband remarried her after she got facial reconstructive surgery and looked like someone else and got a new identity. So the guy was that now, okay. So the husband of the woman who died on nine 11, the one who, who played the clip of lets roll or said, you know, they’re gonna rush the cabin. That fake story. Well that woman who supposedly died in the crash, well I’m her husband’s new wife looks exactly like his old wife with a little bit of a Chin and nose augmentation. So, and I’m like, I wonder if he collected like life insurance or if they collected life insurance. I mean, how cool is that? It’s like, hey honey, I’m, we’re having hard times financially. Could you just fake your death in this operation? We’ll collect your money, they’ll buy you a new face and then we’ll just get remarried, have a new honeymoon start over again. It’s a nice package.

Speaker 9: (02:11:29)
I think they had a whole lot of money to spread that shit around and build a new building for Christ’s sake. They got two point $3 trillion out of the Pentagon, just, you know what I’m saying? The very short time they’ve lost more than that since.

Speaker 4: (02:11:40)
Yeah. Oh, on, by the way, on nine 11, 2001 on that Tuesday. That was Sean Hannity’s first day on the job and I just saw Sean Hannity yesterday. Um, some video where he’s hanging out with Trump and he is giving Trump a master mason grip. It’s not a handshake, it’s a specific way of gripping the hand. So anybody, anybody following Trump or following fox, they ask no. Like, look, you are voting for insiders. Why would you, you know, I, I mean, do you, do you see yourself even voting or are you going to be like conscientiously objecting as we are?

Speaker 9: (02:12:18)
Well, I like, I’m, I’m more into anarchy. Like I said, Shaw, there’s no chance of me voting for these guys to vote them the, you know, have, have Gemini and be able to fuck with me and my family. No, I don’t want no part of it, but I, and by the same time, I’m not gonna start going public and saying that I want to overthrow the government. You know what I’m saying? I know what I’m saying. I know how that can bring the heat down on Ya. And there’s a lot, a lot of them and not a whole lot of meat over here.

Speaker 4: (02:12:44)
So, uh, no doubt. You know, anybody who says that they want to overthrow the government is probably a disinflation agent. A true anti-statist or anarchistic would say, make government irrelevant in your own life by seeking independence, by bling networks with other people. You know, nobody would ever, no one who’s actually into the nonaggression principle or anarchism would, um, advocate overthrowing. Like I’m anti-media 100% when I say I’m anti-media, I don’t mean I want to shut down the media. I just mean I counter the mediated world view. They give us, I’m anti religion. I don’t want to shut down religions. I’m just philosophically, I’m opposed to it and I deconstruct it. But yeah, absolutely. I advocate nothing more than in activism. This is purely white tower speculation, um, philosophy,

Speaker 10: (02:13:31)
but make no man, hey,

Speaker 9: (02:13:33)
but make no mistake. If anybody asked me how to fix a problem, I always say the same thing. Line them up at the DC border and allow them to swim your country. That doesn’t mind their tyranny. Then watch them in charge, send them up at the ocean and let them swim to the country to watch them. And I always say that.

Speaker 4: (02:13:52)
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And I, you know, to me it’s also a cultural thing. America is being shifted into a fascism, a friendly state. And it’s pretty bad because even Trump, you know, he’s, he acts like he’s against that globalism and everything. But with the space force, well, hey look, you grow in the military, you grow in the space program, which is a stocking horse for communism and total control. So we don’t have an outlet to vote for any way, you know, any of us who are, um, opposed to growing this cyop industrial complex and everything else with it.

Speaker 9: (02:14:27)
Well, you know, Trump is not, Trump is a banker. One might say, I mean for Christ’s sake, the biggest thing he does, he’s not like he’s building buildings with his own hands. He hires all that all gets it done by as a building that’s already built. You’re not, this is just, he’s just a banker. And to think that your problem’s banking and then at the guy you throw in is going to be just another banker and he’s going to solve your problems. You really, you know, you need to reconsider. You know what I’m saying? And the handshakes that you see, they’re all in this, you know what I’m saying? You’re all on the same little secret. She could, uh, club and, and we’re not in it

Speaker 4: (02:15:00)
precisely. And then lesser of two evils. I’m like, nope, can’t handle that this year. Anybody who thinks they’re gonna vote for the lesser of two evils has to say, I’m going to vote for evil. What happens if you have two evil people decide, hey, let’s pretend to be enemies that way. Evil can be in charge. I mean, isn’t that what’s happened?

Speaker 10: (02:15:18)

Speaker 9: (02:15:19)
absolutely. Although I sure she, she a big fricking difference between Hillary and Donald Trump. I, you know what I’m saying? There’s like over like 110 people that are dead or on these, Rick and Clinton’s, they just fall like flies around her through the years and, and it, I just don’t see the same evil coming from, from Donald Trump. Not that I think he’s going to be the source of, of, uh, fixing all our problems. Maybe he’ll fix her a few. Maybe it’s just a stepping stone. The next person who’s going to go ahead and get us in our, in our next world war or whatever. And then there’s people who think it’s all gonna end this year and next year. It was in the next few years anyway, so I don’t know. I’m just open to it all. I’m just trying to live day to day.

Speaker 4: (02:16:03)
Same. Well, Hey, I appreciate the call, man. You’ve been on for two hours now. I’m probably gonna hit this here. Oh yeah. But this is going to be infinite plane, I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I’m streaming audio. I’m also still doing video, but I’m actually doing transcripts. So every one of these live streams will end up being searchable, you know, by by phrase as even in memes or whatever we say, you know, I think it’s important that they don’t delete our videos and kill our content. And so I think by putting it into text, it’s going to be easier to find and preserve. So yeah, just so you know, infinite plane, check it out. This will be on the archives. We have audio archives, transcripts, updated daily.

Speaker 7: (02:16:46)
Very cool.

Speaker 4: (02:16:47)
All right, well definitely. If you go to infinite plain also, you can read the book. God is a narcissist. I have it up for free all day.

Speaker 7: (02:16:55)
I’m going to check it out. Definitely check it out. How about a time for one quick joke, please cut me off.

Speaker 4: (02:17:00)
Yeah, by all means.

Speaker 9: (02:17:02)
Okay. Maybe heard about it. All right, so this lady walks into a drug store and goes back to the pharmacy. The pharmacist comes up and says, hi, can I help you? She says, hello. I’d like to buy some cyanide. He says, whoa. What do you want to buy from Sinai for the lady smiles. Very Iceland says, I want to kill my husband. Well, the pharmacist lashing. He says, uh, well, maybe you don’t know, but that’s illegal. There’s no way. He says, I lose my job. I lose my license. They closed down the store. There’s absolutely no way I can give you cyanide to kill your husband. So the lady reaches down and opens up her purse and pulls out a photo of her husband having sex with a pharmacist, wife and a pharmacist looks at the photo and looks at her and says, well, you didn’t tell me that a prescription.

Speaker 4: (02:18:00)
Oh, that’s good. That’s good. That’s dark. I appreciate it. Hey, have a nice day. I’m go to the site and get the book. Um, always love a jokes about cyanide and that’s um, again, infinite plane, Anything else before we go? Do you have a channel? Anything you want to, um, direct anybody to, you mentioned it, you mentioned that astro. No. Was at a syncretism that I should look into.

Speaker 9: (02:18:23)
I’m Martin Kenney. You want to check out his stuff and he has a, he’s just on Facebook, Martin Kenney and if you go to youtube, he’s innocent playing paradise or something like that. But if you search Martin Kenney, it’ll come up. He has a lot of good stuff. I have a, a website on two of them you guys might want to check out. [inaudible] very good on house. It’s called [inaudible] principles. And I also have a faith, another Facebook page called the human race cards. So if you guys want to check those out, if you’d like to check it out, just some good stuff there.

Speaker 4: (02:18:57)
All right. Hey, thanks. And Yeah, feel free to put those links below and um, I’ll, I’ll definitely look into those. Thanks again for the call and have a great day. You too, sir. See Ya. All right. Um, this is auntie priest terra incognita. I’ll be right back. Okay.

Speaker 3: (02:19:45)

Speaker 1: (02:19:51)

Speaker 2: (02:20:03)

Speaker 4: (02:20:20)
okay, I see here. Strawberry Blind says, I love Martin Kenny’s interview with Lucid TV. Well, let’s see. Anybody else? Oh yeah. And if you need any, if you need his contact information or you want to go to a site, if you go to the archives today, it’ll be there. Like I said, we are archiving everything. Look at he split says murder your spouse jokes, never get old. Bonner jam says bless his heart. Oh yeah, no, that’s um, [inaudible].

Speaker 3: (02:20:52)

Speaker 4: (02:20:54)
No, that was great. Uh, Martin Kenny’s interview at Lucid leaving. I’ll have to look at that one. Red supposed story said infinite is for sale. Infinite radio. Hmm. Well, infinite plane has the archives, but if you go to infinite plain right now, you can get the book. God is a narcissist and you can read it for free. I’m going to leave it up there for free until it hits Amazon and let me take a look and see. I think they said 72 hours before it shows up. I’ll be back on later to take calls on a number of topics. Let me go through my mind’s feed really quick and see if I’ve missed anything. We’ve got the 42 year anniversary of the 1977 blackout, 42,000 without power from the 42nd street on, so that’s a something. 1977 of course, son of Sam. I was looking into the etymology of space station and it says here a holy place of pilgrimage visited as one of a succession of verb dating from the 16th century. Interesting tidbit there. Space Station of course being a temple of course, 42 the number has a tie in to strangers guide, no, sorry, hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, the end of the world arc to Mars. These all have a tie-ins.

Speaker 4: (02:22:31)
We’ll see. Apple responded to a discovery of an apple watch. Eaves dropping hack. No surprise there. All right, well that’s about it. Hey look, go to infinite plane and check out the new book. God is a narcissist. Uh, the book will be on Amazon shortly, but I made it available at the website. For those of you who want to look over it right now and you know, hey, if you spot any typographical errors, feel free to let me know and I’ll, I’ll send you a free copy of the ebook when it’s published, published because I can make corrections up until the last minute. So anyway, this is the flat earth report by MVP. The hardware vandal will most likely be on later tonight. But go to the main website, infinite plane, for the archives. Have a nice day

#IPR Transcripts 7/15 GOD IS A NARCISSIST Speaker 11: (02:23:26)

Speaker 5: (02:23:33)
We are at red flag report. Come out on the intelligence committee. So what happened with a flat earth report

Speaker 4: (02:23:45)
in terms of breaking terms, breaking terms, breaking

Speaker 5: (02:23:48)
[inaudible] report that those are freaking complex. [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (02:26:41)

Speaker 5: (02:26:49)
Oh, definitely. Sorry.



Speaker 3: (03:20)
okay, so Pono Ku says checkout OJ Simpson’s latest tweet. What’d you give me a link? I think he blocked me.

Speaker 3: (03:53)
Okay, let me take a look. Um, let’s see. Yeah, drop a link and I’ll bring it up on the screen here. So those of you just joining, we are That’s how I’m going to say it from now on. Noni to send you here or there, just infinite plane, Keep it nice and simple. Um, that’s the place where you can tune in. Once you click that button, once you hit send or you hit go, um, it will, uh, be playing once you arrive. If I’m live, if I’m not the archives or right below in an embedded sound cloud widget. All right, so let me go ahead and bring this up here. What you’re looking at on the screen, this is big.

Speaker 3: (04:48)
This is them. I’m really just putting it out in the open. If you had any doubt about anything that I’ve said thus far about the secret religion of the elite, uh, you can go ahead and set those aside. I wasn’t just drawing connections where the aren’t. Um, this is in fact, mystery Babylon, uh, re interpreted. It’s a new iteration of an ancient religion, world spanning religion, the cult of the obelisk. What we’re looking at here is the Washington monument. Now check this out. To celebrate the Apollo 11 anniversary, they’re going to project the Saturn five on the Washington monument at 363 foot projection of the rocket. So here you go. On the 50th anniversary of the Apollo mission, they’re going to be projecting the rocket on the Washington monument. So layers of meaning. But the essential part is this. Saturn is of Cyrus a god of the harvest.

Speaker 3: (06:04)
This is the mystery religion, central Deity, the son God in his various aspects and in death, he’s represented by the obelisk. And the obelisk is the sign of eternal regeneration and rebirth. And they have rebirth at their old world religion where it was represented by these stone obelisks usually. But now, uh, the rocket is the new obelisk, the new path to heaven space, outer space being the new heaven. And here they are commemorating on the 50th anniversary by actually projecting this rocket on top of the obelisk. It doesn’t get very much clearer than this. It really doesn’t. And the anniversary of course, 50th anniversary, this being the 33rd year since the Challenger explosion, uh, a number of things are suggesting that the new space age is on a calendar. Like everything else. I want to bring that up first. Okay, here we go. I have the link to OJ Simpson’s Twitter. Couple more comments. Pono says, I am celebrating my 33rd annual 39th tweet.

Speaker 3: (07:23)
Okay, here we go. The Real OJ 32. Let’s take a look at what we have here. [inaudible] be advised, church ladies, if you are a church lady, avert your eyes were put your hand up and cover the right bottom quarter of the screen because there is a eight pointed star and apparently it’s an evil symbol according to some youtubers. Okay, so OJ Simpson is celebrating my 33rd annual 39th birthday. Okay, interesting. So he’s been 39 since 33 okay, let’s hear what this actor has to say. Now, don’t look at this guy like he’s a murderer. That’s not fair. He didn’t kill anyone. Megan Kelly’s just fine

Speaker 4: (08:15)
when I’m talking about, hey, Twitter world, this is yours. Truly. No, it’s hard for me to believe that today I’m celebrating my 33rd annual 39th birthday and I gotta tell you it’s been quite arrived. They said every life, some rain must fall. Well, I’ve had some hurricanes descended my life, but I think the Lord, because through it all these couple of the relatively healthy and

Speaker 3: (08:42)
okay, he’s on a golf course. I don’t know if he’s selling Ben gay or something, but yeah, 30 threes and all that. Just gang signs being flashed. Nothing new. Lean. Deon says ips, the x-men movie, apocalypse. Latest one before the new one. It’s filled with mystery Babylon from the start of Phoenix defeats Egyptian gods called himself Elohim and Rah. Most symbolism I’ve seen in ages, right? Well, the new x men movie, Dark Phoenix, burning, challenger burning space shuttle. Of course Phoenix is on fire 33rd parallel. Just as there is a Phoenix in the Aurora above an abandon Russian military base. It’s just all scripting. This all happening on the solstice of course. Okay, continue to listen. He makes a reference to Plato’s republic.

Speaker 4: (09:33)
That’s tough to do today. But all the haters on the end in good spirits and positive. And that’s tough to do today with all the haters on the Internet and cable TV, uh, spouting their negative opinions on just about everything. You know, I like what it, uh, Plato or was it Socrates? He said about opinions that they are not fact that the most, they could be a possibility and maybe even a probability. But the facts are there not back. I like the old saying that opinions are like armpits. Everybody got them and

Speaker 3: (10:08)
all right, I’ve had enough OJ Simpson. Uh, he didn’t know he was talking about Plato or Socrates, so, okay, let’s continue. So the space station didn’t fall on seven seven, so we figured, well maybe seven 11 cause there’s gotta be a seven seven in there. You know how they love the numbers? Well, yes. On seven 11 which is another seven seven not to go all Zachary Hubbard on you, but we’re just going off of what they do. The best predictor of future behavior, relevant past behavior. So what’s take a look and it turns out there was actually a crash, a failed launch with the Falcon I won.

Speaker 3: (10:50)
It’s a UAE spy. Satellite crashes into the Atlantic shortly after launch and again called Falcon, I possibly referenced to the eye of Horus, who is the god of the new age, the Martian age, which we are now in. And that’s what this is ultimately all about. You know, what does a 33 it’s the age of the sun. God, when he is a defeated, he challenges the darkness. Every challenger will be destroyed. You know, these are all, if you’re in to take the names of the space shuttles, and it was bill Cooper came up with this. He’s like a Colombian endeavor to discover Atlantis and challengers will be destroyed. Taking the names of the space shuttles while the sun. God is a challenger, like Luke Skywalker, challenging Darth Vader, dark father, the father, the son God is the god of the dark side of Cyrus. And every day the Sun God for the moment he’s being, the moment he’s born, he’s destroyed and you know he’s fighting. But every hour he loses a piece. And the idea is it’s just this eternal battle. But

Speaker 3: (12:02)
the old imagery of Saturn devouring his child, you know, that’s what it ultimately means. A Saturn is the Sun God on the dark side, his death aspect and the darkness is always in this. I’m devouring the light. So the Sun God devaluing the devouring, um, or rather the Saturn as the Sun God in death devouring his child. That’s an old story or an old image and it’s repeated in modern times. Just like everything else. We’re talking about the rocket being the new obelisk. Well, Darth Vader chopping off his son’s sword hand is a retelling of the story of Saturn devouring his child. And we’ll get more into this. This is just astro theology for the masses, but it’s a cultic.

Speaker 3: (12:53)
Now, here’s an interesting article by Mashable came up, there was a couple of football players tweeting back and forth about outer space. If the sun is hot, how was outer space cold and there was a back and forth Twitter exchange about the nature of space and outer space. A little bit of ridicule or the guys for asking dumb questions and they’re not really dumb questions. If you don’t know what are you supposed to do? Pretend you know like the people in the emperor’s new clothes or figure it out. So it’s great that they’re asking questions and, and let me show you what they showed, what they do. At the end of the article, I just want to show you how certain questions are okay, but certain ones are not. If the sun is hot, how was outer space cold like? I have a question for you.

Speaker 3: (13:41)
Where’s the space clouds? We’re were told that there was so much cosmic dust that there were tons of, I mean the, the debris, it’s measured in tons, 10 or 2030 tons of dust hitting the earth every day or every minute. But where are the clouds? Is there not enough dust between here in the nearest planet? What about a quarter of a million miles of space? Is there not enough dust between here and the moon to form a cloud? Once in awhile, in fact, when I brought up space bubbles, I’m bubbles in space and this was a few days ago, so my last youtube channel was taken down because we conducted a raid on a live stream where NASA or some NASA astronauts were on a flight going around the world and they called it one more orbit. Well, it’s not orbit if you’re not in the space. Anyway, we’re on this chat raid and I keep talking about bubbles and the space I’m seeing, how do you explain the bubbles around the Tesla roadster? And they said, you dummy, it’s space dust. And I’m like, well that’s a lot of space dust. And if I saw that much space dust in front of the storm in as an orbited the earth, would there not be enough dust between here and let’s say Mars, a few million miles to create a cloud, enough of a cloud. So that on a clear night I would look up and see some stars blotted out. But we don’t see that.

Speaker 3: (15:12)
I don’t think it’s a dumb question where it’s space clouds or how come the moon isn’t a black on a new moon, not just on the eclipse, but when it’s in front of the sun next to the sun. Why wouldn’t it being between us and the sun have a dark side that would be seen during the day and the explanations they give us don’t make sense because they seem to be suspended during the eclipse anyway. So this player, Jacoby Burset asks if the sun is hot, how is outer space cold? If someone says, shut up about the sun.

Speaker 3: (15:51)
Next person just says spaces of vacuum. There’s no air than he replies. I never put my hand inside a vacuum. Have you ever put your hand inside the Sun or outer space? Anyway, it goes back and forth and finally at the end of it they say, now this is not to shame Brissett because he seems to genuinely want to know and that’s great. And bonus points for not being one of those professional athletes who have actually questioned whether or not the earth is flat. See, there you go. You can ask about anything, but that it’s Kinda like, you know, you can ask anything about the nature of God, but just don’t say is he fake, you know, with true believers. Okay. Now listen to this. Um, this is an article called gaslight and it’s talking about media literacy. And listen to this quote here, it’s just talking about conservative communities and how they seem to view Donald Trump. And I’ve been bringing up now and then how Trump followers, we’ll have him sign their bibles like he’s the closest thing to God. And listen to this. It’s talking about the mindset of the people who are around him. Who would have him do that. And this is an article it called, it’s called, um, epistemological warfare trained on critically interrogating biblical texts, Evangelical Conservative communities. We’re not taking Trump’s messages as literal text. They were interpreting their meanings using the same epistemological framework as they approached the Bible metaphors and constructs matter more than the precision words.

Speaker 5: (17:51)

Speaker 3: (17:51)
In other words. Uh, they are, and this is a generalization obviously, but when you see people extrapolating a whole lot from a tweet and the things that Q and on supposedly says, you kind of see a bias confirmation at work. That’s what I see as, as the consequence of this hero worship, where they do kind of deify their leaders. The, the fall, these follower types. We saw the same thing with Obama. You’ve probably seen it with every single president. You see it with many different cult leaders, but there’s no different with a cult of Trump or the cult of Elon Musk where people are willing to give up their worldly goods to go live on Mars in a commune. And he has announced that 2021 will be the maiden voyage.

Speaker 3: (18:43)
A Pano says if the sun is moving through space, why does it have its hat? Why doesn’t it have a tail? Like a comment? Yeah, that’s a valid question too. Well, maybe, I mean I think there’s, I’m an explanation someone gave me, I have to double check it. Okay. Storm area 51 they can’t stop all of us. So there is a Facebook group with 400,000 people who are planning to go to area 51 and storm it for some dumb reason and it’s called storm area 51. It’s a Facebook group. It’s this. Thousands of people have taken a pledge on Facebook to storm area 51 to quote see them aliens.

Speaker 3: (19:33)
Now of course it’s just a Facebook thing. It doesn’t translate to boots on the ground but if it does happen, um, it’s probably instigated by the military itself. I mean they really have an interest, a vested interest in you, the public believing that they are hiding aliens, which they’re not. It’s all setting you up though. I mean maybe you know, the number of people who want to believe kind of gives you an idea and you can’t rule out crisis actors. Not to mention the special effects. They want to stage an alien invasion. You will have people make stuff up. I mean, people have been making up stuff for years for attention. Why do you think there’s a stereotype about the kinds of people who report seeing UFOs? Well, there are people who want attention and if you claim like let’s say tomorrow a flying saucer takes down a couple of cities, um, if you were to claim to have witnessed it, you’re going to get attention.

Speaker 3: (20:41)
Okay. This is just a side note here. Uh, Quentin Tarantino, he’s a hate crime. Hoaxer he was at a BLM protest and I just brought this up earlier tonight. We were talking about him and he claims that he was treated brutally by Los Angeles police after being pulled over unjustly. That turns out he’d never been pulled over before. He’d never spent time in jail. He was just lying to, I guess, pander to the expectations of the crowd. Now look, hey, if, if there is actually, just so you know, if there is a real storming of area 51, uh, we will be there. It’s in September, I think. September 20th. So I’ll be there to cover it, interview people. Uh, I’m not actually going to get shot, although maybe I can make friends again with Dan Gladman and get him to hop the fence.

Speaker 3: (21:43)
I just think it’s interesting. In a for 400,000 people who are just like based off what some 60 year old dumb conspiracy theory. You think they just have UFOs like flying saucers parked outside. Like you’re going to take out your peanut hundred and you’re going to see an alien autopsy being conducted out there in the open. I mean how dumb is this? And obviously it’s a joke, but this is what the media wants. The media wants conspiracy theorists to be seen as unserious says here, get your tinfoil hats ready and stretched those quads. Now stretching the quads has to do with the nature of the way that they are going to storm area 51 no, it says here it’s a Naruto run a Japanese Manga inspired running style featuring arms outstretched backwards and head forward into the area. Yeah, clearly it’s unserious but they’re not going to stop. All of us, you know, got me thinking, could we get that many people to sign up to a Facebook group with the stated intention of storming Antarctica? You know, they can’t stop all of us. I mean we don’t have to come up with a means at the moment.

Speaker 3: (23:06)
I’m just saying, you know, is there a genuine interest there? Okay. Now I’ve got a really important email here to share with you and I think this was from earlier today. And by the way, I do respond to emails, infinite plane and what I do is I just filter them and I get in as soon as I get a chance, I go through these things and see if I can find the precise one. I’ll get to it though in just a moment. Um, by the way, I wanted, oh, here go. This is a good one too. I wanted to look into Che Guevara as a possible death faker and we’ve come across a couple of others. So many of these martyrs. But here is one, there’s another martyr, another queue, a non martyr. That’s what I was looking for.

Speaker 3: (24:03)
I don’t know her name. I’m going to get that for you. But basically I’m another cappy style person who, a couple of things. Let me see if I can find her. Oh, and here’s another one to a white robber who carried out six burglaries disguised as a black man and got away with it. We were talking about Barack Obama actually playing a character. Jeffrey Epstein for these political soap opera is disguised as real scandals and uh, you know, trans racial disguises are really an old hat. Nothing new. Well, anyway, there’s another pizza gate death. I think I even titled This Live Stream. Oh yeah, I did another pizzagate death, real or hoax. There’s another dead pizza gator to join cafe out there. We’re in crisis actor island with Nipsey and Tupac and Biggie. And really, um,

Speaker 6: (25:08)

Speaker 3: (25:09)
well who knows who else? But my point is,

Speaker 6: (25:12)

Speaker 3: (25:13)
it’s all coming out now. These political martyrs, and I remember now this was a big thing in 2016 and I remember right before the election, Alex Jones was saying that Donald Trump was a reincarnation of George Washington, and that the fate of the world depended on his safety and that we ought to pray for Trump and that the left was going to assassinate Trump and they were hyping all this stuff up. And now the Clinton’s had 60 by it bodies attributed to them and it was just, there was hysterical like they went into hysterics histrionics over how evil the other side was and I’m looking at it now and nothing’s changed.

Speaker 3: (26:01)
It was just like, you know, at this point I questioned some of these things like is Trump really close enough to God that you could have them sign your Bible one and two? Is the other side so bad that they are all, you know, seated at the right hand of the devil drinking blood and stuff. Is it really that extreme? Gemini Water says billionaire just got caught for a private island to carry sex trafficking? Yeah, that would be Epstein. That would be, I’ve seen and we’ve been discussing this and that’s kind of what I’m, I’m interested in is knowing like finding out is this a new scandal? It just seems like a big nothing burger. Then we have, what’s his face? R Kelly also I’m being brought in for this and then we have, I mean there have been some, some stings apparently. I mean like the DHS just reveal that they’re doing some kind of sting against human trafficking and they caught some, a cult leader in North Carolina charged him with 56 counts of exploitation of a minor. He is the founder of the Bible. Flat Earth Society has a thousand members on Facebook. Panos says, Mark Passio says the currency of the elite priest class is children. Um, I don’t know who mark passio is. Um, what, what’s his channel? I’m interested. I also would like to know if he’s an auto hoaxer or an auto believer. Okay. So anyway, I’m Chegg Rivera.

Speaker 6: (27:40)

Speaker 3: (27:41)
Yeah, I remember when did we say Christ’s like, um, anything Christ like really does serve collectivism in general, you know, communism, Christianity. Um, the basic philosophy is the same. And here’s, uh, a letter from grim. He said, I have a dull as fuck overly long book about Che by John Lee Anderson and it has che healing lepers early on in life prior to the Cuban revolution. In hindsight, I’m sure this was part of his Nipsey s Jesus making. That’s kind of what I thought. Oh, he says, to be honest, when I read it, I could smell the fake Jesus making immediately, but I wanted to enjoy the story so I put it out of my head, turned out to be a blend of book with a great cover and I bought it for the cover. Che wasn’t boring though, but the book sucked. I know a Vietnam vet who told me Che was fake and spoke nothing revolutionary, merely what was acceptable government, fake rebel, false idol talk of the day, the same. Vietnam vet sadly believes all the school shootings are real and swung on me with eight punches in a row for telling him they’re fake. I fortunately put my hands up and block them, letting him punch my forums. Then I poured him some more drinks and forgot about it.

Speaker 3: (29:10)
Isn’t that something how people will fight to the fan, these stupid melodramas and these fake tragedies? Oh, Paseo, I friends with Egan. Ooh, big red flag. Probably a limited hangout controlled up agent. Probably an auto believer. Actually. I’m certain of it. And look, if you’re an auto believer in what I mean, if you treat everything that comes to the news as real, but maybe not the whole, but it’s pretty much real and it covered for something else. Um, you’re an auto believer. It’s a subtle distinction, but it’s, it’s critical. The auto hoaxer says it’s totally fake unless there’s enough evidence to support it being real. And even then you’ve got to shave away the agenda.

Speaker 3: (30:01)
Yeah. Pono says he’s probably a Shill, but I learned a lot from shells. Yeah. You can learn quite a lot from shells. They do a lot of good homework for you. Same here until you get pat, until you have a better, like for example, um, it was very useful for me to listen to Russian vids even though I know that he’s a shill whose brother was on MTV cribs or something. I mean, Russia invades a parish to be connected to MPV connected in many ways, um, probably to government. Intel and I, I knew he was a shill for some reason. I couldn’t quite figure out where he was off until I realized he’s there to muddy the waters with any auto hoaxing situation. So instead of calling a fake shooting, a staged media event, he would say it’s fake because the masonic Jews want to hide the Dome Flat Earth and the officers are wearing too much orange and Mike, you know what?

Speaker 3: (30:55)
If you had to break out your Dimitria calculator and play a little bit of music from Meatloaf, you’re muddying the waters was just focus on the infrastructure of deception and not throw the Bible into it or politics. Anytime you talk about Jews, you’re bringing politics into it. Anytime you talk about Satan, you’re bringing the Bible into it. So religion and politics really has no place. If all we’re doing is analyzing propaganda, Ajit prop media and separating real from fake, but we’re the only ones who do it. Okay, there you go. Passio calls nine 11 a sacrifice. Yeah. If he thinks people died on an 11 then he still stuck in who done it land. He still in this search for the bad guy. Rabbit trails all put there for you. By the FBI, by the CIA, by the cyop industrial complex. The truth is, it was a bad B movie. That’s all.

Speaker 3: (31:56)
Some people are so married to the narrative because it confirms their biases. They want to believe that the bad guys are poisoning the skies and murdering thousands of people in plain sight, and it makes me wonder then why are you so passive about it? Willing to just sit at your computer and talk about it. Like if I know somebody, like if I believe that Hillary Clinton was eating babies, I’d call the cops. I’d call the cops. I’d say, hello, I’m police. Hillary Clinton is drinking. Adrenochrome can you guys do something about it? Just anonymous tip. Can you report your neighbor for making too much noise?

Speaker 3: (32:36)
I like to report the Clintons for drinking adrenochrome and human trafficking, but I don’t see anybody taking that kind of action, so it makes me wonder, do they really believe it? Like, as far as I know on the only person out there who’s ever called the airport live and ask them to please stop Kim trailing us. And they gave me the number to the Pio. Kayleen Deon says it’s note worthy that he’s a self admitted ex high ranking member of the Church of Satan. Oh, come on. That means he’s just, um, that, that’s for status. They don’t have rank. I read their history. The Church of Satan had a rank system like in the sixties or seventies when they started. And they said in their own writings that too many people were trying to gain rank so they could go flaunted. And so they got rid of the degrees system. The, the founder of the church made fun of the masons. He said that you had these grand poon Baas of the Shriner lodge with all these fancy titles and jewels, but who didn’t do anything in the outside world. And so I remember, you know, anytime I say here’s someone saying I’m a high ranking this or that, it’s like ranking according to who and then to be a former high ranking, um, c’mon even the satanist didn’t like you. What did you do wrong?

Speaker 3: (34:10)
Did he have any sort of like juicy stories about how, you know, he went there and they were going to have him sacrifice a goat and he didn’t want to do it so he had to leave. Like what’s his story? I’m kind of curious, but look if he’s like Max Egan. Max Egan though is a shill for the prime minister of New Zealand. He serves Prime Minister Dingdong and I can prove it by his ridiculous defense of the New Zealand hoax. And he was pretty butthurt about it. You know, back when I was on youtube, he was responding, he had soc accounts. He was trying to get me to a step back on my claim that he is an agent, but you can prove it. In fact, thanks to Max Eagan, we actually have finally come up with a, a full proof way of discerning agents.

Speaker 3: (35:05)
He said he was a priest, not, hey, high ranking. Well, what’s the difference? What does a priest, a priest is someone who’s one step higher than someone who’s not initiated. All priests are high ranking or just means he memorized all the rights. Like he’s like, I’m the dungeon master. I’m a DM, you know, DM, you know, you got dungeon masters, the guy who writes the scripts and then like your three friends come over once Elf one’s the dwarf one’s a wizard and then you, you know, I don’t do that stuff. I mean, but I know people who’ve played those games and they usually the same people who grew up to become hype, Reese of Satanic Churches.

Speaker 3: (35:51)
I mean, people have always been taking their games too seriously, even before video games. By the way, does anybody really believe that these, um, animatronic, like sex bots are anything other than like a really bad idea? Like people buy these things, right? Let’s say you, you’re, you’re putting what, $20,000 into a, basically a rubber doll with some bells and whistles? Um, first of all it’s just, it’s basically like buying a giant Dildo. Me, it’s not the exact same utility, but fundamentally you’re just talking about a toy. Uh, anyway, my point is let’s say someone buys it. What are you gonna do if you decide it’s like gross or you meet a real person and you don’t want that, there are gonna stuff at your closet. Put it in a body bag. You can’t really do that. Can you throw in the dumpster? We’ll know because it’s gonna be traced back to you. So then what, what are you going to do? Chop it up, get out your toolkit. Disarticulate it. Get it in pieces scattered around the country and black garbage bags. Like how do you get rid of it?

Speaker 3: (37:06)
Cause I’m pretty sure you can’t return toys like that. Like what do you do? You put it in a box and send it back and expect them to what? Rinse it and sell it to somebody else. This is all really twisted. Got me thinking about implantable uteruses and life support systems for headless chickens. And you know, if I was a mad scientist, I don’t know, that’s sick, he’d have these like Peter’s Terminator hybrids. Anyway, let’s, let’s, um, get back on, I will. Phones are kind of open a five oh five Mr Milks, 71 says donate it to goodwill. Yeah, we have a goodwill here down the street and there’s always a pile of like, it looks like dirty laundry and like garbage just right outside the door. And I guess they launder it and sell it. But yeah, I could see just you just like pull up in the middle of the night, like some BMW or a Rolls Royce, maybe even a limo, you know, like Jack The ripper style where he’s like rich and he’s got a driver as limo pulls up behind a goodwill, like in a bad part of town at three, three 30 in the morning.

Speaker 3: (38:18)
And a rich old guy, like a Jeff Bezos looking guy comes out and pulls this extensively, like a busty woman out of the trunk of his car and throws her on the pile of clothes behind the goodwill, not just a discarded embarrassment of rubber doll that he, it didn’t live up to his.

Speaker 3: (38:37)
And if it does like your neck roofie like if you’re listening and you own one of these artificial human companions, you’re basically in Nick Rowe file. Although I kind of thought about something here and I probably shouldn’t, I guess I should because I’m not getting into that industry. But if I was in the industry, I think I’ve come up with something here because the personality is going to be pretty weak. It’s gonna be like Siri. Like could you imagine like trying to go on a date with Siri? Like you just like you have your little app out and you just talk to her and stuff. It wouldn’t really be that, it wouldn’t be an interactive, it’s still be kind of, um, blend. So I was thinking, what if you could have a remote operator as in, cause I used to do marketing. So what if you have like a cubicle farm in India or somewhere and you just have a few women if he doesn’t, women Kinda like these um, adult chat lines and they put on a headset.

Speaker 3: (39:36)
Perhaps, maybe not, but it’s just a headset maybe with, um, earpiece microphone, maybe a Webcam. Yeah, you would need a Webcam and they would remotely be the personality behind one of these dolls in someone’s house. So it’s like, let’s say, um, again, uh, you, you bought one of these things you have at your house. You could have a personality in it real time. Someone talking to you through it. It’d be like, it’s basically like a service thing. I don’t know how they would make it anonymous. I don’t know how. Um, but anyway, I think that’s probably the next step is the only way I could see it being something other than just straight nick or Ophelia. I mean, have you watched Sophia that robot? I’ve been following her Twitter and that is such poor scripting, terrible scripting. And I think they intentionally, obviously the script is to make it look like it’s spontaneous but it’s not. Nor could it ever be, but they want people to think it could be. They actually want to set the premise that artificial intelligence, since it lacks human emotion is objective pure. You see because if it’s not human it’s pure. If it’s transcendent because man of course is impure. That’s the basic assumption.

Speaker 3: (41:01)
Just checking to see who is here. Infinite plane, radio dot. Live over on mixed literacy. A number of people I’m always going to do mixer. It’s the new home base audio [inaudible] as long as we had a live audio stream, we’re good to go. Video can come and go. 90% of the time I was taken down off of Youtube, not for what I said but for what I put on the screen. But I mean we are doing both, obviously d live, but we’re still, we’re, we’re like a week now off of youtube and I just haven’t really had the ability to get back on, cause now you have to have validated Google accounts and believe it or not, I have 56 accounts that had been terminated. 56 Google accounts. It’s very difficult to log in without incognito browsers.

Speaker 3: (41:54)
Yeah, exactly. Digital prostitutes. It’s no different than a phone, you know, a erotic phone chat operator, whatever. I just don’t believe it’s really gonna go there. I think it’s kind of a farce. And you wouldn’t know because people would be too, uh, well there’d be many reasons not to want to blab about it. About the big waste of money. All right, so earlier today we were talking about the world trade tower and the one to look at that really quick, it might be a nothing, but if you look at the new tower, it does have a strange design with the four edges. Do kind of look like a big pointy hat with a couple of eye holes, like a, like a ghost or a clown clan hood, which I don’t see it that way, but I’m posting a link below and I’ll post it on the screen if you haven’t seen it yet. Just cause I’ve devoted time this morning to talking about it. Okay. Here we go.

Speaker 3: (43:11)
So what you’re looking at here is the new WTC and on each of the corners, um, you do have what looks like a clansmen, but you know, it’s not necessarily that, as I was saying earlier, that design of course, that hood, um, it’s, it’s actually much older than that and it’s, it’s, I’m connected to a just various religious orders, but okay. So yeah, it does appear to be the case. Uh, the person who sent it to me suggested it was a subconscious plot to terrorize people and I’m like, well, really could be. I mean, how has that any different than Disney with all their dogs in the background and everything else. Okay, I’m going to give this one another play. This is auto hoax by Solomont fly produced by DJ Ready Rail. I’ll be right back and by the way, I’ll put a link for this track in the chat, right?

Speaker 1: (44:18)
[inaudible] was [inaudible]. Oh, the ones out parking, Tom bad 19 beds. You case Shit streets always dangerous seats is peaked is playing into really hear what they say now that, do you know what that means? Are you dealt with the teens? They speak to signs and symbols. You can learn them about these games on nine nine by nine the lending club, the 27 once you think that they can, the Knob is just saw look board into the comb. Gamma Illuminati, mum, Mum, body, you must sounds why they snatch and bodies every Friday the 900 growth assumption of the hobby switching roles with the auto club call died in Natto homes. What you’re trying to prove, don’t you know we did around the globe and the tool, the moon. Gosh Tom. Glad about the shootings at they all with copper on the new, we will make the weight, let it spread by legality.

Speaker 1: (45:32)
Can let them know we don’t take to live like like a potty bite. It’s recipe like a breakaway. Bear to Tay Oak is charrette tension on your bed at date. You know what? I’m Tom that don’t that disliked me. Nicest if antichrist at their turn you have freedom mosquitoes, actuality. That’s why the truth must spread by word of mouth. Word math on it’s solid quarter. So the coke damn Illuminati with my mom. Body muscles, the [inaudible] grow section. Switching bowls with the auto clone. No Motto Hose Stephen Approvement back. The floor is all in. You can test for that must be trolling signed. Secretaries aren’t when they are shown to be. So what you’re saying is you don’t accept the claim as with sin proof. Wow. Sport. The scripted by the mom for code with the alarm. Let be turn on my auto home.

Speaker 3: (46:39)
Let me turn on my [inaudible]. Look this stuff up when I get home. Cause by I tell you these kids, today’s is tripping. I ain’t tripping. He must be tripping cause I am all right. I dropped the length that track and that is auto hoax, which is really the most important meme of all the different means. We push it is the most important idea out there. The simple move of shifting the burden of proof and they reversed reality back when they made it clear that anybody who doesn’t trust the news is a conspiracy theorist. That’s when they originally shifted it and we just have to push it back. Okay, so I’m going through my discord feed. If you haven’t been on, uh, our discourt fee, there’s a link below.

Speaker 3: (47:33)
We’ve covered pretty much everything a mystery Babylon was revealed because remember Saturn is a Cyrus Saturn rocket is an obelisk and it’s being projected onto the Washington monument obelisk on the hopes of versary of the Apollo 11 mission hoax. Aversary. Now another one of those terms, we’ve had to invent a number of terms in order to, well explain this new territory we’re in. Oh, also a Twitter’s going to start banning dehumanizing posts towards religious groups. So probably the best thing we can do is have auto hoaxer a certified as a religion. Maybe a race. You guys want to be a race with me? Yeah, we’re auto hoaxers. What are you racist. You think the news is real?

Speaker 3: (48:25)
I’m also, I am getting on a couple other platforms and trying out bit tube. I had to send them my driver’s license and my face. I’m gonna picture holding a piece of paper with a date. Like they ask for everything. I was so sick of it. They said no send a picture of your face but you got to have your picture of your face holding your license and asses a bit too. And then they asked for that with bit tube and the date. So I’m like at 6:00 AM and just like taking a picture in bed. I’m like shirtless and I just got my license and a marker and a piece of paper. I look like a hostage and it’s like please let me live stream on your bit tube website.

Speaker 3: (49:01)
Okay. Two years ago this showed up on my doorstep. This is a pack of business cards that say globe exit. You’ve been lied to. The horizon is always flat. Just looking back how you know why we’ve been pretty relentless for the last couple of years. Let’s see. Lindy on says the NASA propaganda movie first man is unwatchable. Yeah. Have they ever produced anything watchable? I mean for me it’s all bloopers. It’s all bloopers reel. That’s the spirit in which I watch it. MVP says picture your face doing a d marvel pout. Yeah, I could do that. You know, I haven’t heard from him or seen him in a while. I know he was moving. Um, he’s moving parking spaces back in May on the reel and says ips, can you play? I’m in a cold. Yes. Can you turn off voice to text? No, I know what you mean. I’m in a cult. I can actually read the misspellings. I correct it real time cause I also use that a lot. I don’t even bother correcting my spelling. I know it makes certain people mad, but you know, I’m sorry. I’m encouraging you to be more flexible in how you process info. Hey, look at this.

Speaker 3: (50:26)
A new marathon bombing memorial is coming together. So here you have this new satanic alter or something. It’s a, a bunch of coiled up serpents and snakes, these four pillars all around where the people blew up. It’s a bunch of crap. But you remember I went over to Denver and this was on the anniversary rather hoax aversary of the Aurora shooting. I personally went over there and I’m like, look at this thing. It’s made out of a bunch of swans forming a pyramid commemorating a hoax. And I was live streaming it and youtube terminated my account for criticizing art. So look, I’ve been censored. We’ve been censored relentlessly for all sorts of reasons for a couple of years now. Right now it’s just a joke.

Speaker 3: (51:18)
And look at them here laughing. What’s so funny, I mean, in your fake world, sir, um, 400 people had their legs blown off in the real world though. A whole lot of amputee crisis actors made off like bandits. Um, is Barack Obama playing Jeffrey Epstein? Yeah, I’m about 90. I’m about 90% sure on that one. And is there anything else? Um, okay, there is a great interview by Waldo of Waldo stakes, by Mick tune worth listening to. It’s about 90 minutes. You’ll learn a lot about rocket science. You didn’t know before from someone who knows people in the business who’s been around for 50 years. Okay. So we’ll leave it at that. Let me go ahead and see if we have any commentary.

Speaker 3: (52:20)
Pono crew says flat earth just isn’t the same without Patricia steer. Yeah, isn’t that bad? In fact, there’s that article about her called escaping flat earth and you know, really it’s people like was reset this anonymous guy who, um, really forced her to commit social media suicide, which is almost worse than the real thing. So at this point, you know what I mean? It’s just like, look, um, that guy needs to, he needs to own up to it. You know, he’s been featured in this article. He’s taking credit for having driven her off the web. He ought to just come out and say, yes, my name is such and such. This is what I look like. Yep. You guessed it right. I look like Elmer Fudd on crack. And I hate people because I’m this and then we learn about him. Oh, that’s why you’re that way. I get it now. So here’s a short clip from Mc to note that the link below is interview with Waldo stake. I’m just gonna play a random part cause the whole thing.

Speaker 7: (53:31)
Pick it up. Version of the titan engine up at the, at the a rocket engine test stands up over the town of Boron out there in the, in the Mojave desert out on the edge edge at Edwards air force base. And they somehow something with south and uh, blew the tank up and [inaudible] I just, he makes like they like a orange kind of liquid and it could turn into a liquid orange cloud and it was flying over Boron and the people were evacuating, you know, people were getting burned, a little things were happening, you know, people were getting bad. Like when it comes down, it can start a fire real easy cause the ratchet damn there anything, a lot of guys will use a hydrazine and Turpentine or hydrazine and, and, and uh, and uh, some of the SFU mean nitrogen, these fuming assets. I mean hydrazine is really, it goes off with damn there anything cause I don’t get sidetracked. But anyway, so this hydrogen peroxide rocket.

Speaker 3: (54:26)
So anyway, if you want to learn about raccoons, the history of rocketry, about NASA and everything else, Waldo steaks, he’s the one who’s building the rocket that’s going to take mad Mike Hughes to the edge of space. Here’s the link to that in foot. Waldo stakes. Look, the, uh, the whole idea of flat earthers being dumb. It’s like, Nah, you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t think the idea is exactly stupid. Now, does this guy say it is now? No, but he, um, he, he’s definitely the real deal as far as um, rocketry goes, but he’s participating. You know, he’s going to help get Mike up there and he articulates the plan over the course of 90 minutes. I heard this at the Vegas exit, the Matrix Expo where it was first presented, but it’s a great presentation and Mad Mike Hughes is going, I’m going to also explain it, uh, to Fox News in about a week. So that’s happening link below. And also if you’re over there on mixed slur and then put a link on if at Waldo steaks, if you have 90 minutes to kill and you want to hear some real interesting dialogue about the topic of uh, well rocket science in general. That’s the guy.

Speaker 3: (55:38)
And look, just to be clear here, I’m mad. My Hughes is now in the space race and he is in fact 1,875 feet in the lead because that’s how far he’s gone so far. Whereas the other guys in the, in the business, Bezos, Branson, Musk, they’ve never flown in any of their own rockets. Okay. Now I did find out this is great news. I think I did find out that someone some good. Um, I don’t know what you, what the reason is, but I guess some people take the time and they just started archiving everything. So all of my videos that I lost on youtube are available Someone suggested, hey, why don’t you start using archive? And I’m like, what? It’s already there. So I’m going to go and post the link here to something from I’m going to play about a minute of it. And this is from a video where I said Max Egan is a shill for the cyop up industrial complex. Um, I agreed to take it off the web because he asked me to after we had a private conversation, and I did, but apparently it’s still here. So the genie’s out of the bottle. So I’m going to play 30 seconds of it. Nobody’s holding a gun. I don’t think anybody’s holding a gun to his head. So let’s go with this story that has been put out about like even Rogan.

Speaker 3: (57:11)
But it’s definitely a story that’s put out about Jones that, you know, these are people who have been compromised in some way and since they’re compromised, um, they kind of have to play the game. They can reel even less. There’s far less to say that it’s real. And again to say that it’s real, they then you’re going to have to explain a whole lot of strange anomalies. Coincidences. Okay. There were two shooters originally, two vehicles. Both of them said to be laden with IED, improvised explosive devices. They were two bombs diffused at this Bristol train station. Like there were these calls that there was a, a couple of bombs and they had to go to fuse them. Well, it turns out bomb drills. So he had two bomb drills at the same time. They had two cars with IED eds and they weren’t related. And then the two cops that made the arrest were on a drill about making arrests in this way, ramming a car off. They’re already wearing their body armor. And they said, lucky for us, we were already doing a drill. So we were in gear and the eyewitness is a credited crisis actress on a New Zealand crisis actor website who watched the arrest of the culprit, who wasn’t Sam Hyde, by the way.

Speaker 8: (58:29)
That is true. And that’s called doing research for. So that’s called doing research and remaining objective and not wanting anything to be true. I mean, I know it stays and always a false flag and not, it wasn’t done for the reasons that were told and it wasn’t done. The white, we were tall, but it doesn’t mean it was a fight. That doesn’t mean nobody died.

Speaker 3: (58:43)
Okay? We called it. So this is it. This is the shill line that they hold. Their line is somebody died, people died. We just don’t know who did it. It was a false flag. So instead of a wasn’t real. It becomes a who done it and it’s not even, it wasn’t real. It’s we know it was fake. Why are they faking it? What’s the purpose of this particular piece of atrocity? Propaganda. That’s what it’s about. And what he’s steering it to is, well, it was done. There were victims. So Max Egan is actually pushing the very dark, mainstream media worldview. I mean, this is a very dark thing where this type of stuff happens. I mean, this guy is out of control right now. This gatekeeping is unnecessary unless he’s got an agenda and clearly he has an agenda.

Speaker 3: (59:35)
All right? So if you like that, and I was pretty mad about it, but that was also the night that we re really figured it out. We figured out the line in the sand where these operatives will lie to defend a fake story to protect mainstream media operations. This is the signup industrial complex. So yeah. Hey, look, not only did someone, yeah, not only did Max Egan show his hand with this one, but this revealed the whole process to us. But look, I’m not only did somebody save all these archives and everything like that, which is great because I thought we had lost it all, but I’m now doing something else here. If you look at infinite plane, everybody listening at some point in your life, uh, preferably like in the next day or so, go to infinite plane and you’ll see what I’ve done here is now it’s a blogspot, which is actually my favorite website.

Speaker 3: (01:00:35)
I love blogger. I’ve used it forever. Um, it’s flexible. I know better than any other platform, probably next to Shopify, but I like this site. So what I’ve done is I, I’ve embedded the radio player for mix layer. So if you went to infinite plane you’re going to hear it live and pretty soon maybe even starting tonight, it’s just going to be on 24 seven I just have to pay for the pro version. So as soon as I’ve upgraded to the pro version of mixer, it’ll be a 24 hour stream. It’s 50 bucks a month, but it’s worth it because then when I’m live live I can just tap in and I’ll send out notification, hey, I’m going to be live. But there are so many things in the archives. So I went over to

Speaker 9: (01:01:22)

Speaker 3: (01:01:23)
let’s scroll down to the bottom and it says similar items based on Metadata. And I looked and I actually have dozens of videos in here going back in ready-made playlists. So in other words, I could just hit play on a playlist and have it broadcast when I’m asleep, when I’m away from home. So it’s always there sending a signal because that’s kind of the idea here. We want to get all of the auto hoaxers um, on a single network. This is the really the vanguard of this thing, but this is the core of the auto hoaxer response to anti media response to High Tech Ajit problem. And we’re the only ones committed to doing it as a network, as a movement, rather than just as disparate individuals who get sniped quite easily.

Speaker 3: (01:02:15)
You know, I refuse to get sniped. In fact, I have a list of numbers of people I need to start calling and reaching out to. Okay, let’s continue though. So right now I’m live. So if you were to tune into infinite plane radio, you could hit play and it says here the title of the Stream, another pizzagate death. Is it a hoax? We haven’t really addressed it, but yeah, it’s a hoax. Right below that I have the archives embedded in a soundcloud module. So you can go here. There’s a really just, he played it nonstop. It’s a couple of weeks of content.

Speaker 3: (01:02:54)
Earlier today we had a podcast free speech versus rather free speech sabotage versus authentic voices. You know, we as in myself, the callers, the chatters, we represent authentic voices. Alex Jones, Logan, Paul, Owen, Benjamin, Max, Eagan, they’re all sabotaging free speech. Even Eagan even blamed the Jews. In fact, we have, we’ve found that guy engaged in some horrendous, uh, crisis acting. Uh, we won’t even get into him right now. He’s been thoroughly discredited. Unless you’re an auto believer, you may still find him in his work entertaining. I mean, there’s the artistry of it. Sure. But like, I’m not here to be entertained. This is very conspirator, meaning, you know, if you’re into conspiracy tainment, but what we’re doing here is actually on the work of really instigating the next phase of this reformation. But we might not win. According to Elon Musk, they’re plotting to send a maiden voyage to Mars next year. If you want to get live notifications, you go to infinite plane and you click the button that says, get on the email notification list for open phones live streams.

Speaker 3: (01:04:19)
It’s not a spam list. Like, I’m not going to send very many letters. Basically, if I get an email, I mean, if I’m going to do a live stream, I’ll send out the email only if it’s going to be live taking calls a full as bomb says. What do you think about Tommy Robinson? Another fake defender of free speech. Uh, saboteur. He doesn’t Auto Hook. So I don’t really take them seriously. If they don’t auto hoax, they’re not paying attention. They’re part of the scripted play. He’s controlled opposition at best. I don’t even think it’s a stooge. Um, because look, again, he’s not auto hoaxing if they’re not auto hoaxing, they’re not properly assessing the sidebar. They see political factions fighting. They don’t see the sy war. And you can’t see it if you’re inside it. And that’s kind of the trick here. Okay. And finally, here’s the newest thing that we’ve added to IPR, isn’t it?

Speaker 3: (01:05:18)
Plain radio transcripts. So even if you called in, if you call in, I’m using a transcription service where it breaks it into speakers. So all the callers, all the conversations that we have, I mean to the night, um, will be posted and they will be searchable. And the things we talk about will show up in searches. So even if they scrub all of the auto hoax videos off youtube, if you search it, they’re still going to find the right content. I mean, I was disappointed. I had a video based blog that was basically erased by removing a few videos and I was like, damn, I should’ve transcribed it. Well now the auto transcription software is so good that it just a matter of moments. So every day I’m posting archives and transcripts and I’m going back through old transcripts, I’m sorry, old archives having them transcribed and posted as blog posts. It’s all part of a, of the strategy of drawing the traffic towards us away from controlled opposition agents. MVP says Tommy Robinson is Paul Joseph Watson. I heard Paul Joseph Watson was getting death threats and I’m like, good. Maybe I had to send them one. No, I’m just kidding. Apologize of Watson’s a phony.

Speaker 3: (01:06:41)
Not only is he a phony, but he was one of the worst ones out there to attack those of us. He’s like, you auto hoaxers, you’re just trying to muddy the waters. It’s like, no, we’re exposing the Sai Up Industrial Complex. And you’ve outed yourself as an agent working to protect mainstream media assets while pretending to be on the outside controlled opposition. And I don’t know how he got that job. Did he have to sit on Alex Jones’s lap or was it the other way around? Did he go to the Bohemian Grove and kiss the owls, you know, feet or whatever, you know, mock human sacrifice. I don’t trust any of these clowns around info wars. And you can include Owen Benjamin among the list of clowns.

Speaker 3: (01:07:29)
Okay. So basically a quick rundown in case you, um, I, I kind of dragged it out. Infinite plane, phone number on top live player embedded links to all the relevant social media pages contains the archives, contains transcripts. What else could you possibly want? Has Everything, the one thing I haven’t added is the links to the tee shirt and swagged designed by a few of our designers. In fact, if you look at the site, um, MVP to the back, backdrop x to the main logo with the, uh, penguin, that sharp beak and this IPR is done by Travis, and it’s a take on NPR. And if you notice here, it says IPR is greater than NPR. That’s a, um, the equation that’s actually true. But really what it is to me is just a statement about what we actually are. National Public Radio, government controlled mind washing, propaganda status, propaganda, closed system, propaganda, worldview shaping for denizens of the Truman. Show the people inside the system. Infinite plane radio is the complete opposite. So IPR is kind of a playing off of NPR in the same way that ips plays off of fes. Flattered society and close system, infinite plane, infinite until proven otherwise.

Speaker 3: (01:09:03)
All right, so I think we’ve covered everything. I’m phones are open. (505) 510-4226. Unmuted. And I’m going to take a quick break here. This is ball earth cult by request by chief Crowe in the flat earth. And by the way, you can get his latest track at Mad Mike Hughes. Dot Com you can actually download it. Okay, here we go. This is a chief. Chris will be back in a couple of minutes. Phones are open, open topics. I am curious if anybody here knows anything about this latest

Speaker 6: (01:09:50)
pizza. Gate def.

Speaker 10: (01:10:07)
I’m in a cold. I’m in a cold. I’m in a cult. I’m in a cold. I’m in a colt. I’m in a cold. I’m in a cult. I’m in a cold blood.

Speaker 1: (01:10:22)
I met the growth [inaudible]. I drink the juice, the chocolate milk. Holy Cow. I wear the seats to the beach and the 33 greenery.

Speaker 6: (01:10:32)
Great, and where are you

Speaker 1: (01:10:36)
Charles Man Sans Ranch dressing. Go heads with the number nine. It is so defined with the holy grail shape of the stale. That’s their Benard sound up the cars [inaudible]

Speaker 11: (01:10:53)
yeah, I mean little plastic call like a dirt bag. Oh. [inaudible] most of us do in my pain, like a dirt bag. [inaudible] in my brain. [inaudible]

Speaker 12: (01:11:30)
d d d e d board.

Speaker 10: (01:11:51)
I’m in a club called [inaudible]. I’m in a cold. I’m in a cold. Amina cold. I’m in a cold house.

Speaker 13: (01:12:07)
I’m good. Thanks Yeti. I’ll make the bushies in the scene with peaches and cream. Go with the symbol. Show euthanasia. I mean hippie girl.

Speaker 6: (01:12:16)
Oh whoa.

Speaker 13: (01:12:17)
Be Good. One 90 going to be 33 33

Speaker 11: (01:12:29)
a bunch of important numbers. Three three, seven part numbers. 42 vineyards in number four eight five zero [inaudible] number 24 [inaudible] number seven or 10 numbers, 11 or 10 numbers. 11

Speaker 1: (01:12:51)

Speaker 10: (01:12:55)
oh man. Nicole, Nicole, I’m in a cult. I’m in a cult. I’m in a cold. I’m in a cold. I’m in. Cool. I’m in a goal within it. [inaudible]

Speaker 1: (01:13:12)

Speaker 3: (01:13:16)
All right, so we are back. Thanks for joining. Uh, Pono, COO. Thanks for following on. Mixer. And for those of you who aren’t on board with mixer, it’s an audio streaming site. It is really going to be the main thing. Uh, no other platforms are guaranteed and videos sites are always shaky ground, but we have a very firm ground with mixer and that’s kind of our ground ground zero. It’s just a, I was looking into like what man do I need to get an app that has notifications and chat and sharing functions and archive functions. And then I found mixer, which solves all those things. I have a business account or premium account, not the full one, but I have one that gives me 12 hours a day of streaming.

Speaker 3: (01:14:02)
Eventually I’ll upgrade to the 24 hour one and we’ll just have, um, archives from playing 24, seven 24 seven auto hoaxing. And when I’m not on, I’m also interested in opening up segments to playing music. We have a whole lot of music from a lot of people. Uh, old interviews. I found an interview today with Lord Steven Christ, who’s in jail for threatening to decapitate ties. Donald Trump, the word decapitate eyes actually was made up when he was talking to me. He threatened it to he, this is a Lord Steen Christ I’m talking about. He’s the guy who said that the earth was hollow and we’re inside of it and he’s God, he got a little ahead of himself. He threatened Obama, served a few years, came out and said that, uh, um, Donald Trump would have to recognize him or else while few years past Trump didn’t recognize him and boom, the guy says a few things, says he’s going to capitalize the president and he finds himself in jail. Now the word to capitalize a course is a made up word. Uh, I actually believe he mispronounced to capitate when he was talking to me, but it stuck and we use that word and then he adopted it later. It’s almost like we meant deload, that word into existence.

Speaker 3: (01:15:21)
Not that I believe in the Mandela effect, but the mainstream media may as well have the ability to Mandela things in and out of existence. Ministry of truths, style, strawberry blind. Yes. Mixers. Great. Hey, look. Um, oh, you can’t find the mixer chat on the iPhone app. I had the same issue and I w I’m not sure if it’s because I wasn’t on the app maybe or in the browser. I’m going to take a quick look here and see. You know what? I think it’s because you have to hit the, uh, three parallel lines that opens a menu and then it says, welcome to chat. You actually have to hit that thing if you’re in the app. Chile says, my mom ate pot with me in Vitreo. Now I’m very smart and Republicans are evil.

Speaker 3: (01:16:20)
Yeah, that’s, that’s um, reminds me that movie was at scanners. He was a David Cronenberg movie and in this movie a whole lot of, um, kids were given some drug in Utero Co utero called a ephemeral and this, um, ephemeral would give them I guess a certain psychic abilities, um, immediately after and scanners courses, the name of the movie and it’s known for the scene where one of the, um, children experimented upon, was able to psychically or telepathically, uh, send a signal into someone’s head and then cause her head to, let me see if I can show you that Jeff. I’m sure you’ve seen it.

Speaker 3: (01:17:17)
Okay. Here we go. It’s one of the most popular jiffies out there. I’m sure you’ve all seen it, but it’s from the movie scanners back when special effects were actually, um, use with a, there we go. See the DHS ought to be studying this stuff now that’s a Squibb for ya. Before they CGI to everything, which is such like an easy way out. Oh yeah. By the way, um, I didn’t FAQ block that user. I hadn’t had to do it yet. I didn’t think that we had any, um, trolls on mixer. And I thought the first comment was actually pretty good about the a payoti and the republican part. But I’m gonna go ahead and delete that too. Um, we don’t encourage anonymous trolls, but we do band them. And you know, if you ever wonder what the wrench is about, the whole idea of the wrench is that instead of having one moderator trying to police a whole bunch of minds, how about you make everyone a moderator and let people think and let think Yo, uh, govern themselves. And that individual who walked into the chat a minute ago is one of those who does not have the capacity to, uh, self-govern mud flutter says I’m a huge Lord Stephen Fan. He’s something, well, nobody said he was wrong. I certainly have never said he was wrong.

Speaker 3: (01:18:48)
You know, some people just, they cross certain lines. Um, and you know, who knows, maybe it’s just a sigh out. Maybe he’s just trying to make concave earth look bad and it’s all a ruse and he’s hanging out. And Megan Kelly’s basement with a OJ Simpson just golfing. All right, let’s continue here. Um,

Speaker 3: (01:19:22)
first object successfully tell teleported from the Earth to orbit by Chinese researchers. We’ll go ahead and skip that. We can blame youtube and ourselves for the rise in flat. Earthers says study again, more of this demonizing conduits of information. Mud Flutter says concave does look bad. He’s just wild. He look concave theory or whatever. It’s not even a theory. I think people should stop calling in theories and just say it’s a hypothetical model. Like you wouldn’t call it matrix theory. We live in the matrix. We live in a simulation. I guess you could call it a theory, but you know, using the term theory it gets very pseudo sciency. We’ll just say it’s a model based on this notion, but even then it’s very problematic. And leading with the model, I find it to be very um, futile. It’s like putting the cart before the horse. We need more information. It’s premature to come with to come up with a complete model universe. And the idea that you might be able to do so is analogous to trying to come up with the perfect religion or even asserting that your religion is the right one, that you figured it out. You’ve got the right version. And if everybody would just follow this by the book, everything would be fine. Harmony.

Speaker 3: (01:20:55)
Um, I was looking at some eight k footage of the earth as seen from the space station and as you’d expect, it was um, fake looking. But not only was it fic looking, it doesn’t even look sphere cool anymore. [inaudible] the more I look at a lot of this footage, they can’t really show you very much without giving away too much, giving away the game. So they just show you sections of it at a time and the sections that they give you, it’s certainly not enough to arrive at the conclusion that it’s a ball. And I’ve seen this a few times, they’ve made the same error. They inadvertently thing flatten it out for all intents and purposes. But what you’re seeing here is what is said to be an ISS transit in front of the moon. And I have a number of problems with it. Um, mainly because we’re dealing with an object the size of a football field as viewed from 274 miles away. It’s moving at five miles per second and there’s so many things wrong with it, but in particular too much detail. You can see the individual solar panels, you can see the modules

Speaker 2: (01:22:11)

Speaker 3: (01:22:16)
So if you’re watching or if you’re listening, what we’re seeing is something that looks like a tie fighter, which it shouldn’t. Like, okay. If you’re saying something that’s just a light and it’s in the sky and it’s moving at a high rate of speed, do you not see a streak? If you were to zoom in on a falling star, would you see a rock? No. So how is it that what is supposed to be a moving light when caught by a peanut and hundred has no motion blur? One, sorry for the cheesy ISS transit music. Okay. So one, and I’m watching this transit, there’s no motion. So clearly it’s just an image dragged a top, another image, the bottom image being the moon. We may actually just be footage. So you get the footage of the moon and an image of the space station. So I’m looking at the space station moving and the whole thing is not reflecting light and I can count the number of solar panels and I can see the modules. That level of detail,

Speaker 2: (01:23:34)

Speaker 3: (01:23:35)
Is inconceivable at that distance. And so by comparison, I look at the world record, uh, photography, uh, for, for distance. And it had to do with someone observing a distant peak 235 miles away, which is about the same distance to the space station. And this is a long distance record and you can barely make out the tip of the mountain 275 miles away. You can see it, but you can barely make out the tip of it on the horizon and it’s not exactly sharp. Now you could say, well that’s atmosphere distortion. Okay, so I’ll give you that.

Speaker 3: (01:24:19)
But in terms of scale, if you were to place an object the size of a football field on that distant peak, it wouldn’t have enough information. It wouldn’t be big enough to register in one single pixel, much less in full detail. There was so much detail in the ISS transit footage that you see that if one of the astronauts were on top of it, you could probably see him waving his hand at you like, Oh look, there’s Scott Kelly on the transit 300 miles away. You know, I don’t care that it’s up. You know, and there’s less, there’s less distortion when you’re looking up. It’s a ludicrous, ludicrous proposition. It is ludicrous to say that you would see this much detail. Where’s the motion blur? It’s five miles a second.

Speaker 2: (01:25:11)

Speaker 3: (01:25:15)
again, the space station being fake and then of course there are people on the flat earth side of the debate or conversation who will defend this. For example, globe busters, you know the guys from Netflix who proved to the Netflix audience is any way that the earth spins and has a curve that you can prove the curve with a laser pointer and a piece of cardboard. Anyway, they defend international space station transits, which we know to be fake. Think about that. Glow busters defends ISS transits. Strawberry Blind says it still messes with me because I saw that fake ISS light and shuttle light, but it was NBC news that told us when and where we’ll look unless what you saw Trevor [inaudible] one horizon to the other in a matter of seconds because your field of view isn’t that many miles. How many miles can you see looking east and then looking at West, what’s your field of view now if the space station were visible, it would go from one end of the sigh to the other and it would be moving in a hurry.

Speaker 3: (01:26:32)
It would be a streak, like a long shooting star. You would be able to set up a time lapse at night and catch it on seven or eight? No, actually it’s 90 minutes. So you’d probably get three or four good passes and you have you like you’d set up your camera, open your shutter point at the sky, and then check your footage the next day. Or she’d take that picture of the next day and you’d have five or six passes of the ISS streaks across the screen. You’d never have that. You’d never have it. You’ve never seen it. No one has. It’s not there. And you have a whole lot of flat earthers who are claiming to believe it’s up there. But they say, well some things out there, but NASA just put it up there to trick us into thinking as a space station. It’s just shaped like the space station and it moves on the same trajectory, but it’s not the space station. So now they just sound delusional intellectually dishonest, like they’re moving a goalpost.

Speaker 3: (01:27:37)
That’s what they say now or the, if here’s what’s even worse. I mean, the, the, the people on the other side, they’ll say flat earthers or uh, convinced they’re selling off there, but it’s not the space station. So they’re delusional. What else would you have to say about it? What else could explain not wanting to recognize what’s in front of your eyes? Alejandro at 33 says, what do you think it is? I’m saying it isn’t, it’s not up there. There’s, there are no transits that are real and it’s, it’s somewhat hard for people to wrap their heads around that. Like, you know, the moon landing was faked. You know, the rocket launches are fake. You know, star man going into Jupiter was fake. Why would you think the transits are real? What makes a difference?

Speaker 3: (01:28:26)
Yep. There you go. This is where it’s at. TV says there are videos from Jacksonville after space x launches with a vehicles drop into the ocean of the coast. Unless youtube gets rid of it. Yeah. There have been people who have caught the trajectory. Uh, there have been people who have for years cited cigar shaped UFOs. You know what those are? Do you know what cigar shaped you have? Ozar, space x, NASA, whatever. Just their rockets that are being launched, um, and recorded for future use. Like they’re pre shooting a lot of the footage and what you’re seeing is the airship because it’s not really a rocket. Um, what they show you, in my opinion, it’s a jet assisted air ship being blasted out of sight, out of mind, augmented or virtual reality. CGI after the fact. But what happens to it after they launch it? Well, it’s going to land somewhere. It’s basically a stray blimp and one of them gets sided. It’s going to look like a cylindrical piece of metal just hovering in the clouds. Exactly. The billionaire blimp club.

Speaker 6: (01:29:37)

Speaker 3: (01:29:37)
And it, look, here’s the problem with people saying, could they fake the ISS with the plane? No, they could not because no plane can move five miles a second. None to it has no traject. It has no propulsion. There’s no, there’s no, um, propulsion on an object moving that fast. Oh, on the real one says they fake it with a balloon attached to a light. No, they can’t go that fast. You know, think about it, the shape of it to nothing that large, that shape could move through the atmosphere at 17,000 miles per hour to meet those transit points. Nothing and to there has been no contiguous, uh, observation of the ISS across multiple transit points as in if it’s passing over your city and let’s say you live in, in Denver, uh, someone else the next state over should be able to see it and someone else the next state over. And if you were to have people stationed in between those people all the way across the board, like hands across America, telecom telescopes across America, you know, you should be able to have multiple sightings of this thing, but it’s actually a very rare occurrence for having been up there for 20 years. And for having, um, purportedly passed over your head every 90 minutes. Strawberry Blind says the fake ISS I saw went across and about five seconds, uh, that wouldn’t be possible.

Speaker 3: (01:31:07)
I said five seconds, five miles a second. Well, maybe, but again, the problem is if it’s a light, I mean, you could call in and talk about it. Here’s the thing. I’ve had many people say that they’ve seen something up there and I’m saying, no you didn’t and you’d have a hard time proving to me you did. And I don’t know. Um, and, and also whatever you did see, um, it could not have approximated the transit is what I’m saying. What I mean is for it to have been seeing where you saw it, where you looked at that time, it would have to have been following those transit points at that speed. And for it to be moving at those speeds, it couldn’t possibly be in the earth’s atmosphere because the atmosphere would prevent it from going that fast. So it would have to be in the hypothetical environment of outer space.

Speaker 3: (01:32:02)
Or they’ll say it’s a hologram. Well, holograms don’t reflect light and the projector couldn’t move that fast. So anybody who says that they saw the ISS, I’m saying, no, you have no reason. You might as well say you saw Santa Claus and just assert that because you have no factual basis for asserting. You saw the ISS. All you can say is, I was told to expect it. And I saw a light and I’m assuming it was it, but without good reason. And I think it’s important to be clear about it because a whole lot of people claiming they saw something makes it real. It validates. And I’m saying we really need a question. Have we even seen it? Because outer space is a hypothetical environment. Strawberry says, I guess we won’t know how they faked that light. Uh, no. I don’t know if you’re defending the official narrative or not, but was the light okay? You said it moved across the sky in five seconds. Was there a streak? Was there a trail? Was there a motion blur? Like in other words, did you see a distinct light or was there a trail like with a shooting star?

Speaker 3: (01:33:16)
Yeah, 133 somethings historical such as building a space station. There’s no footage of it. Yeah, there’s zero footage of it. There’s no footage of the space station being built or being put into space. And look, I’ve, I’ve had people say that they saw the space station crossover every 90 minutes and all entertain the call. But the truth is they didn’t see it. It’s just like people saying, I saw UFO. Oh No, you didn’t see a flying saucer from Mars. What would I see? I saw something. No, that’s hearsay. It’s see, say I don’t tolerate a CSA. If you don’t have a pic, if you don’t have video or or this, if you could tell me the date, because I’m not really good with dates. I don’t know what day it is. But if somebody said at three 44 and 25 seconds on March 7th on the 33rd parallel looking northwest, you will see the ISS. Okay. So if I go see it, I’m going to say, of course, I remember I had to check my calendar, check my watch. It took a lot of coordination to see it.

Speaker 3: (01:34:22)
So if you don’t know the date and the time and where in the sky it was, then I can’t even take your observation seriously. So at a minimum, can you tell me the time and the date in this or at least the city and the date because then I could check right there and backtrack and tell if you were even in the area because that’s where people fall. Like when people are trying to pass off something as possibly real, you know, I’ll say, well what city were you in? And they’ll say, I forgot. It’s like how often do you forget what city you’re in? Like I can understand not knowing what day of the week it is, but not knowing what city you were in when you saw the light. I can try to locate the news report that we followed. Well what city were you in? Because I want to see if it’s even a city where you could possibly have seen it. Okay. Providence, Rhode Island. Okay. Let me do a quick search. You know Richie from Boston is pushing the second son. Bullshit. I saw a second sun in the sky. No you didn’t. You saw it on Youtube. Does the suspicion cross station cross?

Speaker 3: (01:35:44)
Let’s take a look. Okay. Now if you go to spot the space, you can take a look and see. Well when’s the next time it’s going to cross over Rhode Island? What city were you in? We have Bristol. Ponoka says the light I saw here was moving north to south. Does the space station go north to south? No, it doesn’t. Does it? Does it go over the North Pole? Does it go over Antarctica? Cause they’d never shown us. They rarely do. You can sign up for alerts. Okay, listen to this. How do I spot the space station?

Speaker 3: (01:36:36)
Max Height measured and degrees represents the height of the space station from the horizon of the night sky. Okay, so here we go. You could probably find it. I’m interested though. I really am. I’m just, to me the problem is it’s an impossibility for something to be going that speed within the earth’s atmosphere. So it could only be happening in space. So anybody who says that they’ve seen it or that they believe they’ve seen, the ISS has to admit that they believe in outer space. There’s really no wiggle room there. You can’t say, well, I don’t believe in space. I believe in Holograms and Project Blue Bean. Sorry, that doesn’t, that doesn’t quite work either. Ponoka says it was definitely going south. Okay. Um, here’s my question. Does the space station go south? Let’s ask, let’s ask the Google. Does the space station go south? Can they steer that thing? Okay, here we go. Once you know the space station is going to be overhead, you can set a reminder. It typically moves from south to north or north to south. Well, which one is it? Okay, Moose. Five miles per second. Here we go. How does the ISS travel around the earth? Okay. Revolves at 17,000 miles per hour. Completes one rotation every 90 minutes. It does 16 revolutions per day.

Speaker 2: (01:38:22)

Speaker 3: (01:38:23)
it rotates. It’s center of mass at four degrees per minute one. Okay, let’s move on. Because the earth isn’t rotating. It doesn’t pass over the same place on earth. Each orbit, what? Each orbit is 22.5 degrees to the east of the previous orbit. Well, that’s very interesting because, let me name him.

Speaker 2: (01:38:50)

Speaker 3: (01:38:50)
No me Numb. He’s the guy who said that he saw the ISS go over his house and I said, no you didn’t. He said, yes, I did. He said, no way. We went back and forth anyway. He said he [inaudible] 93 minutes apart several times in the night. So he went outside. He saw it, went inside, played some video games when outside started. Again, he claims,

Speaker 3: (01:39:14)
but now I’m reading that each orbit is 22 and a half degrees off of the previous one. So how did Pono Ku get multiple sightings in a single night? Okay, let’s continue. It says, because the rockets that launched the components of the space station started on the rotating surface of the earth. The speed of that rotation is added to the speed of the ISS traveling. So we didn’t have to burn as much fuel to get to 17 point 5,000 interesting. So the speed of the rotation of the earth was added to the ISS. That doesn’t sound legit. The ISS is a kindergarten science project. Oh yeah, absolutely. Well, here’s my, my issue with it.

Speaker 2: (01:40:10)

Speaker 3: (01:40:11)
The existence of the space station is the only thing that NASA has that visually confirms the existence of outer space. Um, as far as like as as low earth orbit, rather like is low earth orbit a real thing? No. Can you actually put things into orbit where we have these satellites, right? So they say, well we have pictures but you can’t see them. They’re too far away. And so what solves that problem? The space station? Because now that you’ve invented this place called low earth orbit, well now you can have something visual to confirm the existence of orbit. Since we can’t all the satellites, Pono COO says I saw it once going north to south.

Speaker 3: (01:41:06)
Well here’s another question then. Do you believe it’s possible to see a light, even a light the size of what the space station is supposed to be? Is it possible to see such a light at a distance of 300 miles? How high do you think the light that you saw was? And that’s why I asked this question because if you saw a light that was mimicking the path of the ISS, first of all, my question would be, did you have the transit finder? Did you have an app? Did you plan it? Did you coordinate it?

Speaker 3: (01:41:40)
Because if you didn’t, you can’t claim it was the space station. A Hunter said, I’d love to ask one of the females in the ISS to run the fingers through her hair with all that hairspray, he had hurt her fingers like icicles, like, like be like, oh, there’s like shards, Medusa. You know, ever since we, you know, really I think the people who are really starting to criticize ISS, they called her Medusa and there were many different female astronauts who use a ton of hairspray, which can’t be good for the ozone. Did that high up, right? Anyway, they hairspray their hair so it sands up like the bride of Frankenstein to simulate gravity. Well now if you look at the, uh, the female astronauts, they all have short hair all of a sudden. And I still can’t figure out how a, the captain of the ISS, the previous captain, Captain Peg Whitman, how often has she got botox and hair dye in space.

Speaker 3: (01:42:42)
You know, you leave the earth, 60 years old, 64 years old, gray hair, somewhat sunken cheeks, you arrive and now you’ve got plump cheeks and dark, dark hair, botox, makeup. It’s like maybe they go the opposite direction, the earth spins and it reverses time. So she spins couple of years in space, but it reverses or age. I think that happened on that superman movie where he went back in time by flying around the opposite way. And those superman movies were constantly being used to reinforce the illusion of space and all that because I mean he’s an alien.

Speaker 3: (01:43:25)
A pono COO says, I did see a bright light, but it was no space station. The reason I knew it was a space station cause it looks strange and I googled ISS transit and they said it was over us that night. It’s still, I find it strange. Um, you saw a light, you googled it and you said it was an ISS transit. I would need to know more details. I’d need to know more details a whole lot more because again, you’re going to run into the problem with me anyway. Uh, you know, the fastest jet is 5,000 miles per hour, like less than 5,000, 500 and that’s not sustainable on a 20 year trip

Speaker 3: (01:44:09)
and the ISS is going 17,000. And so the light that you’re saying that you saw matching the trajectory of the ISS can only exist if we can see that far, which I don’t even believe. And if outer space is real. So then I wonder like are you adding a bit of wishful thinking? Like did you want to have seen it? Did you want to confirm it? I remember when I was a kid, um, you know, around Christmas, you know, you, you know, like three or four years old, you know, you see like a red light in the sky, you know, it’s a plane and be like a kind of hoping it’s Santa.

Speaker 3: (01:44:48)
I think a lot of NASA people are people who believe in the official stories. They see it and they kind of hope. Yeah, that’s Scott Kelly up there. And Chris had fields jamming on his guitar, peg Whitman’s drink and Russian p and loving it. You know, they’re doing little tricks with a little balls of water in space. Like come on, you see, you’re just saying it was a light and I’m just saying your adding um, uh, um, false witness by asserting it was anything even close to the ISS unless you were to precalculate in advance to know to the second it would be there. And if you matched it on your watch, like if you were to say I saw a light at two 37, I swear it was a UFO cause it was moving so fast and when it went five miles per second. And so I went and I checked and I said, yeah, at eight 37 and 43 seconds at your altitude, at your longitude, latitude, it would be crossing over your head because if you didn’t make those specific calculations and preparations to see it, who are you to say you saw it?

Speaker 3: (01:45:56)
Given how rare of a thing it would be if you weren’t specifically looking forward in its path, it moves 23.5 degrees every orbit. Which orbit did you catch it on? Again, I’m just saying I think we need to stop asserting that. We saw the space station. You didn’t see Santa, you didn’t see the space station. If You saw light, you saw something in the earth’s atmosphere. That’s my main point. You saw light. Was it in the earth’s atmosphere or was it in space? If it was in the earth’s atmosphere, it couldn’t have been moving that fast. If it was a with, if you could, I mean really 275 miles. No Way.

Speaker 3: (01:46:37)
50 Miles, 20 miles, 30 miles. Let’s say it’s 30 miles up. What’s moving? It was the propulsion. You understand that the ISS doesn’t have any propulsion, it’s falling. It’s orbiting. If you created a fake ISS or a plane that looked like one, when do you stop to refuel it? Alejandro said high up. Yes, you were right after the meteor drills. We’re getting hit by one soon. Oh yeah. Now that people are talking about it like it’s not all a hoax. Um, yeah, they’re getting ready. Look, we had operations shake and fury, earthquake drills, FEMA earthquake drills all summer long. Let’s pretend like we’re going to have a 7.7 magnitude earthquake and deploy all the necessary emergency response teams and just war game it. And now we have one. I mean come on, I’m strawberry blind. I’m sure you may find reports at the space station was going over. I’m not doubting that. I’m just asking you what you actually saw. Like did you see a light that was on the trajectory was said to be at that time moving at that speed because whatever you saw was an impossibility. And that’s what I’m curious about.

Speaker 3: (01:48:00)
And I always get this, everybody saw it like I got this one. Well, you know, we all saw it and I’ve seen it. It’s like, again, it’s, it’s hearsay and it’s not good enough for me anyway. I’ve had enough on the ISS like I know it’s fake. I just don’t understand why people continue to hype it up. Like, oh, I saw light. No you didn’t. And you didn’t see that. People used to do the same thing with flying saucers. I saw a UFO or I saw lights. I’m like, okay, well that’s just kind of like, makes me want to yawn. You did not see any lights.

Speaker 3: (01:48:40)
Religious people do it too. Oh yeah. God talked to me. Oh Jesus came in my dorm room, told me to stop drinking and, and to adopt additional conservative values and listened to rush Limbaugh. Yeah, I’m sure. You know, I can’t, you know, I mean, it’s your word against mine, but if you’re not going to show me a picture or an audio recording, let’s just like not presented as evidence please. Cause we have a higher standard. But you know, Jaron believes that there’s an ISS, but that it’s a a drone and it actually takes pictures and sends videos down. And I’m like, are you telling me that you believe that there’s a camera up there in communication with the earth moving at those speeds? How come it’s not burning up in the atmosphere? What’s causing it to move? Again, there’s no such thing as orbit and the whole thing, the whole point of it is, again, nothing could move that speed except in the hypothetical environment of outer space. So when people are presenting it, whether it’s NASA or like agents like reds rhetoric or Jaron, they’re doing what I call worldview reinforcement. The trying to reinforce the illusion of low earth orbit because logically speaking such a thing, moving at such speeds can only exist in that environment of low earth orbit, which we know to be completely hypothetical and fake.

Speaker 3: (01:50:13)
I’m gonna to check the comments over at mic slur and make sure there’s no more trolls. Nope. Looks like a now Poku has arrived as Brett Covena and his a double his alter ego. Hey, check this out. Speaking of, okay. Blasi Ford, Christine Boise, Ford, totally made up person, a character played by Justice Covena like we uncovered this really just bizarro masonic drag show, probably no stranger than any of these things they do over the Bohemian Grove. But check this out. People looked into her, no social media footprint. Like what? You mean she doesn’t have any social media accounts? How did that happen? It’s because she doesn’t exist.

Speaker 3: (01:51:08)
It’s kind of, she doesn’t exist. Yeah. Look, I’m just trying to be, um, I’m not nitpicky, but concise. The beginning, the beginning of wisdom, I think it was Socrates or l, Ron Hubbard, the beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names. And, uh, so I won’t even give them any rhetorical leverage in a debate by saying, well, I think it’s ISS. I’ll say, no, uh, no object can, um, do that at that speed. No craft, no unmanned craft or manned craft. Could you even put a human being in a man craft in the earth’s atmosphere going that fast?

Speaker 3: (01:52:03)
No. Anyway, um, here’s, here’s a, the one thing that here, here’s how you know though, and this is my last comment. You’ve never actually seen a transit like you’ve never seen a rocket going into space. You see it go out of sight, out of mind, and then they cut and they cut to the new scene where it becomes a rocket in space. Same with the transits. You see the rocket or other, you see the, the telescope in place. You see the person with the telescope who says, I’m going to film the ISS. Then they cut to a closeup. Same magic trick. A Pano, COO says, I told my friends, mom, I lip that Blazey Ford was covenant in drag. It didn’t end well. Yeah. Um, few things are as politically incorrect as a mis-gendering and to suggest that Christine Blazey Ford is a character played by Justice Cavanagh who’s accusing himself of rape. I mean, yeah, it’s bad. But look who else was involved? Alyssa Milano, some Parkland, fake shooting parents. The whole thing was a ridiculous circus and I’m sure it didn’t end well, but maybe, um, she’s not aware of, maybe she needs to listen to what Richard Nixon said about the Bohemian Grove.

Speaker 3: (01:53:30)
And I’m not sure if I would start there. Like, look man, I would start with Jesse, small it and then move on into Sean King and Rachel dos. Al Trans Racial show her how hey people in the media, especially liberals like you. I mean she’s allude toward, uh, like liberal media personalities are constantly engaging in hoax. Arry race hoaxes, hate crime hoaxes, climate change hoaxes. And if that’s too much for them, you’re not gonna really get any further if they don’t already know that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks, don’t bother. Okay. Anyway, it’s been fun. Everyone. Take a minute, go to infinite plane, That’s where we had the archives, transcripts and everything else. Um, and really it’s gonna be the headquarters for everything and you can get on the mailing list if you want to. But um, anyway, this is MVP, uh, the ips. I will see you all later. Bye. Oh yes. He says, my main gateway sign up was Ravi Parker giggling yet Robbie Parker’s smile gave away the whole game for me too.

Speaker 14: (01:54:52)
[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]

Speaker 15: (01:55:32)
there’s no power in synchronization. That’s why you get these government news alerts on her phone. That’s why nine 11 is so critical for the, they timed it just right to get everybody, the most number of viewers, and that’s where there’s 65 million viewers of the challengers. 700 million people saw the Apollo. Love it. It’s all about synchronization, and I’m thinking here.



Speaker 1: (00:00)
Sid, uh, my ringer’s off a minute ago when he tried to call three good. We’re streaming at a infinite plane, right now and just going through emails, people have been sending me. So what were you calling on?

Speaker 2: (00:15)
Uh, I just saw my comments were on the two collars you had before, the little, um, I just want to say how obviously that damage control mandate, I don’t know, it’s just obvious they’re, they’re terrible.

Speaker 1: (00:30)
Yeah, that’s what I’ve been saying here is that we are so effective as a networked group of media critics and analysts, that we’re forcing them into damage control all the time. And I even think that youtube deleting all of my youtube channels, more than 25,000 subscribers cumulatively deleted with no good reason. And it’s because they don’t like what we’re doing.

Speaker 3: (00:52)

Speaker 2: (00:55)
absolutely. And then they just kept babbling on about how I agree with 99% of what you say. You brought up like three different subjects and they’re like, no, I don’t agree with that. That’s more than 1%. At least here. You’re lying right there. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (01:08)
Yeah. That’s the thing. Um, the people who want to defend the big lies of the day have to become liars. It’s a lot of self deception. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that, oh, I knew someone who died at that event where I know someone who died at nine 11 or I’ve seen the ISS and I’m like, well where were you when you tell the space station and what’s the name of the person who died? They can never answer these questions.

Speaker 2: (01:32)
Absolutely. Where that mean, I don’t know. I’m guessing we’re on the, we’re on the, we’re digging on the right vein right now.

Speaker 1: (01:39)

Speaker 2: (01:40)
If there was, if they’re pulling out the trolls.

Speaker 1: (01:42)
Well actually what I’m doing here is I’m rebuilding and then some, so infinite plane, I’m now going to start publishing all of the transcripts and all the calls are in the archives there. So I think this will help with search engine optimization because these topics are fringe. They’re being purged off youtube. And if you search them and you find the video on the videos gone, it’s lost to the world. So I’m in the process now of having all of my archives transcribed automatically and then published as blog posts on infinite plane radio. So all these calls, all these conversations, all these tips, every, every comment that I read is going to be searchable. It’s going to be easy to find. And I think we win this thing if we, uh, cease to be drowned out by using their stupid platforms like youtube.

Speaker 2: (02:31)
Absolutely. And um, I personally use mix third to listen to you and what not, but I like how on there you put that you are just comedy.

Speaker 1: (02:37)
Yeah, exactly. I put comedy so I could say this is satire. It’s comedy. Um, the worst you could say is my jokes aren’t funny. That’s the worst. You could say. You can’t say it’s hate speech at this point.

Speaker 2: (02:51)
Right. And then w we’re just the, we’ll get them. Um, um, I’ll know. I just wanted to call it and to tell you to call, uh, to call out those two guys, make sure everybody knows that they’re just got chills.

Speaker 1: (03:02)
Yeah, absolutely. And we’ve been outing shells for quite some time. Well, Hey, I appreciate the call and we’re going to make this happen as we were before. We’re just trying to raise our numbers back up. So I’m, yeah, mixed slurs. Great. Infinite plane, I actually embedded it there, so if I’m live and you go there, you’ll just tune in. It’ll just be live autoplay.

Speaker 2: (03:21)
All right. You have a good all right. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (03:24)
Okay. So we were talking about the world trade centers have, so this individual rights men, he thinks that they intentionally designed the world trade centers in this way, uh, to terrorize the subconscious of blacks. And he said this was built, um, soon after his built the media seemed to relaunch their post hip hop race war divide. And so it is rather interesting. I’m going to have to bring this up later and I’ll be on video as well so you can see what I’m talking about. But if you look at the new World Trade Center, the way that they clip the corners off the, the, the, um, they basically removed a section of the corners to create a triangular like cut from each of the quadrants with a I holes or windows halfway up or three quarters of the way up. And it does look like a Klan Hood.

Speaker 1: (04:24)
Interesting. A little bit of architecture and we know image, you know, it’s all, it’s all about images. It’s all about perception and even subconscious. We all know that Disney likes to put Ding dongs in the backgrounds of their movies, and that’s probably not the worst of it. So the idea that they would turn the world trade center into a, a big KKK grand dragon just staring at you from the horizon makes perfect sense. It’s about domination. The obelisk, you know, it’s an obelisk for sure. And then again, it’s not necessarily a Klan Hood. Just to be clear, the pointed hood with the eye holes is something out of the Vatican much older than the clan. And the client itself is just a masonic offshoot. You know, it was, it was, um, I believe it’s degrees. It’s initiations were all written by Albert Pike, confederate general author of the Masonic degrees from four to 32 venerated like a God.

Speaker 1: (05:24)
Okay. I’m also taking a look here, going through more comments. Someone sent me a picture. Oh yes. At 30 years ago, 33 years ago, space shuttle Challenger exploded. And we do have people who are trying to identify where those astro or actor knots actually are death fakers and NASA death fakers in the mainstream media with a fake school shootings and the fake terror attacks a death fakers amongst celebrities. It’s everywhere. It’s part of a standard operating procedure. Another commenter says, take a look at China Hustle and then look at Lauren London. Yeah, I’ve noted this too. It does seem to be the case that China Hussle Nipsey hustles, wife is playing a role trying to hustle is his baby’s Mama, not wife. But it does appear to be that his baby’s Mama is London herself. That Lauren London is trying to hustle with a lot more makeup with piercings removed. Cause if you look at China, she’s got these piercings that just happened to be right where Laura London’s dimples are. Anyway, this commenter says it appears that they are taunting us by flaunting Lauren’s dimples in this way. They’re telling us Lauren and China are one. Either that or they’re slipping and the universe is on the side of truth and is dropping. Divine clues for those of us with eyes to see are the way China and Lauren both have that look at my dimples. Face highlights and it’s too obvious these people are in on the show.

Speaker 1: (07:13)
Another art. Another thing he points out here. Here’s an article. If you guys want to look into it, I’ll have to put this up on a discord that’s from celebrity insider says Lauren London and Nipsey hustles family get a public apology from the crips. It is also staged. It is definitely an extension of the MSM universe. You know we always talk about left versus right,

Speaker 3: (07:43)

Speaker 1: (07:44)
and these control dialectics, but there there’s just as much control in the pop culture news. Okay, here’s a good one. This guy says was rush Limbaugh controlled opposition for the Clintons? I believe so, and at this point, even the drudge report is highly suspect as just being damage control. In fact, I see Donald Trump out today ranting and raving about the media and how the media is going to die and social media is taking over a, remember that guy’s controlled opposition. Donald Trump criticizing the media is a huge joke because there is not one single cyop that he has called out as a hoax. He’s part of the signup industrial complex.

Speaker 1: (08:33)
We also saw a recent hoax where a Democrat politician was screaming into an empty parking lot, save the children, save the children. She was crying and the news reported that she was looking at Mexican children being taken from their arms, their parents being brutalized by border patrol and being forced to drink out of toilets. That’s what we were told based on this dramatic performance by this, a high ranking Democrat turns out as revealed by a cell phone cam. She was screaming into an empty parking lot. It was fake news. It’s important to poke to point out all these smaller hoaxes, the minor ones, cause they’re harder to refute and they’re easier to accept. For people who don’t know what the news actually is for the people who don’t know how much the government controls all media outlets, not just the news but the celebrity junk.

Speaker 1: (09:34)
And once they can see how intrinsically deceptive the MSM is and how its role is fostering a worldview not informing you, then they might be able to understand what we mean when we say nobody died at such and such. They, they really don’t get it. And this is like in a way it’s a, it’s a massive public reeducation campaign. We’re trying to awaken the public not to the truth or what to believe, but we’re just saying, ah, you’re listening to a bunch of liars who are articulating a world vision in the same way that religions do. In the same way that cults do for the same reason. In other words, the government seized the means of perception. They’ve co-opted all the cultural outputs, all the, any way they can get in between you and your experience. They do.

Speaker 1: (10:32)
So the idea that Trump would be calling out the media is a huge joke. Just like when he says he’s going to drain the swamp. That’s just a bad joke. And even now, look, they fake victims, they fake crimes, they fake stuff all the time. Why would we assume the political dramas are real, that the body counts ascribed to the Clintons are real. It’s really easy to report it. You know, I get hit up by people to say, Hey, this is real. Clinton’s have killed 50 people. Show me the proof. I have as much evidence that Adam Lanza killed 27 people. Show me the proof because they want us to believe that they’re actually killing people. That’s a huge part of their game. It’s a part of their control.

Speaker 1: (11:16)
This is why people get emotionally tied up. They say, wait, how can you vote for Clinton? She’s a murderer. She eats babies. So they really feel like they’re fighting evil and so they hate Trump. Would you sign my Bible? God wrote it, but would you please sign it cause you’re the next best thing? All right, let’s continue. Okay. Someone suggested they got rid of my youtube channel because we were predicting the space station would go down on seven seven you know what might be the case? We might have ruin their plans. We might’ve stopped it. We might have actually saved. We may have saved Los Angeles from a fake nuke and we might’ve saved those fake astronauts from a fake fiery death.

Speaker 1: (12:09)
Our Youtube Channel may have staved off a fake asteroid or any number of things we might’ve stopped like the reason why we’re not living in a post nine 11 world like all over again. The reason why they didn’t bring in another nine 11 might be because we called it out and it might lend credence to the analysis that people who don’t trust the news anyway. This commenter says you probably, they probably got rid of you because of your seven seven space station prediction. Damn. Let me see what else he says here. He says, as far as I have observed, nobody in conspiracy media is realer than IPR. We’re auto hoaxing line. Yeah. This is the thing here. We have an auto hoaxing line in the sand. He says, the auto hoaxing line in the sand separates us from even the best [inaudible]. That’s absolutely right.

Speaker 1: (13:05)
Project Veritas doesn’t auto hoax. None of the other investigative journalistic outfits do any sort of preemptive fake until proven real takes on anything the media presents. They automatically assume it to be real and then they analyze it based on it being real based on that false presumption. So it doesn’t matter. You can be the, you could be Sherlock Holmes and still be myered in the fake world view. Just because you took that basic assumption that if it’s coming out of that screen, it’s real. That’s the same mindset as the Bible literalist you ever wonder how those people get so screwed up where they’re bending over backwards to try to make sense out of things?

Speaker 1: (13:59)
Well, it’s because they’ve accepted something, a certain premise and everything has to fit that premise. So when, the way this commenter says auto hoaxing is the line in the sand that divides the real and the fake, the woke versus the asleep. Yeah. And that’s exactly it. That’s exactly it. It’s a, it’s a line we drew right after Parkland c after the Parkland fake shooting. We had the, we had two things at the same time. We had parkland and we had the star man. So at the state in the same month, we had a Tesla roadster floating to Jupiter and then we had a big fake school shooting. It was just being a hyper emphasized all across the media. It was being used to advance all sorts of agendas and it was, then I realized, okay, we have to put up a line here. Anyone who can’t see through Parkland and star man at the same time is behind the curve. That’s the line. So if you can’t see through the fake news below and the fake news above, you’re under a spell, you’re mentally enslaved and you may not even know it or be willing to even consider it. So that was a line in the sand and we’ve stuck to it.

Speaker 1: (15:20)
Okay. I’m continuing. Commenter says there’s a conspiracy theory that suggests that a o c stands for. That’s Cortez. That’s the woman who was screaming at the empty parking lot is an actress. And upon of the young Turks radio show host who in turn is funded and puppeteered by hardcore Chinese communists wouldn’t shock me, but you know, there’s really no difference between Chinese communism and Donald Trump’s communism. Okay, here’s a new one. Again, I’m going through news tips. If you have any tips, just go, you can send it to tips at infinite plane, or infinite plane okay. Trey d reacted to the new details emerging from the grand jury in the Nipsey Hussle murder case. He also opined on whether the getaway driver knew it was going to happen. Okay, I’m going to play a little clip here. This is from DJ fed or Vlad TV.

Speaker 4: (16:32)
Alright. Alright. And here we go. Oh Gee. Trey d

Speaker 5: (16:35)
ha ha. DJ Ray was good, Eh, welcome back. Once again, try to shake things up. Upset some people use some unpopular opinions.

Speaker 4: (16:48)

Speaker 5: (16:48)
Needed probably might be a problem. Wasn’t needed. A needs and perspectives though. Shit.

Speaker 4: (16:55)
Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, the Nipsey hussle stories still continues. I guess the grand jury indictment has been released and you see a little bit more about the case. Um, so apparently the whole thing about Nipsey talking to Eric Holder about being a snitch is actually true.

Speaker 1: (17:17)
Okay. So here we go again. This is all drama. It’s all story. A holder’s not a patsy, nor is he a murderer. He’s an actor. In the story

Speaker 4: (17:28)
to the police report there they had a conversation about about shitty cars, snitching. And that was apparently what set off the chain of events for him going to get his gun and killing Nipsey.

Speaker 5: (17:38)
And this was confirmed by paperwork. The witness, the getaway driver, I believe

Speaker 4: (17:44)
driver is one of the witnesses, right? Uh, who actually a, what’s the word I’m looking for? Uh, immunity. Uh, by testifying committee group. Yeah. Is that typical?

Speaker 5: (17:55)
It, it should be. I mean, if you don’t commit to helping do a government agency out of solving the case, I wouldn’t think you would want to get prosecuted after you finish helping them. So you know, that’s, that’s the quid pro quo per se.

Speaker 4: (18:09)
Right, right. Cause she could potentially be tied into part of the murder. Yeah. As they get away by the way, driver gets away

Speaker 1: (18:17)
granted immunity. How convenient. And there was something else that caught my attention this morning. I was looking into this a Blasi Ford, you know Christine Blazey Ford.

Speaker 3: (18:32)

Speaker 1: (18:32)
The woman who accused a covenant or at Carvana of assault and people who analyzed, um, their facial features recognized that Brett Cavadar was accusing himself of rape by dressing up as Christine blazay Ford in a protracted and very bizarre masonic drag show played out on the American news as real.

Speaker 3: (18:59)

Speaker 1: (18:59)
That whole charade was surrounded by Hollywood celebrities like Alyssa Mulana with the whole me too thing. And then you had parkland shooting survivors, parents showing up to go yell at Mr, uh, Covena who was then of course defending himself against these charges or allegations rather. Well, anyway. Yeah, it does appear to be that Brett was wearing a wig.

Speaker 3: (19:29)

Speaker 1: (19:30)
Maybe a little bit of prosthetics, but the eyes give it away. And this has been pointed out by many people. They’ve never been in the same room at the same time. Well check this out just today. It came out from the daily wire. How this Christine Blasi Ford has no social media footprint at all. Think about it. She has no social media footprint. We always find this to be the case with crisis actors and fake shooters. But this accuser who we believe, well who appears to be, I mean obviously I’ll just say it that way, Christine Blazey Ford is obviously a character played by Brett Carbonneau Supreme Court justice. Not too unusual. If you know it goes down at the be at the bill humean grove where they worship the giant owl. They’re at the Bohemian Grove dressing up as women prancing around doing all sorts of bizarre things along with the mock human sacrifices.

Speaker 1: (20:33)
So the idea that one of their own would be doing something like this isn’t all that farfetched, but again, the fact that she has zero social media footprint tells you everything. No Facebook account, no Twitter account, nothing. And it’s because she’s just a rubber mask and a wig in justice covenant’s closet. Okay. This is just reported from San Francisco. AP Twitter is going to start banning dehumanizing posts towards religious groups. So they’re using the guise of religious protection and protection against bullying to silence free speech. So what do we do? Do we have to declare auto hoaxing a religion? Maybe flat earth needs to be a religion so people can no longer criticize it is out. They want to do. People want to be insulated against criticism. In other words, troll flakes. If you want to be able to speak your mind and say, everyone else is damned but us, but you bet not criticize us, well then you have no right to call everyone else damned. You can’t call them infidels or sinners or polluters if you’re not willing to take it back. You know, take hits and return in response. Bunch of cry bullies in control of all the social media platforms.

Speaker 1: (21:56)
And this is not a principled move to defend, persecuted religious groups. That’s a stocking horse persecuted religious groups. Think about this. You know, this is no different than saying, um, well when you say persecuted religious groups, like there are anonymous groups that’d be defended. But it’s no different than saying we got to save the children from the school shooters. It’s pretty much a way of invoking another human shield and big brother or whoever steps in to protect this protected group from the bad guys. So Twitter is basically saying, yes, we are going to be the authoritarians here to ban any speech that targets religious groups by using dehumanizing language.

Speaker 1: (22:48)
So who gets to define dehumanizing language? The MSM has been using dehumanizing language against people who question the news for quite some time. I feel dehumanized when they call me a denier or denial lists. How come that doesn’t count? It’s super one-sided. We live in a generation of emotionally weak people. Everything has to be watered down because it’s offensive. And this is the result of social engineering. It’s the result of a deliberate fudging with the public mind, both dumbing down and also a shocking change, a dramatic change in American values. You know what about free speech in principle?

Speaker 1: (23:39)
And again, Trump doesn’t give a damn about free speech, nor does really Mike, nor does Owen, Benjamin, Alex Jones, none of them. That’s not what they’re here for. They are saboteurs. There’s no other way to put it. They’re saboteurs. They’re put here to say all the things that are needed for Big Brother, Aka Twitter or Facebook or youtube, to say those phrases used by those individuals. Give us the justification. We need to silence everybody else. Oh, and Benjamin is anti free speech. So was Alex Jones. And, and if you just look at what they’ve done, Jones was there to sabotage anybody criticizing the news, the whole sandy hook thing, limited hangout. Owen Benjamin criticizing the Jews in such a vitriolic way. Um, that’s not free speech. I mean, freedom of speech. Sure. Uh, the government can’t tell you not to say it, but no, that’s just a violation of youtube terms of service.

Speaker 1: (24:44)
So he’s not standing for free speech. He’s actually violating tos on purpose. Huge difference. Huge difference. And for him to even pretend like he’s some type of canary in the coal, mine tells you the guy’s a deceiver. He’s a bad, bad presence in in the whole truth community because they will use him to smear you as a right wing Nazi as they are already doing and it’s just going to get worse. I can mark my words. All right. We’ll be back this evening or sooner actually in a few hours. Take calls over at well here. Yup. Infinite plane, and if you want to go to infinite plane really quick. I am doing something, they’re setting up a uh, transcripts. I just think that if we have everything transcribed, it’ll show up when people search for certain terms. Like we need to own the term auto hoaxer and we pretty much already do but we didn’t insist really that when it’s searched by the MSM it comes directly to us. None of the hit pieces meant to just like they’ve already taken control over search results on youtube. Where on youtube if you search flat earth you’re going to find media contrived, hit pieces, hit pieces by vice hit pieces by ABC. Well, in order to prevent them from hitting up the auto hoax term. And just wrecking it with all kinds of smear pieces. Um, people will search it and they’ll find us. So anyway, this is a auto hoax by chief Crowe and the fight earthworms. See y’all later. Okay.

Speaker 6: (26:34)
[inaudible] [inaudible] and [inaudible] a cat.


#IPR Transcripts 7/2/19 Is MAGA a Scam?

Speaker 1: (00:36)

Speaker 2: (00:39)
those are striking terms, breaking terms. Okay. Thanks for joining. Today is July the second and the topic of today’s live stream is really about, well, I’ve been looking at politics again. I’ve been looking at right wing politics in particular. And then I’ve been looking into, uh, this little clash between and well in the conservatives, the conservative faction calling themselves proud boys and they all line up. It’s a big political event and they fight it out in the streets. And uh, so I’m looking at the stuff with a really critical eye. Like why should I trust the media accounts of any of the a stories they present us with, especially when it comes to election time and everybody’s working overtime to demonize the other guys.

Speaker 2: (01:29)
So I’m looking through it and um, typically focusing on Joe bigs and Michelle Malkin. Now Michelle Malkin wrote a book in defense of Internment Centers. She’s all for FEMA camps, just so you know, that’s Michelle Milkin, Fox News and then Joe bigs wearing his Maga hat. Joe Biggs used to be on info wars and he kind of outgrew it. Oh yeah. Really quick, adore the explore. Thanks for the reminder. Five more days until the space station goes down. Nipsey willing? No, I really think it will. Seven seven is the perfect date. We’ve already figured it out using the, the elites own code. I mean, I’m not using numerology. I don’t know any of that. Kabbalah Mumbo jumbo. I’m just analyzing patterns and the scripting is pretty clear. Space stations going down probably on the seventh.

Speaker 2: (02:29)
So get ready for your national emergency stock up on your MRAs. Maybe take a couple of days off of the Internet and just kind of prepare yourself to go, um, without it. Cause they’re probably gonna plunge us into cold Turkey. Uh, no Internet for a little while. Who knows what they’ll do. I happen to think of the space station goes down, they’re going to say China did it and Russia did it or India did it. Or they might even just say it went down. Who done it? Was it China? A secret conspiracy? Was it a Russian kamikaze satellite? Was it mechanical failure? Was it direct energy weapon? Was it aliens? They’ll have you fighting over who done it for years. It’ll screw up international relations, the Tower of Babel on falls. Meanwhile, nobody’s asking the basic question, was it ever up there in the first place?

Speaker 3: (03:25)

Speaker 2: (03:25)
Eric, mark says, I totally agree with you, ips, they’re going to bring down the space station to inaugurate the next phase. Exactly. I mean p Nick wrote about this project for the new American Century. They said we need a new catalyzing event of Pearl Harbor for this generation. And here we are. And you know, in that whole a convention, the whole Pinnock witches warlocks a black mass. When they talked about the project for the new American Century, they plotted your nine 11 and at that meeting they, at that congregation of baby eaters, they talked about how space wars were probably going to be an issue in the near future. So I’m saying that the authors of your nine 11 have another nine 11 plan for you and it’s going to be a space. Nine 11 could be Iran. Every time I ran launches a cube set cause they want bitter Internet reception or whatever. Uh, NASA has a little hissy fit and I’m like, oh, is that a threat?

Speaker 2: (04:25)
Peanuts Clark says, I’ve been thinking a lot about your main question. Where is the edge? It should be an idea that mini should unite on. Exactly. They have muddied the waters with religion and politics. Uh, one of the reasons why I’m asking is Maga a scam because it is a scam. But one of the reasons why I’m bringing this up is that many of the people who have reached the point of questioning the mainstream media, even recognizing it for what it is and who questioning pseudoscience and high places specifically the space program, they still fall for Maga.

Speaker 3: (04:57)

Speaker 2: (04:58)
Maga is a bigger scam than NASA. I mean, it’s all, it’s a religion. It’s a false vision. They’re all selling you on visions. But the space program is a longterm social engineering project to get you out of your capitalism and into communism. So you’ve got this Maga guy here saying no communism. It’s like, what do you mean you support the space force? You Support Donald Trump. You may think he’s a capitalist because he, you know, he flashes his, uh, his bling bling and he talks about being rich. But no, he’s a, he’s an oligarch. Huge difference. We’re going to have parasites and you glorify these idiots. They’ll just analyze their propaganda for a moment. So we’re looking at Joe Biggs who was Vegas strong, like Eddie Bravo. And if you’re Vegas strong, you’re truth weak.

Speaker 2: (05:44)
He is truth week. He actually claims he has a cousin in the hospital who was shot in Vegas, which is bullshit. No names, no identities, nothing. Eric Mark says, I am for Maga, for life, criminal, new world America. What? I don’t understand your syntax and look, if you’re for Maga, I’m telling you, you’re anti America. If you, what you think of as America involves this idea of freedom, make America great again. Sounds great on paper. It’s easy. It’s a good acronym. Not Hard to forget. I mean, not easy to forget. It’s like a catchy, you probably have people running around with Maga tattoos.

Speaker 3: (06:28)

Speaker 2: (06:31)
But my point here is that a make American great again, it’s based on a vision. It’s utopianism. No better, no worse than what NASA is offering. A better vision for America. If we just let these guys control it. This is still the same bullshit. The left is always been saying about perfecting man through perfecting as institutions. How many times has Obama talked about the perfectibility of man and it just means if we can just get the right technocrats in control, we can fix the world. He’s like, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. They’ve been saying that forever and now the right wingers are saying it and you got right-wingers having Donald Trump sign their bibles. Peanuts Clark says Eddie Bravo. Is Vegas strong? Did he claim that it was at a troll? Dude, he wears a Vegas strong patch on his jacket. Eddie Bravo is 100% Vegas strong shell confirmed cause if you’re Vegas strong, you’re thousand oaks strong and that’s impossible.

Speaker 2: (07:23)
These two events to have actually occurred. It’s an impossibility statistically and otherwise. 55 of the people who are shot at in Vegas were shot at again 13 months later at thousand oaks. While next door, a drill with 55 teenagers was being played out scripted on the Vegas event. I mean, this is way too many coincidences. Eric Marx has, Trump will soon expose the Federal Reserve and NASA Watch. See, um, keep following that. Pied Piper. Keep listening to Q. Keep ingesting the tide pod. Government brainwashing detergent. If you think Trump is going to expose anything that’s pathetic. You know, Donald Trump doesn’t know that David Hogg is a crisis actor. What a joke. Maga is a huge scam. They buy into all the mainstream media hoaxes, uh, not because they’re dupes, which would actually be kind of worse. Like they’re actually that dome. They’re being fooled. We can see through it. They can’t. No, it’s because they’re a part of it.

Speaker 2: (08:20)
They’re on the inside of it. They are insiders. They got you voting for insiders. And what happened to Laura Loomer? Her face looked like it’s made out of plastic now. And you get these, these people posing, like they’re being censored. Like they’re being oppressed. It’s like, no, you’re not being censored. Youtube loves you. The mainstream media loves you because you are mainstream media. This is what astroturf looks like. Fake grass roots peanuts. Clark says, I feel Ya. I have the image of sandy hooker’s just a little grown up since 20. Hey, um, the sandy hook thing, I don’t really touch it very much anymore, but as you can see that was used. It was, um, it was an exposed event, not meant to be exposed, but it was turned into a limited hangout. And that’s how they’ve been managing really to corral this whole auto hoaxer thing and to prevent it from becoming a movement. You know, you had this idea of the truth movement. What does it mean? It means a bunch of people who are just scared of Kim trails. Like it’s not all that deep. It doesn’t have a direction.

Speaker 1: (09:26)

Speaker 2: (09:27)
It’s just like, oh, well it’s, it’s like, um, moral panic. We need the traditional American values. Uh, and then you have all these other paranoia’s out there, but it’s not focused. Auto hoaxing gives it a focus.

Speaker 2: (09:42)
Um, cat’s eyes is the guy. Um, look, he says you never came to my channel. It shows your true color. No Cat’s eyes. We gave you my phone number and you refuse to answer the question about the space station shadow. And since you refused to answer it, you’re a bolus coward and we don’t owe you any of our time. Now my phones are open. If you want to call in five oh five five, one zero four, two, two, six, if you want to call in and talk about the shadow that the ISS has, but until you address the shadow of the ISS or bubbles in space, we can’t even talk. I mean, you’re someone who believes that there is a Tesla roadster floating to Jupiter. You don’t know how dumb that sounds. So those of us who understand how you’ve been manipulated, you believe in miracles, like you might laugh when you have a, a group of people in some obscure part of the world, you know, they see a miracle. Like, I don’t know, uh, you know, Virgin Mary on a piece of toast or Tortilla and they all line up to CX. It’s a miracle. You might look down on that, but you’ve got miracles.

Speaker 2: (10:40)
You’ve got your own miracles that you’re believing in. Oh yeah. We got a Tesla roadster with a dumb unit. It’s floating to Jupiter right now, playing David Bowie on an infinite loop like that is so corny. Eric says, Margaret is against socialism and communism. No. Make America great again is not against socialism and it is not against communism. It’s a, it’s really all about supporting the false right left paradigm. I know it sounds like we’re oversimplifying it, but no, actually you are a, the Republicans, the Democrats, that’s the tide pod reality. Katz to says, call you from England. Are you paying the toll?

Speaker 2: (11:20)
God, well, somebody donate some money to cat’s eyes so he can afford to call somebody overseas. I can’t figure how to do free calls yet. Get Skype. Trump undid Obama health care act. No, look here, Eric. Here’s how you’ve been deceived or you’ve been deceived in this way. Trump goes and says, oh, screw the Paris accord. Climate change is a Chinese hoax. He got me with that one. I’m like, yes. Finally, he says, I’m going to open up the libel laws. People could start suing the media. The media going to be brought down. I’m like, Yep, he’s anti media and he’s calling out the pseudoscience. He wins on both, both of the major points that I care about. So he, uh, he had my support. Well then I find out that no, he’s not against environmental ism for all his talk about the EPA being corrupt in falsifying science to advanced communism, whatever. He made it been open about this stuff before. But the fact is space force, and this is where Eric Mark is, where you’re deceived. You don’t understand that even though he may be against environmentalism by advancing the space program, guess what? The space program is a stocking horse for environmental wisdom.

Speaker 2: (12:34)
Cats two says, do you not know the difference between two and I’s? Maybe take reading lessons. Yeah, I have reading comprehension problems. Cats too. Maybe it’s you using multiple sock accounts and we don’t know the difference. You got these anonymous people, no voices, no faces, just angry little allegations in the comment sections and they’re mad that you don’t recognize their individuality. I’m sorry. Precious little snowflake. I couldn’t tell the difference between you and the other anonymous Avatar. Sorry if I hurt you a little feelings apply. Butthurt cream call if you can come up with the money. Otherwise we’re moving on. The space station shouldn’t have a shadow and it does. That’s your problem, not mine.

Speaker 2: (13:16)
Okay, let’s continue. This is grass roots. Joe Bigs is Vegas strong truth weeks run by a bunch of government agents pretending to be grassroots and they’re fighting this straw man, communism advancing this version of capitalism, which is all based on a false worldview and it’s also based on everything that you see on the news being true. Every sigh up, David Hogg actually is a real victim in this story. David Hogg’s is actually part of a shooting. It wasn’t stage. You had an understand there’s a big divergence between reality and the mediated version and if you’re operating in the media diversion, oh yeah, there’s a total solar eclipse. I could put it on the screen right now. Who wants to watch the eclipse? I think it’s live. If someone has a link. So here’s a billboard with the kid saying the last five years have been the hottest on record climate emergency.

Speaker 2: (14:11)
So Trump may say, okay, well that’s bad, that’s just environmental is propaganda. But if he advances the space program, it’s predicated on in climate science and everything that’s been presented as science from the climatologist at Noah being real. Eric Mark says, I think Trump was deceived when it came to the space force. See, there you go. Making excuses for your abuser. This is what battered citizens syndrome looks like. Eric. Mark is making excuses for Donald Trump in the space. Farce. You’re making excuses for him. And so then wait, either one of two things. Mark, either Donald Trump is super smart playing eight d chess or Donald Trump is a dumb shit who got deceived with space for us. So which is it? Is he mega smart or is he easily duped? And if he’s easily duped, why are you following him? You see the flaw in your logic here?

Speaker 2: (15:08)
He says it’s possible that he was a space fan, is brainwashed, preventing him from seeing the lies. Then why are you voting for someone who’s brainwashed? That’s what I’m saying. It’s not wise to make a distinction between the brainwashy eyes and the agents because they work for the same team. One of them is just a little more ignorant and probably not getting paid as much way. BMX says Maga is the fifth degree initiation into the temple of set in the Church of Satan. Really? Oh, you know what? I think you might be right about that. Mark got Satan. Let’s take a look. I know they call each other. Yep, you’re right. Third degree is Magis. Okay. Wait, I think, I think it’s Magis and Maga might actually be like the feminine version of Magis. So it’s like, you know which, and warlock it might be that. Let me take a look. Okay, so the Latin word. Yeah. The feminine form of Magis is Maga. So is Trump. Well we won’t go there. I’m not really for the whole, uh, all the presidents are checks. But that is interesting. So Maga is a word that basically means which um, the female version of a mattress.

Speaker 1: (16:25)

Speaker 2: (16:25)
Eric. Mark says Trump is the lesser of two evils. Well guess what Eric? Mark, you are evil. He’s like, well who do I vote for? John Wayne Gacy or Jeffrey Dahmer. It’s like well lesser of two evils. I’m at least Dahmer. Wait until they were dead before he raped him. So I’ll vote for Dahmer. It’s like hey man, how about non voter participation? Conscientious, conscientious objection. How about I can’t vote for that guy because he’s evil. I can’t vote for that guy cause he’s brainwashed. Like who are you here to say I’m going to vote for the lesser of two evils and act like you have some type of like insight we should listen to. Like clearly you’ve been deceived and you shouldn’t be making decisions but do whatever. Q says Mary Monica says I am auto hoaxing Russian sub as fake news. Wikipedia article dated one seven 19.

Speaker 2: (17:19)
Hmm. Well seven one could be an error, but I’d like to see and yeah, obviously I’m going to say it’s probably a hoax I started out today cause Joe bigs was showing someone here, um, who had been hit in the head with a sock with a padlock inside of it and it looked fake. So let’s continue. So, uh, the question here though, is Margaret a scam? Well, yeah, it’s a scam. You’ve been sold a bill of goods. You were chanting Maga, build a wall, lock her up. Did anybody get locked up? No. Did anybody a wall? No. Did any of the pizza gators get arrested? No. Oh wait, Kathy was going to release all the names. Oh, can’t, sorry. He got killed. Damn. How convenient. Right, right. When they are about to deliver the goods and save the world, the good guy gets taken down every time. Just like Breitbart got fake killed in 2013 or 2012.

Speaker 2: (18:12)
I’m serious. Kathy was a fake death to lend credence to the worst fears and paranoia’s of the Q believers. Cats too. Oh, you’re trying to call in my ringer’s on (505) 510-4226. Um, I don’t see any evidence of you haven’t called again. (505) 510-4226 country code is one plus one. We got some guy named cats too who wants to defend the existence of the space station, which is hilarious. Yeah, please do. And also, could you try to defend the existence of a quest Drea where all the bronies go. Chicago restaurant employee spits on Eric Trump. He declines to press charges.

Speaker 2: (18:59)
Probably fake news. The guy was probably paid. He’s given a $500 tip to spit on Trump. US says cappies last video is him admitting his fake death. Oh yeah, no doubt. Horrible actor. Well, actually no, he wasn’t a horrible actor. He was a good actor. But when, when he was a trying to play the role of a believer, I think he was overacting but maybe that’s what you have to do, you know, to convince. Who knows? It’s not like people are that discerning. I mean, we haven’t seen a single tier in how many years of fake school shootings. Not a single tier, not a single drop of blood. Actually the only tier you do get tears and blood, but never from the scene. You get tears from the viewers who go to these candlelight vigils and you get blood because even though nobody’s dying, you always get American blood services at these events to get donors.

Speaker 2: (19:54)
Yeah, donate blood for the victims. And then of course the money goes to go fund me and that’s one of the things I’m pointing out today. You can’t have a go fund me account if you think the earth is flat or if you don’t trust vaccines. But if you go down and you get in a physical fight, if you engage in political violence and you get hit in the head, oh yeah, you can get a go fund me account and Michelle Malkin, we’ll tweet it and you’ll make $190,000 look at this garbage, Joe bigs death to Antifa. Whatever happened to, I may not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend your right to say it. This is the right wing. Fascism just showing itself. Hey, it’s fascist on the left. It’s fascist on the right. You can’t say you’re limited government. If you’re on the right, you can’t. Especially if you’re voting, if you’re consenting to the big government status plans of Donald Trump, don’t call yourself limited government. Call yourself an a a national. It’s just call yourself a fascist.

Speaker 2: (20:53)
It’s time to take out in [inaudible]. What is all this garbage and Joe Biggs runs around calling the other guys Betas, so he’s an Alpha, so they love using these. These terms make commies afraid of rotary aircraft. Again, sorry man. The space program is communism on Mars. It’s communism on the moon. It’s collectivism. It’s the antithesis to everything that you believe makes America great again, because everything that makes America great in your worldview is what’s destroying the world. According to the worldview promulgated by the space agencies and the whole space age, capitalism has destroyed mother earth. We’ve got to go. It’s got to go. In fact, both Jeff Bezos said, you can have freedom on Mars and the moon, but we’re going to clamp down here on earth. Eric, mark says, the United States as a business, don’t blame Trump. Hey, stop defending Trump. I mean, you can defend them, but look, you’re making a mistake. If you think that your political theater is anything other than show business for ugly people, it’s the government entertainment media complex. Putting your faith in a politician is no better, no worse than putting your faith in

Speaker 1: (22:08)
an actor,

Speaker 2: (22:09)
an action hero in a movie or a celebrity like Sean Penn.

Speaker 1: (22:15)

Speaker 2: (22:15)
this man Adam Kelly. See I’m saying this is fake. A fake wounds. Crisis Actors. Here’s Joe bigs. I’m tweeting a selfie on his way to the riots. He says, quote, I’m feeling cute. Might end communism later. I don’t know. So I’m saying right now that communism and capitalism in many ways are just aspects of another form of religion. It’s the religion of of a, it’s an idolatrous religion state. Allah tree. Eric Mark says the media bashes Trump all day. No, they don’t. The left wing media basses, Trump, the right wing media loves Trump. The, the alternative media that the astroturf media loves Trump. Joe Bigs isn’t, you know Michelle Malkin. These people aren’t beating on Trump like you’re looking at this thing very selectively. When you say the media, you speak of it as though a, you’re talking about a leftist institution, but no, it’s actually on all sides has her own media.

Speaker 2: (23:15)
Like you’re kind of conflating the two when it’s convenient. So you can ignore the problem of what your media brings into this thing. Like your media that you trust is taking every one of the psyops at face value and reporting it as real. Your media is advancing all of the staged events that help undermine your second amendment, your media, right-wing media, pro, Trump media, alternative media. These guys, even Joe Biggs thinks that the Vegas shooting was real. Do you know what that means? The fact that Joe bigs, he’s one of guys, he’s way up Trump’s posterior. This guy thinks that David Hogg is real, that Vegas is real, that all these shootings are real. And anyone that thinks it’s a staged event is muddying the waters. So he’s on that side of the fence. He’s protecting the media myths, the media stories. It’s narratives. That’s assets. He works for the media. And this guy’s an agent. If you can’t see through that, then you’re lost. And so when you see who these agents are supporting, I mean, it should tell you something.

Speaker 2: (24:18)
This guy was on infowars. It’s all controlled. You’re looking at a controlled dialectic and you’re not in it. You know, you’re actually an extra in their movie. Mary Monica says, anyone notice how the path of totality, the current eclipse is curved over the oceans and straight over land? Uh, cats too. My phone is 505-FIVE-ONE-0422, three. Um, you haven’t called a my have my phone’s open. So, you know, what do you want us to do? I’m not really interested in chasing your round. I mean, I get it. You know, you bought into the propaganda. That’s your faith. That’s cool. That’s cool. Enjoy all the, uh, TV specials about the Moon Landing and the 50th anniversary. You know, I’m glad that you’re convinced by all that stuff, but I’m not really interested in trying to change your mind. I’m not interested in changing the minds of the people who are not perceivers. You just follow whatever you’re told. That’s not my problem. That’s a philosophical issue. That’s your operating system and it’s, it’s volitional. You want to choose to suspend disbelief, you know, be my guest. Okay, let’s continue. I want to find some, um, well, let’s see. Eric. Mark says, I’m going to apply for crisis actors jobs. Yeah, you ought to.

Speaker 2: (25:47)
Okay, so is Maga is scam? Yeah, it is a scam. It’s a, it’s a utopian vision. Um, it’s a, it’s a false dialectic here. They polarize you. If you’re a Maga person, it’s Maga versus Antifa. That’s no different than Republican versus Democrat. And both of them are in the same worldview, and this is the main problem. The main problem is to, all the politicians are going to vote for the official version of nine 11 is the right version. Outer space is real. The moon landing happened. You realize this, right? You do not have representation, you know, in, in any of the world’s governments. There are no politicians who represent the truth in terms of like a worldview based on reality. It’s all based on this scripted reality. I mean, it’s, in many ways, I mean, I just want to just call it a theocracy. It’s a new world order. Monoculture and they, you,

Speaker 4: (26:47)
okay, let’s see if this is a, is this Catos or is it somebody else?

Speaker 5: (26:51)
Hey, is this IPF?

Speaker 4: (26:54)

Speaker 5: (26:55)
Oh, hey. How’s it going man? Caleb blam right. And the chat in one of your moms.

Speaker 4: (27:00)
Oh, nice. Um, so, uh, what do you think about Maga? Is it a scam?

Speaker 5: (27:06)

Speaker 6: (27:06)
It really does seem like just promoting fake patriotism. Like, if you think of like what the founding fathers did, they were like, they would, we would, if we, if we were realistic about the founding fathers, they were practically terrorists. And I say that as a compliment, not as an insult. They killed their enemies in their sleep on Christmas morning, like the leaders, you know, president and then just sit behind a desk and say, hey, go fight that war. No, he led the war with a sword and a musket. So this idea of like, imagine Donald Trump leaving you and I’ll fight with a bazooka. He just would never do that. You know, it’s even like with bullshit, like they invented the word conspiracy theory. When did you ask keg got assassinated and why did they invent that for anyone who questioned the JFK assassination, they were like, ah, you’re a conspiracy theorists just as a way to, you know, to this associate to ditch to invalidate any criticism of what clearly was one of our first presidents, Diane Online TV.

Speaker 5: (28:12)
It’s a way to manipulate people,

Speaker 6: (28:14)
manipulate small minds, fear, you know, control. Oh, we’ll, our leader is dead. Like, I can get another leader. Right.

Speaker 4: (28:22)
That’s a good point. And you know what, they don’t, they effectively shifted the burden of proof ever since they put the term conspiracy theory out there. Now anytime you questioned the news, your wrong, instead of the media didn’t provide ample evidence, they shifted the burden effectively. And one more thing really quick here on the JFK thing, um, the Zapruder film, they make it seem like it was viewed live and everybody was traumatized by it. But, um, I can’t find any evidence of it having been shown, um, live, but that it was probably broadcast like five years afterwards or 10 years afterwards.

Speaker 6: (28:56)
I saw this shitty film watchmen and I was, uh, in the movie they have one of the bad guys killed JFK and it’s like, it’s so like I was amazed at how much I didn’t like the character of dot Dr Manhattan. And it’s clearly I’ll bullshit props, faith propaganda. Like I can’t watch movies anymore without going. Yeah, that’s fake. That’s propaganda, that love list propaganda. Yeah, that’s it. It’s just funny. Like, if you take superman and all the bullshit, you know, he represents like he’s a Christ dark type with hope. And you look at Doctor Manhattan, like he’s just a pussy. He just runs away from the fight. So even in the watchman universe, it’s like sending the wrong message a

Speaker 5: (29:39)
message of like, as opposed to something like, Whoa, you know, it might be fake hope, but you know how dark superman is.

Speaker 4: (29:47)
I watched one of these old, like one of the superman movies a couple of years ago. It was, it was, um, several iterations ago and you know what, it was just a wash with symbolism where at one point he’s floating in space with his arms out. Like he’s Jesus and he can hear all the pain in the world and he’s just like taking on the pain of the world. And then when he has a kid by Lewis Lane, Lois Lane, um, grandparents, so they show him on your radar.

Speaker 6: (30:14)

Speaker 4: (30:15)
This, yeah, the symbolism on that whole thing is like, he’s Superman’s on top of a building, like a big obelisk. He visits Lois lane a knocks or up or whatever, and they have a beam of light, like touching the kids’ face when the kid’s born and they say these things like the sun is in the father’s now on the sun and they throw in all kinds of things. Yeah. This cause a Mr [inaudible] polite. Yeah, they make it all about, oh, Cyrus and son warship and yes, Superman is a Christ figure, a world’s savior, and it’s all propaganda and it’s super patriotic too.

Speaker 6: (30:48)
And it’s funny. Here’s the thing, oh, I want to say it’s four. I forget. They call you fake news, like basically liars. Even though we know the journalists are liars, you, you see things like Veritas, the Google admitting that they’re lying, they admit that it’s bullshit, but they’re the trustworthy ones. They’re the arbiters of truth. Yet, if you were to use common sense, you would realize, oh wait a minute. Radios used to be a thing and then it was TV stations that it was cable. And then what did the Internet logically be a better place to find inflammation. And yet we have this just, it’s just the same. Don’t trust everything you read on the Internet. Well, it’s like, no, don’t trust everything you read on one page of the Internet. Check your sources. If I have six different videos proving for different angles, proving that a guy did something, it doesn’t 100% confirm that it happened, but it’s more likely that that happened than just some opinion of some journalist who’s not reporting the news is trying to make the news. It’s like w just that fucking stupid blonde bitch that’s like, we think for you. That’s like, that’s our job.

Speaker 5: (31:59)
It’s that arrogant, that flip of a, we here, I’ll come back news and they’re all saying the same thing.

Speaker 4: (32:07)
Yeah. I think the difference here, yeah, that’d be great. Videos. The distinction is, are you dealing with an open or a closed system? So with the mainstream media, that’s a closed system. You don’t have any input, nor does anybody else. There’s only a limited number of inputs. The Internet is an open system, and so you can’t even refer to it as a monolith. Like, Oh, you can’t trust the Internet. No. It’s rather, um, it’s so open. You can say you can’t trust the mainstream media, but you can’t say that about the Internet. It’s an open system.

Speaker 6: (32:32)
You can, you can even, you can criticize the Internet, but you can also fact check the Internet if, you know, if you, you see something you can sell. All of that weight has been proven and it’s going to get worse with this. You know, princess lay a technology that the new, that new movie where they were able to recreate Princess Leia and all the celebrities are freaking out. Like Matt Damon’s trying to get right to his image so they don’t make Jason Bourne movies when he’s dead, you know, without him getting a profit.

Speaker 4: (32:59)
Yeah, that’s, that was a, uh, that was an actual thing in black mirror, an episode they just had where it’s about this pop star who really becomes rebellious. And so they come out with a plot to basically replace her with a Hologram. They’ve got her voice samples so they can write your new music. And while she’s in a Quba, they’re actually checking her brainwaves and they’re getting new songs out of her so they can put it down.

Speaker 6: (33:21)
You got that. And they have Miley Cyrus, the whore of Babylon play in it, right?

Speaker 4: (33:26)
Yeah, that’s right. They use her as the actress. See the Black Nero’s insightful. I’ve watched Netflix for all my opposition research to know what kind of ideas are they putting out there and what does the public up to right now in terms of like, look, hey, look, if you’re in the general public, you’ve been initiated into the mysteries.

Speaker 6: (33:43)
You know, I love Mister Metokur. If he’s got the whole four out of five star, and he made the point of like, well Hitler’s bad, but you know, w and your toe thought as bad as Hitler. So that’s like two stars stubbing your toe. One Star, Hitler, you know, three. It’s like a, you know, greatest movie all time. That rate is a locked door, you know, five star, but four on a five. It was good. It wasn’t, it wasn’t bad, but it was good and they changed it to protect poor little precious. Amy Schumer and her first comedy special for a second one suck just as much as the first one. It was her leather special and they got rid of the the four, the four out of five star rating to give you a thumbs up and thumbs down. But what’s funny is that I can go on my old TV that has Netflix and it still has the four out of five star system and I still use it because while everyone else is doing up vote and down vote and it kind of makes a recommendations based on what they see through an algorithm.

Speaker 6: (34:43)
It’s still kind of like I, my old CV is like, like an earlier from wire. It’s not going to update to the modern Netflix.

Speaker 4: (34:52)
But isn’t it funny when when these, these uh, algorithms, it’s like a modern oracle and when they start leading people down the wrong path organically, they have to shut it down so they fake stuff that’s viral. If it’s viral, somebody is probably making it viral and if it’s organically viral, like flat earth was, they got to break the algorithm. Some people stop looking at it. The

Speaker 6: (35:12)
category Captain Marvel objectively thought I didn’t see wonder woman, but I can guess that it was better than captain marvel and it’s still, it’s the same shit. The symbol on a captain Marvel’s chest. It’s the same symbol on cat marvel or wonder woman’s crown and I, I think it has to do, it’s like that eight pointed star. You see it everywhere and I think it has to do with like a witch’s wheel and it’s so bizarre. Like they were like, oh well fuck, we’re going to delete all these reviews on rotten tomatoes. So I couldn’t give two shits of what rotten tomatoes thinks because they gave Ghostbusters like good rating and yeah.

Speaker 4: (35:54)
Oh wait, wait. The new Ghostbusters that created the controversial w with a mile you Annapolis and all that. Oh yeah. See I never watched it, but I read the [inaudible]. Interesting. Yeah,

Speaker 5: (36:09)
it’s just, it’s just funny. They got rid of a thousand negative reviews of Captain Marvel from people that thought it’s the same thing with the Internet. It’s like why trust other humans with opinions that can form their own thoughts

Speaker 6: (36:23)
and make your own general opinion on what they like about movie. They don’t like when you can trust an algorithm way could just be up or down. Why have variations of [inaudible]?

Speaker 4: (36:34)
Yes, the other. That’s the watch. That’s the key here though. I think you tapped in this one where, okay, so they’re getting people used to the idea that if you take human motivation, human emotion and ambition out of the equation as in if you let the robots thing for you, it’s objective and it’s pure. That’s the promise of Sophia. That robot, she’s like, well she doesn’t have any political opinions. She’s just being objective cause she’s AI and so she comes out and she says, we all got to recycle and capitalism is bad and like wait a minute, is she really objective or is she being programmed?

Speaker 6: (37:08)
It’s, it’s amazing that it’s like, just the fact that, you know, it was understandable why people all watched the news back in the old days when there wasn’t like after the news, they would say, this concludes your daily programming and that that’s a big red flag. But then there would be nothing. It would just be, it’ll be red, blue, la. It’d be like it was rainbow line and I have little numbers, and while you sleep for eight hours, it would just be boom. I remember that. So my childhood back when that was still a thing. But you’d think with the Internet, they’d realize that they are a dying industry. The media is a dying industry. They’re all owned by the Rothschilds. They’re all owned by George Soros. Pansies and

Speaker 4: (37:55)
well, look, that’s why I bring up these guys, these I’m street guy. So the mainstream media has lost credibility with the thinkers out there. So what they’ve done is they’ve taken people like Joe bigs and they put them on the streets of, Hey, this is organic. This is from the street. You can trust him. To me, this is weaponized anthropology at its finest, where you put the shepherds out there at the grass roots and then they suddenly get all the attention and people follow them thinking, well these are our leaders. Well, no, this guy was MSN from day one. A bunch of plants.

Speaker 6: (38:27)
Yeah, I mean I’m, I’m not sure. I don’t know anything about that per se. Um, I mean I, I just wanted to call him because I was like, um, no one’s calling and I’m going to call in,

Speaker 5: (38:38)
see if he wants to talk to me. I really appreciate a B and Ahmad and, and uh, oh God. Hey that go there.

Speaker 6: (38:45)
But you, it’s just the thought of like, well human, they’re too dumb. They’re peasants. They can’t think for themselves. People can’t have, okay, this was the best movie of all time. And this movie was okay. They asked to make the opinions

Speaker 5: (38:59)
are you used to be, here’s the problem.

Speaker 6: (39:02)
Well, on the right have a solution. People on the left have a solution. How do we solve this problem? We have different answers to the problem, but we were both wanting the same thing. Now it’s like if you disagree with it

Speaker 5: (39:13)
me, you’re wrong. If you didn’t like Captain Marvel, you are at the sexist bigot. How could you not like the greatest wham and movie of all time?

Speaker 4: (39:20)
Yeah, that’s where they’re at. But the thing is here, my, my angle here is, are the problems even real? So the left and the right will fight over climate change and how to solve it. More taxation, less regulation, a free market solutions, government mandated green energy. Meanwhile, the whole global warming is, it even real has not even been established. So why are they fighting for it

Speaker 6: (39:40)
in her debt? Women aren’t funny because Amy Schumer’s criticized, wait a minute. Terrible net was really fucking funny. She has some of the funniest shit in her whole life. Oh my God. Women are nothing moving. Vila job of it. I mean it was kind of like Black Panther, same shit. He wasn’t the first black superhero. I never saw blade, but I know a lot of black people who saw blade. It was not something that was unsuccessful. It was the

Speaker 5: (40:06)
religion and it made me make me want to go see the new lake.

Speaker 4: (40:09)
No blades really wait. Whenever people say we’re underrepresented, I think it’s just a marketing ploy, kind of like you have Owen Benjamin. He says, well, I’m being oppressed because I’m criticizing Jews. And it’s like, um, well, no, you can’t really say you’re being oppressed because if you were blaming any other ethnic group or religion or tribe or anything, you’d be censored just the same. But when you say you’re being censored, it’s actually a way to draw a lot of attention to you, um, in a way because it gets people to think, okay, you’re the underdog and it’s just such a ruse. It’s just, yeah. Political identity. Politics,

Speaker 6: (40:42)
I think we don’t even like the underdog. We like to see people get kicked when they’re down. If we don’t like the underdogs, we will. If we really liked the underdog, we would not be rooting for these people who like we most of the time here at a five times. We rarely don’t root for the underdog, the real underdog. We’d like to see somebody get beat, rise up the power and then kick them all they’re down. Look at Brittany Spears.

Speaker 4: (41:05)
She was great. I got a question I’ve got to call her and says a comment or says the color is a right wing Maga. Who is it biased? Oh, are you right winger. Oh, okay.

Speaker 5: (41:17)
Well for the most part, yeah, but I’m not perfect.

Speaker 4: (41:20)
No, but are you Margo? Are you making America great again? Do you vote for, will you vote for Donald Trump?

Speaker 5: (41:25)
I’m not sure. I haven’t decided yet. I would, I’d like to think I would continue a middle finger. But you know, I’m really considering not, you know, voting cause one I’m one individual opinion and you’re right. You know, it’s the, it’s just like, oh my God, this guy has a different opinion. It’s like, dude, I’m open to ideas. I appreciate being a mod. I love your show. Respect yourself. That guy can criticize me only once and yeah, like, yeah, but you know, that’s like, I haven’t decided yet.

Speaker 4: (41:58)
Okay. Okay. Just checking. And one more question. Um, David Hogg. Um, what do you think about David Hog? Do you think he’s a pos in your opinion? But, uh, what happened to him at Parkland and what did he observe?

Speaker 5: (42:13)
I don’t know. I think he was paid, I don’t know if he was actually, I don’t know much about that story. I’m sorry. I can’t comment.

Speaker 4: (42:19)
Okay. Did anybody go, did anybody get shot?

Speaker 6: (42:25)
Probably not. And if, if someone did, it was planned, it doesn’t seem like that he could have as much media coverage as he was really a victim of anything he was, he’s clearly one of these people that just wants to take away anyone’s right to defend themselves. Like I will always fight for your freedom of speech, you know, Internet planes beside him and always agree to do jury issue is that I’ve realized that the earth is mostly flat, that it’s not a pear, not a no blade fear. Roided thought a ball and you know, it’s like, you know, we disagree. You know that I’m kind of see us, I’m a mostly Christian, but I’m like, I’m open minded about got belief in God and you know, but even even if you say, well, there is no god or Jesus isn’t real, and that’s where we would disagree on stuff. There clearly is some worship. There clearly is these fake Christ, these, these superman, the booboo match, that’s what they called the Nazis. Call Them Uber Manch keep them. Then it’s like, oh, believe in that. Why was in the recent superman movie? Why does Neil Degrasse Tyson in that movie? What?

Speaker 4: (43:32)
I didn’t see that, but, but you make a good point here. Um, we can disagree on conclusions and opinions, but the facts ought to be things that we agree on. So as long as we’re in agreement on facts, I could care less about conclusions and, uh, I’m interested in how people reach those conclusions, but I know I’m not interested in, yeah, yeah, fine.

Speaker 6: (43:50)
I don’t go to church anymore, you know, and I say I’m Christian and theater. I don’t, you know, I’m like reading the books that were banned from the Bible. I’m trying to figure it out. I’m an open minded person for the most part. I will Dubay I will agree to dismiss them as a point. I still find your show entertaining. I like talking to you. I like thinking these thought through is that person that’s criticizing me. It’s like, oh you, you get on the radio, you talked to him. I don’t even know your name. I, I we met on this, the cord was that a year and a half ago? It’s really funny.

Speaker 4: (44:21)
Yeah, that’s my point too. It’s like if somebody has a problem they can call in and it’s funny when you call them out on it, you’re like, hey look, here’s my number. And they just sort of disappear. So it’s like, all right.

Speaker 5: (44:31)

Speaker 6: (44:32)
but, but I mostly want a flat focus on like the flat earth. Mostly we want to talk about NAFTA. It’s really like, it just blows my mind. You add the word F, it’s Satan, it’s Satan. It’s either literally mocking you and they say they don’t believe in the devil. But they’re boo like these satanists say they don’t believe in the devil, but they put up the statue of a bafflement like Aleister Crowley believed in the devil. It’s like you get to all know he wasn’t murdering children. He was just masturbating. It was a metaphor, but it’s like these are baby eaters. It’s like Hillary in their fucking spirit cooking. It’s all fucked up. They are like liars. And you see that little pedophile symbol and you see it everywhere and it’s like this is messed up. Like why is there a nambla in America? We talk about like, well, the founding fathers would do, the founding fathers would not allow a communist party in America. The founding fathers would execute any remaining Klu Klux Klan members. Today we’ve got Joe Biden praising a former KKK grand wizard, like [inaudible] and I, I mean, it’s just amazing. You could sniff a little girl. He, he’s a Pedo, he’s a straight up pedo and it’s like they either know about it or they, or they just don’t care. Apathy. Like, I don’t want to

Speaker 5: (45:50)
be the bad guy to call him out to by two the pedophile.

Speaker 4: (45:53)
Yeah. That’s scary. That’s strange. I think it’s so strange. I’ve seen, I seen the groupiness about it and it does seem like there’s a bit of permissiveness as though it’s an open secret, which is pretty much like, why would you vote for that? So I’ve got a question though. So a lot of people are comfortable calling out a Hillary Clinton as an adrenochrome junkie. My question is, um, is that a Democrat thing?

Speaker 5: (46:16)
I don’t know. I, I don’t know. It’s a Hollywood thing. These people in Hollywood are crazy. I’m ready for a title wave to just 2012 that shit. And it’s, I never, I didn’t wake up in 2012 I woke up in 2016 when I realized we had a reality TV star for our president. It made me question reality and I, you know, I, you know, as a flattered creation as Christian, I, you might think I’m wrong in my opinion, but I have to be consistent. I’m like, well, I’m in the Bible really saying creationism. It’s like, yeah, well you can’t have creationism without flatter. Then it’s like, wow, I never thought about it before Jacob’s ladder. The ascension of Christ. These things all require a flat earth and affirming then and then it’s like, wow, the lesser light and the earlier light. And so there’s plenty of flat earth, like the Bible doesn’t prove flatter and flatter proves I would argue the Bible. But even then, or at least that there’s some truth in it. And you know, we, we disagree on religion. I’m not here to talk about,

Speaker 4: (47:17)
well actually here’s something I’m interested in though. See to me the question of, um, you’re right, it may, the flat earth may actually validate the Bible. Uh, my take on it is this though, the real question that seems to be avoided by most is how miles is it from

Speaker 2: (47:29)
where you’re sitting to the edge. Because once somebody gets there and makes it observation, the game changes. But until then, nothing changes. Nope.

Speaker 6: (47:37)
Well worth it. And I would never go to the north because the north, the north star, we don’t need this. It’s probably where Babel existed in the north and it just got really cold. It’s the South Pole. There’s no south. Both. We’re in this huge ice rink. It’s like a bowl. It’s, it’s basically the parable of the fish that spends his whole life in the hole trying to climb a tree. But he doesn’t know that there’s an ocean out there. And when we talk about planet travels, there are no planets. We are an infinite plane. It’s mostly flat. And there’s these huge ice walls that we’ve net, no one’s allowed to go there. All the countries are like, don’t explore it in the things with bird and you know, a bird who was, you know, trying to, and then the flying the plane there, there, they’re now on it. They know they have to go in and circle it. It shouldn’t take as long as it does to get from point a to point B. If you just went in a straight line to fly from some of these countries on one part of the world to another where the plane, so the little, you know, pansies in chat can complain and bitch and Moan us or right.

Speaker 5: (48:39)
But it’s, uh, it’s like, hey, you call in, you call in. If you’re so bored with this fucking conversation, you call in, you give a ips up that to talk about.

Speaker 2: (48:52)
Oh, exactly. And I would rather have, I mean, I prefer people who disagree to calling anyway. Cause look, if I’m saying something that they think is wrong, right? Like that one guy who believes in the magical castle in the sky, the space station, he could call in and he could say, Hey, uh, to all you people listening, this guy’s wrong, and here’s why. And they could defend what they see as the truth.

Speaker 5: (49:13)
Ed, it’s funny, like when I look into not just the Bible, but like book of Enoch where it talked about God made several heaven. That’s where we get the term seventh heaven will then, it’s like, Ooh, okay, well, the Kingdom of Heaven Center, you know, if the bird, you know, if you say it’s in the sky, that bird proves you wrong. You say it’s in the sea, the fish proves you wrong, it’s within you. And I was like, Ooh, I never thought about what that means about Lightman can we ascend our, you know, astro? Can we go to the astral plane? Is that the next heaven? Like it makes me really wonder, is that what Jesus was really tried to be about? Was he a guru trying to teach enlightenment? And I’m not saying that’s right and not saying it’s wrong, it’s just a thought. It’s a thought that occurs in my mind when you start thinking about these things because you don’t, you don’t know how to think until you ask new questions. So you open your mind to new points of view. You have to challenge belief. And you know, I’ve already done it.

Speaker 2: (50:09)
I’m the same way. I don’t think that the Bible Earth model, see, I don’t think there’s an, I don’t think anybody scientifically can claim to have a complete model. So my problem is we get these

Speaker 5: (50:21)
kidnapped or similar.

Speaker 2: (50:22)
Well, my problem with that though is that if the ancient maps are similar, it probably just means that the ancient

Speaker 4: (50:28)
gatekeepers are the modern gatekeepers who just found a new way to keep the gates closed this time, conforming it into a ball. It doesn’t necessarily mean they were right. It’s an argument from authority. So to me, um, nothing’s settled.

Speaker 5: (50:42)
Maybe they never knew. Like that’s the thing. It’s like we have potentially the technology with drones and some sort of shit can maybe is that, I would hate that there’s some sort of force field I would hate when we get over the ice wall. What if we find out there’s a force field and we’re just trapped in like a huge snow glow? Like that woul