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11/14/2020 Points Of Interest

Flat Earth Report 11/14/2020

Have we “fallen deep into a Covidian Cult, a totalitarian psychotic narrative that has little connection to reality or to the facts.” ?

Sidney Powell said “release the Kraken”, which I don’t think references Hunter Biden and his crack pipe.

  1. Aliens are part of the DArwinin story

2. Encrypted Death Hoax

3. OBEY: Dracula asks for submission to the authority of the priesthood.

4. John Kirszenberg reporting flat earthers to DHS and the FBI as enemy combatants

4. 05. Electric Six – Doom and Gloom and Doom and Gloom (Zodiac)


Doom and gloom and doom and gloom
Hounds of hell are howling at the moon
And we’re visiting Joe Biden’s tomb
And the eternal scent of time will run the course
Just like a headless horse without a horse
And I don’t care what any of this means
When I hit the iceberg, the iceberg sinks
I don’t need your gravity
So, go ahead and slap your ? X on me.

Our corporate masters made profits
From the re-usable nightmare
The action news correspondent displays his marvelous shiny hair

Doom and doom and doom and gloom
Judgment day is truly coming soon
All the boys and girls stay in their room”

5. MillionMAGAMarch this weekend


7. Cover of new wired magazine globe covaid on cover with an article about super-spreaders

8. Cootie Disinfection Points


10. You can TALK or SNEEZE covid so why do they need to brain-F you?

11. ll

12. kk

13. We’ll have a total of seven crewmembers… we’re looking forward to having the extra capability on board, which will allow us to increase the science we do.”

14. kk





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